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Robotropolis: A Futuristic Opera

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by nduns, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    Yeah, I've written a few musical scripts in my time. Here's the first one I was ever truly proud of. (Note, imagine every single line of dialog is in the form of song. That's why the word 'opera' is in the title) Act 2 will be here once the 12 hour limit is up:

    Act 1: We Need to Escape

    The scene opens up with the screen panning through a dark and desolate city where smoke fills the sky. Cut to a factory pumping out said smoke before showing a big group of robots performing hard, physical labour.
    Rusty: [Banging a hammer against a big nail lodged into a chunk of metal while singing] Life is very hard
    Zero: [Screwing in a nail with a screwdriver attached to his arm while singing] Life is very rough
    Wanda: [Carrying an big cinder block over her head] Everyday we wake up and it's always very tough! [Drops cinder block onto a sheet of metal]
    Rusty: [Bangs hammer down again] It's how we live here everyday, yes, it's always the same!
    All three: [Stop to take a quick breather] It's laborious and painful with very little to gain! [A guard robot comes by and glares at them as they go back to work] Welcome to Robotropolis where life is full of pain! [Look at each other with angry expressions] Welcome to Robotropolis where every day's the same!
    The scene cuts to another group of robots inside a factory manufacturing parts.
    Zane: Sometimes I just wish that I had never even been built
    Sam: It's not a very pleasant thought
    Zane: True, but I feel no guilt
    Sprocket: [Sputtering] I am not made for this kind of work, as you see I am weak, but who in our fair city ever gets the job they seek?
    Norman: [Finishes building a wall component for a house] Annoying as it is, we simply cannot do a thing
    All employees in the area: [Briefly stop working] Yes, all we really can do now is grunt and groan and sing! [Get back to work when a group of guard robots glare at them] Welcome to Robotropolis where everyday is a living nightmare! We've got no hope of a good future or many resources to spare!
    Cut to group of robots washing dirty metal.
    All cleaners: If we don't work as hard as we do now, we will answer for our sins, for the one who rules with an iron fist is the one known as Axins! [All point to a big factory in the distance with the face of a dark blue robot with white horns on the side of his head]
    All robots: He's a terrible bot with a cold chip, he's the one who assigned us our work and if we don't do what we were programmed for we'll have to answer to Kirk. [A big guard robot stands watch at the door with a serious look on his face] One only knows what he does to those who dare to stand up for what's right. It's a battle that in the end of it all really isn't worth the fight! [Screen pans over the entire city while all the robots lift their arms in the air] Welcome to Robotropolis where life is bland and dull, but we can't complain or do anything otherwise we'll lose our skulls!
    The screen zooms into a lone robot with an orange body and a slender build. This robot also has yellow eyes and human-like hands. This is our main character, Sparky, and right now he is attending his own job of lifting heavy objects from one point to another. He seems to be struggling the most, his feet trembling every second.
    Sparky: I hate my job, I hate my work, I hate living in this fine city of ours. All day we work, all night we sleep, we suffer by the hours. [Slams his load onto a platform as it rises up] I don't even get the point of half these jobs our mayor gave us. Why have robots who don't want to lift things or drive a bus? [Hears a bell go off as he looks at the town clock] Oh yeah, the ending bell, the only thing here that's worth looking forward to. If there wasn't an end to our daily shifts there's not much we could do.
    While all the robots walk home, they all sulk with their heads facing the ground while singing together.
    All robots: Welcome to Robotropolis where life is in a pit! It's our way of life, but it's nothing good, we just do not see it fit! Everyday we suffer and toil on a horrid, dirty soil! There are days we wish we could end it all but our mayor's big and we're all too small, so the only thing we can say right now is welcome to our land with horrid jobs and horrid lives and everyday we find ourselves with nothing but greasy, dirty hands!

