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The beginning of it all

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Zepheriah, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. Zepheriah

    Zepheriah Youngster

    Apr 8, 2015
    Greetings to all fellow writers, or failed fanatic novelist like me. On the topic of writing, and the writers of this artistic avocation, I would like to know how it was you even began writing in the first place. What stimulated your desire to jot down your creativity in a mass words in order to from a story? Did you suddenly pick up writing in your younger ages during one of those school assignments where you finally realized how good you were at it? What kind of problems did you begin having, grammar, punctuation, plot development?

    Me, my desire to write started around the 3rd grade after reading a manga known as The Rise of Darkrai. I loved the book, and to show just how much I loved this book, I decided to create my own book. Take note that this began as a picture book (Or my pitiful excuse of manga), but it did consist of some words like bubble text. This began my drawing phase, where I began to create my own stories and manga, most of which consisted mainly of elements from other Pre-existing Manga and Anime, which is how I became a better drawer and such (But that would start a whole other story, but I will show you my drawings later). Eventually I got tired of drawing, as I accepted a indolent toward drawing. Instead I decided to use words. Since the first grade I'd always been great at spelling and knew a lot of words, so I felt confident, but grammar was an issue for me at first. I didn't execute dialogue properly, nor did a few parts of my story even remotely make since, at least it doesn't when I look back at it now. Still a good laugh to look at my old works.

    So to Conclude, I would say, Pokémon has been the largest inspiration and stimulant of my knack to Write, and for that, I thank Arceus ;3
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  2. DragonNiro

    DragonNiro Bug Catcher

    May 14, 2015
    Hi there! I started writing (fanfiction) around 2010/09. I got inspired by a deviantArt user who wrote a series called Legendary PKMN, which I loved to bits even to this day. It was kinda of a crack fic combined with serious tones as well.

    Anyway, after reading that on deviantArt, I read other fanfics online on deviantArt when I discovered Fan-Fiction.Net, which I later became a user on in 2011 and I read a fic by Glory For Sleep called 'Exile'. That fic has remained my favourite to this day. After reading that and reading Legendary PKMN once again, I was inspired by those stories to write my own. I thought it was easy!

    IT WASN'T! But, today with a few completed stories under my belt and others to finish, I wouldn't have it any other way!
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