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Original Space Warriors: Shorts/Samples

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Laserdragon14, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Laserdragon14

    Laserdragon14 Dragon Maverick

    Level 22
    Jan 16, 2018
    Flame Orb ★★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    This was a little something that I randomly came up with and it also got me out of the first-person pov style for a bit, which is always good to do every once in a while. Anyway, I'm happy with the way it turned out but I know that I still have some room to improve so feel free to give me some constructive criticism.

    Dragon Star stood in between the two realms of dark and light, watching as his sister, Dark Star, fly to meet him.

    “It’s been a long time since you’ve sent the signal to summon a meeting here,” said Dragon Star when she came close.

    “Trust me, I wouldn’t have sent it if there wasn’t a great need for a meeting,” Dark Star replied as she landed. “Tell me, have you been feeling the other star presence like I have been?”

    Dragon Star looked at his sister in silence before answering, “Yes, I have.”

    “Don’t you think that we should leave our realms and find out whether they are friend or foe?”

    “What happens beyond our realm’s borders is no concern of ours, though I do agree that we should be on alert. After we killed our mother, we shouldn’t be bothered by other stars, but it does help to play it safe and be prepared.”

    “By the time we would find out which side they are on, one of us is going to have major civilian casualties before one of us is able to allow the other into their realm,” Dark Star pointed out frantically. “I really push for both of us going out there before they even get close and if we both get killed then our princes would have time to train with our power and pick a new prince.”

    “The two of us going out there could easily antagonize the star and get us into a fight that we could have easily have avoided by staying in our realms. My opinion still stands,” the light dragon growled.

    Dark Star laid her ears back.

    “If you are not going, then I guess that I’m going it alone. I think that finding out whoever it is will be for the best of our two realms. If I get killed out there, then you can expect that my current prince will not be as friendly to you as I am,” said Dark Star as calmly as she could, though it was pretty clear that she was holding back her anger.

    “You weren’t that nice, to begin with,” Dragon Star replied.

    “That’s exactly my point,” said the dark dragon as she turned to leave. “After all, it was you that made us sign the treaty that forced us to not have anything to do with the living world, and you are the only one that’s enforcing that treaty.”

    “It was that treaty that is making the living world as peaceful as it is now!” Dragon Star roared with frustration.

    Dark Star looked back at her brother. “There are things that I believe that a star should intervene in.”

    “Those of the living will figure it out with or without our help, we just have to trust them.”

    “You seem to have a lot of faith and trust in the living, why can’t you pass some of that towards me and my people?” asked Dark Star as she spread her six wings and flew away, not waiting for an answer.

    Dragon Star turned to leave as well but replied under his breath, “Because it was you and your people who betrayed us that forced me to write the treaty in the first place.”

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  2. Laserdragon14

    Laserdragon14 Dragon Maverick

    Level 22
    Jan 16, 2018
    Flame Orb ★★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    This is a sample of what is to come for Space Warriors. Again, always looking for constructive criticism and I hope that you enjoy it.
    There were tears falling from my friend’s face. It had been a long while since he’s done that. Not since I first came and joined the military.

    I noticed that there was a crumpled up letter in his paws and Lightningrod was leaning against the wall with a smirk across his face. That’s how I can tell that something bad had happened.

    “Prince Seawater, what’s wrong?” I instinctually asked as I walked up beside him.

    Seawater brushed the tears from his eyes and tore up the letter. He wasn’t even listening to me.

    I looked up at Lightningrod and narrowed my eyes at him. I quickly turned back to Seawater.

    “Seawater, I need to know what is wrong,” I said softly.

    Seawater slowly collected himself.

    “Lightningrod, please leave us,” Seawater growled.

    “Whatever,” hissed Lightningrod as he stomped out of the room.

    After a minute of silence, Seawater nuzzled me.

    “You know that I’ve always done what I could for you, right?” Seawater asked. His eyes turned glassy as more tears weld up.

    “Yes, of course,” I answered.

    “And you know that I promised your father that I would take care of you in any way that I could, right?”

    I had no idea where any of this was coming from.

    “Yes, you’ve told me that many times.”

    “Well...I’ve received a letter from my father…And it had orders written on it…”

    Seawater shed more tears. My body turned cold. I could almost feel what those orders were.

    “You are to take your army and head towards the Twin Guardian Desert and recapture the border towns and bases.”

