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The Adventures of Max

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by AnimalNerd, Mar 15, 2015.

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  1. AnimalNerd

    AnimalNerd Youngster

    Jan 18, 2015
    Disclaimer: I do not own any Pokémon or any of their characters, moves, abilities, or any named affiliated with them. All rights go to Pokémon Inc., its writers, game producers, designers, manga artists, etc.

    Chapter 1: It's Finally My Time
    "I choose you! Treecko!" Max exclaimed happily as he pointed towards the green gecko Pokémon on his far left. The Treecko's eyes lit up and jumped into Max's arms. Meanwhile, the Mudkip and Torchic beside Treecko frowned and bowed their heads in disappointment.
    "Haha, I knew you would choose him, he's a fighter alright!" chuckled Professor Birch. He returned Mudkip and Torchic to their Pokéballs and now stood directly in front of Max. "Here, take these as well" Prof. Birch said as he handed Max some Pokéballs and dug into his Pocket. "You'll also need this, the newest Pokédex."
    "Thank you so much Professor Birch! I'll be sure to take care of all of them!" Max beamed. He hurried out to the doorway and waved goodbye and added, "I'll be seeing you soon!" Then, he ran out the door and hurried off towards Oldale Town. Once he got there, he started training with Treecko in the tall grass and was looking for some new Pokémon.
    "Alright, the moves you know now are Pound, Leer, Absorb, and Quick Attack." Max caught a Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Poocheyena, Wingull, and Surskit. Shortly afterwards, he went to the nearest PokéMart and bought some more Pokéballs. He transferred all the Pokémon he caught into his PC and left the Pokémon Center.
    Max continued on towards Petalburg City and met some Trainers on the way.
    "Zigzagoon, use Tail Whip!" commanded Youngster James. "Don't give in Treecko! Use Quick Attack and follow with Absorb!" answered Max. Zigzagoon wagged its tail at Treecko but the wood gecko was like a flash of green and struck the Zigzagoon with such force it flew backwards. Once the raccoon Pokémon was airborne, Treecko unleashed Absorb and took in the rest of Zigzagoon's strength. After the battle, the Trainers shook hands and added each other on their Pokénavs.
    Along the way, Max battled some Bug Catchers, Youngsters and Lasses. In total, he battled 2 Poocheyena, 1 Tailow, 3 Wurmple and 1 other Zigzagoon. He and his Treecko were completely exhausted by the time they reached the Pokémon Center. Luckily, his parents were there with Nurse Joy so he wouldn't have to go home to say his goodbyes. He left his Treecko in Nurse Joy's capable hands and went to talk to his parents.
    "Now, Max. It's been two years since you went off with May, Ash and Brock. I hope you've learned enough from each of them to be able to go on your own journey now" Norman lectured.
    "OHH! He'll be fine! Didn't you hear? He beat all those trainers on the road, he's just like you Norman!" Caroline beamed excitedly. "And his Treecko is so strong and cute, he'll protect our boy for sure!"
    "Don't worry Dad, I've prepared all along for this. And mom, thanks a lot for those kind words but I'm just trying to catch up with Ash! He's the Kalos Region's League Champion and he'll be participating in the Champion League soon. I'll have a lot of training to do" Max explained carefully.
    At that very moment, Nurse Joy and Chansey pushed Treecko out on a trolley and said "You're Treecko is back up to 100%! We hope to see you again!"
    "Thanks Nurse Joy, we'll be leaving now, Mom and Dad. I'll see you soon! After I win 4 badges, will you battle with me, Dad?" Max shouted as he ran towards the exit.
    "Of course, but stay safe! Make us proud son!" Norman and Caroline answered, both waving goodbye to their beloved son.
    Soon after, Max continued on through the Petalburg forest and stopped for lunch. He gave Treecko a can of Pokémon Food, it was a recipe made by Brock who was now a fully licensed Pokémon Nutritionist but was still working towards his Pokémon Doctor Degree. This food was made especially for Grass-Types and Treecko was eating it greedily. Max himself ate a boxed lunch his mom prepared that morning and was enjoying the forest scenery and sounds as he ate. They finished quickly and Max began to walk down a forest path, when all of a sudden, a voice behind him asked:
    "Excuse me, do you know where I can find the Pokémon Shroomish? I've been looking all over the place and this forest is supposed to be crawling with them" asked a man in a suit.
    "Oh yeah, I think I saw some back on that path over-"
    "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE DEVON RESEARCHER!" cried a powerful voice from the trees. There was a pair of Team Aqua grunts that began to emerge from the trees. "Hand over those research papers or you'll get whipped by our Pokémon!" one of them commanded.
    "Oh no!" the researcher shouted as he moved behind Max. "You're a trainer aren't you? Can you help me?"
    Max looked at the goons with a glare and with a flash of his glasses, he threw out a Pokéball and Treecko emerged from within. "Treecko!" it proclaimed as it entered the path.
    "We aren't going to take it easy on you just 'cause you're a kid!" the second grunt snapped. Then both goons sent out a Pokéball, they said "Go, Corphish!" and "Go, Zubat!".
    "Treecko, use Quick Attack on Zubat and follow with Pound on Corphish!" Max shouted. Treecko leapt into the air and became a blinding green flash as it struck the Zubat in its midsection and drove its tail downwards towards Corphish.
    "Not bad, but you're still outnumbered," stated the first grunt. "Corphish, use Vicegrip". The Corphish grabbed Treecko's tail, making it wince in pain and was slammed into the ground as the Corphish jumped back. "Zubat, use Wing Attack!" shouted the second grunt. Zubat did a loop in the air and struck Treecko as it tried to get up, a super effective hit.
    "Told you not to mess with us" the two grunts said in unison together. "Zubat use Wing Attack again!", "Corphish use Cut!".
    "NO! Treecko!" cried Max as he ran towards his new Pokémon partner.
    What will happen next? Will Treecko be able to sustain another couple blows? Will Max be able to protect the Devon Researcher? Stay tuned.