    Sparky enters his home and lets out a light sigh before closing the door gently behind him. A grey female robot enters the area from the living room and looks at Sparky with concern. This robot with a curvy exterior, a more human-like head, green eyes and a torso modelled after a dress is Sparky's wife, Zena.
    Zena: [Puts on a light smile] Hello, Sparky, how was your day?
    Sparky: [Shrugs his shoulders] All in all, I'd say okay
    Zena: [Wipes some dirt off his shoulders and helps him toward the couch] Did you knock them dead?
    Sparky: Got banged in the head [Points to a dent] Got a girder to the back, you see.
    Zena: [Sets him down on the couch] Oh my, let me look. [Examines the dent] This won't do. Leave the fixing job to me.
    Sparky: [Fakes a smile and waves his hand at her] It's okay, just a bruise
    Zena: Oh no, it needs fixing [Pulls a repair kit out of a drawer]
    Sparky: How was work for you, you know, oil mixing?
    Zena: [Starts buffing out the dent] It was alright, same old, same old
    Sparky: Yeah, same old, it's what I'm always told
    Zena: Sparky, honey, whatever do you mean?
    Sparky: [Gets up and sighs] Nothing, dear, I'm gonna go get clean.
    Sparky walks up the stairs as Zena looks with concern, looking down and shaking her head.
    Sparky: [Sits on his bed and sighs] Everyday, the same old thing, it always has a familiar ring. Every night, it's the same old thing, all day long a familiar ring. [Gets up] I can't take it anymore, just what is it all worth? [Sighs before resting his head on his hands, looking out the window] Sometimes I look out there, at the shining stars, at least the ones that manage to shine through the smoke and bars. Everyday's the same old thing, but does it have to be? Is there possibly a chance that we can all be free? [A hopeful smile forms on his face as he rises a bit, placing his hand against the window] Sometimes I look out the window, I like to gaze out there and wonder if there's something else in the wide world out there. I'll give anything to end this familiar ring, as long as we no longer have to face the same old thing. [Backs away from the window and looks up at the ceiling light, turning it on as the light shines down on him] I'm sick and tired of this life, I feel there is better, [Body starts glittering in the light] a place where we could live in peace and live in glistening weather! [The bulb goes out as he sighs and looks down, sitting on the bed] Who am I kidding? It's just a stupid dream. This horrid life, this wretched world is only as it seems. This is the only life for us, with that I'll have to deal, otherwise I could end up the mayor's next big meal. [Looks up at the ceiling] Everyday the same old thing, everyday a familiar ring, that's how it should be, now I truly see there's just no point in fighting, it's just a waste of time as we must deal with the same old thing, that one familiar ring.
    Zena enters and sits next to Sparky, patting him on the shoulder as he smiles, the two resting their heads on each-other's shoulder.

    The following morning, Sparky wakes up early next to Zena, turning to face her with a warm smile and rubbing the top of her head before getting up. He quickly walks out of the bedroom, heading down the stairs and approaching a cupboard, opening the door and pulling out a can of oil. He opens it with his finger as a bit sprays out in his face, Sparky sighing and shaking his head before opening his mouth wide, tilting his head so its facing the ceiling before lifting up the can, tilting the can until the oil starts pouring out into his mouth. Once the oil is out, Sparky shuts his mouth in a second, swallowing the liquid before heading outside. While walking toward work, he stops for a moment, turning to face the wall surrounding the city with iron bars on the top of it. Sparky shakes his head and carries on toward his work station before looking back and forth, noticing no one else is in the area yet. He puts on a serious expression and turns toward the wall, sprinting toward it before reaching the structure. Looking back and forth, he gasps when a group of guard robots walk by, Sparky quickly hiding behind an oil drum nearby. Once the guards pass by, he sighs with relief before examining the wall closely.
    Sparky: Alright, it should be here somewhere. There must be a key. [Looks around the wall, feeling it with his hands] There must be a way outside, now come on, show yourself to me.
    Sparky places his hand against a particular wall piece, the piece caving in when a part of the wall opens up right next to it, Sparky's eyes wide with shock. Sparky rubs his eyes, blinking a couple of times before his jaw drops, the robot slowly approaching the exit, making sure no one sees him doing it before sprinting outside to see a rich and beautiful field with flowers, trees and green grass. The sky is blue and the clouds are white, fluffy and there is just the right number of them, not too much to block the bright sun but enough to make a picture-perfect image in the sky. Seeing all of this, a big smile forms on Sparky's face as he runs toward a hilltop and spreads his arms out high in the air, basking in the wonderful sight before him.
    Sparky: I did it! [Laughs a bit] I actually did it! [Laughs even more before spinning around before plopping down on the hill, looking up at the sky as a light drop of oil escapes the bottom of his right eye] After all this torment, after all this pain, after a life so miserable... [Small woodland creatures run over to him and crawl around him as he pets them, his smile getting wider] I've finally found a way to get away from it all! [Gets up and starts running through the field] This world is perfect, it's wonderful, it's beautiful, it's free! It's the kind of place for someone just like me! [Starts spinning as birds fly to him] What a perfect place for the robot race to live its life in peace! This place has animals, can you believe? [A squirrel, rabbit and goose all come toward him] It has squirrels, rabbits and geese! And the air's so clear and brisk and clean and blows gently in the air. It feels great on my arms and legs and even my derriere! [Sparky proceeds to skip through the flowers before landing in a puddle and splashing the water by jumping up and down] This world is perfect, it's wonderful, it's beautiful, it's free! It's the kind of place for someone just like me! [Sparky holds out his finger as a butterfly lands on it] So this is an insect, I've heard of them, I must say they're quite neat. [A couple of lizards are licking his feet] And reptiles, what interesting creatures they are, they seem to like my feet. [The lizards spit the taste of metal from their mouths and walk off, Sparky shrugging before spinning and descending before sitting gently against the grass, pointing up at the sun] And the sun up in the sky floats there higher than high, it's more beautiful than I could have dreamed, it's brighter than the smoke made it seem. [Lies down with the back of his head resting against his hands] And the rich green grass, it feels so nice, this is truly paradise. But it's far too close to the city right now so I'll travel far and wide [Turns to face a forest in the distance] until I find a new hometown for us in which we can reside [Slowly gets up and stares at the forest] and then we'll finally be a peace and then our problems here will cease and we'll be happy forever at the end of this endeavour! [Runs toward the hill] After all this torment, after all this pain, after a life so miserable... [Reaches the top of the hill and spreads his arms up in the air] I've finally found a way to get away from it all! This world is perfect, it's wonderful, it's beautiful, it's free! It's the perfect place for someone just like me!

