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Art/Graphic The Adopt Square

Discussion in 'Market' started by Arctiquaza, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Bird Keeper

    (Meloetta Egg)
    Level 29
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    B7428BEC-ECD7-4534-B2CB-FEB077909244.png The Adopt Square 3B9DC681-4DA3-430C-89C2-4CA391854159.png
    You curiously peer into the busy market square. Everyone is bustling one way or another, from stall to stall. An auctioneers voice rang out as she sold one after another. Cats were purring in their new owners arms. A small dragon with deer antlers was sitting on its owners shoulder while humming to the music playing out of their earbuds. A small sea snake snuck silently into the fountain to gather a bit of change. Critters and people and everyone in between played in the parks and paths. Welcome to the Adopt Square.

    These are not the official LV adopts to put in your signature, these are what is normally an adopt! Characters and designs you can buy! Can't think of what your new OC should look like? Look for adopts that fit them! Just want a little simple character you can doodle a lot but can't think of one? Buy an adopt!

    Anyways, I will be posting adopts I make here to sell, but feel free to post yours as well!


    Please add proof! A picture of the layers or progress shots will do.

    Bases are completely allowed! Just credit the base maker.

    I would suggest watermarking your adopt and proof, don't want any thieves getting to it!

    Don't make a fuss if your adopt doesn't sell, someone else bought the adopt you wanted, etc.

    Please don't just sell just a Pokémon as a design. Nintendo is quite strict on this and technically you could get sued. Fakemon are still ok.
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