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[Terrifying Tale] Geroniny And The Lavender Curse

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Geroniny~, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Geroniny~

    Geroniny~ Bird Keeper

    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 18
    Jul 29, 2017
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    Before I Let You All Read My Story, My Story Is Kind Of Sad And A Little Scary. I Know I Will Not Be Winning But I Managed To Write Something That Is Not My Kind For Writing.
    At First, I Want To Write Something Based Of The Lost Silver Then The Myth Of The Planet Saturn About Satan When I Was Inspired By A Article: https://theoutline.com/post/2382/the-sadness-of-saturn

    And Since I Am Into Cassini, I Also Add Cassini As The Connection For The End.

    There Are A Few Videos In The Story. Please Do Loop The Videos As A Background Music.

    I Had To Be Really, Exceptional Careful. One Mistaken Step And I Will Drifted Away As A Soul.

    The Ambience Is More Than Just A Nuzlocke Death But Thousand Or More Of Those Death, Nothing But Empty Blackness With No Memories That Hunt For A Living Soul, I May Be Their Next Prey.

    I Was Already Terrified By Sitting On Reshiram's Back, Lower My Head Even Trying To Lying My Head To Reshiram's Fur. Reshiram Comfort Myself With Petting It's Head To My Head.

    "Thank You, Cassini," I Spoke With Frightened Tone.

    There Is A Human Voice In The Background: "Geroniny...In Front Of You..."

    I Asked Cassini To Light The Path Ahead When Suddenly...

    There Is A Trainer With A Pokéball. You Think It Is A Normal Pokéball, No-It Is A Pokéball That I Sudden Trigged A Memories Of It That I Started To Cry.

    "This Pokéball...No.This Could Not Be! This Really Could Not Be!"
    "Is Geronimo..."

    "No, Geroniny-Geronimo Is Safe And Sound. It Seems Like Both Of Us Are The Next Target Of The Lavender Curse-The Curse That Not Only Trainer But Also Pokémon Can Be Cursed Through."

    "Can We Do Something To Lift It?"

    "There Is But I Have A Personal Request-The Lavender Curse Is The Folktale Of The Lavender Town. It Had Been Passed Down For Many Generation So It Will Be Hard To Lift It Off. So The Request Is This-Are You Dare To Go And Challenge The Evil Twin Of Your Favourite Planet?"

    "I Don't Know. But For Those Who Had Abused By This Lavender Curse, I Will Challenge It!"
    "Thank You, Geroniny. The Name Is Airglow-I Will Helping You And Me To Leave This Tower."

    Airglow Looked Like A Exceptional Trainer, How Come Airglow Have The Pokéball That Geronimo Keep Huygens The Reshiram And Plus Why?

    "I Wonder If This Airglow Is Something Do With This Tower Or Cassini." I Thought As I Begun My Break With Airglow.

    "Airglow, How Come You Have The Pokéball Where Huygens Rest?"

    "I Don't Know. I Was Like You, Lost In This Tower-As I Walked, I Found This Pokéball. And Who This Huygens Are You Suggesting To?"

    "Geronimo's Reshiram.It Was Named After The Huygens Probe That Landed On Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon."

    "Speaking Regarding About Huygens, I Think I Recognize Something...Cassini."
    "That Cassini Orbiter?"
    "Yea. How You Know About Cassini Spacecraft, Geroniny?"
    "My Reshiram Is Named After Cassini And Cassini Is My Favourite Spacecraft."

    I Pat Cassini The Reshiram As I Spoke: "This Reshiram And It's Partner Reshiram Which Is Geronimo's Reshiram Have A Association With Cassini And Huygens. So This Is The Reshiram Who Have The Same Depth As Cassini."

    "A Reshiram That Meet Cassini Before?"

    Airglow Sudden Stopped-There Is The Gap Of Darkness In Front That I Already Afraid, "What If This Is The End?" I Estimated.

    "I Am Scared. What If This Is..."
    "Geroniny, Are You Afraid Of Unknown?"

