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ROM Hacks Section Rules

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Reckless, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. Reckless

    Reckless Won't take the easy road

    Jan 11, 2013
    In no particular order....

    Don't double/triple/continually post
    If possible, please avoid posting more than once. If you wish to add something to the thread, but you've already posted and no-one has posted since we would advise you to make use of the edit button. If you made a double or triple post then please inform me, Reckless, and I'll gladly remove it.

    Restrict posting spam to the Spambox subsection
    Want to profess your love for apples? Feel the need to repeat the same word over and over again? Well, please confine said instances of 'unwanted' posts to the spam section, which is a kind of melting pot for that behaviour.

    To clarify, any post that contains less than 10 words or simply consists of "I like pie" will be considered spam and thus removed. If you come across spam, or off-topic posts, please help us out by reporting the spam post.

    This section is strictly for the discussion of ROM Hacking
    If you wish to talk about your own original game development ventures, then please do so here.

    Linking to commercially available ROMs is prohibited
    Posting download links to ROM games that are ripped copies of the genuine article will lead to the handing out of infractions on the spot, without question. We are aware that we're threading choppy legal waters as it is given the tricky nature of Game Development, but we ask that you do not encourage piracy by linking to torrents and other means with which to download .nds files and other other types of files that can be emulated.

    Whilst discussions about ROM'ing in general and questions concerning "How to do X" in a ROM are allowed, we ask that you only make topics about either of these subjects whilst using this section.

    Adhere to Lake Valor's general rules, be respectful of fellow posters and most of all don't flame
    LV's general rules can be found here. We strive to be a homely community here, so whilst swearing is permitted, we would advise you to keep it to a minimum. Treat other posters as you would like to be treated.

    Lastly, do no purposely bait members into inciting arguments. Anyone caught 'flaming' will be dealt with as necessary. If you notice someone getting out of hand, please help us by reporting it.

    If you are unsure about something, please contact Reckless.
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