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The Champion's Game [Pokémon Challenge Run]

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Halcyon Storm, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Halcyon Storm

    Halcyon Storm Joking motive

    Level 11
    Sep 25, 2013
    I recently came up with an idea for a Pokémon challenge run, that could make your experience going through the game very interesting. As far as I know, nobody has done this before, but I might be wrong on that. It has a lot of rules, so I'll try to make it as clear as I can.

    My challenge run takes elements from the Nuzlocke, the Wedlocke, and Virtue's Last Reward.

    General Rules:
    • You can only obtain one Pokémon per area. With "area", I mean every place that is assigned a separate name (i.e. Route 1, Canalave City, Victory Road, Reflection Cave etc.). Even if there are separate fields in one area that yields different Pokémon, such as in caves, it is still considered the same area, and therefore only one Pokémon can be caught.
    • You can only obtain the first Pokémon you encounter in the area. This can be either by catching them, receiving them, or obtaining them otherwise. Hatching Pokémon Eggs is strongly discourage, but if you really want to use them, the Pokémon will count for the area it was hatched, not where it was obtained.
    • The only exception to the second rule is for duplicate Pokémon. If your first encounter in an area is a Pokémon you either already have, is a pre-evolution of one you already have, or is a possible evolution of one you already have, you are allowed to pass it and catch the second encounter instead. (However, if for example you already have a Cascoon, and your first encounter is a Silcoon, you still have to catch it, since they evolve into different Pokémon!)
    • When a Pokémon's HP reaches 0, it is considered permanently dead, and must be either released or boxed permanently in a separate box. Pokémon cannot be revived under any circumstances.
    • One of your SOLO Pokémon (more on that later) may be replaced with another if you can otherwise not progress due to HM requirements. They will take the place of the SOLO Pokémon and may no longer be switched out again.
    • Choice Pokémon (i.e. your starter) must be determined randomly by random number generator.

    Champion's Game Rules:

    From the start of the game:
    Up until the first Gym, the challenge progresses like a normal Nuzlocke. You have to go to every possible route and attempt to catch a Pokémon there before taking on the Gym Leader. As soon as the Gym Leader is defeated, the first Assignment Round starts.

    The Assignment Rounds:
    Every time after obtaining a Gym Badge, all of your Pokémon will be assigned a role (this includes boxed Pokémon). These roles are either PAIR or SOLO. There have to be 2 PAIR Pokémon for every SOLO Pokémon.

    If you have 4 Pokémon, the assignment will be > 2 PAIR + 1 SOLO, leaving one, which is another SOLO
    If you have 5 Pokémon, the assignment will be > 2 PAIR + 1 SOLO, leaving two, which are another 2 PAIRs
    If you have 9 Pokémon, the assignment will be > 6 PAIR + 3 SOLO

    These assignments will be done randomly (random number generator).

    Next, the PAIR Pokémon will be paired up together in groups of two. Again, this will be done randomly.

    I currently have the following Pokémon:
    - Charmeleon
    - Nidorino
    - Magikarp
    - Paras
    - Golbat
    - Psyduck

    After the Assigment Route, my team might look like this:

    (P)Charmeleon x (P)Magikarp
    (P)Paras x (P)Golbat

    What PAIR and SOLO mean:
    A PAIR Pokémon is linked together with their partner, and therefore share the same fate. If one dies, the other dies as well. They must always be together, either on the team or boxed.
    A SOLO Pokémon has no partner, and therefore doesn't have any restrictions.

    Additional notes:
    Which PAIR and SOLO Pokémon are on your team must also be decided randomly. So, for example, if you have three pairs of Pokémon, a random number generator must decide which two pairs are set in the team, and which one must stay boxed. The same goes for the SOLO Pokémon.

    What makes this different from a regular Wedlocke?
    There are two main differences that make this challenge run (in my opinion) more interesting than a regular Wedlocke. Firstly, the pairs switch up every so often, leading to new combinations. This makes for a fresh amount of variety, which is increased even more by the SOLO Pokémon.
    Secondly, it forces you to use boxed Pokémon as well, which makes the run more interesting. If you continuously stick with the same team, it's bound to get boring at some point. This way, the run stays fresh.

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