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Requiem of the Fallen Dragon

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Dragon of Vale, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 20: A Night on the Train[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a lunch, Rucas and his friends along with The Sword of Justice went to STP to buy a ticket to Redflame Volcano. At STP, they learned that the Redflame Volcano, which is in the Western Region, is a part of Symmetria Range, a range of mountain that ran across the northern Symmetria. There are three major mountains of the Symmetria Range; The Redflame Volcano, the Mt.Brownhill, which is located north of Venturnome Town in the Eastern Region of Symmetria, and the Indifrost Glacier, which is located in the Northern Region of Symmetria. There is a train that links three mountains together, but for now, everyone's destination is just the Redflame Volcano. Since it will take them several days to reach the Redflame Volcano, Cobalion and Rucas decided to take a luxury train that every group has their own room for resting. Rucas and his friends are in a room while The Sword of Justice are in another room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It will take us two days to reach the Redflame Town, the small and old town that is located at the base of the Redflame Volcano." Terrakion explains while everyone is sitting in their private room in the train. Cobalion, Virizion and Keldeo left their room for a walk. Rucas and Anastasia were sleeping after a long, tired day.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrakion, have you ever been to the Bluewave Sea?" The Ocean Pirate opens the conversation.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, why?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, do you know Seablade?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah... He was our old friend. He was a notable pirate because he was the only pirate that wasn't bad... And he lived for many years... And Magnus, did you say that you are his descendant?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... But I am not his true flesh. His true flesh is my cousin, Riftblade the Frogadier."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I see."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After talking with Terrakion, Magnus, Joshua and Ellisk decided to leave their room and go to the restaurant of the train to have a dinner.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] While having a dinner, a Pokémon that looks like a chicken who is dressed in a rock-musician suit appeared and walked into the restaurant. The other passengers who were having a dinner, after they noticed that the chicken Pokémon is coming into the restaurant, they screamed in delight and quickly ran up to him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WOW!!!! Look who is this? The rock star!!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WEEE!!! It's you!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Can I have your autograph?!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua and Magnus looks at everyone in the restaurant that are asking the chicken Pokémon for his autograph and to take a picture with them. "It seems that chicken is not an ordinary Pokémon..." Magnus mumbles while he takes a bite at a Sitrus Berry. "He is a very popular rock musician star. His name is Blazus Flamestrike the Combusken of 'The Season'." Ellisk explains and drinks the MooMoo Milk. "...Hm... The Pokémon who possesses an ability to wake the mad beast within the body of Pokémon..." Joshua mumbles and crosses his arm. "Joshua!" Ellisk and Magnus look at Joshua to hush him. "Or am I wrong?" Joshua looks at Magnus and Ellisk craftily. "Joshua, please, not here." Ellisk begs. "Fine." Joshua finally closes his mouth. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus continue having a dinner silently. According to Ellisk, The Season is one of the most popular rock bands of Symmetria. The member of The Season represented each season of the year. The vocalist is Rosetta the Roserade, whom represented spring. Blazus the Combusken, the guitarist of the band, represented summer. The drummer, Dustrom the Sandslash, represented autumn. And Taika the Walrein, the one whom played the base and the leader of The Season, represented winter.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because I grew up in the sea, I have never heard of them before." Magnus finishes his dinner.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too. In the sacred Greenleaf Forest, we don't need the sound of something like that; just the whisper of forest is enough." Joshua holds a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A moment after Magnus, Joshua and Ellisk finish their dinner, Blazus walks pass them and sit down on the chair near the table next to them. He seems to be very tired.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "See? Being famous is not always good..." Magnus looks at Blazus.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The first day and night passed slowly, as well as the second day. Everyone has nothing to do. The Sword of Justice always walk around the train in order to keep this train in peace. Rucas and his friends have nothing to do more than sitting in their room and talk with their friends. Finally, in the second night, Rucas decided to play chess with everyone. He defeated Anastasia, Ellisk and Magnus easily, but not for Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Checkmate."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua's word shocks everyone. The word 'Checkmate' was always be said by Rucas, but this time, it is Rucas whom hears this word from his opponent.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I give up. Joshua, you are more skilled than me..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Joshua! I have never known that you are the master of chess!" Anastasia says cheerfully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Being a swordsman, I must train both my body and mind. Chess is one of the best ways to train my mind. That is why my chess skill is better than everyone." Joshua mumbles quietly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yawn..." Ellisk yawns and then quickly goes into a slumber.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Chess is so boring... Hm... It is so late..." Magnus looks at the clock on the wall. It is 10:00 P.M. already. "Let's get some sleep. Tomorrow we will have so many things to do..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone agrees with Magnus, so they decide to go to bed.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Monster!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You kill our maiden!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Get out of here!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas screams and wakes up. He looks around the room. It is already the night. Everyone is still sleeping.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas sighs. It is another nightmare... But with it, Rucas couldn't sleep anymore. He looks at the clock and realizes that now is about 3:00 A.M., so maybe he could get some night walk.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas gets out of his bed and about to leave the room when he realizes that Anastasia is not here. He remembers that Anastasia was here before he slept. Maybe she left the room to get a night walk too?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas leaves the room. The night on the train is so peaceful. The only sound that he could hear is the sound of the running train. The tranquility of the night is... good for Rucas. He loves this...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Not too far from their room, Anastasia is there. She is standing beside the window of the train, looking outside.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's voice turns the attention of the young Goodra to the Lucario. She seems a bit surprise after she saw Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? So that scream was you..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I heard a sound of screams from our room... And then you came... You have a nightmare, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How could you know? Did you... have a nightmare too?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... You are right... I always have a nightmare... Every night... I always scare to close my eye... I scare that I will not open my eye and see the world again..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing Anastasia's word reminds Rucas of when both of them reached Gamma City. Anastasia said that the reason why she was travelling around Symmetria is because she was finding someone, but before she could tell who, The Phantom Storm attacked them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Anastasia... Back when you said that you were finding someone... Who is that 'someone'?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... My family."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] That is an unexpected answer. Rucas thought that her answer would be just one person like 'my father', 'my mother', 'my brother', 'my sister' or 'my friend'. He didn't expect that Anastasia was trying to find her whole family.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am an orphan. I grew up in the lonely village south of Symmetria... With my friend... After I evolved, I decided to go on a journey to find my family... My friend at the village tried to stop me... She said that the outside world, especially the Symmetria is too dangerous for me, so I escaped from that village... alone."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Anastasia... Your friend was right... The world is very dangerous... You shouldn't leave your village... Especially leaving alone."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia looks at Rucas with a strange face. It is a face that is filled with sorrow and anger.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I know it! But... But... I don't want to live alone anymore..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Then it means the village that you grew up is not good?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No... Although it is quite small and solitary, everyone there was nice to me. The only bad thing is... I was the only dragon type Pokémon who lived in that village."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas nods. Dragon type Pokémon usually lives separate from other Pokémon, so it is not often to see a dragon type Pokémon alone. That is why Rucas was amazed when he saw Anastasia at the Travelling Center.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am sorry, Anastasia."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Never mind, Rucas... Whew! Thank you for listening to my story! Now it is my turn..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have shared you my story already! Why don't you share yours? How could you become the Hero of Justice? And why?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas secretly thanks the darkness around himself, or else Anastasia would see that his face is turning pale.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I just... want to banish the darkness from the world... In order to create the world without the darkness, I decided to become the Hero of Justice..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Is it... really necessary?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The darkness... Is it really necessary for you to banish all the darkness? Don't you think that the darkness maybe good?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Never! Darkness is the bane of light, of all good! I will never let the darkness to cover the world, or else I choose to die!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas... Let's get some sleep. Tomorrow is an important day..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Anastasia walk together back to their room. They lay down on the bed and quickly fall into the deep slumber...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: In this chapter, we learned Anastasia's past. She is an orphan, poor soul...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Alright, the next chapter is the Redflame Volcano![/SIZE]
  2. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 21: The Blazing Redflame Volcano[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The train from STP finally reached the Mountain Station. Rucas and his friends, along with The Sword of Justice got out of the train. Finally, they reached their destination, the Redflame Town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Redflame Town is not as big as the Venturnome Town, but not as small as the Solar Village. Most Pokémon who live here are the fire type Pokémon. The houses here are built in the ancient way, such as using the wood as a material. The villagers here dress in an ancient uniform. Some men in this town do not wear the shirt, and some villagers have color paint on their body and face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, this is the Redflame Town..." Anastasia looks around the town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone, this Redflame Town values the old culture and do not tolerate the outsider whom tarnish or say something offensive to their culture, so beware." Terrakion warns.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's divide our group. Virizion, Keldeo, Rucas and Anastasia, come with me. We will go to the library to find the clue about the Fallen Dragon. Terrakion, you go with Rucas and his friends and ask the villagers around here. They may give us some useful clue..." Cobalion commands.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone agrees with Cobalion. Then Cobalion, Virizion, Keldeo, Rucas and Anastasia walk away to the library of the town, and Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus, along with Terrakion, explores the town.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Gee... This town is so hot..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk mumbles while looking around the town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "See that volcano?" Terrakion looks at the volcano behinds the town. "That is the Redflame Volcano, the source of the heat of this town."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Gahh... I accept that even I couldn't stand the heat like this very well..." Joshua whips his sweat.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's find something to drink." Magnus suggest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua and his friends walk up to the store, but they find that there are two Pokémon stand in front of the store. One of them is Blazus the Combusken, the rock star of The Season, and another is...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blasphemy! Your action is the crime of your soul!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A Charmeleon points his claw at Blazus. The Charmeleon dresses in the opposite way from Blazus. He does not wear the shirt, only his below part that is covered by the cloth. He has many color paintings on his arms, chest, tail and face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm! Do not say something like that to me. You know nothing about me!" Blazus says angrily.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not speak like that! You rarely come back to this sacred soil, but with the appearance like that? Unacceptable!" The Charmeleon roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Gahh!!! Your old fool! You just stick to the old culture too much! This world needs to walk forward, not to dive into the past!" Blazus roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This sacred soil needs no abomination like that! You should give your contrition to the god of mountain..." Charmeleon speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Never! I have done nothing wrong! You stupid jerk!" Blazus roars and walks away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blasphemy! The wrath of the god of volcano will curse you with the eternal damnation!" Charmeleon roars before walking to the opposite direction of Blazus, passing through Joshua and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus have no word left for the thing that has just happened.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "See? The villagers here are very strict to their culture..." Terrakion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Terrakion, Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus walked into the store and bought different drinks. Terrakion bought the Fresh Water. Joshua brought the Lemonade. Ellisk brought the MooMoo Milk. And Magnus brought the Soda Pop. After they left the store, they continued finding the clue about the Fallen Dragon from the villagers, but none of them could give them any useful clue. All of them said that the Fallen is the corpse of the dead Pokémon that was raised by the dark god who opposed the god of good, so in order for the dead Pokémon here for not to be turned into a Fallen, the corpse of the dead Pokémon will be burnt to ashes, not to be buried like other funeral.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'This town is stranger than I thought...' Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus think.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] At the library, everyone is reading the book, while Cobalion, Virizion, Keldeo, Rucas and Anastasia are finding the legend of the Fallen Dragon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas puts the book back onto the shelf after he realizes that the book that he just read is not the one he wants, and then he picks another book from the shelf.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "History of Symmetria?" Rucas reads the label of the book. That reminds him, he doesn't know much about the history of Symmetria, so he decides to read it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The book said that land here is not the Symmetria as everyone knows. Symmetria was once the land knew as 'Land of Origin'. Land of Origin is recorded as the first land the god Arceus created after he created the universe of Pokémon. During several centuries ago, the phenomenon called 'The Distortion of Time and Space' occurred. This phenomenon will cause the thing in the current era to be sent to another era or bring the thing from another era to this era, as well as send the thing here to another space or bring the thing from another space to this space. The Distortion of Time and Space caused the Land of Origin to be twisted. As a result, some parts of the Land of Origin were sent to another era or space, and some parts from another era or space were brought to this land. Some areas, such as the Venturnome Town, didn't exist in the Land of Origin before while some areas, such as the Gamma City, did exist in the Land of Origin Thus, the Land of Origin was changed its name to 'Symmetria'. The name 'Symmetria' represent that this land finally reached its balance after getting distorted. And with the blessing of the god Arceus, everyone believed that nothing will be able to disrupt the balance of the Symmetria.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Symmetria is such a land with a long history...' Rucas thinks. But since this book has nothing about the Fallen Dragon, Rucas puts it back to the shelf and continues finding the book about the Fallen Dragon, but most books hold no record of the Fallen Dragon. Some books say about the Fallen, but no book says the origin of the Fallen clearly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'So... The origin of the Fallen was only recorded in the legend... But there is still no prove about it...' Rucas thinks. After several hours, Rucas gave up. He is so hungry and he couldn't focus in finding the book.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas leaves the Redflame library and meets Cobalion, Virizion, Keldeo and Anastasia outside the library. Neither The Sword of Justice nor Anastasia could find the book about the Fallen Dragon, and now it is noon, so everyone decided to have a lunch.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] At the restaurant, Rucas's group meets Terrakion's group.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fine anything?" Terrakion asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...No." Virizion shakes her head no.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Me neither! No villagers could tell us anything! I don't know if they know nothing or they do not want to help us since we are the outsiders." Terrakion says with an unpleasant voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Is our journey to this place end in vain?" Ellisk asks with a worried voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Don't give up your hope, lad. We may not be able to find anything about the Fallen Dragon, but at least we are almost sure that this place is the last target of Garland..." Terrakion cheers up, but then, his stomach starts growling.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "First, let's have a lunch." Keldeo says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone had a lunch together. The lunch went silently. But after they finished their lunch...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "CRASH!!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Rucas and his friends could grasp everything, they saw several huge lava-cloaked rocks fell from the sky!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WHAT?!" Rucas drops his Oran Berry.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The volcano is erupting!" Terrakion stands up and quickly runs out of the bar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas is about to follow Terrakion when Cobalion grabs his arm and looks at him with the eyes that tell him 'Leave it to Terrakion. You and your friends should stay here.' Rucas was about to tell Cobalion that he couldn't let the injustice go any further when he notices something strange...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looks around the restaurant. Although the volcano outside is erupting, other villagers are acting like nothing happened...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a while, Terrakion came back, but the volcano outside is still erupting. "How about it, Terrakion?" Anastasia asks with a worried voice. "Blast! They didn't allow me to go to the Redflame Volcano! They told me that the Redflame Volcano is the resting place of the sacred volcano god, and the eruption of the volcano is the wrath of the god! Hm!" Terrakion says angrily and stomps his foot on the floor.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'That's why no villager acts panicky...' Rucas thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... What to do next? Do we just have to sit here and wait without doing anything?" Magnus asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I afraid you are right..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Welcome to the town of Redflame, where everyone respects and values the ancient culture. It seems a bit like the Venturnome Town, but they are completely different.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] So what will Rucas and his friends do after the volcano stops erupting?[/SIZE]
  3. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 22: The Volcano Guardian[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] About thirty minutes have passed. Now the volcano has stopped erupting already. Rucas[/SIZE] and his friends, along with The Sword of Justice, are standing in the town. The Sword of Justice are helping the Pokémon that got injured by the disaster. Luckily, the building in the town didn't get much damage from the falling rocks. It seems that the buildings in this town are built with the special material to prevent the damage from the eruption.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Terrakion walked up to Rucas and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How about everyone?" Anastasia asks with a worried voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Most villagers are fine since they are the fire type Pokémon. Some travelers got injured, but no one got the harsh injure." Terrakion reports.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thant's good." Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Sword of Justice will continue helping the town. Rucas and everyone, Cobalion told me to tell you that you are free to do anything now." Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Understood." Rucas answers, and then Terrakion walks away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... What should we do... Hm? Rucas[/SIZE]? Your Crystal Knuckle..." Anastasia points her paw at Rucas's Crystal Knuckle. There are some scratches on it. "Oh... Since I left the Solar Village, I have no time to take care of it." Rucas looks at his weapon.
