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Sign Up/Discussion The Horned Fallen (Sign Up)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by LassusVulpes, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes Eclipse Holder

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 55
    Sep 2, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    i need an excuse to be active once more.

    ⌠"Pocket! Pocket get up! we can't sleep here, we'll die of the cold. Here give me your arm, I'll carry you."⌡

    One eye opened towards the white death affront them a young boy carrying his younger sister pushed onwards. Their balance slipping each step they take, the snow falling down the summit.

    ⌠"Pocket.. Please hold on for me, we're almost there. We'll see mother I swear!"⌡

    Singing and dancing the restless snow devours the two adventures under fleets of white.

    Through all of this the child stands with his sister slumped over him. Making one step at a time before stumbling and falling to the ground. Moments away from the peak of the mountain.

    ⌠"Pocket.. "⌡

    "It seems as though your life is about to end, young child. A pity, you were so close to your end. Is this how you wish for it to truly end?"

    ⌠"No... If I give up now, we'll never see mother. Whoever is out there, please... Help!" ⌡

    A cackling laughter makes the winds grow more and more silent. The rampant winds splitting in half revealing a large owl figure with ram horns aside it.

    "You have one last chance, meet your fellow fallen. And make it back to me one day. I expect a swell return. Young ones."

    The winds crack and spiral as the summits bridge collapses, the two adventures gone from sight.

    Θ You are reborn, as a fallen. Death is no longer a fear, and merely a set back. However each death will carve your horns deeper and deeper. Until you eventually break.


    The young male opened his eyes, blinded by the suns bloom. He looked around in hopes of finding his sister. All he found was blades of grass stained crimson, spears stabbed to the ground, a blaze touching the heavens, and piles of the dead.

    After his previous adventure he didn't gag, but was staggered.

    "Why am I here..? I was just at the summit with Pocket..."⌡

    He thought for a second before snapping his fingers.

    "That owl! It must've teleported me here upon being brought back to life."⌡

    He went to rub his head but felt something off. Something penetrating his skull. He jumped and grabbed his forehead. Two long curves above his eyelids. He went over and looked at his reflection from a puddle of blood.

    The horns curved towards the sky, much like one of a Kudu.

    "This isn't right, what happened to me?!"⌡

    He tried to yank at the horns but to no avail. He shook his head and closed his eyes.

    I must find pocket... No matter what, I cannot let this owls blessing go to waste. And we must go find mother.⌡

    ··· °· °°° ·°°

    This is an adventure to get back at your past. The gods of this world bless humans another chance to finalize their goals. Be it kill their enemy, or reach someone one last time. Or hell, even love, just a final objective for someone.

    Could be like Denji from chainsaw man, and only wanting to touch a girls breasts. *but please don't make it this, this is just an example*

    Each fallen is given an animals horns, pick what horn you would give your character based on their personality. In my case, my character has Kudu horns, as their horns are typically used for Wrestling rather than ramming or stabbing. But also because Kudus are hard to hunt due to their senses being exceptional.

    The horns also give the fallen powers to use to their will. At the start being simplistic but growing more and more as you fight. Each time you kill a creature of the gods (Will be explained in RP), your horns will grow in size, and power.

    (Reminder to remove ()'s! If you decide to not do an optional just remove it. Say you have no music, just get rid of the music category)



    Description (Please describe appearance and personality):

    Horn Type:

    Horn Power:

    (Optional) Music:

    Companions will tag you along in the journey. Much like Griffon from DMC tagging with V. They'll be used in combat and attempt to take Aggression off you. Or just be a calming companion to help with the sanity loss of the journey. You pick how they act, but just know they've also died. Meaning you might have to explain how an animal has died, that's just fair warning.

    (Optional) Companion Y/N:

    (If you have a Companion) Companion Description

    Name: Seger

    Age: 15

    Description: A young pale skinned snow haired kid with Kudu horns above his eyelids. He has sharp senses and can seem to sense when people are watching him. Able to hear very well. Thus making him more sensible to stronger stimulants and loud noises. He has a strong mental but once snapped will go rampant.
    He is draped in a lilac robe with a crimson ribbon border. A loose pendent hanging from his waist. Black boot cut pants and black boots. Pale blue eyes that seem to be frozen over. Around 5'8. His fingernails painted deep blue. His hair is long and typically tied in a loose pony tail

    Horn Type: Kudu (Long and curvy, it's a real animal, look it up they're cute.)

    Horn Power: º Poseidon's Blessing Boonº

    º The world is wrapped with withered water, and I pull it forth. º Able to bend liquids to his will. While weak in theory can pull into some interesting synergies if bright enough.


    Companion Y/N: None as of right now.
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