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Team Sakura - Mazes Mythology (An EoS Fanfiction)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by ShirotheShinx, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. ShirotheShinx

    Jan 18, 2017
    Note: Hi everyone! ^^. This is a fanfiction that I type recently and it's partially based on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky (but of course a little change from the plot). I hope you will enjoy reading it (if you can, please give me some feedbacks about grammar or vocabular cuz I'm not a native speaker :P). Well then, to the story, off we go.

    Chapter I: The Beginning

    In a forest (Main's POV)

    "How did we end up choosing this path to go?" I mumble to myself, wandering around aimlessly. "This forest. How do we manage to get out of here now?"

    "I don't know. This path should be the right one..." My partner replies softly.

    "Well, we'd better hurry up otherwise they will catch up with us." I sighs deeply, using my paws to clear the way.

    "I'm scared. I think they will find out that we stole the Notaliums in no time." She steps closer to me, showing a bit worried about upcoming things.

    "Hey, you intruders. Stop right there!" A strange voice echoes through the trees.

    "Quick, hide in this cave," I say aloud and drag my partner along with me and right after that, a few shadows keep flashing in front of my eyes.

    "They can't be far from here. Keep all your eyes on and start searching." A demanding voice appears among the crowd.

    "Phew... Look like we will be safe in here for a while," say I when turning back at my partner.

    After a while

    "H-Have they stopped pursuing us?" My partner asks back, still hasn't out of her blue.

    "Let me have a look..." I takes a glance out of our hiding. "...no, they are still out there." My voice saddens a little bit when looking at my shivering partner.

    "I'm tired of this. Why do they keep chasing us?" She whispers angrily and starts punching into the air. "We mean no harm, right? This world needs to be fixed, that's all. Why can't they just quit bothering us?"

    I see in her eyes a tired feeling and a few tears just come after that. She is almost fainted.

    "Hang on, Kyoko. We are almost there, just a few steps from the Time Portal..." I gently assure her.

    Yup, we are here, trapping in a cave and being pursued by unknown enemies. The reason why they chase after us is quite simple and it's because of the Elemental Notaliums. I have heard about a story that involves in these creations...

    'Long time ago, legendaries said that Elemental Notaliums were the balance keepers of the world. Each one has its own unique color that clarifies its own role. Green for Grass, Red for Fire, Blue for Water, White for Metal, Black for Dark, Purple for Psychic and Pink for Fairy. However, those are just a few Notaliums that had been discovered. No one at that time really knew about the rest of them but one thing for sure if they aren't at their righteous positions, everything in their power range will be motionless.

    Sadly, peach isn't last for long. The Elemental Notaliums, because stay too far away from each other, start to lose their own power and soon the world's paralysis begins.

    Kyoko and I have read a document about the world's paralysis and the only way to solve it is to return all of them to where they actually belong: on the toppest room of Temporal Tower. Although, the fact that things will freeze up once the Notaliums are taken away but it's just temporarily until they are placed into the Notalium Tuner. We soon leave and collect the Notaliums but I guess things won't go that easy...'


    "They are here, I can sense them." A whiny voice suddenly blasts into our ears, leaving us terrified a bit.

    "Whoa, I can't expect being found inside here. We'd better hurry up." I stand up hastily and as well readying for an upcoming battle.

    "That soon, Shiro? We haven't rest any," Kyoko mumbles, trying to get her feet up.

    "Here, let me help you up." I take her hand and pull her up. But then we can't stop staring at each other despite the fact that we are in danger.

    Well, there is always a past story in each action so I should tell you why we did it.

    Kyoko and I have known each other for quite long. In fact, like I mentioned, we are partners. We share the same ideal, the same thought and sometimes feeling isn't an exception. She is cheerful yet very passive in some cases but she does have something that matter me: always know how to make a bad day turns good. I'm starting to feel joys when working with her...

    Back to reality again

    "Now, when I count to three, dash out as fast as you can, will you?" I break the silence and take a look outside, waiting for the perfect moment to escape.

    "Okay, I will. Just don't leave me behind." Kyoko looks at me scaringly as if it was a sign of parting.

    "I won't," I reply then look out once more.


    Author's POV

    After the third count, two shadows rush out within the witness of their pursuers. They traverse across the forest and despite the intense chase, they finally manage to arrive in front of the Time Portal...

