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Sign Language Gibberish at Nelson's Funeral

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Oim, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Oim

    Oim Banned

    Nov 22, 2012

    At Nelson Mandela's funeral, there was this guy who was supposed to interpret an address by Barrack Obama into sign language for the deaf. The problem was, his signs were just random hand movments that amounted to gibberish, something like "big fish little fish, can I have a cigarette". Something like that.

    I heard this on the news playing at McDonalds which I went to this morning to do some wifi stuff. I laughed out loud right there in the McDonalds, I find it fucking hilarious. The guy went into hiding from media but they found him, and his excuse was momentary mental illness. To quote the guy:

    Mental illness itself is not funny, but this situation certainly is! Gibberish sign language with random arm movments on one of the most watched things around the world this decade. The guy still calls himself, and I quote, "a champion interpreter". I lauged at that too.

    What's your take on it? Insulted? Do you feel pity? Do you also find it hilarious?
  2. Fooze

    Fooze Rival

    May 31, 2013
    I found the whole memorial disgraceful. When hundreds of countries' dignitaries are invited to such a memorial you would think that the crowd would behave respectfully and not carry on like children. There was one instance in which the master of ceremonies had to interrupt the Vice President of India during his speech to calm down a section of the crowd that were apparently playing instruments. Not to mention some lady who had the nerve to bring a vuvuzela to such an occasion.

    The TV station that was airing the memorial had a separate deaf sign language interpreter that appeared in a block alongside the coverage. I noticed half-way through the memorial, sometime during Mr. Obama's speech, that the two interpreters hand actions were completely different. The only thing this guy did was touch his forehead and place his hands in an 'm' shape each time.

    I find it thoroughly disappointing that such a thing would happen especially during Mandela's memorial. My question is, who in the right mind would allow a man onto the stage with so called 'mental' problems in the first place? The stadium was full of security guards but no one decided to do a background check on someone that was so close to the president? Apart from that he's been charged for murder, attempted murder, rape, housebreaking and damage to property. Clearly, he shouldn't have been anywhere near the stage.

    It truly is an embarrassment.
  3. Halcyon Storm

    Halcyon Storm Joking motive

    Level 11
    Sep 25, 2013
    All I can think of is the deaf people, watching him, and just sitting there like what the fuck?!?
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