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Original Snipped Apart

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by LassusVulpes, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes Eclipse Holder

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 55
    Sep 2, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    This story, takes place in England in an off timezone, where it has magic, and also technology.
    I'd rate it uhhh Pg-13, there'll be gore, alcohol, and smoking. but that's about it.

    Criticism appreciated, Comments also Appreciated

    oeky bye bye

    I'll also try and start each chapter off with a bit of an interloo, to either summarize the last chapter, or try and give my thoughts off on comments.

    I've spent, wayyy to long on this than it should've but this first chapter should help, introduce the characters, set the mood, and just allow me to post this cause i've stalled too long on it heh.

    "You're finished!" a male voice boomed. Two girls were sent flying back through a grassy field, The left having crimson eyes, and rose red hair, the right having bright blonde yellow hair, and yellow eyes that catch the eye quickly.

    The two stagger to their feet, readying their swords for the next attack. "Sister, how're you doing?" The Rose asked, wiping dirt off her shoulder . The Blonde looked at the rose "I'm doin fine. But you took a deep hit there sis . . ." Her words of concern had no phase on the rose, they kept a stern expression, no fear to be seen.

    The two of them looked back to the male voice. It was a large set of armor that broke off into many segments, a large claymore in hand."Let's do this" the two of them called in unison. Both run into a sprint, dashing towards the armored foe. "Sister, jump off my blade" The rose called over.

    The blonde jumps onto her sisters blade and goes airborne. She twirls around, yellow rose petals dance out of her hair and cloth. With a glare down to her foe she swings her sword down knocking its claymore out of their hand. Landing behind it , she swings cracking the arm.

    The Rose charges forward and knocks the armor's knees. And the giant falls down to the ground. "Let's finish them Sister." The red rose calls over in a chime. The yellow rose dashed over, sword in hand. "Finishing move... Petal dance!" The two chime in unison, placing their blades together , and clapping down in the motion of a pair of scissors. The armor’s helmet tumbling to the ground, and rolling in a circle on the ground.

    The two sisters high fived, and just like that. a loud chirping sound came out of the armor suit. The two looked at one another, and the yellow rose walked forward...




    The sound of a bird screaming its throat out woke up the Yellow Rose, Her long hair tangled, cowlicks all around. She wasn't the most angelic sleeper. Sitting up in her bed, she looked out the window. Seeing a nest of common blackbirds, with babies calling out for their mother. A courtyard with bushes o' plenty. Two butlers conversing, and a line of guards in training.

    The Yellow rose yawned, and looked to her side. "Sister already awake. . . as per usual." She giggled to herself. She sat in bed staring out the window for a few minutes before eventually starting to get out of bed.

    Her sweatpants caught the end of the bed and she stumbled a bit. "Stupbed frameame.." She muttered, knowing fully well it was her own depth perception at fault. Grabbing a batch of clothing she got dressed into appropriate attire , but keeping her pajamas on underneath.

    Walking out of her room, she saw her sister down the hall tidying up the paintings hung on the wall. She slammed her foot down to the ground "HARRRAAAAA!" The yellow rose yells and charges at the rose. "EHP" Hara calls out as the Yellow rose oomes charging out at her.

    The yellow Rose tackles Hara to the ground in a bear hug, Both parties laughing. "Mornin to you too Ginger." Hara giggles.

    "Bit of a rude wake up call, wouldn't you say? Having to deal with your yelling . . . " a female voice comes out from behind a door. "Oop, sorry Mrs Gelsey!" Ginger chimed, a big grinning smile on her face. Hara blushed and cupped her hands to her waist. "Sorry for the disturbance Mrs. Gelsey, it will not happen again."

    Gelsey chuckled. "Better not, if it does I'll make sure you have to trim Reyd's ingrown toenails."

    "ewwwww" both girls replied before giggling. "Well you two run along, I got some work I need to finish." Gelsey placed her hand on the door and started to close it. She halts for a second as the two girls run off. "Oh and Hara."

    Hara turns around. "Yes Mrs Gelsey?"

    "Nice dress today Kiddo." Gelsey closes the door . And with a clack, the door was locked. Hara blushed and tried to shuffle away, but was too slow. And was placed in a headlock by Ginger , rubbing her hair. "Someones gettin all the speciall attentionn!" Ginger playfully gests, before letting Hara go. "And yeah, she's right. You do have a nice dress on today."

