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Fanfiction Super Smash Bros: The Arod Chronicles

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Vaquero, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Vaquero

    Vaquero Member of the Charicific Valley

    King Crimson
    Level 41
    May 29, 2018
    Prologue: An Extinguished Flame

    It was was only a couple hours before the transition of the Fourth World to Ultimate. Many were rejoicing over being able to see old allies that were lost during the past transitions. Many sighed in relief for themselves and for the people they’ve grown close to during these times. However, one group was not exactly in cheer.

    A certain Italian plumber looked at a large glass case, about his size. There he looked at clothing similar to his but with a red and white color scheme. He sighed as he rested his gloved hand against the case. “Oh, mama-mia…” the plumber said in a slightly depressed tone. He began to remember the past when he sported the white cap and red overalls. He was only but a wee lad back then and not exactly great at fighting. But, he had fun, even though he was lonely.

    Then, the world of Brawl had begun to be in the last days of its lifespan. And they transferred to the 4th world. Mario was still without a companion. He had tried to make friends with one of the newcomers but it didn’t work out. The plumber had remained solo for a good chunk of his life in the 4th world still getting the hang of fighting. Until, one day, he finally made a friend.

    The plumber tried to hold back the tears as he thought of him. “Hey, Mario. We gotta start heading out.” the plumber’s dark-clad clone said.

    “Alright. I’m-a coming, Doc.” Mario said, trying to be his normal, upbeat self. Before he ran out, he looked back at the clothing one last time and shut off the lights.

    The two short Italians materialized onto hovering platforms. They were in the middle of a floating island in a galaxy. The floating island seemed to be semi-alive. The platforms disappeared from below their feet and they fell to the ground. Even though they were short and stocky, they surprisingly had athletic prowess. So, they stuck their landings.

    The two looked up and saw their friends were pretty unamused. “You’re lucky I’m a merciful ruler cause I woulda clobbered you two for makin’ me wait so darn long.” the giant, obese penguin said as he rested his hammer against his shoulder.

    “Yeah, yeah. Let’s settle this later.” Doc said, sarcastically, as he rolled his eyes. Obviously not taking Dedede’s words as a threat.

    A blue haired girl then walked up to the short Italian and kneeled down to get to eye level. “Get a good hit in for me,” she said in a serious as she ruffled his brown hair. Doc swatted her hand away and shot a glare at her. She giggled at the black-clad doctor as he tried to act tough.

    The silver-haired elf woman next to them laid her eyes on Mario sitting down with his cap off and sensed a disturbance. She hadn’t really gotten to know him, no one in the group had besides one. She wanted to at least know why Mario was acting the way he was.

    Mario was looking at the never-ending galaxy surrounding the floating island. Lost in thought, he hadn’t noticed that the silver-haired elf had kneeled down next to him. “Mario?” she said to the plumber. Mario snapped out of his trance and looked to his side to see who called for him.

    “Hello, Zelda,” Mario said trying to sound like his normal self. He may have been solo most of the time but he could keep up a conversation. “What’s-a going on?” he asked, trying to act casual.

    “You don’t seem in high spirits,” she said to him. “And I may know why…” she said but right as she was about to follow up with her reasoning, Mario jumped and picked up his hat. He didn’t put it on though, instead, he clenched it in his hand as if it was a stress ball. Zelda quickly got up and dusted off her dress. “Mario, wai-” she was about to finish but Mario shot a glare at her.

    “This-a is the last thing I need,” he said in a tone that showed he wasn’t messing around. Zelda backed up in fear. She had never seen Mario like this. She has seen him battle plenty of times but he always just seemed fired up, explosive in speed, and a more aggressive fighter. And even then, he still had a little pep in step with determination in him. But in her defense, he rarely conversed with her.

    Mario was with 3 other fighters as the “mains” of the group. Charizard, the Blazing Fury. Dr. Mario, The Prescriber of Pain. And King Dedede, The King of Dreamland. They were chosen for their fighting prowess and their ability to disrespect the living **** out of their opponents. These were really the only people he conversed with, but he was still distant with all but one.

    King Dedede looked at the plumber and princess and saw something had made Mario snap. He waddled over to them and asked, “What, da heck is goin on here?!”