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Everyone! I heard that the Redflame Town has many famed Blacksmith. So maybe we should visit the blacksmith and let him to polish your weapon?" Ellisk gives an idea, but Joshua shakes his head no. "No way, Ellisk. The town now is not in a good condition. I don't think there will be any blacksmith that will do his job for now..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone, while I was in the library, I heard that there is a blacksmith who lived just outside the town!" Anastasia speaks. "Hm?" Everyone looks at Anastasia. "There is a small place just outside the town called 'Flare Ravine'. Once the legendary blacksmith of this town lived there, and now, his descendant is living there, inherited his ancestor's work as a blacksmith!" Anastasia finishes saying, and Rucas picks the map of the Symmetria. "Hm... The Flare Ravine is protected by the ravine, so it should be safe from the eruption, and the blacksmith should still working." "Got it! Let's go!" Magnus says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends left the town and went to the Flare Ravine. Flare Ravine is just a small ravine, but the ravine itself is very strong and sturdy, so nothing in the ravine will get the damage from the eruption. Rucas and his friends took only ten minutes to reach the solitary house in the Flare Ravine, which is the house of the descendant of the legendary blacksmith. In front of the house is a board with the fading word that couldn't be read by anyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends enter the house, but there is no one in this place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Is there anybody here?" Rucas shouts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Rucas shouted, someone appeared from the inner area of the house.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "A strange meeting at a time like this..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus gasp. The blacksmith of this place is none other than the Charmeleon that they met in the morning![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Young travelers, the reason that destined you to visit this place is only one, right?" Charmeleon asks. He seems to be more calm than in the morning.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Greeting, the great blacksmith of the Redflame Volcano. My name is Rucas the Lucario, the Hero of Justice..." Rucas introduces himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hero of Justice... The one whom fights for the world without the darkness..." Charmeleon mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I want you to polish my weapon." Rucas hands over his Crystal Knuckle to the Charmeleon. The Charmeleon received it from Rucas and started checking it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a few second, the Charmeleon picked something inside the Crystal Knuckle. It is a scrap piece of white bandage. "You protected both your hands and your weapon very well..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What do you mean? Just looking at the scrap bandage and you can say something like that?" Joshua crosses his arms. And then everyone just notices that both of Rucas's hands are wrapped in a white bandage. "I usually wrap a bandage around my hands. It will protect my hands from getting serious damage and it slightly increases my fighting technique." Rucas explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a while, the Charmeleon returned the Crystal Knuckle to Rucas. "I have no reason to take care of it. The Crystal that is made into your weapon is so pure and clear... You can just polish it by yourself."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you." Rucas receives his weapon back.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] And then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "BANG!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The door opens with a loud noise, and then five Pokémon walk into the house. They are the Honchkrow, Toxicroak, Rhyperior, Machamp and Drapion!!!! All of them wore the uniform of The Phantom Storm and held a rifle in their hand.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You! The Phantom Storm!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? The Hero of Justice is here?! Well... We don't have any time for you..." Toxicroak says, and then five Pokémon turn their attention of the Charmeleon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blacksmith, you have the Blancer and the Noiria, right? Hand over it to us or face the death!" Honchkrow roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... If you desire one, you should spend your effort by finding it by yourself." Charmeleon answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I say give them to us!" Rhyperior roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I couldn't fathom the identity of yours, but I can fathom that your heart are covered by the evilness..." Charmeleon mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Stop mumbling and give us the Blancer and the Noiria!" Machamp roars and points the rifle to the Charmeleon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You! You are doing against the law of justice again!" Rucas says and equips his weapon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You will fight us again? I warned you that with the power from our master, we are a lot tougher than before!" Machamp mocks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas doesn't answer anything and looks at his friends. Anastasia is wielding her Wyvern Sword and Wyvern Shield. Joshua is wielding his Emerald Katana. Ellisk is wielding his Topaz Daggers. And Magnus is wielding his Sapphire Axe. However, Rucas is surprised when he saw the Charmeleon is wielding a weapon in his paw too. "... I have no knowledge of your existence, but with my spear, I will expel you from this sacred soil!!!!" Charmeleon roars and turns his attention to Rucas and his friends. "Hero of Justice, please help me in expelling the evil beings!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends nod. And then the battle begins![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The battle quickly ended with the victory of the Hero of Justice and his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn you! Everyone! Run! If that damn blacksmith doesn't give them to us, we will just have to find it by ourselves!" Honchkrow roars, and then five The Phantom Storm quickly run away from the house.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Charmeleon turns his attention to Rucas and his friends. "You have my gratitude for helping me expelling them from my place. My strength is not enough for me to do it alone. Anyway..." Charmeleon focuses his attention to Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus. "Could I see your weapon?" "Why?" Three Pokémon asks. "... It is almost impossible to make a weapon from the gem like that, even my grandfather, the one whom was known as the legendary blacksmith, couldn't make the weapon from that material." Charmeleon answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua, Magnus and Ellisk show their weapon to the Charmeleon. After looking at them for a while, Charmeleon spoke up. "... Your weapon... possessed the power... like mine..." Charmeleon shows his weapon to everyone. It is a long spear. The blade that is made from the ruby is glowing like as it is the blazing flame. The pole of the land is long. "This is my weapon, the Ruby Spear. Its blade was made from the ruby. No blacksmith in this existence could make the weapon like this... And it possessed the power of fire.... Like your weapon... They possessed the power of forest, water and thunder in order. And you..." Charmeleon turns his attention to Rucas. "Your weapon also possessed the power... But it is the power of light."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Anyway, Charmeleon, those criminals said that they wanted the Blancer and the Noiria... What is the Blancer and the Noiria?" Magnus asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blancer and the Noiria is the rare ore used for forging a weapon. The balancer is pure white, while Noiria is deep black. They are very rare and can only be found in the Redflame Volcano. I own them, but only little..." Charmeleon explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, it has the high possibility that the Blancer and the Noiria are the things that Garland wants." Ellisk says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Rucas says and turns his attention to the Charmeleon. "Charmeleon, where could the Blancer and the Noirus be found?" "You are the outsider, so you have no right to know it. And if you know, it is located in the sacred Redflame Volcano, the forbidden area." Charmeleon crosses his arms. "Charmeleon, don't be silly. Those criminals said that they will get the Blancer and the Noiria by themselves, so they will break into the Redflame Volcano for sure." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What?!" Charmeleon says in surprise. "Blasphemy! I must go to that place at once before they could get the hand on the Blancer and the Noiria! I must protect the sacred soil from the evil being!" Charmeleon roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Let's go with you. We will help you to protect this place." Rucas says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Usually, I'd hate to get the help from the outsiders... But in a time like this... Alright... You all may come with me. I will take you to the location of the Blancer and the Noiria." Charmeleon says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Yeah! Thank you, Charmeleon." Magnus says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"And... I haven't told you my name yet. My name is Leonel Novaflare the Charmeleon. May the god of volcano bless you all." The Charmeleon says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Dragon of Vale: And now, please give a big hand to the next protagonist of this story, Leonel Novaflare the Charmeleon. He uses the Ruby Spear as his weapon. He seems to be more mature than Magnus, Ellisk and Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]This chapter is quite boring, I am sorry.[/SIZE]

  4. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 23: Binding Blood[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blasphemy!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel roars after everyone returned to the town. But they found that the town was almost completely destroyed! Rucas and his friends remembered that before they went to Leonel's house, the town wasn't damaged as badly as this...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "A while ago... The volcano erupted again... But that eruption was very harsh..." Terrakion explains sadly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How could it be? The god of volcano was angry again?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No way! The god of volcano will never deliver the judgment as harsh as this! Something wrong is occurring at the sacred volcano of Redflame!" Leonel roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Who are you?" Terrakion looks at Leonel.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My name is Leonel Novaflare the Charmeleon. I am the one known as the descendant of the legendary blacksmith." Leonel introduces himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Fire too..." Terrakion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?" Everyone looks at Terrakion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N...Nothing! A..Anyway! What will you all do next" Terrakion quickly changes the topic.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel looks at the Redflame Volcano faraway. "I desire to know everything. As The Volcano Guardian, I must go onto the Redflame Volcano and meet the god of volcano..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, you are the guardian of this volcano?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is the blood, young lady. My family is not just the line of the blacksmith. The male child that was born in my family must inherit the duty from his father as the guardian of this sacred soil and the voice of the god. I am the only one whom is able to speak and listen to the god's voice. And I will continue doing this duty as long as my flame is still blazing." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool!" Anastasia says cheerfully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, I will report this to Cobalion. You all go ahead to the Redflame Volcano." Terrakion concludes everything and walks away.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel leads everyone to the gate from the town to the Redflame Volcano. After he spoke to the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper decided to allow Rucas and his friends to go to the Redflame Volcano along with Leonel.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Before Rucas and his friends reach the Redflame Volcano, they must pass through the Redflame Volcano Trail first. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] During the journey through the Redflame Volcano Trail, Rucas had to use his Aura Sphere to break the rock that blocked their way in order to proceed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We can proceed now." Rucas mumbles after he broke the rock that blocked their way.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey, Leonel." Ellisk calls the name of the Volcano Guardian.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You desire something?" Leonel asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I don't mean to be a jerk, but could you tell us a bit of yourself?" Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I demand the reason." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because Ellisk, Joshua and me are friends! And I think that we will become your friends too!" Magnus tells Leonel the reason.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I was given birth on the land of this sacred soil. Follow the lead of my father; I became the Volcano Guardian in order to follow his step." Leonel speaks softly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You tell us the thing that we already known." Joshua holds a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The rest of my life story is not very satisfied to acknowledge." Leonel looks up onto the sky.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't worry! Our pasts are not very nice too!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus started telling Leonel their life story. Leonel listened to them calmly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Leonel became silent after hearing the story from Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So, Leonel, let's share your story with us." Ellisk speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel was about to say something before he notices something. Someone is standing in front of everyone! That Pokémon is none other than Blazus the Combusken![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel quickly walked up to Blazus and pointed his spear at the Combusken.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How dare you step onto this sacred soil?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Blazus looks at Leonel. "Sigh... This is not my lucky day to meet you, Leonel. It is such a bad luck to meet you twice a day."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I demand your answer!" Leonel roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong with me? I am the resident of the Redflame Town too, so I have a right to come here." Blazus answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Blasphemy! You ran away from our tribe and you still call yourself the resident of this sacred flame?!" Leonel roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have done nothing wrong, Leonel. I chose this path on my own, and my blood still is bound to this place!" Blazus roars and walks away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARRH!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel breathed a flame from his mouth and rapidly punched the rock beside him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel! Calm down!" Anastasia says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone decided to rest a bit at the Redflame Volcano Trail since Leonel became very mad after his meeting with Blazus.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel, are you alright?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia asks after Leonel seemed to calm down.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...That Combusken..." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... You knew him, right?" Rucas asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... He is... my half-brother."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel's answer shocked everyone. Leonel and Blazus shared the same bloodline?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Everyone says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He is my half-brother. Both of us shared the same mother, whom is a female Pyroar, but our fathers are the different species of Pokémon. His father is a Blaziken while my father is a Charizard." Leonel speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone gasps. Both Leonel and Blazus have the same mother, but their nature and characteristic are completely different![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Before I was born, my mother got married with my father, whom is the son of the legendary blacksmith. My father and my mother loved each other very much. But thing changed after my father died when I was at the age of four. My mother was forced to marry with a Blaziken. My mother still loved my father, but since it was the will of her parents, my mother couldn't disobey it. Thus that is how Blazus was born. However, Blazus and I despised each other because both of us had a different idea of life. He desired to live in a big city while I desired to inherit the step of my father's line. After our parents died... Blazus went to the city while I stayed here. That's all."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Leonel's story shocked everyone very much, especially Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus. Joshua's sister Julia, Ellisk's brother Lumiere and Magnus's cousin Riftblade don't have any problem with Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus, but Leonel's half brother and Leonel hate each other very much.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So that's why your name is Leonel, despite you are being the Charmeleon, right?" Joshua crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That is correct. My mother came up with this name for her male Litleo son, but since I was the only child of my parents, my mother decided to give the name 'Leonel' to me. She told me that she wanted me to grow up and become the blazing lion-hearted Charizard." Leonel explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Your name's meaning is very deep! Mine is only because I am a Pokémon with much power." Magnus explains his name's origin.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Mine is from 'Electric' and '-lisk'." Ellisk explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My name has no significant reason. My mother gave me that name because my father also has the name start with 'J'." Joshua splits his twig away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Well... My name is from my specie." Rucas crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Anastasia doesn't say anything. Rucas knows that Anastasia doesn't know the true origin of her name because she is the orphan since she was born...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone, we couldn't waste anymore time. Let's proceed." Leonel speaks up.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The rest of the journey on the Redflame Volcano Trail went silently. Rucas and his friends didn't say anything because they were shocked by the story of the Volcano Guardian.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas is thinking of himself about his adventure. The journey through many placed seemed to change him quite much. He started to wonder about the thing that he was doing. 'The living creature of this world... They all possessed the different story... Happy... Sad... Anger... Sorrow... Why? Why the justice doesn't exist within this? Why everyone has the different living story?! I couldn't bring the justice like this to everyone since it is the will of the god Arceus to let everyone has the different life story that they couldn't choose... WHY?!'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas roars without notice and punched the rock. Everyone looks at Rucas in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas?!" Everyone looks at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N...Nothing. I just... worry about the Redflame Volcano. Maybe Garland is already there. Let's hurry."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone noded, and then they sprints their step until they finally get out of the Redflame Volcano Trail and reach the cavern that will leads them into the inner area of the Redflame Volcano. The entrance of the cavern is very small. Everyone can sense the heat wave coming from the inside of this cavern. Rucas and Joshua seemed to hate the hot temperature like this since they have the type-disadvantage against the fire type.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone... This is... the sacred cavern of the Redflame Volcano, the Inferno Cavern." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Inferno Cavern? What is it?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The mine with the abundant source of ore. Blancer can be found here too." Leonel explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's not waste our time anymore!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone starts walking into the fourth dungeon, the Inferno Cavern.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: We finally learn the truth of Leonel and Blazus. Their story is very dark! And we also learn the name's origin of everyone except Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next chapter is the fourth dungeon, the Inferno Cavern, the last dungeon of Rucas's Tale![/SIZE]

  5. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 24: Inferno Cavern[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Dungeon IV: Inferno Cavern[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Inferno Cavern, as the name suggests, it seems like the closest place to the hell. This dungeon is very hot. Leonel said that this place is the hottest place in the Symmetria since this place was blessed with the power of flame from the Redflame Volcano. No one except Leonel likes this place especially Joshua and Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrible... I'd prefer the blessing forest of Yggdrasil over this place..." Joshua gasps.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone has the different thing to be preferred. You must choose it by yourself; however, sometimes you couldn't choose the path you desire..." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The most dangerous thing in this dungeon is the sea of lava. The only one that can resist the lava is Leonel.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Here..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel climbs onto the platform after he had crossed the sea of lava. However, his other friends are still on the other side of the sea of lava.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How can we cross this, Leonel?" Magnus asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "There must be some way..." Joshua crosses his arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas thought, and then he got the idea![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus! What are the water type moves that you can use?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Well... Water Gun and Waterfall." Magnus answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus, use the Water Gun into the sea of lava!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus blasted the water from his mouth into the sea of lava. Suddenly, the lava became hardened stone! Making it is possible to walk safely across the sea of lava![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! You are so cool!" Anastasia compliments.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Huff... Huff..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua kneels down. The journey within the Inferno Cavern took him too much of his energy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua! Are you alright?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Huff... Rock type... Ground type... Is there any rock type or ground type enemy..." Joshua mumbled when a wild Graveler suddenly attack everyone![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ha!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua jumps onto the Graveler and uses the Mega Drain to drain the energy from the Graveler and defeats him in a single blow.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ha! I feel so good!" Joshua raises his arm.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua... Did you just... drain the life force of that Graveler?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course! The grass type move that I can use is the Seed Bomb and Mega Drain, which is very useful for restoring my health!" Joshua replies.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too! I can use the Thunder Shock and Parabolic Charge, which restores my health too!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] '... From now on, I must beware myself not to let Joshua and Ellisk to drain my life force...' Magnus thinks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "CRANK!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The steel bars blocks the door after Rucas and his friends entered the room! And that door is the only way to escape from this room![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We are trapped!" Ellisk shouts.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It is the trap for the one whom tried to steal the treasure of the god of volcano..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel looks at the treasure chest in the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool! So what is in that chest? Let's find out!" Ellisk walked up to the chest and tried to open it, but he couldn't.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Only the Volcano Guardian that can open that chest..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel spoke and opened the chest, which contained...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "A Bow?" Rucas looks at the thing that Leonel picked from the chest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This bow... along with my spear... is the weapon for the Volcano Guardian, so only I that can use it."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel drew the bowstring and shot the arrow onto the spot over the door. It removed the steel bars from the door![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "I shall keep this..." Leonel says and keeps the bow with him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The deepest room of the Inferno Guardian is a vast room with the large, circular floor that is surrounded by the sea of lava. There is only one Pokémon in the room... He is the Pokémon that The Sword of Justice called "Mad Demon".[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARLAND!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone roars, turning the attention of the Garchomp to them.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You are late! Hero of Justice, you shouldn't keep me waiting for long!" Garland says with the unpleasant voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! You were waiting for us?" Anastasia says with a surprising voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course! Because the Blancer and the Noiria is very hard to find! I couldn't find it anywhere within this place! I will never to be able to find it! ... Unless the Volcano Guardian is here." Garland looks at Leonel with the crafty face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I have no desire to give you the thing you desire... If you desire it, try to find it by yourself." Leonel crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, I have found it. Now you have them with you, right?" Garland says craftily.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Leonel doesn't answer Garland's question.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So I couldn't open your mouth, right? Well... Maybe I could use some key to unlock that Charmeleon's shutting mouth..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland swings his Souleater Rod, and then a Pokémon appears! He is the legendary beast of fire, Entei! However, Entei is seemed to get brainwashed by Garland's Souleater Rod. And... Entei is biting someone in his mouth too![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel's body turned pale after he saw the struggling body of his half-brother that Entei is biting![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Choose well... The Volcano Guardian... Your outside things or your inside blood..." Garland crosses his arms and looks at Leonel with the mocking face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends look at Leonel. They couldn't grasp what Leonel is thinking. Althought Leonel and Blazus hate each other to the deepest part of their heart, they still share the same bloodline.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Take them."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel picks something from his bag. They are thee gleaming white ore and the glittering black ore! They are the Blancer and the Noiria![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel looks at Rucas with the sad face. "... Hero of Justice. Please accept my sincere apologize. I am the Volcano Guardian before I am the guardian of the world."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel walked up slowly to Garland, but he still didn't give the Blancer and the Noiria to Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Why hesitant?" Garland asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I have nothing to guarantee that you will release that Combusken after I gave you those sacred ores..." Leonel answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Very well... Okay... With the pride of dragon, I promise that I will release that Combusken after you gave me the Blancer and the Noiria." Garland swears.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel shakes his head yes and gives the Blancer and the Noiria to Garland![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Finally..." Garland mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Blazus roared after Entei released him from his bite. Blazus quickly ran up to Leonel. "Leonel! I am sorry for everything!" "... Never mind it..." Leonel turns his face away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Enough with the touching scene! Now I finally have everything I want! Just a bit more and everything will complete..." Garland roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "!!!" Everyone looks at Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Rucas... I'd want a battle with you soon. Let's meet again. Today I will just give you a warm up..." Garland roar and swing his Souleater Rod before he disappeared![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRR!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Entei looks at everyone fiercely before he started attacking everyone![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=20pt]Volcano Beast[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Entei uses the Fire Spin to attack everyone who stands near him, making it is impossible to approach Entei without getting hurt. Leonel decided to aim the bow at Entei and shoot him, making Entei stops using the Fire Spin so everyone could attack Entei.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Sometime, Entei run around the room and split the lava at everyone, so Magnus had to use the Water Gun to harden the lava into the rock and then throw the rock at Entei to attack Entei since Entei is weak to the rock attack.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a long, fierce battle, the battle ended with the lost of the volcano beast.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRR!!!" Entei roared in pain before he leaps out of the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Why did Entei escape?!" Magnus said. But then, everyone noticed that this room has started shaking![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What happen?!" Rucas roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The volcano! It is erupting!" Joshua roars when he notices that the lava level starts to rise![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We must escape from this place, at once!" Blazus speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone quickly runs out of the room before Rucas notices that Leonel did not move even a bit. Instead, he is singing the song...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel! We must go now!" Rucas grabs the body of Leonel and holds him onto his bag and quickly follows his friends. Leonel doesn't seem to notice what Rucas is doing. He still continues singing that mysterious song...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Six Pokémon run as fast as they can to escape from the Inferno Cavern. Leonel still sings the song while the lava is flowing out of the cavern.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We will never make it out alive!" Magnus says. The lava steam is flowing very fast![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...NOW!" Leonel roars and spins his spear. That makes the blue flames to blaze out of the tip of the spear. Those blue flames cool the lava stream![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel spins his spear faster and controls the blue flame to flow back into the Lava Sea!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Wow..." Everyone gasps after they survived from the incident in the Inferno Cavern. Leonel saved their life![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The wrath of the god... is so cruel..." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel... What are those blue flames?" Anastasia asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It is the power of the guardian. I can control the lava of the Redflame Volcano. The song that I sang is the key to control the lava." Leonel answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...The mysterious song... again..." Rucas thinks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Anastasia says nothing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel turns attention to everyone. "... Thank you for helping me... I am in your debt... What can I do for you?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hearing Leonel's word reminds Rucas of something. "...Leonel, have you ever heard about the Fallen Dragon?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fallen Dragon? ... I would hate to say that I knew no clue for this..." Leonel answers.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everything became silent for a while before Joshua broke the silent. "... Then, let's go back to the town..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas was about to agree when his Musketeer Charm started glowing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? Is that you? It's me, Terrakion. I want you and your friends to meet us at the Volcano Lake as soon as possible. That Charmeleon is still with you, right? Then he could show you the way. I will explain everything once we got there..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After the Musketeer Charm stopped glowing, Leonel spoke up. "...How could they know about the sacred Volcano Lake? And how could they got there?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... The answer lied there... We should go to that lake... Leonel, please lead us to that place..." Ellisk speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Of course... Blazus, come with us too..." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: End of Dungeon IV. Garland... He is evil... What will he do next? I couldn't grasp it...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Now 4 dungeons had passed. It means that Rucas's Tale is almost ends! Just a few more chapters...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But before that... I still have to write the 'Final Battle' of Rucas's Tale too...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The next chapter is Iris's Tale.[/SIZE]

