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Fanfiction Terrifying Tale - Who Said I Wanted to Leave?

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Strytho, Oct 19, 2018.

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    Your second prompt: Cinnabar Laboratory and the nearby Mansion have been condemned for years since the nearby volcano was deemed to be too much of an ongoing threat for nearby habitation. These buildings - and the rest of the town - were abandoned hastily, frozen in time on the day of their closing. You know it's not safe to wander in unattended buildings in such disrepair and abandonment, but your character has a reason for entering this place where nothing quite seems right.

    *This will be fun*



    Cinnabar Island had been abandoned for years after the volcano became heavily active again. There have been a few smaller eruptions, but for the most part the town has stayed unharmed... but abandoned. The buildings are in a sad state as many of them have begun to collapse. As a lone trainer walked into the town, he noticed that although the town had been abandoned over ten years ago, there were still signs that it had once been a thriving place. He came up to the Pokémon center in a sad, fallen state. The front doors were off the hinges, all the windows had been busted out as if there had been an explosion, and one of the walls on the north side facing the sea looked like it could fall over any moment.

    Jason: This is a far cry from how I left it all that time ago...

    A young man with short brown hair walked through the shattered glass into the Pokémon center. The lights began to flicker, confirming that it still had backup power. As he walked up to the healing machine, he could almost make out the outline of a Nurse Joy standing there, ready to heal his Pokémon. Yet there was no one...

    As he placed his six pokeballs on the machine, it flickered to life as it gave the last of its power to heal his Pokémon. When the task was done, there was an explosion that rocked the building as the power finally gave out after ten years. The young trainer ran out of the building at inhuman speed, covered in dust just before the roof and several walls gave an ethereal groan before the building collapsed inward. Jason just stood there watching with a twisted smile on his face.

    Jason: That'll be the last time that center ever functions.

    Next Jason heads towards a Gym, only to find the building partially buried in volcanic rock. He enters and disappears, but it does not go unnoticed by another young trainer.

    Burai: Why are you here Jason? It's been five years and I suddenly find you here?

    Burai makes his way over to the Gym to find that like the Pokémon center, it has collapsed. He thinks back to the day the town was abandoned ten years ago and remembers how Jason had somehow changed on that day. He also noticed something peculiar.

    Burai: He’s visiting all the places we went to the day we left? Why?

    Burai looks and sees Jason on the other side of the Gym heading for Cinnabar Mansion. He can also see Jason gesturing for him to follow.

    Burai: What is going on, we haven’t seen each other in five years, haven’t spoken to each other in ten, now I find him here? Something isn’t right.

    Jason begins to look around the empty building and he can’t figure out why it is in such a state of disrepair. Everything was coated in a light dusting of volcanic ash, the ground cracked in several places with bursts of thick tall weeds and grass here and there. Most of the glass on every building is either broken or partially melted. Paint is cracked and flaking on some buildings while others seem to be scorched by heat, yet there are odd smears on some of the walls and door to buildings. He also notices that there are no bugs or Pokémon anywhere in sight. The buildings towards the coast seem to be the most intact, but the farther in town towards the center seem to be the most heavily damaged. As if there was some sort of battle or struggle.

    Burai: When everyone left, the place was fine, people even came back five years ago to check on things and clean everything up. Yet it looks like a warzone? What the heck happened here five years ago?

    Burai observed that some of the shadows seemed to move in ways that they shouldn’t. He began to search through the town for any signs of life, even wild Pokémon. What he found shocked him. Behind one of the buildings he found a big pile of bones and not all of them were human. There was enough there for at least a dozen people and several large Pokémon.

    Burai: Okay, so what the heck is going on? Wait…

    Burai remembered that Jason was among the people to last be on the island five years before and wasn’t seen after he left. The people who went there were all assumed ead after they were never found.

    Burai: So there was some sort of battle here after all...

    Burai immediately began making his way towards the mansion. Although he didn’t want to, he needed to get to the bottom of this. Plus the boat that would pick him up was still a day or so out at sea.

    As he marches up the steep hill he remembers that Cinnabar Mansion is the last place they went, but only Jason went inside.

    Jason continued to explore the town for more clues as to what happened. As he walked inside a run down house, he realized that it was the one he used to live in. He went inside to find the furniture still there, but caked in dust with more of the smears on the walls. The smears were brown, almost red and once again there were some bones. Odd thing was that there were several broken pokeballs and machine parts laying around. One the ceiling were the words, “Get out of here!” written in what looked like old red marker.

