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Ravaged World

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by AquilaTempestas, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. AquilaTempestas

    Sep 5, 2014
    The path to glory isn't as easy as it seems as Dawn learns soon after commencing her journey to become Champion. She learns she is connected to the sinister plot to destroy the world, and believes she has found the one responsible, but there is more than what meets the eye.
    My take on the events in Platinum


    "Do you really think it is wise to send your daughter knowing that he is out there?" Professor Carolina said as she sat down at the table across from Johanna.
    The woman pushed her short navy blue bangs away from her face, picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip before responding.

    "The other parents in our town allowed their children to commence their journeys when they turned ten. Dawn is twelve. I can't keep her here forever. You allowed your granddaughter Cynthia to leave at ten," Johanna said, setting her cup down on the table.

    Professor Carolina bit her bottom lip, a troubled expression on her aging features. "Cynthia's situation differs greatly from Dawn's and you know it," she hissed. "If you allow your daughter to venture out into the world then you know she will cross paths with him. Do I need to remind you what happened?" Johanna said nothing. Carolina continued. "He abandoned you before Dawn was even born — how do you think he'll react when he learns that he has a daughter?"

    Johanna took another sip of coffee. "Dawn won't be alone. Professor Rowan will give her a Pokémon."

    The professor studied Johanna's features then sighed. "I can see I will not be able to change your mind. I hope for your sake this is not the wrong decision." The professor stood up from the chair. She cast a doubtful look over her shoulder in Johanna's direction before exiting the building. Rubbing her temples, Johanna heaved a sigh.

    "Good morning!" a voice chirped behind her, prompting Johanna to jump in her chair. She rubbed her eyes and looked towards the staircase where a younger version of herself stood. Looking at her daughter now reminded her of her own adventures when she was just a child. Young, innocent, naive and she didn't have to worry about anything because there was nothing to be concerned about.

    "Morning, sweetie," Johanna replied, trying to mimic the same enthusiasm Dawn showed. Letting her guard down now would only make Dawn suspicious and the less she knew about her mother's worries, the better for them all. "Did you get a good night's sleep? You know just how important today is."

    Dawn skipped over to the table and helped herself to one of the choc-chip biscuits sitting in the jar in the middle. "Of course I haven't forgotten; today is the day I receive my first Pokémon!" She hugged her mother then pulled away. "What made you change your mind?"

    "I couldn't hold you back from pursuing your dreams no longer," her mother replied. "I remember you telling me you wanted to become the region's best trainer after we led that baby Bidoof back to its home. I know you have what it takes to be the best and I know you won't stop until you've achieved it." Dawn reminded her so strongly of her father — he too, was a very goal-driven character and would not stop until the goal was successfully completed.

    Dawn's smile faded. "I wish my father was here to celebrate this moment."

    Johanna comforted her daughter with a tight hug. "I'm sure he'd be very proud of you," she said, grateful Dawn couldn't see the grim smile on her face. She pulled back and put on a fake grin. "Why don't you go and pay your friend, Barry a visit? His mother tells me he's leaving for his journey today as well. You can visit Professor Rowan together."

    "I'll do that now."

    "I'll pack your bag while you visit your friend. Have fun!"
    Dawn was greeted by a strong gust of cold wind as she closed the door behind her. Twinleaf Town was built on rather hilly terrain so its residents generated power using wind turbines which were located on the highest hill peaks. It also didn't help they were situated in the second coldest location in Sinnoh. Winter had passed, but there were still some snowy grass patches in the area. She wrapped her scarf around her neck.

    She reached his house and prepared to knock on the door when it flung open. Her childhood friend stood at the doorway looking like he had just crawled out of bed and gotten caught in a windstorm. His thick blond hair stuck out in all directions and there was even a smudge of sauce on the front of his shirt. "Oh, hey Dawn! I'm going to see Professor Rowan! You should come too, and quickly!" he blurted before Dawn could even speak a single word.