  6. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 0: Iris's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 25: His Voice[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARR..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The light pierces through my eyes. I slowly open my eyes. Then I realize that I am lying on the bed... But this place... It is the unknown place for me... Where am I?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Awake at last..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The cold voice turned my attention to a scary-looking Pokémon whom is sitting beside my bed. His eyes are as red as blood. His skin is as dark as the night sky. He is the Pokémon of illusion, Zoroark...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "A...Ar..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not push yourself too harsh... You have just recovered... Rest a bit more..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Although his voice is cold, but for some reason, it is very warm for me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank you.... I am fine... But please tell me where am I..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? You didn't remember?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] His word reminded me of my last memory... I was in the laboratory... My head started to ache when I recalled the nightmare that that scientist told me...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anyway, we are in a small village on the southeastern of Gamma City..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Gamma City! I knew that place... My fath... That scientist told me that place is the place where I was...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I found you lying near the entrance of the village... You appeared from nowhere since a week ago..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I took you here and took care of you since then..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for saving my life..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The day you appeared... is the same day that there is a huge explosion in the Gamma Laboratory..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I couldn't remember anything... And the place where I was... Was explodes?! It means that...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I heard the rumor that the scientists in the Gamma Laboratory were trying to create the Pokémon from the DNA... And you are Mewtwo whom appeared in the same day of the explosion of the Gamma Laboratory... It means that..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "STOP!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I close my ears tight. I couldn't hear it anymore...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Sorry for hurting your feeling..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Never mind... Because you are right... I was the creature in the project of those Gamma Scientists..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really? Well then... Could you share your story with me?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Your story in the Gamma Laboratory..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] I look into his eyes. I have just met him for the first time. Is he trustworthy enough?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Do not worry... Like you, I also hold a grudge against the Gamma City too..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Alright..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But before you started... You haven't told me your name..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] ".... My name is Iris Mysteric the Mewtwo."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And my name is Ravenoir Illunight the Zoroark... Then, shall we begin?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: So.,, Iris escaped from that laboratory.., And she had met the mysterious Zoroark named Ravenoir...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Back to Rucas's story! Just a few more chapters![/SIZE]

  7. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 26: A Sin from the Past[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel took everyone to a small cave behind the Redflame Volcano. While they are travelling in the cave, they meet The Sword of Justice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cobalion?! Terrakion?! Virizion?! Keldeo?!" Rucas says in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Finally, you are late..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Someone gave you the permission to step onto this sacred mountain?" Leonel asks The Sword of Justice with the unpleasant voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Sword of Justice say nothing and look at other Pokémon who stands beside them. That Pokémon was the boss of the Inferno Cavern.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Entei?!" Anastasia speaks in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Not only that, there are two other Pokémon. They were the boss of the Lightningrod Tower and the Seacross Grotto.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Raikou?! Suicune?!" Ellisk and Magnus says in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Raikou, Entei and Suicune step in front of Rucas and his friends. "Greeting, everyone. First, back then, I was so sorry for getting brainwashed by Garland. I am truly feeling sorry, especially for you, Leonel and Blazus. And I escaped from the Inferno Cavern without telling you all..." Entei speaks with a strong voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Terrakion starts speaking. "Entei told us everything. And he, along with Raikou and Suicune, said that he will bring us here and told us everything that happened in the Inferno Cavern..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone walks together until they reach the lake at the end of the cave. In the middle of the lake is the sacred tree of Yggdrasil.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yggdrasil?! Her root is also here?!" Joshua speaks in exciting tone and walks up to the middle of the lake.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So her name is Yggdrasil... She is the goddess who protects the sacred Redflame Volcano..." Leonel mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Here too? In the Greenleaf Forest, she is the goddess who protects the forest too!" Joshua speaks up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...As well as the Bluewave Sea..." Magnus mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Raikou starts speaking. "Have you ever heard about the god Arceus?" Everyone nods. "He is the god of the Pokémon Universe." Terrakion answers. "Yes, he is. However, you will not expect him to protect the whole universe alone... It is too much for him... Especially with the existence of the other god..." Suicune speaks softly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Other god?" Rucas speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Entei turns his attention to Anastasia. "You are the dragon type Pokémon, right? So you know what I mean, right?" Anastasia shakes her head no. "I am sorry... I don't understand what you are talking..." "What?!" Entei and The Sword of Justice say in surprise. "You didn't birth in... that place?" Keldeo asks. "What is that place? I am the orphan. As far as I can remember, I grew up in the village south of Symmetria, this is the first time that I left that village..." Anastasia answers. Her answer shocked The Legendary Beast and The Sword of Justice much.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What are you talking about? And who is the 'Another God'?" Ellisk asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N...Never mind that..." Keldeo speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anyway, ruling and protecting the whole Pokémon Universe is not an easy thing, so Arceus assigned each land in the Pokémon Universe for each Legendary Pokémon. For Symmetria, the Legendary Pokémon that is protecting this land is Yggdrasil... Although no one had ever seen her, her root can be found in many places around Symmetria... Have you ever heard about the fairy tale of the Angel and Demon? That Yggdrasil is the same goddess as our Yggdrasil..." Raikou continues explaining.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone nods. "I understand... But what is the point of you for telling us that story?" Magnus asks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas nods. "... I understand... You want to tell us that the fairy tale that we have heard is true, right?" The Legendary Beast nods. "Then... If the angel in that tale, Yggdrasil, is truly exist... So does that Demon Dragon, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Things become silent after Rucas spoke out. "... You are sharp, Lucario. Yes, that Demon Dragon truly exists... somewhere in the Symmetria. He is staying beside the goddess Yggdrasil... Waiting for a time for her to wake up from her slumber... With his existence, the Fallen started to appear everywhere..." Suicune breaks the silence.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Also... His existence is the birth of the Fallen Dragon too..." Entei speaks.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fallen Dragon?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... Fallen Dragon is the leader of the Fallen that serve under the command of the Demon Dragon, like a general who serves the king. However, the Fallen Dragon is not the same creature as the ordinary Fallen. They are just like us... They can talk, fear, happy, sad or angry... If anyone was born as a Fallen Dragon, they will have the Fallen-like body, but they are still alive. They can control the Fallen with their evil heart and soul... Until today, none had ever seen the real Fallen Dragon... But the existence of the Fallen also proved that the Fallen Dragon existed in the land of Symmetria..." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Raikou explains.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone became silent after hearing the story of the Fallen Dragon from the Legendary Beast. "... Garland... He must be the Fallen Dragon for sure..." Rucas mumble. "No way!" Cobalion roars. His strange action made everyone looks at him. "Cobalion, what's wrong?" Joshua asks. "... Garland... He is... He is... NOT EVIL!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Cobalion roars and runs away from everyone. Everyone was shocked by Cobalion's strange action, but The Sword of Justice and The Legendary Beast didn't act like they were surprised by their leader's reaction...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Cobalion..." Virizion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas is the first one to regain his consciousness. He turns his attention to The Sword of Justice. "Tell me... Cobalion and Garland... They are more than the guardian and the evil, right?"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo look at each other. "... I am sorry... Rucas... We couldn't tell you about this... If you want to know... Ask Cobalion..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone left the Volcano Lake with a heavy heart. Entei didn't come with them since he said that he will stay at the Volcano Lake in order to protect it. Blazus decided that he will stay with Entei too. (Leonel seems to be pleased by Blazus's decision.) Raikou and Suicune quickly went back to their place, the Lightningrod Tower and the Island Lake. And now, Rucas and his friends are staying in the town while Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo went to look for Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Where is Cobalion?" Rucas asks when Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo came back.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... He disappeared mysteriously... We didn't found him anywhere!" Keldeo says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Calm down, Keldeo... He will be back at sometime..." Virizion speaks calmly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But Virizion, the train ticket showed us that we will have to go back to STP tomorrow!" Terrakion says.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't worry... He will be fine... I trust him..." Virizion still believes in her thought.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends turn their attention to Leonel. "Hey, Leonel! Why don't you come with us? We all share the same vengeance for Garland. And your battle skill is very good too!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel shakes his head no. "... I am the guardian of this sacred soil... I couldn't leave this place... But still... I am in your debt since I caused you a huge problem for the sake of my people by giving that Garchomp the Blancer and Noiria... So... In order to clean my sin... I will join you for a while..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yeah! Thank you, Leonel!" Everyone says.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Then let's get some sleep... The train leaves early... We don't want to miss the train, right?" Virizion speaks.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]In the night....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Although the darkness has veiled the sky, everywhere is quite bright because of the moon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Almost the Fullmoon... Just a few more days and everything will start..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] There is no one here... Except a Pokémon... He is the Pokémon that everyone fears... Few knows him by his true name... Most knows him in the name "The Cruel Leader of The Phantom Storm" or "The Mad Demon"...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Yes... He is none other than Garland...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Garland..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The familiar voice turns the attention of the Mad Demon to the gray goat that appears from nowhere. "Hm? What's up, old dude?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland... Stop your madness..." Cobalion speaks in a tired voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Stop your madness?! Who was the one that starts this madness?! It is you!" Garland points his claw at Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry... I should stop them..." Cobalion mumbles.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Say 'Sorry' now means nothing! My heart and soul were completely destroyed! And you have never cared a bit about me! I am the creature that the god never cares!" Garland roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That Souleater Rod... It ate your heart and soul already..." Cobalion shakes his head.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You are wrong, Cobalion. This rod does not devour my heart and soul. It only shows me everything... And now, I understand everything about this dirty world..." Garland roars.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Garland... I have one more thing that you must know..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You are not alone..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am tired of your 'Not alone' thing, Cobalion."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No... I didn't mean like that... I mean that.... Someone who share the same blood with you is exist..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Now we have learned about the Fallen Dragon... Such a terrible thing...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It seems like Cobalion and Garland are more than just the guardian and the demon... But what?[/SIZE]
  8. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 27: The Last Ordeal[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It had been two days since we left the Redflame Station...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] We will reach the Symmetria Transportation Port tomorrow...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] However... There's something that is still missing...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Cobalion is still missing...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas wrote the note on the paper. Two day had passed since they left the Redflame Town. Anastasia, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus, Leonel, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo are with him now, but Cobalion didn't show up even when the train started leaving the Redflame Station. Although Virizion kept telling them that Cobalion will be fine, Rucas still felt restless.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas stopped writing his note as the rain started to pour down from the sky. He knew this since he saw the black cloud-covered sky a few minutes ago. The sound of the rain somehow made Rucas's heart felt more restless.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, what's wrong?" Anastasia asked after she noticed that Rucas is gazing at the window.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I don't know... I felt like... The black cloud... is covering... my mind..." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do you still worry about Cobalion?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Yes."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too... Everyone is worrying about Cobalion, include The Sword of justice, but we could do nothing..." Anastasia spoke softly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But then....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "CLASH!!!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "AH!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The loud sound scared everyone; luckily, it was just a sound of the thunder.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whew! Just a thunder." Ellisk sighed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Not a thunder." Rucas mumbled and ran out of the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, wait!" Leonel, Magnus, Joshua, Ellisk and Anastasia said that followed Rucas. Terrakion was about to follow them when Virizion told him to calm down.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "... This is the last ordeal of his story..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Virizion mumbled.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas ran up to the last bogy of the train. Then he pushed the door that leaded to outside the train away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! What are you doing?!" Magnus shouted.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He is here!" Rucas roared and climbed onto the roof of the train.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone else followed Rucas onto the roof on the train. All they could see is the rain and the view outside. Now they realized that the train is running on a bridge over a large canyon. There is a small river at the bottom of the canyon, but because of the rain, the small river turned into a river with a harsh and heavy stream. Moreover, there are several logs that float on the river and several stones in the river. Everyone swallowed their saliva because they knew that if they slipped and fell down from the roof of the train into the canyon below, the change of their survival would be nearly zero...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The rain outside the train dropped onto their body. The cold of the rain froze their body, but not as much as the thing that they saw...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] On the roof of the train, about five bogies away, someone is standing there... He is no more than The Mad Demon, Garland the Garchomp![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARLAND!!!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Very good! I knew that the Hero of Justice like you possesses enough ability to know that thunder sound was not really the sound of the thunder, but the sound of my rifle." Garland spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What do you want?!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You knew it! What did I told you? And now I will fulfill my promise! RUCAS! THIS IS OUR FIRST AND LAST BATTLE!" Garland roared and pointed his rifle at Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland's word froze Rucas's blood. Although, he is the Hero of Justice, he had never faced the criminal as evil as this Mad Demon before.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!" Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus, Leonel and Anastasia said and tried to catch up with Rucas, but Garland shot his rifle at them.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not interrupt this battle. This is the duel between Rucas and me. One of us will live while the other must perish!" Garland roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!" Anastasia shouted, but then, someone appeared in front of Anastasia and others.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Stop it, Anastasia. You must not interrupt them..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The one that appeared in front of Anastasia and her friends is none other than Cobalion.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cobalion!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Cobalion has many scratches, bleedings and scars on his body. It seemed like he was fighting with something such as... Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland... His insanity... was driving mad... Please... You must... stop him... But do...not... kill him...please..." Cobalion plead with a weak voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "STUPID! Old man! I am the demon! Rucas! You are the Hero of Justice! Your task is to banish the darkness from the world! I am your obstacle! You must defeat me or else I will defeat you!" Garland roars and shot a bullet onto the sky. Then he swung his Souleater Rod, making the Fallen to appear behind Rucas, blocking Anastasia and others to come and help Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas gazed at Garland. The rain suddenly became heavy. Now he had a problem in standing because the wind is too harsh, but Garland seemed to have no problem with the wind.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland! Before we battle! I want to ask you a question!" Rucas roared into the heavy rain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Interesting... Alright... You can ask me two questions, and then I will ask you two questions." Garland revealed a creepy smile.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland... Why did you do everything? Waking the Fallen and delivered the misery upon the land! Answer me!" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Because the world destined me to do this. I am the creature that the god never cared. And this is my role as the living creature. My role is to deliver the misery upon the land of other living creatures, and your role is to defeat someone like me..." Garland answered in a creepy voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas was shocked by Garland's answer. He thought that Garland's answer would be something like he desired more power or desired to conquer the world, but this is not the answer that he expected![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The creature that the god never cared... Then you are... The Fallen Dragon?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Of course not. I am not the Fallen Dragon. I am just the thing that I said, "The creature that the god never cared"." Garland crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'The creature that the god never cared?' Rucas thought.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My turn, Rucas... What is your true face? The face behind the mask that you are wearing... I want to know..." Garland spoke slowly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland's question acted like the blade that pierces through everywhere on Rucas's body. That is the thing that he most fears. Rucas looked behind himself. Cobalion, Anastasia and others are quite far from them, and with the heavy rain, so he assumed that they will not be able to hear the thing that he is about to say.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...My true face is..." Rucas spoke softly. He slowly answered Garland's question. Garland seemed to satisfy with the answer from the Hero of Justice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "With the face like that, why did you still insist to be the Hero of Justice?" Garland asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The only reason that I became the Hero of Justice was to clean my sin. I knew that there is no way to clean it, but this is the least thing that I could do." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Very well... Then, let's get over with this!" Garland roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=20pt]Mad Demon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas equipped his Crystal Knuckle while Garland readied his rifle. This is the first and the last battle between both of them. Garland opened the battle by shooting several bullets at Rucas. Rucas closed his eyes and used his aura to detect the bullet from Garland's rifle and then he dodged the bullets easily. Rucas wasted no time and ran up closer to Garland. Since Garland's rifle is a long-range weapon, so if Rucas fights in a close-range, Rucas will be more advantageous than Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But as Rucas ran closer to Garland, Garland changed his attack into using the Earth Power to attack Rucas. The Earth Power made Rucas unable to run closer to Garland.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it..." Rucas cursed and used the Aura Sphere at Garland. Garland countered the attack by shooting a bullet at the Aura Sphere, making the Aura Sphere shattered into several little light balls.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'That is no use. I must find Garland's weakness first...' Rucas thought to himself. Garland is a Garchomp, a dragon and ground type Pokémon. He is weak to dragon and fairy attack, and he is very weak to ice attack. Ice, Dragon and Fairy... No attack of these types that Rucas can use.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...Rucas...'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Hm? Rucas turned his attention around. He heard someone called his name from behind him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...Rucas... Do not give up!' It's Anastasia's voice! She tried to shout through the sound of the rain. For some reasons, Anastasia's voice gave Rucas a large amount of power![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas closed his eyes and focused his power, before he released a powerful Dragon Pulse from his mouth![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARRR!!!" Garland roared in pain when the Dragon Pulse hit his body directly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARLAND!!! TAKE THIS!!!" Rucas roared and released the Aura Sphere at Garland again. This time, the Aura Sphere hit Garland's body![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARRR!!!" Garland roared and collapsed on the roof of the train. The black-and-red blood flew out of Garland's body and deluded with the rainwater.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RUCAS!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Garland's defeated, the Fallen that blocked the way disappeared, enable Anastasia and others to step into the battlefield.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Is it... over?" Ellisk asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...No... It is not over yet..." Leonel mumbled. His body shivered with the cold from the rain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Garland slowly regained his consciousness. However, he had lost too much of his power, he couldn't even stand up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I lost, Rucas. Now finish me..." Garland mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... No... Garland... You are not truly a bad guy, right?" Rucas spoke slowly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Garland said nothing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Stop what you are doing... And find a new way of your life... to clean your sin..." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Hm... Hahahahahah!!!" Garland burst a loud. His action surprised everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What? Is there something funny?" Joshua asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "There is no way to clean my sin!" Garland roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why did you believe that?" Magnus asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because I am the creature that the god never cared! He will never give me the second change! And as I said before, one of us will live while the other must perish!" Garland roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland! Stop that!" Cobalion roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Whatever..." Garland crawled slowly to the edge of the roof. Then he turned his attention to Rucas and his friends. "Rucas... This Mad Demon has a last wish... You are the only one that could free this dirty world..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What? What does that mean?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... My role ended here, but your role shall continue...Farewell... Hero of Justice..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After he finished speaking, Garland jumped from the edge of the roof of the train and fell down into the canyon below![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "GARLAND!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Cobalion quickly ran up to the edge of the roof, but it was too late. Garland's body fell down into the canyon and sank into the river below. The harshness of the river and several logs and stones in the river made Garland's body disappears from everyone's eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...With the harshness of the stream... I think this is the end of the Mad Demon..." Leonel spoke and swung his spear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Finally, the end of the Mad Demon. Well... In the end... Garland is... strange... Although he is the evil demon, he is not evil at all... He still has a virtue left in his heart. And now he is gone...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Alright! The next chapter would be the last chapter of Rucas's Tale![/SIZE]
