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Suzu's Angel (Chapter One)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Sarabande, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. Sarabande

    Sarabande Youngster

    Jan 4, 2015
    Alright, so this is my in-progress fanfic, based on Pokémon Crystal Version. It is told from the point of view of an Eevee who joins Kris on her journey to conquer Johto. Yes, I will be twisting the plot to my liking, sometimes drastically, so it doesn't completely follow the original game plot.


    Any feedback will be accepted, be it negative or positive 8) This fic can also be viewed on fanfiction.net and bulbagarden forums.


    Chapter One: A Monster?


    Cherrygrove City wasn't really much of a 'city'. It lacked the magnificent skyscrapers and complex architecture most expect when they think the term 'city'. It was much more simple, consisting mainly of rows of two or three story houses and neatly paved streets, along with several strings of more official-looking buildings which were home to stores and businesses. But all the same it was a nice little place. It was clean, peaceful, and friendly, with a brisk taste of the sea blowing across it. [/size]

    Its friendly atmosphere was prime hang-out of a young Eevee, who belonged to no trainer. Unlike the typical wild Pokémon, she didn't avoid humans or their residents', but was instead interested in them. Since she'd discovered the city upon wandering from her burrow located just in Cherrygrove's outskirts, she'd taken an unusual curiosity in the hairless, two-legged beings that resided there, and took to hanging around within the city during the day.[/size]

    Charlotte was an independent young Eevee, a trait acquired through the carelessness of her father. The death of her Vaporeon mother was only shortly after Charlotte's hatching--the young Eevee could only recall flashes of a blue, finned face if she thought hard--leaving her under the care of her grieving Jolteon father, who ceased to pay Charlotte any attention and would even resort to abuse on his worst days. [/size]

    Charlotte kept within the boundaries of Cherrygrove from dawn until dusk to keep her distance from her father. She wandered the city often aimlessly, enjoying the air, keeping to herself throughout her day. Every now and then she'd talk to another Pokémon, one under the captivity of a human. But there was never time to make friends; trainers came and went, staying only a day or two, of course taking their Pokémon with them. [/size]

    So Charlotte of course stayed in the city, going to her burrow only to sleep, spending her childhood peacefully within the closure of small buildings and humans. It was a normal day, a warm Saturday afternoon, people roaming the streets, enjoying their weekend. Charlotte stuck to the sidewalk, unbothered by the surrounding people, walking lazily through the street. [/size]

    She passed a shaggy-looking boy strumming at a guitar, his worn shoes tapping rapidly on the pavement. Charlotte sat herself in front of him, enjoying the low melody emitting from the instrument. The teen noticed the Eevee watching him and paused, reaching to a small box beside him and revealing a bone with small scraps of half-eaten meat on it, and tossed it onto the ground in front of her. Charlotte licked her lips, pleased by the treat, and took her time eating was was left of the bone. Mewling a cheerful thanks, she left the teen to his music.[/size]

    As she turned the corner, however, she was surprised to see a familiar face. Her reflection seemed rather surprised as well; its eyes widened and it jumped back with a slight exclamation. Charlotte stared at the Eevee who she nearly collided with. He looked just like her, but bigger, probably older. [/size]

    The opposing Eevee recovered before she did. "Aha, my apologies," he laughed, his surprise quickly melting to interest. "I've never seen an Eevee before! Besides myself, of course, aha.." He laughed, his eyes gleaming cheerily. "What's your name?" [/size]

    Charlotte observed him for a moment, shy as she was. "Charlotte... and you're...?"[/size]

    "Pollux," he said, arching his back as he yawned. He shook his head and raised a hind foot to scratch behind his ear. "Do you live here or are you just passing through like us?" [/size]


    "Me and my trainer Kris. Oh, and Vantas." he added. "What about you? Do you travel or are you a housepet?"[/size]

    "Housepet?" Charlotte said, unfamiliar with the term, though it sounded more like an insult to her.[/size]

    Pollux seemed to notice her uncertainty. "Oh, no need to be ashamed of it, I was a housepet too, you know, up until recently. Kris got Vantas from the Professor in our town and decided to adventure. I've been cooped up in the house so long, I'm all too glad we got out of that place when we did!" [/size]

    Charlotte stared at him, confused by the words he used, most of which were unknown to her. "If your asking if I live here, then no, I don't." she replied after a moment.[/size]

    Pollux leaned toward her curiously. "Then where are you from? You're not from Newbark, I'd have known you if you were. Are you from Violet?" [/size]