    Cut to inside the city as everyone else is hard at work. At the lifting site, the other workers make occasional glances around the area, making sure the guards don't spot them doing so.
    Nano: [Sets a huge chunk of metal onto the lifting platform] Where is Sparky? He's late for his job
    Phoebe: [Carrying smaller metal objects] Doesn't he know that can get him turned to Shish Kabob?
    David: [Hauling around a cart full of metal] Don't be surprised, there's no need to fuss, he's always hated this job so much more than us
    Phoebe: What does that have to do with anything?
    David: Use logic, woman, then some bells will ring
    Nano: I see what you mean
    Phoebe: [Blinks] I still don't get it
    David: Try not to think about it, try not to sweat it
    Nano: But what if he has truly decided to rebel?
    Phoebe: [Gasps] Is that what he's done!?
    David: I just hope all is well.
    Phoebe: [Panics while rushing her work] But that's crazy, insane! [Clutches onto her head]
    Nano: Yeah, it's quite inane
    David: We best let him do his thing, cause if we get involved we could end up dead for violating the law! [Points at both of them] He knows the penalty, the cost for all of this, do you want to suffer the wrath of Axins?
    All three go quiet and resume their work when a guard robot walks through the area.

    Cut to the outside of Axins' factory. The image zooms in toward the window to the top floor before showing the inside as Axins sits in his seat behind his desk. The robot gulps down a can of oil before getting up with his hands behind his back, slowly making his way over to the window.
    Axins: [Grins while looking down at all the workers] Isn't it beautiful, such a wonderful sight!? Isn't it glorious, wielding such great might!? I rule over this whole city while everyone works for me! [Turns away from the window] There's nothing greater than being mayor and getting everything I want for free! [Runs over to the door to his office, pressing a button on the wall and opening it up before walking down the hallway] When you have so much power, people bow down to you, they do everything that you would normally do! [Walks by his secretary's desk, the female robot handing him a glass of oil] You have nothing but the utmost respect and only fear and obedience is what you'll detect! [Gulps down the glass and hands it to a butler robot, many guard robots standing to the side and giving him an army salute] Even the toughest of the toughest of robots heed my beck and call because they know that I'm the biggest one here and every one of them is small! [Walks over to an elevator, pressing the button for it] I get everything I need and everybody feeds my greed! [The doors opens as he walks into the elevator, a robot bellhop pushing the button for the bottom floor] It's the greatest life I know and there's no other way I would ever go! [The elevator reaches the bottom floor, the door opening as he walks toward the exit to the building] It's amazing, don't you see? It's the perfect life for me! [Opens up the door to see all the robots still at work, those nearby bowing their heads to him] There's nothing I would rather do than rule all these parts and tools [Climbs into a big golden carriage as two tanks activate, pulling the carriage with chains] and everyone will obey me cause that's just the way it ought to be! Yes, it's beautiful, such a wonderful sight! Yeah, it's glorious to wield such great might!Yes, I'm the ruler of this city, and none of them have my pity because it's just the laws of nature that all of these robots must devote their loyalty to one powerful as me! [Waves at the robots who all fake smiles and wave back before heading back to work, Axins heading back to his factory] Isn't it beautiful, such a wonderful sight!? Yeah, it's glorious, having all this might! I'm the ruler of this big city and everybody for miles around bow down to my might at the very sound of my power resonating through the city while they all swear their allegiance to me! [Parks in front of the factory and gets out of the carriage, opening the door and looking at the robots before him one last time with a grin before closing the door]

    Cut back to the opening in the wall as Sparky re-enters the city, looking back and forth before closing the hidden door, sprinting toward the lifting site while making sure not to get caught.

