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ShiroKyun's Spring Break Commissions

Discussion in 'Market' started by ShiroLugia, Apr 3, 2016.

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  1. ShiroLugia

    ShiroLugia ✂ No Longer Human.

    Aug 7, 2014
    - - I'm in need of some cash to buy lots of gifts for friends, so I'm opening some spring time commissions for a few weeks! I will do my best and finish them in order of request, all drawings will be watermarked until payment is sent. If you have any questions, please let post them in the thread, examples are provided under the cuts!!

    *Customs are characters, usually Pokémon gijinkas I create for you!!
    *C-style is a different form of chibi
    *If you have a special request, please post the details here!!

    Full Body:
    **These two are customs!!**[​IMG][​IMG]

    C-Style Chibi:
    Standard Chibi:

    Thank you very much!!​
    LV Slots currently: ​
    waiting list:​
    *Items will be finished in order of request. Thank you!!
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