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SASS: Sweet, sweet salt

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by toao, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. toao

    toao the one and only

    Jun 6, 2015
    Open my eyes.

    Lying on soft fabric. Underneath a parasol blocking the extensive sun.

    I get up and feel the wind spread past my limbs.

    Move two steps ahead. Sand.

    As if floating, my bare feet continue. Lead me toward the vast sea lurking ahead.

    The sand is warm and moist, the air soft and dry.

    An overwhelming salty smell. Laughter in the distance, sandcastles facing me.

    Harsh wind pulling my hair

    A layer of sweat and sunscreen enshrouds me. Mosquito bites itch my legs. Don't scratch; scratching will only make it worse.

    My feet don't pause. Destination is in clear sight, and my feet have their own minds set on it.

    Children and adults alike playing in the water. Inflatable balls thrown back and forth. A fake shark, an air mattress.

    Sand is turning moister.

    Past the castles, over the moats, arriving where all the abandoned houses lay.

    Liquid meets skin. Goosebumps and shivers as I continue forward into the water.

    I walk on and on, the water reaching higher and higher.




    Belly button.

    I stop, close my eyes.

    No sound to be heard.

    No wind, no water.

    My feet detach from the ground. I float up, feel the heat on my skin.

    I drift forth, water gently touching my back.

    Waves take me north and south, east and west.

    Fabric glued to my body, as a second skin.

    Open my eyes.

    Breeze, laughter, the smell of salt.

    But all nowhere to be found.

    The beach is gone, the sea took its place.

    Fire burns beneath the surface.

    Melody of the fish, accomponied by the rhythm of the wind.

    Tilt my head and roll over. Nose underwater.

    Then mouth.

    Then eyes.

    My ears move last.

    Breathe inside, music in the water.

    A peaceful stream makes my hair dance.

    Salty seawater intrudes my mouth. My face slowly leaves the sea.

    Ears, eyes, mouth and nose. All above again.

    Breeze, laughter, the smell of salt.

    The beach faces me, and I calmly swim back.

    Out of the water. Belly button, thighs, knees, ankles.


    The sand finds its way up my feet, embracing them dearly.

    I sit back down on my towel, the parasol blocking the extensive sun.

    My wet skin slowly dries, clothes won't come loose.

    The salty water left curls in my hair, as well as an overwhelming scent.

    Close my eyes again.

    Summer has always been my favourite season.
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