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Taking Control profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Madaraki, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013
    This thread is for the character profiles for the "Taking Control" RP.

    God, I love my red comic sans bold font :3

    Name:Vincent Skyler Dafonte
    Alias/nicknames: "Vee Skyler"
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'
    Species: Gengar-Human hybrid
    Status: Rock star
    Family: Currently none known, although he's probably fathered a few children due to after-concert "good times".
    Alliance: Neutral
    Occupation: Vocalist/guitarist in rock band "Gangarene"

    ~Lick (or occasionally more of a "kiss". Girls really do faint for this guy.)
    ~Curse. Since attaining his more human form, tried using this ability in conjunction with various drugs. Now, the drugs reduce his symptoms of the ability and numb some of the pain, while the Curse itself carries the more permanent afflictions of the drugs to the target.
    ~Hex. blames it on special effects when he uses it.
    ~Mean Look. Typically used for intimidating people.

    While not "moves" per se, Vee retains the ability to both levitate and to vanish completely within and pass through shadows. Both are passed off as special effects.

    Skills: Professional party animal, and can hold his alcohol well enough to drink everyone under the table at a German Oktoberfest.

    With his abilities, immense fortune, and generally fun life, Vee takes very few things seriously, and cares about even less.

    Type weaknesses. Other ghost types drive him up a wall. Big time.

    Always ready for the next fun thing, Vee moves through life seemingly without caring who he leaves damaged. Loving only the stunned reactions on peoples' faces after a particularly stupid stunt more than the attention itself, he goes out of his way to act as ostentatious and crazy as possible. His big dream is to perform a live duet with Lady Gaga and pants her in front of millions.

    The only person Vee seems to care at all for anymore is Oswald, whom he's known his whole life. Even in the rare moments when Oswald needs his help however, he can't resist teasing "the old man" before leaping to his defense.

    Looks: It has been suspected that Vee chose the rock-star lifestyle because it could best hide his already unusual appearance. His shoulder-length "hair" more resembles thick purplish-black tendrils that he passes off as dreadlocks, and his eyes -forever a glowing red- remain behind dark aviator sunglasses. Additionally, his fingertips retain their violet color and sharpen into points that he keeps covered by gloves. His razor-sharp teeth, he simply explains as a "cosmetic modification". Other unusual features such as his toeclaws and two-foot long tongue are more easily hidden. He wears purple pants and a black motorcycle jacket with his band name "Gangarene" written on the back in a substance people prefer not to try and identify. He also carries his guitar -a purple Flying-V with two red patches on its body- slung across his back.

    And'a'now, "Oswald"

    Name: Oswald Frank
    Alias/nicknames: Oz, Ozzy (He hates that one).
    Age: 33
    Height: 6'6"
    Species: Alakazam
    Status: Bodyguard/butler
    Family: None.
    Alliance: Good
    Occupation: Bodyguard/butler

    ~ Telekinesis. Speaks for itself.
    ~ Teleport. Most useful for getting out of tough situations. Also lets him keep track of Vee, who has a habit of vanishing through walls and the like.
    ~ Disable. Finding it to fit with his fighting style; it's most often used for shutting down bothersome abilities. More often than not, one afflicted with this particular attack finds oneself delivering a mighty blow to their own babymaker.
    ~ Future Sight. "Right hook to the side of the head, dodged. High kick to the face, leaned away from. Head-butt, avoided. Really, how long do you intend to keep trying?"

    Skills: Oswald has also taken full advantage of his new body and taken to studying human physiology and psychology in its entirety.

    Preferring to focus on his mental strengths, Oz is not much inclined towards physical combat of any sort.

    Additionally, if he is separated the pendant he wears around his neck, his psychic abilities are diminished.

    Type weaknesses. Despite his expertise, Bug proves rather annoying for Oswald to deal with, Darkness is also mildly troublesome. Ghost should be a bother, but he's lived with Vee long enough to know how ghost types operate.

    Calm, and often seemingly emotionless, Oswald is the very picture of efficiency and levelheadedness. Since his escape, he has devoted his time -when not cleaning up after Vee's shenanigans- to studying the effects of the Human-Pokémon transformations and their subsequent limits/strengths.

    It should be noted that despite his somewhat icy and aloof demeanor, Oswald does care for Vee and very nearly thinks of him as a son. He'll never admit it though. At most he'll confess to looking at him as "that nephew of mine".

    Looks: As he might say if he were ever to speak of it; "I am glad I was not in my Kadabra years when I was changed, for I shudder to think of the questions and speculations my tail would have caused." Indeed, there are no outward signs that Oswald was anything other than human. He appears to be a middle-aged Asian man with slicked-back golden hair and a mustache of equal severity. His pitch-black eyes are the only thing that might ever give him away if people who noticed them didn't forget about them before they could ask. Having melted the spoons he once carried down and had them cast in the shape of a circular pendant, the man in the red suit bears little resemblance to the fox-like creature he once was.

    And a brief story of how they came to be, with further details to be revealed in the RP...

    Somewhere near the Sevii Islands...

    The first thing he felt when he woke up was cold metal on his face. Groaning, he struggled to rise, pushing himself to his knees.

    Wherever he was, it was dark and hot. The metal grating beneath his body was almost uncomfortably warm and he settled back into a sitting position to ease the discomfort his hands were feeling. Something felt wrong.

    Where am I? he wondered, clenching and unclenching his hands. There was something amiss, and he hated that he couldn't place it. he knew there were others around him. He could sense the blank voids that were other unconscious minds. Who put us...here? he wondered, reaching into the other minds to try and figure out what his fellow prisoners were. Prisoners...he hated the term, but there was no other word for what they were at that moment.

    "Growli..." he started, voice suddenly catching in his throat. He was speaking he knew, but something in his voice had changed. Shaking his head in the darkness, he silenced himself and reached out once more.

    Growlithe, Hydreigon, Steelix, Gengar, Eevee.. He shifted his position on the floor that now seemed hot and settled against an uncomfortably plump bulk. Snorlax, Feraligatr, Flygon, he shifted again. The floor was even hotter now and he forced himself to his feet, stumbling over another. Gyrad-no!

    The form he'd stumbled against did not feel like the massive serpent he knew. In fact, he could being to perceive an outline thanks to a faint light in the room.

    A light coming from below, a light that grew brighter as the room became hotter.


    He fell to his knees in the rising heat, scrambling and ignoring the searing pain against his palms, ignoring the strange four-fingered hands he now had towards his only hope for survival. They all looked the same around him. They were all the same type, the same...species. Closing his eyes against the realization that was overtaking him, he reached out with his mind again and found the Gengar to his right. Grasping its purple-haired head in his hands, he reached deep into its consciousness, dragging forth its memories and more importantly, its capabilities.

    Work, dammit, WORK!

    Some force within him snapped his eyes open and he watched. He watched as his body and the Gengar's faded into transparency as flames erupted around him and through him. He watched
    as the beings whose company he'd kept for less than a minute were burned to nothingness.

    "Termination complete?" The man at the keyboard asked nervously. He pushed his sliding glasses back up the bridge of his nose and looked across to the other terminal.

    His station mate, a girl with red hair sighed. "There was a brief flash of energy at first, but the sensors in the incinerator confirm no lifesigns remaining."

    "Even the Hydreigon...damn."

    "The Director knew what he was doing when he built that thing. Sure a lot of Pokémon are resistant or immune to fire, but with the human bodies...You alright?" he suddenly asked.

    "Human..." she shuddered. "We just killed over half a dozen peo-"

    "Pokémon." he said. "No, not even that. Look, for all his genius The Director's practically working off margin scribbles on this fusion thing. What we got rid of was nothing more than-"

    "They were alive." the girl whispered. "They had heartbeats, they had brain activity, they-"

    "They were experimental failures. Did you see the Gengar? He was still purple. The Eevee? She was covered in fur. God, the Alakazam was almost as yellow as-

    He stopped in mid sentence, not moving a muscle.

    His station mate -who had been about to answer with a furious rebutttal- blinked. If the man were pausing mid-sentence, that would be one thing, but he wasn't moving. His hands were frozen in mid-gesture and his expression was a fixed mask of frustration.

    His hair didn't even blow about in the gust from the overhead air conditioner. It was as if he'd been.

    "Oh god, that energy flash..."

    "Yes, that energy flash." a hoarse voice whispered from behind her.