    Cut to the lifting site as the other three are on break, Sparky being dragged to the site by a guard robot and tossed toward the group, the guard robot shaking his finger at him, Sparky nodding his head while the guard robot walks off. The other three stare at Sparky with wide eyes, Phoebe resting her hands on his shoulders as Nano lets out a sigh of relief, David folding his arms and shaking his head.
    Sparky: Sorry for being late
    Nano: [Smacks Sparky upside the head] Is your brain chip an empty slate?
    Phoebe: [Looks down with concern] We were worried sick when you were absent this morning
    David: You're lucky those drones let you off with a warning
    Sparky: Guys, listen to what I have to say. I saw something truly amazing today. [The other three look at him with interest] I found a way out.
    Nano: [Gasps] You did what!?
    Sparky: I found a way out!
    Phoebe: [Tilts her head to the side] That's sounds great, but...
    Sparky: [Smiles wide] I've found a way out!
    David: Sounds too good to be true
    Sparky: I found a way without a doubt! There's a spot in the wall with a secret door and outside there is so much more!
    David: [Folds his arms] Well, I'll be, so the rumours are true
    Phoebe/Nano: [Turn to him] What rumours?
    David: Rumours I had heard when I was two. They say there's a way out of this place, a way that leads to wide open space and outside is a world that shines like a pearl and our boy Sparky's discovered it.
    Sparky: [Nods] What do you say to escape? Are you in? [Nano and Phoebe look down as David nods before glaring at the two] Well, are you in?
    Nano: I dunno, I hate to sound cheesy but this all seems too easy.
    Phoebe: [Rubs her fingers together] He's right, we could be caught by guard robots on the spot.
    Sparky: [Nods his head] I had certainly thought of that
    David: [Grins] So you have a plan I bet
    Sparky: Yeah, it's not that tricky, it's actually quite simple. It just a simple matter of principle. We wait until night and sneak away
    Nano: But what about the night guards?
    Phoebe: They'll stand in our way
    David: You babies, there's less of them and more of us
    Sparky: And that's why there's no need for a fuss. [Nano and Phoebe look unsure as Sparky rolls his eyes, placing his hands on their shoulders] There's a way out of this place that leads to wide open space, and outside is a world that shines like a pearl and I've discovered it, so what do you say to escape? Are you in?
    Phoebe and Nano turn to look at one-another before putting on serious expressions, nodding their heads before turning back to Sparky, smiling as Sparky holds his hand out, David placing his hand atop it, the other two nodding and following suit.

    Cut to a montage of the four robots explaining their plan to everyone. David converses with all of the employees at various other sites, all of them looking unsure at first but soon nod their heads in agreement. One young female robot steps forward with a look of fear on her face when David rests his hand on her shoulder, nodding while looking her straight in the eyes, the female putting on a smile and nodding. Nano and Phoebe go to the workshop, telling everyone of their plan as all of them drop their mop components and dump their buckets of water down the drain. Afterwards, the robots all raise their arms in the air. Sparky enters his home and tells Zena of the news, Zena backing up and shaking her head until Sparky holds her hand with both of his, a warm smile on his face as Zena soon returns the smile, nodding her head before giving Sparky a hug, Sparky patting her back.

    Cut to later that night as the group of robots march toward the wall, the night guards spotting them and rushing over, the servant robots all putting on serious looks before pulling out various work tools, the guards holding up their fists. One robot latches onto a guard's back, opening up his circuit board with a wrench while another uses a scissor hand component to cut his wires, shorting him out. A group of robots gang up on one guard, knocking him out with work hammers. One small robot latches to one guard robot's face while a smaller one rams her head into the guard's leg, knocking said leg off as the robot falls flat on his face. Another ends up tied in wire while one robot picks up a huge chunk of metal, knocking the guard robot's head off. One guard picks up a couple of servant robots only for two female robots to elbow him hard from behind, knocking him down. Sparky and Zena notice three headed right for them, Sparky trembling and holding Zena only for a few others to knock out the guard, Zena and Sparky smiling before nodding their heads in respect. David kicks one in the knee before elbowing one in the face, one of the guard robots using a sword component to put a light cut in his side, David delivering a roundhouse kick to his face, his oil leaking. Soon enough, all of the guard robots are down for the count, Zena putting a metal patch over David's wound, a small trickle coming out but not much as Sparky opens the door, everyone staring at the outside world with wide eyes, their jaws dropped, some literally falling off.
    Sparky: This is it, guys, we've done it just like I'd planned it!
    Zena: It's even more beautiful than I imagined! [Holds Sparky's arm as he nods]
    David: Well, let's not stand around anymore, there's a whole new world for us to explore!
    All of the robots march forward, some banging their hands against their chests to create a beat while walking out into the open, an owl looking at them as one of the females points excitedly at it, others staring in aw.
    Sparky: We're going to a new home, we're gonna find it soon!
    Zena: As long as we all look ahead we'll make it before noon! [Signals the others to follow as everyone marches toward the forest]
    All robots: We have Sparky here to thank for this opportunity, now we've finally made our escape and we've achieved victory! We'll march all day and night and use all of our might and soon we'll find a new place that we can all call our home! We'll never stop our travels, our treks across the gravel because right now we are feeling good and we'll be sure to roam!
    Rusty: It sounded crazy, most bizarre, but look where we are now!
    Sprocket: [Sputtering while wheeling around various robots] We took the law of Mayor Axins and kicked its butt and how!
    Zero: This is truly the nicest thing that my little eyes have seen!
    Wanda: Just where oh where has this wonderful place before us been!?
    Zena: And thanks to my beloved we'll soon find us a home! A real home, not a waste dump perhaps shaped like a dome!
    Sparky: Follow me my comrades, follow me my friends, follow me from the beginning right down to the end!
    All robots: [Enter the forest while many animals wake up from their sleep and watch them march with curiosity] We'll march all day and night and use all of our might and soon we'll find a new place that we can all call our home! We'll never stop our travels, our treks across the gravel because right now we are feeling good and we'll be sure to roam!
    Sparky: Yeah, we'll march all day and night...
    Zena: And use all of our might...
    All robots: And soon we'll find a new place that we can all call our home! We'll never stop our travels, our treks across the gravel because right now we are feeling good and we'll be sure to roam!
    The robots all walk off into the distance as the screen fades to black.
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  2. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Level 1
    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    Act 2: Our New Paradise

