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The bane of Oterra: Cursed Legacy

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Phua Ivan, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Phua Ivan

    Phua Ivan Bug Catcher

    Sep 8, 2014
    Summary: There are those who succumb to power, and there are those that bend it to their will. But there are also those, who are fated to bring down the fall of a malicious king. To bring hope back to the lifeless kingdom, and to reverse a cursed legacy. A story of five Pokémon, in a race against time to complete their destiny against all odds.
    Chapter 1: Rise of Heroes​
    . . .​
    Len was not having a very good day.
    But then again, did he ever have one? Since the day of his capture in that fateful forest months ago, he's had everything but a 'good day'. Especially after his trainer forced him to evolve into a Leafeon.
    That same trainer was now furiously petting him on the head, but Len kept shaking it off, refusing to acknowledge her care and devotion. All he wanted was to play and have fun, but she was like an overprotective parent, coveting his every move. He couldn't even walk a meter without her fussing over his paws.
    ''You're so adorable, Lenny!'' Amy, his trainer, kissed Len on the forehead, and the latter flinched. ''I just wanna hug you all day!''
    ''It's Len...'' The Leafeon muttered, and squirmed and flailed in her arms, but to no avail. ''Stop squeezing me! I need to go!''
    ''You must be hungry! You look completely exhausted,'' The trainer concluded, and produced a small sachet of Pokefood. And then she tried to force feed Len.
    Len's eyes widened. ''No no no! Wait a minute!'' He stammered, and Amy took full advantage of it. She shoved the sachet into Len's mouth, bag and all, and watched in satisfaction as Len's mouth bulged, and he sputtered out the sachet.
    ''I'm allergic to cheese...'' Len grumbled, and made sure to spit out every single gob of Pokefood in his mouth. Amy smiled affectionately, and began to preen Len, using a comb to groom his fur. However, the Leafeon didn't like getting combed that much, and smacked away the comb with his tail.
    ''Stop that!'' He yelled at Amy. ''I'm not a baby! I can clean my own fur!''
    Amy tutted, and patted Len on the head, who ducked out of the way in time. ''Lenny, you are being very naughty today! Since when have I done anything to make you dislike me?'' She wagged a finger at him.
    ''For a start, you keep calling me Lenny.'' Len deadpanned at her. ''IT'S LEN!''
    ''I know what can help you!'' Amy squealed in delight, and Len's heart dropped, hoping that it wasn't what he thought it was. She closed her eyes dramatically and sniffed in the air. ''A nice...''
    Len's gaped at her and clutched his paws.
    At this point, Len was sweating like a madman. He desperately hoped that she was just playing with him, and prayed to everything he could think of that he would make it past today without being half-alive.
    Amy opened her eyes, and gazed at Len eagerly. ''Sauna!''
    . . .​
    ''There!'' Amy clapped her hands in appeasement. ''Didn't you like that relaxing bath?''
    ''It was torture.'' Len said blandly, then proceeded to shake off every single drop of water on his body. The trainer, however, took this as a sign of playfulness, and giggled.
    ''You're so mischievous, Lenny!'' Amy chided, and hugged him tightly. Len's eyes bulged, and he gasped for air as his lungs were crushed under the vice grip of Amy the Destroyer.
    Suddenly, a call from the distance resounded, and Amy instantly dropped the Leafeon, turning to the source of the sound. Len wheezed and stuck out his tongue in exasperation, laying down on all fours. Amy turned to the mysterious call, which turned out to be none other than her parents. They'd been on this trip with Len and Amy, and the Leafeon liked their company, mostly because Amy wasn't that destructive around them.
    ''Hey sport!'' A stoic man in a straw hat and pants with ducks printed all over the fabric waved to his beloved daughter. Amy laughed and threw her arms around him, who promptly returned the favor. ''So, what are you two monkeys doing now?''
    Amy shook her head in mild annoyance. ''I'm not a monkey, daddy! I'm a Leafeon! Just like Lenny!''
    The father smiled sadly, casting a glance at the Leafeon in question. He knew that Len was his real name, but couldn't, or didn't decide to reveal that to his daughter just yet, and Len had a gut feeling he would never tell her.
    ''Oh yeah, where's mommy?'' Amy asked, looking around the forest. The father chuckled, and ruffled Amy's hair. ''She's got a surprise for us, sport! So whaddaya say we check it out?''
    Amy squealed and punched her fist in the air. ''All right! Let's go!'' She took her father's hand and followed him, calling back to Len, ''Come on Lenny! Mommy's got a special surprise for us!''
    Len gulped. If he knew the mother, and he did: she and her daughter were mirror matches, he knew that she had something completely horrible for him and terrific for Amy. Probably some gel that Amy would fuss over and make him look like a walking stick. He shivered at the thought.
    ''Come on Lenny!'' Amy called again, waving frantically to him. ''We gotta go! Quickly!'' And with that, she disappeared into the forest, her father leading the way. Len was almost about to follow them when a thought struck him, one so sudden and crazy, he was proud to have created it.
    ''Wait...they're gone for now...that means I'm free!'' He cheered, then jumped in the air ecstatically. The normally morose and dull Leafeon was momentarily transformed into an ebullient and cheerful Eeveelution. He laughed and played with his newfound freedom for a while, before a rustle of leaves dragged Len back to reality.