    She spun, finding herself facing a tall asian man with matted golden hair. He was clad in someone else's lab coat and carrying another body wrapped in a sheet over his shoulder.


    "I am that which apparently should not be." the man said, stepping past her and looking at the frozen engineer in his seat. Holding out a hand, he brought his fingers within an inch of his victim's face and snapped them.

    The station engineer slumped sideways, hitting his desk and sliding off his chair to the ground.

    The girl stifled a scream.

    "Oh he's not dead. I've just put him to sleep for the time being." the intruder said, turning back to her with a grin on his face. "I could put him in the incinerator you know. I've read your minds. I know how to work the controls. I could put everyone in this little hellhole to sleep and burn them all, and like those whom I called friends for all too brief a time, they would burn to death unaware of the fate that has befallen them."

    The girl choked back another scream as she stumbled to her feet and backed into the corner of the small control room, whimpering.

    "Oh there's no need for you to be afraid." He added. "As I said, I've read your mind. I know that you were uncomfortable about the use of the incinerator. You feel compassion for others, no...you feel, and it is that very human quality that has saved you."

    Director Log.

    It's been several years since that particular day. Bloom has been removed from our ranks for failing to properly sedate the Alakazam on that day. Alice was moved to another department to avoid further...outbursts of conscience. It seems after her conversation with the Alakazam, she willingly opened every hatchway between the incinerator control chamber and our docking bay. The Alakazam and the Gengar he had with him escaped in one of our private vehicles, just to add insult to injury.

    The reason for this latest entry is simple. We found them.

    The Gengar passes off his appearance defects and capabilities as makeup and special effects, but our latest project has helped confirm his existence. Similarly, the man who travels with him and acts as a strange sort of bodyguard-butler figure is none other than the Alakazam who escaped our installation all those years ago.

    Unfortunately, locating them is all we've been able to do. Any attempt by our agents or employees of other agencies out there to approach them have been foiled. It seems the Alakazam's mental capabilities have been boosted as a result of his conversion and he detects anyone...unsavory approaching him. The last attempt to contact him resulted in a paid-off member of Team Rocket being admitted to an asylum thinking he was a chicken.

    Of course, speaking of Team Rocket...

    Cooper's been asking questions about his sister ever since she was reassigned. We asked Giovanni to keep him in line, but he's had another idea that he's going to be submitting to us within the next week.

    As to the Pokémon themselves, bringing this species firmly under our control will remain an objective, although Pokémon-Human hybrids are a waste of time at the present juncture. For the time being, we'll try some of Giovanni's cloning ideas. His people had particular success with a rare breed a while back.

    Yes, you can has Yxil.

    Name: Yxil
    Alias/nicknames: The Reaver
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'7"
    Species: Charggron (Charizard/Aggron hybrid)
    Status: Unknown
    Family: One brother.
    Alliance: "The Organization"
    Occupation: The Reaver

    Flare Blitz - A fiery aura surrounds Yxil and remains for minutes at a time. While the flames around her scales are particularly damaging -enough to melt solid steel- extended use does tend to incinerate her clothing.
    Roar - Yxil's altered physiology has increased her lung capacity immensely and given her the ability to emit an echoing roar that can last for up to ten seconds. The sound and force is often enough to physically drive targets back and in some cases, leave them in a state of shock.
    Air Slash - Folding her wings tight and whirling them causes thing pressure waves that cut through the air and whatever happens to be in their path.
    Metal Sound - Yxil rakes her claws down a solid surface. If the surface itself is metal, the sound is particularly piercing. Yxil herself is not entirely immune to the effects given her increased hearing, but she at least knows its coming and can prepare herself.

    Skills: Yxil's senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing are all greatly magnified. She can hear a pin drop in a crowded Olympic stadium...or so she likes to say.


    Type weaknesses. Admittedly some are reduced due to her mixed types, but water is an extreme difficulty. Just the sound of running water makes her nervous.

    Yxil is blind.

    Personality: Yxil has a tendency to refer to herself in the third person much of the time and despite her condition is rather happy and content to live life as she pleases. Perhaps her openness is due to the fact that she can't see the facial expressions people make in response to her, or perhaps she never cared what people thought of her to begin with.

    Granted the fact that her age in her "new life" can be measured in hours may have something to do with her carefree attitude as well.

    Looks: Already standing out due to her skin having a somewhat shinier tone than normal humans, Yxil is easy to spot on sight. Wings aside, metallic red scales cover her forearms, hands, most of her back, parts of her chest, and her lower legs/feet. Additionally, a band of reddish-black scales stretch from just above her nose to her hairline where her eyes should be. That's what people see when she's uncovered, anyway. Most of the time she keeps a cloth blindfold over her upper face, and wears baggy clothes and an oversized trench coat to hide her wings. her tail however, still sticks out, and in her more timid moments she moves around on all fours.


    Most of the lab was dark. It had been dark for years, and without anyone to maintain it, a thick coating of dust had accumulated on every surface and the stale air smelled of spilled chemicals. Maintenance devices had fallen into disrepair and an old disposal unit still reeked of burned flesh.

    The computers and other essential equipment however, had survived. They had been built to.

    There was a faint clang and dust showered from overhead as the doorway to the central computer room trembled. A second noise was heard from beyond the door; this time it was less a clanging noise and more of a dull thud. Something ground its way back along the hallway outside and several seconds later the door bent wildly with a rending shriek, almost ripping the wall casing it normally slid into when it opened properly. A pair of short-fingered hands gripped the edge and the door was wrenched the rest of the way inward.

    A pair of short-clawed feet scraped against the metal floor as poor light from the hallway spilled into the old facility. A swirl of dust was kicked up by the movement and a gruff sneezing noise could be heard in the partial darkness.

    "Stop." a muffled voice ordered. "You'll only make it worse if you keep moving around."

    There was another sniffle, this one more sullen than irritated.

    "I know, but don't worry. The cleaning technicians will be here momentarily and you'll be able to look around wherever you want."

    Stepping cautiously so as to avoid stirring up even more clouds, a tall figure made its way easily through the dim room to a particularly grimy terminal. Slowly, almost reverently, brushing the aged gunk from the panels, he let his hand rest on one of the keypads. A few taps was all it would take to restore lightning and begin booting the servers.

    Just a few taps.

    One year ago.

    A gathering of people stood in a brightly lit spherical chamber and watched as several years of planning began to come together. Technicians reported in from their stations throughout the room, each one failing to hold back the excitement in their voices as they spoke.

    "Genetic infusion proceeding normally."

    "Grafts holding. Subject stable."

    "Mild expansion of grafts beyond projected area. Compensating."

    "Anesthetic levels steady."

    "Internal organ repositioning commencing."

    "Monitoring. Digestive organs merging."

    "Changing sedatives to compensate for altered physiology."

    "Lung expansion and muscle density increasing. Clavicle cavities forming."

    "External limb developments noted."

    A voice from the center of the chamber rang out and several of the newer engineers started at the sound.

    "Begin final adjustments." The Director said, holding back a smile. He'd spent years planning for this moment. The original process of harnessing the powers of the various Pokémon races had begun under the Team Rocket leader Giovanni. While initially successful, the scientists in his employ had lost control of their subject.

    Another scientist had been the second and until now, the most successful. Human DNA strands implanted within various specimens of the shapeshifter Ditto had allowed the changeling Pokémon to be merged with other races where it acted as a middle-ground to bring the two races together. The Director had attempted to copy his work, and except for two specimens that survived purely by accident, had failed.

    Now however, he had his own method. Attempting to use one type of Pokémon as a bridge between another and Human genetics was far more complicated than it had to be. Besides, he'd heard reports of so-called "species fusions"; attempts to merge two different Pokémon with the human splicing process. Every known creation of this sort had escaped that maniac's clutches and some of them had taken considerable time to adjust to suddenly having two minds.

    "We should have done this years ago." A raspy voice behind him whispered.

    The Director glanced over his shoulder at his dark-skinned, red-eyed bodyguard. The man stood at an impressive seven feet and wore a suit that threatened to tear every time he flexed so much as a pinkie.

    "Yes, but there's no point in dwelling on that now, Steppenwolf. The fact is, it's been done and we're the first ones to do it successfully."