    Mario looked at Dedede. The penguin could see the anger in the plumber's eyes. The pinnacle of perfection stood in front of Zelda. He was well aware she could fend for herself but Dedede called himself the king for a reason. He did care for his friends even though he normally acts like a narcissistic, bubbly, clumsy, oaf.

    Mario was blinded by anger so he jumped up and readied his fist so that he could land his meteor punch. However, Dedede, for looking so plump and cuddly, could swing around that giant hammer of his like it’s nothing. So, with ludicrous speed, he whacked Mario out of the air, knocking his hat out of his hand in the process. Mario felt a rush of pain hit his face just before he was knocked back from the king’s mighty swing. Mario picked himself back up, his vision blurry. He then shook his head to regain his sight.

    There, he saw a serious-looking Dedede and a shocked Zelda. He then looked at the ground in shame. “I-I’m-a so sorry…” Mario said meekly. He then walked over to his red cap in shame. He dusted it off and put it on his head, but making sure the bill of the hat covered his eyes.

    He couldn’t even look at them in the eyes after what he has done. He felt like an idiot. He would have wanted to at least try to make close friends with one of his teammates but now that’s pretty much ruined now. Mario turned around, his head hung low.

    He then heard the loud stomping he was all too familiar with. He felt his heart racing and he started to get shivers down his spine.

    “Hey, guys…” a large, jade green, dragon-like creature said. “What happened?” he asked.

    Doc ran up to the dragon and said, “Charizard, Mario’s having some issues…” he whispered to him.

    “Huh? Well, I’m his best friend. I’m sure I can help him out.” the dragon said. He then Zard Walked over to his friend and asked, “Are you alright?”

    Mario turned away from the dragon. He tried to hold back his tears but it was really difficult. He put his eyes against his sleeves.

    The dragon growled in confusion. He sighed and got everyone’s attention. “Guys, I know this is gonna be hard. I’m scared.” the dragon said as he hung his head low. The flame on his tail not looking as bright and fiery as usual. “But, I just want to let you guys know that, I love you. You guys are like family to me.” Charizard said. He then looked at Mario. He had a toothy grin on his face and put his claws on his shoulder, “Especially you, Mar-“

    Mario turned around and embraced the dragon. He started to weep and buried his face in the dragon's Jade scales. He felt warmth radiate off the fire-type’s skin, which actually made him cry even more. Mario couldn’t even form words to say to the Charizard. He just looked up at his reptilian face. He had tears in eyes that had run down his face and onto his mustache.

    “Zard, you-“ Mario was about to say but the dragon hugged him back. He shed a tear too, trying to be strong. The flame on his tail grew brighter out of the brotherly love the two shared.

    “I know, Mario. You’re my best friend…” the green Charizard said. But those were his final words he’d ever say to them again.

    Bright light started to erupt from the sky which was covering the galaxy around them. Lucina and Doc held each other to brace themselves for the world transfer. Dedede used his body to shield Zelda. A very kingly and noble thing to do.

    The last thing she saw of the Fourth World was Mario and Zard embracing each other with a pure white background behind him.

    Mario held on tight, his hands almost digging into his scales.

    Then finally, everything was just white. The final sound made was Charizard roaring in pain.


    Lucina and Doc opened their eyes and saw each other. Doc was on one knee and used his dark coat to cover her. “I’m so relieved you’re alri-“ Lucina was about to say but Doc suddenly embraced her.

    “You’re the star of my life…” he said in a shaken voice. Lucina was shocked by his words. She knew he had a soft spot for her but she’s always known him as cocky and tough. But she didn’t mind this side of him one but as she hugged him back.

    Dedede opened his eyes. He saw FD was different but that didn’t matter. He stood up tall, hammer in hand. He then looked to Zelda and asked, “Ya, okay?”

    Zelda stood up and dusted off her dress. “I am, but I’m not sure Mario is.” she said as he looked back at the two.

    Mario was still embracing Zard. He clung on right to him. However, the dragon started to squirm and growl. Mario let go and jumped out because it scared him. He then looked at Charizard. But he didn’t see anything, just a wild animal. “Oh, Zard…” Mario said as he began to cry again. He used his sleeve to try and stop the crying but he couldn’t turn off the waterworks. He looked away from his friend and tried to deny what was happening.