    Burai: That is just way too cliche for this situation…

    Burai kept touring buildings and while he did find more bones, most of them seemed to belong to Pokémon. After the tenth building he decided it was time to make his way to the Pokémon mansion. Something still bothered him though.

    Burai: I heard they sent a “Demolition Squad” here, and something happened to them. But what did they possibly need to destroy here? What happened, why isn’t there even a single living thing here?

    As he walked up and fins that the mansion is more run down that the rest of the town, it even looks like it could collapse at any given moment. He’s about to open the door when several gastly, haunter, and Gengar pop out of the door, and they look to be very frightened by something. As they dash past him they all point towards the door while shaking their heads while saying, “Dooooooooonnnn’t ggggoooooooooooo!”. Before he can even ask, he hears an ethereal roar coming from deep within the mansion, an otherworldly cry of hunger.

    Burai took a flashlight out of his back pocket, turned it on, and slowly opened the door. As he walked in he noticed that many of the walls had… burns of some kind? Along with rusty red smears. They looked very old and were starting to turn brown. There were no Pokémon, just bits of rubble and technology scattered about. There were a few odd pieces every now and again, bones maybe? Burai didn’t want to think about what could have happened here.

    Burai: I need to head down to the lower levels, I might find something there.

    Burai threw a Pokéball, only for it to hit the ground.

    Burai: Something here is blocking my pokeballs? Hopefully I won’t need any help here…

    Burai climbed up to the top floor, as he climbed floor to floor he saw signs that someone had been in the mansion recelty. He found a folder of blood soaked papers labeled “Project IT”, along with a floor plan of the lab. He took a quick look at the floor plan then, began reading the contents of the folder..

    Burai: January 1, We failed many times to clone mew and many of these failures have become the Pokémon “Ditto” but one of them is different. It can transform like the other, but into anything it wants, not just Pokémon. However, this Ditto needs a sufficient sample to transform into anything, and when it takes a sample it consumes it.

    February 15, The Ditto labeled “IT” has become violent and seems to need more and more to survive. Some of the scientists want to chuck it into the volcano and be rid of it because they find it to be dangerous. I think that we need to study it some more.

    April 6, It has now started to consume other Ditto and has killed a scientist. We were going to throw it into the volcano when IT escaped. We are currently hunting it and the entire facility is on lockdown. I just hope that nothing comes in from the outside.

    December 8, they’re all dead! After that stupid kid wandered in it went on a rampage and killed everyone but me. Before I could stop him that kid left and I’ve been locked here ever since trying to get out. I can hear this blasted creature every night, but for some reason it has yet to kill me. Please, let it end!

    Burai stopped reading and put down the folder. Something was in this place and he needed to get out. Just as we was about to descend the stairs, part of the building collapsed, trapping him inside. The only way out was a shudder in the basement of the underground lab level.

    Burai: I hope it still works…

    Burai began to descend and found a part of the lab on the first floor that was still functional. In this part there were several tanks with mewtwos in them, but the tanks all showed failed attempts and the looked like they were half way into the process of becoming dittos. One seemed to have a brown smeared handprint on it. There was a crash as a jar of liquid fell to the floor. Burai looked to find Jason just standing there smiling.

    Burai: Arceus Jason! Don’t scare me like that!

    Jason gestured for Burai to follow him.

    Burai: Do you know another way out?

    Jason nodded and went deeper into the sublevels of the lab. As they went down winding hallways, twisting staircases, and through broken doorways, Burai noticed that the lab was more deteriorated the further in they went. Jason ducked inot a door with scratched out letters on it. Burai followed him in. The whole room to take on the red glow of an emergency light. The door slammed shut and locked as Burai saw a red ditto come out of the wall. The blood drained from his face.

    Burai: You never intended to leave did you Jason?

    Jason took on the same wicked smile as he turned to a red blob that merged with the now growing red ditto. The ditto stopped when he saw Burai smile then laugh hysterically. It talked in a human voice.

    IT: What’s so funny?

    Burai pulled out a detonator stick with a big red button.

    Burai: Neither did I, dummy!

    Burai pressed the button and a bomb went off inside the volcano, destroying the island.

    From a boat on the middle of the ocean halfway to the seafoam islands, people cheered knowing that the “Red menace” had finally been destroyed.

    Burai: I guess that’s the end of IT!

    The real Burai smiled as his old friend had been avenged.

    So... if Burai is on the boat… who flipped the switch?
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