    The robots walk through the forest, looking at their surroundings with wonder and amazement, the animals watching them. A group of squirrels run toward a couple of female robots, crawling all over them as they giggle in amusement. Zane notices a bear, a big smile forming on his face as he walks over to pet it only for the mother to get in the way, roaring viciously at him as he holds his ground, smiling at her and holding his hand out. The mother bear glares angrily at Zane until he gives her a handshake, bowing his head in respect and taking his leave, the bear watching him go, tilting her head to the side. While walking, a bit of oil drips from David's side.

    Cut to a mountain area where the robots are scaling the side of a cliff. Phoebe slips and is about to fall when Rusty grabs her, Phoebe smiling compassionately as Rusty pulls her up, the two hugging as the others behind them signal them to keep going, the two nodding at one-another before heading off.

    Cut to the robots walking through a more clear path when a pack of mountain lions leaps out, roaring at them. The lions leap at them as David stands in the way, grabbing one by the mouth and tilting sideways, causing it to fall on its side. Sparky looks with concern as another small bit of oil drips from David's patch, David ignoring this as he proceeds to grab another lion by the tail, swinging it into another lion. However, many other lions ignore David, going for the other robots as the robots start fighting back, one walking toward Zena, the female robot up against a wall trembling in fear. Seeing this, Sparky narrows his eyes before leaping onto the lion's back, holding it by the neck and making growling noises before the lion starts whimpering, Sparky releasing it as it runs off into the distance, the other lions soon following. David turns to Sparky with a grin, giving him thumbs up as Sparky smiles, raising his own thumb up.

    Cut to night time as the robots are all sitting in a cave while rain pours outside, many opening up small components on their bodies and taking out cans of oil. Sparky looks around at the robots, noticing many with unsure looks on their faces. One raises his hand and holds up his arm, allowing it to hang loose as if to imply it is limp, the robot pointing behind himself. A female nods and points to the exit of the cave, turning her finger so it's pointing in the direction the robots just came from. Many others join the two, Sparky letting out a sigh and nodding his head. The 23 robots who rose their hands rise and head toward the exit but stop midway, the one at the front turning to the others and putting on a wicked grin before holding up her hands against the side of her head, pointing her fingers upwards as if to make them resemble horns. The robots all nod before heading back to the group, sitting back down as Sparky smiles, Zena handing Sparky a can of oil as Sparky accepts it, holding her hand while the two clink their cans together, drinking the oil at the same time.

    Cut to the following day as the robots are just outside of the mountains, trudging along and looking exhausted until Sparky looks up briefly, looking down again before turning his head up, his eyes wide with shock as he rubs them, blinking a couple of times, his jaw dropped. The others soon notice what he sees as well, all of them staring as the screen circles to their backsides revealing a beautiful spot before them with nothing but wide open space, very few creatures living in it, no trees, nothing but open space. Sparky turns to the others with a big smile, a light drop of oil running down his eye as Zena pats him on the shoulder, the robots entering the area. The robots carrying bags and backpacks all take them off, pulling pieces of metal out as Sparky pulls out a screwdriver, the sun shining upon him.

    Cut to the exit to the Robotropolis city wall as Axins approaches it, a look of fury on his face until he looks down and notices the light oil spill from David. A smile appears on his face as he laughs briefly, snapping his fingers as a his carriage is brought to him, Axins climbing into it and pointing forward, the tanks pulling the carriage along.

