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Fanfiction The Johto Boys

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Arod, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Arod

    Arod Dededegree in Trigonometry and Gordo Physics

    (Eevee (J))
    Level 27
    May 29, 2018

    Hola, so if you couldn't guess by the (horrid) title of the story, this is going to be about an OC trainer from Johto. Now before you click off from seeing the letters 'OC', I wouldn't necessarily blame you. I'm going to try to not have this be the generic 'can do it all trainer', sort of. My guy will still be a really strong trainer but he won't be the OP invincible guy per say. This is my first Pokémon fic too so go easy on me I suppose.

    Edit: Hola, this is current day Arod here and I’m here to say to disregard the top Author’s note. I will not be editing the plots and stuff here, it’s going to stay the way I wrote it. So any criticism will be received but will not be put into chapters from chapter 14 and before. The Author’s note you read at the start was from when I first posted this on FanFiction.net since the fans that take refuge on that sight are broader in what they are fans of. Lake Valor, however, seems much more friendly and has a much more friendly atmosphere than I was expecting Which I approve of since I try to be a nice guy but I can be a bit of a……. Shoot, can’t swear. Also, this will be censored with all the swearing and stuff… trying to a be a little presentable here. So yeah… I’m gonna have to do a lot of editing. If you want the raw versions, which are the versions I upload right after I finish writing it. So yeah, enjoy or tell me how bad this is in a respectable manner. I warn you though… I’m not the best and I just want to make that clear. Ok, you can read now.

    Either consider this a long Prologue or a short 1st chapter and if I left in a swear by mistake then please let me know and my apologies.

    (Name is a work in progress, like really work in progress)

    A man with an open shirt and sunglasses had a smile on his face, by his side was a wolf with blue eyes and rocky fur. It growled and seemed ready to fight till it had no more fight left in it. His opponent was a kid across from him, he had dark blue hair and a sad expression on his face. "You did well." he said to his fainted Pokémon.

    "I got to say, your Pokémon have some pretty strong moves." the young man said as he smiled.

    "You got this, primo!" a young Mexican boy, in a straw cowboy hat, said.

    The man with the open shirt smiled and waved to his cousin. His opponent standing across from him said, "You're all I got left." as he pulled out a Pokéball. "Go, Charmeleon!" he yelled as he threw it. A small, red dinosaur was formed from the energy of the Pokéball. It had a horn in the back of its head, sharp claws, and fire on the tip of its tail.

    The wolf Pokémon growled and the dinosaur hissed. "Now I'm gonna show you why Alolan Pokémon are the best, let's use our Agility to finish this quickly!" he said, the wolf howled in agreement.

    The blue-haired boy got ready to command and Charmeleon got into a fighting stance. The two Pokémon locked eyes as their trainers did.

    "Mega Punch!"

    "Lycanroc use Accelerock!"

    Both trainers yelled the attacks and the two charged. Charmeleon's fist glowed and Kycaroc had rocks form around him as it charged.

    The little boy watching was excited and couldn't wait to see the epic final battle.

    "Bronze..." the boy heard in a faint voice. "Bronze!" he heard it getting louder and saw the two Pokémon still charging their attacks.

    He was so confused at what was happening. "BRONZE!" he heard ann a even louder voice.

    He then woke up in a dark truck, he pulled out his Pokegear to use as a light source. "Oh, we're here..." he said to himself. He then opened the door of the truck and covered his eyes with his hat. He hasn't seen the sun for days and the Alolan sun was worse on his eyes. Luckily he had his trusty cowboy hat, which is a bit darker from dirt.

    Yep, his name's Bronze. Why Bronze, you're probably not asking. It's because every other hecking material is already used and Bronze seemed like a good compromise. Now, back to the story, if you made it this far anyway.

    Now the Bronze was actually 15, he was only 8 in his dream. Right now, he is 6'0, pretty tall for a 15 year old. Bronze is also, bulky, and had big arms. His brown eyes still tried to adjust still to the sun as he looked around.

    He finally got out of the truck and breathed the fresh air, it had an odd scent that was a bit reminiscent of fruit. Probably because his dad was unloading Oran berries. He saw his dad was wearing his fancy, black cowboy hat, gray cowboy boots, some worn jeans, and a blue, long sleeve shirt. Yeah I know, he must be crazy to be wearing that stuff in the hot sun.

    "Bronze, what took you so long?" his mom said, she was just in some sweatpants and a T-Shirt, comfy clothing if you will.

    "Sorry mom, I was asleep and remembering Kukui's battle." he said.

    "Man, all you can think about is getting a Pokémon after your cousin said he'd give you one." she said as she gave him a kiss. "But, I'm so glad you are happy and made the move easier, unlike others." she said. She then turned to see a Snubbull, who was rubbing its face on her leg. "Oh hey Xowii." she said as she picked up the Pokémon. "Do you like the sun, it's nice isn't it?" she said as she petted the Pokémon.

    Bronze then saw his little sister, who had tears down her face as she held a Ditto plushie. "You mean!" she said to her mom as she went into the truck to cry more.

    "She'll come around." Bronze's dad said as he finished herding the Tauros and Miltank into the fence, made just for his dad before they moved.

    "We out of nowhere moved to Alola from Johto, which we spent like 15 years there and she's only 7." Bronze said. "We moved 5 regions and she's really gonna miss going over to the Professor Elm's lab to play with the Pokémon." he continued.

    "Instead of scolding me, how about helping me and your mom out by bringing you stuff to your new room." his dad said as he went to pick up another crate of Oran berries.

    "Alright." Bronze said as he went back into the truck. He grabbed a cardboard box full of clothes, and a black backpack. He put the bag on his back and held the box in his left arm.

    He also picked up a long piece of wood, which was in a rectangle. The stick was split in half and had duct tape in the middle of it, while having a drawing of a lizard by the top. The wood was also dirty and scratched up from excessive use. Now enough about the stick.

    He went into the house, which seemed a bit more tropical than his house back in Johto. Bronze then saw a room straight ahead and went inside. He saw the decently sized room, not as big as his room in Johto but it was good. His bed was set up in the corner, a window, a desk, and even a card that said "Alola, Bronze". He definitely knew it was his room now, so he set down his box of belongings and laid on his bed.

    "BRONZE!" he heard his mom yell. "Come help with the rest of the stuff." she said, he sighed as he walked out of the house.

    Next Day:

    Bronze was awaken by a light bite from Xowii. He didn't yell but it hurt, alot. Bronze looked at the family Snubbull and was a bit teed off. He tried to pick up the family Pokémon but it growled at him. It wasn't very fond of him, if you couldn't tell. Bronze got over his Pokémon troubles and walked outside of his room. He then saw that the whole family was up and talking to his cousin, known as Professor Kukui.

    "Hey, cous!" Kukui said. "It's great to see ya." he said happily.

    Bronze didn't really know what to say to his cousin. He hasn't seen him in years and now he's a Pokémon professor, talk about bucket list material right here. But little did Brone know that his family members were just staring at him since he had been contemplating over how to say hi for the past 2 minutes.

    "Sooo, you still like Pokémon, right?" Kukui asked, breaking the silence.

    Bronze finally came too and replied, "Yeah, I love Pokémon!"

    "I'm glad you didn’t use Amnesia." Kukui said. Bronze cringed a bit over the pun, he used to like them but now they were cringy to him.

    "That's all he talks about when he's at the house." his mom said.

    "I'm so happy to hear that.” Kukui said.

    The Snubull started to rub up against Kukui's leg, then the professor held it up and smiled. "Now this looks like it can Crunch anything".

