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Star Wars: The Second Great Galactic War [Not Started/Always Accepting]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by ANBU, May 18, 2014.

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  1. ANBU

    ANBU School Kid

    Nov 24, 2012

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    the year is 1000 ATC, the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant that ended the Great Galactic War used as Year 0 of the current Galactic Standard Calender. Proxy wars between the Jedi and Sith through various factions of bounty hunters a distant memory, with the planets under the control of each empire having flourished in their own ways, those held by the Galactic Republic being the symbol of order, all black market dealings done in slums and dangerously so, the perfect standard of peace. However in those owned by the Sith peace is withheld not with order but with fear, Sith Lords used to threaten any who would attempt to strike against their rulers, these planets filled with all sorts of deals, whether legal or illegal in the Galactic Republic's eyes they have no jurisdiction within those Star systems.

    The Galactic Republic ruled by the Senate vote to pass laws, their army under them clones of one madalorian believed to be of great skill, these armies mostly disbanded, still receiving payment from the Senate and working as peacekeepers to ensure the safety of the citizens. The only members of the Republic Army without having been reduced to simple patrolling in the time of peace are training the next generations, each of these warriors holding higher ranks than most of the clones known commonly as the members of the Holy Order of Jedi Knights. These Jedi Knights are a Monastic organization focused upon keeping the Peace throughout their systems as a whole, held together by their belief and observance of the power known as the force, Specifically following and teaching of the Light Side. The Knights find force sensitives where they can at a young age, often wanting to have them since oung childhood, bringing them onto one of various worlds the most revered world of such being known as Tython, a planet steeped in the effects of the force, energy being able to be felt holding great mysteries from before the time of even the first Jedi, having been inhabited by an unknown species who left the universe long before the Jedi Order was formed. The Jedi Council is said to Live on Tythos, with some members at the other Jedi Temples to oversee the training, these members often changing with the work of the Jedi completely under these Masters of the force believed to be the grandest of the Order.

    The Empire is however ruled by a Council of 12, Known only as the Dark Council, these Lords of the Sith each treated as an Emperor and each governing a seperate Zone of control over the systems they owned, their decisions often made individually unless it would affect their whole such as war. Their armies are msotly comprised of what the Galactic Republic would refer to as the scum of the galaxy, Madalorians, Hutts and a whole other assortment of races whose main source of income were roles as Bounty Hunters, often being paid to silence some noble or another who forgot his place. These Bounty Hunters would prove quite troubling with the troubles their world possess that they often deal with if fighting against common clones, however with the Galactic Republics forces as they are these Hunters were not enough for the Dark Council to make their move, commanding the Sith underneath them to make them an army. These Sith Lords who follow the Dark Council are often apprenticed to one of the Dark Council, and the one to kill him takes his place, as has been the succession system of the Sith. These armies brought about by the lords coming from Various planets where the dark side of the force is truly felt, Moraband being the planet often revered as the most steeped with this force and the strongest of the Armies is said to have been trained near the tombs of the Dark Lords that were buried there, some even believed to be descendants of the Sith the species whose homeworld it once was. With various armies trained within such worlds near the tombs haunted by old Sith Lords armies have been raised, one even comprised of false force-sensitives, individuals who were genetically modified to be capable of using the force.

    The Dark Council move in secret, their armies amassed, their warriors paid, their plans to take over the system, the peace treaty formed over their seizure of the planet Coruscant long ago forcing the Republic to surrender the war about to be broken, various forces sent forwards lead by Sith Lords in Imperial Star Destroyers of various design and power. some conflicts already breaking out with news soon to be received by the Senate, an act of war to be met with deployment of troops to the front lines, Will the Sith succeed in their invasion to take over the Galaxy, can the Republic with the Jedi Order remove the Sith and prevent them from threatening them again?... only time and actions shall tell..

    - 8 sentence per IC post minimum as per the ruling for the RP sections normal rps

    - No meta-gaming, knowing stuff your character shouldn't possibly know, taking no damage in combat whilst dealing damage [include auto-hit and autododging] (unless the power difference between the characters would dictate such, i.e a Sith Lord would take very little - no damage from a Padawan, who would be near incapable of defending against such a powerful foe, however such situations are very unlikely)

    - Characters can and may be killed off, any killing of a character/s are to be personally sorted out between those to be involved in the action that causes thus, any character killed cannot be brought back [however if the character has the ability to expel themselves in ghostly form before their death they may be brought back inside of another body whether NPC or other player, if so it is to be sorted out with the other players related to the area where this is happening, the ghost assuming control of the host body)







    Classifications: (titles and Class, i.e Jedi Knight, Jedi General, Jedi Guardian the first is title among the Jedi Order, second is military title, third is class of Jedi)

    Weapons/Objects: (Any pets/animals that are brough into battle are counted as living weapons and go here, Ships if any are under control of go under as objects, average misc. objects such as clothing is a given and does not need to be put in)

    Power/s: (If any, mark innate powers with a *, innate powers range from specific skills related to a race, to being force-sensitive)

    Accepted Apps
    none currently, mine is WIP

    link to wiki
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