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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by K9wolf369, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. K9wolf369

    K9wolf369 School Kid

    Oct 30, 2014

    The tidal wave is coming for the for the small island of Altomare as Latios and Latias flew out towards it. The destructive power of the wave tears through old ruins like a knife through butter. Ash, Misty, Brock, Lorenzo and Bianca watch on as the protectors of Altomare enveloped themselves in light and collapse the giant wave. A dazzling blue light erupts from the site of impact and into the sky like a giant hyper beam.
    "We need to go out there now!" Ash cries, racing towards the docks.
    "Ash, wait up!" Misty calls in vain. The docks were mainly empty due to the wave pulling most of the boats out to sea, except the few that had been tied up. Ash unties the nearest boat, jumps in and starts the engine.
    "Ash, do you know how to drive that?" Lorenzo questions, finally catching him up.
    "Erm..... No." Ash replies sheepishly, "Can you?"
    "Yes, now everyone get in." Lorenzo replies. With the roar of the engine, the five of them drive towards the light. 3/4 of the way there, the light fades away.
    "Latias! Latios!" Ash shouts. The continue to drive toward the area the light was when some Mantine and Chinchou swim towards the boat with Latias resting on their backs. Ash and Bianca pull Latias aboard and wake her gently. Latas hugs Ash and cries on his shoulder. A saddened mood envelops the boat as everyone realises what has happened. Suddenly, Latias' eyes start to shine as Latios uses some of the little strength left to use Sight Sharing. They leave Earth and continue to move away until the Earth is no longer visible. Instead they are left in a sea of black when Latios' soul dew floats into Bianca's hands. The Sight Sharing ends and the five find themselves in the secret garden. Bianca walks up to the soul dew cradle and places the new Latio soul dew into it.
    A few days later, Ash, Misty and Brock are all leaving by boat when they see a girl waving at them. They slow down as they reach the docks and Latias, in her human form, runs up to Ash who has now climbed out of the boat. Latias pants heavily before smiling at Ash and giving him a drawing. She then kisses him on the cheek (much to Brock's annoyance) and telepathizes,
    'We have a way to free Latios from his soul dew. It will take time but promise me that you will come back after your Silver Conference tournament and help us get him back.'
    Ash stares back dumbfounded before Latias turns and runs back towards the garden. He then unrolls the drawing to find a very detailed picture of him with Pikachu on his shoulder.
    "Well, we need to get going if you want to make the Silver Conference in time." An annoyed Brock states. Ash turns and climbs into the boat and they set off into the sunset.

    Well this is the first chapter of my fanfiction. It isn't brilliant I know, but it has gotten a lot better the more chapters I have posted. I hope you will all enjoy what is to come. K9wolf.
  2. K9wolf369