    "Bronze, don't just stand there, come eat breakfast." his dad said as he set down a big plate of mashed Oran berries, served with the leak of a Farfetch'ed.

    "Don't mind if I do.” Bronze said as he helped himself to the food. As he munched, Kukui was thinking about how he was gonna introduce his surprise.

    "Hey cous', you wanna know something?" Kukui said. Bronze turned his head as he shoved a spoonful of Oran berries in his mouth. "Now, I told the local Kahuna that a special guy was coming here and that he just had the biggest love of Pokémon?" Kukui said. Bronze's eyes widened and looked at the Professor with hope.

    "The Melemele Kahuna and I want to give you a Pokémon." he said.

    Bronze then teared up a bit and said, "T-thank you so much". Bronze wiped away the tears, he tried to hide it so he could look professional.

    "Bronze, I did not approve of this." his mom said. She hadn't let him be a trainer, since 10 seemed to be too young for a kid to leave the house.

    Bronze then felt like he just got shot in the heart after that remark. But, dad came to rescue saying, "He's 15 now and there are 10 year olds already having Pokémon". "I got a Taurus when I was 8, I'm sure Bronze can a handle his own Pokémon."

    His mom didn't want to say it but she let him. Bronze kept his cool on the outside but on the inside he was screaming like a little girl. Which is weird coming from a big guy like himself.

    "Perfect, I'll tell the Kahuna we'll be having a new trainer today!" Kukui said.

    Bronze finished his meal really fast. "Don't forget to change before you break down the door." his mom said.

    "Oh, do you still have that awesome hat?" Kukui said. "That's gonna fit right in this region." he continued.

    "You got it!" Bronze said as he ran to his room. He went through his box of belongings, looked for the clothes he'd be wearing, and thinking of what to pack in his bag.

    One changing process later

    Bronze had in some jeans, since they are a everything ones. He had on some hiker boots since he thought that the ground wouldn't be too nice to his feet in sneakers or sandals, even though Alola's climate is hotter than Kevin's mixtape. He had in a white shirt for simplicity, even though it's gonna be a real pain in the rear if it gets stained.

    He completed his outfit with a pair of dark shades and his trust cowboy hat. The most aerodynamic, durable, fashionable… shoot I'm running out of things to say. Screw it, just know it's a reliable straw hat, like he was wearing in the truck a day ago.

    He had packed an gray shirt, sweatpants, sandals, a change of socks and boxers, and his Poke'gear. He then grabbed his personal self defense, the most reliable, solid, simple, sturdy, trusty, rusty, multi use… where am I going with this, screw it, it's the stick from before. He walked out do his room in his clothes and with his black back pack.

    "Woah, you look like you're ready to be on the move." Kukui said. "And I see you're hat is as cool as I remember it was!" he added.

    "Yeah, he looks good as a vaquero (cowboy)." his dad said. His mom started tearing up as she didn't want him to go. His sister ran up to him and hugged him tightly, making him drop his stick.

    "Do you have to go?" his little sister said.

    He rubbed her hair and said, "Well, I wanna be a trainer, Crystal". "It's been my dream since I was around your age."

    He then walked to his cousin and said, "I'm ready to go on my adventure!" Bronze said. But, as he was about to walk through the door he was stopped.

    "I think you're gonna need these." his mom said as she held up some protein bars and water bottles.

    "Oh, gracias." he said, embarrassed, as he took the food and packed it in his bag.

    "Now I'm ready!" Bronze said. But before he was about to walk out his dad had to ruin the moment.

    "You will be ready, after you grab that crate of sitrus berries from the docks." his dad said sternly.

    "WHY!?!?!?!" Bronze groaned.

    "Because your mom has to cook and watch your sister and I have to go make sure the Tauros aren't fighting over the Miltank." he said, basically telling him to move his behind over to the docks.

    Bronze then left the house and went to the docks, against every fiber of his being. He was walking to the docks but then he saw some Spearow, and looked in awe as the bird Pokémon flew, but then he saw more, and more, and more all flying in the same direction.

    Bronze thought that it wouldn't be so bad as to observe the Pokémon. He went to where there was a huge platform and house. He then saw a opening with vegetation covering it, so he went there. Then there was his age old enemy… stairs. Because of his build of bulky and tall, stairs, while he could go up them, where very annoying, but he really wanted to see the Pokémon.

    One treacherous climbing of stairs later…

    He finally made it up there but he saw some of the Spearow circling in the sky over the bridge. He was confused, what did they find. But as he was looking he saw a girl in a white dress, ballet flats, long, white socks, and white sun hat with a blue ribbon wrapped. She had light blonde hair and was holding a duffel bag. He then ran over to her and said, "What's happening over there?" he asked.

    She turned to him with pleading green eyes. The first thing he noticed about her was that she looked distressed but also, he found her quite pretty. "Please, save Nebby!" she said. She then got nervous as she then realized what Bronze looked like. He was overweight but also had big shoulders and big arms. He was also tall for his age. 6 foot in fact. He was also carrying a makeshift weapon on him which wasn’t exactly inviting.

    Bronze saw a weird Pokémon trying to blocks it's body, it kinda looked like how docs looked like but cute. It face was black and had little yellow eyes.

    Bronze knew this would be his first act as a 'trainer', but he had no Pokémon so he was just gonna have to do this the only way he knew how. "Hold. My. Bag." he said as he took off his backpack. The girl held the bag for him and watched as he ran across the bridge.

    I'm not gonna lie, he's a bit scared of heights. That didn't stop him from trying to be Ron Swanson, plus a girl is watching so he would have to at least try and be brave. He walked across the creaky bridge, every noise from the bridge made him cringe but he proceeded onward. He then saw a Spearow use peck on the poor Pokémon and that's what ticked him off.

    He said, "He bird brains, pick on someone your own size". He ran in with his stick and walked a Spearow, not his finest moment but it had good intentions so…. eh. He fought off the Spearow and spun his stick, he whacked another Spearow and actually punch one trying to use peck.

    Nebby looked up to see it's savior, it seemed was scared. The girl watching him was scared too, she had just asked a six foot guy with a stick and a cowboy hat to save her friend. The guy then proceeded to beat Pokémon with a stick and is fighting them on a unstable bridge, probably was a bad idea.

    Bronze then was getting hit with 4 gusts from the Spearow and held on to his hat. He shielded Nebby with his body and held his stick tightly. Nebby then made a sparkling noise, the only way I know how to describe it, and the bridge collapsed. The Spearow flew away but Bronze can't fly. The two fell to the water, Bronze gripped Nebby, his hat, and stick tightly. The two thought they would fall to certain death before they were wished back to the surface with great speed.

    The girl was relieved and starstrucked when she saw what saved them. When Nebby got in the ground it saw the Pokémon too. Bronze was still a bit shocked but got up, he picked up his stick and turned. He saw a weird Pokémon, he didn't know if it was Legendary Pokémon or what but he was shocked. The best part was that the Pokémon was wearing his hat.

    "Gracias..." Bronze said in relief. "Can I… have my hat back?” he asked nicely.

    The Pokémon replied with a majestic cry and flew away, leaving his hat in the ground. He then picked up his hat and turned to the girl and Nebby. as he thought it's name was.

    "Thank you for saving Nebby, he's always get turn into trouble." the girl said. Nebby replied with it's cute noise. She didn’t seem to be scared anymore and neither was her little cosmic Pokémon

    "It's no problem, I'm happy to help." Bronze said as he tipped his hat.

