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Super Serious AI and the Spartan- Halo 2 arc

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Republic Empire, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. Republic Empire

    Oct 29, 2014
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of them. Also go read Halo 1 story arc to know what's going on.

    Chapter 9: Heresy

    Covenant, Night Age of Reclamation

    In the ruins of the Halo Array, a covenant ship passes as more ships forming around a massive space station named High Charity. In the midst of the station lies the Trial of the Supreme Commander of Fleet of Particular Justice whom was supposed to protect the Halo Ring. The trial proceeds on the verdicts and, in the background, lies a group of Prophets where there was a female prophet grinning evilly. She chuckles at the sight was somehow amusing her.

    "It seems that he failed to protect the ring, I hope this goes well." the female prophet said.

    In the seats of the Councilors were the Elites, who presides one of them was an Elite named Gio Vanniee. He sees the case with evidence as how this commander followed the human ship that evaded his ships and landed on the Halo ring.

    This commander named Thel 'Vadmee stated his case to the Prophets, but faced by the council members. However, the mention of the flood had bought to the issue as the members debated one another.

    "This heresy must be dealt with." Gio Vanniee argued. He knew that a destroyed ring brought shame to the beliefs of the Covenant. It seems that the trial is to be against the former commander.

    "Surely, Vanni there must be a reason for this." La Ncee counter argued to Gio Vanni. "The commander has his reasons."

    "Heresy I say! He allowed the Halo ring to be destroyed." Pryce, an elder Elite pointed out.

    "That destroyed Halo Ring that ruins our chance to begin the Great Journey."

    The Prophets stopped their bickering. Truth appeared to understand the Commander's case which he mentions the demon. They argue over the case. Among the Brutes beside Tartartus is his loyal guard, Orm, chuckles with him. After the Prophets has issued the case to brand him with the Mark of Shame, Tartartus ordered his brutes to take him away. After the case was over, Gio Vanniee goes to his barrack along with the others.

    "How was the trial go, father?" Sil veree asked, moving out of the shadows.

    "To say the least, your commander deserves the Mark of Shame." Gio Vanniee replied. His son was like all Sangheili, born from their fathers, but raised by their uncles. It wasn't until he found out that Sil Veree was his son before he gave them an officer rank in the army.

    "You must understand what we did was what we had to. The flood...." Sil Veree reasoned. He comes near to his father much to say that in fact the prisoner is his former commander. He knew that his commander did what he had to do. He faced the flood at cost of his battalion. He narrowly survived from Halo's destruction and recovered by Thel Vadamee's ship.

    "My son, the Great Journey allows no mistakes and no heresy." Gio Vanniee emphasized. Sil Veree leaves the room, disdained. He knew what he saw at the Ring and the loss of his battalion affected him. He knew the case's punishment is unfair. All he can do is to join his father to witness of the branding.

    Earth defense platform, Cairo

    October 20, 2552

    Meanwhile on Earth, Cairo MAC station, in Gold's barracks, Gold is moving around in his sleep as if someone was torturing him. He is whimpering as he slept. He tossed, turning, and felt that he couldn't escape from his nightmare.

    "No. No." Gold moans as his eyes twitches even though they are closed. It was the same dream before. Except it was a blank and emptiness.

    "Super Serious Gal? What are you doing here, aren't you an A.I. unit?" Gold tries to come close to her until he noticed she was wearing the same clothes as before. Why does she keep wearing the same clothes as before? Something was way off track to begin with and he had yet to understand why.

    "Oh, come on. Why you trying to...?" Gold surprised to see someone else wearing blue overalls and red shirt with a puffy hat. It's not girl has brown hair and her pigtails are more curved than Crystal's usual anti-gravity hair. And her eyes weren't blue, more like brown. This frightens Gold more than ever.

    "No, no, No. You're not real. You..." Gold panicked and ran for his life until the outside world interrupted his nightmare.

    "Spartan-117 and Spartan-721, report to the tech center, immediately!" Intercom announced as Gold open his eyes and stood up from his bed. He wipes the sands in his eyes away

    "Man, I need stop getting that dream. Oh well, that's my golden ticket!" Gold remarked and worried at the same time about the dream. He keeps dreaming about Crystal, but "she" keeps popping out in his dreams for several months already after the incident on the Halo Ring. He just didn't know what to think of it, all he knows is fighting which he loves to do. Soon, he goes to tech center along with Master Chief.

    "Chief, how you been?"

    "Nothing much. Armor upgrade."

    "Yeah, besides I hate this armor. I don't get babes out of this Mark V."

    "The armor is Mark VI."

    "Mark VI? Can they come up with better name like...Babe Magnet or something cooler to pick up the babes?"

    "Let's stay focus on hand."

    "This sucks. You're no fun. You need to lighten up. Like a Super Serious Gal I know." Gold complained as they entered the room. The Marine Tech tells them to put on the armor. Gold is curious about that armor he is seeing.

    "Ok, this is the new set of armor, the Mark VI. The best armor we have ever created and it's more flexible than the Mark V. Go try it on." Marine Tech tells Gold and Master Chief. It took them at least half an hour to assemble it due to the multiple parts. The Marine technical looks over their old armor as he inspects them.

    "Optics, totally fried? Let's not talk about the power supply. Don't you know how expensive this gear is, son?" Marine tech guy told to them as they put on their helmets.

    "Tell that to the covenant."

    "Could this armor be much cheaper? I mean this armor is for free, right? Wow, this armor rocks, I hope I can get some babes." Gold remarked how his armored looked cool on him.

    "Yeah, you think we give this armor doesn't mean it's for free. Every Taxpayer hates war you know, even if we are trying to save all humanity. Ironic, no? War isn't cheap you know." Marine tech pointed out.

    "I know that. If I have money, I brought this armor for free."

    "Whatever, man. Laugh it up. Laugh it." Marine Technical sarcastically said as he tells them to do some tests. It wasn't bad for them, even if Gold complained a little.

    "Spartan-117 and Spartan-721, report to MAC command center with Admiral Hood." Intercom announced. Sergeant Johnson comes to the room to get Master Chief and Gold.

    "Chief and you... Spartan, come with me to the Command center for a medal award."

    They left the room as they head to the awarding ceremony where Admiral Hood is present. Master Chief and Johnson argue about cameras and wearing something nice. Johnson said something that Gold overhears.

    "Folks need heroes, Chief. To give them hope. So, smile will ya? At least something to smile about." Johnson said as they entered the room. Gold wanted to be a hero, but to whom, he asked. He fought in this war for least 2 years now and he felt the war is still not over. The war had been going on for 25 years; he was born during the war. He indeed misses his mother, but doesn't want to upset the UNSC by showing it because he knew what he had to do.

    Meanwhile, back at High Charity, as they are dragging the Commander to the scaffold, Sil Veree and his father are observing the Mark of Shame. They are among the species of the Convenant as the Grunts and Jackals shouting the words, "Heretic".

    "This will make him realize that failure to uphold the values of the Covenant will lead to severe punishment."

    "What values? Lack of reason, I presume?"

    "I won't speak of that, Sil Veree unless you want to get marked as well?" Lan Cee said as he stood behind Veree. Lan Cee was his mentor when he joined the Covenant Armed forces. He fought alongside Lan Cee during the 25 long years of war.

    "It seems so, La Ncee." Sil Veree responds, as he witnesses his own supreme Commander receive punishment in pain. He knew what pain felt, but not like this. Soon after the marking, the condemned was taken down for something else. Everyone else left, except Sil Veree who somehow felt that punishment was unnecessary for rational choices.
  2. Republic Empire

    Oct 29, 2014
    Chapter 10: Attack on Cairo

    Earth, October 15, 2552

    Gold and Master Chief reached to the Command center as Lord Hood awards to Master Chief and Johnson. Hood presents the award to Johnson for his bravery in battle and awards to Master Chief, but that award is going quickly which Cortana remind Admiral Hood about detecting nearby. He grabs the medal to pass to daughter of Captain Keyes, Miranda Keyes

    "Miranda Keyes, I would present this award to you based on your father's actions. The Navy has lost of its best. And Spartan-721?" Admiral Hood turned to Gold.

    "Yes, sir."

    "You get to...award of an honor to have a handshake."

    "Ok, say what? A handshake? That's it? That's all I get for this service? Am I good enough to be a hero?"

    "We don't have enough time. And besides this is the greatest honor for you." Admiral Hood said as Gold mutters as he began his handshakes with Lord Hood. This didn't help Gold for getting achievement or recognition for his bravery in battle or heroism. He wanted to be a hero like Master Chief, but unrecognized in the public eye.

    Meanwhile at Hanger bay 2 before the Award was on. There was a unit that dubbed the "Dexholders". They are newly-formed unit that already been in a few combat missions which notable in battle of Reach. They are all too young as they are around 19-15 due of the manpower issues. They are not the only ones being drafted to fight the Covenant since many of them in their age around Earth drafted to fight for very survival of humanity.