    Hara stepped forward a bit, flourished the dress, It was black, with a Crimson lace tied around the hemline , Scatterings of a rose bush from the waist down. Crimson heels that complimented with her braids that wrapped around her head like a snake

    Ginger clapped, and the two of them continued down the hall making commotion, the groan of adults trying to work, wasn’t abnormal when those two were around. “Not born together in blood, but still see one another as true siblings.” One of the butlers muttered as the two girls chatted loudly .

    “Miss Gerica, my lord. These two . . . Gremlins must be dealt with! We can’t get any work done with all the screaming, and distractions!” Cried one of the many butlers. “They are mere kids, if you cannot handle their cry. You shall never hold their love.” a low grainy voice replied to the aggravated butler.

    “I don’t need their damned love, I need their yapping to stop!” The butler slams his foot to the ground. “Bruce, you’ll wrinkle your tux if you keep up these rigid movements, and I’ll have no choice but to fire you.” Miss Gerica raised her finger off her arm chair, and a low purple orb broke a part of her finger. “And you would hate to be fired. Wouldn’t you?”

    Bruce looked at the twisted grin on Gerica’s face, “Y-Yes ma’am. I’d . . . despise losing this job…” He straightened his posture “I will learn to live with these kids, even if it’s the last thing I do. Pardon me for wasting your time.” The butler bows and turns to leave.

    “One thing before you go Bruce.” Gerica called over . “Make sure, Ginger goes to sleep on time today.”

    The butler’s brain traveled off to memories of fights with Ginger to go to bed . “Yes ma’am.” He spoke with hesitation.

    “And then the big turkey tumbled off the table, and all the juices went flying across the room!” Ginger and Hara were talking about the Christmas feast a few years ago. “Hey, don’t we have sword sparring with old man Wally?” Ginger asked.

    “I think so? Let’s go ask Miss Gerica. RACE YA THERE!” Hara yelled as she started running “EH! No fair!” Ginger called before dashing after her.

    “Do you honestly think. These kids are worthy enough to be in your army?” A lean tenor voice spoke.

    “Positive, they. Are my Seraphs if I can make them break. I can reign supreme. And if I fail to break one, they start to question things. I can easily slaughter the other . To place them back in line to break. For now, I have them training on swordsmanship, so that when they do break. They at least know how to handle their own weight.” The low grainy voice of Gerica spoke.

    “If you insist. However, I doubt your reasoning. If you wished for breaking, why not torture? It’s an effective way to get answers, why not use it to break the girls?” the tenor spoke again

    “Fraine, I suggest that if you wish to leave with your head.” The dark queen stood from her throne of an office chair. Walking towards the tenor.

    “I’m afraid if you cut my head, you will lose one of your strongest men.” Crossing his arms Fraine gleamed at the queen through curled hair. He snickered as the queen clenched her fist to her desk.

    “The council is meeting tonight, we can discuss this more there. But for now, I need to go. Don’t want to keep Dvalin waiting. He’s been gathering more and more energy lately, feel like he’s gonna bloom soon.”

    Fraine walks backwards and tips out the window and with a burst of flames he vanishes. The Queen's grip on the table becomes more stern as she stares at the spray of papers around the desk.

    With a spray of swears under her breath she stands up straight, and as she’s taking a breath….

    Knok knock

    “Enter.” Gerica called to the door. Income the two Roses. “Heya Mum!” Ginger chimed.

    “Don’t you two have cabinets to unhinge?” Gerica walked back to her desk and sat back in her ‘throne’

    “Hehe, not right now. We forget, do we have sword practice today?” Ginger stuck her tongue out slightly and rubbed her head.

    Gerica sighed “Yes, you do. It’s Thursday.” The Queen sighed and started to file out paperwork, it seemed like when she started to clean up her piles, more and more papers appeared.

    “Just. . . please leave me be for now, as Queen I am a very busy woman.” Gercia gritted her teeth, her dark purple hair dripping down from her clenched hand.

    “Okay, have funnn~” Ginger chimed as she walked out , dragging a confused Hara along with her. “Well, what do you wanna do while we wait, Hara?”

    Hara’s face glowed and a big grin formed, “I want to…. Head to the gardens.

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