    Time Portal (Kyoko's POV)

    "Well, this is it, we finally reach our destination," Shiro says in happiness. "Things should be easy as this point, don't you think so?"
    We then smile at each other exhilaratingly yet breathing exhaustingly after running for miles.

    "Leaving so soon?" The strange voice appears again, making both of us stop for a moment. "Unfortunately, your journey has to end here, you shall not change the history."

    "Run..." Shiro yells "...Run towards the portal, you will be safe there. Don't wait for me. This battle will be tough and I don't want to lose you twice."

    The moment he says, he stands in front of me, looking angrily around.

    "I'm not coming without you. You could be killed in the fight. I-I can still help you." I insist stubbornly.

    "I will catch up with you later." He responds back... "But now, for your safety, you should go into the portal." ...then encourages me desperately.

    "How pathetic! Do both of you think you can escape that easily?" The voice getting closer, bit by bit, pretty chill in the tone.

    "Ha, we do what we think is right and you can't stop us from achieving our goal," Shiro replies with a threatening voice and an active battle stance.

    And about me... Well, I can't really make a move at that point, nothing beside taking cover behind a fierce Shiro.

    "Apparently, you still haven't given up yet. So, let's see what you have got." A black shadow suddenly jumps out from nowhere, staring at us with crimson red eyes. But then I notice something...

    "Shiro, look out!"

    I push him aside but then an indescribable pain rages across my back. Taking a glance back, I see myself being scratched by a Shadow Claw.

    "Kyoko, are...are you okay?" Shiro asks worryingly and tries to help me up. "Here, you should take a berry to recover." Then he steps beside, putting an Oran Berry next to me.

    I slowly take the berry and have a bite. However, the shoking pain prevents me from standing straight. Despite it...

    "No, I...I'm fine. Just a little scratch won't kill me instantly," I say to him, acting normally so that he won't recognize my pain.

    "Ha ha ha... I have told you before. Both of you. Submit me or you will face the same consequence." The black shadow gets nearer. I can clearly see a black aura surrounds its hand, forming another Shadow Claw and this time its target is Shiro.

    "Kyoko, you still keep that Luminous Orb we found earlier, right?" Shiro whispers to me while glaring at the shadow.

    "Sure, it's in the bag. But why?" I ask him but soon recognize that he has come up with a plan.

    "When I give the signal, smash the orb in front of us, can't you?" Shiro holds my back, lifting me up.

    "Anything that can help." I answer in a rush and quickly grab that Lumious Orb out.

    "Hey, what are you whispering? Stop it or else..." The shadow jumps into us frighteningly and the Shadow Claw comes right after.

    "This is the time. Now, Kyoko!"

    Author's POV

    The moment the Orb leaves Kyoko's paw and touches the ground, a light mist surrounds Shiro and Kyoko, making the view become blurrier to both them and their threat. Taking advantage of it, Shiro holds Kyoko as they dash into the portal. In a foggy view, Kyoko turns back and in her eyes, a chaos is spreading between their enemies. After the mist dismissed, the portal closes completely without the present of Shiro and Kyoko in front of it...

    "Shot, they escape again," the shadow shouts.

    "This is the second time I have failed capturing them. First is in the Alter Maze and now, the Time Portal. My master will be very angry when he hears about this." The mysterious shadow walks away, shamefully hiding his failure from the pursuit.

    Another dimension (Shiro's POV)

    "Well, that was close." I breathe heavily, trying to regain my calm.

    "Hey, that's true..." Kyoko coughs "...but how did you even remember about that Luminous Orb in such a hostile situation?" She asks me, looking quite unconvinced on her face.

    "I don't know. It just happens to appear in my head," I reply yet smiling innocently as if nothing happened.

    "Al...Alright..." Kyoko stops for a few seconds. "...I hope nothing will go wrong this time, at least after we have come this far though." She then looks into the blank space towards us, smiling satisfyingly.

    I have never seen her smiling radiantly like this before. It's true that I can't blame her for reacting like this after all those thing but something doesn't make any sense inside me. It's just like, I will get away from her, somehow...

    "Agreed!" I snap out of my own confusion and say to her with determination.

    Everything should be as easy as pie now, I hope...