    Their sergeant is Reddo Isamu Akai, but everyone calls him, Red. Along with him was Professor Oak's grandson, Ōkido Gurīn whom he is refered as Green, Burū Fuguri or refered as Blue whom she is a sneaky and cunning known to persuade Covenant units into a trap, their combat medic named Ierō de Tokiwa Gurōbu nicknamed Yellow. They are high school friends until they hear the news about the draft which they are picked to fight against the Covenant.

    In the hallways comes a group of three Marines, a younger 16-years has Rubī, nicknamed, Ruby, a prissy marine didn't want to join instead he got drafted instead which normally his father happens to be ODST while he was accompanied by fellow marine as well named, Odamaki Safaia or nicknamed Sapphire which she is a tomboy and is not afraid to die unlike Ruby. Sapphire is a heavy weapons specialist in the squad. The last marine of the squad, Emerarudo nicknamed Emerald, who lost his parents during Covenant glassing campaign join the UNSC marines to avenge his parents deaths.

    Another group is a two snipers named White and Black, they are been coworkers in a television production in High School, but got drafted by the UNSC due of manpower issues while accompanied by Cheren and Bianca. Cheren and Bianca are Black's friends as Bianca is not happy to fight a war let alone because she hates weapons and fighting. Bianca is friends with Ruby which to Sapphire's dismay and Cheren's as well while they focus and talk about clothing and outfits.

    "Are we having a staff meeting or what?" Green complained. They got a staff meeting to begin with which to Green's dismay since he knows that his grandfather is a scientist for the UNSC.

    "I see. Where's our heavy specialist group? It just I got important news. Also we got ourselves new pilots including our new commanding officer." Red remarked until three teens came in.

    "Present! Sorry I was late. It just someone has stopped out to do a sissy stuff." Sapphire commented as she glares at Ruby.

    "I was checking the sizes of these uniforms. I don't like the style of these uniforms." Ruby argued too much annoyance to Sapphire and Emerald. Until appeared, a female officer escorted with two pilots came to the squad.

    "Attention, Squad!" Red shouted in order as the female officer stops. She is too young to be a UNSC officer around age of 15 which surprises the squad. The oldest was Red with Green, Blue are 19 years old and Yellow is 18 years old. Sapphire and Ruby are 16 years old. Black, White, Cheren, and Bianca are 17 years old while Emerald is 15 years old.

    It is unheard for UNSC officer to be that young to command a platoon on their own. But the UNSC is desperate need of officers to lead the war effort even it was a losing war. She has pure black hair that looks nearly blue and dark blue eyes as she looks at the squad as they are standing in attention.

    "As you were. Let me introduce myself, my name is Purachina Berurittsu or by English, lady Platinum Berlitz. We have two pilots here are named, Pāru and Daiyamondo. But they will be called Diamond and Pearl for now. You will address me as Lt. Berlitz. We have good news, men and ladies. Our platoon gets a new special member in this squad."

    "What do you mean special member?" Red asked to wonder why that she announced for the meeting.

    "That we been chosen to have a Spartan in our platoon." Platinum said as this information surprises the squad and the pilots as well.

    "A Spartan? You mean..." Sapphire bluntly asked whom she heard about them in the war.

    "Spartan? Are those guys are stuff of legends? I hear they manage to wipe out legions of covenant troopers in a single battle." Emerald said in amazement as he always wanted to meet one and admired them as well. His greatest hero is Master Chief whom he heard accounts of his victories and won against all odds.

    "Wow, I hear that they are unstoppable and can't be killed. They are also packed with the state of the art weapons system." Green said in shocked to hear a Spartan out of all squads to get one.

    "The member will come in around 1500 hours. I hope you can greet Spartan-721. For now, I must attend the back to the ship." Lt. Berlitz said with much amazement. Then, she and her two pilots leave the squad to think about their newest member coming.

    "I hope the Spartan is so dreamy. I hear that the male Spartans are sexy. Ooh, I can't wait to meet him and..." Blue chided as she hear rumors about the Spartans.

    "Pesky Woman. They just super soldiers, only focus on the battlefield, not foolish thing like love you believe. They are trained to fight, not love. I except nothing short for Spartan to arrive here." Green pointed out of Blue's nonsense.

    "At least they got the balls unlike you, Ruby." Sapphire shouts at Ruby's ears.

    "Hey, they get cool designs. Look at our uniform, it's ugly and hideous. I hope that....." Ruby was about to explained until Sapphire punched him in the face to shut him up.

    "Well, I hope he can do fine in our squad. It just there had been many Spartans listed MIA. I do worry about that if the war will end." Red worried when he heard about reports about missing Spartans.

    "Come on, let's not give up hope. As we have each other, we are going to be all right. It can't be that bad since the Covenant don't know where Earth is." Yellow cheers the squad. They cheered until the alarms is heard! At the command center, Lord Hood gives orders to everyone and looks at Gold.

    "I have bad news to tell you."

    "Yeah? What about it?"

    "I hope you deal this before. Another escort mission."

    "Yeah, I did. And what about the chief scientist, old man, Oak?"

    "I ordered to leave the Cairo, but I insisted that you escort him to Hanger 2 to leave the station."

    "I see. It seems I got no other choice."

    "So, defend this Station and get the Professor out."

    "Got it." Gold comply the order and goes into Professor Oak's lab. He sees Oak is getting all the data he can. Gold can watch as Oak rushes as he can.

    "Need help, old man?"

    "Yes, Gold. I need you to grab Crystal from the terminal." Professor Oak explained as he points out where Crystal is. Gold comes to the terminal, but stops to see images in his head flashing about his nightmare with Crystal. He focused again to pull the chip out and gives to Oak.

    "Thank you, we must go. They are coming here at any moment." Oak said as he takes the chip away from Gold's hands. Gold and Oak move in the hallways to reach Hanger 2, but unaware to them that hanger bay 2 is under attack by Covenant forces.

    "All marines! Defend the station at all cost!" Intercom announces as our Dexholder squad prepares to defend the station from the Covenant forces. They about to face the Covenant invaders at hand which much to their surprise that they found Earth, but how they found out since Cole Protocol was able to avoid Earth to be destroyed by Covenant or something else.
  3. Republic Empire

    Oct 29, 2014
    Chapter 11: Covenant Attack on Earth

    A small covenant fleet led by Prophet of Regret, one of the Covenant leaders heading to Earth. Cairo station is under attack as Elites and Grunt are pouring out of the boarding crafts. They are attacking the marine units in the station as three covenant squads are about to attack the hanger. The Dexholder squad defending the hanger as they prepare for it.

    "This is where they die!" Red shouted as they hold their ground as the explosion broke the door as grunts appears. They open fire in various weapons such as plasma Pistol, needlers, and other covenant weaponry.

    "Attack!" Elite yelled at the grunts as they charge to the Dexholders. The Dexholders open fire as they cut them down, but the Elites are hard to kill due of their personal shields.

    "Kill!" Grunt said as he aims his pistol at one of the Dexholder squad member.

    "Damn those Aliens!" Black shouted as he fires his sniper rifle as he hit the grunt in the head. He turned to the Elite as he shot him down. White shoots the Elite who was about to shoot at Black.

    "They just keep coming! Those grunts are led by the elites. Only if we kill their squad leader..." Cheren pointed that Elite is leading the Grunts into battle.

    "They will be worthless. But we knew about it." Red exclaimed to the idea.

    "Right" Cheren corrected himself when they are aware of it.

    "I will provide you cover fire." Sapphire tells her fellow squad members.

    "Got it!" Black volunteered as he takes White's hand.

    "Come on!" Black said as they run towards the Elite who are command of the Grunts.

    "Take this!" White shouts as she fires her sniper rifle which kills the Elite at a close range. They look at Black and White with fear in their eyes.

    "Eek! The leader is dead! RUN!" One of The Grunts as they ran away from the squad which they are unfazed about their reactions until they wonder it's over.

    "They are running away?" Red asked until more Covenant units appear. They come back with greater numbers. They face newer problems at hand, this time Jackals and drones came in. More Elites came that had different ranks such as minors to Majors with better armor and shields.

    "Oh, great? You have to say it." Green said to Red as they return fire to the Covenant units.

    "That was the first wave? How we can beat them?" Bianca whined as plasma burns part of her hair.

    "My hair!" Bianca complained as she checks her hair.

    "You're checking your hair in a time of this?" Cheren said.

    "Can we have suppression fire?" Blue asked.

    "I can." Sapphire shouted as she raises the light machine gun towards the Covenant units. Sapphire is carrying a machine gun by her two hands which manage to kill a large numbers of the covenant soldiers. Not even the Elites cannot stop her as they got killed by her seeming unlimited ammo.

    "Retreat!" one of the Jackals shouted as they retreated away as the elites are dead.

    "Run back, where you come back from!" Sapphire shouted as the Jackals retreat until third wave came in, but this thing is pair of Hunters (Big aliens with big cannons on their hands also with heavy armor. Weak spot is on the back). They fired the laser cannons that hit the crates.

    "But that's so barbaric." Ruby whined. Sapphire is getting headache from his whining and drops the machine gun. She is about to beat up Ruby.

    "No, stop! We can talk about this." Ruby said until a plasma explodes near them.

    "Incoming!" Emerald said as the Hunter fires the giant laser cannon towards the Dexholders. It hits the ground as objects flied around. It was getting hard for them that it was getting tough to hit them due to their strong armor.

