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Portfolio Rad's Random Doodles 2.0: the sequel

Discussion in 'Art Corner' started by RadEmpoleon, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. RadEmpoleon

    RadEmpoleon New year, new meme

    Level 7
    Jun 4, 2018
    Comet Shard ★★★★Poké Doll ★★
    Why revive the old thread when I can make a new one?

    Anyway I feel like I've improved a lot with my art since my last thread, so I think a new thread is necessary. Here are my last 3 finished drawings (and a glass painting):
    I checked the date and I finished him at the end of May. I wish I posted this when I finished it, because my commentary then would be very different than it would be now. Of course I loved it at the time, but now I don't like it as much. I definitely could've done better on the shading overall. Before this, I only did soft shading (rookie mistake), so naturally harder shadows would've been a new experience for me. I tried, but they look... eh. And the shading on the face is very faint. I should've gone heavier on the shadows. I didn't like the shading of the fur parts at the time, but I just had to just suck it up and go with it. I wish I could've found a better way to shade it. I was proud of the eyes at the time, but now I don't like them. These eyes are too wide compared to what I draw now, and there's something off about the shading. Same goes for the hair- liked it at the time, but now I don't. The hair clumps just don't look good, and again, there's something off about the shading. I love the saliva on his tongue, but I think I was zoomed in too close when I drew it and as a result, it looks too small from a distance.

    One thing I'm definitely proud of for this drawing is that I watched tutorial videos on Youtube. They definitely helped me learn things I wouldn't have known how to do. The tutorials I watched (that I can remember) were for drawing the head, shading hair, shading eyes, and fur. I'm also glad that I actually included a background rather than leaving it white. Granted it's not all too interesting, but something is better than nothing. One very minor (almost unnoticeable) detail I absolutely love was the faint layer of purple I put over the whole drawing. It helped to intensify the shadows, and taking into consideration that it's night, it gave the whole drawing a cool tone (which was good because I picked warmer toned colors... oops). I erased the purple on the eyes, and put the saliva drop layer on top of the purple layer, so they would stand out more.

    This is my first time doing a glass painting, so I wasn't expecting perfection. I was a little heavy handed on some of the lines, and some of them are wobbly. I didn't have a thin marker, so the smaller details were hard to do. Probably the worst mistake I made was not layer up enough paint. Of course, in the videos I was watching that explained how to do glass paintings, they would always emphasize to use globs of paint, so it would be opaque. I thought I put on enough, but because I had the picture of Tsuyu under the glass, I couldn't tell if I put on enough. So when I finished, I did a grand reveal while recording and her hair and other parts were splotchy. I don't know if I'll ever do another glass painting (A- I don't have glass, I just happened to find that frame lying around my house, and B- the paints are at my house and I'm in my dorm) but despite my nitpicking, this was very fun to do and I love how she turned out. I put the frame on my desk and I always smile when I look at her.

    This is my OC Kuriso. Not for any particular series, just a character. Originally I intended to draw Piers again, but dammit I hate drawing his hair so much so I said TO HECK WITH IT and tried making my own character instead. I'm not one for making OCs, let alone drawing them. Trying to nail down a design idea was difficult (especially considering I pretty much only draw fanart). So many ideas are swirling around my head of what he should wear, but I can't decide. So yeah here's what I settled on.

    Now to rip it to shreds I almost gave near the beginning because I just couldn't figure out the hoodie. I found a tutorial on how to draw a cropped hoodie (which is surprising because that's a bit oddly specific for a tutorial) but it didn't click that much. Also the clothing folds are disgustingly terrible. I hate how they turned out, especially on the hoodie. I just don't understand clothing folds in general. I did leather pants on this drawing, partly because I wanted to redeem myself from the other time I tried to draw leather pants. It's definitely better than my first try, but it still just doesn't look good. Agai, I tried finding tutorials but they didn't click with me. For this drawing, I found a pose reference that I wanted to do, but I modified it. I wanted to put one arm resting on the knee up. I had some trouble with the perspective of the forearm coming forward, so his right arm looks funky.