    "By the way, Shiro..." says Kyoro when turning around and looking at me cheerfully. "...It was very nice of you to have been partners with me in this world. Do you still remember the first time we met?"

    Oh, that moment. Well, it's kinda awkward to remind...

    "I was wandering lost in the forest, am I?" I answer, teasingly.

    "Well, thanks to that then I got the chance to bump into you, you sure-know-nothing Shinx." She pushes me gently with a little shy showing on her face.

    "I guess you are right," I reply. "After all, that's when I start befriending with you, right?"

    This portal is sure longer than it appears...

    "Er, Shiro. Can I ask you something?" Kyoko asks me all of a sudden. "If something goes wrong, how...how should I do with these Notaliums?" She then stops smiling. Instead fear seems to take over her happiness.

    Gee, Arceus... How can she turn her behaviour like that?

    "Hey, don't say that. There is absolutely nothing that can harm us..." I knock her at her head.
    How childish I am!

    "...but if something does happen, just follow the instruction I left in the bag and you should be fine. But really, I don't think anything wrong will show up in the near future." I take her paws, holding them tie.

    "You think so?" says she when smiling joyfully, again.

    'Whoa! She does bright up. Truly, there are still lots of thing that I need to handle about her sudden change in behaviour, but isn't it very cute?' I think deeply and then sigh when looking at my care-free partner.

    "You have my words," I say to her, rubbing her forehead.

    Well, bad things won't just pop up from nowhere, right? She is just too... careful, no?

    All of a sudden, I feel tremors in the Time Portal. It's just like there is an unseen force striking rapidly into the it.

    "Whoa! Wh-What is going on? Why there are tremors in this place?" Kyoko yells aloud.

    "I don't know..." I reply "... just stay together."

    However, I start to realize Kyoko and I are farther away from each other. It just likes what I was afraid earlier. Unfortunately, while stumbling in thoughts, I incautiously step backward, right at the edge of the portal and almost fall out from it.

    "Whoa, Shiro. Be careful!" Kyoko wakes me up when I one step further from falling.


    Upon saying, a crack divides the path where we was standing into two halves. A strange momentum causes my path to move downward, away from Kyoko.

    "Shiro, hold on!" She grabs my paws right at the moment the path falls off my feet.

    "I-I can't hold on." I cry out, attempting to climb up.

    From that moment, every second to me lasts like hours. Struggling to get up but an invincible force keeps dragging me into the black area under the portal. I nearly faint if the pain doesn't remind me about my position at that time. But, eventually, everyone has their limit.

    "Kyoko... Are...are you still there?..." I whisper. "...do you still remember what I told you earlier?..." I pause. The silence spreads between two of us. "...I don't think I can hold on any longer. I guess...this is goodbye then." I turn away, avoid looking straight into her tired eyes.

    "No, it can't be true," she suddenly responds, bursting into tears. " You can do it. You... you will be fine."

    Kyoko... why? Why do you have to keep trying? Is it because of... me?

    "You know... I always rely on you," she says quietly.

    Her soft voice blends into her tear, purifying the atmosphere around us. I can hear her choking clearly but I can't really do anything at that time.

    "Sometimes I also feel like I was using you. But the fact is... I...I really need you. You are my only true friend in this colorless world. I...I can't live without you." She cries louder as if this whole dimension was collapsing.

    'Kyoko...' I sadly shed a few drops of tear upon hearing her words.

    One drop after one, they reminds me about the time I spent through with her. Sweet, bitter,... we experienced all. The time we search for Notaliums, the sleepy moment on the side of Chronicle Lake... Although the world we live in is totally frozen in sight, everything seems lively and lights up when we stay together. Tch, I never have a chance to actually tell her how I feel. They were just "hello", "hello" and then "goodbye". Hardly do I really tell her about my true feelings...

    How silly me!...

    "You...you should be fine without me," I pacify her, soothingly.

    "From your time with me, I can see independence grows inside you, larger and more powerful. You are braver than you think. When you shield me from the attack, I know you are strong enough to take care of yourself." I look at her, seeing her blue crystal-liked eyes wandering lost in the flow of emotions.


    "You know, I really like -"


    I abruptly yell when a static shock strikes through my mind, causing pain all over my body. I can barely feel my hands at that time as they slowly move away from Kyoko.