    "Crap? Against armor that thick? How we can beat them?" Red asked wondering as they have an answer.

    "If only we have rockets or something to beat them." Sapphire complained as more covenant units are coming with aid by the Hunters. In the hallways as Gold protects Professor Oak as he is carrying data and information. They running to reach to the hanger where Oak is getting to his transport.

    "Come on, old man." Gold yells at Oak.

    "I'm going fastest I can. Don't rush me!" Oak tells Gold until an explosion that shook the station as Oak drops the papers and the chip that contains Crystal. Professor Oak and Gold picks up the papers while Gold picks up the chip as he stares at it. Various images flashing to his head from his nightmares.

    "Stop staring and let's go!" Oak said as he grabs the chip from Gold. They continue to run until they faced to see a covenant squad. They spot them and they open fire upon them.

    "Get down!" Gold ordered Oak to take cover until Oak trip as the chip slip out of his hands as it was placed near the middle of the ground. The Covenant troops are getting near while Gold sees the chip as he attempts to get it. He runs as he fired his weapon at the Covenant.

    "NO, wait!" Oak shouted as Gold fires his battle rifle towards the Covenant unit. He reaches the chip and inserts it in his helmet. It was only way to carry Crystal from the battlefield. He was hoping that it will be over.

    "Where am I? What new software? Gold, is that you?" Crystal said as she boots up.

    "Sup, Super Serious Gal. Have a nice day?" Gold asked as he retreats back to Oak.

    "What happen to the Professor?"

    "He's right here."

    "Crystal, are you alright?" Professor Oak asked.

    "I'm fine, sir. Nothing to worry about." Crystal sighed much of Oak's relief.

    "You reckless idiot! Are you trying getting yourself killed?" Professor Oak yelled Gold.

    "Well, did you want to lose your chip?" Gold remarked as Oak flinched.

    "Professor, I'm fine. Gold, what's with the new system? I can access outside of the suit." Crystal asked which wondering to know why Gold has a new helmet.

    "You could say, armor upgrade. Or you want to see something more?" Gold smirked as Crystal rolls her eyes. They go out to the hanger until Gold stops Oak to point out the two hunters. Gold sees a squad of young marines is holding out against the Hunters.

    "Guys, those aliens are protecting the incoming fourth wave." Yellow shouted as he spotted the fourth wave contains 4 squads of Grunts with 2 minor Elites and Major Elite.

    "Man, those aliens don't give up ever." Cheren said.

    "Yeah, even the red one has better shields than the blue ones." Emerald said as he fired his SMG that took down a grunt.

    "Don't give up! We got a homeland to save." Red called out as they battle the fourth wave until Major Elite is knock out in the back.

    "Huh?" Green said as the rest of the squad took down the Elites and the grunts with ease. Suddenly, Gold appears in his Mark VI holding a battle rifle along with Professor Oak.

    "So, this I am report to before?" Gold said.

    "You're the Spartan?" Red asked as Gold came up to Red.

    "You save us?" Black said as Red and Black saluted to Gold.

    "Thank you to save our lives." They both said as they look up only to him that he is shorter than the rest of the Spartans.

    "That's the Spartan they sent us?" Red asked to Black who is confused in a way.

    "Hey, Gramps." Green greets his grandfather.

    "Green! I didn't you join the UNSC marines? I thought you going to do your studies." Oak asked why Green is on the UNSC Marine Corps.

    "A certain someone dragged me to this mess. Always, is this the Spartan you talked about before? Aren't he is too short to be a Spartan?" Green wondered.

    "Hey!" Gold shouted while the rest of the squad beginning to doubted due of his height.

    "I was expecting he is taller." Blue remarked

    Then there is an explosion that rocked the station.

    "What was that?" Bianca asked.

    "That was one of our stations got destroyed!" Crystal said which everyone except for Oak and Gold surprised that someone is also here, but where.

    "Who said that?" Emerald asked first.

    "Crystal did." Gold answered.

    "What you mean, Spartan?" Red asked until Oak came to the group to explain.

    "She's an A.I unit in Gold's helmet. She has access to the comms. I have noticed that she is helping him to conduct himself in battle."

    "That's correct." Crystal chirped as she appeared in the terminal after Gold put his hand in.

    "It's cool to have gal in my head except she can be very bossy sometimes." Gold smirked which earn Crystal's glare.

    "Oh, do you like her?" Blue asked Gold which Crystal blushed.

    "Please, she's a computer! I'm not that desperate for a girlfriend, but you in the other hand." Gold said as he grabs her hand.

    "Would like to date a Spartan?" Gold asked to Blue that earns Green's glare as he reloads his battle rifle.

    "How about....no?" Blue said as she gets away from his hands.

    "I should get going. It was nice meeting to all of you. Oh, Green. Be careful of there. May blessing upon you. Coming Crystal?" Oak asked to Crystal. Crystal looks at Gold and Crystal.

    "Um.....can Gold pick this time?" Crystal asked which made Oak surprised.

    "Ok. Gold?"

    "What?" Gold said as he looks at Oak, but he didn't pay attention what he said.

    "Crystal is asked me that you pick for her best to go with safety to me or to help you since I am very aware I can trust you on this based on your Halo ring incident. What you say?" Oak wondered as Gold turn to Crystal with a worried look despite he is wearing his helmet.

    "Crystal, I want you..." Gold pauses which Crystal braces herself for his answer.

    "Come with me." Gold said which made her surprised as he puts her in his helmet as he touched the terminal.

    "Dexholder squad, report to In Amber clad, right now!" Intercom announce as a pelican driven by Diamond and Pearl.

    "You heard them. Let's go!" Platinum shouted as everyone comes in except for Oak has reach a civilian transport to go back home. As the Dexholders reach In Amber Clad, they unloaded their equipment and supplies.

    They overheard that Master Chief managed to remove the bomb and give back to the Covenant by dropping a bomb in their ship. The ship blows up and heads to the In Amber Clad. Everyone heard it and Master Chief entered in which the Dexholder squad saw.

    "Chief! What you been doing?" Gold said to Master Chief while The Dexholder Squad was amazed that Gold knew Master Chief.

    "I gave back their bomb." Chief response as he goes into the hallways. Meanwhile, Dexholder squad prepared and waiting for orders.

    "We made it. So, where are we going?" Diamond asked as he radioed in.

    "Once Miranda Keyes gets Master Chief, we are heading to the surface." One of the Marine officers tell the pilots.

    "Where to?" Pearl asked.

    "New Mombasa." One of the Marine officers tell the pilots. They stare at other for a moment until Platinum came in.

    "What for, Marine?" Platinum asked to wonder why they are going there.

    "Those alien bastards have landed there." One of the marines responded.

    "They landed on the surface?" Pearl said to his dismay.

    "We can't let them filth the Earth." Platinum said to her disbelief.

    "Indeed." Diamond said as they head to New Mombasa Africa as Three Pelicans carrying three squads carrying the Dexholder Squad. They overheard of Johnson's decision to enter to combat despite the risks they are taking. They continue to move until they face the Scarab, one of the covenant's weapons that tore UNSC armored units. It fires at the pelicans which all were hit as the Dexholder pelicans were going down.

    After they crash into the ground; the pilots, Platinum, Gold, and the Dexholders were miraculous survived the crash.

    "Ow?" Gold said as he stood out of the wreckage.

    "Is everyone ok?" Red asked which Yellow was with him is checking on everyone.

    "I'm ok." Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond answered they came out of the pelican. They gather everyone to get moving out of the crash site as they encounter by covenant infantry units. They face more elites, jackals, hunters, drones, and Grunts.

    "More of them?" Sapphire called out as she fires her machine gun to Ruby's dismay.

    "Here we go." Ruby complained as everyone began to fight back against the Covenant units. Gold notices something about a golden armored Elite is commanding the unit and heading towards the Dexholders.

    "Zealot!" Gold shouted which Sapphire was the first to react.

    "What?" Sapphire said shocking.

    "Kill them!" Zealot Elite said as he drew out his Energy sword which made Sapphire petrified at the sight of the energy sword. The Elite lunges at Sapphire as she stood there in shock.

    "Sapphire!" Red shouted while the Elite is about to slash her until it was taken down by someone. The Elite's body stops right front of her as Sapphire turned around like everyone else to see Ruby with his battle rifle. Ruby notices this.

    "What? He was destroying a precious clothing store?" Ruby pointed to a clothing store where sapphire is standing nearby made sapphire upset.

    "Really? You just wanted to save the fashion store than my life?" Sapphire said with anger mark as she about to beat up Ruby. Later on, They move out as they counter more covenant troopers in the streets of New Mombasa until they counter Master Chief with few Marines.

    "What happen?" Red asked

    "That scarab blew right at us and broke our line." Female Marine answered to Red's comfort.

    "Chief, how you been man?" Gold greets Master Chief.

    "Nothing much. Killing more Covenant." Master Chief said until Sargent Johnson comes in with Tank. Johnson comes up to them.

    "What happen to the rest of your platoon?" Johnson ask to one of the marines.