    Nebby saw something shine and floated over to it, giving it to Lillie. Lillie inspected the shiny stone and said, "I think this is yours". Lillie handed it to Bronze and he took it. He wondered what it was but he kept it anyways.

    "We're lucky we ran into you or Nebby would of gotten seriously hurt like last time he used his powers." the girl said. "Oh, I haven't even said my name, I'm Lillie and this trouble maker is Nebby.” she said as she glared at Nebby.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Bronze." he said as she stuck out his hand to shake hers.

    But she didn't since she was too busy trying to make Nebby go into her duffel bag. Once she finally did, she said to him, "Sorry, it's nice to meet you Bronze, I'm going to find the professor. Would you want to come with us." Lillie said. Nebby made its noise in agreement through the bag.

    "Sure, but I go to grab some Sitrus berries for my dad." he said. "I'll be happy to walk down with you!” Bronze continued. He was relieved that the girl he just found wasn’t afraid of him anymore. He noticed that when he first saw her. He didn’t know if it was that he was a large dude carrying a whacking stick or the fact that, in his opinion, he wasn’t exactly what you call good looking.

    The three walked down the other and the two got know each other a bit more. Bronze learned that Lillie didn't like Pokémon battles and didn't like how he just went ham on the Spearow, but she did admire his bravery. Bronze was asked to keep Nebby a secret, just between the two of them, he agreed to it.

    The two made it out of the entrance and saw Kukui. "Oh, there you are." he said. "I see you two got acquainted, Bronze." he continued.

    "You know the Professor?" Lillie asked.

    "He's my cousin." Bronze replied. "Why are you two out here anyways?" Bronze said.

    "Nebby wanted to see the ruins." she said. She was comfortable around saying this around the professor and felt okay with saying it to bronze since he kinda almost died saving Nebby. It was the least she could do.

    "I'm out here to see if your okay, and by the looks of you, you got no Sitru…" Kukui said but Bronze bolted to the docks before Kukui could finish his sentence.

    The docks

    Bronze was looking for the ship with the order of Sitrus berries. He finally found the ship and went onto the dock with all the legal crud that showed he has permission to pick it up. He went over to the crate in the ship and grabbed it. He walked as quick as he could out of the ship so he could finally become a Pokémon trainer. He set down the crate to make sure he didn't drop anything. He saw something that kinda scared him, bite marks on the steel ship.

    He didn't know what it could of come from, a Gyarados, Sharpedo, Basculin, other Pokémon with fangs. He was about to pick up the berries when he heard a splash, he saw something, a Pokémon. This wasn't just any Pokémon, it was a Johto Starter Pokémon. The Pokémon looked like a blue, baby crocodile, it had red spikes on it back, a big jaw, and big yellow iris'. He immediately recognized it as a Totodile.

    "Hey there buddy.” he said, trying not to scare it off. The totodile just looked at him, it wasn't all that happy to be honest, it seemed a bit sad, and hungry. Bronze then put his hand out to, the totodile looked at him. He then petted the totodile, it closed it eyes and rubbed up against his hand. It seemed to really like it, "Maybe this is some of the only affection you got?” Bronze said. Totodile nodded and held it's stomach, Bronze heard it growling.

    "You want a berry?" Bronze said as he picked one out. He noticed a cut by it's lower jaw, he knew it needed a 'pick me up'. He put it by him and the little monster gobbled it up in seconds. Bronze chuckled, he reached to grab another one but he felt something hard. He pulled it out and it was a blue Pokéball with gold rings on the diagonal, and it had a design reminded him of a wormhole. The totodile then covered its face with it hands and shivered. "Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you." Bronze said. The totodile looked up at him as he placed the Pokéball down. Bronze smiled and backed away from the tech.

    The totodile looked at him with a sparkle in its eye the knew it was about to do something. The totodile ran to the Pokéball and tapped the button, it surrounded him with blue energy and pulled it into the ball. Bronze was shocked, it seemed scared but willingly went into the ball when he placed it down. The ball shook, and shook, and shook one final time, then made a noise. Bronze picked up the ball and let out the Pokémon. Totodile looked to him and jumped up and down in happiness. "I think I'll call you BIGJAW, cause you got one heck of chomper." Bronze said. BIGJAW seemed to like the name and ran to his trainer. It was however, the most unoriginal name to ever be given to a Pokémon but hey, it’s for the nostalgia.

    "I guess you and I are Johto boys in Alola.” Bronze said. BIGJAW jumped onto his shoulder and Bronze picked up the crate of berries. Let's get to your new home so I can show my folks I caught my first Pokémon".

    UUUUUHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh! Why did I have to put the title in the ending, I know its really cringey. I enjoyed writing this, it was new. I actually had to come up with a character, which was nice. I hope I make him likable enough, and I know, BIGJAW is the most uncreative name for a Totodile since it's the big jaw Pokémon, but that's what I named my first Pokémon, which was a Totodile. So deal with it :/

    (This is my longest prologue ever, expect the chapters to be a bit longer than this)

    If you enjoyed, thanks for liking it and I hope you stick around. If you think this is a piece of Tauros crud that needs to be deported back into my brain and you agree with nothing I put in it, congratulations, you're a human being! That's all for now, I'll see you next time, adios.

    Edit: Okay.. pretty much above ^

    I know that there are grammar errors and stuff in here but please remember this is old and I do approve. I will start to show my improve writing in chapter 16 on FanFiction.net. Disclaimer: this is not 10 years old, more like a year and is still ongoing. This is just a test to see what people think. It doesn’t really get many reviews, except from one kind person who has somehow, got roped into liking it. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I’m a pretty bad writer so I don’t understand how people like my sh…..shutff. Darn, gotta work on that.

    If you believe this is terrible then PLEASE tell me! Seriously I take all criticism into consideration. I want to get this out there so I can get criticism or maybe just a kind message on what they liked.

    Please leave a reply or something. I don’t really know this works on Lake Valor. Are you gonna PM or something? Eh, I’ll find out over time. Adios.

    Link to my version on FanFiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12643604/1/The-Johto-Boys

    Unnecessary link to my FF profile: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/8484709/Awesome-Arod
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  2. Arod

    Arod Dededegree in Trigonometry and Gordo Physics

    (Eevee (J))
    Level 27
    May 29, 2018

    Chapter 1: First Time Partners

    Edit: Hola, amigos. So yeah, I’d like to make the disclaimed about me putting this: “, instead of this .” or ?”

    Yeah… don’t worry, I eventually found out that ,” was wrong and changed it. I even corrected that mistake when I posted the prologue.

    "Que", his family said in unison. They knew Bronze was enthusiastic about becoming a trainer but he had just caught his first Pokémon half an hour ago. They were so shocked by this that they defaulted to Spanish since it's their first language.

    "He's really cute", his sister said as she wanted to pet the Totodile. Bronze stopped her hand to protect her from BIGJAW's bite.

    Bronze placed down BIGJAW and said, "Go on, she won't hurt you". BIGJAW slowly walked to Crystal, she started to pet him in his scarlet head. BIGJAW became comfortable and rubbed against her leg.

    "He likes me", she said.

    Xowii was growling the whole time. "Come on Xowii, don't be like that", Bronze's mom said to the family Snubbull.

    "Bronze, you got to take care of him, he's your responsibility", his dad said.

    "I know", Bronze replied. He then faced BIGJAW and said, "I'll have your back and you have mine". BIGJAW responded with a nod.

    "I can't wait to see how Ku…", his mom was about to say before the door flew open and Kukui walked in.