    K9wolf369 School Kid

    Oct 30, 2014
    Return to Altomare

    1 month later

    Ash, Misty and Brock depart the SS Willow at the docks of Altomare, stepping from the cool shade into the sweltering sunlight.
    "Cheer up Ash, you've been this way since you lost to Harrison in the Silver Conference, just over a week ago." the red headed girl says with a hint of concern in her voice.
    "Misty's right Ash, you've suffered losses before. Why are you so upset about the Silver Conference? Brock asks.
    "I suppose after beating Gary, I thought I really could win the whole tournament and to lose in the next round was a massive blow for me." Ash replies gloomily, trudging towards the Pokémon centre.
    "Well at least you did beat Gary." Misty states. Ash smiles.
    "Yeah, I guess I did. Sorry for being this miserable guys and thanks for the support."
    "Hey, that's what friends are for." Brock responds as they enter the Pokémon centre. "I phone Bianca when we were entering the docks telling her that we have arrived so she shouldn't be long."
    As if on cue, a girl with brown hair, a white beret and skirt and a green jumper runs into the Pokémon centre panting hard from the long and arduous run.
    "Ash, you need to come quickly. It's Latias, she's been acting strange for the last week or so." Bianca gasps.
    "What? Where is she?" Ash replies hastily.
    "In the garden." Bianca pants. She and Ash then run out the door with Misty on their tail, until she realises that Brock isn't with them.
    "Ash! Bianca! Wait up!" Misty futilely shouts. She turns around and sees Brock on one knee trying to charm Nurse Joy. Misty storms over to him and grabs him by the ear, pulling him away.
    "What have I told you about flirting with Nurse Joy? We need to go with Ash and Bianca."
    "AAARRRGGGHHH! I'm sorry Misty. Let me go and we can go quicker." Brock cries, trying to avoid further pain. Misty complies and they run off to try and find Ash and Bianca.
    By this time, Ash and Bianca have reached the secret garden entrance by Lorenzo's woodwork shop.
    "Ash, be careful. Latias hasn't let me or Lorenzo into the garden for a few days now." Bianca quietly says.
    "That's not like her." Ash replies concerned, "What's happened since I left?"
    "Like I said earlier, it started about a week and a half ago when Latias was playing with some of the Pokémon in the garden and I was drawing them. They all looked so happy playing together. However it all ended when they disturbed a Beedrill nest. The Beedrill attacked the Pokémon playing together with a variety of bug and poison type attacks. Lorenzo and I had to heal all of the Pokémon because taking them to the Pokémon centre would make them wonder why we have so many wild Pokémon injured and could lead them to finding the secret garden. We used all sorts of berries and everyone pulled through, even Latias despite the amount of bug attacks she took, as well as toxic. That was until roughly a week ago when she stopped laughing. Then she stopped playing pranks and smiling, having fun and playing with other Pokémon. I thought there could be some poison left in her but she rejected the berries and me. I'm hoping you can get through to her."
    "Wow, poor Latias." Ash mutters with a tear in his eye, "Do you have any Pecha berries in case she is still poisoned?"
    "Yes," Bianca replies, handing the berries to Ash, "Good luck."
    "Thanks. I won'y stop until she becomes her usual self." Ash promises. He turns and walks into the secret garden.
  3. K9wolf369