    "Wasted, sarge" female marine said.

    "Not mine, Sergeant." Platinum said as Johnson saluted to her.

    "We too if we don't get the hell out of here!" male marine whined as he was about to leave.

    "You hit, marine?" Johnson asked.

    "No, sir" Marine respond.

    "Listen up...When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had Sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the Whole platoon- and we had to share the rock! Buck-up, Boy. You are one very lucky Marine! Those kids are not afraid that thing." Johnson said which the DexHolders sweat beat when Johnson mentioned that they didn't have kind of problem during training.

    "What about that Scarab?" Female Marine asked.

    "We've all run the simulations- they're tough, but they ain't invincible. Stay with the Master Chief. He know what to do." Johnson said as he goes back to the pelican.

    "Yes, sir. Sergeant." Female Marine said.

    "Thanks for the Tank. He never gets me anything." Cortana said which again surprises the Dexholder squad.

    "What was that?" Red wondered as Gold step up.

    "That's Cortana. Chief's AI." Gold said.

    "Let's say me and Cortana known each other." Crystal said.

    Master Chief drives to catch up with the Scarab until Master Chief blew it up. The Dexholder squad with Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl cheered for the Scarab's destruction until Red has to break the news.

    "Squad! We are order to join the In Amber Clad." Red announced as they entered the pelican. The pelican entered the In Amber Clad.

    "Something telling me, I got a bad feeling." Gold remarked once they heard the news that Prophet of Regret is going to slip space to the unknown.
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    Chapter 12: Gas station attack

    At High Charity, Sil Veree was promoted to Special Operations division by recommendation by Gio Vanniee, his father who held power in the military chain of command. It was out of his generous of him to give them such position. After all, he had provided himself to against the Flood where many of comrades had fallen to. Sil Veree's new commander is Rita Varamee whom an old friend to his former commander while He goes to the debriefing room with his new custom red armor.

    "Elites, we have new task. This heretic intending to endanger to the Great Journey. Our orders: Kill him and take down his entire organization in order to protect the sacred ideas of the Covenant. We are sweeping this under the rug." Rita Varamee tells the group. He turns on the map of the gas station.

    "The heretic is located in this platform of the gas station. Originally, he was on recon until he went rogue. The arbiter will assist us to kill this heretic. But the heretic has secured the station and has guarded the place. So we have to go in quiet and swift. Understood?" Ria Varamee explains the orders as there are no questions to be asked.

    "Good, prepare your equipment and head to the phantoms." Rita Varamee said in order as the meeting is over. Sil Veree was stopped his mentor, La Ncee.

    "First mission, I presume?"

    "Does it? My former commander is now the arbiter?"

    "He has shame himself for failure on the Halo ring."

    "Can I say that he did what is right? It was the demon's fault to destroy the ring?" Sil Veree pointed out. But there was another one which he hoped that he was killed in it as well. It would the last of that Spartan which he nearly defeated him in Reach.

    "Hmmm, if that was the case to protect and did what he has to do? But he has failed to defend." La Ncee replied.

    "What doesn't matter? I encountered one before."

    "What? There was another?"

    "A gold one if I recalled. I met him once. Reckless I must say except he was willing to save an A.I."

    "This "demon" what are their skills?"

    "This one was different from the demon that blown up the ring. He was more...pragmatic you say."

    "All demons are."

    "This one was different."

    "Like how?"

    Another Special Ops Elite named, Sur Gee came bumping in the conservation.

    "Those demons never fight for honor."

    "It is true to say, but they fight for the humans without regard of their lives." La Ncee argued that why would Spartans continue to fight despite they are fighting a losing war.

    "Yeah, with inferior technology they pick up a good fight." Sur Gee responds as he loves to fight humans. They all go to the Phantoms to start their mission. Sil Veree checks his weapons compose of carbine and an energy sword. La Ncee comes to Sil Veree.

    "I know your record, Sil Veree. It seems why you would nearly dishonor yourself to save your battalion?"

    "The demon I told you, that's why I ordered them to retreat to save them."

    "Noble, but you were expected to die."

    "To die for pointless way, I risk my life to save my men than losing a battalion to a demon." Sil Veree said as Lan Cee somehow admired of his cunning ability. He knew that Sil Veree has impressive record that can turn the tide in battle. He knew that Sil Veree should deserve the military rank to lead the fleet to victory, but despite of that only the members of the powerful clans can take the positions.

    As the Phantoms are coming to the station, a storm is coming heading to them. That didn't matter to them as it will be long before they arrive. The Phantoms deployed for combat which Sil Veree was once an officer commanding a regular unit is now a Special Operations solider which he desired to be. He sees the Arbiter, once his military commander unleashes his energy sword and heads out.

    He follows with Sur Gee and Lan Cee as they head to position as they cloak in which as the Arbiter is cloak in as he takes out many enemies he can. They continue to go in as Arbiter open fire as the firefight begins. Sil Veree takes down a grunt. Sur Gee does enjoying the killing despite to his dismay.

    The heretics fought hard as they have support of the robots. Wait, robots of the oracle? Why the servants of the Oracle are helping the heretics? Something is not right here.

    But that didn't matter due that has a mission to accomplish. He continues along to clear out of heretics. As not only that, Sil Veree somehow knew that would they are sent to wipe them out in the first place while the heretic leader mentions that he has to protect the Oracle?

    "It seems more heretics than it seems?" Lan Cee said as they go to the phantom as they go search for the Heretic leader. They are at the phantom while Sil Veree takes the position of the gunner to take many of the heretic banshees as possible. He saves his former commander, the Arbiter from a banshee who was about to take him out.

    Soon, Arbiter clear the area as the Special Operations Elites along with Sur Gee and La Ncee. But Rita Vamasee noticed something that gave Sil veree chills that the scent did happen to his unit that the Flood did happen on the Ring. They follow the Arbiter into a room until one of grunts fired at hologram, it is the heretic leader. The Flood came out which Sil Veree knew how to fight against them.

    "Is this the flood that he mentioned before?" Lan Cee said as he fires his plasmas rifle against a flood combat form.

    "I starting to believe him." Sur gee said as he fires at the infection forms.

    As they continue to fight their way as more flood came along the way. They fought against the flood in the elevator with the Arbiter, Sur Gee, Rita Varmee, and Lan Cee that Sil Veree knew that the killing the flood was more important than the heretic leader himself.

    They head to a room where the heretics are fighting against the flood which why he would matter to him. That didn't stop the Arbiter from doing his mission as how mission should be. They continue to press on as they face the flood and the heretics.

    More flood combat forms appeared as Sil veree unleashes his energy sword against the flood combat flood along with the Arbiter. Sil Veree was indeed a good sword fighter that he used it once that he slaughtered a human squad.

    After it was over, he can be relieved that they are going through to find the heretic leader, but the flood is spreading too fast. They know they needed to find him or risk losing their troops to the flood. They go the fasting as they can to find more heretics and flood combat forms.
    They defeat them until they found him, but it is too late. The Arbiter decided to leave the heretic leader to him. He ordered everyone back to the ships. Sil Veree sees the Arbiter to fight on his own. He holds dear respect to his comamnder. He does go head to the phantom with Sur Gee and Lan Cee.

    After they went back to the phantom, Sil Veree witness the Arbiter to cut the cables as the station went down.

    "I hope the Arbiter is ok."

    "Don't about it. I hope he knows what's best."

    "It seems so that I do worry that Heretic if the arbiter failed would do to the Covenant?"

    "Chaos and disorder will cause to bring."

    "What seems that why the servants of the Oracle would are protecting the heretics?"

    "I don't know."

    "Whatever it is, I don't like it."


    "Something is not at all as I fought against the heretics?"

    Soon they overheard that the Arbiter has taken the heretic leader which Tartarus, the leader of the brute has picked up the Arbiter. Now, their mission is completed at least. Sil Veree is relieved of the news.

    "But it's not over yet. There are more missions yet to come."


    The phantoms have return to High Charity as Lan Cee and Sil Veree came out of the Phantom first before Sur Gee did.

    "It seems the job is done."

    "Oh, Ko Gaee, how nice to see you?" Sur Gee greeted to his comrade in arms.

    "The mission was a success?" Ko Gaee said as he turn to see Sil Veree.

    "Ah, the esteem son of Gio Vanniee? I'm part of the member of the high Council, remember?"

    "I do, my father do talk about the politics of the covenant." Sil Veree answered that he knew about Ko Gaee when they fought together and led armies in the early stages of the Human-Covenant war. They began talking with each as until they heard that the High Charity and the rest of the Covenant fleets are moving out to their next destination, the Delta Halo ring.
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    Chapter 13: Return to Halo

    As soon after the Prophet of Reget went to slipspace unknowing that an UNSC, In the Amber Clad, followed him stumbled into another Halo ring. Inside of In Amber Clad, our bands of misfits are preparing their weapons. The pilots are talking about the events are followed.

    "Man, I hope this adventure never ends." Diamond said.

    "Hey, why you join the UNSC for?" Pearl asked to Diamond as Diamond holds a cookie in his mouth.