    Yes, he realized. His method was far simpler and so far, more foolproof. Focus less on the Pokémon body, and more on the human subject. It was a reversal really; implant the isolated gene strands that carried the specific traits of the Pokémon they were harvested from and through various concoctions and solutions speed up the mutation process.

    Briefly, he'd wondered why so nobody -well, almost nobody, he reflected- had never tried to use subjects who were already human.

    The authorities then. he thought. I guess it would be rather hard for some people to account for the disappearance of people all the time, as volunteers are in... He looked at the tank in the central chamber where the subject floated, its body changing visibly now. short supply.

    That was right when one of the technicians cried out and pointed at the tank.

    The Director's eyes widened. Even Steppenwolf backed away.

    If the injection mask and breathing apparatus had not been covering the already forced-open mouth, everyone in the room felt certain that the figure in the tank would have been screaming. The expansion of scales that were supposed to form an ornate pattern about the features of the face were expanding and thickening far too rapidly as they emerged through the skin.

    "Anesthetic failing!"


    "Attempt-it's being rejected! Damage occurring in..."

    The voice trailed off as the fluids in the tank around the head turned a muddied crimson color.

    "Ocular organs have been dissolved." Someone whispered.

    The Director swore under his breath. They can't all be winners...
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  2. Vanillite

    Vanillite Cat Lady

    Nov 24, 2012
    Name: Harmony Alice (I dont have a last name for her yet)
    Nickname: Harmony
    Age: 20
    height: 5'3
    species: Togekiss/ human hybrid
    Status: College student, upper-class, devoted fan of Gangarene (Ha :D )
    family: Her mother, Lara
    alliance: Good
    Occupation: College student

    Moveset: Metronome, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice and Extrasensory
    *She can also fly about, but chooses not to because its not "Normal" human behavior

    Skills: Studying to become a doctor of both Pokémon and humans, Harmony is great at helping and healing people. She's very smart, which can also come in handy. Harmony is an incredible singer. She can handle her alcohol, though she doesn't drink often.

    Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Harmony will help anyone in need. She cannot stand to see anyone in pain and will always help out. She almost got in trouble once for housing a drug addict in her room who was going through painful withdrawals. She helped with his pain.

    Type Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Rock

    Personality: Harmony is fun loving and always happy. She loves to smile. She's sweet and kind to most people, but can get an attitude when someone tries to prove her wrong, or if she dislikes them. Loving to study, she's usually reading. When nervous, she utters random information. She's been told she is a wonderful singer, but has not furthered her music career from singing in the shower or in the car.

    Looks: Harmony is very short, much to her dismay. Her eyes are a dark, sparkly blue and her body slender but curvy. Her pure white hair makes her look even paler than she already is! Her white hair falls down her back in small curls, which ends are red and blue. She clips her bangs to the right with a clip. The clip has two triangles on it; one red, one blue. This beautiful young woman is always smiling. Loving warm weather, Harmony always wears dresses. Her short, strapless dress is blue at the top and ends right under her bosom. The rest of her dress is pure white, with little red and blue triangles all over it, looking much like a Togekiss's body.

    Backstory: Harmony had always known she was adopted. She looked nothing like her mother and she had special powers. As a child, she'd lived with her mother and grandparents in the mansion that belonged to her grandparents. The three adults had always kept a close eye on the Togekiss child. Harmony had been home-schooled all of her life up until she began to attend a university. Two years ago.

    Once when she was young, she'd asked her mother about her father, and why she wasn't married. Of course her mother replied "You don't have a father, sweetie. Just me. And I never married because I wanted to spend all of my time loving and taking care of you, with grandma and grandpa."

    After doing some research on her abilities, Harmony assumed she was some sort of test subject and somehow managed to escape as a baby. Whether or not she was carried out by someone or left herself, she did not know. Her being an experiment made sense to her, seeing as her mother and grandparents never really let her leave the house or show off her abilities.

    Today, Harmony has yet to tell anyone about her abilities. She's seen many young adults her age say they were a hybrid Pokémon-human, but could not prove it. Harmony always had a good time disproving people of their hybrid claims. They never had special abilities or attributes of a hybrid. Of course, people pointed out that she dressed as a Togekiss, but she just claimed she loved the Pokémon species. No one questioned her further. Though sweet, Harmony has very few friends.


    Name: Ciel Shadows
    Nickname: Kage Dorobo, or "Shadow Thief."
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'8"
    Species: Sableye/ human hybrid
    Status: Thief
    Family: Mother and father
    Alliance: Neutral
    Occupation: Thief
    Moveset: Thief, Swagger, Shadow Claw, Foul Play, Zen Headbutt and Brick Break
    *He can also move through walls and such :D

    Skills: Ciel is pretty good at manipulating others to get what he wants. He is an agile thief, so he is capable of stealing items while remaining undetected. He's able to blend into darkness quite well. Along with that and he great thieving skills, he earned his name "Kage Dorobo."

    Weaknesses: Pretty women. Oh lord, he cannot handle a pretty woman! He always claims he'll "steal their heart" with a wink. Along with that, he gets frustrated when he wants something he physically cannot steal.

    Type Weaknesses:t Fighting (if Foresight or something is used ;))

    Personality: Ciel is a charming, handsome young man. A big flirt with the girls, and a bro to the guys. Though he has yet to attend college, he isn't a stupid fellow. He's generally fun to be around due to him loving to crack jokes, party and have fun.

    Appearance: Ciel has captivating deep, sapphire eyes. One his forehead he wears goggles that resemble the eyes of a Sableye. His sort of short, dark purple hair has untidy, unnatural spikes; two unnatural spikes on either side of his head point backwards, much like that on a Sableye. Along with those spikes, there are long strands of hair hanging down beside both of his cheeks, framing his pale face. Untidy bangs cover his eyes. A sly smirk shows off his pointed teeth. His clothing is dark; dark purples, dark grays and blacks. Around is neck is a black scarf with tattered, shredded looking ends. Her wears the first item that he ever stole; a deep red stone. The stone is worn on a chain around his neck, though you can't see the chain due to his scarf. The stone is usually worn near the middle of his chest.

    Backstory: Ciel grew up in the home of uncaring alcoholic parents. Neither of his parents seemed to care about their very gifted son and his abilities. As a child, Ciel was lovely to everyone and tried to help his parents with their drinking problems. But when he reached the age of 18, he stopped caring. He had finished high school and was now an adult, so why care about these good-for-nothing parents? He left and never looked back.

    Realizing he was inexperienced and needed money for college, Ciel turned to stealing. His abilities made it very easily for him to steal things undetected. Selling his finds, he was able to pay for an apartment. Wanting to stay on the down-low, he acquired a job at a bookstore, charming the local female bookworms into buying more books than they wanted. Of course, working in a book store didn't mean he was going to stop stealing.

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  3. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    Name: Daryl Finnley
    Alias/nicknames: Everybody knows him as Naga.
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'3"
    Species: Blaziken/human
    Status: Dating Eos
    Family: Ziggy (brother), June (daughter), Alice (niece)
    Alliance: He labels himself as villain.
    Occupation: Assassin

    Stone Edge, Crush Claw, Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Blaze Kick, Hi Jump Kick,

    Naga is also insanely agile, and is able to out-speed most of his opponents. If he can't out-speed them, he usually hides behind a smokescreen, and ambushes them. (It should be noted that Naga's "smokescreen" isn't the actual move. He does this by throwing a ball of fire at the ground, stirring up dirt and smoke.)

    Cocky. Naga is a showoff and completely full of himself. He can get easily distracted by giving him praise, as he tends to gloat rather than getting the job done.
    It's hard to land a hit on Naga, but it is possible and he does not take physical hits, well.

    Type disadvantage: Flying, Water, Psychic, Ground.
    Naga takes Water type attacks fairly decent enough, having been formerly human. He is more annoyed by Flying and Psychic, however, as he still isn't used to taking those kinds of attacks.

    Originally created by Elvis, he worked as an assassin. Now that Elvis is out of the picture, he feels like he's no longer being controlled, and can do whatever he wants. While on the job, he is very serious and does his job, thoroughly. Naga does, however, hold a very strict "no women or children" policy, and will not harm either. He also tends to dislike anybody who WOULD harm women or children. "Dislike" might be an understatement, as anybody he comes across who does that, usually gets the same kind of beating, from Naga.

