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The Lake Hylia Showdown Tournament!

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by Hylian, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. Hylian

    Hylian Hero of Hyrule

    Captain Falcon
    Level 1
    Nov 14, 2014
    Lake Hylia Showdown Tournament

    Yes you heard me right, Lake Hylia is having a tournament in Pokémon Showdown.​
    The tier will be LV OU, however, there is a catch. Your team must be themed around characters, enemies, or items from the Legend of Zelda games.​

    For example, I could have a team like this:​

    Mega Gallade - Fierce Deity Link​
    Emboar - Ganon​
    Trevenant - Deku Tree​
    Noivern - Keese​
    Aegislash - Master Sword​
    Gogoat - Goht​

    The possibilities are endless!​

    1. You must use the same team throughout the entire tournament.
    2. You must nickname your Pokémon with the name of the character, enemy, etc., that they are supposed to represent.
    3. Standard Showdown Rules and Clauses apply.
    4. You cannot have multiple Pokémon represent the same character, enemy or item. (Ex. I can't have a Rapidash and a Zebstrika and have them both represent Epona.)

    The winner of the tournament will receive a mini banner (similar to the one you receive from winning POTW) that they can put on their profile and in their signature, and 750 Pokepoints!

    If you are going to compete in this tournament, you must reply to this thread. Once enough people have entered, I'll decide on when the tournament will take place.

    Current Entrants:​
    Good luck to everyone who will be participating! I can't wait to see what teams people come up with!​
  2. Shada

    Shada netflix binging

    Level 7
    Mar 12, 2015
    Repel ★Charizardite X ★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Galladite ★★★★Bottle Cap ★★★★★
    Ah, I forgot to sign up earlier! I'm in!
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