    "Well, I wanted to join the adventure and need the tuition for cooking school. And what about you, Missy why you're here?" Diamond wondered why Platinum is here as an officer of the UNSC navy.

    "Oh, I just to explore that. I read about military strategy and warfare, but never experienced it. Commanding a unit will not be that hard to say." Platinum wondered as for 15 year old to never understand. She heard that the UNSC has begun drafting 14-50 years old due of the massive losses of the war. She accepted the rank of Lt., but she won't expect to experience combat.

    "It's been long we have been in a Military Academy." Pearl pointed out as he checks the Pelican's engines.

    "It has been a year since. Entered to a young age due to many Academies are lowering the age." Platinum said.

    "At least we are still alive." Diamond said as he eats the cookie.

    "True...but I don't want to die in space or some planet. I could just do something out of my life." Pearl sighed.

    "There There. No matter what, we are getting out." Platinum mentions despite they are at a losing war. We head over to the Dexholder squad.

    "This will never end." Red stated which he and his squad fought a few battles, but yet to endured some horrors of the war. Green patted Red.

    "Yeah, it looks like it. But we cannot give up hope." Green said as it comfort Red.

    "I only sign up for the boys." Blue stated.

    "Pesky girl." Green said in annoyance. Somewhere in the ship as Gold thinks about the nightmare that occurred before return to Earth. It has been weeks that he has keep having the same nightmare over and over again. It's tormenting him that unbearable to him.

    "Gold, what's wrong?" Crystal asked to wonder why Gold is worrying about.

    "This war is going wrong for humanity."

    "You can't give up hope."

    "Yeah. I always say we find a way."

    "That's right. But I want to ask you something."

    "What is it?"

    "Why didn't let me join the professor?"

    "Well, I....I..I....I." Gold shuttered until the intercommon interrupted Gold.

    "We have reached another Halo ring." Intercom announces that seems that given Gold to avoid the subject, but shock to hear another Halo ring.

    "Another one?!" Gold shouted that seems since that the incident on the first Halo ring. There must be more than one Halo ring. Something is not right about this.

    "I thought we destroyed it?" Crystal said.

    "Something telling me it's noting going to be good." Gold said.

    "Don't say it. We have met up with the squad."

    "Gold, what you were about to say?" Crystal asked to know why that Gold picks Crystal in the first place.

    "Super Serious Gal, Let's not talk about it now! Right now, we got to meet up with the squad."

    "Gold!" Crystal said angrily. As Gold goes to the hanger bay to meet up with the Dexholder Squad, the squad are talking about the Halo ring.

    "Hey, Sarge. What's the op?"

    "Our commander has to retrieve the "key." But our mission is simple, to keep the covenant off her back." Green said as he gathered data from the first Halo ring.

    "A key, huh?" Blue wondered that hoping to lead to treasure or something of value.

    "ODSTs are away." Intercom announces which Master Chief was among the ODSTs as the pods drop to the Halo surface.

    "So, the building called the "Library" has this key." Ruby said as they look at the map.

    "That's right. The Spartan knew about this ring before he came back from another one." Red responded as Gold appeared.

    "Yeah, I have been there. Believe me, you don't want to experience there. Unless you wish to know." Gold said due of his experience.

    "There is more than one?" Sapphire asked.

    "What its function? It's a Fortress from an invasion?" Emerald asked.

    "No, they are WMDs and they can kill all species in a galactic scale." Crystal answered the questions they ask.

    "Scary! We could all die with one blow." Yellow sadly said that the Halo rings can destroy life in the galaxy.

    "I wanted assist Commander Keyes, but you're all coming with me for secret mission. Crystal, Tell us about the ring." Platinum said.

    "The ring is like our world, but little different. But there is a bigger danger than the Covenant." Crystal said which that how the Halo ring has dark secrets.

    "Like what?" Yellow wondered.

    "The Flood."

    "Like a flash flood?"

    "No, they are more like zombies, but uglier."

    "Ewww!" Ruby whined not want to know what they look like.

    "Zombies?" Black asked.

    "Will our weapons work on them?" Cheren wondering that their weapons will kill the Flood.

    "It works. Except Sniper rifles." Gold answered which Black and White looked at their sniper rifles with a sweatdrop.

    "Oh, I hope that we can't be killed by them." Bianca said.

    "They can infect anyone." Gold remarked that he remember how the flood works.

    "Anyone?" Red asked to know that infect anyone at all?

    "Yep. Ladies, can I get a kiss from each of you just in case before you die?" Gold said.

    The girls look at each other until they knock him out as he flies out of the hanger into the ring.

    "Why does this happen to me?" Gold wondered as he falls into the Ring.

    "Because you're terrible picking up girls." Crystal pointed out.

    "Oh, shaddup!"

    At the hanger, the boys are wondering why the girls did that.

    "Well?" Sapphire asked.

    "Why did you do that?" Emerald asked.

    "He's short. I was expecting for someone taller." Blue explained that she expect that Spartans are tall, but not short like Gold. The guys' just sweatdrop to the remarks of Blue. As Gold landed on the Ring, but hit on the ground.

    "Huh? What was that?" Master Chief wondered who it was.

    "I dunno, chief." Cortana asked. Gold stands up from his impact.


    "Oh, it's you."

    "Ow! I have must hit my head."

    "Where you come from?"

    "From the ship."

    "That's very strange from you. I am beginning to understand why they pick you."

    "I'm lucky or bad luck I guess."

    "Cortana, long time no see." Crystal greet to Cortana.

    "Crystal, it's good to see you. We need to kill Prophet of regret before the any happens to us."

    "Like what?" Gold asked until massive Covenant appears with High Charity.

    "Like right now."

    "Oh that. We need go right now."

    "Heard that." Master Chief said as they go on until they meet Regret (High Prophet which is the main evil rulers of the covenant. There is other two Prophets, but you get to meet them as well. I already mention them in early chapters.)

    "Truth, I have found something on Earth which it help the Great Journey." Regret tells the Truth on the hologram.

    "What is?"

    "It just...."

    "The Party's over." Master Chief announces which Regret turns the hologram off to see Gold and Master Chief with their battle rifles.
    "Guards! Kill the Demons!" Regret shouted as the Elite guards came to his side.

    "Demon? You mean Oni in my language." Gold remarked to wonder why Regret call Master Chief and Gold as demons.

    "Gold, what is...an Oni?" Crystal asked.

    "I don't have time to explain for that!" Gold explained as the Elite Guards attack Master Chief and Gold in a struggle as Gold manages to catch the energy sword which adds to another count in his countless catches of energy swords and Master Chief goes ahead to kill Regret.

    "NOOOO!" Regret screams as he dies under Master Chief's hands

    "This is their leader?" Gold said to hope that the war will be over.

    "Technically, no. We have to capture or kill more prophets which they are two of them." Cortana pointed out that only Mercy and Truth are only ones left.

    "Danmit!" Gold cursed wanting to end the war soon as possible.

    "You thought the war will be over in a matter of second." Crystal remarked with hint of sadness that she wanted to end the war too.

    "Yeah, but there are two of them? Can this war be over by now?" Gold wondered.

    "Afraid not." Master Chief said.

    "But I think I overheard, they had order the phantoms to return and they about to glass us." Cortana said that shock Gold.

    "Glassed? I haven't lost my virginity yet."

    "That's why we have to get out of here!" Cortana shouted as they run to the edge to avoid getting glassed and dive into the lake until they were grabbing by something.

    "I got a bad feeling about this." Gold said as he has bad feeling that a tentacle takes him to the depths of the Halo ring.
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    Chapter 14: Sacred Icon

    In High Charity near Delta Halo, scientific section of the Ministry, there is a San 'Shyuum named, Cyrus, or known as Minster of Emotion. He is working on valuable military asserts that could turn the tide of the war, but someone comes to the room unknowing to him.

    "Busy, ain't we?" a female voice said in a monotone.

    "Lady of Truth, what brings you here?" Cyrus wondered why Sird, wife of Prophet of Truth is here. She has come to tell or explain about the events about the war.

    "I have news to tell." Sird tells Cyrus which gotten his attention.

    "What news?"

    "The prophet of Regret has been murdered by the demon."

    "What? Have they killed the demon?"

    "No, they glassed him along with another demon."

    "Another Demon? I thought that demon was the last of his kind?"

    "No, it seems. There are few left to say. I have also bad news as well. My husband has decided to change the guards under my advice."

    "The Guards? Won't...."

    "NO, I have plan something else. They won't see it coming. Their time is at its end. Long time I have waited for this moment. Has your project is completed?" Sird smirked.

    "Not yet, all I can do is finished it by transporting to the main ship in case of the Flood and continue it there. This machine will helped to conquer the humans on Earth. To seek what we are looking for." Cyrus said as he looks at the blueprints of the plan. It was a scarab, but larger and threatening than before.

    Meanwhile at the Sangheili quarters, Gio Vanniee is working on his project along with an Huragok.

    "Sir, I have gather much data for next meeting." The Huragok said in a female voice.

    "Thank you, Sab-rina." Gio Vanniee thanked as he gets the data from her works.

    "My lord?" Sabrina asks Gio Vanniee.


    "I have news to tell."

    "What news to say?"