  9. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 1: Rucas's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 28: Victim of Justice[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Cobalion. I think you have an untold story... about you and Garland." Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The rain still poured down from the black sky above, but the battle with The Mad Demon had finished already. Rucas and his friends, include The Sword of Justice, are in the train. They are waiting for the train to reach STP in a few hours, so now, Rucas decided to ask Cobalion about the truth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Alright. It's time for all of you to know it..." Cobalion spoke slowly. His body was bandaged by Virizion and Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "First, what is the relationship between you and Garland? You and Garland were not just the hero and the demon, right?" Joshua held a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Garland the Garchomp... He appeared... several years ago... In the night of the heavy rain like this... While I was at The Musketeer Bar... Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo weren't with me... I heard the sound of someone was knocking the door. When I opened the door... The one that was standing outside, got wet by the rain, was... Garland's mother."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland's mother?!" Rucas and everyone gasped in surprise.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... I was the acquaintance of her... Her husband, Garland's father, died a few years ago at that time. And... She appeared at that night... I asked her what she wanted... She then asked me... to take care of her son..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Then..." Magnus mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I was surprised. I asked her again why? And her answer is because she wanted her son to be accepted by everyone... Herself... Garland's mother was hated by everyone... Not because she was bad, but because everyone believed that Garland's mother was the bad omen... That is why everyone hated her... She gave me the baby Gible... And told me that she wanted me to take care of him from now on, because that will be the last time that she could met her own son... I didn't know what she means... And then she left the young Gible with me..." Cobalion spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We didn't know what happened to Garland's mother until two years passed... We heard the news of her demise..." Virizion spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Since you raised Garland... Then he should become a good guy or even become another Hero of Justice... But why everything turned into this?" Ellisk asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Because he shared the same fate as his mother..." Keldeo answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Garland's mother... She was 'The creature that the god never cared'. Garland, too, he was the same as her. He is also 'The creature that the god never cared'."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What is 'The creature that the god never cared' that you all were talking about? And if Garland was the same as his mother, then why didn't we see anything such as the black wings on Garland?" Magnus asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Let just say that everyone believed that Garland was the bad omen of the world. As a result, he was sent to the lonely prison in the desert... I tried to convince everyone about this... But it was no use..." Cobalion continues his story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The prison in the desert... Wait, I have heard that the prison in the desert..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... That prison... It was maybe the worst place in the Symmetria. Every soul that was sent to that place... The prisoners there will be tortured until they died... I believe that there are many bad things there..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Virizion spoke in a sad voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Three years after Garland was sent to that place, a group of a criminal attacked that prison. We went to that prison and found that..." Terrakion spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Garland decided to join The Phantom Storm and then became its leader..." Keldeo said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I could remember his face clearly when I saw him at that prison... He was completely changed... I almost couldn't remember him... He looked at me with the fierce eyes that were filled with grieve..." Cobalion spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I understand it now... After that, you tried to pursue him and convinced him to stop what he was doing..." Rucas crosses his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It was no use..." Keldeo shook his head.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"The Souleater Rod... It completely changed him... I don't know how could he get that thing... The rod didn't brainwash him, instead it distorted his sanity. You may realize this, every time you met him, he may be a bad guy, but he never lied to you, because he still has a virtue left in his heart... I shouldn't let something like this to happen..." Cobalion spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do not regret your action, Cobalion. Garland was the victim of justice... And now, he is gone... His soul finally rest in peace..." Virizion tried to comfort Cobalion.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank you, Virizion." Cobalion thanked.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] At last, after a long journey, the train from the Redflame Town finally reached the Symmetria Transportation Port, ending the journey of the Redflame Volcano.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... Now Garland was already dead... It seemed like the adventure will end here..." Rucas said. Now everyone is in the Musketeer Bar of the Venturnome Town. The Sword of Justice are in the town.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But Rucas, there are still much more things to do such as defeating the rest members of The Phantom Storm as well as the Souleater Rod." Ellisk spoke. He was right. The Souleater Rod was with Garland when he fell into the canyon. Although Garland was already dead, what about the Souleater Rod? Was it break? Or was it lost?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... No... I won't allow all of you to do this." Rucas declared. His word shocked everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But Rucas..." Magnus tried to speak.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No 'but', Magnus. The thing that made all of you getting involve with this is Garland. Now Garland was gone, so there is no reason for you to stay with me..." Rucas spoke with a serious voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The evil still lurked everywhere, Rucas. The Fallen too..." Joshua held a twig in his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Let me say this in a straight way, all of you are too weak. You all aren't even at your final evolution stage yet." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone became silent after hearing Rucas's word.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Go back to your places first. After all of you evolved, come back to me and I will allow all of you to join me again." Rucas broke the silence.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Promise?" Ellisk asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You have my words." Rucas promised.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Fine." Joshua, Magnus, Ellisk and Leonel accepted.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, I will continue assisting you, Rucas." Anastasia said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... You are at your final evolution stage already, but I think that you still have a task to do, doesn't you?" Rucas looked at Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But travelling with you will allow me to find my family faster. Please, Rucas!" Anastasia begged.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Let me think about it first." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Rucas finished his sentence, Keldeo walked into the Musketeer Bar with a cheerful face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone! I have a good news! Do you remember the famous Venturnome Summer Festival? It will be held tonight!" Keldeo spoke with glee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really? Yeah!" Everyone shouted.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, let's made tonight the night of memory." Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After the sun departed from the sky, the moon raised, and the Venturnome Summer Festival began![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The town was decorated in the old-fashioned theme. There are many paper lamps hanging around the town. The town's main square became crowded with everyone. Everyone is dressed in the old-fashioned costume such as Kimono or Yukata.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow!" Ellisk ran around the main square. He is dressed in the yellow Yukata.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk... I knew what you are thinking. Stop your thought or Rucas will kill you..." Joshua spoke in a calm voice. He is dressed in the green Yukata.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "W...What?! Sheee! Joshua! Don't speak it out loud!" Ellisk said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Joshua! Ellisk! Try this!" Magnus ran up to Joshua and Ellisk and gave them the cotton candy. He also held many kinds of food with his arms. He is dressed in the blue Yukata.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Do not each too much, Magnus." Joshua spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whaaaaat....arrrrreeeee.......yyuuuuuu.....taaaaaalllllkkkkiinggg.....abbbbbbooouttt..?" Magnus spoke. His mouth is full with food.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Good grief..." Joshua mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Let them be, the Forest Swordsman." Leonel spoke up. He is dressed in the Red Redflame Traditional Costume.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... Tonight is the last night that we will be able to meet everyone..." Ellisk spoke in a sad voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Not 'last', Ellisk. I am sure that we will meet each other again." Magnus spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...After we evolved, let's meet here, in the Venturnome Town." Joshua spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course!" Everyone said.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...The fate will bring us to meet each other... I am very sure of it.... But... The fate is never crystal clear..." Leonel mumbled.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! Come over here!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait! Anastasia!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]While everyone is enjoying the festival, Anastasia grabbed Rucas's hand and took him to another places. The sky is dark because the cloud is covering the sky, so there no shadow of Rucas and Anastasia can be seen, as well as no one could see that Rucas is blushing very hard.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Where are we going?" Rucas asked. He is dressed in a traditional Yukata.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! Secret!" Anastasia spoke with a playful voice. She is dressed in a Cherry Blossom-patterned kimono.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Finally, Anastasia and Rucas reached a place. There is no one around here because this season is summer, not spring.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Cherry Blossom Trail..." Rucas called the name of the place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Remember this place? It is the trail of my favorite flower!" Anastasia spoke in a cheerful voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Why did you bring me here? This is the summer festival, not the spring festival! And no one is around here too!" Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's wait a little bit." Anastasia replied.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Anastasia sat down together on the bench under the biggest Cherry Blossom Tree.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia suddenly grabbed Rucas's hand, making Rucas's face turned red again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "W...What?!" Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for everything... Although I haven't found my family yet, thank you."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked away from Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...It was nothing."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, why did you decide to help me?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked at Anastasia again. The real reason that he decided to help Anastasia was not that he is the Hero of Justice or he had a crush on Anastasia. It was because...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Seeing you reminded me of her..." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Her?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... My younger sister. She was very cheerful, bright and optimist. You are very much like her... Seeing you always reminded me of her."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then... Where is her now?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... We got separated since I was just a Riolu."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am sorry for bringing a bad memory back..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Never mind."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A silence covered the area again, before Anastasia decided to break it with a question.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Does everyone demon bad?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia's strange question shocked Rucas a bit. Before his adventure started, he could answer this question without hesitance, but now, he couldn't even answer it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Garland... He was the Mad Demon... He did many bad things and we may not be able to forgive him... But he was not really a bad guy... Everything around him was the cause that turned him into a bad guy... Rucas, if you met a demon like Garland again, what will you do? Will you draw your blade and defeat them in order to maintain the justice or will you forgive them?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas couldn't answer the question from Anastasia. He knew that as a Hero of Justice, what is the answer, but is it the right answer? Should he kill the 'innocent' demon? Does they worth living in the world?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It's complicated, Anastasia..." Rucas looked up onto the sky. And then he realized that the cloud that covered the sky started to disappear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah! Finally!" Anastasia looked onto the sky. The cloud slowly revealed the hidden gem in the night sky. It is...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is so pretty! The Fullmoon is always beautiful!" Anastasia said with glee. She seemed to be very delight, but not for the Hero of Justice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's pupil became widen after he saw the Fullmoon, like as if he had just saw his immortal enemy or the reaper. Because the Fullmoon is his greatest fear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N...No....Not here..." Rucas mumbled. He could feel a great power is flowing within his vain. The power increased drastically. He almost couldn't control it, and he knew that he will not be able to do it in a few second ahead. He tried to step back in order to go as far as possible from Anastasia, but Anastasia noticed him first.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas? Where are you going? And what happened? You seem not very well..." Anastasia walked up to Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Go...away..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What?! What did you just say?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hurry... Run away...from me...."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hurry! Ugh!!!" Rucas barely spoke. The inside of his body is very hot! Like someone is using a Fire Blast within his body! He couldn't stand this heat![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia....A.....Arrr....ARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!" Rucas couldn't control it anymore...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The body of the young Lucario started to change. His body grew in to the size twice of his body. His claws grew longer and sharper. His face turned feral, and his eyes became as red as blood...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas didn't stand here anymore. The one that stands in front of Anastasia now is the feral beast![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!" Anastasia screamed with fear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ARRR ARRGGGG RRRRR!!!" The feral beast roared and looked at Anastasia with the blood-hungry face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! No! Please! Do not kill me!" Anastasia plead. She is too fear to escape, like as if someone was using a Thunder Wave on her body.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The feral beast walked closer to Anastasia. It looked at Anastasia again...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] And then...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The red liquid scattered around the Cherry Blossom Trail...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The pink petal of the Cherry Blossom... Now dyed red with the crimson blood...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Under the night of the Fullmoon lied the cruel destiny of the living creature...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The innocent creature... Now became the pray of the master of justice...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It is the Victim of Justice...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Justice...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Does not...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Exist...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anymore...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]------------------------------------------------------End of Rucas's Tale--------------------------------------------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continue...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Rucas's Tale finally came to the end... Rucas... He has such a terrible fate... Being the Hero of Justice and the feral monster within his own body...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] It took me 28 chapters to finish Rucas's Tale. The next chapter, chapter 29, would be the tale of the last main protagonists of this story. (There are fifteen protagonists in this story, and three of them are the main protagonists. Rucas and Iris are two of them, so there are one more main protagonist.) The new characters will take place as the main protagonist instead of Rucas. And...What about Rucas, Anastasia, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus and Leonel?... They may appear... or not...[/SIZE]
  10. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 29: Master of Mercy[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The sky is red, because the sun is located at near the edge of the sky. This is the sight of the beautiful but common phenomena called 'Twilight'.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Some people love it because it is very beautiful while some people hate it because it is so scary...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone has the different thought about the world...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]This is what made the world became a beautiful place...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Although the twilight can only be seen at the end of every day, it is not for the lonely island far away from the main land. For this island, the sun is locked at near the edge of the west side of the sky, making this island is always covered in the twilight. There are not many things on this island except the wasteland, the haunted wood and the village. This village is as big as the Solar Village in Symmetria. There are only few Pokémon live here. Most of them are the Dark-type Pokémon while the rest is the other types. They all lived peacefully in this village. This is the village of darkness, the Lunar Village.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Today, the villagers still follow their schedule normally. (Although the sun doesn't move, the time on this island flows normally like other lands.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] North of the village is the Lunar Wasteland, and on the other side of the village stood the sacred temple of the island, the Newmoon Temple. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The Newmoon Temple... She is as beautiful as ever..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A shadow appeared in front of the sacred temple. The crimson light from the sky revealed the figure of the dark type Pokémon, Zoroark.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A Zoroark looked at the temple for about ten minutes before it went into the temple. The inside of the temple stood only a lonely altar. It walked up onto the altar and kneeled down, closed its eyes. It stayed at this position for over ten minutes before it opened its eyes and departed from the Newmoon Temple. It walked into the Lunar Wasteland. Somehow, this place was said to be the scariest place around here (Include Symmetria) because of its dark, gloomy and creepy atmosphere. Not only that, but in the middle of the wasteland also stood a haunted wood. Every time someone walked near the wood, they will hear the creepy sound of 'ghost' who lived in the wood. Everyone whom had stepped into the haunted wood never come back alive. The villagers often found the skeleton of the Pokémon whom ventured into the wood, so everyone believed that there is a cruel, soulless monster lived here, earning the title of the wood 'Skeleton Wood'.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Because of this, the villagers of the Lunar Villager ever stepped into the Skeleton Wood again. They tried to keep their distant from the wood as far as possible... All but not for this Zoroark.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Zoroark stopped in front of the wood. It could hear the sound of the soulless monster that lived in the Skeleton Wood, but it had no fear for this. It slowly walked into the haunted wood. The sound of the soulless monster getting closer to Zoroark every step it walked, until the sound is only ten meters away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Hold on, it's me, the Master of Mercy."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After the Zoroark spoke, the sound stopped, and another creature appears. It stood in front of the Zoroark. However, its body is in veil of the tree, making it is impossible to recognize what kind of Pokémon it is.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Master of Mercy... I thought that I will never have a second chance to hear this name." The mysterious Pokémon spoke in a creepy-toned voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am sorry that I left you here alone for about half a year." The Zoroark answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... If you hadn't left me, my claws would be clean, but since that, my claw became stained with the blood of the living creature again." The mysterious Pokémon spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Because she suddenly left the village without telling anyone. I had to track her and went to the Symmetria... You knew how disgusting that place is... I hoped that I will not have to go back to the Symmetria again..." The Zoroark closed its eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Is she...alright?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I finally found her since three months ago, and then I took her back to our village. I had to take care of her injury for three months. Now she finally able to walk, so I had a time to visit you."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"She got injured?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Zoroark didn't answer the question. Instead it looked up onto the sky.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...Tell me what happened, Fenrir Illunight the Zoroark." The mysterious Pokémon gazed at the female Zoroark.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Twenty minutes passed slowly while the Zoroark named Fenrir told the story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...That heartless monster... The scum of the world... Calling himself the Hero of Justice... He is actually no more than the creature like me." The mysterious Pokémon spoke after Fenrir finished her story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You couldn't judge the people based on their outside appearance. The story of the living creature's existence is not fathomable..." Fenrir spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...That sentence suited me very well, Fenrir." The mysterious Pokémon looked at himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Are you really sure about this?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "About what?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...That you really didn't want to meet her."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I have no right to meet her."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But didn't..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... We shared no connection, Fenrir. Although I did... that, she is still the descendant of the great ruler, while I am just sitting here, waiting for the day I would turn into the bane of the living creature's existence."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, the Master of Mercy. You deserved your title. Your mind was very soft, even toward the creature like me."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Nonsense, you deserved to live in this world... Both you and I are the living creature..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Fenrir, don't let me say this again, I am the creature that the god despised."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...You should go back to your place now, Fenrir, or she will notice that you had left her too long again."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Then, I will come to visit you again soon..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finishing her sentence, Fenrir placed a basket containing a lot of berry and food in front of her. "... This will make you feel a lot better after your claws were covered with the blood."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "... Thank you, Fenrir, the Master of Mercy."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After she left the Skeleton Wood, the Zoroark walked back to her village, the Lunar Village. The village seemed to be as peaceful as ever.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good afternoon, Fenrir."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Upon the Master of Mercy entered the village of darkness, an Absol appeared and greeted her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Afternoon?" Fenrir spoke and looked into the sky.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, stop teasing me with this joke. It is not funny at all." The Absol spoke in an unpleasant voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Haha... Sorry, Noctis." Fenrir looked at her friend and the leader of the Lunar Village, Noctis the Absol.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Where did you go, Fenrir? You know that you shouldn't leave this village too long while your friends were still injured."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I went to the Newmoon Temple. Since I came back to this village three months ago, I had no time to visit the sacred place of our realm, and I had to clean myself after I went to the dirty land of Symmetria."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Same as ever... You still despise Symmetria to the deepest part of your heart."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You knew it. In the past, the people of the northern land despised our kind. They blamed us as the servant of the dark god. As a result, we dark type Pokémon had to live only in the realm of darkness. Now our realm was moved to the south of that land, so they could no more blame us, but every time our kind went to that land..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Stop it, Fenrir. You knew that everyone didn't like the land of Symmetria."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, I knew it."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But yet you brought the Pokémon from Symmetria to our village. And that Pokémon was none other than the Hero of Justice himself."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...If I didn't bring him here, she will not come back to our village with me. I had no choice."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Luckily, that he was losing his consciousness for over three months, but if he woke up, what will you do?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The decision is not mine. It is the decision by him and her..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... Then, what was their decision?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I had never asked her, but I knew that her answer would be '... I will go back to Symmetria again. I will never give up until I found my true blood and flesh. And his answer would be 'Justice! Justice! Justice doesn't exist on this dirty realm! I will defeat all of you in order to maintain the justice!'."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Did he think that he will defeat everyone in this village with only himself? Nonsense. Although he is a fighting type Pokémon, he will never be able to defeat everyone as our village still contained the none-dark type Pokémon, even the number of the none-dark type Pokémon in our village is very small."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The none-dark type Pokémon in our village are the Pokémon that were willing to accept us the dark type Pokémon."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finished talking with Noctis the Absol, the Zoroark walked back to her house, where she lived with her friend.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am back, Anastasia." Fenrir spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The door of Fenrir's house opened, and a white, slimy Pokémon, Goodra, appears.