    "I would of been here sooner but I had to find my as..", Kukui was about to finish before he laid eyes on BIGJAW. "A JOHTO STARTER", Kukui said as he went to observe it. BIGJAW ran to Bronze as Kukui was starting to scare him. "Well I'll be, guess you didn't need a Helping Hand to get your first Pokémon", he said, praising his cousin. Bronze cringed from the pun.

    "Yeah, me and BIGJAW are gonna be partners", Bronze said.

    "Is he from here", Kukui asked.

    BIGJAW shook its head to show it came from Johto. "I saw him by the docks and we just kinda became friends", Bronze said.

    "I think we should go see Hala, he's gonna get a kick out of you", Kukui said as he walked out the door.

    "Cool, just give me a sec", Bronze said. He went into his room and went through his box for supplies.

    Insert crafting montage here

    Bronze had made a necklace, it had a suction cup attached to a piece of string he had lying around. He grabbed the flashy Pokéball he caught BIGJAW in and jammed it on the suction cup. He then wore it like a necklace.

    "Finally, I can start to be a trainer", Bronze sighed as he and BIGJAW walked out of the door.

    The cousins walked into town, Bronze saw the trainers in battle and caring for their Pokémon. This only made Bronze even more excited for his journey and getting to know his new partner. BIGJAW was admiring the beautiful scenery of Alola, everything looked so colorful and it was so warm, it was nice even for water types.

    Kukui, Bronze, and BIGJAW made it up where the entrance to the ruins was. They saw a huge man, bigger than Bronze and Kukui. He was tanned and built like a sumo wrestler, but had a off putting white beard that made him look jolly. He walked up the the two and treated them with a hardy, loud Alola.

    "Well if it isn't Kukui, is this your cousin", he asked.

    "Yeah Hala, this is Bronze and this is Kahuna Hala", Kukui said.

    "It's nice to meet you", Bronze said as he stuck out his hand. Hala was inspecting him, making BIGJAW and Bronze both uncomfortable.

    "Would you consider becoming a sumo wrestler, you're built for the job", Hala said as he shook his hand, a firm handshake was exchanged by both.

    "Thanks, but I want to be a Pokémon Trainer", Bronze said. "This is my partner, BIGJAW", Bronze continued as he pointed to his Totodile.

    "And a mighty fine Totodile he is", Hala said. "He's gonna become one big Pokémon", Hala said as he was leading Totodile. "How did you find him", Hala asked. Bronze then told him the story of his encounter with BIGJAW.

    "And we just seem to click", Bronze said, petting BIGJAW.

    "Well, here in Alola, trainers do pick their starters but the Pokémon also has to choose its trainer, and it seems that you two got that covered", Hala said. Hala saw something twinkle through Bronze's bag. "Bronze, can I see that object shining from your bag", the fighting type kahuna asked.

    "Okay…", Bronze said as he awkwardly pulled out the stone he when he encountered the Pokémon that saved him and Nebby from sleeping with the Magikarp.

    Hala grabbed the stone and inspected it, "Where did you get this", Hala asked.

    "I got it after a strange Pokémon saved me, it kinda had a shell on it and seemed to be an electric type", Bronze explained.

    "Tape Koko has you in its favor", Hala said. "Let me hold onto this", Hala said as he walked off

    "I guess it's time for me and BIGJAW to move out", Bronze said.

    "I see you're ready to go on you're ready to start your adventure", Kukui said.

    "Well, me and BIGJAW are gonna show Alola what Johto's made of", Bronze said, totodile hissed in agreement. Bronze then walked off, ready to go to route one.

    Bronze was walking away from Hala's sumo sight and saw a kid with long green hair with a big puff, grey eyes, orange shorts, shoes, bag, and a black shirt. "Alola, I'm Hau", the boy said. "Nice hat", he said.

    "Hola, I'm Bronze and thanks", Bronze replied. Hau then laid eyes on BIGJAW.

    "Wow, a Johtonian Pokémon, now we definitely have to battle", Hau said, challenging Bronze.

    "You got a Pokémon", Bronze asked.

    "Yeah, I got a Pokémon that you're gonna lose too", Hau said getting out his Pokéball.

    "Why don't you put your money where you're mouth is", Bronze said as he tapped his stick against the ground.

    "Already in your first battle, Bronze", Kukui said.

    "I see young Hau is too", Hala said. The two boys jumped at the sudden hearing of Hala's voice.

    "How did you get here so fast", Bronze said.

    "Sumo training", Hala said.

    "O'le Hala is a freak of nature". Kukui said with a laugh. "There's my assistant", Kukui said as he saw Lillie making her way to see them.

    "Hello again Professor, and you too Bronze", Lillie said. "Is that a Totodile", Lillie asked Bronze.

    "Yep, he's my partner", Bronze said. "Who I'm gonna use to destroy this guy over here", Bronze said a she pointed to Hau.

    "We'll see about that", Hau said. "You guys wanna watch me and Rowlett take on Bronze and BIGJAW", he asked the three.

    "Of course", Kukui said

    "Why are we just standing here running our mouths, get on with it boy", Hala said with enthusiasm.

    "I hate to see Pokémon in pain, but I'll watch for you guys", Lillie said reluctantly, her bag shook with excitement.

    "Alright then", Hau said as he closed his eyes. "Go, Rowlett", Hau said as he threw his Pokéball, releasing his starter in a flash of energy. It was a owl, which I like to say is a grass, volleyball, owl wearing a bow tie.

    Wait, wait, wait, can I be real for a sec. I was very disappointed with this generation's designs for the starter Pokémon. I mean, we a got a mermaid seal, Mexican wrestler cat, and Wilson. None of these seem tropical to me, but if you like them, you're a human being with your own opinion. Now, back to the story.

    "Alright BIGJAW, this is our first battle, let's make it a great one", Bronze said to his partner. BIGJAW nodded in agreement

    "I guess I picked the right type", Hau said. "Let's do this Rowlett", Hau said, Rowlett turned its head all the way around and replied with a hoo.

    "Wait, we should have some i'm sort of handshake or something when I call you into battle", Bronze said, he then grabbed BIGJAW's Pokéball and held it to him. BIGJAW was staring at it but found out what to do. He nudged the Pokéball with his head, then he got ready to battle.

    The two trainers locked eyes, ready to face each other, BIGJAW looked like he was about to pounce on prey and Rowlett looked kinda sleepy.

    "LET'S BATTLE", Hau yelled in excitement.

    Bronze was thinking already he messed up, he doesn't know BIGJAW's moves. He did know one that he probably knows by now. "BIGJAW, use bite", Bronze commanded, that made him feel really good. BIGJAW then ran to the grass type and opened his chompers.

    "Dodge", Hau said. Rowlett tried to get away but it's wing got bit.

    "Good job, BIGJAW", Bronze said. BIGJAW then threw Rowlett and pinned him down, getting ready a water gun. "Stop, I didn't even tell you what to do", Bronze said. BIGJAW turned to him and sighed.

    "Razor leaf", Hau yelled, a bunch of leaves came from Rowletts wings and hit BIGJAW right in the face. He fell to the ground and struggled to get back up.

    "BIGJAW", Bronze said, his partner turned around and faced him. "I know we're both new at this but we got to work together, you can't just go a-wall on me", Bronze said as he scolded BIGJAW. The totodile sighed and turned around. The two nodded to each other and we're ready for action.

    "Okay, you guys are cool now", Hau asked.

    "Yeah", Bronze said.

    "Alright then, use peck", Hau said. Rowlett charged at BIGJAW ready to peck him.