    Off the job, Naga is a childish, self-centered, cocky showoff. He loves attention of any sort, and is known for being a wise-ass. He loves having a good time, be it with his fangirls or getting wasted with his friends. Even better, both. Naga also loves Disco, and the 60's/70's in general. (and is determined that Power Rangers are "cool") He also shows signs of being mentally ill, as he is conflicted with his job. Part of him enjoys it because it's something he's good at, but another part of him feels guilty and wishes he had made better choices, then the part of him who enjoys it says "Screw that guy!" and it turns into an endless cycle. He is careful not to say exactly what his occupation is to his young daughter, and although he enjoys spending time with her, he also feels it may put her in danger.


    Naga is tall and has a muscular build. Not necessarily pro-wrestler build, but enough to tell he he works out. His blonde hair is cut mid-shoulder blade, and usually kept in a tail. About mid-elbow, his light tan skin ends and deep grey begins, his hands ending in razor-sharp talons. His bright yellow eyes are usually hidden behind glasses, or a visor. (sometimes both, as he has stated that putting contacts in, with talons, is a very difficult task) His choice of attire is at times questionable, and his brother constantly makes note of it. Typically, he is seen wearing a red, sleeveless shirt underneath a fluffy yellow vest, and bright red pants ending in equally bright yellow "flames". His boots are deep grey, with a very slightly reddish tone. Oftentimes, Naga will wear steel-tipped leather gloves, to avoid poking, slashing and stabbing random people. Although he doesn't often wear it, his helmet very closely resembles the head of a Blaziken, with the "beak" being a large, transparent-red visor with two large V-shaped spikes on the top, and three on each side. The helmet has two long "wings", ending at the waist, very much like Blaziken.
    (see here, for drawn reference)

    Naga's childhood is not a particularly exciting one. He grew up on a ranch in Solaceon, along with an older brother. With a constantly-drunk father and a mother at his mercy, Naga and his brother were often on their own, as kids. Naga looked up to his brother, until he left home. When Naga was old enough, he followed suit and moved to Unova. He later married and had a daughter, and for a while things were generally pretty boring. No job, arguments with wife, second thoughts. It was after a particularly bad argument, that everything changed. Naga had left for a walk, his three-year-old daughter happily tagging along.

    Somebody was following them. What exactly had happened was unclear, but Naga awoke inside what appeared to be a laboratory, and June nowhere to be found. A man stepped out of the shadows, facing Naga. He was of medium height and build, and spoke in an eerily calm tone. Naga was told that he was chosen for a human-to-Pokémon experiment, and that if he did not cooperate, that the same would happen to his daughter. Naturally, he did as he was told. It wasn't until a flash of pain and one blackout later, that he found out June had been turned hybrid, anyway. Elvis told him that she would be taken back to her mother, so long as Naga stayed and worked for him. Again, Naga agreed. Feeling like everything that had happened to her was his fault, Naga couldn't bring himself to face June nor her mother, and stayed working as an assassin, for Elvis. After finding out his brother had been working for Elvis for years, it wasn't uncommon for the brothers to work as a team. The two also took on aliases, that Elvis had given them, due to his love of mythology.

    Years of working for Elvis and at being at war with his own conscience, things once again changed. Elvis had disappeared, after a trip to Hoenn. Although his brother decided to stay, Naga thought it was the best opportunity he would get, to leave. Even though he was free from working for Elvis, Naga still couldn't bring himself to face June or her mother, and along after years of being an assassin, he couldn't escape his own guilt. He felt he was too far in to start over, and continued working as an assassin for hire. Naga views himself as a villain, but he's generally a very nice guy and although he says he's no hero, will help out when needed.

    (Naga eventually meets with June once more, after Assimilation, Part 2)


    Name: Juniper Finnley
    Alias/nicknames: June, Junebug
    Age: 9
    Height: 4'6"
    Species: Sneasel/Human
    Status: Single
    Family: Naga (father), Ziggy (uncle), Alice (cousin)
    Alliance: Good
    Occupation: n/a


    Blizzard, Low Kick/Brick Break, Night Slash, Crush Claw

    She has been known to freeze water, but other than that, nothing really noteworthy.


    Age. June is very young and undertrained. She's certainly got fire, and her dad has taught her a few offensive moves, but he would rather her not do any real fighting, right now. Or ever.

    Type disadvantage:
    Although she's a Dark and Ice type, she is highly resistant to Fire and Bug. However, this only applies to Special Defense. She's very prone to physical attacks, especially Fighting.

    Juniper is a highly curious individual, especially regarding her Pokémon nature. June's mother is a human, and she didn't know her father, for a number of years. Juniper was taken at a very young age, young enough to not remember, while she was with Naga. She was genetically altered by Elvis, and given Sneasel DNA. While it is unknown why Elvis gave the two completely opposite alterations, it is the reason why June's mother blames Naga and currently has a restraining order against him.

    While June is certainly not a fighter, she does show a lot of spunk and even practices her moveset. She has a tendency to swipe and hide things, without people noticing, and with her high speed she can make a quick getaway. June is very tomboyish, and while she does like some girly things, she prefers hanging out with and picking on the boys at school. June also takes self-defense and basic martial arts lessons, with Lilith. Naga often visits the dojo, to spend time with June. Lilith hasn't said anything, because Naga is a friend and she couldn't possibly say no, to a child.

    Black, bob-cut hair, with pink feather on the left side. Wears long-sleeve, dark green-grey shirt and dark blue pants. Wears a golden locket around her neck, and a Focus Sash as a belt, with an additional three, pink feathers attached. Her hands very closely resemble her father's, only being a much lighter shade of grey and smaller claws. She is the same tan skintone as her father, and her eyes are a bright pink. Her shoes are simply grey sneakers.
    (see here, for drawn looks)

    June was born a human, but given Sneasel DNA when she was a mere toddler. Naga blames himself for this, as does his ex and June's mother. Although Naga himself couldn't face them, June's mother made sure that he wouldn't come back, and issued a restraining order against him. As such, June did not see her father again, for another six years. Now that the two have been reunited, June has a tendency to sneak off to hang out with Naga.


    Name: Ferrovax "CT" Blackstone
    Alias/nicknames: The Corpsetaker, CT
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'9"
    Species: Hydreigon
    Status: Married
    Family: Lasciel (wife), Nicodemus (son), Mavra (daughter)
    Alliance: Not a villain, but not a hero.
    Occupation: Mafia boss


    Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower/Heat Wave

    Being Dr. Blackstone's first successful experiment and primary assistant, CT picked up on quite a few things, and has done some experiments, himself. Other than some sciencey stuff, there are really no particularly noteworthy skills.


    CT is used to being powerful and nearly unstoppable, which at times can go to his head. Being the head of a mafia and essentially owning Castelia, he thinks his mere presence should be intimidating, easily forgetting that he's not nearly as powerful as he thinks he is. (however, he tends to avoid fights, whenever possible, for fear of reverting back to his old self)

    Obsessive-Compulsive. CT has OCD, and is an insane neat-freak. Everything must be clean and organized, and he won't tolerate anything that's less than perfect. Even in battle, all it takes is one slightly crooked picture, to distract him.

    Type disadvantage: While being mostly human, he's still susceptible to Bug and Fighting.
    He can shake off Ice and Dragon, but he's terrified of Bug and Fighting types. Because he has such a thin and lanky frame, physical attacks are worse.

    CT's personality comes off as extremely unlikable at first, but once you get to know him...well...actually he's still unlikable. He cares only for his family and what few friends he has, everybody else is just tolerated for Nico and Mavra's sake.

    Although CT's past was full of violence and treachery, he has learned from past mistakes and moved on. He doesn't battle much anymore because of mental instability, and he's terrified that one day he may once again snap and hurt somebody close to him. Currently, he is the head of one of the largest organized crime divisions in the Unova
    region. He is a manipulative weasel, and nobody really knows what he's planning or why, until he's already done it.

    Despite what he's done and what he's currently doing, he tries to remain friends with his former teammates, most notably Ahti and Musashi. He's also extremely protective of his family, and only recently allowed his son to attend a public school. CT also has a scar on his right hand, after a battle with Musashi. He is very self-
    conscious about it. Nico thinks it makes him look like a badass.