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hi! Fenrir! You finally come back!" The Goodra greeted as Fenrir walked into her house.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How are you doing, Anastasia?" Fenrir asks the Goodra.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yup! Don't worry about me! I was completely healed from the wound!" Anastasia said cheerfully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Then, what about... him?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia didn't answer the Zoroark's question. Instead, she led Fenrir to the inner room of her house. In the room, an unconscious body of the Hero of Justice, Rucas, lay there, on the bed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Good grief. He had been sleeping for three months already..." Fenrir mumbled. Then Fenrir walked up to the bed. Then Fenrir placed her paw on the forehead of the Lucario. Suddenly, the Lucario started moving.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir?! What did you do?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I just checked his condition... It seemed like that he will wake up soon.."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Fenrir finished speaking, Fenrir left the room, and the eyes of the young Lucario opened![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ar...Ar..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas!" Anastasia walked up to Rucas's bed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ar...Where am I?" Rucas spoke and looked around the room, and then his eyes met the eyes of the Anastasia[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia... I... I... I am sorry..." Rucas spoke and hold his head with his paw.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia remembered that night three months ago... It was the nightmare for Rucas.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...That night... After he was exposed to the full moon, he couldn't control your power and turned into a feral monster. He attacked you, Anastasia. If I didn't appear there and stopped him, you would be dead by that time. I made you fell unconscious and told you to come back here with me, but said that you will only come if I agreed to help him..." Fenrir was telling what happened in that night to Anastasia.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia..." Rucas looked at Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas..." Anastasia looked at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I ... I am so sorry... The gene of the berserk beat ran within my vain. If I ever saw the full moon, I will lose the control of my body and became a blood-hungry beast that desired nothing more than killing... During my lifespan, I had killed many innocent living creatures... That is why I decided to become the Hero of Justice... It is to clean my sin... But now... I had committed the same sin again... Everyone will not forgive me..." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas, I forgive you." Anastasia's word shocked Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Why?! I do not deserve your forgiving!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Because you are the same living creature like us. The sin that you had committed... You didn't intend to do it, right? So... Do not feel guilt." Anastasia said with a soft voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Anastasia..." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...And now, what will you do, Rucas?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Where am I?" The Hero of Justice asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...This is the village of darkness, the Lunar Village, home of dark type Pokémon. My friends helped us and took us here." Anastasia answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Dark type..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right. Lunar Village was the village where I grew up. I left this village in order to search for my family. My friend tried to stop me... But I was too stubborn... And my friend helped me again. This is her house." Anastasia spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Then... Could you tell your friend that... If possible, I would like to stay here for a while... Although this is the home of dark type Pokémon, I want to learn more about... the darkness!" Rucas said nothing. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Sure!" Anastasia said and walked out of the room.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Outside of the room, Fenrir is there, waiting for Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...How was him?" Fenrir asked when Anastasia finally came out of the room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He was fine, but that night was a nightmare for him. He said that he needed to stay here for a while..." Anastasia answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Then, tell him that this village of darkness allows him to stay here as long as he like unless he tried to do something bad such as killing the villagers, and do not worry, the sun and the moon never moved, so the full moon never occurred on this island." Fenrir answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why don't you tell this by yourself, Fenrir? I am sure that he will want to meet you." Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Sorry... But I didn't want to meet him for a time being..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Okay." Anastasia said and went back into Rucas's room.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Why it must be him? Rucas... Why?" Fenrir whispered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Welcome to part 2 of Requiem of the Fallen Dragon. Now we had the brand new main protagonist of my story, Fenrir Illunight the Zoroark. Fenrir is the last main protagonist that appeared in my story. Fenrir will always speak in an Italic character. For the protagonist, we have Rucas, Anastasia, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus, Leonel, Fenrir and Iris. The first six are from the Rucas's Tale. Fenrir is the main protagonist of this part while Iris has her own tale, although she didn't officially join the group with others.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The rest eight new protagonists will join the team in this story. (The protagonists from Rucas's Tale will also appear and join the group in Fenrir's Tale too)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] This chapter is quite mysterious. Fenrir spoke with a mysterious Pokémon in the Skeleton Wood. What is that Pokémon? Also, Fenrir is seemed to hold a grudge against Symmetria. And we finally learned Rucas's secret, and now, Rucas will stay in this village for the time being. What will happen afterward?[/SIZE]
  11. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 30: The Purity Cleric[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A month had passed since Rucas's awakening. Rucas is still in the village of darkness. At first, he had a problem walking around the village as most villagers are the dark type Pokémon, but a few times later, he got along with everyone very well. Rucas realized that everyone in this village isn't evil, they are all friendly, just like other Pokémon. However, the best thing for his 1-month experience in the Lunar Village was that he didn't turn into the feral monster again due to the lack of the moonlight. (The moon can also be seen in the sky of this island, but the moon will always be the new moon.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Despite he finally got along with everyone in the village, there is still one more Pokémon that he had heard about several times, but he had never met it in person.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] That person is Anastasia's friend and the owner of the house he is staying.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] For Fenrir, Fenrir always tried to stay away from Rucas as far as possible. Fenrir usually went out of the village and came back late at night after Rucas fell asleep or Fenrir will use the Illusion ability to transform into another Pokémon in the village so Rucas will never realize it is Fenrir.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Today is the same as yesterday. Fenrir left her house very early and went out of the village. Fenrir walked into the Lunar Wasteland while thinking of Rucas. She was playing an instrument. That instrument is a black Violin called 'Nocturne Violin'. The melody that she played sounded so sad.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '... I will never be able to run away forever. Someday I had to face him. But when? I am so afraid of that moment... Why? Why it must be him?' Fenrir thought to itself while walking slowly in the Lunar Wasteland. She stopped playing her Violin and put it away.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...Right... I couldn't run away forever... It's time for me... to... try again. This time, I will not wear the mask of liar.' Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But then...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hold right there!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A voice can be heard by the Zoroark. Fenrir stood still because it knew who the owner of that voice is. It was the Pokémon that Fenrir always hoped that Fenrir will never have to meet.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas walked up to the Zoroark, who didn't look at him. "Zoroark, I have never seen you around here, neither have I seen you at the Lunar Village. Who are you? Answer me!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir didn't look at Rucas. "What if I don't want to answer?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Suspicious... If you don't answer me, I will have to defeat you in the name of justice." Rucas spoke and equipped his Crystal Knuckle.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir slowly turned back and faced Rucas. Rucas was looking at the Zoroark fiercely.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir gathered the bravery it has and spoke. "Justice, hm? So you are none other than the Hero of Justice who was bathed in the light of the full moon and turned into the feral creature."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir's word shocked Rucas. "H...How did you know? I thought that no one on this island knew my secret except Anastasia and her friend... Wait... You are Anastasia's friend, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...So this is the first time you met me in person." Fenrir spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for saving Anastasia's and my life. My name is Rucas Couraura the Lucario." Rucas introduced himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Fenrir Illunight the Zoroark." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir? Hm... Well... I didn't see you for a month. Where had you been?" Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I had some sort of business outside the village to do." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well then... I think I could use your help, dude." Rucas spoke, but then, Fenrir quickly dashed to Rucas and clashed him, making him fall down. Before Rucas could react, Fenrir pinned his body with a long scythe.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Remember this, Hero of Justice, do not call me 'dude' again if you don't want to die." Fenrir spoke in a creepy-toned voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! You are a girl?!" Rucas is shocked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course. I am a girl, remember this or you will have to taste my Jasper Scythe." Fenrir spoke and removed her Jasper Scythe from Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas stood up and looked at Fenrir's weapon. Her weapon is a scythe with a long pole. The tip of the pole is equipped with a black blade. The blade itself is the darkest thing that he had ever seen, even darker than the Newmoon. The blade is also very sharp. Rucas imagined that if Fenrir slashed her scythe at the enemy, the enemy would die before it felt the pain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Your weapon... It could kill the enemy and left them no pain..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, so no one will have to struggle the great pain before they died." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It suited your title, the Master of Mercy." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Never mind it."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir replied.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whatever, Fenrir, I need your help. Have you seen Anastasia? I woke up and found that she was not in your house. I looked around the village, but didn't find her anywhere." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir thought. In the morning, she could remember that Anastasia told her that she will pay a visit to the Newmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "She should be in the sacred temple of Newmoon there..." Fenrir pointed her scythe at the direction of the Newmoon Temple.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "All right...Let's go there." Rucas spoke. And Fenrir leaded his way.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas called the name of the young Goodra who is sitting in front of the Newmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! Rucas! Fenrir! Come over here for a sec!" Anastasia called the Lucario and Zoroark.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] When Rucas and Fenrir approached Anastasia, they realized that Anastasia is taking care of an unconscious Pokémon. That Pokémon is an Eevee who is wearing a cleric-like dress.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir thought back to the village. She remembered that there was a few numbers of Eevee at the Lunar Village, but why did this Eevee come to this place by alone? And why did it collapse on the ground?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I found this poor Eevee a while ago. It collapsed on the ground. It seemed like she is a cleric." Anastasia explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Eevee, are you alright?" Rucas tried to wake it up. His voice seemed to successfully in waking it up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Arr... Ar... Help me...Senpai..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] The Eevee mumbled as it slowly opened its eyes. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Thank heaven! You finally wake up..." Anastasia spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Eevee looked around in confusing, and then its eyes met with Rucas's eyes. Both could feel the strong bonding that flew between them.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai Rucas?" The Eevee called the name of the Lucario.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira? The Purity Cleric?" [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]The Lucario called the name of the Eevee.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Both Pokémon stared at each others, before the Eevee suddenly hugged the Lucario.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai! Big brother! Oh! I am so happy!" The Eevee spoke with a happy voice while Rucas looked at her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas?! You knew her?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes... She is my younger sister that I was talking about. Her name is Zira Hylia the Eevee." Rucas introduced his sister.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, I missed you so much... It had been fifteen years, isn't it? I missed you so much..." Eva cried.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Eva... I am so sorry for leaving you... Because I wanted to keep you safe from my feral form." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Fifteen years ago, Rucas was living in a peaceful village far away from Symmetria with his own sister, Zira the Eevee. But every full moon night, he will turn into a feral beast. Every time he turned into a heartless beast, Eva will try to stop him, but that also left her with a great pain. No one could help her because Rucas and she were the orphans. They had never seen their parent's face or known their parents's identity. At last, Rucas decided to protect his younger sister by leaving his village, left everything behind...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Include his own sister...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Terrible! Senpai! You are such a terrible brother! How could you abandon your own sister?!" Zira cried. Now Rucas, Zira, Fenrir and Anastasia were sitting in front of the Newmoon Temple. Rucas and his younger sister were talking about their past. Rucas told Zira everything that happened to him since he left her; include his adventure in Symmetria four months ago. And Zira also told Rucas everything that happened after he left her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry! Zira! I must do it! I couldn't let you feel the pain caused by me anymore..." Rucas apologized. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Zira looked at her brother. "...Senpai... It had been fifteen years... That nightmare... It still haunted your dream, right?" Rucas said nothing and nodded. The nightmare that Zira was talking is Rucas's feral form. Zira knew this better than anyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Zira... You had grown up... from the innocent girl into the beautiful and pure maiden..." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"You too, Senpai. Fifteen years ago, you were just a young, but brave Riolu. Now you had evolved and became a strong yet kind Lucario..." Zira spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas looked into the sky. Zira's existence had somehow filled his missing parts within his soul. He felt like having Eva by his side encouraged him very much. However, some parts of his heart are still missing...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Senpai... This is yours... I was longing to return this to you." Eva gave something to Rucas. It is an Ocarina.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas picked the Ocarina. He remembered it. It was the treasure that his parents left for him. It is the Temporal Ocarina. The ocarina itself was as bright as the pure gold. Zira also had an instrument too. Her instrument is the Spatial Harp. Her harp was as bright as the pure silver.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas started playing the Ocarina as well as Zira whom started playing her harp. Although both Rucas and Zira played with the random notes, the song was still beautiful.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... I really miss this sound..." Rucas mumbled after he finished playing the Ocarina.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Senpai... Promise me that you will never leave me alone again, okay?" Zira looked at Rucas in her determined eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas knew that Zira has become an adult already, so it will not be an easy task to bend her decision. "...Alright, I promise. But you must promise me that you will not try to do something dangerous, such as taking the damage from my feral form." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Zira smiled and nodded. "Yup! I promised!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...How long will you talk like you two are the only Pokémon left on this world?" Fenrir asked after Rucas and Zira talked to each other and acted like Fenrir and Anastasia weren't here too.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, are they your friends?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira turned her attention to Anastasia and Fenrir. "My name is Zira Hylia the Eevee! I am Senpai Rucas's sister! Nice to meet everyone!" Zira introduced herself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! So you are Senpai Rucas's younger sister! My name is Anastasia Wyrmscale the Goodra!" Anastasia spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! You are the one that Senpai mentioned! Rucas..." Zira turned her attention to Rucas. "... She is the best candidate for your girlfriend!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A silence occurred after Zira's speech. Everyone had a different action. Rucas's face became very red. Anastasia became confused by everyone's strange action. And Fenrir turned her face away from everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... By the way, Eva, how could you come to this place?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... I was running away from a group of Pokémon, but then, I tripped my own legs and fell down. When those Pokémon were about to finish me, I thought of you, and the next thing I could remember is that I appeared in front of that temple, with you by my side." Zira answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Pokémon?" Rucas asked. Since she was a child, Zira was very kind and like to help others. She usually helps everyone and heals the wound of the Pokémon. This gave her the title 'The Purity Cleric'. With all of this, she is loved by everyone, so what kind of Pokémon that would attack Zira?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Yes... Those Pokémon... They are invading Symmetria." Zira answered with a sad voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What?!" Rucas said. Symmetria is getting invaded?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Dragon of Vale: First, we learned that Fenrir has a Jasper Scythe as her weapon. The next thing is the instruments. The protagonists in this story, other than having their own weapon, they will also possess an instrument. The instrument hasn't made an appearance in Rucas's Tale, but it will appear in Fenrir's Tale. Everyone will have it. Now Fenrir has a Nocturne Violin and Rucas received his instrument, the Temporal Ocarina, back from Zira, and Zira's is the Spatial Harp.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]And we also met Rucas's younger sister, Zira Hylia the Eevee. She is so cute, isn't she? She is also protagonist of this story. Also, Zira's title is The Purity Cleric. Now we have eight protagonists already...[/SIZE]
  12. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 31: The Decision[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... The land of Symmetria was fallen into the chaos... Pokémon from unknown origin started invading the land of Symmetria. They robbed the village, killed the innocent and destroyed the home of us..." Zira explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Terrible!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I was trying to help the villagers when they noticed me. Then they tried to kill me. I have no choice but to run as fast as possible..." Zira explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Do you have any more detail about those Pokémon? Are they the bandit or The Phantom Storm?" Rucas asked. Also Garland was already dead, Rucas is sure that the rest of The Phantom Storm still exists...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No... The Phantom Storm disappeared at the same time you defeated their leader as you told me. Sadly, I know nothing more than the thing I told you..." Zira answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia turned her attention to Rucas. "Rucas, what should we do?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The answer is clear, Anastasia. It's time for me to return to the land of Symmetria. Although I also possess the blood of demons, I couldn't let the injustice go any further! I must at least defeat them!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...With ONLY you?" Fenrir asked with a voice that shows sarcasm toward Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What does it mean?!" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I thought you knew the answer. Symmetria has NOTHING to do with us the Pokémon of the Lunar Island." Fenrir looked at Rucas with her crafty face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir! Didn't you care for the Pokémon on Symmetria?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry, dear Anastasia. Pokémon of the Lunar Island suffered so much from the hatred of the Pokémon in Symmetria. They decided to keep their vengeance within their mind and escape there, to this lonely island. So I couldn't allow myself to help the land of Symmetria." Fenrir crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir! Why you?!" Rucas roared and showed his fist, but Fenrir pointed her scythe at Rucas. "I have nothing with the land of Symmetria. Remember this, Hero of Justice." Fenrir's hostile action stopped Rucas from doing anything further.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, didn't you care for the dark type Pokémon that is still in the land of Symmetria?" Zira asked. Her question made Fenrir laughed. "Don't be silly, The Purity Cleric, no dark type Pokémon lived in the land of Symmetria now!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Except if..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "If what?" Fenrir looked at Zira. She couldn't grasp what Zira is thinking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, what about me?" Zira looked at Fenrir with her determined eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You? What are you going to do?" Fenrir asked with a voice that shows the sarcasm toward Zira.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira said nothing and closed her eyes. Suddenly, her body glowed bright and a blue light covered her body! Rucas, Fenrir and Anastasia gasped, because Zira is evolving![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After the light disappeared, Zira the Eevee was no more there. Instead, the Pokémon that stood in front of everyone is a dark-type Eeveelution named Umbreon![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Z...Zira?!" Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira the Umbreon turned her attention to Fenrir. "Fenrir, now I am a dark type Pokémon, just like you. I am the dark type Pokémon, but I still wish to help the land of Symmetria. So please, help us!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir said nothing. She was amazed by the decision of the young Eevee. As she knows, no Eevee that lived on Symmetria is willing to evolve into an Umbreon. Maybe...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...I was too pessimist...' Fenrir thought to herself before turning her attention to the Umbreon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You won, The Purity Cleric."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "YAY!!!!" Zira jumped in joy before her body started glowing bright again. And a while after that, Zira returned into an Eevee!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WHAT?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Not only Fenrir, but Anastasia and Rucas also got shocked by Zira's action. She evolved into an Umbreon and then returned into an Eevee?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! I know what you are thinking! This was my special ability! I could evolve into the Eeveelution and then returned into an Eevee as I will!" Zira explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Z...Zira! I have never known that you possessed such a power like this!" Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It was because I discovered my special ability just a couple months ago when I found that I could evolve into an Espeon! And I am also able to devolve into an Eevee!" Zira explained[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, you can evolve into an Espeon too?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes! I can evolve into multiple Eeveelution!" Zira said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool! And not counting the Espeon and the Umbreon, what are the other Eeveelution you can evolve to?" Anastasia asked, but Zira shook her head no. "I am sorry... For now, I can only evolve into Espeon and Umbreon. I guess that I need to train harder in order to evolve into other Eeveelution."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira... You have grown strong..." Rucas complimented his sister.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right, Senpai!" Zira shows a smile to everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I have never known that something like this also existed on this world... The story of the living creature's existence is not fathomable..." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, then, will you help us?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I already answered your question, little Eevee. I said it already, and I am not a Pokémon that will break the promise easily." Fenrir answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "YAY! Thank you, Fenrir!" Zira and Anastasia said and hugged Fenrir. (Which made both Fenrir and Zira covered in slimy goo.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Alright, let's return to the Lunar Village! We have so many things to do before we left our village!" Anastasia said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... You three go first. I still have something to do." Fenrir spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Okay! Then I will take Zira on a tour around the village." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too!" Anastasia said.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After finishing the conversation, Rucas, Anastasia and Zira walked back to the Lunar Village while Fenrir stayed at the Newmoon Temple. After she was sure that her friends had gone back to the village already, she started walking into the Lunar Wasteland. Her destination is the cursed Skeleton Wood...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas's Point of View[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas took Zira around the Lunar Village and acted like a guide for her. All dark type Pokémon at first seemed to become scared when they saw Zira, but after Zira evolved into an Umbreon, everyone started to get more comfortable around her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This village is so lovely!" Zira said while she, Rucas and Anastasia walked around the village.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... You are right, Zira. This village reminded me so much of the Solar Village..." Rucas thought of the village that he used to live before his adventure started.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Solar and Lunar... Both sounded like they are bound to each other, right?" Zira asked. Rucas answered nothing, but smile before he remembered something.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira, during our adventure in the Symmetria, I want you to stay as close as possible to me. I don't want you to be hurtled." Rucas commanded his sister.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course! But let me help you too, Senpai. I can use my Amber Staff to fight and heal the wound too!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira showed her weapon to her Senpai. It is a staff that made from a beautiful but sturdy wood of an unknown origin. The tip of the staff is an amber-colored crystal. The amber crystal glowed faintly when Rucas looked at it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... My weapon... It couldn't deal much damage due to its fragileness and my poor strength, but for some reason, I can use this to heal any wound except the mental wound! It was very useful!" Zira told Rucas and Anastasia the detail of her weapon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! Your weapon is so cool! But how could it heal the wound?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I... I don't know. But some Pokémon said that the wood that was made into this staff is the wood from the tree of Yggdrasil." Zira answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yggdrasil..." Rucas mumbled. During his adventure, the tree of Yggdrasil was relevant to his adventure very much. The legend said that the tree of Yggdrasil is actually the sleeping form of the goddess of life. That's why Zira's Amber Staff could heal the wound. Maybe someday, he will be able to meet the 'Goddess of Life' himself...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, both you and your sister are very powerful! I wish I could be as powerful as you..." Anastasia spoke. Her word reminded Rucas of their adventure. During their adventure, Anastasia rarely fight. Mostly, Rucas will tell her to hide behind him, making Anastasia much weaker than Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus, Leonel and him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's go back to Fenrir's house.... WAH!!" Anastasia was about to walk back to Fenrir's house when she realized something.