    Charlotte shook her head quickly, again unsure of his word choice. "I'm from outside of here actually, I live in the burrow with my dad and--" [/size]

    "You're wild!?" Pollux exclaimed, his eyes widening. "Then what are you doing in here? You know if a trainer comes through here they'll want you on their team, right?"[/size]

    The idea of a human forcing captivity on her scared Charlotte, and she shrank away from Pollux. "No, I just, I like it here! The humans don't bother me ever!" she growled.[/size]

    Pollux ducked his head apologetically. "Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I've just never spoken to a wild Pokémon like this before, only battled them, you know."[/size]

    "Battled them?" Charlotte gasped. "Like fighting? Why would you do that?"[/size]

    "Um, to get stronger? I'm on a journey with my trainer to get really strong and eventually battle the Pokémon League, to become the most powerful trainer in Johto and Kanto." he replied, seemingly confused by Charlotte's lack of knowledge. "I mean, it's not like we just attack Pokémon out of the blue, usually only when they attack us. Which does happen." [/size]

    Charlotte couldn't imagine why a Pokémon like herself would attack a wandering human and their Pokémon, but didn't pursue further into the matter, rendering a brief silence between her and Pollux. [/size]

    Pollux was the first to break the silence. "So we'll be here until tomorrow morning, we've traveled a lot further than we're used to. Maybe you can show me around until then?"[/size]

    Charlotte was pleased by the idea to share her company, if only for the day. She took Pollux around the entirety of the city, showing him through even the tiny, forgotten alleyways providing shortcuts through the streets. She was a little surprised by his boldness to jump onto window-sills and stare directly into homes, even waving to a few of the occupants--a feat Charlotte had never done. She found herself growing more and more comfortable with the young Eevee as the day went on, until her initial shyness was forgotten entirely. [/size]

    She took him to the beach-side just as the sun was beginning to dip into the waves, its descent casting crimson reflections across the lazily rolling waves. A few humans were basking on towels in the sand, but not many, leaving the beach quiet save for the foaming waves rolling on the sand, only to slowly sink back into the water. [/size]

    Pollux stared into the the gleaming sea with awe, dazed by the scenery. It didn't take long for the sun to fall behind the water's surface, leaving the sky great with the first stars. "Erm, Charlotte, have you ever, considered, you know..leaving?" [/size]

    Charlotte was caught off guard by the question, but shook her head quickly. "No, I like it here, this is my home."[/size]

    Pollux didn't seem entirely content by her response. "Even if it meant seeing new great things? And growing up to be stronger and better than you would if you were to stay in one city?"[/size]

    Pollux's words put Charlotte on edge. She narrowed her eyes to scowl at him, a surge of hostility running through her. "Better? You think you're [/size]better [/size]because you've seen more than me? And fight wild Pokémon for your own [/size]achievement[/size]?"[/size]

    "No, no, that's not what I meant!" Pollux quickly retaliated. "I was just asking, that's all.. You're nice, and fun. Vantas is, well, kind of suckish company. It just seems like it'll be forever before we get any new assets to our team, and I just thought maybe you might want to tag along, that's all."[/size]

    Charlotte held his gaze suspiciously for a long moment before allowing the fur on her spine to lie flat. There was a stoney quiet between them before Pollux sighed and rose to his paws. "I think I remember where we're staying for the night... I should head back, Kris is probably worried sick." He shuffled his paws in the sand awkwardly. "Um.. I had fun today!" He managed a small laugh. "If I don't see you again before we leave tomorrow, then I guess I'll..see you around?"[/size]

    Charlotte nodded, suddenly upset that the Eevee had to leave despite her previous scorn. "Yeah, see you around." [/size]

    Pollux grinned at her before turning away and taking off away from the sea at a trot. Charlotte's eyes followed him until he disappeared into the growing darkness before sighing softly to herself and standing up. [/size]I figure it's high past time I get home, [/size]she decided glumly. She began to slowly walk through the sand back into the cluster of buildings, gradually quickening her pace to a trot, making her way through the dark streets of the city.[/size]

    Just as she turned onto the paved street leading back out of the city, she heard a mumbling voice coming from a shadowed alley. She paused to investigate, narrowing her eyes until she could make out four dark shapes. She figured that whatever the humans were doing in the shadows was shady business, but her curiosity got the best of her. Careful to keep her steps silent, she crouched low to the ground and crept into the alleyway, hiding herself behind a crate, and strained her ears to hear what the humans were saying.[/size]

    "...believe it. You're conning us. Monsters don't exist." the first voice was suspicious.[/size]

