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SaSS Entry: Ball of Fire

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Thunder, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. Thunder

    Thunder The Alolan Archer

    Apr 19, 2015
    The beach was hot as lava,it was like standing on steaming rocks.I ran into the sea,it cooled my feet right down.I looked up at the sun,hands slightly covering my eyes so I wouldn't go blind from looking at the bright light that made the beach so warm.I sat down and let the water down my feet in fresh liquid.I watched as the waves crashed against the shore like cymbals.The seagulls were flying like planes,each flap of wings ringed in my ears as if the sound was as loud as 2 drums being played at top volume.Of course it was like this,it was calm,quiet,my parents were sunbathing and I relaxed by the waves.That all changed.It was no longer calm,rowdy tourists entered the beach.The sound of gulls flapping their wings was drowned by shouting,sneezing,coughing,all sorts of noises.I became very angry,I looked back at the sun,it was starting to go down."Great,just great!",I said to myself,"Now I can't enjoy the sunset!",I turned to the guide,"Hello,sir?Would you mind leaving,you've sort of broken the tranquillity of the beach...Would you mind leaving?",the man turned to me,his face was pale,his eyes,red with anger.
    "You think.I'll just leave?!",the man said,the tourists took a step back,"Listen here,kid,my tourists want to see the highlights of Wales,so I intend to show them that!So why don't you run along and get some ice cream,huh?",the man walked on and I scowled.I returned to my place beside the sea and lay down on the sand.

    I woke up on the sand,the night was cold,the waves were still and the area was empty.How long had I slept?How did my family forget me?I'm all alone on the beach!I got up and brushed the sand off my body,I walked to the exit gate at the end of the beach but before I could get there two men approached me,each with a menacing smile."Hello there...Boy,where are your parents,don't worry we'll take you home,isn't that right Billy?",the other one nodded,"I'm Boris,this is Bean,we're here to...Take you hahahaha!",the man scooped me off my feet and carried me into the truck.I was beaten and silenced.The noise scared me as we approached a small hut.They took me in to an office,where a tall man sat,in a suit,smoking a cigar.The man spoke slowly and sinisterly,"Hello boy,you might wonder why you are here,hmm?Let me tell you,you are going to die,you were on the beach at the time I own it,9pm to 3am.Meaning you now belong to me!",I shook my head repeatedly,but I couldn't muster the courage to speak!The men took me to a cellar,I was thrown in,no-one to talk to,alone.

    I woke up the morning light made my eyes scrunch up.I looked around the cellar,"Hmm...Wait a second,what's this?",I walk over to a small bucket that was a substitute for when I needed the loo,but behind it was a small hole,I could fit through it,just about.I took my chance and I squirmed into the hole.After crawling through the dark hole,I reached a vent,I looked out of it,the coast was clear.I lifted the metal plate the covered the hole and I stood out,I ran to the door and opened it.I was outside,away from the criminals.I ran and ran,before I knew it the men,Boris and Billy,were chasing me!I ran with all my might and I reached the beach,people were everywhere,the men couldn't take me now!I laughed and entered the beach,I'd lost them for good,I went home and explained the whole story.

    I woke up on the sand."Huh?What happened?",it was still light on the beach,my parents were still there,I must've been dreaming!What a dream that was!

    The End
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