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Original The diary of Erika Castor

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Momo Kiseki, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Momo Kiseki

    Level 30
    Oct 14, 2018
    Big Nugget ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Icy Rock ★★★
    (This is a story related to the novel series I'm writing that sort of tells more of the lore of my series. The series itself isn't on here but I thought you would find some joy in reading this anyway! Let me know what you think and if something confuses you I'll be sure to clarify in the next update, boy I'm really getting into using the literature library thread now.)

    This diary is property of Erika Lovisa Castor and should not be touched under any and all circumstances.

    Day 1
    Entry 1

    This is something…I will freely admit I never believed I would do. But mother felt it would be good for me to write my feelings and thoughts down as I have no siblings and my parents being who they are will never have time to listen.

    So for my first entry, a small fraction of detail about myself…for…aesthetic purposes…that and I honestly have nothing to write.

    My name as written on the inner cover is Erika Lovisa Castor I am named after the first great ruler of Zei, Erika Silvan and my mother Lovisa.
    I have lavender hair and eyes and I wear around my neck a family heirloom, the sapphire star. A sacred star supposedly given to my family long ago as a magical gift of love and luck.

    I have one pet my favourite kind. They are called Loomi. Very small fox-like creatures mine is rather rare it is purple instead of blue.

    If there is anything else to tell I am not aware of it…
    Ah yes! That is correct I almost forgot important details!
    I am 16 years old. In Zaross, the Kingdom I am from, this means I am due to discoverer my element…

    I do not always understand why but the age seems to vary…sometimes it is 11 or 14 but the latest is 17 years of age and my birthday is very soon only a week away actually. This makes me what my mother would call a ‘late bloomer’
    I do expect I will be a Water element like my mother since we share much in common but any of the five is really a possibility.

    Fire perhaps is a little unlikely.

    I have never been one to have a hot temper and Spirit too is doubtful.
    Spirit elements have massively declined in number over the course of the last century, we aren't entirely sure why, mother says at the rate at which their numbers are declining it is likely by time the next century has passed they will be completely gone.

    I feel however it would be a tragedy to lose the Spirited Alkanines.
    They are such an important part of our society. All Alkanines are, even humans are. Though many believe Humans to be an inferior species I see them as us only without magic, that doesn't make them any better or any worse than an Alkanine might be.
    My I did veer off my topic a little.

    I apologise, I do lose myself to my thoughts sometimes, then again I suppose this is what mother gave me a diary for.

    Well that is all for now. I think I will keep my diary with me so that I may continue to update it as the day progresses.

    Entry 2

    Well this is unexpected. I found myself desiring to write again at least now I have something to write.

    My father is planning a small get together for my 17th and I am certain this means all the closest friends and family which if I am correct is at least 300 people that is not including the members of the council who attend moments like these and of course the elder of Zei who must attend as he must mark down my element. I admittedly do not understand the point behind that but who am I to argue with tradition?

    My mother and father are wonderful people but they do go above and beyond to show everyone else that they are right for their jobs. Mother says ‘looking good is most important. A strong first impression is hard to make but easy to break’ if that means making my birthday a public event so be it…in my life privacy is not something I get often.

    Though I have convinced my parents to allow me to attend a normal school instead of…well, being schooled at home.

    I will be starting my first day tomorrow, I have no doubt everyone will want to talk with me and befriend me though probably not of their own choice. Mother says that common people will do anything for fame and fortune she has told me stories of women who would sell their own flesh and blood just for a glimpse at the life we lead.

    I intend to keep to myself though, I am there to learn not to engage in social interactions.
    Though, I suppose I wouldn’t be much good at interacting with people I am only ever used to people doing what I ask, not that I enjoy it.

    I went out just this morning and someone was apologising simply for breathing on me…It is not fun being me sometimes.
    I am beginning to sound ungrateful, I apologise.
    Tomorrow is a new day, goodnight then.

    Erika ***
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  2. Momo Kiseki

    Level 30
    Oct 14, 2018
    Big Nugget ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Icy Rock ★★★
    Day 2
    Entry 3

    Hello again, so today is the second day that I have written down my thoughts in this book.

    What is there to talk about now?
    Well, today I am expected to go with my father on a diplomatic meeting with people from the neighbouring Kingdom Miral. Of course this is after my first day of school.

    There is a certain dress code at the school formal but not over the top…which meant I needed to talk to my cousin because all I own is far too extravagant for this school.

    It is strange to write that word over and over, my parents had me privately tutored but I don’t know if that is good or bad.
    On one hand there is always someone to help me on the other hand I cannot learn from other people around me.

    It is also strange to be going to school at my age. After all I will only be there two years because of my age.
    No matter two years is plenty of time to learn new things.

    I must go I will add another entry later on in the day. Perhaps during my break time.

    Entry 4

    This has not been a good day. Everyone has been completely overwhelmed by my presence.

    Beyond that, when I arrived I saw other adults looking at me strangely it is not the usual praise I have grown accustom to. I have made a friend though.
    Her name is Alisha and she has very powerful political views.

    We were talking about them actually when we became friends.
    She told me that the people of Zei were suffering major shortages in the necessary things required for a stable life.
    She told me that this cold war between Miral and Zaross was already causing problems. Food shortages and the like.

    She kept insisting that something be done to make peace because otherwise the whole of Zei will be trapped in poverty.
    I was not entirely sure I believed her that is when she decided to show me the town the parts of it I never saw when I went to the market. I knew I had to be home before my father was due to leave but I felt this might help the peace talks in Miral.

    I was glad I went. We went through the markets where I normally went and then Alisha took me away from them showing me the horrible state some people were living in.

    However, my father was not happy. I was scolded and when I told him what I had seen…he told me that there was no war even though Alisha called it a cold war which means that no not officially but the two kingdoms were indirectly fighting each other. He thinks I am being foolish and that when I am older I will truly understand but I am almost 17 he does not realise I understand more than what he believes I do.

    How can I help change things when I am so young to everyone else?
    They don’t listen to me let alone believe a word I say.
    Perhaps my father is right not to listen, I haven’t had nearly as much life experience as he nor have I lived as long as he has my mind is simply too young for these sorts of affairs. Even so I feel like I should have more input in this world, maybe one day I will make my mark on the world and change it for the better.

    Entry 5

    A third entry this is new. I would love to say the peace talk went well but I would be lying.

    The diplomat chosen to speak with us was rather rude and he kept on speaking about how we chose to fight them and my father was honestly no better. He argued back and soon they were bickering like little children.

    I knew that this was only going to make things worse so I stepped in and began to talk about how the people of Zei were growing poorer because of this fight and how I was sure the same was happening all over Zaross and perhaps even in Miral the diplomat agreed that this Cold war was costing both kingdoms immensely but then he said that is why we should surrender then my father countered with the same only he said that Miral should surrender. I just shook my head and proposed a mutual surrender.

    Surely this would show my father that I was responsible, at least I believe so, but he only yelled at me for interfering and ordered me out of the room.

    I am a little delighted though, because the diplomat of Miral came to me afterwards and told me that; despite what my father thought; I was a great mediator and should consider making this my job for now.
    Perhaps this is how I was to make my mark but I would never be allowed to exercise it as my father has forbidden me from ever attending these meetings again, somehow I am nothing but trouble to him.

    My mother tried to console me however it was to no avail. She believes that I just need to have faith in myself but honestly it is hard to have faith when no one else around you believes in you.

    Well, apart from Alisha.

    It is late and I must rest tomorrow Is going to be a rather agonising day after all tomorrow I am determined to find out why people were giving me strange looks at school.

    Erika ***


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