    "Dodge", Bronze said. BIGJAW jumped out of the way. "Water Gun", Bronze said, BIGJAW had water erupt from his mouth and hit Rowlett hard. It wasn't very effective though, you know, 'cause grass is better against water.

    Rowlett shook the water off of it and looked a bit angry, just a bit. "He got your pretty good Rowlett", Hau laughed. Rowlett didn't exactly think it was funny.

    "Use scratch", Bronze said, BIGJAW ran to Rowlett and swiped at him. Rowlett dodged the attacks and used pound, but BIGJAW caught it and used water gun to disorient the grass type. "Leer", Bronze said, BIGJAW's eye had a spark and Rowlett's defense fell.

    "Razor leaf", Hau said, Rowlett unleashed a wave of leaves once again.

    "Use water gun to knock the leaves of course", Bronze said, BIGJAW launched water at the leaves, letting them loose velocity. "Finish it off with scratch", Bronze said.

    "We're not going down yet, Rowlett use pound", Hau commanded. Rowlett then charged to hit BIGJAW with its foot.

    The two let out their battle cries and traded blows, BIGJAW's claws on Rowlett's face and Rowlett's foot right on BIGJAW's lower jaw. Rowlett's eyes went swirly and it fell to the ground.

    And here ladies and mentle gen is one of the only times Leer was useful.

    Hau went and picked up his partner, "You did great Rowlett", Hau said as he returned his starter to his Pokéball. Hau was a bit sad about losing his first battle but he then saw BIGJAW jump to Bronze and Mexican holding him in his arms.

    "You did great, BIGJAW", Bronze said, as he hugged his friend. BIGJAW replied with a happy hiss.

    Hau then thought to himself, "If I lose, I can do two things, be a big sad loser or be happy for the winner". Hau then knew what he had to do. "That was an awesome battle", Hau said.

    Bronze and BIGJAW turned to him a bit shocked. "Yeah, you Johto guys are no joke", Hau said with a smile.

    Bronze felt really good vibes from him, "Thanks, but for what it's worth, you gave me a run for my money", Bronze replied.

    "Next time though, I'm gonna show you what I'm made of, ALOLA", Hau said as he ran off but not before waving everyone goodbye.

    "Adios", Bronze said. He was still keeping BIGJAW in his grasp as he layed his eyes on something. BIGJAW had a 54 engraved on his back spike, it was a very faint 54 but it was a 54. Bronze didn't think much of it. He heard clapping as he turned to see Kukui giving him applause

    "I got to say, you got some real moves out there, cousin", Kukui said. "You too, Totodile", Kukui said as he pulled out a Pokebean.

    BIGJAW then ran to the Professor to receive the popular Pokémon treat. BIGJAW gobbled it up and replied with a happy hiss. "Thanks, professor. I think me and this guy over here did good for our first battle", Bronze said as he pointed to his Totodile.

    "Magnificent battling, young man", Hala said.

    Bronze then waited to say something, leaving an awkward silence to be had. "Now can I start my journey", Bronze said, hoping no more setbacks would occur.

    "What's stopping you", Kukui said, jokingly.

    Bronze was about to run to route one when he realized he needed to do one more thing.

    One trip to home later…

    Bronze was in his house, wishing his family goodbye.

    "Now you promise to stay safe and take care of your Pokémon", his mom said in a worried tone.

    "Yes, mom", Bronze sighed.

    "And you promise to keep my boy safe", his mother said to BIGJAW. The water Pokémon nodded in agreement.

    His sister had already said goodbye and was crying because she didn't want him to leave.

    "I'm proud of you", his dad said. "You're going to travel the region like I did when I was your age", he continued. "You're the best son ever, Bronze. Don't ever change", his said he hugged him.

    Bronze tipped his hat and said goo he to his family. BIGJAW jumped onto his shoulder and waved goodbye. Bronze and BIGJAW were ready to face the great region to Alola together and we're excited to face off against the Pokémon of this region.

    Route 1

    Bronze saw the sign that had 'Route 1' conveniently written on there. He was about to walk into the grass and catch a Pokémon but he was stopped by the familiar voice of his cousin. Bronze sighed.

    "Wait, wait", Kukui said as he was a bit winded from running all the way from his lab to Route 1.

    "What is it now, mom wants me back, dad needs more berries, has the house been toppled down by the Taurus", Bronze whined. He didn't want anymore sh..shtuff to happen, he's been delayed 5 years to become a trainer and now nearly a day.

    "No… I'm…. gonna show you… something", Profesor Kukui said as he tied to catch his breath.

    "Show me what", Bronze said, he was in a bit of a rush to start his journey.

    Kukui finally caught his breath and his heart rate went down to normal. "I'm gonna show you how to catch a Pokémon", Kukui said.

    Bronze would've been excited for this, if he was 5, he may have been delayed 5 years to become a trainer but he very well knew how to catch a Pokémon. "I already know how to catch a Pokémon…", Bronze said awkwardly.

    "Oh come on, cous. Let an old pro teach you how it's done", Kukui said as he walked into the grass. He then saw a little woodpecker like creature. "A Pikipek, perfect for tutorial", Kukui said as he pulled out a standard Pokéball.

    "Let's show the new guys how it done, Rockruff", Kukui said as he threw his Pokéball and it released a Pokémon with a flash of white energy. The Pokémon looked like a puppy with a fluffy tail, rocks around its neck, and had the color scheme of a rock type Pokémon.

    The Pokémon looked at Kukui and barked happily. "Use tackle", Kukui said and his Rockruff threw itself at the obligatory normal-flying type that's in every game. Bronze and BIGJAW sat down and watched in boredom both looked at each other with the same expression of 'I think I already know how to do this'. Bronze started to poke holes in the ground with his stick and BIGJAW was shooting water in the dirt to make mud.

    A few instances of attacks later and Kukui threw a Pokéball at the bird. The ball started to jiggle and jiggled 3 times. It flashed off and Rockruff retrieved the Pokéball, then proceeded to hand it to his trainer. "And it's nothing to it", Kukui said as he returned Rockruff to his Pokéball. The Johtonians then slow clapped as they were hoping he was finished 'teaching' them.

    "Gee, thanks…", Bronze said, BIGJAW was fast asleep since it got bored of watching.

    Kukui knew he wasn't really paying attention so he decided to make him do something. "Alright then, why don't you catch a Pokémon right now", Kukui said.

    Bronze got up and woke up BIGJAW, "Let's go catch a Pokémon", he said. BIGJAW followed him, and Kukui did as well. The three walked into the grass for a good 10 minutes, BIGJAW had more energy now, he was jumping a bit in excitement for another battle that he could fight in. Bronze was wiping the sweat from his brow as he was walking, he almost needed his stick to walk, his build (or lack of build) combined with the hot Alolan sun made it hard to travel long distances, but he at least would lose weight from this so, 50/50. "Wow, didn't think this would take so long", Bronze said, breaking the silence.

    "Well, looking for Pokémon can take awhile", Kukui said. "But we have to Work Up to wanting to catch new partners", Kukui said.

    BIGJAW cringed a bit at the pun, now he wished he couldn't learn Work Up. BIGJAW kept walking and heard a sound, he started to growl, it was an adorable high pitched growl, but a growl none of the less. "What is it", Bronze asked his partner. A patch of grass started to shake and then he saw what BIGJAW was growling at. Bronze tensed up as he was ready to battle his first wild Pokémon. Technically, his first battle was with a flock of Spearow, but this is his first battle with BIGJAW.