    "The prophet of Regret has been murdered by the Demon."

    "What?" Gio Vanniee surprised that a Hierarch has been murdered by a demon. Another room is Pry Cee is working another two Huragok with names of "Will" and "Karen".

    "Here's the data you need for the council." Karen said as she hands over the data to Pry Cee.

    "Thank you. Any news?" Pry Cee wondered because he heard Regret went to Earth without support. It was a hasty invasion without the full support of the entire Covenant fleet. Hopefully, they will resume what they started it and end the war once and for all.

    "Well, Prophet of Regret has been murdered by the demon." Will said it first which shocked Pry Cee.

    "What?! How?!" Pry Cee panicked.

    Another room where Lan Cee reside with another 2 Huragok named "Lorelei" and "Agatha".

    "Damnit! If Truth didn't stop us to stop the demon then none of this will happen..." Lan Cee shout in anger that there was going to special task force to kill the demon which Truth ordered them to turn back.

    "Why did this happen?" Lan Cee asked himself.

    "Not only that, Truth has issued a new changing of the guards." Lorelei pointed out which giving Lance attention.

    "What? Who?" Lan Cee asked knowing why Truth is changing of the guards.

    "The Brutes are taking over of the guards." Agatha said which to much Lan Cee's dismay.

    "Why he would do that?" Lan Cee wondered why Truth is changing the guards from the Elites to the Brutes.

    "Oh, I gotten a message that you have to meet up with Rita Vaduamee has ordered all special force members in 0800 hours.

    Lan Cee perks up as he goes out of the door. He walks in the hallways of High Charity in terms how huge of the place is. Lan Cee meets Pry Cee and Gio Vanniee on an elevator.

    "It seems you heard the news?" Lan Cee asked which they gotten the news.

    "Yes, I wonder why Truth hasn't consented with the council." Pry Cee said as how Truth is gathering power which the Council is getting aware of it.

    "Truth has no right to make this decision. Yes, he didn't consent the council which I don't know. I don't like it." Giovanni said.

    "But I hope nothing will happen to us." Lan Cee said.

    "That will nothing change as long the sacred ring has been found at last. The great Journey has come at last." Pry Cee said knowing that they are upon a Sacred Ring which it has brought joy to Covenant. They continue to talk with each other until Lan Cee left for his meeting. He encountered Sil Veree near the landing zone.

    "Lan Cee?" Sil Veree said as he greets Lan Cee.

    "Have you heard?"

    "I have heard of it. We have been their protectors. Why the suddenly they want to change the guards to the Brutes?" Sil Veree said in anger.

    "But let's keep that in hand as we have achieve the great Journey." Lan Cee comfort Sil Veree as they gotten on the Phantom. They head to the Halo Ring.

    "I hope this mission is not pointless one."

    "All it seems that it won't be an exciting one." Lan-cee said as they overheard that the Arbiter is there for a special task to retrieve an icon. They are shocked to hear that.

    "My former commander is there?" Sil Veree asked to know why the Arbiter is there.

    "It seems you are very fond of your commander?" Lan Cee asked to know why.

    "He is fame commander that led many victories. And He saved my life on Reach." Sil Veree answered to Lan Cee's question. They landed on the surface to find themselves on a four way battle composes of Human, Covenant, Sentential, and Flood.

    Soon, they are about to meet the Arbiter up. They join the Arbiter and Ria Vaduamee to head for the Library. They fight against the Flood which they have to encounter along their way to get there. They found themselves in a platform only to know more humans are there to get the library.

    But they are not alone as the Flood are right behind. Rita Vaduamee left, but Lan Cee wanted to follow him. He nodded to Sil Veree to help Ria Vaduamme against the Flood.

    "It seems you are friends with him?" Arbiter asked to Sil Veree.

    "Mentor, since I join the Covenant." Sil Veree answered.

    "So, it seems. Your name happens to be..." Arbiter wondered that he knew that Elite before.

    "Sil Veree. I was part of your fleet before the mark of the shame."

    "Sil Veree. Your Father happens to be Gio Vanniee."

    "I was born and raised by my uncle. But I already knew my father."

    "I see you in action. You fight well as your father."

    "Seems you know me?"

    "I know my commanders. Let's focus on hand." Arbiter said as they face the flood which they drew out energy swords. They tore the flood to pieces while the Brutes on their phantom gave cover support to handle the flood.

    When they got there, they encountered a few marines which it was no problem for them to handle, but the flood still managed to get them. That didn't matter for them to get the flood out of their way.

    "Arbiter, look!" Sil Veree points to Miranda Keyes and Johnson.

    "The icon. We must go! Now!" Arbiter said as they come towards Sargent Johnson, who open fire at the Arbiter.

    Arbiter took care of Johnson which Miranda fires her SMG at Sil Veree and the Arbiter. They dodge the bullets from Miranda as soon she stopped firing. Then the Arbiter took out her weapons as Sil Veree gets his energy sword towards her.

    But that stops when Tartartus and Orm are here as Tartartus gets Miranda with his gravity hammer.

    "Good work, Arbiter."

    "Well, ain't the son of Gio Vanniee. I'm glad to meet to him. Wait, I do know you since on that planet what the humans called Reach." Orm said as Sil Veree glared along with the Arbiter at the Brutes. Something is not right why the Brutes are here for.

    "The icon is our mission." Arbiter point out.

    "Was your mission. Now it's mine. Soon, your race will be gone while the Brutes will take your place." Tartarus boastful said which the Brutes started to surround the Arbiter while Orm comes to Sil Veree.

    "We have other plans for you." Orm said with grim tone. The Brutes took Miranda and Johnson away as Tartarus takes the Icon from Miranda.

    "Why you so armed?" Sil Veree said to wonder why that it seems the brutes are not friendly it seems. He looks at Orm as he wanted to kill him.

    "The Hierarches has made a wise choice." Orm said.

    "He's right." Sird said as she comes out of the shadows.

    "Lady of Truth?" Arbiter said only to his surprise.

    "Arbiter, how pity that your services are no more required while Sil Veree, son of Gio Vanniee, will join the Arbiter to death?" Sird said as she taps Sil Veree on his armor while she walks away.

    "What's wrong on?" Sil Veree demanded to know why.

    "Oh, the Great Journey demands it. Orm?" Sird said as Orm came to her.

    "Yeah." A nasal Jackal appeared.

    "Carr, do I enjoy this?" Sird asked the Jackal.

    "Yeah, you do. I waited for this day to come." Carr asked as he aims his plasma rifle at Sil Veree.

    "What's going on?" Sil Veree demanded.

    "If they hear about this, they will take your head! Lady of Truth, stop this!" Arbiter pleads which it falls to deaf ears.

    "Tartarus, you know must to deal." Sird ordered Tartarus whom chuckled as the Arbiter shocked to hear from his chuckle.

    "Yes, my lady." Tartarus obeyed as he prepares his hammer.

    "Fools. They ordered to do it." Tartarus pointed his hammer at Sil Veree and Arbiter. He sent to the pit what it seems to own their deaths. At the darkness, they are grabbed by tentacles which much to their surprise.
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    Chapter 15: Gravemind

    Meanwhile in the Halo Ring, a group of grunts are fighting against something. It seems hopeless for them as they are about to retreat as their leader was killed by sniper round.

    "Oh, no! I'm going died?" Grunt said when he gets killed by Emerald.

    "Hey, look I killed him." Emerald said as the others came out.

    "Man, those aliens are everywhere." Blue worried because they knew how outnumbered they are.

    "I only kill 5 Elites and 20 grunts." Sapphire said with pride.

    "Wow, that's impressive record of kills." Black said checks the scope.

    "What you think? I'm the heavy specialist unlike Sissy boy here." Sapphire said as she glares at Ruby.

    "Oh. I was trying to.....not get a stain." Ruby argued.

    "Let's cut the chit chat. We have bigger worries for now." Red said as reloads his battle rifle.

    "Like what?" White said as she reloads her weapon.

    "Remember about the flood?" Cheren pointed out which they to fight against the Flood.

    "Oh, that? What about it?" Red said.

    "I mean they can appear at any place at any time. Do you forget when we first encounter them as we face them in a valley?" Green said remembering that the squad battling the flood with fear and desperate to stay alive with everything they got.

    "Humph! I haven't seen them yet, but I would suspect that Spartan would be the first one to be infected." Blue said as she assumed what happen to him no matter.

    "Blue! You shouldn't say mean things; I mean he did save us from the enemies in Cairo Station." Yellow said.

    "True to that." Emerald agreed with Yellow.

    "The library's barrier is down. Dexholder squad, we have new mission for you." Radio said as Red grabs it.

    "Come in, what's our mission?" Red asked to know what new mission.

    "There is a large Elite force coming to the Library to witness about the Halo thing. We overheard in their communications. But looks like the leaders of the Covenant called Councilors and if we kill them, we end this war right now." Radio said which to Red's surprise.

    "I see, understood. Everyone listen up." Red shouted after he turns off the radio which everyone goes to Red.