    "No... Shiro! I-I LOVE YOU" She shouts in her tears. I was shocked literally but...

    "Goodbye... Kyoko... You will always be my best friend. May the best go with you."

    Those are the last few words I can say to her before falling and passing out in tear. But there are four words that still echo in my head. "Shiro, I LOVE YOU."

    Note: Well, this is the end of the first chap. I was hoping that I can post this regularly but apparently, it will take me a couple of weeks to be able to upload a new chap. So keep your faith in this story cuz I'll post a new chap maybe within 2 or 3 weeks. Okay, stop typing this, hope you readers will have a good day. Shiro's out.
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  2. ShirotheShinx

    Jan 18, 2017
    Note: Hi, Shiro's here. Welcome kind readers to the second chapter. Oh, wow, I did manage to upload this chap sooner than I expected. Well then, to the story, off we go.

    Chapter II: A Mischievous Destiny

    Author's POV

    The moment Shiro lifts his hand, the portal stops shaking, turning back to its original state. By then, a few exotic sound waves spread through the portal, mixing with the deep thoughts of Kyoko about what happened earlier.

    She could do nothing at that time. Inside her heart, a sense of guilt keep overwhelming, killing a pure soul from regrets.

    Kyoko takes her hands back, turning against the path that ends the portal, whispering silently a few words before running fast towards the gate while trying to hide her tears...

    On the beach(?) (Shiro's POV)

    Wh...Where am I? Why can't I remember a thing?

    I feel a strong headache ringing across my head.

    "Let's see: fined body, no injuries. Yup, I'm definitely not dead yet." I start joking around despite the previous impact.

    'Well, things can't get any worse than this, right? At least I still haven't forgotten about my name yet,' I think roughly and open my eyes slightly and steadily.

    "Oh, paws and a star-shaped tail..." I say surprisingly when I have a clear view around my surroundings.

    Wait, what, paws and a star-shaped tail? I take my words back. What in the world did I become?

    However, no sooner did I realize about it than somnolence begins approaching me.

    Why do I feel so tired all of a sudden? Yawn... I can't... drift off... now...

    As the last thought runs into my mind, I already laid on the soft sand and had a deep, sound sleep.

    At a nearby cliff (?'s POV)

    "Two more Peacha Berries and it should be enough. This season's harvest isn't bad at all. I hope there is still a little spare space left at
    Kangaskhan's Storage." I compliment while placing the berries tidily.

    "Well, it's done. I'd better set off to the town because it's rather late then." I put the bag on my back but...

    "Whoa! Why this thing is so... heavy?" I yell out as soon as the bag lands on my back. "Why it has to be me who carry this? This is just too unfair for a little Eevee like me," I mumble, trying not to let the bag touch the ground.

    "I guess, I should get used to it by now then." I sigh and start walking heavily but then I just stop. Something feels missing on my neck.

    "Ah, my mom's gift, I almost forget about it." I put the bag down and run at what seems to be a table.

    "I'm not suppose to forget about this, right? After all, it's the only thing left that reminds me about my mother." I suddenly shed a few tears but fast wipe them off.

    "I shouldn't think much about it. I still have a lot of works to do." I turn around and sigh deeply when the heavy bag catches my eyesight.

    ...Do I really have to do this?

    On the road along the shore

    "This road is surely longer than what I remembered," I whisper to myself while walking slowly on the white sand. After a while, I get bored from looking at the long road and then gaze at the sky.

    "Whoa! I never know it can be this beautiful." I take a look around the new dawn that just comes up. A bright yellow blends into the deep high sky above, harmonically neutralizes the dark shadow of the cliff.

    "This view sure worsts a trip," I say happily.

    "As the sun rises, Krabby go out of their cave, laying lazily on the rocks and start blowing bubbles. Those sparkling bubbles catch the early sunlights and reflect down the glistening cyan sea... It always makes me feel relieved and peaceful to come here every time like this." I stop for a moment, just to enjoy the picturesque scenery shown in front of my eyes.

    Trapped in admiration, I suddenly notice an unfamiliar figure at the end of the coral reef.

    There is... someone there?' I lean my head aside, wondering. 'Should I... come closer?'

    I was hesitate at first but then take a deep breath and gather all my courage to walk closer to the unknown figure.