    The two locked eyes on the grass and Kukui was just waiting for the show. The Pokémon then jumped out of the grass. It was a small brown fox. It had long ears, a fully tail, and big brown eyes.

    "An Eevee", Bronze said. "I guess you're gonna be my first catch", Bronze said. BIGJAW was getting ready to rumble.

    "Eevee the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee has a unbalanced and unstable genetic makeup, it conceals many possible evolution", said the robotic voice of a Pokédex.

    "Nice find", Kukui said to his cousin.

    "Yeah, yeah, thanks. Let's do this BIGJAW", Bronze said.

    The wild Eevee covered its eyes with its ears. "Is it scared", Bronze thought. But Bronze found out it wasn't as it used swift, making BIGJAW know that it was ready to fight.

    "Water gun", Bronze yelled. BIGJAW shot burst of water from this mouth and hit Eevee. The wild Eevee shook itself off and used quick attack. BIGJAW got knocked on its back. "Retaliate with scratch", Bronze said.

    BIGJAW scratched Eevee across the face and used water gun to disorient it. "Leer", Bronze commanded. BIGJAW lowered the Eevee defenses and finished it off with scratch. The wild Eevee fainted and its eyes went swirly.

    Bronze felt proud for a moment, then realized something. He forgot the damn poke balls. "Why", Bronze said.

    "Don't worry, cousin", Kukui said. "I got a Pokéball right here", Kukui said as he search through Hau pockets and found a Ultra Ball.

    "Thanks", Bronze said as he took the Pokéball and threw it at the wild Eevee. The ball absorbed the Eevee with a flash of energy and fell to the ground, it jiggled three times and finally flashed off. "Woo, my first catch", Bronze said, feeling proud again. BIGJAW gave him a light bite on his leg. Not enough to cut flesh but enough to get his attention.

    "What the heck", Bronze said. BIGJAW pointed to itself, bringing Bronze back to reality. "Sorry, out first catch", Bronze said. BIGJAW nodded.

    "Good job, man", Kukui said. "Your first day and you caught your STARTER on you own and your first catch", Kukui praised Bronze.

    "I couldn't of done this on my own, BIGJAW needs some congrats too", Bronze said as he petted his Johto starter. Kukui nodded and threw BIGJAW a pokebean. The crocodilian Pokémon gobbled it up and licked its lips.

    "Well, I'll leave you to it", Kukui said as he walked off. "Wait, I need to give you this", Kukui said. The Professor handed Bronze a Pokédex and some standard pokeballs.

    "Thanks", Bronze said. Kukui walked off and Bronze waved goodbye. "Finally, now let's meet our new partner", Bronze said. He threw be ultra ball out and unleashed its contents. The Eevee was then brought into the world, but tried to find a place to hide.

    "Wait", Bronze said. Eevee ran off and the Johtonians ran after the Pokémon.

    30 minutes later…

    Bronze and BIGJAW were still on the hunt for Eevee. During this time, Bronze fought in a few battles, he had some close calls though because BIGJAW was going off the chain a bit. Bronze didn't know what to do, he thought Pokémon would be a bit more obedient. He then waved those thoughts away since Pokémon have their have own personalities and feelings, so thinking they would just do his very will with no reluctance is kinda selfish.

    The only good thing to come out of looking for a Pokémon for half an hour was that the two really started to get to know each other. Bronze saw how free spirited and energetic BIGJAW was, the Pokémon . Bronze didn't know if this was because it was a pre-evolution and that if it would change as it evolved.

    Bronze and BIGJAW kept searching but what they found wasn't their new partner. It was two white gangsters who were going really overboard trying to be edgy. They had black bandanas, skull beanies, black pants, and even walked around trying to act tough. When really it was so hilarious who edgy they were.

    "You see the Eevee, BIGJAW", Bronzs said. BIGJAW was on his head, trying to get a better view of the horizon. Still nothing in sight.

    "Yo, yo Cowboy", one of the edgy gangsters said. Bronze turned to see the two gangsters.

    "You gonna hand over that Pokémon if you don't have rocks in ya head", the one next to him said.

    "Move outta the way, pendejos (idiots)", Bronze said.

    "What you call me", the gangster said.

    "You do have rocks in ya head if you talk to team skull like that", the grunt said.

    "Outta the way if you know what's best for ya", Bronze said. He gripped his stick tightly, he was debating whether he should knock them out cold or let their Pokémon do the talking. BIGJAW started to hiss at the two Skull Grunts.

    "Now we got bones with you, face the wrath of Team Skull, sucka", a grunt said. He took out a nest ball and out came a Drowzee. It looked like a creepy ant eater.

    "Let's do this BIGJAW", Bronze said as BIGJAW bared his fangs.

    "Use confusion", the grunt commanded. The Drowzee's eyes lit up and shot a wave of pink energy at BIGJAW. BIGJAW got knocked back a bit, then it got up but was confused.

    "Use Water Gun", Bronze said, only to get a face full of water.

    "Ha, ya don't mess with team skull, fatty", the grunt said. Bronze was really getting ticked off, he was holding back trying to whack the daylights out of the two.

    "Scratch", Bronze said. BIGJAW then scratch itself in the face, it jumped in pain from how shape its claws are.

    "Put bite sized punk to sleep with Hypnosis", the grunt said. Drowzee used Hypnosis, but BIGJAW dodged the attack since it was tumbling around in confusion.

    Bronze was thinking how he was gonna snap BIGJAW out of the confusion. Then he remembered the one thing confusion did. "Use Water Gun", Bronze commanded, BIGJAW somehow hit himself with it but snapped out of the confusion.

    "Use Bite", Bronze said. BIGJAW ran to the psychic Pokémon and bit it's side. The Pokémon stammered in pain.

    "Rattata, mess this foul up with Quick Attack", the other grunt said as he threw a next ball, unleashing a black rat. It was the Alolan version of Rattata. The rat ran into BIGJAW at high speeds, knocking BIGJAW to the ground. BIGJAW used Water Gun to get the rat of him.

    "Use pound", Bronze heard, he was pleasantly surprised by the voice. Rowlett charged in the kicked the Drowzee in the face.

    He saw Hau and Lillie show up, Lillie was a it uneasy. "Bronze, who are these guys", Hau said with a smile on his face.

    "Fo real", one of the Skull Grunts said. "How you don't know who Team Skull is".

    "Homie, don't just tell 'em, we gotta be a it in their rock filled skulls", the other grunt said.

    "Why don't you horrible people stop hurting Pokémon and harassing trainers", Lillie said.

    "Yeah, put these numskulls in their place", a random trainer said.

    "Get out of Alola, Team Skull", another random trainer came onto the scene.

    "Water Gun", Bronze shouted.

    "Razor Leaf", Hau commanded.

    Rowlett let out a wave of leaves and BIGJAW unleashed a blast of water. Rattata got hit hard by the water and Drowzee got hit by the leaves.

    "Pound", the skull grunt and Hau yelled. Rowlett and Drowzee clashed, Rowlett got hit right in the face but returned with a pound to the Drowzee's nose. It stumbled back in pain and used confusion.

    BIGJAW and the skull Rattata were in a scratch off. Both started to jumped in pain from the many scratches they recover. BIGJAW made it worse by using Water Gun. Rattata fainted and the grunt, reluctantly, gave up some pokedollars.

    Rowlett used a final wave of Razor Leaf and knocked Drowzee on it's behind. The Pokémon fainted, and the grunt gave up money. He got even more infuriated when Hau was so happy about it.

    "Man, these kids are mad strong yo", one grunt said.

    "Let's split", the other grunt said as they did their stupid gangster walk.