    Fairly short in height, and of light and lanky build. CT's skin is very pale and carries just a hint of greyish tone. His eyes are coal black, with the irises being a bright fuchsia. His hair is obsidian and spikes upward in the back, and outward at the front, the edges a bright purple. He typically wears either a business suit, or clothes closer mimicking the style and colors of a shiny Hydreigon. Whichever he chooses, he is always wearing a purple scarf draped over his shoulders, a dark green shirt, and black jacket. His pants are dark purple, and shoes are black and neon green.
    (see here, for drawn reference. As a random bonus, here's what he sounds like.)

    When CT was a Pokémon, he was a powerful Hydreigon. Rather than the usual colors of blue and fuchsia, he wore colors of hunter green and violet. His trainer had named him Ferrovax, after a dragon deity in a novel. However, after his increasingly violent behavior and tendency to seriously injure or even kill the Pokémon he was battling, she began calling him Corpsetaker. After a particularly bad event at the Pokémon League, Ferrovax was permanently confined to his Pokéball, which was engraved with the initials, "C.T.". It was decided to have him put down, as that would be a better fate than being forever confined to a tiny space, and releasing him would just cause more destruction.

    It wasn't long after, that his trainer's Pokémon daycare was broken into, and he was stolen, along with many other of his trainer's and her friend's Pokémon. They were taken to a laboratory, and something changed. CT became the first successful Pokémon-to-human experiment, although the scientists were unaware of his violent nature. CT decided to play along. Befriend them, work with them, learn from them, even adopted the lead scientist's last name: Blackstone. Over a year later, was when CT betrayed them, killed Dr. Blackstone, stealing all of his research, and setting the labs on fire. Some Pokémon experiments escaped, some didn't. CT was out and had all the data he needed, and that's all that mattered.

    For years after, CT had done his own experiments. Although he mellowed out quite a bit after the birth of his son, he still continued to experiment with fusing Pokémon, creating more hybrids, and even experimenting with giving humans the healing properties of some Pokémon. After two experiments got loose and met with CT's rival, Elvis, and kidnapped young Nico, was when CT decided that what he had been doing was a mistake. He swore not to create hybrids anymore, but still continued with some genetic experiments. He remains close with his friends, particularly Ahti and Musashi, but although he's no longer the villain, he is certainly not a saint.
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  4. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    Name: Gloria
    Alias/nicknames: Just Gloria
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'6"
    Species: Gardevoir-Human Hybrid
    Status: "The Nice Teacher"
    Family: 2 younger sisters Kira and Rene, No children
    Alliance: Good
    Occupation: Part-time Art Teacher, Part-Time Ballet Performer

    Moveset: Psychic, Heal Pulse, Shadow Ball, Teleport
    *She has the ability to sense another's feelings*

    Skills: She is skilled with painting and dancing in a elegant fashion.

    Weakness: Ghosts tend to scare her to the point where she will be hesitant to go into the area. This is because she cannot understand how they feel and why they act a certain way. Darkness brings out dangerous bugs and creatures of the night; this also makes her very wary.

    Personality: Gloria is a really calm and loving kind of person. She also believes in the idea of Karma. When one does something bad, they get something bad in return. She feels that if she does good, then no harm will ever be done. This also brings her into being really generous and forgiving to others. Another positive trait to her is that she is loyal and protective over her friends. She will throw her life in front of danger to make sure that the person is okay. However, the negative sides of Gloria is that; she is not only very naive but also has a rather abstract view on life. Many tend to not be able to understand how her thought processes go. This also brings her to being unable to explain directions clearly to where people understand her. Another thing is, she is petrified of bugs and is afraid to enter haunted buildings.

    Looks: Really pale white skin and soft green hair with white wisps that poke out the sides. She often uses a form of tan spray to make her skin appear more human-like. This is to prevent people from knowing what she really is. Her body build is rather slim and lanky. Many just assume that her ballet performances have an influence on this. Gloria likes to wear white gowns with either red trimming or green trimming. On her chest, she usually has a big bow that matches whatever color she's wearing.

    Backstory: Gloria was born into a loving family. Being that she's the oldest of three young daughters, Gloria felt that she needed to be a positive role-model to her two younger sisters. When she was younger; she would enter many dance recitals and performances, do as well as she could in school, along with playing with her sisters when they wanted to play. Her parents were very supportive over everything the three girls had done and thus resulting the rather positive view of life that Gloria has.

    Everything seemed perfect until she turned 16. The glorious 16th birthday had come for her and everything seemed to be going as well as planned. She had friends over, people were having a blast, there was cake and ice cream. Nothing could ever go wrong! Unfortunately, the tides had quickly turned. It had gotten dark so everyone went inside her house to continue the "sweet sixteen" party. Suddenly there was a dangerous attack caused by a group of human-ruffians that drove by in large groups. They had started attacking everyone that they thought were "freaks" at the party which in the end, caused a lot of death. Gloria's parents told her and her sisters to flee. And they did. However when Gloria returned to the scene, she found out that her parents had given up their lives to protect others. One of them being Gareth, a long time family friend of theirs. Being unable to survive on her own with her two younger sisters, Gloria had begged Gareth to help. In the end, he had adopted Gloria and her sisters into his family.

    Even though she was emotionally wounded by the unfortunate event, Gareth had told her to continue being strong. He knew how it felt with losing someone close which helped her in the long run. This is when she picked up painting. It helped her sort out her emotions and let others know how she was feeling. A few years later, it was then that she had decided that she wanted to be an art teacher. She knew that art often helped people who had some sort of emotional break down, was able to help them express themselves. She also ended up helping Gareth out when he had lost his wife and was left behind with the three girls and his own daughter.

    Today, Gloria is a substitute teacher for any school that needs an art teacher. She also teaches people how to ballet dance.


    Name: Relina
    Alias/nicknames: Rel, Lina
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5"
    Species: Prinplup-Human Hybrid
    Status: Student, Studying Sword Fighting
    Family: Her father Gareth
    Alliance: Neutral-Good
    Occupation: Student in school, Her father's pupil for sword fighting, student in art

    Moveset: Metal Claw, Fury Attack, Protect, Headbutt

    Skills: Decent in painting, decent in sword fighting

    Weakness: Aside from Prinplup's being weak against Electricity and Grass. Relina is rather anti-social and sometimes comes off as being a bit stubborn. Unlike her father, she occasionally doesn't think before she acts and gets herself into all sorts of trouble. Especially in school where bullies try to bully her and in the end, the bullies cry to the principle and Relina gets into trouble with the school. However as tough as she is, harsh criticism can either make her really short with others or make her really upset and self-doubting.

    Personality: Being raised by a father that lives by "common courtesy," Relina was taught to be polite and respect her elders. She also addresses people by their proper name. Relina is a pretty tough person. She's very curious about mysterious things as well as determined to figure them out. Also, whenever someone makes her mad and she cannot use weapons against them, she will smash her forehead against them without a second thought.

    Looks: She has shoulder length two-toned blue hair that is feathered out. Often times, she is seen wearing a blue outfit sometimes with a renaissance design on the side of it. She has orange colored eyes. Her body build is a bit stocky which is caused by her training in sword fighting. (she's no puny thing) Relina will never go into a public place without some form of material covering her webbed feet.


    Relina had always been really close to her father when she was a small child. This was due to her mother, often working over-time at her law enforcement job. Due to this, Relina had spent several hours being with her father at his job. There, she got to watch him teach his students on the art of using sword fighting. This interested her and even though she was much too young to begin the classes, he would give her a wooden sword and have her practice when she wanted. Whenever she couldn't go with her father, she would spend time with Gloria's family who pretty much treated her as if she were their own child.

    When Relina was 10, she and her father had found out terrible news about her mother. There was an intense fight going on between the law enforcement and the criminals. Sadly, many were killed. Along with her mother. Being wounded from this event, Relina had developed her antisocial behavior and would often avoid people as much as she could. Though with the help of her Father, Gloria and her two sisters, she eventually started to come out of her shell. She had not only, continued with her sword fighting classes but she also picked up; snowboarding and painting through Gloria. It helped her express her emotions without having to talk to others. The snowboarding happened when her family went to a winter resort. Gareth had dared her, Gloria and her sisters to snowboard. Gloria had no skill and kept falling over. The two sisters chickened out when they saw how big the smallest hill was. But Relina and her Father had a ton of fun doing this.