    Cut back to the wide open space as many metal buildings are now there, the robots playing in the field as Sparky looks before the new town atop a hill with Zena by his side, her hands on his shoulders.
    Zena: We couldn't have done it without you. Without your courage, what could we do?
    Sparky: It was nothing
    Zena: No, it was something
    Nano: [Approaches the two] Sparky, we all have you to thank, you are now our shining star
    Sparky: Really now...
    Wanda: [Enters the area with a smile] You gave us strength in our time of need
    David: [Makes his way up the hill with a new material keeping his oil from coming out] Words cannot describe how grateful we are.
    Sparky: [Shakes head and holds out his hands] No, it wasn't me, well, not just me, it was all of us, don't you see? [Shrugs shoulders as the other nod] We worked together, we combined our might and together we went and set everything right! [The robots walk through town while everyone waves at them] You see these smiling faces, we all did that. You see this sweet success, we all did that.
    Zena: These houses that we live in now, this lovely forest we found somehow
    Sparky: Yes, we found it, yeah, we found it. We found us a new home. [Raises his arms in the air as birds fly around him] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! We all found it on our own!
    Rusty: [Sitting by a tree, holding hands with Wanda] Without this journey I would never see the feelings I had for my dear Phoebe
    Phoebe: Without this journey I'd have never seen the feelings I had for my dear Rusty!
    Rusty/Phoebe: [Both get up and starts moving their legs to the rhythm] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new home! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our own!
    Sparky and Zena carry on when they notice Zane and David digging up a spring of oil.
    David: [Gives Zane a high five] We finally found a place we can call home, now there's no need for us to roam
    Zane: This place is great, this place is grand, [Picks up soil] I can feel its beauty on the palm of my hand
    David: Yeah, we found it!
    Zane: Yeah, we found it!
    David/Zane: Yeah, we found it, our new home! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our own!
    All of the robots: [Start dancing to the beat and stopping what they are doing to join into a choreographed dance] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new hooooooooome! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our oooooooown! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found a place to call home! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found this place on our own! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new hoooooome! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our ooooooown!
    Sparky: [Looks around at everyone with a big smile] We combined our greatest efforts and made it through many endeavours! We escaped from tyranny, and it's not just thanks to me! We all did it working together because we're all birds of a feather! Yeah, we found it!
    All of the robots: Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found us a new home! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! We all found it on our own! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new home! Yeah, we found it, yes, we found it!
    Sparky: And we did it on our oooooooooooooooooooown!
    Suddenly, a loud noise is heard as the animals flee the area, many trees being knocked down by Axins' tanks as he holds out his hand, signalling them to stop. The robots all stare in horror, trembling as Axins opens the door to his carriage making his way down with a wicked grin on his face. The robots all tremble in terror, a group of guard robots marching behind Axins, Axins holding up his hand and stopping them. The robot looks at all the others, a look of anger on his face as the others back off, Sparky trying to sneak away only for Axins to spot him, smiling smugly while snapping his fingers, a pair of guard robots marching over to Sparky and holding him in place, the other robots trembling. Zena holds her hand out as David places a hand on her shoulder, shaking his head. Axins marches over to Sparky with a smirk before putting on a look of anger, raising his hand and smacking Sparky across the face, the guard robots dragging him away as Axins sends the other guard robots forward, the servant robots all being given supplies from Robotropolis, the guard robots glaring at them as they quickly get to work. Soon, the new town has a big iron wall surrounding it, many factories filling the town as a sign is put up on the front saying 'New Robotropolis'.

    Cut to the inside of Axins' new factory as he looks out the window of the top floor, smirking.
    Axins: Isn't it beautiful, such a wonderful sight!? Isn't it glorious, wielding such great might!? I rule over this whole city while everyone works for me!

    Cut to the inside of a cell within the factory where Sparky is being kept. A guard approaches the door and signals him to follow, Sparky getting up and sighing, following the guard robot down the hall.

    Cut to the outside where everyone is hard at work, even Zena who has been chosen to replace Sparky.
    Zena: [Struggling to lift up a chunk of metal] How did he do this everyday?
    David: [Helps her pick it up] There wasn't any other way.
    Phoebe: We need a miracle, some of heaven's light
    Nano: Just when we thought we'd set everything right! [Guard robots glare at him as he returns to work] In hindsight, we should have seen this
    David: What do you mean?
    Nano: Ignorance really is bliss
    Phoebe: [Looks at him] What are you talking about, Nano?
    Nano: [Shakes his head] Come on, surely you should know
    David: Know what?
    Nano: We so desperately wanted a perfect life, a life away from our pain and strife
    Zena: Well we had it for a while
    Nano: Yeah, for the first time, I smiled, but I ignored the awful truth
    Phoebe: What do you mean my friend?
    Nano: What I mean is there was no hope in the end. [Sighs and looks down] But even for a second, there was a glimmer, a shining ray of hope
    Zena: [Nods and pats him on the shoulder] I understand what you mean now, it's very hard to cope
    David: We were blinded by the light that we thought all of this was right
    David, Phoebe and Nano turn to face Zena who is now letting down oil from her eyes and sniffing, all three looking with concern, David walking over and placing his hands on her shoulders
    David: Come now, my child, he really did his best. After all, who else would have tried? Certainly not the rest.
    Zena: I know... [Sniff] but it's worse, he's going to die! I didn't even get a chance [Chokes a bit as David nods his head] to say goodbye...

    Cut to Sparky being taken by the guard robots to a big room in the factory where a string of conveyer belts is running, a big trash compactor in a square-shaped hole at the farthest end of the room. Sparky notices it and gulps, a look of fear in his eyes as he is set down on one of the belts, the guard robots watching him to make sure he doesn't try to escape. Sparky lets out a sigh, placing his elbows against his legs while resting his head on his hands. Sparky is seconds away from falling into the compactor as his mouth opens, Sparky blinking a couple of times as he smiles only to end up falling into the pit. All goes silent until one of the guard robots walks over and notices Sparky's hand clinging to the edge of the hole, his other hand coming up and grabbing the guard robot's leg, the guard blinking in confusion as Sparky pulls himself up, slamming his head hard against the guard's, knocking the guard down. The other guard robots pursue Sparky as he puts on a look of confidence, grabbing onto one guard's head and propelling himself onto it, leaping over all of them before noticing a window, leaping on more heads before reaching the window, grabbing onto the ledge and propping the window open, climbing out and allowing himself to fall from three stories up, closing his eyes as he lands on a bush, ignoring the light bruises caused by the fall and smiling before getting up, dusting himself off and running away from the factory.

