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Pokémon Anime Some of Ash's Reserved Pokémon Missing Their Physical Appearance in the Journeys Series, Thus Far…

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by ThomasP, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. ThomasP

    ThomasP PKMN Breeder

    Level 56
    Nov 3, 2021
    Thus far, some of Ash's reserved Pokémon residing at Professor Oak's Laboratory and at Professors' Kukui and Burnet's home, that had physically appeared in the Journeys series, thus far, include:
    1. Bulbasaur
    2. Charizard
    3. Muk
    4. Tauros
    5. Snorlax
    6. Heracross
    7. Bayleef
    8. Quilava
    9. Totodile
    10. Donphan
    11. Corphish
    12. Infernape
    13. Buizel
    14. Oshawott
    15. Pignite
    16. Krookodile
    17. Talonflame
    18. Hawlucha
    19. Noivern
    20. Rowlet
    21. Lycanroc
    22. Incineroar
    23. Melmetal
    But sadly, the rest of Ash's reserved Pokémon, along with the rest of the Squirtle Squad, that did not physically appear in the Journeys series include:
    1. Squirtle
    2. Kingler
    3. Primeape
    4. Noctowl
    5. Swellow
    6. Sceptile
    7. Torkoal
    8. Glalie
    9. Staraptor
    10. Torterra
    11. Gliscor
    12. Gible
    13. Unfezant
    14. Snivy
    15. Scraggy
    16. Leavanny
    17. Palpitoad
    18. Boldore
    Why? The reason some of Ash's reserved Pokémon did not physically in the Journeys series, thus far, is because the the animators and writers did not actually want to add too many of Ash's reserved Pokémon in the animation frame. Do you think that all of Ash's reserved Pokémon that did not physically appear in the Journeys series will physically appear in the future Journeys series episode? Why? Please let me know, thanks.:)

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