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My Wyvern Sword is missing! I forgot it at the Newmoon Temple!" Anastasia answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sig..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, I will go back to the Newmoon Temple and retrieve it. If Fenrir come back, tell her where I go." Anastasia said and left the Lunar Village.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira, let's go to Fenrir's house." Rucas spoke after Anastasia has already gone.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Okay, Senpai." Zira spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Fenrir's point of view[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir walked alone into the Skeleton Wood. She found her way to the area where she always go. After she reached it, the mysterious figure that she always come to meet appeared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Master of Mercy? I thought that this is not the time for you to come and meet me..." The mysterious figure mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Unless I have a VERY important thing to tell you..." Fenrir answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Does it have anything to do with her? Is she alright..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... She is fine... Now she is still in the Lunar Village...But soon, she will leave this island again..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir's word seemed to cause a great impact on the mysterious figure. It roared out and looked at Fenrir again. "What is she thinking of doing something like this?! And why didn't you stop her?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Trust me, I tried. But there was an Eevee... She was the younger sister to the Hero of Justice... She came from the northern land and brought us the bad news about the northern land. Her word convinced Rucas and Anastasia to wish to go back to the northern land..." Fenrir explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... They truly shared the same bloodline... Both of them are such a worthless and good-for-nothing Pokémon... If I could, I will leave this place and murder them now!" The mysterious figure roared and showed its claw.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... That Eevee's heart is strong, even stronger than her brother's... Her word also... succeeded in... convince me..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Then you will also turn your back against me too?!" The mysterious figure looked at Fenrir with the blood-hungry face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Listen to me first... I have no choice to do this... And... If I go with them, I will be able to take care of her so you will have no need to worry about her..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Hm... You are truly the Master of Mercy, Fenrir. Your heart and soul are pure despite of your body..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Thank you for your compliment. But... for you..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Me? What?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... You couldn't hide yourself anymore... I think it's time for you to leave this place..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Someday, she will discover the truth. And you... You are the only one left on this land that shared the connection with her..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Although you said that, she and I still shared no connection via the blood..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... At least... You should go to the sacred Newmoon Temple... Maybe that place will give you the answer..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Alright... I trust you... Thank you, Master of Mercy."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]The mysterious figure started walking until it faded away. Fenrir guessed that it have left this Skeleton Wood and went to the Newmoon Temple as she told already. So she decided to go back to the Lunar Village.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]After she reached the village of darkness, Fenrir went back to her house, where Rucas and Zira waited. Strangely, Anastasia wasn't here...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Where is Anastasia?"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir asked when she entered her house.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Anastasia? She said that she forgot her weapon at the Newmoon Temple so..." Rucas explained, but Fenrir interrupted his speak. "What?! She went back to the Newmoon Temple?!" "Right... Wait, Fenrir?! Where are you going?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Rucas called the name of the Zoroark when Fenrir quickly ran out of her house after she heard the confirmation of Anastasia's location.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Anastasia?! She is going to the Newmoon Temple?! That's terrible! I must stop her!"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir mumbled while she is running back to the Newmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]In this chapter, we learned that Zira's weapon is the Amber Staff. And other than that, Rucas, Zira, Anastasia and Fenrir are about to go to back to the Symmetria. The second arch of their adventure is about to start...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Fenrir met up with the mysterious figure again... It seemed to share the connection with Anastasia... Fenrir told it to go to the Newmoon Temple, and Anastasia is going to the Newmoon Temple too... I can sense that something terrible will happen soon...[/SIZE]
  13. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 32: Misfortune[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia was walking alone in the Lunar Wasteland. She was going to the Newmoon Temple to retrieve her weapon, the Wyvern Sword.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Ah... Finally...' Anastasia thought to herself after she reached the Newmoon Temple. She sprinted her step in order to reach the temple faster...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] However...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia stopped running when she realized that there is another Pokémon stands in front of the Newmoon Temple. He is a male Pokémon. His body is covered in black armor. Anastasia couldn't see his face because he is turning his back to her, and he is wearing a strange object covered his head, but Anastasia could tell that he is a Shiny Haxorus, the dragon type Pokémon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He stared at something in front of him before picked it. "... This sword? She forgot it here?" He mumbled. He was holding the Wyvern Sword.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia was scared. She had never seen him before. She didn't know if he is her enemy or her friend. But he seemed to know her. Anastasia gathered her courage and stepped forward.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Um... Excuse me?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia's voice acted like a thousand needles that pierced through the blood and flesh of the Shiny Haxorus. He immediately dropped the Wyvern Sword.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank you for picking me sword!" Anastasia walked up to the Shiny Haxorus, but just a few distant before she reached him, he turned his face to Anastasia and then jumped away from Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Now Anastasia could see his face clearer. He is taller than her. Its height is about 1.8 meters. The back of his body is covered with a black armor. His belly is black as well as its arms and legs. He has three red claws at each paw and foot. Anastasia couldn't see the face of him clearly because he is wearing a skull to cover his face, but his eyes are as red as the twilight sky. The skull that he is wearing looks just like an ordinary skull, except that skull has two tusks at each side of the 'cheek' of the skull. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You are... a dragon type Pokémon..." Anastasia said softly.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." The Shiny Haxorus said nothing and turned back. It was about to walk away when Anastasia called it back.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait! I have never seen you before? What are you doing here?" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Shiny Haxorus turned back. "... Go away, Anastasia, or I will kill you and devour your blood and flesh." The Shiny Haxorus spoke without looking at Anastasia's eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait, who are you?!" Anastasia asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am the monster that lived in the Skeleton Wood in the middle of the Lunar Wasteland!!" The Shiny Haxorus roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia was paralyzed by fear. She couldn't even run away from the Shiny Haxorus in front of her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Now run! If you don't run, I will make sure that you will never have a chance to run again!" The Shiny Haxorus roared and raised its claw.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia was very scared, but she was sure that in the moment that the Shiny Haxorus raised its claw, a clear water was flowing out of his eyes. He was crying?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You were crying?" Anastasia spoke without knowing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Her word stopped the action of the Shiny Haxorus. He slowly walked back before it ran away from Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Just a minute after the Shiny Haxorus ran away, Anastasia heard someone calling her name.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Another Pokémon appeared. This time, it was the Pokémon that she knew.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir!" Anastasia called the name of the Master of Mercy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! Fenrir! Thank! You are safe!" Fenrir quickly ran up to Anastasia and embraced her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir... A while ago, there was a Pokémon..." Anastasia was about to tell Fenrir what happened when Fenrir started speaking. "I know! The monster from the Skeleton Wood came here! You are so lucky that it didn't kill you!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia, please do not come here alone again... The next time, you will not be lucky like this time..." Fenrir warned.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Alright, I promise."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank! Let's go back! Everyone is worried about you."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia grabbed her Wyvern Sword that the Shiny Haxorus dropped and followed Fenrir back to the Lunar Village. During the way, there were many questions that ran into Anastasia's head.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]'Who is that Shiny Haxorus?'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Is he really the monster?'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Why did he cry?'[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] 'And Fenrir... What was her strange reaction?'[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The night passed quickly, as fast as the incoming morning. (Despite the sky was still veiled in the twilight.) This new day is the day that Fenrir will leave her village again. She always hopes that the morning will never come, but she couldn't do anything about it or the god of time will punish her...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, we are going soon."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Anastasia's voice stopped Fenrir's train of thought. She turned her attention to Anastasia who was preparing her stuff.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, what are you feeling now? You don't look so...well..." Anastasia noticed that Fenrir seemed to be restless for some reason.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Nothing."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir answered. She discarded her thought away and continued preparing her stuff. For some reason, Fenrir's inner sense told her that this will be a very long and hard adventure for her... Maybe... This will be the last time she will ever see her village...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir and Anastasia left their room. (Fenrir shared her room with Anastasia while Rucas shared the room with Zira.) Rucas and Zira were already ready.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's go, everyone!" Zira cheered everyone up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir and her friends left Fenrir's house. Everyone in the Lunar Village came and said good bye to Fenrir and her friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We will miss you. Take care." Noctis spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]"Thank you."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir answered before she left her village.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...So... How could we go back to Symmetria?"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir's question stopped everyone from proceed further. They were walking through the Lunar Wasteland when Fenrir asked a question.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, you are the one who must answer this question, not us." Rucas replied.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Normally, there is a pier on the other side of the Lunar Wasteland that will set sailed to the Bluewave Harbor in Symmetria, but this is Autumn, the season that the wave grew harsh in Symmetria, so the ship stopped running..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! How could you not tell us sooner?!" Rucas scolded.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...You didn't ask me first."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"You should tell us, not to wait for us to ask!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Please, stop fighting!" Anastasia stopped Rucas and Fenrir before they started fighting with each other.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, Fenrir, you should cooperate together in solving the problem, not to fight!" Zira looked at Rucas and Fenrir. Looking at her reminded Fenrir of something.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Wait... I knew it!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Know what?" Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]"Come with me. We will go to the Newmoon Temple!"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir started walking to the Newmoon Temple. Everyone followed her.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After they reached the Newmoon Temple, Fenrir took everyone into the temple. Inside the temple is a large, black room that nothing stood except an altar...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"How could I forget this..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir walked up to the altar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What is it?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Fullmoon and Newmoon... They are opposite to each other... But they need other to be existed... If one of them ceases to exist, the other will share the same fate..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fullmoon and Newmoon? Wait..." Rucas thought. He seemed to recall something...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes. Not only the Fullmoon and Newmoon, but also the sun and the moon too..." Fenrir looked at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas opened the map of Symmetria and showed it to everyone. He marked the location of the Lunar Island. (It also be shown on the map.) And he then marked the location of the Solar Village.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I can remember it clearly... Near the Solar Village, there was a sacred temple of the village... That temple's name is Fullmoon Temple..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Fullmoon and Newmoon are connected to each other. It has the small path that linked between the Fullmoon Temple and the Newmoon Temple..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, there is a way to travel between Symmetria and Lunar Island via the temples?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "With Fenrir of Lunar Village and I, Rucas of the Solar Village. We may be able to open the portal." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas walked up to the altar. He stood at the right side of the altar while Fenrir stood at the left side of the altar.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... What to do next, Fenrir?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"... Let's combine our power..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir mumbled and held her paws above the altar. Rucas then reached his paws to the altar and touched Fenrir's paw...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] However...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] He was there...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He was in a village, full with Pokémon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Most Pokémon in this village... were death...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Their bodies were covered with crimson blood. Their arms and legs were torn apart from their body...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Who did this?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] None other than...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Him...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] He was standing in the middle of the village, holding the dead body of a small Pokémon in his hand...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] He raised the soulless body into the sky before letting out a roar![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir! Wake up!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The voice echoed into Fenrir's head, woke her up from the slumber...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...What happened?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir looked around. She was laid beside the altar of the Newmoon Temple. There is a warp portal appeared beside the altar too, and Rucas, Zira and Anastasia are looking at her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Oh! Fenrir[/SIZE] [SIZE=16pt]Thank! You fell unconscious when you and Rucas opened the portal!" Anastasia explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir thought back. She did fall unconscious. She remembered that she also had a strange dream.... [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]"N...No..." [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Fenrir mumbled and shook her head, trying to forget the remember that had just flown into her head.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir, are you alright?" Rucas asked and offered her his paw, but Fenrir shirked Rucas's paw away. [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]"I... I am fine... Please don't get near me for a while..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "O...Okay." Rucas became surprised by Fenrir's strange action, so he decided to follow her command.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir stood up and looked at the portal and had just appeared. "So... Let's go." Zira spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right!" Rucas and Anastasia spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas jumped into the portal first, followed by Zira. Fenrir became hesitant for a while before she followed Zira into the portal, and Anastasia followed Fenrir...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir woke up again. Now she is in the temple, but the atmosphere seemed significantly different from the Newmoon Temple. This is not the Newmoon Temple. This is the Fullmoon Temple...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]'...Here we came again...' [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Fenrir thought and stood up and found that Rucas and Zira were laid beside her. They were still unconscious. Fenrir decided to wake both of them up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This! This must be the Fullmoon Temple!" Rucas spoke after he regained his consciousness.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It means that we finally come back to Symmetria!" Zira said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We have no time to waste! Let's go!" Rucas spoke and about to walk to the entrance of the Fullmoon Temple when Fenrir called him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Hold on..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir looked around the Fullmoon Temple. The Pokémon inside the temple are Rucas, Zira and her... Just only three? And...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...Where is Anastasia?"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Anastasia finally met up the 'Monster' of the Skeleton Wood... Now we know that the monster is a Shiny Haxorus. He showed a strange action when he met Anastasia. What connection he shared with Anastasia?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] And everyone finally came back to Symmetria... Well... Except Anastasia... Where is she?[/SIZE]
  14. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 33: The Mark of Sin[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir was right. Anastasia wasn't here. Only Rucas, Zira and Fenrir that are in this place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Anastasia!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia! Where are you?!" Zira spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "ANASTASIA!" Fenrir roared, but Anastasia didn't even show up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it..." Rucas swore.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We must go back to the Newmoon Temple at once!" Fenrir quickly walked up to the altar, but Rucas shook his head no.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Unfortunately, the portal that linked between the Fullmoon Temple and the Newmoon Temple could only be used once during the period between the Fullmoon and the Newmoon. You must wait for the moon to reach its Fullmoon or Newmoon state in order to open the portal."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And... It will take several days in order to reach the next Newmoon..." Zira said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it!" Fenrir swore and punched the altar of the Fullmoon Temple, but the portal didn't even appear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Fenrir... I know that this is unbearable... I am also worried about her too... But she should be fine... Maybe she was left at the Newmoon Temple..." Zira tried to calm Fenrir down.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Fenrir said nothing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Anastasia will be alright... I am sure of it... Now, the option we have is to keep forward..." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir nodded and stood up. She looked and Rucas and Zira with the strong eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Where should we go first?"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "We should visit the Solar Village first. Maybe someone there will have useful information for us." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas, Zira and Fenrir left the Fullmoon Temple. They immediately went to the Solar Village, which is located next to the Fullmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Oh... My...Arceus..." Rucas gasped when he reached the Solar Village. Because Solar Village now is completely different than before![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The peaceful village in the past became the more-advanced village in the present. There are several shops that sell berry or other stuffs in this village. And the number of the villagers in this village had increased drastically![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Solar Village... It completely changed... Within the time of four months..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... You are right... The first time I came to Symmetria, Solar Village is like the Lunar Village with the normal time-based system. But this looked just like a small city or town..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, then, what will you do now?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I think I will go to visit my master who is resided in the Solar Village's dojo." Rucas spoke, but Fenrir shook her head no. "... The Master of Justice had finally come back to the village with the what-you-call-sin dark type Pokémon..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir's words stopped Rucas. "Fenrir, you are too pessimistic. The Pokémon in the Solar Village are nice!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Time passed... Everything changed... Even the small town changed itself within the length of four months, what about its Pokémon? I knew that changing one's nature is not easy, but with the brand new Solar Village, the Pokémon from other places, not knowing what is their true nature, will more likely to move into this place..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas crossed his arms. Fenrir is right. He couldn't grasp what Pokémon in the now Solar Village is thinking. And plus, the group of Pokémon that attacked Zira may reside in this place too.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai..." Zira looked at Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Doesn't there any place that we could go?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas closed his eyes and tried to recall his adventure in Symmetria four months ago. A few seconds later, the memory of his four friends appeared. Not too far and not vague.... Very clear and bright...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I know! They should be able to help us!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Who?" Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus and Leonel. They were my friends that travelled with me four months ago. They are good friends. I am sure that they will be able to help us and maybe... they may rejoin our team and help us to protect Symmetria once more!" Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! That's right!" Zira spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Then, where are they?" Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas opened the map of Symmetria again. He marked four locations on the map. They are Greenleaf Forest, Yelspark Plain, Bluewave Island and Redflame Volcano. "I think they are staying at their own places."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "According to the map, the Redflame Volcano is very far from Solar Village. And in order to go to it, we need to take a train from STP, which is a very crowded place... So I think we should go to other places first..." Zira looked at the map.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... And there is no need for you all to travel to the sacred soil in order to meet me..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A mature and fiery voice could be heard by Fenrir and her friends. Then they realized that there is someone standing in front of them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] That Pokémon is a male Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. The thing that makes him different than other Charizard is that he does not wear a shirt. He only wears a Redflame tribal loincloth, a necklace that made from stones, gems and bones. The most outstanding things are his colored tattoos that were painted around his body. He is wielding a spear that glows red. Rucas took some times to recognize his friends.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "L...Leonel?!" Rucas finally be able to gather his memory.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The fate brought us to meet each other again, Hero of Justice." Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, is this Charizard your...friend?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel turned his attention to Zira and Fenrir. "My name is Leonel Novaflare the Charizard, the Volcano Guardian. It is my honor to meet you."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Nice to meet you, Leonel! My name is Zira Hylia the Eevee! I am the younger sister of Senpai Rucas!" Zira introduced herself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai? I have no knowledge to understand this word..." Leonel mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It is the way Zira called her brother..."[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir answered. Her answer turned the attention of the Volcano Guardian to her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? A dark type Pokémon? Rarely to see one..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"...I don't understand the thought of the Symmetria's living creature. The Pokémon is the living creature that was created by the god. The god wished for us to stay together in peace. And yet the Pokémon expressed the hatred toward the dark type. Blasphemy." Leonel mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You don't hate the dark type Pokémon?" Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have no reason for hating your type, Zoroark." Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Thank... My name is Fenrir Illunight the Zoroark." Fenrir introduced herself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel turned his attention back to Rucas. "Hero of Justice, four months ago, during the festival of summer in the Ancient Capital, you and Anastasia disappeared mysteriously. We tried to find you, but we failed. In the end, we assumed that you and Anastasia had left to deal with the injustice already, so my comrades and I decided to go back to our realm."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And you finally evolve?" Rucas said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right. Four months seemed like four years. It was... very sudden."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"What does it mean?"[/SIZE][SIZE=16pt] Fenrir didn't understand Leonel's word.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Four years ago, I was just a Charmeleon. I always dream of evolving in order to protect the sacred soil from evil. But once I evolved, my life completely changed..." Leonel's voice sounded sad.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Change?"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel looked around himself. "...This is not a good place to talk. Let's go to the place that has less Pokémon than this."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "... Both of us have a story to tell, right?" Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas, Zira, Fenrir and Leonel are at the entrance of the Fullmoon Temple. For some reason, Pokémon doesn't usually come to this place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel continued the conversation. "First, I will tell mine. After I came back to Redflame Town, I continued my duty as the Volcano Guardian and the descendant of the legendary blacksmith. And my gratitude went to my hard work, I evolved into a Charizard sometimes later. That's the start of my greatest change in my life."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What is the 'change' that you kept talking about?" Fenrir crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Look at my pair of wings."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel turned his side to everyone, enabled everyone to see his wings clearly. But his wings are...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What happened to your wings? They seemed like they were...broke?" Fenrir spoke after she looked at wings of the Volcano Guardian.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The mark of sin. It seemed like my ancestor somehow did something to their wings, result in they couldn't fly. Making their wings unable to fly was the crime against the god of volcano, and their sin will still exist. Their sin will be concealed within the blood of their descendant. And if their descendant's heart and soul were not pure enough, the mark of sin shall appear again." Leonel explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!" Rucas and Zira suddenly cried out.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My wings broke after I evolved. That means that my heart and soul are not pure enough to be the guardian of the sacred soil. And in order to stop my sin to plague the sacred soil, I have to leave my homeland behind..." Leonel continued explaining.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You left your homeland just because your wings broke? That's not very smart..." Fenrir spoke in a sarcasm-toned voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel turned his attention to Fenrir. "That's the way of the Redflame Realm. I have no regret in the thing that I must do. I decided to come to the Fullmoon Temple in the hope to clean the mark of sin from my blood. And this destined my path to cross with your path..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir approached to Leonel's wings. His wings seemed like it could be use neither fly nor glide.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Such a terrible fate you have met, the Volcano Guardian..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: I know this chapter is boring since most of them are the conversation. But in this chapter, we met Leonel again. And he evolved into a Charizard! Moreover, he rejoined our team! Now we have Rucas, Fenrir, Zira and Leonel on our team. The next to do is to meet the rest protagonists that appeared in Rucas's Tale. (Well, except Anastasia. She is now disappearing. Don't worry. You will meet her again.)[/SIZE]