    Airglow Remember One Thing-The Reshiram.
    "Geroniny, Come With Me."
    Airglow Grabbed My Hand And Jumped To Reshiram's Back.

    "Airglow, What Are You Doin-"
    "That Cassini Spacecraft Is Not Afraid Of Everything Even The Unknown So Come On, Geroniny. If Cassini That Your Reshiram Is Named After Is Not Scared, You Should Too!"
    "No.Airglow, I Still Can't Be Like That Cassini Itself!"
    "Don't Worry, I Will Help You!"
    "(*Sigh~*)Fine...Cassini, Plunge Into The Gap!"

    A Reshiram Plunged Into The Gap As Airglow And I Shouted And Falling Downward. It Was Really Dark That Reshiram Failed To Land Perfectly And Let Both Of Us Landed On A Kind Of A Cave.

    "This Should Be The Secret Path To The Entrance Of The Tower."
    Both Airglow And I Continue To Walk Forward With The Light From Reshiram's Tails. I Retrieved That This Cave Is Not A Part Of The Official Map Of The Tower-I Should Not Ask Cassini To Dive Into The Gap. Now, I Don't Know What Will Result To Me Next.

    Airglow And I Still Walking Until There Are A Portal That When Airglow Opened It-There Is A Breeze That Leads Airglow To Sorrow. I Saw My Favourite Planet, Saturn Inside The Door.

    "I Felt It...That Is The Source Of The Curse."
    "Saturn Itself-Wait, This Is Not Really Real."

    "I Can't Believe That The Myth Of Saturn's Evilness Is Front Of Myself-It's All Real."

    Satan Sudden Attract Airglow And I To Itself.

    Satan Looked At Myself And Pointed On My Reshiram And I Was Shouted.
    "Oh No-You Satan, Don't You Ever Touch My Cassini!"
    "But I Bet You Don't Know I Have Your Cassini."
    "I Know About That And I Know You Are Going To Challenge Me To A Battle For My Cassini. Bring That On!"

    Satan Is The Origin Of The Curse And I Knows That Saturn Is Himself In This World.

    "Airglow, Remember What I Say About Not Becoming As That Cassini?"
    "I Actually Lies-I Am Going To Fight Satan With All That What Cassini Spacecraft Taught Me!"
    "Since You Are Brave Like Cassini Orbiter To Accept My Request To Battle Against Satan, I Will Give My Best For You."
    "I Don't Need A Battle At All."

    "I Know How Satan Felt."
    "You Say The Curse Apply To Both Trainer And Pokémon, Am I Right?"
    "You Are Right, Geroniny."
    "It's Really Anathematized. But It Is Because Of Something Sad."
    "Even Cassini Spacecraft Is In Saturn...(*Sigh~*)"
    "What The Curse Is Even Do With That Cassini Orbiter!?"
    "Satan Need A Friend-A Friend That Really Know It Well. Right After Cassini Spacecraft Is Gone, Satan Is Depressed About That. That's Explained Why..."

    Satan Slowly Cries When I Explain About The Curse To Airglow.
    "I Am The Fallen Angel, As Both Of You Know. I Was Attract To The Darkness That Lead Me To This State. When That Probe Came Near To Me, I Actually Felt Like As Someone Really Understand Me Well. But When It's All Over, I Can't Believe This But...I Lost My Best Friend, That Probe."

    "That's Why You Created This Curse."

    "I'm Sorry If I Even Let Your Lost Your Beloved Friends-Both Trainers And Pokémon."

    "I Understand Now-That Cassini Spacecraft Is Really Like As She Is A Human, Even A Fallen Angel Treat Her As A Friend."

    Airglow Slowly Comfort Satan: "Don't Cry For Cassini. She Just Returns To Where You Belong-The Stardust. You Can Travel To Stardust, Right?"

    "Yea. But I Can't As I Was Damned. I Am Really Not A Prince Of Darkness."