    "Believe it or not, it's true! And I've got one, a savage thing it is!" the second voice rasped, and Charlotte assumed he was an old human. "And the sight is yours to behold if you have the pay!"[/size]

    A third voice, that of a teen boy, was heard: "Fine, show us then if you've got it." There was a rustling of clothes; Charlotte could scarcely make out a hand reaching into a pocket.[/size]

    "Really, dude," --a fourth voice, as skeptical as the first-- "this is a waste of time, it's sketchy."[/size]

    The first voice: "Yeah, old man's nuts."[/size]

    The third again: "Come on guys, it's just a few bucks lost."[/size]

    There was a silence before the two other boys grunted in hesitant agreement, and Charlotte heard the old man chuckle quietly, a menacing chuckle that sent a chill down her spine. After a brief exchange between each teen and the old man, the group proceeded to head down the street, clinging to the shadows of the buildings. She trailed behind the small group, keeping a fair distance between them and herself. They weaved through only dark alleys and untouched backroads Charlotte had never ventured into, until they came to a small tin building the Eevee had never seen before. It wasn't ruined, but still clearly abandoned; its most of its windows were boarded, and those that weren't were cracked or missing glass completely, and the door hung a bit crooked on its hinges. The old man glanced around a few times before pushing the door open, its hinges emitting an ugly screech, and letting the three boys into the building. Charlotte waited until the door was securely shut behind them before she circled around the building to find an accessible window. She found a window she could reach by climbing a pile of old lumber, and quickly scrabbled up the thick strips of wood until she could reach the window sill. The window pane was gone, and a cold rush of air met her when she stuck her head through the window.[/size]

    The old man and his followers were inside the single-room building, along with another middle-aged man who was leaning idly against a wall, a toothpick hanging from his lips. "Uncle," he spoke, his voice hard, "I thought we agreed not to bring anymore small brats. They're likely to tell someone you know."[/size]

    The old man broke a toothy grin, his eyes narrowing with amusement. "They'll pay the most, boy! We caught it for the money, didn't we? What use is it if we keep it hidden away? It's pointless!" he cackled.[/size]

    The other man sighed to himself, folding his arms over his chest and shaking his head, but did not pursue the argument. [/size]

    One of the teens cleared his throat impatiently. "Well? We gave you our money, so where is this 'monster', huh?" [/size]

    The old man chuckled again and flipped a wiry switch on the wall. A few dim lights came on, revealing a small cage in a previously shadowed corner. Charlotte leaned forward, trying to see what was contained behind the iron bars of the cage. She flinched when she heard a faint but vicious growl, which she presumed was made by whatever 'monster' was confined. The three teens seemed frozen into their places, their eyes wide. They're expressions slowly faded into disgust. [/size]

    "What the hell is that?" one asked repulsively. [/size]

    The old man gave another chilling cackle. "A monster, it is just as I said!" he exclaimed icily, making Charlotte shrink away from the window. "Do you believe me now?"[/size]

    "Is it a Pokémon?" the former skeptic questioned, seeming spooked. "It doesn't look like anything I've seen, it looks, it's.." He trailed away at a loss for words. [/size]

    The old man slapped him on the shoulder roughly, causing the boy to jump away. "It is a rare apparition from hell! It's not a Pokémon, it's a demon!" He howled with laughter, happy to boast his catch. Charlotte gasped and ducked under the window as the man turned to her direction. She waited several long moments before daring the peek up out the window again, the breathed a sharp sigh of relief to see he was again turned away from her. [/size]

    The spooked teen began to nudge the other's shoulder. "We should go."[/size]

    The less-bothered boy raised a hand in a gesture. "Why? Look at that thing, so cool! I never thought such a beast could exist!"[/size]

    His companion tugged roughly at the other's shirt. "This is weird, that guy is weird, let's [/size]go[/size]." [/size]

    The other teen shoved him away with a cheeky laugh. "Alright wimp, you can leave, but I'm not. Right, Nico?"[/size]

    The remaining boy --Nico-- glanced at either of his friends hesitantly. Finally he uttered a quiet, "Yeah."[/size]

    The spooked teen clenched his fists and muttered what Charlotte assumed were curses, but didn't leave the building. The bolder boy approached the caged creature, who emitted a low, droning snarl. [/size]

    "Erm, Ches--" [/size]