  15. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 34: Guiding Melody[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finishing his story, Leonel listened to what happened to Rucas after the night of Summer Festival in the Venturnome Town. Leonel listened carefully.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... It seemed like you also possess the mark of sin too, Hero of Justice." Leonel opened the conversation after Rucas finished his story. His word made everyone became silent.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira decided to break the silence. "Leonel, do you know anything about the group of Pokémon that attacked the town and made Symmetria fell into the chaos?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... As the resident of the sacred soil, my knowledge couldn't be a help for you very much... Except..." Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Except what?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel pointed his spear at the northwest direction from the Fullmoon Temple. "The Pokémon whom claimed themselves as the Law Guardian came to my realm two months ago. They made a speech at the sacred soil to tell everyone that they need to come to the Civilized Capital as soon as possible..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Civilized Capital? You mean the Gamma City?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right. They said that there was some 'Change' at the Gamma City that will spread across the land of Symmetria. And they were spreading the 'Change' to the sacred soil of Redflame. You can guess this; no resident on the sacred soil of Redflame agreed to go to the civilized capital. I, too, did not agree in the 'Change' thing because it was very sudden, plus they did tell us nothing about the 'Change' thing." Leonel continued his tale.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Change? What kind of change?" Rucas thought before he remembered something. "I know! Look at the Solar Village! The village was completely changed!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, they wished to change the sacred soil of Redflame into the filthy civilized place? Blasphemy!" Leonel split a curse out.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir, however, shook her head no. "... I don't think so, Rucas, Leonel. If they wished to change the Redflame Realm, why do they want the resident from the Redflame Town to go to the Gamma City?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You have a point, Fenrir." Rucas said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir turned her face to Leonel. "What happened afterward at the Redflame Town?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Because no one agreed to go to the Civilized Capital, the Law Guardians told us that they will come back again a month later, and at that times, they wanted everyone to stay at the Redflame Town." Leonel continued his tale.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And then?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Leonel shook his head no. "I have no more clue for you. Because I left the sacred soil in the same times they came to the Redflame Town, so I don't know what happened to my town afterward."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas gathered the clue he had got. Everything was getting complicated. Zira told him that there was a group of Pokémon attacked the land of Symmetria, yet Leonel told the story of the 'Change' that will occur at the Redflame Town. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Actually, I have one more clue." Leonel spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "After the Law Guardians went back, I wrote a letter and sent it to the Pokémon that lived in the Civilized Capital that I could trust." Leonel said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Whom did you send the letter to?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My half-brother. Blazus evolved into a Blaziken three months before and he moved back to the Gamma city to continue his work. I didn't blame him because he promised me that he will cherish the god of volcano. However, his reply did not answer my question. His reply was only told me that he was fine and he still continued his work as the musician..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Strange..." Rucas started thinking. It seemed that the strange thing is occurring in the Gamma City, and maybe the group of Pokémon that attacked Symmetria has something relevant to the Civilized Capital too. He wished to go to the Civilized Capital now. But first, he needed to gather more clues. And in order to do that, he needed to find the friends he could trust...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira turned her attention to Rucas. "Senpai, what should we do next?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked at Leonel. "Leonel, could you lend me the hand once again?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...If I go with you, something terrible will happen. I have to avoid meeting Pokémon." Leonel's answer shocked everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Why do you have to avoid meeting Pokémon?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have the mark of sin. I don't want it to spread the evilness to others." Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No! Leonel, you are not evil! Your heart and soul are good!" Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... You decided to leave the village in order to protect them. Is this enough to prove the purity of your heart and soul?" Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel stopped to think for a while before a smile appeared on his face. "A dark type Pokémon sure to have a gut. I like you, Fenrir."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, will you help us?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Of course. The life of this bearer of the mark of sin will do anything to banish the evil from the world." Leonel's answer made the smile appeared on everyone's face.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Funny... A group of sin is to save the world..." Fenrir mumbled. Her word attracted the attention from everyone.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sin?!" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas has his feral beast form as his sin. Leonel's broken wings served as his sin. And I, the dark type Pokémon, was called sin by the Pokémon of Symmetria. We are the group of sin, aren't we?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What about me?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I don't know. The story of the living creature's existence is not fathomable. Maybe you are hiding your sin from the world..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Fenrir!!!!!" Rucas scolded Fenrir.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Just kidding." Fenrir laughed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Speak of group. Rucas, where is Anastasia? She went to the Lunar Village with you, wasn't she?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's face turned sad. "...During the way to the Fullmoon Temple. Due to the accident, Anastasia didn't come with us. I think that she was left at the Newmoon Temple."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That's bad. I hope that she is alright. May the god of volcano protect her from any harm..." Leonel prayed for Anastasia.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Um... Leonel, could I ask you some 'trivia' question?" Zira spoke. Her voice was shaking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What is it, the Purity Cleric?" Leonel stopped praying and asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Um... Your cloth... Is it too... 'open'.... for you to wear only a loincloth and a necklace? And... Your color tattoos..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "They are the symbol of the ancient tribe of Redflame. I do not feel guilty or terrible to have it. Actually, I felt very proud that I have them on my body. You didn't like it?" Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "N..No. Anyway, Senpai, what should we do next?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas picked the map of Symmetria and opened it. "Now Leonel has rejoined our team, I think we should visit Joshua, Ellisk and Magnus and ask them to rejoin our team."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir looked at the map of Symmetria. "Hm... Your friends... They are in the Greenleaf Forest, Yelspark Plain and the Bluewave Sea, right? I think we should avoid the crowded place first."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yelspark Plain is close to the Civilized Capital, Gamma City, and Greenleaf Forest is close to Venturnome Town, the Ancient Capital. So..." Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...Let's go to Bluewave Sea to meet Magnus first." Rucas said.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends decided to camp at the entrance of the Fullmoon Temple because they didn't want to go into the Solar Village as well as Fenrir who hates to go to the crowded place. In the next morning, Rucas and his friends gathered their stuff and about to leave for an adventure when Rucas suddenly heard the voice whispered into his minds.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The melody... will guide you..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas closed his eyes and used his aura ability. He could sense a wave of aura is guiding him back into the Fullmoon Temple. He wasted no time and ran into the Fullmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] When he entered the Fullmoon Temple, the wave of aura guided him to the Stone Tablet located behind the altar of the Fullmoon Temple. That made Rucas confused. He remembered that there was no Stone Tablet like this here yesterday...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The melody...will guide you...depend on the blood of legend..."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The wave of aura faded away after the voice whispered into the mind of the Hero of Justice. Rucas opened his eyes and examined the Stone Tablet. There were several melodies written down on the Stone Tablet. Rucas took out his Temporal Ocarina, closed his eyes and started playing the melodies...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...Rucas?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas opened his eyes and became shocked when he found that he is standing outside of the Fullmoon Temple. Everyone else is standing in front of him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! But I..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You went into the Fullmoon Temple without telling us, and a minute later you suddenly appeared here..." Fenrir crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked at his Temporal Ocarina. "I heard the voice whispered into my mind that told me to go into the Fullmoon Temple. Then it guided me to the Stone Tablet that has a song written on it. I played that song and then I appeared here."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...It must be the Guiding Melody." Leonel spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Guiding Melody?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It was the ancient song that can be used to travel around the realm. When someone played it, they and the friends beside them will get warped to the different location depend on the desire of the player." Leonel explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... My thought was focused on the Solar Village, so I warped back to this place." Rucas understood.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, we could play it and be warped to any place?!" Zira asked, but Leonel shook his head no. "No. Only place that we could be warped to are the 'Sacred Place' of each environment such as Fullmoon Temple and the Lake of Yggdrasil. Also, this song couldn't be used in some certain places such as the dungeons."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wah..." Zira spoke in the voice of disappointment.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I have an idea. I thought that maybe I should visit the sacred Volcano Lake of the Redflame Volcano." Leonel said and picked something from his bag. It is a...electric guitar?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel... Is that electric guitar...yours?" Rucas asked with an unbelievable voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You may question why someone who served the god of volcano possesses something like this. This is the keepsake of my father..." Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Your father?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right. After he died, he passed down this Nova Guitar to me. Since it was my father's, Blazus had no right to use it. The only one that could use it rightfully is me."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked at Leonel's instrument, the Nova Guitar. The Nova Guitar was decorated with the red and orange-toned color. Just looking at it felt a hot and burning passion running through the vein.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wow! You have an instrument too! Mine is a Spatial Harp. Senpai's is a Temporal Ocarina. And Fenrir's is a Nocturne Violin!" Zira spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... A group of sin that shared the same destination, weapon with a similar name as well as the instrument with the similar name... This is not the coincident, is it?" Fenrir mumbled in a sarcastic voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel picked his Nova Guitar and started playing the Guiding Melody. After he finished playing the song, everyone found that they were warped to the hot spring near the volcano.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai, where are we?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This must be the Volcano Lake of the Redflame Volcano." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah... The sacred soil... To think that I will have a change to come back again... A thousand thank to the god of volcano..." Leonel started praying for the god of volcano.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel, didn't you go back to visit your hometown?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel stopped praying. "... I wanted to. But I couldn't. An important task is waiting for me. Plus the mark of sin still with me..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I understand that. Let's go back to the Fullmoon Temple, Rucas." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas picked his Temporal Ocarina and about to play the Guiding Melody when he heard the voice of his younger sister.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas turned his attention to his younger sister and became shocked. Because Zira the Eevee is no more here, only Zira the Flareon is here!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira?! You evolved again?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yup! I stepped into the lake and then I evolved!" Zira spoke and changed back to her Eevee form.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How nice! Now you can change into three Eeveelution!" Rucas said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Eeveelution of flame... It was the gift from the god of volcano to you, Zira." Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Fenrir looked at the Volcano Lake and looked at Zira.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Come on! Let's go back! Magnus and others are waiting for us!" Rucas said and played the Guiding Melody, result in everyone got warped back to the Fullmoon Temple.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: I am sorry if chapter around here are boring. Rucas needs to re-recruit his friends first before he continues his adventure. I think there will be three or four more chapters about Rucas re-recruit his friends. And after that, I will write the story of the fifth dungeon.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends learned the Guiding Melody! Now they can travel to the place their blood is related! And Leonel's instrument is revealed to be a Nova Guitar. Such a strange choice for the Volcano Guardian And Zira gained the new Eeveelution, Flareon! That's a nice gift for her.[/SIZE]
  16. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 35: Whirlpool and Mushroom[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas, Zira, Fenrir and Leonel continued their adventure. This time, they walked from the Solar Village to the Bluewave Sea because it is not too far from the Solar Village. According to the map of Symmetria, there is a small coastal that linked Solar Village and the Bluewave Harbor. This route is very convenient because everyone can travel between two places without passing the vast desert that located between Symmetria Field and Bluewave Sea.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Along the way to the Bluewave Sea, Fenrir remembered that if the Guiding Melody will take everyone to the sacred place that they had visited, then if she played it, everyone could be warped back to the Newmoon Temple and rescued Anastasia from that place. She tried once, but when she went back to the Lunar Village, Anastasia was nowhere to be found...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Anastasia... Where are you?" Fenrir thought.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Not knowing where Anastasia is, Fenrir and everyone decided to keep moving to the Bluewave Sea in the hope that she will reunite with everyone again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] However, the road to the Bluewave Sea is not easy. As there are many bandits along the way. According to the villagers that lived along the way to the Bluewave Sea, those bandits and several Pokémon that attacked the villages around Symmetria and threw Symmetria into the chaos are the members of the renewed Phantom Storm...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Phantom Storm is back?!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Although the Mad Demon had been already dead, the Phantom Storm still existed. Rucas wanted to deal with them as soon as possible, but Fenrir still say that they need more friends, so they continues their adventure to the Bluewave Sea once again...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Phantom Storm... One day, I will banish you..." Rucas made an oath.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] It took Fenrir and her friends several days to finally reach the Bluewave Sea. Fenrir and Leonel decided to stay outside the Bluewave Harbor while Rucas and Zira went into the Bluewave Harbor to buy the supplies and find Magnus.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked around the Bluewave Harbor. Somehow, this place seemed to be different than before. First, there are ten piers that the ship can park. The first times he came to this place, all piers were full with many ships from Venturnome City, Gamma City and foreign land, but now, some piers are empty while some piers are full with ships as well as many ships that is waiting for the piers. And the empty piers didn't seem like they were broken.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Moreover, in the town area, it seemed like the town had been divided into ten small areas. Some areas are full with beautiful decoration and wealthy merchant while some areas are full with dirty houses and poor pleasant.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas decided not to buy anything and went back to the cave where Fenrir and Leonel are waiting. Both of them are crafting a raft.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas explained the strange situation that occurred at the Bluewave Harbor. Fenrir turned her face away after Rucas finished his story while Leonel still had some question.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Did you find Magnus?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Um... We didn't walk around the town thoroughly, but we are sure that Senpai's friend is not there." Zira answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Neither Magnus nor Seablade is at the Bluewave Town because their appearance and dress are outstanding. We could notice them easily if they were at the Bluewave Town." Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "In that case... Leonel and I had been crafting the raft while you and Zira went to the Bluewave Harbor because Leonel suggested that your friend may be at the Bluewave Island..." Fenrir looked at the raft that she and Leonel crafted. The raft was made from wood and rope, but it seemed sturdy enough for Fenrir, Rucas, Zira and Leonel to board it.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, let's go to the Bluewave Island!" Rucas said.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The raft moved slowly and smoothly on the surface of the azure sea of Bluewave. Rucas and Fenrir were rowing the raft while Zira and Leonel sit in the middle of the raft because Zira was too weak to row the raft and Leonel had the type disadvantage against water type.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah... Such a bright day..." Rucas hummed a song while rowing the raft.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Fenrir looked at the Rucas and then she turned her attention to something not too far from the raft...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong, Fenrir?" Leonel looked at the same direction that Fenrir is looking and became panic because there is a big whirlpool in front of the raft!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It's whirlpool! Senpai! Quick!" Zira spoke in fear.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and Fenrir tried very hard in order to row the boat away from the whirlpool, but the whirlpool was slowly dragging the raft into itself![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'Damn it!' Rucas cursed.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] At last, the power of Pokémon lost to the power of nature...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The scorching sunlight pierced through the eyes of the Master of Mercy. The Zoroark slowly opened her eyes. She remembered that she and her friends were dragged into the whirlpool and she fell unconscious.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir looked around and found Leonel, Rucas and Zira. They were still unconscious. It seemed like the wave washed her to a beach. But this is not the beach near the Bluewave Harbor. It seemed like the beach on the island...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] '...Maybe this is the Bluewave Island...'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] For some reason, Fenrir felt very weak, but she endured her pain and woke her friends up. They acted in the same way she did.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This is... the Bluewave Island." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yay! At last! We did it!" Zira cheered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...My power... was drained..." Leonel mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You too?" [/SIZE][SIZE=16pt]Fenrir asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The whirlpool... It caused us serious damage. With this pain, I doubt we will survive if we run into any enemies..." Rucas crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Let's eat some berries..." Zira looked around and realized something. "Senpai! My bag was missing!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel, Rucas and Fenrir looked around and realized that their bags were missing too![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Damn it!" Rucas cursed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... At least our weapons are still with us..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel was right. Rucas's Crystal Knuckle, Zira's Amber Staff, Fenrir's Jasper Scythe and Leonel's Ruby Spear are still with their owner.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, let me heal you..." Zira was about to heal her comrade when the Hero of Justice protested her.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Don't do it, Zira! If you heal someone with your power, you will lose your own health!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, what should we do? We must eat something or else we will not survive!" Zira cried.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked around the beach. There is no berry tree anywhere around here. The only thing that they can use to replenish their health is...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas and his friends walked up to something on the ground near the stump. There are several mushrooms grew up there...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Senpai?! Don't tell me that you want us to eat this?!" Zira looked at the mushrooms with the disgusting sight. The mushrooms are red, pink, purple, dot. They seemed poisonous.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I protest against your idea, Hero of Justice." Leonel crossed his arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I, too, don't want to do it, but we have no choice. Those mushrooms are the only source of energy for us around here. If we don't eat it soon, we will be in the hard time..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas reached his hands at the mushroom and picked one. He looked at the mushroom and became hesitance for a second. He decided to push his hesitance away and put the mushroom into his mouth.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir, Zira and Leonel watched as Rucas slowly devoured the mushroom. After a second, Rucas swallowed the mushroom.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It's not too bad. Come on! Try this!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir, Leonel and Zira became hesitance, but since the mushroom didn't affect Rucas, they may be safe for them too...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The mushrooms were not so bad for them, but they replenished the health of everyone to full![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ah... My health has come back to its fullest again..." Leonel spoke before he felt strange. "Um....Yawn... Such a pleasant day..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After finished saying, Leonel lay down on the soft sand of the beach and fell into a deep sleep.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel! You shouldn't sleep here! You are such a...yawn...Lazyhead....yawn..." Zira yawned and followed Leonel into a deep slumber.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Leonel?! Zira?! What's wrong with you? Don't tell me that...yawn...The mushroom...got you....And it seemed like...yawn... it got me too...yawn."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas sit down near Zira and fell into a deep sleep, leaving only Fenrir that is still waking up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... As I thought... The mushrooms got them... Luckily, they will not work on me. But what should I do next?" Fenrir mumbled to herself before she remembered something. 'Wait, now they fell asleep, and I still wake up and be the only Pokémon around here... It's my chance!'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir approached Rucas's body. She placed her hand on Rucas's forehead.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] 'Heehee! Let's have some fun, Hero of Justice!'[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Open your eyes, sweety!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his head. He remembered that he ate the mushrooms and fell asleep.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Eww... Those mushrooms got me... Wait, where am I?!" Rucas realized that everything around him had become strange. First, everything around him is decorated in the pink-toned color. Something, such as the leaves on the tree is in the shape of heart![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! You know that if you are in love, everywhere around you will fill with pink and heart!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas turned his attention to the owner of the voice. The owner of the voice is not Zira, Leonel or Fenrir. She is a female Gardevoir! Rucas's pupil became wild. The nightmare that was haunting him had come back again...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria... You are alive?!" Rucas's voice became shaken.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! Sweety! I am alive of all time! Why did you say something like that? You want me to die?" The Gardevoir asked with a sweet voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No... This must be the dream... The mushroom... gave me the illusion!" Rucas knocked his head into the sand, but everything around him is still be the same as ever, includes the Gardevoir.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sweety... It seemed like you were having a nightmare... Now it was over!" Gardevoir walked up to Rucas and touched his forehead. Her action made Rucas's face become red. (Even more red than when Rucas is near Anastasia.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria... You are truly alive..." Rucas mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Sweety! I missed you so much! I missed your gentle voice and kind face so much!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But I... I did... I did k..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You are sure to have a nightmare! Forget it! Let's have some fun!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The Gardevoir named Maria started walking away from Rucas, into the pink forest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Wait! Maria! Don't leave me again!"Rucas quickly followed Maria.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! Let's play chase! The winner's prize is the loser!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WHAT?!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas ran into the pink forest, trying to follow Maria. And Maria quickly ran into the forest.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Huff...Huff..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas became exhausted after a long run. He could barely stand up. He tried to hide his weakness and walked until he reached the lake in the middle of the pink forest. The water in the lake is pink and bright like the gleaming pink crystal.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! Rucas! Let's play more!" Maria spoke. She is standing in front of the lake.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria... I am tired... I gave up..." Rucas said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Heehee! I won! Now it's time for me to claim the price!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Maria slowly approached Rucas. She sit down near Rucas.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria?! What will you do?!" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You lost! So you will be mine!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "WHAT?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Just stay still... I will make you feel a lot happier..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Before Rucas or Maria could do anything further, a loud roar can be heard by both of them![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "RRRR!!!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After the roar, the owner of the roar appeared. He is a huge Feraligatr. He is holding a body of two Pokémon in his paw.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zira?! Leonel?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] That's right. The Feraligatr is holding the unconscious body of Zira and Leonel in his paw. The Feraligatr roared and looked at Rucas and Maria with feral eyes.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "EEE!!!?" Maria screamed.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria! Stand back! I will deal with it!" Rucas put on his Crystal Knuckle, ready to battle the feral Feraligatr. The Feraligatr roared and lunged forward, but it didn't try to attack Rucas. Instead, it ran up to Maria and grabbed her with his claw![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "AH!!!!!" Maria screamed and tried to break free from the grip of Feraligatr.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Maria?! You! DIEEEEEE!!!!" Rucas roared and dashed forward to the Feraligatr, but the Feraligatr used something to knock Rucas, making Rucas fell unconscious...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Urrr... N...No...Maria..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Rucas and his friends ate the poisonous mushroom and fell asleep. And Rucas woke up and found the Gardevoir?! That's strange...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Also, if you had ever played Mother 3, this chapter is referred to the Tanetane Island in Chapter 7.[/SIZE]