    "Phew... It's just a Shinx," I say in relief, apparently recognize that Shinx to be a male.

    Wait, a Shinx? How can a Shinx possibly lay unconsciously here?

    Iwas astonished for a few seconds. However, I put my bag down and take a step forward.

    Maybe... he's dead...

    I was terrified when that thought runs into my mind, but then unintentionally take a Chesto Berry and a Reviver Seed out of the bag and put into his mouth.

    "He can't possibly dead, right? If it appears so then those two should do the trick. I hope he will wake up soon." I assure myself and step aside him, waiting.

    Shiro's POV

    Yawn... Look like they were right after all. A little sleep sure won't hurt anything.

    I gradually open my eyes and to my surprise, an Eevee was sitting in front of me, looking into somewhere.

    "Oh, you are finally awake..." It's a female voice by appearance, sweet and clear. "...seriously, I thought you were dead." She suddenly turns back, startles me a bit. "By the way, do you remember why you were laying unconscious here?"

    A talking Pokémon? ... But, why don't I feel strange about this?...

    "I...I was?" I reply, trying to get up.

    Whoa, this is new. Why can't I stand up on two? I was shocked literally when my body fights against me. Wait... does this mean...

    I try to stand up once more but this time on all four and guess what, I succeed. I still don't believe in what I experienced until I see my reflection in the sea water.

    "What? I have turned into a Shinx and...and... I'm yellow!" I shout aloud and immediately back out, leaving a huge confusion on her face. Right then, some pieces of memory flash back.

    "What do you mean...? 'Turned into'?" she asks back even more confused.

    "It's true that I don't see a shiny Shinx often in this region but you sure are a little odd," says she when staring at me.

    "It should be normal that you're a Pokémon. After all, this world is a Pokémon world, right?" She tilts her head a little, showing the cuteness that she already had.

    "Speak for yourself, you are also totally white. Most Eevee are brown but you really are an exception," I reply with a teasing tone.

    "It's... true..." She pauses. "...because I'm a shiny, too." She spins her head to another side, looking uncomfortably.

    Wait, I do remember about Eevee's fur's color but not anything else. This is strange.

    "But, that's totally not the point -" She abruptly breaks my school of thought but then I feel a sore relief when she appears joyfully again. "- By the way, my name is Yukino. Yukino the Eevee." She smiles cheerfully while offering her paw. "Nice to meet you, anyway. And your name? It is..."

    "Oh, it's Shiro. Shiro the Shinx, apparently... Nice to meet you, too." I accept her paw, holding it tie.

    "So it is your name..." Yukino fast lets out of my paw awkwardly. "...I ...I'm... glad to know that then." She then smiles and slowly moves backward.

    "Er... Yukino..." I pull her back. "...a-about my sudden reaction, I...I have got something to tell you. Just, don't freak out after you heard it then." My voice turns softer as I start rubbing my head.

    "Uh, okay, I'm listening..." She stops, waiting.

    Phew... Finally, I manage to speak up those words. All I have to do now is explaining to her without causing too much shocks on her.

    "You see, I remember about my vague past of being a human but for some reasons I become like this. Besides that, I also can't remember anything else except for my name. I assume that it's pretty hard to believe (cuz I can't believe by myself either) but you have to trust me. You do... trust me... right?" I slow down when Yukino begins showing her confusing sign.

    "Uhm... you don't seem to be bad at least," she replies, unsure. "I... I trust you!" she whispers quietly but strong in the accent.

    "You do?" I ask back surprisingly, trying not to overreact from her instant trust. But then, something on Yukino that derives me from my present sight.

    "Th-There is something on your neck?" I change the topic directly when I notice a round-shaped sparkling object connected with a string around her neck.

    "Oh, this... This is just a present from my mother," Yukino replies while holding it in her paw.

    "M-May I have a look at it?" I say to her.

    "Sure..." She detacts it from the string, handing it over to me. "...Here is it. Please keep it safe then. It's really important to me." She lowers her voice, showing a bit worried.

    "I will..." say I when looking at the orb.

    This thing... It is totally undescribable. A unique pattern was carved deep into the inner layer of the orb, clarifying a blurry puzzle piece between that circular pattern. Further thinking, it should take numbers of words to fully illustrate the construction of this peculiar inscription...