    "Thanks you two", one of the random trainers said.

    Bronze and Hau enjoyed the praise from the trainers. Rowlett and BIGJAW were enjoying the praise too. The group then walked off and started to chat.

    "So, who in the world were those guys", Bronze asked.

    "Beats me, that's why I asked you", Hau replied.

    "They're a group of people who steal and sell Pokémon", Lillie said, shedding some light on the situation.

    "So the Alolan version of Team Rocket", Bronze said. He remembered the horrible things they tried to do, they even terrorized his home town to steal the Professor's Pokémon.

    "Who's Team Rocket", Lillie asked.

    Bronze explained to Hau and Lille the treacherous Team Rocket. He told them about the terrible things Team Rocket did and how he wished he could of stopped it. But they left it to the police, since his parents were overprotective. It did almost turn into a military base when his dad started to block off the pins full of Tauras and Miltank.

    "Man, I didn't there was a team skull in every region", Hau said.

    "That's just horrible", Lillie said. "It's a good thing you and Hau chased them off, Bronze". Nebby shook Lillie's duffle bag in agreement

    "Thanks, but why are you guys out here", Bronze asked.

    "The professor wanted me to bring you two to his lab", Lillie said. Bronze and BIGJAW groaned, already so much had delayed their adventure, and they haven't even found the Eevee yet.

    "Fine, but I want to go back on my adventure RIGHT AWAY when we leave Kukui's place", Bronze said as he walked in the wrong direction.

    "It's this way, Bronze", Hau said as he ran to the lab.

    A few minutes of walking later…

    They made it back to his house and to a big grass field. "Race ya", Hau said as he ran into the grassy field.

    "He sure has a lot of energy", Bronze said. BIGJAW wiped the sweat from its brow and took in the horizon. Lillie took out a repel and sprayed it all over herself. BIGJAW started to gag and rubbed it nose into Bronze's jeans.

    "Sorry, I'm not a Pokémon trainer so I just carry a bunch of repels, it's the best I can do", Lillie said. "I'll meet you down there", she said as she leisurely walked through the grass. Bronze watched as she walked down.

    "She is a pretty one", Bronze said. BIGJAW sighed and lightly bit his trainer's leg. Not enough to break flesh, but enough to snap his trainer back into reality. "Ah. BIGJAW", Bronze said in anger. BIGJAW shrugged. "Man, I got to get used to not getting distracted when near you, or else you're gonna take off my whole leg", Bronze said.

    Bronze looked off into the horizon, he caught a glimpse of Lillie shaking her head to a trainee ready to battle. He then saw Hau jumping up and down as he and Rowlett were getting ready for a battle. Bronze was also searching for a new member of his team. If he was gonna be around the Professor's lab, he would at least catch a Pokémon.

    Bronze was searching around the grass for something to catch. BIGJAW was searching too, he wanted to battle something. He was looking around and he saw something that would of got his trainer excited. He caught a glimpse of brown running under cover. BIGJAW was about to bite Bronze's leg but then got a face full of wood. "Not gonna get me this time", Bronze said as he took the stick he used as a staff out off his partner's mouth.

    BIGJAW ran away, down the hill side and, naturally, his trainer bolted to him, he was big and bulky but he was not gonna lose another Pokémon. He ran down the hill and fell down. He took it like a man and got up. He then saw BIGJAW jumping up and down, trying anything to get his attention. Hau and Lillie were looking at BIGJAW, Lillie confused and Hau smiling.

    "BIGJAW! When I get my hands on you…", Bronze was interrupted when he saw BIGJAW pointing at something. It was under, what he assumed was, the professor's lab. He looked under to see his Eevee fast asleep. He started to rub it's head, so it could wake up. It opened its eyes to see Bronze. It rubbed against his hand, affectionately. "Wait, so you do like me", Bronze asked.

    The Eevee responded with a nod. "Why did you run away", Bronze asked, acting as if Eevee was gonna say something. Eevee put its ears down and gave his trainer Baby-doll Eyes. "Fine, just return, we were worried about you", Bronze said he pulled out its ultra ball. The Eevee was engulfed in a flash of red energy, then Bronze put the ball back on his belt.

    "That was yours", Hau asked.

    "Yeah, it ran away right as I let it out of its Pokéball", Bronze said.

    "Why", Lillie asked. She thought he did something to scare the Eevee off and she obviously knew that he wasn't afraid to actually fight Pokémon. She then remembered that Bronze did that to save Nebby so that was a bit justified, kind of unorthodox but still justified.

    "Don't know, it just ran away", Bronze said. "Me and BIGJAW have been looking for it for half an hour".

    "Atleast you got it back", Hau said.

    "We shouldn't keep the professor waiting any longer", Lillie said as she turned to walk into the building. The group then heard a crash.

    "Yeah Rockruff, keep working on that Breakneck Blitz", Kukui shouted.

    "Oh dear, he's at it again", Lillie sighed. Lillie said. "I'm no good at sewing so we'd have to buy a lot more".

    "Jeez, is this how all the labs in Alola are, because the one back in Johto was less, broken…

    Bronze took in the look of the building. There were broken pieces of wood scattered, a big hole in the roof patched up with some planks, and a broken window. It looked like a nice wooden house. The one in his hometown was made of metal and seem very advanced in terms of scenery.

    "I think it looks like fun happens a lot here", Hau said.

    The group walked inside the building. Needless to say it looked way nicer in the inside. There was a nice kitchen, a loft, and a huge fish tank full of luv disc. "Sorry kids", Kukui said as he dusted himself off. Lillie looked relieved to see the coat was just dirty with paw prints from Rockruff. "We were just getting really intense with studying moves".

    "Why'd you call use here", Bronze asked. BIGJAW looked a little angry too. The two were crossing their arms since they just wanted to explore.

    "Sorry cousin, but I needed to give you this" Kukui said as he handed Bronze his Pokédex.

    "Sorry for the rude responded but I've been delayed in my journey and thanks for the Pokédex", Bronze said.

    "No problem, anyways this will collect the data of the Pokémon you encounter", Kukui said.

    Bronze then looked for Totodile in the Dex but didn't find anything on it. "Why isn't BIGJAW here", Bronze asked.

    "Totodile just isn't registered, Johto starter Pokémon aren't really common in this region", Kukui said. "And since you're not a native here either, I'm giving you a special Pokédex to aid you", Kukui said. He took it a Pokéball and unleashed a Rotom. The Pokémon zipped right into the Pokédex and possessed it. Bronze put the Dex down and BIGJAW got ready for battle. The Pokédex flashed to life and started to fly around.

    "Hello world", the device said.

    "This is Rotom Dex, he's going to help you during your journey", Kukui said. "Rotom, this is my cousin, Bronze".

    "Nice to meet you, partner", Rotom Dex said. Bronze was shocked that it could actually talk.

    "Hi rotom dex", Bronze said, awkwardly.

    "Man, you're lucky, Bronze", Hau said.

    "Now be careful with it, Bronze. This is not an everyday thing so try and take care of it", Kukui said.

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of Rotom", Bronze said.

    "I can't seem to find thizzzz one in my databazzzzzze", Rotom said as it tried to scan BIGJAW.

    "He's not native to this region, Rotom", Kukui said.

    "First day and my owner hazz already got a Pokémon not been registered, Rotom said.

    "Man I want one so bad", Hau said.

    "Well, I'll leave you kids to look around", Kukui said.