    "The Covenant has sent their leaders to witness firing of the Halo. But this last chance to save the human race from danger. Let's go!" Red said as they go to the area to counter the Elite Councilors. Meanwhile, after the Arbiter was betray by Tartarus, Chief of the Brutes, where Sil Veree and the Aribiter are being dragged and being held by tentacles. At the sametime both Master Chief and Gold wakes up and sees something is taking them to something.

    "Gold, what is that ugly thing?" Crystal asked to know what it is. A flashback of his nightmare appears to Gold for a second. It was the same monster that appeared in his nightmares.

    "Something terrible, that I know." Gold said in fear what he didn't like. The creature is the one from Gold's dreams.

    "So, this one made of machine, this one is flesh and faith, this one is somehow in doubt, and this one is in fear.

    "What you mean in fear?" Gold wondered.

    "Demon!" Sil Veree yelled to see Gold again.

    "Oh, it's ain't the jaws himself. Did I met you before?"

    "We have met once at the one of the Sacred Rings you destroy."

    "There is something we must do." Gravemind tells them to know what to be heard.

    "Just kill me or release. I have no time for talk." Arbiter said.

    "What we want you to tell to talk to us? We are already dead." Sil Veree argued to know why.

    "There is much time for talk." Gravemind said as soon he explains about Halo which it is a WMD and to show two different points of view of monitor of Delta Halo and Prophet of Regret. The argument between the Prophet and the monitor showing the contrast how it is the same thing how the Halo ring is a weapon to destroy all life.

    "This thing is right. Halo is weapon. Your prophets are making a big mistake." Master Chief said.

    "Your ignorance already destroyed one of the sacred rings, Demon. It shall not harm another!" Arbiter said to Master Chief because his failure that lead him here.

    "If you will not listen, I will show you. There is enough time to stop it. You must do what you do on one likely spot and you must stop it with enough time. You will help him to stop the ring. And also you." Gravemind said as he looks at Gold after he looks at Sil Veree.

    "Who me?" Gold said.

    "You have feelings that you are surpassing which denying for quite some time which I have sense it." Gravemind points out which Gold is not telling anyone what he has been.

    "Hey, at least I don't look ugly as you, Aubrey." Gold said.

    "Stubborn mind, you are. It seems you are in some kind of curse which there is one way to break it." Gravemind said sense which to understand Gold is hard to read.

    "Spare me with that. Just let us go and go with our merry ways!" Gold shouted.

    "Gold, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Master Chief warned Gold, but it didn't stop him to continue.

    "There is one thing you will not. I don't want you take away Crystal ever!"

    "What?" Master Chief said in surprise.

    "What?" Arbiter and Sil Veree said in surpise.

    "What?" Cortana said as she is shocked to hear that.

    "Wait, What?" Crystal said in a major shock to hear that Gold is actually saying that.

    "I won't let you!" Gold shouted that hoping he won't allowed it.

    "It seems I would send you with him. In the meantime, you know what I mean. While you two will stop the ring from destroying all life. This ring will make us brothers." Gravemind said as he sends the four somewhere. He sends Gold and Master Chief to High Charity where a civil war began as the Arbiter and Sil Veree to Halo ring.

    "The Great Journey will began when Tartarus will start the Halo to begin." Truth said with Mercy and Sird whom she smile during Truth's speech until Gold and Master Chief appear. The Grunt nearby was surprised to see Gold and Master Chief.

    "Boo!" Master Chief said to scare the Grunt.

    "Yep! Run away!" Grunt said in panic as he throws up the needler which Master Chief was about to get it.

    "Thank you!" Master Chief as he aims at Truth.

    "Demons! Kill them!" Truth said which he was able to escapes.

    "What's this demon thing? Oni is a better term and much better to add/" Gold asked to wonder they are being called Demons.

    "I don't think so. Maybe they just afraid of you, which could be it." Crystal answered to his question.

    "There is no time for that. Chief, put me in the Covenant battle net." Cortana said as Master Chief was about to put Cortana in the High Charity networks.

    "Me too!" Crystal said as Gold and Master Chief Put the A.I units in the terminal which they have control of the entire system.

    "What now?" Gold asked.

    "We fight our way through." Master Chief said as he grabs a Carbine from a brute he killed while Gold gets a duel plasma rifles.

    "Well, I hope it's not big." Gold hoped as they fight through the halls to see the entire city which they have to fight the entire city's defenses.

    "Oh, crap this city is huge. Bigger than Tokyo!" Gold remarked as he never a place that huge.

    "Gold, what is Tokyo?" Crystal asked to know what Tokyo looked like.

    "Oh, that's where I been there before I was...." Gold said.

    "Before what?" Crystal asked.

    "That's where....." Gold said he stops to kill some grunts.

    "Well?" Crystal asked again.

    "I thought you were a smart A.I unit?" Gold asked why she is asking him questions if she is super smart due of her serious nature.

    "I am! Aren't you going to fight or what?"

    "What you think?" Gold said as he sees more grunts with Brutes are coming against him while Master Chief handles the Brutes.

    "Kill!" One of the grunts said as they gotten killed by Gold as he uses the duel plasma rifles. He follows Master Chief along the way as they fought more covenant until they see In Amber Clad is heading for the High Charity which the Flood appeared.

    "Not those again." Gold whined which Master Chief and Gold fight their way to get the Prophets. They are everywhere which they have to find every weapon left to defeat the Flood.

    "Well, I did hear about you saying to Gravemind." Crystal said to wonder why he said that.

    "Oh, that. I just need a short exit. That's all" Gold answered because he knew she will asked him that.

    "What you mean that he can't take me away? But you do know you're rude and perverted." Crystal points out.

    "Well, I got my reasons."

    "Like what?"

    "For starters, Blue is very busty, Yellow is nice, and Sapphire despite of her nature is nice in her own way. To you, you're always serious and strict. Why I would say that to Gravemind."

    "So, you lie to him?"

    "Yea. What you want to me to do?" Gold said which Crystal didn't think Gold is capable to tell the truth to Gravemind. Gold takes on against group of infection forms and combat forms.


    "Yeah, Super Serious Gal?"

    "What you think about me?"


    "Gold, let's go!" Master Chief said to get Gold to be focus on the mission to get Truth and stop Halo from activating to wipe all life of the galaxy.

    "There are more important things right now." Gold said as they both press on to fight along their way in the hallways and streets of High Charity. Only Crystal sighs to know that she has her questions to wonder why she did found truth in Gold's voice when he said to Gravemind. Normally, Gold is a liar which to her surprise what he only lies when he brags about it. Then what he said, he is telling the truth only about her.
  8. Republic Empire

    Oct 29, 2014
    Chapter 16: Heavy Price Paid

    In the Halo Ring after drop off by Gravemind, Arbiter and Sil Veree gathered nearby weapons. As they run together until they face bodies of...sangheili. Corpses of their kind murdered in cold blood. Tartartus mentioned Truth ordered death of the arbiter. Why their kind? What's going on? Then Sil Veree spotted someone is alive. It is his father, but it was at a critical injury.

    "No!" Sil Veree called out as he comes to Gio Vanniee.

    "Father? What has happen?"

    "It was Truth. He betrayed us."

    "NO, why he would do that?"

    "He always favor the brutes and....ordered our executions." Gio Vannie points out the corpses of Ko Gee and Sur Gee. Pry Cee is killed as well which his body was twisted in a gruesome way.

    "The Brutes? That explained the changing of the guard?"

    "Son, promise me this." Gio Vanniee said as Sil Veree hold tightly to his father.

    "You must avenge our honor and...." Gio Vanniee said until he spit out blood. Tears are forming in Sil Veree's eyes as he holds of his father.

    "Live your life you want to be. I didn't want anything of this for you. I'm sorry." Gio Vannie said as it was his last words until he gave out his last breath.

    "No. No.....No!" Sil Veree screamed in pain. He shed his tears that in fact he never cried before. He lost his true father, noble sangheili who died for nothing. Arbiter witness this as he steps away without a word. That's when the Brutes came in as Sil Veree spots them and goes to them.

    "Kill the Elites!" One of the Brutes said until Sil Veree cut him off with his energy and proceeds to stab another one. He didn't stop there until he slashes cuts, stabs the brute to death and continued.

    "Sil Veree, stop!" Arbiter called out. This stops Sil Veree what he was doing.

    "My name shouldn't be Sil Veree. My real should be....Sil ver." Silver said as he rose up.

    "I will regain that honor back by all means necessary." Silver said in anger.

    "Even at cost of your life?" Arbiter asked.

    "Even at a high price that I am willing to make." Silver pointed out. They both left the area. Meanwhile, the Dexholder squad came to the area where they were supposed to go.

    "They must be here." Red asked himself to know if it's the right place.

    "After fighting those zombies?" Emerald said

    "They were nasty things." Bianca said in much of terror she seen.

    "I know I don't many shotgun rounds I fired." Green said as he counts the shotgun rounds.

    "Tell me about it." Black said which he checks his SMG clips.

    "Guys, look!" Yellow points out as the squad come to see all Elite councilors dead.

    "What the?" Cheren said in shocked.

    "Somebody beat us to that." Sapphire complained that she wanted piece of the action.

    "No, if it's from other squads we know by now. This is plasma wound. Look." Blue said as she points the plasma wound.

