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Scarlet/Violet Shiny Hunting Tips & Resources (WIP)

Discussion in 'Switch Pokémon Games' started by Ryan, Jan 4, 2023.

  1. Ryan

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    Nov 21, 2012
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    writing a shiny hunting guide speedrun any %

    Fundamentals of Shiny Hunting


    Understanding how Pokémon are spawned and despawned makes a huge difference in effective shiny hunting.

    How Pokémon are Generated

    In Legends Arceus, every Pokémon on the map was generated when you entered that specific map. The attributes of everything you encountered in that instance was predetermined. This includes shininess/species/gender/nature/IVs.

    In Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon are generated once they're within your "line of sight". More accurately, they're generated and spawned in a radius around your character (from all directions). When they're despawned, they're permanently banished to the abyss, and new Pokémon can then spawn in their place. This quick despawn-new spawn is the foundation of efficient shiny hunting in Scarlet and Violet.

    beautiful art.png

    Spawning Mechanics

    15 Pokémon can be on screen at any given time. For new Pokémon to appear, an equivalent amount of the current 15 must perish. Freeing up the 15 'slots' can be done by moving out of range, entering a city, starting a picnic, or catching/KOing the Pokémon.

    There are two types of encounters:
    • Individual
      Pokémon that spawn one by one. An individual needs only 1 of the 15 slots. There are a couple of types of individual spawns:
      • Dynamic
        Dynamic spawns can be any Pokémon pulled from the location's spawn pool. This is random.
      • Static
        Static spawns, fortunately, are rare. They'll be in the same place for every player. Wild terastallized Pokémon are also static spawns. They take up 1 slot. Static shiny hunting won't be covered in this guide, as the rate is always full odds (1/4096) and I don't enjoy suffering.
    • Families/Packs
      there's nothing stronger than family
      Families/packs of Pokémon spawn in groups of five. They need 5 of the 15 slots. If 5 slots are not available, families/packs will not spawn. Knowing this is important in maintaining your mental health, especially for shiny Roaring Moon.

    Shiny Rate Boosts

    Unless you're a full-odds (1/4096) hunter, you'll want to boost your shiny rate. There are a few ways of doing this.

    Shiny Charm

    The shiny charm adds two rolls to each encounter. This is obtained by catching every non-event Pokémon in Pokédex. Beside static spawns, your base shiny rate becomes 1/1365.67.

    Mass Outbreaks

    Mass outbreaks will increase your odds as you KO or catch Pokémon. 30 Pokémon defeated adds one roll, and 60 defeated will add another roll, for two rolls total.


    Scarlet & Violet Shiny Sandwich Recipes by Papa Jefé
    All recipes in the above link and in this post are from YouTuber Papa Jefé.




    Sandwiches are the most significant boost in fun/hour when shiny hunting because of the methods it opens up. The Sparkling power significantly increases your chances of finding a shiny. The Encounter power (99%) guarantees that if there's a Pokémon with the matching type in the area, only that Pokémon will spawn. Changing biomes (i.e., going from grass to desert or grass to a river) can cause other Pokémon to spawn until you move back.

    Herba Mystica are required for every level of the Sparkling power. Salty and Spicy Herba Mystica are used in making the most simple versions of the sandwiches, but other kinds will work as well.

    Getting Herba Mystica sucks, but if you have a friend who has them, you can get the boosts for 'free'. Make sure your friend turns autosave off, and saves right before making the sandwich in Union Circle.

    Using the Group Sharing Shiny Sandwich recipes (fourth image in the Imgur album and above spoiler tag) will give everyone who contributes to making the sandwich the shiny hunting trifecta: Sparkling 3/Title 3/Encounter [Type] 3. After the sandwich is made and everyone's received the effect, the friend/host can close the game. They'll keep their ingredients, and you'll keep the powers for 30 minutes.

    Closing/restarting the game will get rid of powers immediately. Powers only last for 30 minutes. To save materials, save before making the sandwich and reset if you don't get the shiny.

    Methods are a WIP

    pls forgive me i am sleepy

    Misc. Tips

    • Save before fighting a shiny. You can reload if anything goes wrong, the shiny will still be there.
    • Have a dedicated catching Pokémon.Technician Breloom with False Swipe and Spore, paired with a Lumineon that knows Soak for Grass or Ghost Types.
    • Check what moves your shiny knows before you fight it. Some of them have moves with recoil or self-KO moves.
    • If you're breeding for a shiny Pokémon, use the Masuda method (one Pokémon in your game's language, one in a different language, much higher shiny chance).
    • Don't make sandwiches for Egg Power 2. You can get it at a restaurant slightly northeast of the Cascarrafa (West) Pokémon Center.
    • Egg Power helps with hatching eggs too. It stacks with the Flame Body/Steam Engine ability.
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  2. fourdollar

    fourdollar Bug Catcher

    Level 6
    Jan 3, 2023
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Dragon Scale ★★★Heart Scale ★★
    i have some extra resources for sandwich hunting that i thought i would post here!
    got the okay from LassusVulpes to post some links that aren't from my social media, but please let me know if i need to take them down; i am happy to edit or remove links as desired :-)
    i'm not super sure how to embed the imgur stuff, so it's just links - hope y'all don't mind.

    here is an alternate set of recipe instructions for sparkling power lvl 3 / title power lvl 3 / encounter power lvl 3, created by Silent Destroyer on Twitter (providing as an imgur post since the social media is not mine, but feel free to reverse image search or look at their media on twitter for the original post itself).
    the ingredients used are not quite the same as those in the recipes provided by Papa Jefé, but i've tested some of them myself and they seem to work just as well.

    here is a sandwich simulator for scarlet and violet! it's hosted on github.
    you can use this to build custom sandwiches with your desired effects, without having to save and mess around with sandwich ingredients in the game. saves a lot of time! hit toggle search panel to start from the sandwich recipes provided to you within the game. you can also save and load one recipe at a time (though i believe you have to have not copied anything else after this for it to still be available to you). tapping ingredients in the gray bar (third from the top) will remove them, and clicking on ingredients in the red or blue bars will add them to your sandwich.

    here is a google sheets spreadsheet created by Anubis on Twitter that contains all of the data for sandwich ingredients and seasonings in scarlet and violet, if you'd like to build your sandwiches from scratch based off of numbers (fair warning, this is a little difficult to do and you should probably save before you build the sandwich or confirm the end results in the sandwich simulator just in case). i can't find the original post at the moment, but it should also be easily searchable. this is just a straight link to google sheets.

    lastly, this one's a little more for fun than the previous links: a list of ingredient recipes for humungo power lvl 2. this list was created by u/Jezonebouk on Reddit and compiled into an image by miggtorr on Twitter (although it was shared through a discord server by him so you won't find a post for it).
    i've gone through and confirmed that all of these work. if you hunt without herba mystica, then you could get yourself a larger pokémon (although you would be sacrificing encounter sandwiches). this is on imgur, with photos of all of the recipes working on my copy of scarlet (with other powers included).
    i'm going to come back and add the recipes on the side of my game screenshots at some point, but i don't have time for that right now so it's just the base screenshots themselves in addition to the list.

    some other notes:
    • you do not have to have the top piece of bread on a sandwich for it to work. if you think putting the top piece on will cause ingredients to fall off your sandwich, move the top piece of bread to where it will not land on top of the sandwich (i use top right or left corner of the screen) and hit A.
    • starting a picnic will remove all pokémon spawns, which is super useful for outbreak hunts if you want to go faster. you don't even have to make a sandwich, just start a picnic and then leave.
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