    Barry wasn't a person known for his levels of patience. He acted, moved and even spoke quickly. Sometimes his sentences were so hard to decipher because he spoke so fast that all his words merged into one. "Lead the way." She turned to head towards the town's only exit when Barry suddenly brought a hand to his head.

    "Oh, geez, I forgot something." He spun around on his heels and darted back inside. Dawn shook her head and stepped inside her friend's house. His mother was sitting on the couch watching a news item about climate change, but she spotted Dawn and greeted her with a warm welcome. Dawn smiled in response and his mother informed the girl her son had raced upstairs.

    Dawn walked up the stairs and found Barry standing before his desk, throwing books and various items into a bag sitting on the chair. She wasn't surprised he had forgotten something — how could anyone find anything in this room? It was like a tornado had hit his room. "...Where did I put my journal... Oh, there it is..." he muttered as he picked up his bag. He turned around and spotted Dawn and greeted her with a grin. "I'll be waiting for you outside! It's a ten million dollar fine if you are late!" he teased. He sped past her and raced down the stairs.

    She made her way back down the stairs, said her goodbyes to Barry's mother and exited the house. One of the local kids was standing near the town's exit — his name was Mike and instead of becoming a trainer like all the other kids, he had chosen to act as a guardsman instead. His job was to prevent wild Pokémon from entering the houses of the locals. "Hey there, Dawn! Setting out for your journey, right? Barry raced past here before but he wouldn't be able to get too far since he doesn't have a Pokémon either. It won't be long until you find him. Good luck, make us proud!" He winked and Dawn grinned back. She walked past him and stepped onto Route 201.

    Barry was waiting for her near a large patch of tall grass. This time, he didn't greet her with a grin. Instead, he furrowed his brows and flared his nostrils in a gesture of annoyance. "You are so slow." His annoyed expression didn't last long though and it was quickly replaced with a bright smile. "All right! We're going to head to Professor Rowan's place." He took a step towards the grass.

    "Barry, we can't do that. Wild Pokémon live in the tall grass and we don't have any Pokémon to defend ourselves with," Dawn pointed out.

    He thought hard for a moment then nodded. "We just have to dash through the grass. They won't be able to touch us!" he exclaimed, placing a foot into the grassy patch. Dawn wished she felt as confident as Barry, but she couldn't help but think his plan was just a tad bit foolish. Still, he was her best friend and there was no way she was going to stay behind while he had all the fun. She followed him into the grass and was about to take a few steps further when a voice called out.

    "Hold it!"

    Dawn froze. She gave Barry a worried look who, for once in his life, actually looked concerned. Both of them turned around to find an elderly man dressed in a white lab coat and grey pants rushing towards him. Judging by the absence of a smile on his face, Dawn knew the man was less than amused by their actions. His eyes studied their faces then dropped to their waistlines, before returning to their eyes again. "I see you do not have a pokebelt which means you do not have any Pokémon. Why on earth are you running around in the tall grass?"

    "Well... uh..." started Barry, struggling to find a rational way to explain the situation at hand. Dawn would've teased him right now about making a mess of things if she hadn't been in the same situation. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked at Dawn for some support. Dawn didn't say anything. How was she supposed to explain this? "Wait a minute. Isn't that Professor Rowan?" he whispered to Dawn.

    Dawn lifted a brow. "Even I knew that," she lied. She recognized the name — everyone in the region knew Professor Rowan, but she had never seen him a photo of him before so she didn't recognize his face. Her mother always spoke highly of the man and Dawn assumed he would be around her mother's age. Apparently, he was related to Johanna, but her mother never explained it. Her mother's history was a mystery.

    She turned back to the professor and bit her bottom lip. This was the man who gave starting out trainers their first Pokémon. Would he give them one now knowing they were about to do something as reckless as dashing through a patch of grass filled with wild Pokémon without one of their own? Was he even aware she was Johanna's daughter?