    “But isn’t that where the majority of the Arainian army is currently stationed?”

    “Yes, that is why I think that you are being sent there. You are being sent to your death!”

    Even in this time of crisis, King Glacierfire still wanted me dead. I put my head on Seawater’s shoulder. We silently stayed like this for several minutes.

    “If I were to never return,” I started with a small pause. “Would you tell Lady Ragmar to have them move to Atlantia? I just think that they’ll be safer there.”

    “Of course, Laserdragon. I wish that there was something that I could do for you.”

    “You finished raising me and Moon when our parents died. You’ve done more than enough. But please make sure that Moon isn’t going to suffer the same fate as me.”

    “I’ll do my best, though, I’m not sure how Father is going to feel about it.”

    “Since when did you ever care about what he thought?”

    Seawater’s eyes lowered. “...You don’t want to know…”

    “Seawater, if what is about to happen is going to happen, then I want as few loose ends with you as possible. So please, just tell me,” I pleaded.

    “...You don’t want to know…”

    I lifted my head off of Seawater’s shoulder and took a step back. Tears were starting to form in my eyes. “Very well, I won’t force it from you...Stay safe, Prince Seawater.”

    I slowly turned away from Seawater.

    “...Laserdragon…Please don’t go yet...”

    I looked back at him. Seawater raised his head. The redness in his eyes clearly showed.

    “I’m sorry... I should have been a better friend to your father. I shouldn’t have stood beside my father when he needed me most. If I hadn’t done that, Omegafox would still be alive and he would be your father rather than me. And I know that he would have done a better job at raising you than I ever could.”

    I was shocked to hear those words come out of Seawater’s mouth.

    “Seawater, you had no way of knowing that your father would turn into the dragon that he has become! I don’t blame you for what happened to my father or my mother. It was their decision to try to overthrow King Glacierfire, not yours. You did what you thought was best as did they. All we can do is try to do better than our former selves and the first step to do that is to move on from the past.”

    I saw a small smile form from Seawater’s face. “I can tell that you are Omegafox’s son. It is a shame that my father wants to waste the talent that you have clearly inherited from yours.”

    “Are you ready to tell me what else is wrong?” I asked. “And don’t try to fool me into thinking that that order was the only thing that was making you emotional.”

    Seawater’s smile disappeared and another tear fell.

    “I guess you do have the right to know,” replied Seawater with a long pause. “My father has thrown Lady Redstorm into a cell.”

    “Wait, what?” I said with great surprise.

    “And,” Seawater continued. “If I didn’t give you your orders, he was going to kill her and take my right to the throne. That would make Lightningrod the next king.”

    “So that’s what he was so happy about,” I growled. “And with this whole war with Arainia, there isn’t anything we can do about it right now.”

    “Indeed,” said Seawater sorrowful. “I don’t want to hand you over to the enemy but I also don’t want Lightningrod to rule Khania either.”

    “Don’t worry, I’m going,” I declared.

    “But there is a high chance that you’ll never come back,” Seawater said with wide eyes.

    “I know, but if it means that my children won’t have to live with Lightningrod as their king, then I think that it’ll be worth it, but that doesn’t mean that actually doing it is going to hurt any less,” I said shakily.

    I paused for a moment, trying to suppress my emotions before continuing. “It will probably mean that I won’t see you, Moon, Lady Ragmar, or any of my children ever again. But we take that risk every time that we walk onto a battlefield and this isn’t any different.”

    “Well, you better be ready to walk onto that battlefield.”

    I turned and saw that Lightningrod was standing in the doorway.

    “I follow orders just as much as any other dragon or wyvern,” Lightningrod snarled. “And I don’t expect any less for some Omegafox’s son or even King Glacierfire’s son.”

    “And I told you to leave us,” Seawater growled.

    “And I remember that His Majesty made us equal in rank.”

    “That doesn’t make me any less your senior.”

    “And I don’t recall you having much room to argue, with your mate being in a dungeon cell and all,” snapped Lightningrod with a big smile. “So General Laserdragon, when are you planning on leaving? We don’t want to keep King Glacierfire waiting.”

    “I’ll be making preparations,” I growled as I walked past Lightningrod.

    The mission that King Glacierfire had assigned...I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, especially with only my army at my disposal. It would be hard, but not impossible… But the casualties would be high and I think that is what King Glacierfire wanted...

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