    Bronze let his Eevee out of it's ball so it could get to know himself and BIGJAW. Hau just started to look around in wonder. And Lillie wanted to mkae sure the damage to the lab wasn;t so bad. "Is that a loft", Hau said. "I want to see what's up there", he said as he went to climb the ladder. Lillie heard this and ran in front of the ladder.

    "Please do not go up here, this is my living quarters", Lillie said.

    "Why do you live with the professor", Bronze said.

    "It's a long story for another time", Lillie said.

    Bronze took out some Oran berries from his bag and placed them on the floor. BIGJAW caught a whiff of the fruit and ran to it. Eevee walked slowly to it and sniffed it. She started to nibble on it and seemed to really like it. "The Pokémon back at the house love these berries too", Bronze said. He started to pet the Pokémon and they seemed to really enjoy it.

    Kukui was walking around when he saw the Eevee, Bronze caught, he didn't really get a chance to study it and now was his chance. He walked over to Bronze and inspected the Eevee. "This is a really healthy Eevee you got, and might I say, she's a beauty", Kukui said.

    "It's a girl", Bronze asked.

    "Yeah, it's pretty obvious", Kukui said as he walked off.

    Bronze had hanged out there for a few minutes and then decided to leave. "Alright, I'll be heading out", he said.

    "Really, the festival is about to start and we need trainers to show off their moves", Kukui said.

    Bronze realized it was getting a little late so he decided to stay for the festival.

    One walk to Iki town later…

    It was darker now, pretty much night time now. Kukui was watching from the stands with Bronze's family and Lillie was actually a bit excited. She'd seen how BIGJAW was around Bronze and even in battle, the two were different from other trainers. The way BIGJAW gives it his all in battle and how happy Bronze is with him, it really opened a door for her.

    Kahuna Hala was on the stage, ready to announce the festivities. "Today, we celebrate and worship the Tapu by showing it our wonderful battles with the help of the trainers of Alola", Hala said loudly, getting applause from the crowd. "This festival though is a bit different, we have two fresh trainers from exciting backgrounds", Hala said. The crowd cheered in excitement to see these new trainers.

    "Our first contestant is my grandson, Hau", Hala said with a roar of pride. Hau walked onto the stage with a huge smile on his face.

    "Thank you", Hau said with all the enthusiasm he could conjure up.

    "Our next contestant comes from the far away region of Johoto", Hala said. The crowd was intrigued, they were so used to Alolans that hearing trainers coming from other regions seems very exotict. "Give it up for the new kid on the block, Bronze", Hala announced, the crowd cheered, but Bronze's family was the loudest.

    "Thank you, folks of Alola", Bronze said. BIGJAW thanked everyone bye happily hissing.

    "Now, let's get ready for a epic battle to start off the night", the Melemele Kahuna said.

    The two stared at each other, getting ready to show of their battling skills, or lack of battle skill, to the people of Iki town.

    "BATTLE" Hala yelled.

    "Go, Pichu", Hau said. He threw a Pokéball and unleashed the pre evolution of the most iconic Pokémon in history.

    "Let's show 'em what we got Eevee", Bronze said as he threw an ultra ball, unleashing Eevee. He was hoping Eevee wouldn't go running off but she was actually relaxed now and seemed to bask in the moonlight. " Guess you're a night Pokémon, aren't ya", Bronze asked. Eevee responded with a nod. Bronze now knew what he was gonna name his newest edition to the team.

    "Let's have a great battle", Hau said.

    "Yeah, me and Luna hope to", Bronze said, he was referring to his Eevee since it seemed to like the moon and darkness so much, the spanish translation for moon seemed fitting.

    "Thunder shock", Hau said, Pichu let out small bursts of electricity. Luna dodged the attacks and landed, now it was ready to battle.

    "Quick Attack", Bronze said, Luna ran at Pichu at great speeds, hitting it with a high impact.

    "Nuzzle", Hau said, Pichu started to rub up against Luna, shocking the fox and leaving it paralyzed.

    "Bite", Bronze said. Luna tried to open its mouth but it stopped in pain.

    "Quick Attack", Hau said, the Pichu hit Luna hard and fast, knocking the Pokémon fast and it didn't land nearly as gracefully as before.

    Bronze had to start thinking smarter and quicker if he was gonna be in battles like this. He then thought of a move Luna knows, "Use refresh". Luna used the move and relieved itself of its status. "Now use Sand Attack", Bronze said, Luna kicked up some sand and hit Pichu in the eyes.

    "Thundershock", Hau said, Pichu tried but it missed every bolt.

    "Use takedown", Bronze said. Luna charged at the Pichu and hit it hard, knocking the electric type back a couple of feet. The rat was knocked on its back and felt pain in its torso. Its eyes went swirly and fainted.

    "Good job, Pichu", Hau said as he pulled out its Pokéball. “You get some rest.”

    "You did great Luna", Bronze said as he petted his Pokémon

    Both trainers retrieved their Pokémon and were ready to call out their next.

    "Rowlett, let's win this"

    "Get ready to battle, BIGJAW"

    The two starters were ready to battle. The battle had played out like their first battle but, it was way closer than before thanks to the type advantage. But, BIGJAW won the battle a critical scratch, which actually turned into Metal Claw. The attack did a lot of damage to the owl and it fainted.

    "You did great, Rowlett", Hau said as he stroked the owl, it responded with a weak hoot.

    "You were awesome out their", Bronze said as he hugged his partner. BIGJAW was happy with the battle too, so he returned the hug back.

    "What a great battle folks, do you agree", Hala said. The crowd replied with a roaring cheer. Then, everyone got startled by a majestic cry from the Tapu Coco. "I see the Tapu was very satisfied with the battle. "Well, let's continue with the festivities, for our great Tapu".

    Hours later…

    The party had finally ended and everyone was going home. The battles were fun to watch and Bronze had got a lot of praise for his battle. His sister went nuts over Luna as she was a adorable, fluffy fox.

    Now back to the present, Bronze was walking down the path when the professor and kahuna came down to talk to him. "You were on fire in the battle, and BIGJAW, you showed you have some pretty strong moves", Kukui said.

    "Yes, magnificent battling", Bronze, Hala said. "Here is your stone back, and it's in a Z-Ring", Hala said as he handed Bronze the Z-Ring. Bronze saw what had happened to the sparking stone, it's was embedded into an odd bracelet with a Z engraved in it.

    "What's a Z-ring", Bronze asked as he slipped the bracelet onto his right hand. It was comfortable and give him a sense of power.

    "It's a ring that can unleash your most powerful move, it takes a lot of trust and compassion to be formed by trainer and Pokémon", Kukui said.

    "How do I use it", Bronze asked as he looked at BIGJAW to see how he can use it with him.

    "You'll have to wait for that, young Bronze", Hala said to the Johtonian trainer.

    "Thank you, Kahuna", Bronze said. "Me and BIGJAW got to go home, we're gonna crash there for the night", Bronze said, which he was happy about, he loved being around his family and his family wouldn't mind having him for another night. But tomorrow, he was going to adventure more, with his Totodile.

    Well, here ya go. I actually enjoyed writing this chapter, it was hard but I was able to make it longer than the prologue. I do like my Bronze character, it's kinda the trainer I personified whenever I watched the anime and wanted to include him in it. Now, I'm glad I came out with a compromise to have the character I dreamed of and make him more modern, with some downfalls and stuff. I thought of this when I was younger and he was stupidly OP, but now that I actually want the character to be interesting and have flaws to make him a bit more believable. Anyways that's all for now, adios.

    Edit: Yeah, I know. This is pretty rough. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep uploading the current chapters I have. Anyways, adios.

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