    "... They wanted a Pokémon of their own so they walked into the grass..." he murmured, stroking his chin. "... If I were to give them a Pokémon... but do they deserve one? Reckless trainers are dangerous... Hmm, what to do..." He studied the expressions on both Dawn and Barry's faces. "Do you love Pokémon?"

    She met Barry's eyes and knew immediately what he was thinking. Who didn't love Pokémon? "Of course we do! You can ask a thousand times and the answer will always be the same!" Barry exclaimed. "We love Pokémon, right Dawn?" he said, nudging her sharply in the ribs.

    Dawn held down a yelp. "Yeah!" she blurted.

    Professor Rowan didn't seem so convinced. "Why should I give a pair of reckless kids a Pokémon of their own? It worries me what could happen to these Pokémon if placed into the wrong hands," he said sternly.

    Dawn cast her eyes downwards at her feet, shifting uncomfortably while Barry fidgeted with his fingers. This was it. She had gone and ruined her chances of receiving a Pokémon all because she couldn't hold back her friend. What would her mother think?

    "It was my fault, professor! I convinced Dawn to sprint through the grass. Don't punish her for my mistake!" he blurted. His honesty took Dawn by surprise. She looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

    "How big of you..." The man straightened, a smile forming on his lips. "I have come to a decision. I will give you both a Pokémon, but you must promise me never to endanger yourselves like that again. Is that understood?"

    Dawn and Barry answered simultaneously. "Yes!"

    Professor Rowan seemed satisfied with their response. "Now, where is Lucas... for such a young man in peak health he surely has a lot of trouble trying to keep up with me..." he mumbled, turning around in circles searching for Lucas. A few moments later a young teenage male with a cap appeared carrying a brown briefcase in his right hand. He approached the professor, huffing and puffing, and placed the brief case on the grass besides the man.

    "You left your briefcase at the lake, professor." Dawn had never seen the male before, but he didn't appear to be that much older than herself. He was wearing black denim pants and a blue and black jacket which covered a red short-sleeved shirt. The male caught Dawn's eyes and nodded, although it didn't seem to be a warm gesture. "Is there something wrong?"

    "Ah, there you are, Lucas. I thought you may have gotten lost. Could you please open the briefcase? I am going to entrust these two young trainers with a Pokémon of their own."

    Lucas' brown eyes widened. "What? You're going to give these two trainers a Pokémon? But what about the forms the parents have to sign? You can't just give them one — for all we know they could be reckless trainers," he said.

    "There comes a time when people should meet Pokémon. There is a world that should be explored together. For them, today is that time. This place, right now." He looked at Lucas again and nodded. Lucas sighed, but he opened the briefcase and turned it around so Dawn and Barry could see it better. There were three pokeballs. Under each one there was a label and a picture. "Go on, choose one."

    "You go first, Dawn," Barry said. He then grinned. "I'm practically a grown-up so I have to show some class here."

    The ball on the left had an image of a male green tortoise called Turtwig, the one in the middle was of a male orange monkey labelled Chimchar and the final one had a picture of a female blue penguin called Piplup. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what type each Pokémon was classified as. All three Pokémon looked adorable, but she decided to go with the tortoise one instead. Grass-types were often overlooked — there was a report on the television just the other day explaining how most trainers opted to go with a Fire or Water-type as their first Pokémon just because Grass-types had far too many disadvantages.
    Well, Dawn wasn't going to be one of those trainers. Pokémon were only as strong as their trainers and she planned to be the best in all of Sinnoh. "I'll choose the Turtwig."

    Barry didn't hesitate. He selected the Fire-type monkey. "I'll take the Chimchar then!"

    Lucas closed the briefcase. Professor Rowan cleared his throat and spoke again. "Very well! Both of you have chosen a good Pokémon, it seems. Now, listen well! The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they're much like you. As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope you'll do well together. If you have any trouble, come see me at my lab in Sandgem Town. And now, we'll be on our way." He started to walk away, briskly striding through the grass while Lucas ran after him, calling for his name.