    Today, Relina doesn't know what she wants to do in life. But she continues partaking in, sword fighting, painting, and snowboarding. As for being different from humans, she doesn't think of it too much. As long as people leave her alone, she leaves them alone.
  5. Smaug

    Smaug School Kid

    Apr 30, 2013
    Name: Smaug
    Alias/nicknames: None
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'0
    Species: Charizard(Shiny!)/Human Hybrid
    Status: Street Fighter/ Fighting Teacher
    Family: None that he remembers
    Alliance: Chaotic Good
    Occupation: Street Fighter/ Fighting Teacher

    Moveset: Flamethrower/Blast Burn/Flame Charge, Dragon Rush/Dragon Tail/Dragon Claw, Fly(unable)/Acrobatics/Air Slash, Focus Blast/Brick Break

    NOTE: Smaug is unable to use fly due to his loss of wings. Though he has found a way to overcome this he's still sullen about the loss. His Focus Blast has the appearance of a Hadoken from Street Fighter.

    Skills: Smaug's fighting style is chaotic, unpredictable, and some would say sloppy. greatest assets are his cautious and level head while fighting. He plays defensive, testing his opponent until he finds the right moment for an all-out attack. His highest stats are his Special Attack and his Defense, with his Strength and Speed at close seconds. He can take a physical beating like a champ, and he never gives up without a fight.

    Weakness: Since Smaug has focused so much effort and training to fighting in the streets, his tactics involving allies is limited. He can also be extremely stubborn and slow to change his mind about something. He also has a hard time toughing out on Specia​l Attacks. Focus Blast requires time for him to form as well, so he is unable to spam the move.

    Type Weakness: Water/Electricity/Rock

    NOTE: Smaug has done extensive water training in order to lessen the impact of water attacks, requiring a direct hit on his tail to do superior damage. (NOTE: If his tail goes out he will NOT die, but get extremely sick for a few days.) Though he has a counter to Rock Type moves (Flash Cannon), they along with Electricity moves are still super effective.

    Personality: Smaug is a quiet and contemplative individual, usually found lost in thought for various reasons. When irritated he has a tendency to either resort to battle or pranks. Being a loner, he has issues with getting to know people; giving off a rough and tough exterior that others have to get through before he's sociable. He also tends towards a snarky and sarcastic attitude as well. This all hides a caring and kind soul who is simply confused and frustrated with his life.

    Part of this is due to his amnesia. He doesn't remember much of what happened before his change. Whether it was due to the change itself or some other trauma is unknown. He remembers what he is, what he was, as well as other general information about the world. He also has dreams and memories about what it was like to be a Charizard, flying through the air under his own power.

    Looks: This is merely a concept. This is not his accurate body type, but is the accurate appearance besides that.

    Backstory: Smaug has amnesia which happened, as far as he knows, at the time of his change. He remembers nothing of his own past, besides his name, what he is, and general knowledge of the world around him. He has traveled with several other hybrids since then, such as a biker gang and a Excavalier/Human hybrid called Lancelot(Read Assimilation Part 2 for Smaug's first appearance as well as Lancelot). His history will be brought to light during the RP for all you happy readers.
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  6. 7Demented

    7Demented Hex Maniac

    Feb 18, 2013
    Note: Dementia and Raine are "here" with me. All stuff in parentheses - (()) - is "off camera" stuff.

    Name: Taylor Okachu
    Alias/nicknames: Dementia, "Bladed Vigilante" ((Quit bragging already.))
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'1"
    Species: Furret/ Human Hybrid
    Status: Single ((What do you mean that's a lie?!))
    Family: Raine Okachu
    Alliance: Lawful Good
    Occupation: Vigilante/ Blacksmith

    Moveset: Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Thunder Punch, Flamethrower, Blizzard

    Skills: Dementia is an expert in smithing, as he has created his own swords for personal use. He has trained in several different fighting disciplines, but will only go all-out if need be. Some say he has a certain way with words that makes everyone relax and forget about issues at hand.

    Weakness: Dementia is protective of his sister, Raine, and will do almost anything to keep her safe (he does know that she can hold her own, though). He fears the darkness, not because of "monsters," but because his mind twists itself, warping his imagination ((Oh come on, you know it's true.)).

    Personality: Dementia is kind to all he meets, even strangers, standing for just about everything that means freedom and individualism. He believes that setting a moral standard for himself will, in the long run, prove useful. He loves the outdoors and can be found sunbathing occasionally. Dementia daydreams often and is a bit stubborn when it comes to decisions, yet he enjoys thought-provoking ideas and puzzles. His kind nature had made him many friends during his travels, along with enemies who long for his powers.

    Looks: Dementia lets his dark brown hair hang to almost his eyes, which are light blue. He sports a brown/ silver hoodie, a gold/ white undershirt and desert camouflage cargo pants. His hiking boots are red and grey, and he sometimes lets his striped tail wave about behind him.

    Backstory: Taylor-((*whump* OW! Sorry, okay?! God dang, dude.))- sorry, Dementia, along with his sister Raine, was born in Olivine City in Johto. He spent most of his childhood dreaming about how amazing it would be to become a Pokémon, especially a Furret, his favorite. When he was 15, Dementia and his sister were captured and taken to a hidden facility, where they were changed into the hybrids they are today. He was frightened by this change, but also excited, for his dream had come true. After the breakout led by CT, Dementia and Raine escaped to the town of New Bark; from there, to Pallet Town. Dementia made a solemn vow that he would repay CT's lead by becoming a vigilante, traveling across all the regions to provide aid.

    After many years of service, Dementia has stopped in Unova for a break. Raine, however, has decided to explore what the city had to offer, forcing Dementia to tag along. ((Yeah, I get it, you're not happy about it; now shut up.)).

    Name: Raine Okachu
    Alias/nicknames: Raine, "Serene Healer"
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'11"
    Species: Vaporeon/ Human Hybrid
    Status: Single
    Family: Taylor Okachu
    Alliance: Neutral Good
    Occupation: Medic

    Moveset: Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Rock Smash, Aqua Ring, Signal Beam

    Skills: Raine is a self-trained medic and healer, teaching herself by using natural herbs. She is skilled in battle as well, being forced to train by Dementia ((Raine, please don't hit your brother.)).

    Weakness: Raine, oddly enough, is afraid of fire, even though she is a water type (kind of). She is slightly claustrophobic, and sometimes will try to help someone who is beyond saving, crushing her self-confidence ((*oof* Okay, I kind of deserved that.)).

    Personality: Raine is gentle and good-natured. It is her belief that all things should live in a ubiquitous harmony ((You don't know the word? Too bad; I'm the one typing.)). She tends to keep to herself and remain quiet, but she is fierce about her opinions and beliefs. Raine adores Pokémon and often finds herself wondering what they think about. She loves her brother dearly, yet hopes to find that special someone she would spend her life with ((Don't even try to deny it.)).

    Looks: Raine's sky blue hair extends to her spinal base, with bright jade eyes to complement it. She sports a dark blue windbreaker with pink trim, a teal undershirt, deep blue pants with a violet side pouch, and black/ light green tennis shoes. She also wears aviation goggles on her head.

    Backstory: Raine was born in Olivine City along with Dementia. Her childhood was mostly spent wandering through the woods outside of town, watching the Pokémon from a distance. She helped out at MooMoo Farms occasionally, refusing payment from the owners ((Dementia, quit teasing her. Honestly, you two.)). When she was 15, she was kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. Raine was transformed into a Vaporeon, leaving her scared for her life and sanity; she didn't know what to do next. When the breakout occurred, she fled to Pallet Town with her brother and agreed to tag along on his journey. She tends to want to explore the towns and cities, being curious as she is.

    Raine is currently in Unova. She learned about a concert in town and is extremely excited to see it, dragging along Dementia with her so she wouldn't feel out of place and alone ((*thwack* SERIOUSLY, QUIT HITTING ME!!)).

    Dementia and Raine!
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  7. Tomatketchup

    Tomatketchup Black Belt

    Mar 2, 2013
    Name: Farhad Taher
    Alias/nicknames: Cabby
    Age: 33
    Height: ~4.4 feet
    Species: Spinda/human hybrid
    Status: Single
    Family: None
    Alliance: Neutral
    Occupation: Taxi driver

    Moveset: Uproar, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball

    Skills: Good driver, pal behaviour

    Weakness: Insomniac, language

    Personality: Tired, cheerful but easily angered, forgetful

    Looks: Light-brown colored skin with darkbrown spots here and there, his eye holes are somewhat twisted but his eyes are otherwise normal, ushanka (with ears down) on his head, mustache and trimmed beard. For some inexplicable reason he has two bunny ears sticking out of his head, like bunny ears, that he can't shave off.