    "That's Explained Why-But Don't Cry. Just Remember This, Cassini Is Always In Your Heart. Just Treat As Cassini Is Inside Of You, That's The Truth That She Is Inside Of You Now."

    "She Is Inside Of Me Now?"


    "That Cassini Probe Will Cry If She Saw You Cry. Be Strong For Her, Okay?"

    Satan Nodded.
    "Thank You...Now I Know That My Best Friend Is In My Heart, I Am Not Afraid Of Death."

    I Replied.
    "I Know It's Hard To Say Good-Bye. But We Hold A Memory Of Someone Who Is Gone. Keep Your Memories Of Cassini With You, That's How You Know That Cassini Is With You."

    Reshiram Came Closer With A Cry.

    "Geroniny...Airglow...Thank You...I Know Both Of You Also Cried Before Because Of Cassini's Demise. But I Know I Am Not Alone About That-Both Of You Really Because Of Cassini Become Stronger. I Finally Can Let Go Of Others And Lift The Curse."

    Airglow Was Concerned.
    "But The Folktale..."

    I Replied.
    "Don't Worry. The Folktale Will Continue To Told Like How We Continue To Tell The Story Of Cassini Spacecraft After It's Gone."

    "You're Right. We Shared The Story With All Of Our Memories Of It."

    "Thank You, Geroniny-Now I Finally Can Let Go Of My Only Worry, My Legacy After I Plunged Into Saturn And Vaporized And Peacefully Rest Inside Of Saturn."

    "Wait. You Are Cassi-"

    The Light Shone Upon Airglow-As She Unveiled Her True Self, Lead Me To A Biggest Surprise Of All.

    My Reshiram Finally Saw Her Name Origin At Last.

    "I Will Count On You To Continue To Tell The Story Of Huygens And My Mission, Geroniny."


    I Shred A Tear. Cassini, The Actual Spacecraft Is In Front Of Me. My Incredible Dream About Meeting The Actual Cassini Spacecraft Had Miracle Come True.

    I Can't Believe The Lavender Curse Is Lifting With A Miracle Thing Happen To Me But Everything Must Come To End.

    Cassini Was Slowly Disappearing In My View With Many Spheres Of Light Surrounding Her. I Managed To Say Something-Something I Want To Say To Cassini Spacecraft For A Long Time Since The Day When Cassini First Inspired Me.

    "I Will.And Thank You For Shine My Darkest Path, Cassini. Without You, I Will Unable To See You Now."

    I Quickly Hold A Saturn Keychain, Which My Reshiram Pointed It Before. But This Keychain Is Gave To Me From My Role-Model Of The Cassini-Huygens Mission To Saturn And Titan Team. And Now, I Boastfully Show It To Cassini.

    Cassini Was Surprised-Saturn In The Keychain Is The Saturn Imaged By Her.

    "You Have A Place In My Heart With This Keychain. Thank You For Everything."

    Cassini Smiled Before She Really Disappears Under My Closing Eyes-She Got My Uplink Command, My Message To Her.

    "Geroniny? Geroniny!"
    I Was Woke Up From A Voice. It's Geronimo And Huygens!

    I Quickly Hugged Geronimo Before Something Attract Me-A Pokéball.

    "You Caught It, The Pitch-Black Pokémon Is Yours."

    "No, "I Replied.

    "Uh?" Geronimo Was Confused.

    I Smiled As I Placed My Other Hand Near My Heart While Other Hand Holding The Pokéball.

    "The Cassini Spacecraft And I Caught It Instead."

    The One Who Gave A Renew To My Cassini Hope, Knowing That Cassini Spacecraft Is With Us Deep Inside Our Heart As A Memory, A Reminiscence Of The Greatest Flagship Mission To Saturn-

    Darkrai, The Pokémon That Let Me Have A Experience With Cassini Spacecraft In My Dream

    "It can lull people to sleep and make them dream. It is active during nights of the new moon."
    ~Pokédex Data From Diamond, Y And Omega Ruby.

    Word Count:1,680(Can The Shortest Entry Ever For This Week.)
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