    Once the two had left, Barry turned to face Dawn. "We've both got Pokémon now and you know what that means, right? Are you up for this?" he demanded, holding out his Pokéball to her face. He took a couple of steps back as Dawn did the same.

    "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time," Dawn replied, holding out her Pokéball. "Bring it!"

    Barry was almost jumping up and down from excitement. He pointed a finger in her direction, eyes shining with joy. "I challenge you to a battle, Dawn!" He threw out his Pokéball and Dawn threw her one out several seconds after. The two Pokémon emerged from their safety zones and faced each other. "All right, go for it Chimchar! Attack!" The Chimchar did not move, rather, it just looked up at Barry with confusion.

    It was at the precise moment Dawn realized they didn't know what attacks their Pokémon knew. She picked up the Pokéball and noticed there was a tiny piece of paper attached to the back of it. Removing it, she read the words scribbled onto it out loud so Barry could hear. "Your Pokémon are both very young and therefore they have much to learn about the world. Pokémon learn moves as they become more experienced. You will have the option to choose their move set by visiting a Pokémon Centre when the time comes. Right now, this Pokémon knows two moves — Tackle and Withdraw."

    Dawn put the Pokéball away and returned her attention to the battle. "Okay, Turtwig, let's do this! Use Tackle!" The Turtwig jumped at her command.
    Barry put his note away and issued his first command. "Chimchar, use Scratch!" The monkey leapt forward, clawing at the Turtwig's face. Turtwig stumbled backwards, wincing from the attack. Dawn tightened her jaw. This was the moment she had been waiting for a very long time and she was not going to let her best friend win.

    It was now Turtwig's time to attack and he charged forward at quite a surprising speed for a tortoise and tackled the small ape to the ground. The monkey squealed, flailing his limbs around in the air, desperately trying to free itself from underneath the tortoises' body. "Good work, Turtwig!" Dawn cheered.

    "Use Scratch again, Chimchar!"

    "Use Tackle, Turtwig!"

    Turtwig moved off Chimchar to prepare himself for another attack, allowing the monkey temporary freedom. Chimchar lunged forward, swiping at the tortoise's face again. Once again, Turtwig winced but he was still in the match. He charged and tackled the monkey to the ground. This time, the monkey did not move. He lay there on the ground, his eyes rolled back into his head, tongue hanging loosely out the side of its mouth.

    "Aw man," Barry groaned.

    A smile broke out on Dawn's face. "I won!" She hurried over to her Turtwig, bent down and gave her new friend a hug. Turtwig seemed to appreciate it and rubbed his face against her own, while Barry returned his fainted monkey to his ball.

    "Are you sure you haven't battled before?" Barry said, perplexed. "You already seem to know exactly what you are doing... or maybe it was just a case of beginner's luck? Oh well, I'll be ready next time."

    Dawn stood back up and shrugged. "My mother told me that my father was also a trainer. I guess it just runs in the family then... or at least on one side of the family." Her mother was a fashion coordinator.

    "I'm going to train hard!" her friend exclaimed, pointing a finger at her face. "You better train hard too, Dawn. I don't want you falling behind me. I'm going to go and visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to thank him properly for giving me this opportunity, but I'm going to get something to eat first. I'm famished." Before Dawn could get in another word, Barry sprinted off, heading back in the direction of Twinleaf.

    Heading back home was probably a good idea though; the battle had been rather tiring even if it had only been a short one. If she was exhausted now, she wondered how tired she was going to be in future battles. She made a promise to herself to keep in shape so she wouldn't place herself at a disadvantage in upcoming matches.

    "Come on, Turtwig. I'm taking you home."