    Backstory: Farhad was raised in a family that had fled from a country far away shortly before his birth, leading to him being raised in a family that barely could speak the native language, this makes Farhad's accent to be somewhat broken. After cutting ties with his family when his family wouldn't let him date his crush, who rather soon decided to dump him anyway. His family didn't want to establish any contact again, since he had "broken the family's honor". Hit with emotional stress, Farhad developed insomnia and due to the side-effects of that the only job he was fit for was taxi driving.
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  8. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    Name: Davis King
    Alias/nicknames: Dave, Davis, David
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'7"
    Species: Bisharp-human hybrid
    Status: Knight/thief, Ruffian
    Family: It is said that he is the oldest of five brothers and one sister. Toby, Christopher, Larry, Howard, and Josephine.
    Alliance: Neutral
    Occupation: Was a college student, was a student of Gareth, is considered to be a thief or some form of vigilante

    Metal Burst
    Iron Head

    Skills: Davis is a skilled fighter and is fairly agile. He is very familiar on how to use blades in battles. If something is of value he will attempt to swipe it.

    Weakness: He loves battling and can sometimes start them with others. There are times where he can become super antisocial and will come off as being rude (due to the quietness or lack of caring). He's a collector of swords and if there's a remarkable sword, it will distract him. He also has a soft spot for pretty girls who have a hard time defending themselves from bullies or are very strong willed.

    Type weaknesses: He absolutely cannot stand those who fight with fists and feet rather than weapons.

    Davis comes off as a flirty, girl-crazy kind of guy. He pulls really ridiculous stunts which often either makes people think he's stupid or just shake their heads. Sometimes he can be rather annoying and obnoxious to the point where he gets people angry with him. When one really gets to know Davis, this is all just a basic part of a masquerade. Davis doesn't want everyone knowing what he really can do. Why? Because expect the unexpected, is something he loves to live by. This charade often gets him out of sticky situations, especially when he has to deal with the police force. He often steals from the rich to sell for cash and then uses the cash to help, selected, struggling poor people. (The lazy poor people, have it tough) The law enforcement frowns upon his thievery and this is how he was classified as a thief. Davis is neither heroic or villainous. He's on his own side.

    Unfortunately, he does love to fight. He will start fights if the opponent seems worthy. However he does not throw nonsense name callings at people nor does he pick fights with those weaker than him. (Unless he sees potential. Then he'll annoy the heck out of them) If he has a rival, he will be very competitive towards them. He also becomes extremely aggressive when it comes to someone messing with those closest to him.

    Looks: Davis has tanned skin and short dark untamed hair with yellow bangs. He's a relatively strong build. Under his bangs he has a red sweatband. During the day time, Davis wears a pair of dark sunglasses. A black leather vest with the arms torn off, sits over his dark red long sleeved shirt. He has a pair of black pants with the knee torn up on the right leg. Davis usually wears black military boots with steel toes. A pair of chains hang loosely from his belt buckles. Hanging from his belt, he also has a pair of short bladed knives.

    Internally build wise, his bones are made of steel. This allows him to become more durable during battles. When things become too close for comfort; Davis has the ability to call forth two pairs of blades that protrude from his chest and a pair of blades that hide within his forearms. These blades are retractable so he can use them whenever he feels like.

    Backstory: Competition was always at hand in his family. Being the older brother, he feels that he should remain strong and independent while his siblings were to come to him whenever they needed his help. Him and his slightly younger brother were always duking it out with battles, all for the sake of trying to see who was the stronger one. Where Davis is smaller in height and weight compared to his younger brother Howard, he still seemed to be capable of knocking Howard off his feet. Davis was always more aggressive and clever when it came to battling so this helped him through many victories. His parents saw this and thought that he could use his abilities in a better way. So they sent him away to become Gareth's pupil for Sword fighting and had him attend college for Criminal Justice. Things seemed to be going well with the two and Davis was becoming the number one star pupil of the Criminal Justice class and in Gareth's class.

    However, all good things have to come to an end eventually. One evening, Davis was caught stealing and giving to the poor. Gareth had confronted him about it, that stealing was not an ideal path one should choose to walk upon. Unfortunately this eventually led to a large argument between the two. Gareth was more peaceful and would rather solve issues without violence or thievery. As for Davis, he believed that the best way to solve a problem was to beat it down and do whatever it costs to help others who really needed it. With their opposing views, Davis ended up dropping out of both college and out of Gareth's class and went solo for the time being. He had continued his path of stealing and had obtained the label of a thief. The law enforcement eventually became his number one enemy, as well as Gareth and his daughter Relina (since they both are fighting for justice and the good of people. Though Gareth wants to still try and get Davis to understand what he is doing wrong and show him what else he could do to help others.)

    Eventually he had met up with Ciel who had seemed to have a keen eye on finding valuable items. Teaming up with Ciel, the two thieves began to make a good team.
  9. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013

    Okay, so what does that mean?

    Put simply; if you've got a character for the RP who may show up here and there, but otherwise won't be one of your main characters, send the mini profile to me and I'll edit it into this post (or if you're staff you can just edit it into this post yourself). The reason for doing it this way is to avoid clogging the thread with tons of tiny posts and the like. At any rate, I figure this will be a handy reference for those recurring types who appear every now and then so we can avoid debating/conflicting views on just who's who and able to do what.

    Madaraki's Side Characters
    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Steppenwolf
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6'10"-7'4"
    Species: Hybrid Type (Metagross)

    Moveset: Magnet Rise, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Bullet Punch, Telekinesis

    Skills: Having trained his human form to its peak since his creation, Steppenwolf is an excellent hand to hand combatant who takes full advantage of his vastly increased durability, and will not hesitate to use his Pokémon derived abilities in conjunction with his learned skills.

    Weaknesses: Fire. It doesn't melt him or anything so dramatic, but it heats him up and wears him down faster. Additionally, his Hyper Beam, while destructive, leaves him exhausted and is thus only a weapon of last resort. Finally, so focused has he become in direct combat that he is often quite clumsy when attempting to use Telekinesis on anything other than his own body.

    Appearance: Standing at an imposing height, the man known as Steppenwolf can present two faces. Normally, he's pale to the point of being ashen and his skin has a slightly reflective quality to it. He wears a dark grey business suit with a silver shirt and tie underneath. His only other distinguishing feature is the X-shaped scar between his eyes. His other appearance is less than human. Increasing his height by half a foot, armor plates seem to appear and graft themselves onto his body, giving him an almost mechanical look, not unlike the form of the Pokémon he was created from.

    Personality: Aggressive, brutal, and seemingly always eager to crush something, yet ever the patient and consumate professional, Steppenwolf is a monster whose personalities seem to always be at war with one another. Presented with any problem, he often comes up with several ways to respond to it and then seems undecided as to which way is best. However, when he has figured out how to handle the problem, he deals with it in a horrifyingly efficient and often violent fashion.

    He's also rather sensitive about his baldness, all the more so because he can sense when people are about to say something.


    Name: Melvin Tromax
    Alias: The Professor
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'5"
    Species: Hybrid Type (Muk)

    Moveset: N/A

    Skills: Professor Tromax has managed to blend his current and former body types, allowing himself to transform part or all of his body at any time to its former state and consistency, making it not only nearly impossible to physically injure him, but exceptionally foolish to try.

    Weaknesses: Type weaknesses, and despite Tromax's terrifying defensive capabilities, he has practically no offensive measures short of chasing someone and trying to poke them. It surely doesn't help his case that he has the overall stamina of a Snorlax. If you don't want to get fatally poisoned by him, just run. He'll chase you for a minute at most before he has to stop and catch his breath (and maybe rest and take a nap as well).

    Appearance: Looking for all the world like someone who wanted to be the most physically fit person ever but instead was only average with a bit of a belly, Professor Tromax is a short man with stringy hair and possesses a somewhat sickly complexion. He normally wears a white lab coat over a black shirt and pants, as if he wanted to try and give off the quirky yet charming air of Bill Nye the Science Guy, but instead ended up more closely resembling Brent Spiner in "Independence Day".