    Chapter 2: A Reunion
    Just as Corphish aimed its pincers at Treecko and Zubat flew at him wings spread out wide, a glowing green aura protected Max and Treecko.
    "This is... Safeguard" Max said aloud. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a familiar friend. Max thought back to a promise he made two years ago to a Ralts, that he was going to return for Ralts once he became a Trainer.
    Ralts looked back and smiled at his old friend. Ralts cried aloud and expanded the green aura and repelled Corphish and Zubat backwards.
    "What?! Who's Pokémon is this?" the second grunt demanded.
    "He's my Pokémon, Ralts use Psychic!" Max shouted proudly. "Ralts!" cheered Max's new Pokémon. A blue energy surrounded Zubat and Corphish and sent them flying up and they landed with a huge thud. "Now the teams are all tied up!" Max said with a smile.
    "We'll see about that! Corphish Bubblebeam!" shouted the first grunt. "Zubat use Supersonic!" added the second. Corphish readied its claw like a gun and shot out multiple water filled bubbles at Treecko. Zubat screeched and unleashed several sound waves towards both opposing Pokémon.
    Treecko jumped into action and fired off multiple glowing yellow seeds to dispatch the Bubblebeam. "Treecko! You learned Bullet Seed!" Max exclaimed excitedly. However, he then noticed the Zubat releasing sound waves and commanded Ralts to use Disarming Voice. The two sound moves collided but Ralts was unbelievably strong. Once the two moves collided, the Supersonic was sent back and started to confuse the Zubat.
    "Zubat! Snap out of it!" commanded its trainer but it was not responding. It then used Supersonic on Corphish and both Pokémon were now confused.
    "Let's wrap this up. Ralts use Shadow Ball and Treecko, use Bullet Seed!" Max yelled.
    Ralts fired off a dark shadowy ball surrounded by several yellow glowing seeds. It struck both Zubat and Corphish and both fainted instantaneously.
    "We won't forget this!" snarled the second grunt as both Team Aqua members returned their Pokémon to their Pokéballs. Shortly after, they ran back the way they came and disappeared.
    "Thank you so much young man, I'd like to give you this Dusk Ball to show my appreciation," the Devon worker said with a smile. Max took the minimized Dusk Ball and put it into his bag. "Well, I'll be seeing you then!"
    "Wait sir! Those goons might have other members in the forest; it's best if I accompany you back to Devon. There's someone I want to see there anyways," Max responded.
    "Very well then" the Devon worker said with a nod. The two set off on the path and there was nothing out of ordinary. They finally arrived at the Devon Corporation and Max sat in the lobby patiently after asking President Stone's secretary if he would see him today. After what seemed like an eternity, a warm and welcoming voice behind him said; "Well, well. Look who's gone off on their own journey".
    "President Stone!" Max chorused. He gave the old President a huge great hug and backed up to talk to him.
    "You must've grown at least 2 feet! Look! You're at my shoulder now!" President Stone announced loudly.
    "Yup, I'm going to go the gym later on to try and get my first gym badge!" Max beamed.
    "Well, I shouldn't be keeping you then. But first, I heard you helped protect one of my workers and prevented Team Aqua from obtaining my Devon Papers. Thank you for that Max... AND, to show my appreciation, here is a little something I think you'd find useful" President Stone explained and handed Max a small box with a bow on top.
    "Thanks President Stone!" Max gasped; he took the box carefully and opened it. "No, it can't be... My very own Key Stone?!"
    "Yesiree, an honest to goodness Key Stone. It's useless unless any of your Pokémon can Mega Evolve, have a deep bond with you, and are holding their own respective Mega Stones. However, I have faith you'll find some along your journey" President Stone declared with a huge smile on his face.
    "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Max repeated over and over. "I'll make sure it won't be a waste of a gift! I guess I'll be heading out now, bye President Stone! Thanks again!" Max ran out of the building and headed off to the Pokémon Center to heal his Pokémon first.
    Max left his Treecko and Ralts with Nurse Joy and decided to watch some TV in the Trainer's lounge. There, he watched the Hoenn Grand Festival replay where May and Dawn had their third rematch. It was an intense battle between May's Beautifly and Blaziken, and Dawn's Quilava and Togekiss.
    Quilava spewed red-hot flames and surrounded Togekiss as it flew at full speed towards Blaziken and Beautifly with a Safeguard also as armor. May thought quickly and told Blaziken to use Blaze Kick while Beautfily protected Blaziken with Psychic to cancel out the Safeguard. Sure enough, the Psychic obliterated the Safeguard but Togekiss dodged just as Blaziken was about to strike.
    Dawn lost points since the flames from Quilava accentuated Blaziken's Blaze Kick, earning it the name: The Fiery Warrior. "Blaziken, let's go! Mega Evolve!" proclaimed May as she touched the Key Stone bracelet on her wrist. "Beautfily! Use Morning Sun as well!" Blaziken became bathed in a shimmering light and was accompanied by the brilliant brightness from Beautifly's Morning Sun.
    Blaziken's Mega Evolved Form and Beautifly's dazzling Morning Sun left Dawn with about 1/10 of her original points. However, Dawn was still not going to quit. She called out for Togekiss and Quilava to combine their attacks; she called it the "Fire Sphere," which was a combination of Quilava's Fire Blast and Togekiss' Aura Sphere. It shone with blue and red flames, spread out all over the stage but it was cut short by Mega Blaziken stomping on it. Mega Blaziken then used the flames from the Fire Blast to cloak itself in fire before letting off another super quick Blaze Kick. Blaziken slammed into Quilava with such speed and force, it literally flew off the stage while Beautifly snuck up behind Togekiss during the big flashy stomping and used Silver Wind causing Togekiss to crash to the ground.
    "Time's up!" Marian exclaimed, "And the winner of this year's Hoenn Grand Festival is May!"
    The crowd erupted into applause as the screen now showed May hoisted up on Blaziken's shoulders waving at her adoring fans while Beautifly soared over the stadium spreading its glitter. May's flowing red dress complimented Blaziken's natural colours very well and she beamed with joy as the screen continued to show the crowd chanting May's name.
    "Let's welcome this year's Top Coordinator!" shouted Marian and this is when Nurse Joy interrupted Max and told him his Pokémon were fully healed. When he looked back at the TV, it was an interview with Ash on PokéNews.
    "Just you wait, May and Ash. Someday, I'm going to be just as strong as you two and that's the day I will have accomplished my dream" Max thought to himself as he put his Pokéballs at his waist and headed out towards Rustboro Gym.