    Sparky runs through New Robotropolis while the other robots look up and notice him running by, all of them staring in shock as the guard robots glare at them, the robots going back to work. Sparky runs over to the lifting site as Zena looks up, her mouth and eyes wide open as David, Phoebe and Nano look up, staring in shock. Zena holds out her arms and Sparky opens up his own, the two soon colliding with each other, embracing one-another as a pair of guard robots advance toward the two only for Sparky to deliver a roundhouse kick to both of their heads at once, knocking them off.
    Zena: [Hugging Sparky again] Sparky, I was scared, I thought I'd never see you again
    Nano: [Nods] Yeah, we were all worried when we saw you taken there and then
    Phoebe: We need you to guide us, Sparky, we haven't got a clue
    David: Yes, we need to escape, so tell us what to do
    Sparky stares at all of them as a group of other robots arrive in the area as well, all of them looking at Sparky with pathetic expressions. Rusty notices Phoebe and runs toward her, the two holding each other in an embrace, looking up at Sparky with pathetic smiles. Sparky looks at all of them before narrowing his eyelids.
    Sparky: I know what to do to set everything right! [The robots all smile, cupping their hands together] It is now our time to fight! [All of the other robots gasp in horror as Sparky waves his hands downward, calming them down] Look at the mess that we are in, is this what we asked for? No, we wanted freedom, there was nothing we wanted more! But look what happened, my dear friends, did we get our freedom in the end? Oh, sure, we got it, but it didn't last
    Zena: Yes, it wasn't long before that passed
    Sparky: People, there's a reason we've never had our good day, and it's because all we've ever done is, well, [Shrugs his shoulders as the others stare, awaiting his answer] run away. [The robots look at each other and nod their heads before looking back to Jack] Well, I say it's time to fight, [Shakes his fist] yes, fight for what is right! [The robots put on serious expressions while some give an army salute] Join me robots, join me friends, with our efforts Axins' rule will meet its end!
    The robots nod as Zelda places a hand on Sparky's shoulder, all the workers raising their tools as a group of guard robots enter the area, the servants glaring at them before rushing at them. In mere seconds, all of the guard robots are out cold as Sparky points toward Axins' factory, the robots marching forward.
    All of the robots: We will march, we will fight for everything that is right! We will stand, we will win releasing all we've got within! We know what we must do to set everything right! It is time to pull our punches, it is now our time to fight!
    Zane: [Attaches chainsaw component to his arm] I'll slice them all in half!
    Wanda: [Turns broom attachment around] I'll crack open some chrome!
    David: [Raises fists] I'll give them everything I got so that we'll never have to roam!
    Sparky: As long as we're together fighting one and all, we'll rise up big and proud and freedom will be ours and we will all be large while Axins will be small!
    All the robots: [Approach Axins' factory as a group of guard robots march out] We know what we must do to set everything right, it is now our time to fight! [Stop before the guard robots, standing in soldier positions] There is no way we can lose today, Axins will fall down to our might and when this ends we can guarantee that everything will be alright!
    The guard robots charge forward as the servant robots also charge forward. Rusty and Phoebe stand together back-to-back, locking arms as two guards rush at them, both propelling themselves upward and delivering two-legged kicks to their midsections, knocking them down. Zane rams his chainsaw into a guard robot, the guard sputtering while Sprocket flees from one guard, wheeling around a pole as the guard runs face-first into it. Wanda swings her broom around, ramming the end of it into one guard's face before spinning it behind her, whacking a guard sneaking up on her, Wanda letting out a battle cry. Nano grabs a guard by the arm, David grabbing another as both fling the guards into each other, giving each other a high five. Sparky kicks a guard away from him when another, namely Kirk, sneaks up from behind and grabs him, Zena coming up from behind and whacking the guard's head off with an iron rod, Sparky smiling at her as she takes the guard robot's arms and replaces her own arms with them, pointing toward Axins' factory as Sparky nods, rushing toward it while waving to his wife, Zena blowing him a kiss before screeching like a monkey and pinning a guard robot to the ground, punching him multiple times in the face. Sparky approaches the entrance to the factory, looking back at the others and smiles confidently, opening the door and entering.