    K9wolf369 School Kid

    Oct 30, 2014
    The Kiss
    The sunlight is shining like always as Ash enters the secret garden. The smell of fresh air blended with fresh grass makes Ash feel relaxed, despite his heart racing with nerves. He walks down the stone steps, remembering every detail as he went, passing the lake with Poliwags and Yanma, the wind chimes that alerted the Lati's to danger and past berry bushes and apple trees wit Oddish playing between them, Ash walks onwards and see's Latias lying down at the edge of the lake by the swing, which reminds him of his first time here. He sneaks up on Latias and sits on the swing.
    "I remember the first time I was here. You were so eager to play," Ash reminisces, "I remember falling off the swing when you changed from human to Pokémon and the fun we had in this garden."
    'You're not real' Latias telepathizes.
    "Sorry?" Ash replies confused.
    'You're not real. You are a figment of my imagination playing tricks on me.' Latias sobs.
    "Then how do I know of the garden and our first time together?"
    'If I know, then my mind can produce images that know about the past.' Latias replies coldly. Ash stands and walks over to Latias and sits by her side.
    "Fair point. But how do you know I'm not real if you haven't even looked at me?"
    'Because it has been happening a lot recently. No-one is allowed in the garden apart from me and the wild Pokémon and yet you are here. That is how I know.'
    "Latias," Ash says sadly, "What has happened to you? I know I'm real -"
    'YOU ARE NOT REAL!' Latias shouts, flinging Ash away with a powerful psychic. Ash hits a tree hard, knocking the wind out of him. He sits for a couple of minutes before picking himself up and walking towards Latias again.
    "Look at me Latias, then you will know that it is really me." Ash says kindly.
    'No.' Latias replies harshly and gets up to leave. Ash she tries to run, Ash grabs her claw, spins her round and kisses her. Latias' insides warm as she kisses him back, a fluttering in her stomach as she realises that it reall is Ash. Ash breaks the kiss and hugs Latias tightly. She melts into his hug and hugs him back.
    'Why did I just kiss her?' Ash wonders, 'Was it just to make her happy again, or am I..... in love?' They stay locked in each other's embrace for a couple of minutes when Ash says,
    "We should go and see Bianca and Lorenzo. They're really worried about you."
    'Ok, but first...' Latias telepathizes and takes Ash's cap and flies off with it.
    "Hey, give it back!" Ash exclaims and pursues Latias around the garden, smiling all the time. Ash soon admits defeat. "I see you haven't lost any of that energy since my first visit." Latias giggles and gives the cap back to Ash and they both leave for Lorenzo's house. Before they enter, Latias turns invisible and tells Ash to pretend he hasn't been able to help her and Ash agrees with her devious plan. He then raps his knuckles on the door and after a few seconds, Lorenzo opens to door.
    "Have you done it? Is Latias back to normal?" Lorenzo asks quickly.
    "Let's go inside where I can tell you and Bianca what has happened." Ash replies. Lorenzo nods and lets Ash and an invisible Latias inside. He walks into the living room to be greeted with a very angry Misty.
    "Where have you been Ash Ketchum? You go running off in a maze of a city and leave me with this pervert!" She screams, pointing at Brock.
    "Sorry Misty, but Latias wasn't acting like she was the last time we visited. I had to go and see if I could cheer her up and make her better."
    "Oh." Misty replies, "What happened?"
    "We need Bianca first.." Ash responds, and if on cue, Bianca comes down the stairs and joins everyone else. There was silence for a minute as everyone got comfortable and then Ash begun, "I went to the garden and saw Latias by the swing. I walked over to her and tried to make her realise that I had come back, but she thought I was a fabrication and attacked me. I got back up and tried again before coming here." Silence followed.
    "And? Did it work?" Bianca asks. Suddenly, Latias shouts 'BOO!' and becomes visible behind the sofa, making everyone jump."Latas! You're back!"
    "Well done Ash." Lorenzo says, "But how did you do it? We've tried everything from pranks of our own to her favourite meals."
    "Hehehe, it's a secret." Ash replies, a slight blush rising to his cheeks, "Now, what about reviving Latios from the Soul Dew?" He queries, trying to change the subject.
    'Come with me and I'll tell you.' Says Latias, turning him invisible, lifting him up and speeding out of the house.
    "Waaaaaaah, Latias slow down!" Ash cries, so Latias slows and puts Ash back on the floor to walk the rest of the way to the secret garden. Latias then turns to her human form, loses her invisibility and cuddles up to Ash for the remainder of the walk. When they reach the garden, Latias asks,
    'Why did you kiss me?'
    "Because, I needed you to realise that I am real and to get you back to your former self." Ash replies softly.
    'Any other reasons?' Latias questions. Ash stops walking and looks nervously at Latias.
    "And because I... well... I... I love you Latias." Latias' stmach did summersaults when she heard him say those words.
    'I love you too Ash.' They then kiss passionately for a couple of minutes. When they broke off, they notice Bianca staring at them, mouth agape.
    "Hey Bianca." Ash says nervously.
    "Is that how you got Latias back?" Bianca asks, eyes still wide open. The couple go redder then Latias' feathers and Ash nods. "I knew it! That's why you blushed back at home and how Latias took suck a liking to you the first time you visited." She exclaims, finally blinking.
    "Wait, are you saying Latias loved me from when we first met?" Ash asks confused.
    "Well she has never taking a liking to anyone else as quickly as you and by the way she's blushing, I'd say I'm correct, aren't I Latias." Latias nods and turns her head away in embarrassment.
    'The first time I saw you Ash, was in the Tour de Altomare. You went quickly round a corner, lost your balance and I saved you from crashing into the wall. I then saw you stare up at where I was invisible and I looked into you eyes and fell for you immediately. That's why I decided to help you and pulled you along. You would've won as well if it wasn't for my brother pulling us off course, but I just couldn't get you out of my head. Then you saved me the next day from Team Rocket and I felt warm and safe inside when you held my hand to get away. I always have loved you Ash.'
    "Wow. I remember all of that." Is all Ash can say, stunned by the backstory.
    "Awww you two are so cute together." Bianca teases, making the pair blush even more, "But we need to get to the garden, Lorenzo is waiting there for us.
    "Right, let's go." Ash replies, "Oh, and Bianca, can you keep this a secret from everyone else, I'm not confident about letting everyone know that we're together."
    "I understand." Bianca replies nodding and they all run off to the secret garden as the sun sets in the horizon.
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