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Gen 5 Summer Scramble Memories: Unova Nostalgia!

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by OzoneFruit, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. OzoneFruit

    OzoneFruit Made The Arcadia Virus a Cute Anime Girl

    Level 3
    Jan 22, 2017
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    With this year's Summer Scramble taking place in Unova, I thought it might be fun to talk about our experiences with the BW/BW2 games! What sort of stuff do you look back on with good memories? What sort of challenges are the tales of epic battles? What adventures stand out the most? Tell us below!

    Personally, the things I remember most is seeing N say "Well then, Ozone... Farewell!" at the end of BW 1, followed by a very epic drumroll and end credits theme. It just felt like such a solid ending to a game, and left me feeling very satisfied and accomplished. Everything just wrapped up nicely with that, and honestly I was a bit sad the main story was done. I still hope N comes back in a future game...

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  2. VictoryStar34

    VictoryStar34 Bird Keeper

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    (Lugia Egg)
    Level 20
    Mar 11, 2017
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    When I played BW, I was quite young, and didn't really have much experience with Pokémon games, so I remember trying again and again to beat Ghetsis and having his Seismitoad beat me again and again. After that, I had to fight N and that wasn't as bad, but still bad. I remember finally beating them, and feeling the most accomplishment I could have felt at the time.
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  3. HiddenLore

    Level 40
    Mar 25, 2014
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    I remember a similar feeling when I beat Fire Red, the first ever Pokémon game I played.

    in Unova I really enjoyed the seasons. I also remember it as the first time that online stuff became accessible to me.
    In fact, I remember now I was helping keep my dad company at the state fair here, and I kept going into this one building to use the internet to upload my Pokémon to Dream Sync.
    I feel like there were several minor things that debuted in Unova, only to fade into obscurity after the next gen dropped.
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  4. RadEmpoleon

    RadEmpoleon Local meme queen

    Level 4
    Jun 4, 2018
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    I didn’t appreciate W2 when I first played through it as a kid. I was blinded by the nostalgia of Diamond and thought it was trash compared to them. Now looking back, it’s a well crafted Pokémon game, and the fact that I’m still playing it 7 years later goes to show how much fun it is, even though I’m in the post game. For years I would challenge the PWT over and over again, or I’d go to every single hidden grotto and catch the Pokémon. Now that I can access the internet, I’ve been working on trying to complete the national dex.

    (Also somewhat related but not really, I had a level 100 Krookodile in W2 that I released for no reason and felt absolutely no remorse.)
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  5. Duo

    Duo mewtwo is bottom 3

    (Odd Egg (S))
    Level 5
    Jul 7, 2019
    Pokémon White was the first mainline Pokémon game I ever beat without any external help. I liked avoiding trainers as a kid so my Pokémon were always underleveled even though I didn't have a full team and I ended up repeatedly trying to no avail or trading stuff from external games to beat the games. In Pokémon Yellow I had a Level 55 Pikachu, the Level 50 Birds, and a Level 40ish Venusaur and Nidoking that couldn't beat the Elite Four. In Pokémon SoulSilver I needed to trade my Typhlosion on the GTS to get a Raichu and beat Clair, then I also found a Level 70 Jirachi on the GTS that I only had to trade a Ditto for.

    With Pokémon White, I didn't really think about it, but this is the first game I had actually trained up Pokémon for. Through the early game, I had a member of the Oshawott line, a Musharna, and a Victini that I had raised all somewhat evenly, and later on I caught a Sawsbuck and did the same. I think I ended up replacing the Musharna and Victini because I had the legendary swordsmen and Zekrom, but I can't remember. I know for certain that I was able to beat those games though.

    I also remember it taking me ages to be able to get Kyurem. I had no idea how to get to the Giant Chasm, and there was this one part in Driftveil City that was right next to the Cold Storage that was just meant to be there to show that you could drive cars in Unova. I thought that was a place that human players could go to once they met a certain condition. I eventually figured out what to do to get Kyurem, and after a while, I got an Action Replay and found out that there was nothing back there.


    also i know this is the BW2 version of driftveil city but just for a visual, this is the part i was talking about. i thought the arm thing would open up and you'd get something for going down there.
  6. Beffie

    Beffie Advocate of cute water boys

    beautiful and perfect
    Level 16
    Apr 1, 2016
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    oh gen 5..... one of my favorites and for good reason!! i dont remember much about bw1 since i got black the year i turned 9 iirc?? but i remember having a lot of fun with it despite being Very uncomfy with not knowing any of the new Pokémon so i just steamrolled the game with my starter like a dumb kid lmfao!! the story completely flew over my head and to my credit i was 9 but looking back over it now and its honestly pkmns best story yet. sad they stopped doing that sort of stuff gen 6+ but ah well we cant all be winners

    however i DO remember picking up white 2 for the first time in my first year of high school (i was about 14 or so) and even 5 years later it remains one of my favorite Pokémon experiences i can remember. the story wasnt AS strong but i def comprehended it a lot better than the first one because i was NOT 9!! lol i always remember the days where id rush back home after class to keep grinding away progress on the game and i even took my ds with me to school one day bc grinding COULD NOT WAIT!! i still remember beating iris and feeling the happiest ive ever felt in a looooong while when it came to pkmn

    looking back on it, i never really had nostalgia for unova until i played white2 and oh boy was i right to have those feelings. unova was just SO GOOD!! im especially nostalgic remembering the pwt in w2 considering this was after oras and i got to see the hoenn charas in their old outfits and i spent an entire week trying to win the champion tournament (at least i got to see wallace a lot).... i still have a paper somewhere where i counted every time i lost it and it was pretty full lmfao eventually i DID beat it and i felt like i had fistfought god and won haha. the music makes me remember those good times too and just. everything about unova makes me remember the days where life was just. simple

    anyways unovalover420 is done with their essay. unova good. i have many feelings.
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  7. Jeydis

    Jeydis Straight Vibin'

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    (Ho-Oh Egg)
    Level 29
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    They are some of my favorite games to Nuzlocke even though they are pretty tough. There is so much variety on every route! The variety in environments from the other main games is also really nice, fighting in the sewers, contruction sites etc. I am quite fond of these games!
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