    Dedede was saddened by this image. He actually liked Charizard. He respected Charizard’s bait and punish fighting style. And he loved how he utilized all the tools in his kit for combat. It also warmed his heart to see almost the worst character in the game rise up more in the tier list. Not a high or top but definitely somewhere in the middle.

    Doc was pretty fond of Zard too. He really liked how Zard was able to make a fool out his opponents, whether it’s with a high-risk flare blitz by the blast zone or setting up for a really early kill using his long fiery tail.

    Lucina never really talked much with Zard but she knew he was a nice sudo-dragon.

    Zelda respected Zard’s style of play as she was also a bait and punish. However, she was well aware of how he was better at general fighting than he was but she wasn’t jealous. She was perfectly content with seeing him improve and surpassing her.

    So, it was a disheartening moment when they saw the fun and lovable Zard wasn’t him anymore. It was just a husk of what Zard once was.

    The dragon materialized into a red silhouette of itself and was put into a Pokéball. The person holding it was a Pokémon Trainer sporting a green coloration of the standard trainer outfit. “Come on out, Ivysaur.” The kid said. Then a small plant monster with a flower bud in its back materialized into the world.

    Mario watched all of this is horror. The fighter he befriended with, grew with and left the 4th world had just disappeared. All his personality, the memories he’s made, everything was just gone.

    Mario clenched his fist. He looked up, nostrils flaring and tears running down his eyes. “I’m-a gonna kill him!” Mario yelled as he tried to run at him but he was tackled to the ground by Zelda.

    She clung to him in an attempt to prevent him from lashing out at the trainer. Mario squirmed to free himself but Zelda wouldn’t let him. She finally pinned him down. Her neatly kept silver hair had gotten messed up and Mario’s cap had been knocked off. “Mario, please!” Zelda pleaded.

    Zelda was having a hard time keeping him in place. The plumber could break bricks effortlessly with his bare hands so it wasn’t crazy to think he was strong. Mario grabbed Zelda’s arms and reversed the position. Now he was on top and Zelda’s back was against the dark ground of Final Destination. She couldn’t compete with Mario’s strength so she just kept a firm grip on his arms.

    “Okay, dis is gettin out of hand,” Dedede said. He then ran up to them and quickly whacked Mario’s head with his hammer, knocking him out cold. Zelda got up and tried to fix herself. Dedede looked to Doc and said, sternly, “Go make sure he’s alright.”

    Zelda looked as the doppelgänger checked Mario’s head to see if there was a lotta damage. “May Miyamoto help him.” she thought to herself.

    Hah, you’ll see. I’m gonna be rising to the top. Low tier or not.

    Mario gasped as he woke up in a cold sweat. Mario looked to the side of him and saw Zelda was kneeling down next to him. She had an expression of concern on her face. He noticed that she looked younger and seemed kinda adorable. Even her dress and but of armor was changed. Her new cute design made him feel even worse about what she saw of him.

    Mario looked away in shame. “Zelda, I’m-a so sorry…” Mario in a shaky voice.

    Zelda hugged him, her arms wrapped around him tightly. “It’s okay. I miss him too,” she said softly. She was hoping a loving embrace would help comfort him. Mario just began to cry into her shoulder. He had never wailed this loudly before. But he had never had to deal with losing a friend so close to him before either.

    Well, here ya go. After 3,000 years I’ve finally written something. lol

    This is kinda a send-off for a character I loved dearly in Super Smash Bros 4. Yeah, he was of my 4 mains, which include Mario, Dedede, and Dr. Mario. I think it’s safe to say he was my best character. Zard, I’m gonna miss ya and Pokémon Trainer can go rot in the shadow realm.

    Btw, it’s okay if you like Pokémon Trainer. I Won’t think less of anyone who uses him
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  2. ChocoChicken

    Krysmus Azelv (lol)
    (Krysmus Azelv)
    Level 37
    May 28, 2018
    Misty's EmblemLegendary Triforce ★★
    RIP Charizard.
    Also, is this your new way of ranting at Pokémon Trainer? It's... interesting, to say the least.
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