    Chapter 3: Rivalries Begin!
    "Well, if it isn't The Top Co-Ordinator's little brother" called out a familiar voice.
    "Tommy?" Max asked as he turned around immediately, "is that you?"
    "Hi Max!" another voice to the left of Max also called out. "Do you remember me? It's Anita!"
    "H-hey Max, l-long time no see..." a small voice said almost like whisper.
    "Tommy, Kenny, Anita! It has been a long time! How have you guys been?" Max asked in his most confident voice.
    "We all just won our Rustboro Gym Badges" answered Anita without skipping a beat.
    "Wh-what? ALL of you?!" Max demanded loudly.
    "It's no surprise, considering I'm going to be the Hoenn League Champion" challenged Tommy.
    "That's so cool, can I see your Pokémon?" asked Max, completely ignoring Tommy.
    "I guess we could..." whispered Kenny.

    "Go, Mudkip! Bulbasaur!" Kenny said in his loudest voice.
    "You too, Torchic and Piplup!" yelled Kenny.
    "Come on out, Budew and Mareep!" shouted Anita.

    "WOW! You have so many rare Pokémon, I'm jealous" Max declared with his eyes wide open as he tried to analyze the data from each Pokémon in his brain. "I'll show you mine as well, go Treecko and go Ralts!" he called out while throwing his Pokéballs up into the air.

    The four young trainers then began a series of questions about where they got their Pokémon from and where the others could probably get them. Aside from the starter Pokémon the Rustboro gang had (Budew, Torchic, Mudkip), Kenny's Bulbasaur was a gift from his grandparents, Kenny's Piplup was hatched from an egg in Kenny's care before his journey even started, and Anita's Mareep was caught in Ecruteak City by her older sister. After registering their contact information with one another, Max decided to head on towards Rustboro Gym. They agreed to have dinner at the Pokémon Center as well as a battle afterwards as well.

