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Must Read Review Tag Guidelines

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dawn, May 17, 2019.

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  1. Dawn

    Dawn La vie est drôle

    Level 1
    Oct 21, 2014
    So, you've noticed our shiny new [Review] tag and are wondering what it's for, or want to try your hand at reviews yourself but aren't sure where to start? Well, we have a rough guide to help you out!

    • For your topic title, you should have the [Review] tag, the name of the game in question, as well as the system that you played it on. All review topics should look something like this:

    How do I write a review?
    • There is no set structure for how you should write a review: do it however is comfortable for you! If you wish to write it as a free-flow block of text, in bullet points, or with individual headings, you are welcome to do so. Just try to be consistent with your formatting so we can follow what you're writing!
    • Some things that you might want to talk about if you're stuck for ideas: Graphics, gameplay, characters, story, soundtrack, controls, replay value, multiplayer elements, and whatever else you feel is relevant!
    • Try and support your points with examples. If you thought something was good/bad, say why you found it good/bad. If you can provide a balanced argument, illustrating the game's good and bad points – because no game is universally perfect or irredeemably bad – it'll make your review that much more compelling and interesting a read!
    • If your review is going to contain spoilers, make sure that you either state this very clearly at the beginning of the review, or that you hide them behind spoiler tags. It might even be best to do both if you're not sure. If at all possible you should try to avoid story spoilers, but this at times can be unavoidable. But remember that people reading your review might be reading it to judge whether or not they should buy the game themselves – don't ruin it for them!
    • If you wish to provide screenshots or gameplay videos from sources that are not official (i.e. provided by the developers) or your own work, please make sure that you credit the person/place that you got them from.
    • At the end of the review, make sure that you write a small summary of your thoughts – what made the game good? What made it bad? If you wish to give the game a score (either as a number or a percentage) then feel free to do so, but this is not required. Many people feel that review scores are an outdated practice that obscure the contents of a review, so a concluding paragraph stating whether the game is good or bad and whether or not you recommend it is acceptable.
    • Video reviews are also A-OK, if that's your preferred format! Please do not use this as an excuse to advertise your Youtube channel and/or website, however. We will check!
    When commenting on reviews
    • All LV rules apply when commenting on reviews.

    • Remember that this is not a discussion thread about the game in question: this is a thread describing an individual experience. Please structure your responses accordingly.
    • Do not reply to the thread with your own review. Make your own topic and write your own review of the game!
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