  17. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 36: Rumor[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas's body was shaken by a strong force; making the young Lucario woke up from his slumber.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "W..What?! Earthquake?!" Rucas roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas! You finally woke up! Thank you are safe!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] A familiar voice could be heard by Rucas. Then he realized that someone is standing in front of him. That Pokémon is a big, tall, muscular and powerful crocodile-like Pokémon named Feraligatr. The Feraligatr wore a uniform that pirate usually wore. He also wore the pirate captain hat too. That Pokémon is the one he was finding, the Ocean Pirate, Magnus Aquamarine the Feraligatr.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "M...Magnus?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hi! Rucas! It had been a very long time since you left!" Magnus greeted.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked around himself. There is no pink forest or pink lake. Instead, he is in the Island Lake of the Bluewave Island.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I thought that the mushroom got you... You are lucky that the water in the lake of Yggdrasil's root has a power to cure you from the poison of the mushroom..." Magnus spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How could I come here? And where are the others?!" Rucas looked around and realized that Leonel, Zira and Fenrir are not too far from him. They are sitting near the lake.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "They are fine! Do not worry about them!" Magnus said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus, what happened?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... I went for a walk on the beach where I found the unconscious body of Leonel and that Eevee. I decided to take them with me. When I got back to this place, I found you with that Zoroark. I greet you, but you tried to attack me. At first, I thought that the Zoroark was about to harm you so I attacked her, but you still tried to fight me so I had to knock you out. After that, the Zoroark told me everything, include your story after you left the Venturnome Town and the strange thing that occurred around the land of Symmetria. Then I threw you, Leonel and the Eevee into the Island Lake. Leonel and Eevee woke up a while before you did. Leonel scolded me for throwing him into the lake, but it was fine."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'So... Everything... Maria... They were just the illusion...' Rucas thought to himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel, Zira and Fenrir walked up to Rucas and Magnus. Then Zira and Fenrir introduced themselves to Magnus.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So you were Rucas's younger sister and Anastasia's friend. I am Magnus Aquamarine the Feraligatr, the Ocean Pirate." Magnus introduced himself.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yup! It's nice to meet you, Senpai's friend!" Zira greeted.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Fenrir said nothing.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Zoroark, I was so sorry for trying to attack you. I thought you were trying to attack Rucas." Magnus apologized.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You ruined it..." [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?" Magnus looked at Fenrir, but Fenrir quickly changed the topic of the story.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Now Rucas, you had met with your friends, the Ocean Pirate, what will you do next?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus, do you know anything about the strange feeling at the Bluewave Harbor? I went there and found that the town was seemed to be divided into ten sections..." Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have never gone to the Bluewave Town after I left the Venturnome Town..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Why?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...This."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus showed his left arm to everyone. There is a strange mark appeared on his left arm. And that mark is identical to Leonel's mark of sin![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The mark of sin?! You have it too?!" Leonel spoke in an unbelievable voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...So Leonel, you have it too, right? I got it after I evolved. I think it appeared because of the sin for me because I am a pirate. So I decided that from that day on, I will live alone here as a pirate who will rob and kill anyone who stepped onto this island. But I couldn't do it. Riftblade knew this so he came and tried to comfort me."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Riftblade?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "He is my cousin. He then stayed here with me. He will sometime go to the Bluewave Harbor to do a grocery shopping, and he told me that the Bluewave Town had changed so much..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And now, where is Riftblade? I didn't see him around here..." Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...He went to the Bluewave Harbor one week ago, but he hadn't returned yet. I am worried about him. I was about to go to the Bluewave Harbor when I found this." Magnus showed Rucas and his friends something. They are the lost bags of them! "I found it at the other beach of this island. I remembered that you and Leonel carried a bag like this, so maybe you and Leonel are on this island. And I was right."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus... Since you have heard everything from Fenrir, what will you do next?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I think the answer is clear. Symmetria is falling into another Chaos. And since you and Leonel are on the adventure to stop it, I could stay still and do nothing. So I will rejoin your team. This sinner will clean his sin of killing Pokémon by saving the life of Pokémon in Symmetria." Magnus answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Welcome back, Magnus." Rucas welcomed his friend.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, the next thing to do is..." Leonel spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Return to the Bluewave Beach." Fenrir crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] That's right! How could they go back to the Bluewave Beach since their raft was broken by the whirlpool?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, I forgot to ask you this; how did you come to this place?" Magnus asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "With the handmade raft. That's why we got washed ashore."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After Rucas finished his answer, Magnus burst out a laugh.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "HAHAHA!!! Rucas! You forgot it already, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Forgot what?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Seacross Grotto! There is a passage that linked between the Seacross Grotto and the cave at the Bluewave Beach!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...And the Guiding Melody too since you had visited this place already, Rucas." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Leonel and Zira looked at Rucas with the eyes that told Rucas, 'Rucas, how could you forget this? We risked our lives with the whirlpool and the poisonous mushroom...'[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I am sorry, everyone." Rucas apologized.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Forget it, Hero of Justice. And now, we could come to this place and leave this place as will with that passage." Leonel said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But there is an easier way!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira's word attracted the attention of everyone. Then Zira looked at Magnus. "Hey! Big guy, you have your own instrument, right?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus picked something from his bag. It is a timpani drum with wave-patterned drums. "Yeah... This was my deceased father's treasure. Seablade wrote in his will that it will be mine after I evolved into a Feraligatr. This is my instrument, the Aqua Drum."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas started teaching the Guiding Melody to Magnus. Now when everyone played it, they could warp to the Island Lake of the Bluewave Island. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And Senpai, watch this!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Zira's body glowed blue, and then she evolved into the Vaporeon![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So you gain another Eeveelution, hm? Very nice." Rucas complimented.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Thank!" Zira transformed back to her Eevee form.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas opened the map of Symmetria again. "We have met Leonel and Magnus already. There are two more friends, Joshua and Ellisk."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Ellisk lived in the Yelspark Field near the Gamma City. And Joshua lived in the Greenleaf Forest near the Venturnome Town, right?" Magnus looked at the map.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I think we should go to meet Joshua first. The Greenleaf Forest is easier to go than the Yelspark Plain." Leonel expressed his thought.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "Right!" Rucas played the Guiding Melody, and everyone is warped back to the Fullmoon Temple.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] The next place to go is the Greenleaf Forest. Since the path that Rucas used to go to the Greenleaf Forest four months ago, but that way must passed through the STP, so Rucas and his friends decided to take a new path. The new path is passing through the Symmetria Field north of Solar Village and passed into the southern of Greenleaf Forest. This path was deserted during the time when Garland was alive because The Phantom Storm often set an ambush for the travelers who passed through this path. Now Garland was dead, so everyone can travel through this path without worrying of the ambush.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Magnus, do you know about the renewed Phantom Storm?" Rucas broke the silence while everyone is walking to the Greenleaf forest.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Even the Mad Demon was dead, the Phantom Storm still exist..." Magnus said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Strange..." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong, Fenrir?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... Zira said that the renewed Phantom Storm started attacking the land of Symmetria again... But we haven't even run into any of them during our journey..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Because there is a stick..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus's word attracted the attention of everyone. "What do you mean, Magnus?" Zira asked. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "During my staying at the Bluewave Island, Riftblade brought me a rumor that there was a Pokémon that tried to interrupt any plans of the renewed Phantom Storm...alone."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus's word surprised everyone. There is a Pokémon that tried to interrupt the renewed Phantom Storm alone?!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! What kind is that Pokémon?! How can they do it alone?!" Rucas asked unbelievably.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I don't know much, Rucas. The only thing that I knew is that the mysterious Pokémon is the sniper that has an excellent skill with the rifle. The rumor said that that Pokémon never missed the target when they shot it with their rifle. Everyone called them "The Black Sniper"..." Magnus said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Black Sniper..." Rucas mumbled. The only Pokémon that he known to have the perfect skill with the rifle is the Mad Demon... But since the Mad Demon was already dead, so there must be another Pokémon...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] 'I wonder what kind is that Pokémon... The Black Sniper... Maybe one day, our path shall cross ...' Rucas thought.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Magnus finally rejoined the team. The next member is Joshua![/SIZE]
  18. Dragon of Vale

    Oct 2, 2014
    [SIZE=18pt]Requiem of the Fallen Dragon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Part 2: Fenrir's Tale[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Chapter 37: Journey of the Sin[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After a long walk, Rucas, Zira, Fenrir, Leonel and Magnus reached the Outer Greenleaf Forest where the grass type and bug type Pokémon lived. Strangely, when Rucas and his friends reached the town area, there was no one in the Outer Greenleaf Forest...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! Is there anyone?" Magnus shouted, but his voice echoed in vain.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas looked around the Outer Greenleaf Forest. This place didn't seem like it was abandoned for a long time. It means that the villagers had just left this place for a few days.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Where is everyone?" Zira mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas walked up to the Greenleaf Inn that he rested in the night he arrived at this place for the first time. Then he found a note at the counter of the inn.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Dear Travelers, everyone in this place is going to the Gamma City to deal with their things. I am sorry for your inconvenient..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas left the inn and told everyone what happened to this place.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It means that Joshua is not here?!" Magnus roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "....Hm... I don't think so... During our journey, I sensed that Joshua is a kind of Pokémon that didn't like a crowded place very much..." Leonel turned his attention to Rucas. "Rucas, do you have any idea of the place where the Forest Swordsman usually stays?"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas nodded and started walking into the Inner Greenleaf Forest. Everyone followed him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "...This place."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas brought everyone to the Forest Lake, the place where Rucas first encountered Joshua and the Fallen...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone looked at the Forest Lake. At the base of the village stood the huge tree. That is the 'root' of the sacred tree of Yggdrasil. At the root of the Yggdrasil stood two Pokémon. They are a Sceptile and a Heliolisk. The Sceptile is tall and swiftly. He wore the exotic and light cloth that the eastern swordsman usually wore. Rucas remembered the Sceptile immediately after he saw him.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Young Lucario's voice attracted both Sceptile and Heliolisk.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Well... If it isn't the Hero of Justice..." Joshua crossed his arms and looked at Rucas, Fenrir, Zira, Leonel and Magnus who were walking up to Joshua.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hi! Joshua! Long time no see! And you finally evolved into a swiftly Sceptile!" Magnus greeted.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "You too, the Ocean Pirate." Joshua spoke in a soft voice.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...The Forest Swordsman... How was your swordplay? Did your sword arm improve during our parting time?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...It's no more, the Volcano Guardian... I couldn't become a great swordsman anymore..." Joshua's sad voice made everyone felt sad.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What's wrong, Joshua?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua showed the back of his hand. There lied the Mark of Sin?!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The Mark of Sin?! You have it too?!" Magnus and Leonel showed Joshua their Mark of Sin...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...It seemed like we shared the same fate..." Joshua mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But still... It's good to see you again, Joshua..." Rucas said, but before he could finish his sentence, the Heliolisk that stood with Joshua spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hey! How long before you all greet me?!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas, Leonel and Magnus turned their attention to the Heliolisk. The Heliolisk is a bit shorter than Rucas. He wore the cape on this back. His cloth looked somewhat like the one that the assassin usually wore. It took them several minutes before they could recognize the Lightning Thief.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Ellisk?!!!" Magnus spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What?! Don't tell me that you forgot me just because I evolved?!" Ellisk flared his frill at Magnus.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... Ellisk... You were so..." Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Small? Stop saying that! Now I evolved into a Heliolisk already!" Ellisk roared.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But Ellisk, why are you here? I thought that your hometown is the Gamma City..." Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Gamma City is not a good place for living anymore..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk's answer shocked everyone. (Except Joshua) What happened in the Gamma City?![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What happened at the Gamma City?" Rucas asked.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk looked at Joshua, and Joshua started telling the story...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] ...There was an announcement from above... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The announcement said that in the past, the god Arceus divided the Pokémon into eighteen types. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] This, however, led to the racial division... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Some Pokémon type refused to get involve with other types... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Some types, such as the dark type, chose to escape from the mainland into the small island south of Symmetria. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] This nasty trait had been continued for many centuries. And the above said that now it is the time to end this...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] But since it is hard to erase this trait...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] So in order to erase it, the above said that everyone in Symmetria must go to the Gamma City receive their own 'Number'. The number that they received was ranged in 1 to 10. The number will show the group of a Pokémon. The Pokémon with the same number must live in the area with the Pokémon with the same number as them too And the Pokémon with a number may not interact with the Pokémon with the different number from them...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] And after a while, all ten groups will merge together into one group... [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] That is the time that Symmetria will become one again...[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua's tale answered many questions such as why the Bluewave Harbor was divided into ten zones, why everyone in the Outer Greenleaf Forest had disappeared (To go to Gamma City to receive their 'number', and what is the strange Pokémon from Gamma City that came to the Redflame Town (To give the number to the residents of the Redflame Town.) But Joshua's tale also created many new questions.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Their 'number'?" Magnus spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Strange..." Leonel mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...This is the most nonsense thing that I have heard..." Fenrir mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone, have you receive your number yet?" Ellisk asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "No. This is the first time that we heard this new law..." Rucas answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "What about you two, Joshua? Ellisk?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua and Ellisk answered by shaking their head no. "... I have the Mark of Sin... I couldn't go into the crowded place like the Gamma City..." Joshua answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me too..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk showed his frill to everyone. His frill lied the Mark of Sin...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "This is why I must leave the Gamma City. I came to this place and met Joshua, who also possessed the Mark of Sin..." Ellisk explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, what about Julia and Lumiere?" Rucas asked. Julia is Joshua's younger sister and Lumiere is Ellisk's elder brother.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "My brother is still at the Gamma City..." Ellisk answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And Julia was going to the Gamma City to receive her Number." Joshua answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...I see... So the reason why Riftblade had disappeared is because he must go to the Gamma City to receive his number..." Magnus mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After hearing the conversation for quite a time, Fenrir started saying again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...You said that this order was given from the above. What is the 'above'?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? Who are you?" Joshua asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir, Rucas and Zira quickly told Joshua and Ellisk their story. About Rucas and Anastasia's disappearance, Anastasia's missing and Zira and Fenrir also introduced themselves to Joshua and Ellisk.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everything started to get more confusing..." Joshua mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Joshua, Ellisk, what will you do next?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Rucas, Fenrir, Zira, Magnus and I are on a quest to protect Symmetria from the renewed Phantom Storm... Will you join us?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...If then... Would you mind adding one more quest?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua looked at Yggdrasil's root. "... I knew the way to remove our sin..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Really?!" Magnus and Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... We must visit all Yggdrasil roots that scattered around the land of Symmetria, and then we must visit the goddess Yggdrasil... She will be able to remove our sin..." Joshua said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "How did you know?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Several days ago, I heard the voice from the root of Yggdrasil. She whispered to me to 'Meet her root and herself' and then she will grant us the power to remove our sin." Joshua answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "That's good!" Magnus said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But... Where are the Yggdrasil roots?" Leonel asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas took out the map of Symmetria and opened it.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I have gone to the Island Lake, Volcano Lake and the Forest lake already..." Magnus mumbled.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Me too..." Joshua and Leonel spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "And I have gone to the Plain Lake too!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Ellisk's word attracted the attention of Magnus and Leonel.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "There is a lake where the root of Yggdrasil lied at the lake at the Yelspark Plain!" Ellisk spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Cool! Let's go there..." Magnus said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "But... How? It will be a very long journey..." Ellisk spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Magnus and Leonel explained the Guiding Melody to Joshua and Ellisk. Luckily that Joshua and Ellisk also possessed their own instrument too. Joshua's is a Flora Flute, a flute that was decorated in the green-toned color wood with a craft that looked like a blooming flower. Ellisk's is a Electro Melodica, a melodica that was decorated in the yellow-toned color with the pattern of the lightning. Both said that their instrument was the keepsake from their departed father. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Everyone has their own instrument..." Rucas mumbled. It seemed like a coincidence...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] After understanding the method of the Guiding Melody, everyone warped to the Plain Lake to visit the Yggdrasil root before they warped back to the Forest Lake again. (Also, Zira received her Leafeon and Jolteon form when she visited two lakes.) For now, everyone could warped to six places; Fullmoon Temple, Newmoon Temple, Forest Lake, Plain Lake, Island Lake and Volcano Lake.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "So... Now our group... Rucas, Fenrir, Zira, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus and Leonel are going on a journey to protect the land of Symmetria as well as cleaning their sin." Joshua spoke.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Everyone decided to rest for a night at the Forest Lake in order to prepare for tomorrow's journey.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] After their dinner, while everyone is sitting around the campfire, Fenrir spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Excuse me, Joshua, I think that you haven't answered my question yet..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm? About the above?" Joshua asked, and Fenrir nodded.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Well... The land of Symmetria is actually a very large kingdom of Pokémon. This kingdom used the constitutional monarchy system for ruling the land. It means that there is a one Pokémon who ruled this land as the 'king'. And the towns around the land have their own ruling up to the town, but everything is up to the 'king' of Symmetria too."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]"Then, who is the king of Symmetria? I have never heard of him before..." Rucas asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Hm... Most Pokémon in Symmetria have never seen the face of the king before because the last king of Symmetria was just deceased about several years ago. His heir is just the young prince. But since the prince is too young, the senate of the prince decided to let the prince stayed at his own place until the prince grew up to ready to be the king of Symmetria." Ellisk answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, where is the prince now?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "The prince is staying at the Purgust Sky Isle." Magnus answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Purgust Sky Isle?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is the isle that floated in the sky above the land of Symmetria. Most flying type lived there." Leonel answered.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "I see..." Rucas and Zira understood.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] "..." Fenrir turned her face away.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt] Before they slept, everyone looked at the map to decide which place to go next.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We have visited the Yggdrasil root at Greenleaf Forest, Yelspark Plain, Bluewave Island and Redflame Volcano already. Since we have no idea of the location of the rest root of Yggdrasil, I suggested that we should go to the Indifrost Glacier next." Leonel suggested.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Indifrost Glacier?" Zira asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "It is a lovely and the only place that located in the Northern Region of Symmetria. The Northern Region of Symmetria is always covered in the eternal winter, making it a home of ice type Pokémon." Magnus explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "We can go to that place via the Greenleaf Forest. It is easy." Joshua said.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Also, the town of the Indifrost Glacier is small, so you don't have to worry about the Mark of Sin. This place is so small that it is a few places in Symmetria where the villagers didn't receive their number yet." Joshua explained.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Right. Then our next destination shall be the Indifrost Glacier!" Zira spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Also, there is one more thing to do before we got some sleep... We must choose who will be the 'leader' of our group..." Rucas spoke up.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus, Leonel and Zira spoke without any thought. "The leader of our group is you, Rucas. You are the Hero of Justice. You were our leader in our adventure around Symmetria four months ago, and you did very well..." However, Rucas shook his head no.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "... I am not a very good leader of us... I don't think that I should be the leader this time."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then, who will?" Joshua asked.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Rucas said nothing and looked at the quietest Pokémon in the group, the Master of Mercy.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Me?"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Yes, Fenrir. You have a very good potential of being a leader of our group." Rucas spoke.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Fenrir looked at everyone. "...Letting a dark type Pokémon to be the leader of a group of sin seemed... sarcastic..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "Then..."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] "...Hm... Okay, I accept."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To Be Continued...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] Dragon of Vale: Joshua and Ellisk rejoined our team again! And Joshua has the Flora Flute while Ellisk has the Electro Melodica. Now we have Rucas, Fenrir, Zira, Joshua, Ellisk, Magnus and Leonel in our team! This time, Fenrir is the leader instead of Rucas. And... Only Anastasia that is still missing... Where is she?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] The boring part is over. The next part is the Indifrost Glacier. The fifth dungeon of his story is located there.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt] So Rucas and his friends have two quests; protecting Symmetria and cleaning their sin... Will they succeed? Or will they fail?[/SIZE]
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