    Turtwig glanced up at her curiously, but tagged along at her side as she retraced her steps back to Twinleaf Town.
    "Sweetie, you've returned!" Johanna's eyes moved to the Pokémon accompanying her daughter. She smiled. "And I see you've brought back a new friend!" She moved forward, bent down and rubbed the tortoise just beneath his chin. Turtwig closed his eyes and made a weird noise, which almost sounded like a purring sound. Her mother stood up again. "I've packed the standard items a trainer needs for their journey and I've also included the Trainer Tips book. Oh, your bank account details are also in your bag — you know trainers give each other a small percentage of their current savings to the victor after a battle."

    Dawn nodded. She already knew some of the basics of being a trainer thanks to the television. "Thanks mum!"

    "You don't need to thank me — I'm your mother, looking after you is my job." Her mother leaned over and kissed her daughter on the forehead. "Go and fulfil your dreams, sweetie!" She took a step back and waved. Dawn exited her house for the second time that day and slung her bag over her shoulder. Leaving home was a scary feeling, but at least she wasn't alone.

    She looked down at her companion who was currently observing his surroundings. The baby tortoise seemed a little nervous to be out in the wild as he stood very close to Dawn's legs. "Don't be frightened, Turtwig," Dawn said soothingly. "I'm new to this as well. We'll learn together. It won't be long before you'll be the strongest Turtwig in the region." Those words seemed to lessen the Pokémon's nerves. "We're going to go and visit the professor in the neighbouring town."
    Once again she found herself on Route 201, but only this time she could actually venture through the patches of grass without fear of being attacked by a Pokémon. It wasn't long before she found her old friend Barry pacing back and forth. "Barry? I thought you would've been in Sandgem by now."

    He turned around and smiled. "I was going to go and thank him on my own, but I thought I should wait for you instead. After all, we did receive our Pokémon at the same time. There's something I want to do first before we go on further though — do you remember the lake we always play at? I hear there is a powerful legendary Pokémon there and I think we should go catch it!" His eyes shone with excitement.

    Once again, Dawn wasn't so sure with Barry's decision. He never thought ahead; he just made up ideas on the spot. Dawn on the other hand preferred to think things through before acting upon them. "Are you sure that's a good idea? We just received our Pokémon — I highly doubt we'd be strong enough to take a legendary Pokémon on." Where had Barry received the information about a legendary Pokémon being so close to home anyway? Dawn certainly hadn't heard anything, but once again she found herself going along with Barry's crazy ideas.

    He grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the lake. "We're going to make Professor Rowan so happy! Just imagine the look on his face when we show him a legendary Pokémon!" They arrived at the lake and entered through a narrow opening in between a couple of trees. There were three lakes in Sinnoh, and this one, called Lake Verity, just happened to be the smallest of them. That wasn't a bad thing though; it meant there were no tourists around here to disrupt the peace.

    But today, there was a visitor. There was a man standing at the edge of the lake, staring down at the crystal clear water talking to himself as if there was someone else there. Dawn caught snippets of the words. "... The flowing time... The expanding space... I will make it mine one day... Cyrus is my name. Remember it... Until then, sleep while you can legendary Pokémon of the lake bed..." The man turned around, running a hand through his spiky blue hair, which was a lighter shade than Dawn's own.

    "Aw, the blogger lied," Barry complained. "I was so sure there was going to be a legendary Pokémon here."

    Cyrus looked at Dawn. Dawn looked at Cyrus. She felt like she had seen those eyes somewhere before but that couldn't be right. She had never seen this guy in her life, so why did they seem so familiar? "Allow me to pass. Step aside," he commanded coldly. Dawn and Barry obeyed and the man strode by exiting the lake.

    "What a weird guy... did you see that hair?" Barry mumbled.

    Dawn frowned. "What's wrong with blue hair?"

    "Oh nothing! It's just... it's not really that common, is it? Blue hair is quite popular in Kanto and Johto, but not here in Sinnoh," he explained blankly. "I looked it up on PokeWeb," he added as if that explained everything. "Anyway, there's nothing for us here so let's move on to Sandgem! I'll race you there!"

    "Wait!" Dawn called out, but Barry had already sprinted away.


    Thoughts are much appreciated : )
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