    "I'm glad to see you again, Max" Roxanne said with a bright smile as she gestured for Max to step into the Battle Box.
    "I'm glad to see you too, Roxanne" Max responded, "but I am definitely winning my first badge today and I won't let anyone get in my way".
    "Well I don't plan on just giving away the Stone Badge, you can count on that!" Roxanne shot back.
    "Alright, this will be a one on one battle with no time limits. Each trainer may use two Pokémon and the winner will be decided when the other two Pokémon on the opposing side are unable to battle. To add on, only the challenger may switch Pokémon. Trainers ready?" The referee announced.
    "Ready!" Max and Roxanne shouted in unison.
    "Bring out your Pokémon!" declared the referee.
    "Ralts, I choose you!" Max yelled while throwing Ralts' Pokéball.
    "Pupitar, come on out!" Roxanne said with a bright smile on her face.

    The levitating Pupitar glared down at Ralts but Ralts was unfazed.
    "Calm down, Max" Ralts communicated to Max telepathically. "We are going to win because no one will be able to match our teamwork, understand?"
    Max took a deep breath and readied himself for his first ever Gym Battle.

    Chapter 4: Rocking the Rustboro Gym

    "Let the battle begin!" declared the referee.
    "Ralts! Disarming Voice, let's go!" called out Max. Max's Ralts leapt into the air and produced pink sound waves that pierced the ears of everyone on the opposing side.
    "Pupitar! Sandstorm!" ordered Roxanne. Pupitar quickly recovered from Disarming Voice and unleashed a massive sandstorm onto the field. Max quickly raised his arm to protect his eyes while Ralts struggled to stay upright.
    "What a sandstorm..." Max thought to himself.
    "Follow with Bite!" Roxanne shouted. The Hard Shell Pokémon then turned to Ralts with its mouth wide open and prepared to chomp down on the unsuspecting Ralts.
    "Not so fast, Ralts use Safeguard!" Max said in his most confident tone. Ralts quickly regained its senses and formed a green sphere of energy around itself as protection. Pupitar smashed into the energy field and was sent back flying.
    "What unbelievable strength for a Pokémon belonging to a Rookie trainer," Roxanne muttered under her breath.
    "Alright, Pupitar use Stone Edge!" Pupitar snapped its eyes open and several pointed stones formed two rings around Pupitar's body before they were launched at Ralts.
    "We've got them," Max said to Ralts telepathically. "Ralts, use Psychic on that Stone Edge and send them flying back!" Ralts' eyes emitted a blue light before the pointed stones stopped in their tracks and made a full U-Turn towards Pupitar.
    "Pupitar!" Roxanne called out with worry. The cocoon-like Pokémon winced in pain and the impact caused it to smash into the ground. "Smack Down, we're not through yet!" Pupitar managed to push itself back in the air and launched a high-speed projectile towards Ralts.
    "Teleport" whispered Max but Ralts already knew what to do. Ralts simply vanished and the projectile crashed into the ground creating a large puff of dust in the already hectic sandstorm. Ralts appeared right above Pupitar and descended with its arms wide open. "Ralts! Now use Psychic directly on Pupitar!"
    Roxanne appeared as if she wanted to call out another command but was stopped immediately at the sight of her beloved Rock Pokémon flying towards the ground in a daze. At about the same time, the sandstorm had already subsided.
    "Pupitar is unable to battle, which means Ralts wins!" declared the referee.

    Roxanne let out a small sigh and returned Pupitar to its Pokéball. "You were wonderful Pupitar, thank you for battling so hard" Roxanne said endearingly while looking at Pupitar's Pokéball.
    Ralts had already ran back to its trainer where they celebrated their small victory.
    "You handled the first battle well, I can see how you are Norman's son" Roxanne shouted to Max.
    "Thanks, but I'm going to become much stronger than my father" Max responded back.
    "Well, let's keep the ball-or should I say, the rock rolling. Nosepass, come on out!" Roxanne stated calmly. Nosepass, the large compass Pokémon resembling an Easter Island Head appeared out of its Pokéball and shook the ground. "Nosepass!" it proclaimed as it spread its arms open.
    "We're ready on this end!" Max yelled to the referee.
    "Then let the second battle in the Rustboro Gym battle continue... Start the battle!" the referee announced once again.

    "Ralts, begin with Disarming Voice again!" Max ordered. Ralts jumped in the air and unleashed pink sound waves again.
    "Nosepass, take it and then use Thunder Wave" Roxanne remarked.
  2. Wiso Altred

    Wiso Altred Dragon Tamer

    Level 6
    Nov 6, 2014
    Aaaah honnen the memories... anyways, I like your story I hope to see more of it soon
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