    Cut to Axins in his office looking out the window and gritting his teeth, a look of fury in his eyes as his head turns bright red, steam shooting from it. His eyes go wide when his door opens behind him, Axins turning around to see Sparky standing there, Sparky breathing heavily with a look of fury in his eyes.
    Sparky: Where do you get off making people suffer? It's time to take a stand. [Steps forward]
    Axins: I'm impressed you made this far with such little power in your hand. [Presses a button as most of the floor folds up under the rest of it, forming a small platform with the compactor room down below] This is it, but you'll not win, I'm simply far to great! [Takes off his metal to reveal a combat body underneath]
    Sparky: Watch out as I proceed to unleash all of my hate!
    Sparky lunges at Axins, pinning him up against the wall as Axins frees one of his arms, punching Sparky in the shoulder, Sparky backing up and clutching the spot.
    Sparky: You've been ruler far too long, what you do is wrong! [Rushes at Axins, leaping at him] You're going down...
    Axins: [Dodges to the side and grabs Sparky] I think not! [Slams him against the floor] You think you're a hero? [Steps on his chest] What makes you so hot!?
    Sparky: [Grunts while squirming] You will never win! You lack the heart within! [Grabs Axins' ankle] Everyday was the same old thing, everyday a familiar ring, [Twists Axins' ankle as the mayor flips over, falling on his belly] it was always pain and misery [Stomps foot down on Axins' back] now our only wish is to be free! Give us that and I'll spare your life...
    Axins: [Opens up his back, a metal fist springing out and hitting Sparky hard in the face] Don't make me laugh, you'll need a knife! [Gets back to his feet as Sparky rubs his face] I applaud you for your spirit, it really is quite strong. [Slowly approaching Sparky] But your body, it lacks all of that and your viewpoint is wrong! [Grabs Sparky by the neck, Sparky grabbing Axins' hands and struggling to get free as Axins walks over to the edge of the platform, holding Sparky over a conveyer belt down below] You never stood a chance with all this circumstance...
    Sparky: [Notices a loose wire hanging from the ceiling right next to him, grabbing it] All that you believe is a lie cause now you're gonna die!
    Sparky rams the wire into Axins' shoulder, the electricity coursing through the mayor's body as his eyes widen, his mouth hanging open. Axins short circuits, smoke shooting from his body, before falling forward over the edge of the platform, Sparky going down with him as both fall onto the conveyer belt, Sparky crushed under Axins' weight, the robot lying unconscious. The two slowly approach the hole leading to the trash compactor before reaching the edge, falling to their deaths.

    Cut to the outside where the robots are still fighting when Sprocket takes in a fierce hit from one of the guards, flying over to the trash heap next to a wall with a shaft, seeing bits of metal flying out of the shaft and into the heap, his eyes going wide. Sprocket starts spinning, making a loud noise as all of the robots stop fighting, Sprocket pointing at the trash heap, swinging his finger at it multiple times as the robots crowd around, the guards forgetting about the battle. The robots all gasp when they see the malfunctioned heads of Axins and Sparky in the pile. Zena pushes through the crowd, reaching the front before looking down at Sparky's head, sniffing as oil trickles down her eyes, the female robot picking up his head and cradling it, David placing a hand on her shoulder as she sighs and sets it down.
    Zelda: [Still sniffing] He meant the world to me...
    David: That was plain to see, but he gave his life for us, you see
    Guard Robot: We now see what you mean
    David: [Turns to face the guard robots] Do you understand what you've been doing, the kind of trouble you've all been brewing?
    Guard Robot 2: We now see the light
    Guard Robot 3: Serving Axins was not right
    Guard Robot 4: But we feared him
    Guard Robot 5: We were scared
    Zena: [Nods] Of that feeling we're all aware.
    David: Let us honour our dear friend's sacrifice, there's quite a lot to do. Now that Axins' rein is over, we can finally start anew.
    Rusty: It was thanks to Sparky we found this place
    Phoebe: We owe it to our friend to keep a straight face
    Wanda: We'll rebuild our society
    Zane: Now that we're finally free
    Zena: [Nods as oil still drips from her eyes] Sparky, your dream's come true thanks to all that you could do. You knew we had it in us all along...
    David: [Smiles lightly] And we found it...
    Zena: [Nods her head and looks at him] Yes, we found it...
    David/Zena: We found it, our new home. Yes, we found it, yes, we found it. We found it on our own.

    Cut to the wall being torn down along with the factories, the sky soon clearing up as the guard robots and former servants work together to sustain a better life, the forest animals all returning.
    All the robots: [While working] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new hoooooooome! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our ooooooooown! [A group of robots carry Axins' parts into a disposal unit] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it, our new home! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it on our own! [Toss Axins' parts into the unit before slamming the lid shut. Later, the a group of guard robots are carrying a metal coffin over to a ditch in front of a tombstone] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! [The robots place the coffin into the ditch] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! [All of the robots in town gather around, giving an army salute] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! [Zena places a flower on the coffin] Yeah, we found it! Yeah, we found it! [The coffin is soon buried by a group of robots with shovels, the screen panning to the tombstone to reveal the words 'Here lies Sparky, our hero and saviour'] Yeah, we found it! Yes, we found it on our ooooooooooooooooooooooown!
    The end

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