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The Billionaire's guide to Survival. (19 spots remaining!)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Ritzy, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. Ritzy

    Ritzy Swimmer

    Apr 16, 2015
    Please read first! Important information!
    This starting post will be narrated by one of the characters in this roleplay (Marko Dilano) who's form will be down below. So many things will be explained in a more 'smart' kinda way. Just a heads up. It is sort of like a letter by him sorta thing. Yeah. Think of it that way. That makes it easy. Thank you


    Welcome! Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the Billionaires Casino and undergound *cough cough* resort! You have been randomly selected to play in the newest and hottest live tv event in history! Where you will be spending one glorious year with me your host Marko Dilano, and the other lucky contestants! But here where the fun truly begins. You've all seen the many seasons of Survivor® correct? (If not...look it up.) And it's many figurative backstabbings. The heartbeak of fans as allies turn on allies. Well in this spectacular live tv event. We put the backstabbing...in backstabbing! Yes indeed folks real killing. But enough with the little introduction. Let's get to the real stuff. The point of this game. Escaping. Simple right? Find a way out. Get out. Collect your money. Leave and don't look back. Just a normal Tuesday night for Shia Labeouf. Yet it's not that simple. For even if you find a way out. You can not leave until eight months is up. And trust me when I say you'll want to wait. As the more games you play. The more hints you'll collect. Each hint makes finding a escape path easier. Or blocking off ones you really don't want to go into. So research your pop culture. Because reference knowledge is key to this game. Will you make allies, or will you kill. How will you collect your million? Or will you die trying? That's all for now. Hold on tight. Because more information will be coming soon! Oh...and if your wondering why you would ever be dumb enough to join this. You didn't. We kidnapped you. Teehee.


    -All lake valor rules apply
    -Killing is allowed. In fact, it's recommended!
    -Discuss over P.M if you plan on killing someone. To make sure they agree. But add me as well. (This will be a extremely story driven Rp so tell me if you plan on killing someone
    -This is a first come-first serve Rp. Only a total of 20 (including me, Not Marko (host)) can join.
    -No escaping until I state that it's allowed, and when you do plan to P.M me how. If I agree your good. Congrats! You win!
    -Romance is allowed...I guess? But keep it Pg-13
    -Use (()) if you are speaking out of character.
    -have only one character for now. (I will say you can have two if we need more people)
    -Write something about the color purple in the other section to prove you read the rules
    -Please post forms on this thread!


    (Between 21 and 31)


    Name: Marko Dilano
    Age: 29
    (Between 21 and 31)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/041/e/2/render_anime_boy____by_afriellasan-d4pb629.png
    History: Marko was born into an extremely wealthy family. He grow up spoiled yet disciplined. Being popular due to his good looks and relative smartness. He looks coming from his mother. A well respected model and fashion designer, and his predicted 210 IQ from his father. A wealthy Latin business man. Controversial due to the rumors that his wealth was all embezzled. Which had lead him to his early death of heart failure. Leaving all his money legally to Marko. His only descendant. Who would soon grow up and graduate from Harvard and become a successful man in his fluid. Going into a early retirement at only 25 he slowly became insane due to the same sickness that had truly caused his father's premature death, and is also predicted to fall under the same fate soon.
    Personality: Marko is a mad genius. With him slowly losing his mind to the ever consuming virus. He enjoys playing games with friends or guest, and when they would finish one. He would come up with another, harder puzzle. Promising wealth and fortune for those who got it right. He enjoys modern culture. Escpessely that of the internet. Making most of the games revolve around those topics. He is also a keen researcher and fountain of knowledge t his peers. Keeping every inch of information or experience locked in the fortitude of his infected brain. Which seems to be only making it stronger.
    Other: Many of his shirts are purple. As a sign of wealth and power.

    Name: Drake Neal
    Age: 21
    (Between 21 and 31)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091228084824/create-a-manga/images/c/c2/Anime-boy.jpg
    History: Drake's history is short and sweet. Born in a suburban neighborhood he grow up in a nice middle class family. With plenty of friends in his neighborhood and even more in school. He grew up slowly. Graduating high school and then shortly later collage with a computer programming degree. Soon finding a job and was soon respected by his boss and peers because of his exceptional skills. Yet soon being kidnapped and dragged into this death trap.
    Personality: Drake is very quirky, naive and rather scared most of the time. He likes to try and lighten up the mood in a n y way that he can or at least make a bad situation. Well not so bad. Yet if he fails he can be easily shaken and scared, even insecure of his own abilities. But he tries to think of himself as strong and tries to act that way. Usually failing. He has no idea how he is going to survive in this game.
    Other: Purple is not his favorite color. Or is one that he cares much about


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  2. Derahex

    Nov 14, 2014
    Will I sign up for this this in spite of no one else ever joining? Absolutely.

    Username: Derahex

    Name: Minerva Kuze

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    The cheapness is real! Credits to my little sis for discovering the avatar maker.

    History: Minerva lived with her father and little sister in a modest home. Her mother having passed away years back and her father having a full-time job, Minerva decided she was to take care of her sister and help out with the housework. Despite being usually busy, she has a pretty successful YouTube channel, with an ongoing sprite character webseries. One fateful Saturday evening she was going out with a close friend of hers... She never came back. Her father wrongly suspects Minerva's friend of abducting her.

    Personality: Her sister and her were always a bit spoiled by their father, however he also taught them to be humble, and not to take what they have for granted. She's often been told that she's more mature than most people, but she often dismisses it as just compliments. Minerva has the qualities of a 'Reluctant Leader', meaning that she won't want to take command, but when the situation calls for it, she'll unconsciously take up the mantle. Minerva is rarely serious and very sarcastic, except in dire situations like these. She also has a keen sense of logic.

    Other: Her YouTube username is "-_PurpleMinerva17_-"
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