    "Relax, Jake." the teen --Ches-- laughed, continuing his advance on the 'monster'. The confined creature's furious growling only increased in volume as Ches approached it, but the boy was unnerved. He crouched down in front of the cage, facing the 'monster's' snarling easily. "A demon, are you?" he said, wrinkling his nose as he observed the apparently repulsive body. "You certainly look like one. A real, disgusting monster. Who'd have thou--" Suddenly the creature let out a short, fearsome howl, and Ches cried out as one of his wrists suddenly twisted harshly seemingly on its own accord, accompanied by a sharp zapping sound. He grabbed his wrist, desperately trying to break the invisible hold on it, but could not so much as budge his magically mangled limb. [/size]

    The old man let out a cry of rage and revealed a small remote from his pocket, slamming a finger down on a button. The creature in the cage screeched seemingly from agony, its cries sounding to Charlotte like nails on a board, and she pressed her paws hard over her ears to try to block out the sound, but no matter how hard she pressed the agonized screaming never so much as quieted. When the screeching finally died back down to a moan, then back to a savage growling again, the screams still echoed in her ears. [/size]

    The old man kicked the bars of the cage, making the creature snarl. "Filthy monster!" he snapped furiously.[/size]

    Ches, in spite of his previous confidence, was wide eyed and trembling, scrambling away from the cage. "W-what the, what the hell?!" [/size]

    The old man didn't divert his glare from the 'monster'. "A savage specimen, it is, just as I told you! A real monster!" he grunted. [/size]

    Nico pulled Ches to his feet. "[/size]Now [/size]we go." he muttered, sending a disgusted look at the creature. Ches just nodded. The three teens didn't bother with a goodbye and rapidly headed for the door. [/size]

    "Tell no one of what you have seen here!" the old man cried after them. "Never speak of the monster in here!" [/size]

    Charlotte ducked down and flattened herself the the stip of wood on which she sat, watching warily as the trio escaped the small building and vanish into an alleyway.[/size]
    Charlotte turned her attention back to the duo within the building. The elder's nephew sighed deeply and shook his head. "I told you to keep kids away from here, they only cause trouble. You know they're likely to tell now. And may I remind you, Uncle, this abuse is highly illegal here."[/size]

    The old man waved a hand as though batting away the remark, grunted with irritation. "It's a monstrosity, anyone would lock it up!"[/size]

    "It's alive, isn't it? You're little freak-show here won't be very appreciated by the law."[/size]

    "And what! You're really worried about getting caught, are you?"[/size]

    The nephew shook his head. "Of course not, even if we're found making money off of this freak by authorities, I have no fear of getting caught. That's me though. You, however, [/size]should [/size]be worried."[/size]

    The old man was infuriated by his nephew's remark. "I have nothing to fear more than you! We will not be found out, I say, no one will rat us out!" he barked, making Charlotte flinch back. [/size]

    The nephew sighed again. "Suit yourself." he muttered, flicking off the light. The room fell into darkness once more, leaving Charlotte to stare unseeing into the shadows. [/size]

    Charlotte found she had been holding her breath, and let it out shakily. Her paws trembled, and she struggled to safely crawl back down to the ground. She'd never intended to stay out so late, she knew her father wouldn't be happy to know she had stayed out far past dark. She shakily padded away from the building and back into the shadows of the tight alleyway, tossing a long look over her shoulder. The screaming of the creature still echoed in her mind, and she shook her head in futile attempt to clear it. [/size]

    She wound through the streets until she arrived back on the road that led out of the city. She increased her pace to a quick jog as the road faded into dirt and stones until it ended altogether. She'd never wandered the wilderness at such a light hour, and was unnerved by the idea a predators. She stuck to the tall grasses to avoid being seen by large, hungry birds, and broke into a run as she rounded a large oak. Her burrow was located up the bank of a small pond through a small stretch of trees. In the darkness she had to locate the den by memory, as the shadowy entrance was lost in the dark. Charlotte finally found the entrance, ducking under a gnarled root and was plunged into darkness within the burrow. [/size]

    She heard the soft, sleeping breaths of her Jolteon father across the den. Careful to avoid waking him, she circled around him until she found her moss nest in the back of the den. She lowered herself into the bed with a soft sigh, laying her head on her paws. Sleep came to her slowly; she had a hard time blocking out the creature's cries ringing in her ears before she was able to drift off into a troubled slumber.[/size]
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  2. 8542Madness

    Apr 6, 2014
    While Teen content is permitted on Lake Valor, please be sure that it goes no further than that. Be sure to keep the violence, language, and especially the sexual content carefully within the Teen rating. Posting content that is Mature will result in a removal of the story and a ban.

    You also should know that for some reason, there is a [/size] marker at the end of nearly every one of the sentences in the story.
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