    At one point in the process of shading Kuriso, I started a drawing of Gojo (as in, Gojo from JJK). Probably not the wisest idea to try working on 2 drawings at once, but who cares. I finished Gojo before Kuriso funnily enough. When I came back to Kuriso, I'd pretty much given up on the drawing at that point. I still wanted to finish it though. I did finish it (clearly), but I looked at it and something seemed... off. I'm not even sure how to explain it. The shading overall was vastly different from Gojo and I didn't like how it looked anymore. I wanted to focus more on hard shadows on this drawing, so the softer shadows aren't very strong.

    Definitely proud of myself for continuing to find references and tutorials. It was a lot of fun to make a design for him and the whole character profile. A decent amount of his character is based on me. For example, he's ace like me, his design is mainly purple and black (my favorite colors), and his eyes. No, I don't have heterochromatic eyes, but my eyes are brownish-green. The shoelaces on his shoes are in the shape of pentagrams. Just wanted to point that out. The shading on the hair turned out so nice, especially the highlight. This is random, but I love the eyebrows. I like them thick and dark, so that's what I did. Lastly, the eyes. I'm glad I found a new style for drawing the eyes. Narrow eyes like that with that thick winged eyeliner is actually kinda hot Also the shading for the eyes. I kept it very simple and the EYE SHINES! I actually panicked a bit when I put them on initially because I was like holy shit this looks so good.

    I'd like to start off by saying I am in fact a Gojo simp, there I said it. I wanted to draw him. Again, I was in the middle of the Kuriso drawing, but because I was more inclined to work on this one (and this one was much less complicated), I finished this one relatively fast. Only took a week or two.

    Still kinda fresh off of this drawing, so I won't have too much to nitpick about. The biggest problem I had was the hair. I wanted to draw fluffy hair. However, the problem here is that drawing hair eludes me. I had to restart twice because it didn't look good. Both times I drew way too many clumps, and they were all pretty much the same size. No matter how many tutorials I found, nothing would click. Eventually I found a good reference image with a side profile for the hair and basically just tried to copy it exactly. It was a good reference until it came to the shading the hair. It had basically no shading at all, so shading the back section of hair was a challenge. I still think it looks a bit funky, but oh well. I got one small critique on it, saying the lips are too close to the nose. It's true, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise...

    I found a really good tutorial for drawing a side profile. I was probably lucky to find that. It was a great tutorial, and definitely a funny one too.

    I subscribed after watching this, good art content and good jokes
    I LOVE how the shading turned out on the bangs! I watched the same video here as I did for the Kuriso drawing, and it's very helpful. I definitely recommend it.

    I like this artist's tutorials. They've been very helpful for my drawings, and they're easy to understand.
    The other thing I love is the jawline... this gonna make me sound weird, but I really love sharp jawlines. The jawline in this drawing is just... yes. Also I kept complaining in the previous drawings about trying to balance hard and soft shadows. Not perfect at it yet, but I definitely did a much better job on it here. I think comparing the shading on here and Kuriso (at least for the skin parts) it looks much livelier here (on Kuriso it looks dull and desaturated). I rewatched a tutorial on coloring skin and it definitely looks better than just using a multiply/screen layer for shadows/highlights (what I did for Kuriso). Lastly, the white eyelashes. I knew this would be tricky, seeing as I've never drawn white eyelashes before, but I duplicated the layer with the eyeliner and raised the color all the way to white. Then I erased the very edge ever so slightly so the original outline color would show through and look like a delicate outline. I don't know how many other white eyelashed characters I'll be drawing, but this was a good idea I came up with.

    And I guess one more thing about this drawing. I don't think it's a complaint or a compliment, so I'll just put it here. Part of me felt dirty while drawing this... this sounds weird for me to say, but I don't feel comfortable drawing shirtless guys (or looking at them, for that matter. You won't be seeing me drawing some guy with a 6 pack). So part of me is questioning my decision to not draw clothes, even though only the top of his shoulders is showing. That's why I feel kinda dirty about it. There's nothing inappropriate about it, but it feels like it is for me. That said, I'm happy I at least tried to step out of my comfort zone.
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  2. Skdebop

    (Mew Egg)
    Level 23
    Jan 7, 2022
    Thunder Stone ★★★
    yo this is sick

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