    "Looks like he was betray by someone?" Red said.

    "Who'll do a thing like that? That doesn't make any sense." Yellow wondered.

    "Hush! I hear something coming." Cheren said as they hide in the brushes until Brutes appear.

    "I hope those Elites are dead."

    "Yeah, We brutes are going to take over."

    "Cool, you think I wear his hat."

    "No Stupid! After we kill all Elites, we're going kill all the humans. We won and start the Great Journey and we become gods."

    "Oh. Cool" Brute said as Energy sword being draw out is heard as the two brutes are killed by Arbiter and Sil Ver.

    "It's an elite! Kill him." Black said as he aims his sniper rifle.

    "Wait!" Yellow said as she stopped Black.

    "What is it?" Red asked why Yellow stopped him.

    "Looks like he's...." Blue said as he points out that she sees tears from the Sil Ver.

    "Crying. After witness his dead comrades." Blue said as she feels sorry for him.

    "Guys! Did you forget? They killed and glassed people to death." Sapphire argued they are the enemy to her point of view.

    "If they did that, then why those Brutes killed the Elites for? There has to be a logical reason." Ruby pointed out.

    "Good question." Red said.

    "We could go ask him." Blue said as she comes to Sil Ver.

    "Who's there?" Arbiter said as their guns crocked

    "Guys! Stop this! We just want to talk." Blue said as she lowers her weapon and walks towards Sil Ver. He looks at her with mixture of anger and sadness while she looks at him with pity.

    "I'm sorry." Blue said as she speaks to him. Then Arbiter, Sil Ver, and the squad see a wraith tank coming.

    "Arbiter? You're alive? The councilors?" Rita Vadumee said to see the Arbiter well and alive. Behind the Wraith was Lan Cee who was alive and well. Lan Ce was glad to see Sil Ver alive and well.

    "Dead, my friend. They are killed by Brutes."

    "We should know that Truth has betrayed us." Ria Vadumee said as they see a two Phantoms going to the control room.

    "We have to stop them!"

    "Yes, we must stop this madness." Rita Vadumee said until Blue spoke up.

    "We can help!"

    "Blue?" Green asked as he grabs Blue by shoulders.

    "If you going there, I'm going." Red said.

    "I'm going to." Black and White said to join in.

    "Me too." Cheren and Bianca join in.

    "Why not." Emerald said as he joins in.

    "As I." Ruby said which left Sapphire to wonder why?

    "We will assist you." Sapphire sigh much to her dismay.

    "Thank you, I think we can get there before they cans start the ring." Arbiter said which Sil Ver comes up to the squad.

    "I will do whatever I can. You have released the prisoners hold by brutes." Sil Ver told the squad.

    "Understand! Our first orders are to release the prisoner from those nasty Brutes!" Red said as the squad cheered. Soon, they all left to free Sil Veree and Arbiter's comrades from being murdered by the Brutes.

    "Sapphire, wait!" Ruby said as he stops Sapphire in her tracks.

    "What now?" Sapphire said to know why Ruby stopped her.

    "Why you hate them? Why did you still hate them despite they are betrayed?" Ruby wondered to know why. Sapphire looked away as she frowns.

    "I met a boy once and...something bad happen." Sapphire said in sadness.

    "When was this?" Ruby wondered.

    "11 years ago."

    "Oh....11 years ago I met a girl before that I change my ways for her."

    "So, did I..." Sapphire said as they began to tell their story to the each other. Eleven years ago, a boy and a girl are playing each other. They are playing hide and sneak in the woods. The girl finds the boy's hiding spot and it was his turn. He counts down to 100.

    The girl tries to find a hiding spot until stumbled something. The figure turned to be a Zealot Elite, separated his patrol. The girl screamed that alerted the boy to come to her aid, but the Zealot held his energy sword to be hit by rocks.

    "Leave her alone, you monster!" the boy said, but the Zealot Elite took this as a weak challenge only to knock the boy out and turn to the girl who trembling in fear.

    "Humans. Pathetic weaklings. A mere child of humans can endanger the Great Journey. I must do what I must." Zealot Elite said in his native language. She steps back further until hit to a rocky corner that tapped her.

    The zealot elite gets closer to her with the energy sword ready to strike her until hit the zealot in the leg only for the boy carrying a log he can barely hold. The Zealot turn around to slash him near his skull. Blood has been spread and to the girl that scene frightens her. A part of boy's blood stained her dress and her face.

    "YOU FOOL!" Zealot said as he readied for the kill until bullets hit his shields. Norman with his fellow ODSTs arrive on the scene to save the boy and the girl along with Professor Birch.

    "Don't let it hurt my daughter!" Birch requested. The Zealot retreated as Norman and the other ODST chase him. During what's happening, the boy comes near to the girl as he has a scar. The scare was deep and bloodied which frightens her.

    "Don't worry, my dad came to save us." The boy said, but that didn't matter for the fact that the sight of blood made the girl cried.

    "One incident in 11 years ago changed everything."

    "I was weak."

    "I was too strong."

    "We change our ways."

    "But we pay a heavy price to change our ways." Both Sapphire and Ruby said as they killed the Brutes. What they didn't know that they were the same children who encountered a Zealot Elite in that day are now reunited and different.

    In the High Charity, Mercy is about to get killed by Flood on his neck.

    "Your pal. Where's he's going?" Master Chief asked to see Prophet of Mercy in pain.

    "Earth! But you will never escape here, demon. We will finished what we started."

    "Man, how many of those things are? And where are they going? Anyways, what now?" Gold wondered that the entire place is filling of Covenant and the Flood.

    "That's a forerunner. That ship." Cortana pointed out to see the ship in the middle of the city.

    "That ship is strange looking. What it is: a tack?" Gold claimed which made Crystal upset due of his idiocy.

    "Because it's a forerunner ship, you idiot. You should..." Crystal shouted at his ear.

    "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Please, don't lecture me." Gold whined

    "Chief, if we going blow up Halo like last time, I have to overload the ship's engine." Cortana tells Master Chief like the one they done at first Halo.

    "Wait, you're the one that nearly got us killed in the last ring." Gold remembered the entire ordeal.

    "Yes, that was me." Cortana sighed until Master Chief tries to pull cortana out of the system.

    "No, I have risk this. I don't work if we did remote it." Cortana said as Master Chief looks at her.

    "Good, I heard that all day long. Come on, let's go!" Gold gladly to hear that as he try to pull out the chip out to get Crystal out of the terminal.

    "No, I stay put." Crystal protested


    "I'm going stay with Cortana to help her."

    "You can't be serious?"

    "I am."

    "No, I need you. Earth needs you."

    "No, Gold" Crystal sighed as she turns her back to Gold.

    "It's you. The reason UNSC have Spartan program, to protect Earth from any danger. I have to stay here to defend Earth for all means the cost."

    "No, I can't let you."

    "Gold, the flood is here. We don't have enough time for this. We have to go now!" Master Chief shouted as he fired his weapon against the Flood.

    "No, Crystal. I'm not leaving without you!"

    "I have to. It's only way." Crystal sadly said.

    "Crystal, you don't have to do this!" Cortana asked to know why.

    "No, what if something happens to you. I mean what if something goes wrong?"

    "It could. But you're right; I could use your help."

    "Gold, I must ask you something." Crystal stated as she turns around to Gold to ask him.


    "You never answer my question on Cairo which I didn't ask. Why did you save me?"

    "That? I...I...pick you because....I was afraid I will lose you. If I didn't, I can't live with myself with that guilt"

    "But Why?"

    "Because...I lost someone very special to me during the battle of Reach. She reminded me of you in a way."


    "Gold, we must go now!" Master Chief shouts to get Gold out of there.

    "Good bye." Crystal cried as she goes to the system.

    "Super Serious Gal? Crys? Crystal! You can't do this to me!" Gold panicked as he get the chip from his helmet to get her out, but taken away by Master Chief.

    "WE have no time for this!" Master Chief said as he drags Gold to the next platform and inserts the chip inside his helmet.

    "There is time to get her! Please!"

    "NO! She made her choice! Just let go! We have to stay strong."

    "I know."

    "Let's go!" Master Chief said as they fight their way in High Charity which they combat the flood.

    "Crystal, why didn't come with him? Why you didn't?"

    "Because....I love him. Besides you need my help in case something bad happens. This is best way to live another day to see him again. I never felt anything before in my short life." Crystal said as she cries while Cortana conform her.

    "It's ok. I know you made the right choice. But it's going very hard for him too." Cortana said as she comforts Crystal who sobbing with tears. Master Chief and Gold enter the ship at the very last second.

    "Ok, We in."


    "What's wrong?"

    "Chief, you're only real person I can tell you my secret."

    "What is your secret?"

    "I....love her. But I'm too afraid it to say to her. I already lost Lyra on Reach and I can't bear to losing Crystal." Gold teary said as Master Chief pat Gold on the shoulder as the ship exits High Charity.

    "Bye, Gold. I will.....always love you no matter what even you're rude and perverted, but a very kind person you are." Crystal said as she views the ship goes out to Earth. She returns back to the system to help Cortana to deal with High Charity.
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