    ''Woah, a Leafeon! He looks exactly like one!''
    ''Are you sure? I'm not ready to go to jail...''
    ''Does it matter? They won't be able to tell the difference. Just bring him to them, get the dough, and leave!''
    Len was vaguely aware of two masked figures before one of them whacked him on the head. He slumped to the floor, already half-unconscious from the shock. The last thing he saw was the flurry of...tails?, before everything closed on him, and he fell prey to darkness.
    . . .​
    Amie dug her nose deeper into the berry bush. She'd been searching for berries for a while now, but they had all been eaten already by some hungry Pokémon. All but one bush, still weathering the relentless assault of Pokémon tearing away the berries. Well, just one hungry Eeveelution.
    The Glaceon quickly looked around with bated breath. She barely had anything to eat in the last few days, and the forest was not very generous with its bearings. The last thing Amie needed was something, or someone else to steal her food.
    ''No one here...'' Amie mused, ''That means I'm gonna be eating berries tonight!'' As soon as that word left her throat, dozens, maybe hundreds, of Pokémon flew in from every single direction, and Amie squealed. She quickly ducked out of the way and watched in horror as the Pokémon cleaned her out, and darted off into the forest.
    Amie sighed, and slowly crawled back to her little hidey hole. It was literally a tree stump, which was starting to rot and give off an unpleasant smell, but Amie didn't mind. The Glaceon slumped on the moldy bark, and brushed off the Caterpies that clung to her home like a leech.
    Her stomach growled and begged for mercy, but Amie patted it down, and tried to force herself to sleep. Her eyelids slowly drooped and swayed, and she yawned nonchalantly.
    ''Home...sweet home.'' She mumbled, and was almost about to fall asleep, when her ears picked up two little voices in the distance.
    ''Let's go! I'm not going to wait for you to finish!'' One of them stamped its foot angrily.
    ''No rush,'' The other replied coolly. ''We're safe!''
    The former huffed loudly. ''I'm not willing to take any risk. Let's just hand the Leafeon over to Oterra and collect our reward!''
    Amie's heart skipped a beat. Oterra, ruler of the Pokémon kingdom, had issued a arrest for a Leafeon, with the prize reward of a few thousand P-notes. With that money, Amie could buy all the berries she wanted! Heck, she could buy a house made of berries!
    If her suspicions were true, and if they were really holding a Leafeon captive, maybe there was a way she could earn some easy money. She slowly stood up from her stump, exhaustion instantly forgotten from her mind, for she was too excited to take a rest. She sprinted after the two figures, who were rapidly retreating from the forest, into the Riverblade castle.
    . . .​
    ''Please, little master, try to eat something!'' The Jigglypuff cooed, gently pushing a plate of food to Jay. He turned his head away from her in silent protest.
    ''I'm not hungry!'' The little Eevee reproached her. ''Go away! Leave me alone!'' He pushed the Jigglypuff out of his room and slammed the doors closed.
    When no one was in his room, save for him, Jay let out an annoyed sigh. Why does everyone treat him like a pitiful pet without a home? Why does every single subject give him a sympathetic smile when they don't think he's looking? Just because he can't evolve into any Eeveelution? It doesn't matter, to him; he never wanted to be an evolved Pokémon anyway.
    However, his father had a different opinion of that. That was always a sore subject for him, telling Pokémon that his son could not evolve into anything. Even then, his father still would not accept it. He's been trying to get every single Eeveelution possible to get Jay to evolve, but no to avail. Jay felt a little disheartened at that, but always reminded himself to set his head up high, even when he knows Pokémon look down on him all the time. Including his father.
    King Oterra. He'd just been a sore spot on the king's neck ever since he was born, which made him wonder why his mother eloped with Oterra. Well...all that he knew of his mother was that she's a Glaceon. He's never even seen her face before, let alone her name. Which bothered Jay a lot: The fact that he did not know his own mother's name.
    ''Young master!'' It was the Jigglypuff again. ''Two Pokémon are here with a Leafeon.''
    ''I DON'T CARE!'' Jay screamed. ''LEAVE ME ALONE!''
    ''They also have a Glaceon with them.'' The Jigglypuff said in a seductive tone. Jay's ears immediately perked. ''But...if you really don't want to see them, then we could just-''
    ''NO!'' Jay yelled, then cleared his throat. ''I mean, no! Let them in!'' He heard the Jigglypuff bow in respect, then retreated to welcome the four new Pokémon. His heart thumped at the prospect of meeting a real Glaceon! Not some fake, fantasy product conjured by his imagination everytime he tried to figure out what a Glaceon looks like. Maybe the Glaceon could even tell him more about his mother's homeland!
    . . .​
    In a crystal ball, two Pokémon were overseeing the whole events taking place, and one of them bent back its head thoughtfully.
    ''Will this work, brother?''
    The other Pokémon grimaced. ''It has to work. These five are destined to bring down the fall of the kingdom. These five...are the bane of Oterra.''
    . . .​
    Well, that was the first chapter! I hoped you liked it, and please give your honest review on it! What's the point of a fanfiction corner if all you do is read and don't comment? We'll never work on our mistakes or weak points because we don't know! ^_^
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