    "This orb is what I consider my good lucky charm -" Yukino chimes in, separates me from my thought with reality. "- I personally call it as a Time Laceration, well of course from one of my mother's fairy tales. Strange, isn't it?" She steps closer to me and looks at the orb as well.

    "Do you see that little shape in the middle? My mom once told me that is some source of a... symbol, I guess. I still haven't figured out what the meaning is but it's only a matter of time, right?" she says proudly, hope rising in her eyes.

    Well, It's true that I haven't seen anything like this before but this creation is definitely something else. And that puzzle... Huh, it somehow appears very familiar to me...

    "Ah, I forget my job again," says she when hastily rushing towards the bag she left on the sand.

    She did break my thought, twice.

    "How clumsy me!" Yukino abruptly shakes her head innocently and then turns back at me.

    "Say, I'm heading to Treasure Town. Do you want to come as well?" she asks while struggling to put the bag on her back.

    What should I do? Should I be following her? It's true that I'm clueless at this point... But... I... I guess... it won't hurt coming after her, right?...

    "Hey, wait up! I'm coming with you," I shout and run at where she was standing. But... instead of running like she did, I fall flat on the sand with my tail hanging upside down.

    I hate being quadruped like this.

    I take a look at her and then can't help criticizing myself when seeing her smiling relaxingly.

    "Tch, how did you do that?" says Yukino when walking near me. "Ah, I forgot. This is the first time you walk on all four right? Here,
    let me help you up." She put the bag down once more and hold my paws.

    "Gee, thanks," say I when being pulled up by her. "It's rather inconvenient when you have four legs at a time, right?" I smile innocently. "But I will get used to it, somehow..."

    "Oh, by the way, that bag looks pretty heavy. Would you mind letting me carry it for you?" I change my attitude 180 degree and offer her a paw with a radiant smile.

    "Oh..." She seems a bit shocked. Maybe because why I recover so fast from that awkward situation. "I wouldn't mind it at all. In fact, I feel very happy when you agree to come with me," she replies, looking straight into my eyes.

    "Er... we should get going by now. Don't you think so?" I break the silent moment and turn away from looking at her twinkling white eyes.

    "Oh... It's this way, then." Yukino also escapes from the eye-to-eye contact and begins showing the way. "By the way, I'm sure that you will love this town." She smiles back, childish.

    I hope so. After all, I just woke up and had an amnesia at this beach. Then I get to meet you and accept an offer to a newer place.
    What a day! But why do I feel strange when staying near you?

    Two shiny Pokemons meet each other at a same place. Looks like destiny is playing with me. This is just like a dream. Well, if it was all set then I shouldn't argue much and let everything happens the way it should be...

    "Shiro, are you coming?" She asks back from a distance, looking back at a frozen-in-thought Shinx.

    "Oh... I'm coming."

    ...Arceus, I really need to handle these quadruped things before I humiliate myself in front of her again.

    Author's POV

    So, destiny has assigned for Shiro and Yukino. Together, they will face many adventures. Throughout explorations, their feelings will soon harmonize with their souls, creating a relationship that breaks through barriers.

    Each step they walk side-by-side shortens the targets that they set for themselves. The memories, the moments with each other... they are all beautiful and unforgettable. Hope and luck will always associate within their life. Shiro and Yukino, their journey has just begun.


    However, as soon as Shiro and Yukino left the place, two mysterious Pokemons jump out from the rock near the place where Yukiro (this will be the short form when I want to refer to both of our mains, so... stop questioning) had their conversation. Apparently, those two are Ekan and Sneasel.

    "Hey, Sneasel. Did you happen to see the orb that little Eevee was wearing?" Ekan whispers.

    "How can I not see that?" Sneasel replies. "That orb is sure a bit unusual. Who know if we sell it, how much money we will receive."

    "You sure are right," Ekan continues. "That thing will bring us a fortune."

    "So, do you think what I'm thinking?" Sneasel whispers. His eyes seem very suspicious.

    "You bet I'm," Ekan replies. "Oh, boy. I just can't wait to get my tail on that thing."

    "So, will we get going?" Sneasel asks. "My claws are itching with excitement from that thought."

    "Right after you," Ekan replies.

    Note: Yup, I do manage to upload this sooner. Thanks for reading, btw. Hope you readers will have a good day.

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