    Personality: Melvin Tromax has always been an outcast in society, and over the years he's come to decide that if the world would reject him, he will reject it. In his words, "by reject I mean get rid of, and by get rid of, I mean infect, cripple, and kill". Fascinated by death and sickness, the one thing Professor Tromax enjoys more than working with a test subject is seeing what happens to it as it fails. Thus if anything survives his conditioning, it does so with all the greater passion for survival.


    Name: London
    Alias: None
    Species: Haunter
    Moveset: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse
    Skills: Very stealthy, black-colored and blends in incredibly well with shadows.
    Weaknesses: Type weaknesses, and incredibly shy. Vee has to bang the guitar on the ground to get him to come out.


    Name: Crystal Hendricks
    Alias: The Hunter
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9"
    Species: Formerly Human, now Mismagius-Lucario hybrid
    Status: Uncertain
    Family: Unknown
    Alliance: The Director's Organization
    Occupation: Bass player for Gangarene, Hunter

    Moveset: Force Palm, Extreme Speed, Aura Sphere, Toxic, Shadow Sneak

    Skills: Crystal has the ability to focus entirely on one thing and tune out anyone and anything around her for the sake of concentrating on it.

    As a result of merging with a Lucario and a Mismagius, she has increased strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as the ability to transform into a purple mist and move through most areas that would otherwise be too tight for a human to fit through.

    Weaknesses: Due to the merging of two Pokémon within her, she occasionally has disjointed memory flashbacks that may prove distracting in a fight or other situations.

    Additionally, despite her increased abilities, she still needs training in properly controlling them. She has trouble re-forming from her mist state.

    Appearance: Surprisingly, Crystal has remained relatively unchanged since her transformation. Unlike other hybrids, her eyes have not changed from a natural gray color. Her chin-length hair however, is now naturally purple with pink tips instead of dyed. Two tufts of it however, do hang to roughly halfway down her back. She wore a variety of clothes -mostly purples and blacks- though it is unknown what she may choose to wear in the Director's employ.

    Personality: Emotional, suffers from easily pushed buttons, and often tries to act tougher than she is, and yet Crystal shows none of it. Whether it comes from being hit on by too many people who just were't her type or her comparatively more animated bandmates, Crystal Hendricks has put up something of a wall around herself that almost never shows signs of cracking.

    Banshee's Side Characters
    Name: Gareth
    Alias: The Knight, Sir Gareth
    Age: 42
    Height: 5'11"
    Species: Empoleon-Hybrid

    Moveset: Protect, Hydro Pump, Surf, Bulldoze

    Skills: He is a professional sword fighter that teaches classes based on sword fighting. He's charismatic and strong willed. He's a skilled swimmer and has skills in snow sports.

    Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground and Electric. He has ways of defending himself against Ground and Fighting attacks. This is due to his armor he wears. However, electricity is a big pain for him.

    Appearance: Being born and raised in a kingdom's castle, Gareth had not only been named after a famous knight but was raised to become one as well. He is always seen wearing a knight-like tunic or armor with a helmet. His helmet has a trident looking style attached to the front of it (mainly representing the head of an Empoleon). He has long dark blue hair that's pulled back into a neat ponytail, he also has light colored bangs. Gareth's build is really fit and muscular. His color scheme resembles an Empoleon. This consists mainly of blue and black with a bit of white. Most of the time, Gareth is seen carrying his heavy steel sword and large shield. He is actually rarely seen without them.

    Personality: Unlike his daughter Relina, he is; strategic thinking, reasonable, respectful, quiet, and calm. He would rather figure out problems without the involvement of fighting. Negotiation is always his first move. Due to his knightly upbringing, he's chivalrous and a bit old-school as far as respect and opinions go. He feels that people should always respect their elders, listen to what they say (even if they disagree, just listen to them out of respect), and treat others the way you would like to be treated. However as positive and strong willed as he is, Gareth is also very wary about his child's safety. After losing his closest friends and wife, he had become a bit over-protective over her and often comes off as being tough on her. Sometimes he lets his job gets to his head and this causes him to become stubborn at times.


    Name: Baleog
    Alias: Baley, Jaws, Sharp Teeth
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'8"
    Species: Sharpedo-Hybrid

    Moveset: Crunch, Skull Bash, Surf, Rock Smash

    Skills: Skilled Swimmer, Charismatic,

    Weaknesses: Fighting, Bug, Grass, Electric.

    Appearance: Unruled spiky blue hair that appears prickly to the touch. There are blonde streaks in his bangs. Baleog wears dark black shades, hiding his eyes behind them at all times. He has scars along the left side of his cheek, caused by a past fight. On his right cheek he has a black star, tattooed on. His attire mainly consists of a dark blue leather jacket with ripped sleeves and is usually open showing off his deep red shirt with a yellow grungy-styled star over his chest. The pants are a pair of navy blue cargo pants with spiked belts wrapped around both legs. He has black leather military boots. Baleog's weapon is a large ball and chain where the ball looks like a fin of a sharpedo. Baleog also has abnormally sharp and pointed teeth.

    Personality: Baleog is extremely vicious and blood thirsty in personality. He's a cold blooded killer and often likes to torment his enemies by bringing in his crew of minions to help deliver the torture. The torture is usually a slow and painful way, this amuses him to no end. One would say that he is sadistic. Baleog is often stubborn and hard to deal with at times. He also likes to start arguments with others as well as be extremely sarcastic and cold. If he can find your weakness, whether it be elemental or emotional, he will keep gnawing on it until he breaks you. The positive side of Baleog, is that he enjoys keeping his promises. He will try his hardest to keep them and fulfill them. He's pretty smart and well aware of his surroundings.

    - He is the reason for why Relina is fearful over water.
    - Baleog works under the Director as a BeastMaster/GateMaster. He has a large mafia of Carvanha and other brutal natured water hybrids that obey his command.
    - He is vengeful and if his enemy escapes, he will hunt them down.
    Jathemon's Side Characters

    7Demented's Side Characters

    Smaug's Side Characters.

    Vanillite's Side Characters.
  10. Smaug

    Smaug School Kid

    Apr 30, 2013
    Name: Shimmer
    Alias/nicknames: Selena
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'11"
    Species: Kingdra/ Human Hybrid
    Status: Single
    Family: Her previous team and owner.
    Alliance: Neutral Good
    Occupation: Agent, Secretary (cover)

    Moveset: Water Pulse/Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse/ Draco Meteor, Signal Beam, Ice Beam/Blizzard

    Skills: Skilled Swimmer, Can Hold Breath for a long time, Tactician, Surprisingly Durable

    Weakness: Dragon moves. Her physical strength is minimal and her reaction time is a bit slow.

    Personality: Shimmer, or Selena as she's more commonly known, is a reserved soul. She's quiet, thoughtful, and very business-like in everything she does. She's quick to reprimand those within her domain (perhaps even smacking them with her riding crop), or giving someone an icy glare. To her flirting is pointless bravado, and the true measure of someone is what they do and how they do it rather than what they say.

    Alone, when she can lower her guard a bit, she's a different person. Still quiet and thoughtful, she also has a huge heart, and those that she cares for she will protect with a fury none wish to face. She also loves soft, cute, fluffy things as well(She cuddles a Horsea plush that makes cute sounds when in bed) even though she would never allow such things to crack her resolve in public.

    Looks: Unlike most hybrids, Shimmer actually shows very little of her Pokémon self in her new form. Her skin tends to glimmer a bit under direct light, and most people either don't notice this or simply believe she has great skin. If one were to gaze at her under a microscope however, they would see that her skin is actually made up of microscopic scales, the one physical sign of her old self. She has brown eyes and blonde hair, which she keeps it cut to barely beyond chin length, allowing it to frame her face nicely. Most of time she wears her secretary outfit, which consists of a long sleeved white dress blouse, a black vest and dress pants, black three inch heeled shoes, and a pair of blue semi-rimless(no rim on the top part) glasses. She usually carries a decent sized bag where she stores her secretary clothes while wearing her battle gear.

    When he's out doing her agent duties, or is ready for battle, she removes the glasses and instead dons a blue crowned visor that shows more of her Kingdra genes (horns on top, as well as cheek crests). shimmer removes the secretary garb, a futuristic bodysuit colored blue and Yellow underneath, with elegant Kingdra fins on the back. The boots of the bodysuit do NOT have heels.

    Backstory: (coming soon)
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