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The land of the Moon by YukiStar

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by YukiStar, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. YukiStar

    YukiStar Camper

    Jan 26, 2015
    Hello. This is a story that I am currently working, Nd I felt like sharing the first chapter. I know it is not Pokémon related, but my Pokémon fanfiction is a work in progress,and still needs a lot of work to it. This story is about a lion pride. I use lions I play on lioden. Written in first person.
    Please enjoy 😃 I would love to know what you all think of it.

    Chapter one - Discovered!

    South of the great waves, North of the vast desert, east of the tropical jungle and west of the mountains that burn, is a lush savannah with great herds, plenty of shame and all the water ever to be drank. While walking and after getting separated from my pride, then getting hopelessly lost, I am now weak and exhausted. Unknowingly I have wondered into The Land of the Moon. This land is owned by the Moonlight Pride, led by an evil king, or so I have been told. I have been told many stories and legends about the Land of the Moon, as a young cub. My mother, Tenshi a fawn lioness with blue eyes, has told me about countless lions and lionesses who have wandered too far in to the Moonlight Pride's territory, never to be seen or heard from again. So she warned me. Never go there.

    But here I am. The name's Yuki or Snow Angel. I got my name from my look. Let's just say I'm not like other lionesses. I had no choice but to be here and I was too tired to turn back, besides I don't even know the way back. With the blazing heat from the bright circle, beating on my back, my only thought is getting out of this heat, finding food and water, then finding my way home before the Moonlight Pride even knows I was trespassing. I see a small waterhole in the distance surrounded by umbrella acacia trees, providing the perfect shelter out of the breast circles rays. Even though I am very tired and my paws are hurting and my legs are wobbly, I run as fast as I could to the Crystal blue water. I stop only to smell the surface, cause you can never be too careful, I mean the water could be poisoned. Once I am satisfied, I lap greedily the refreshing liquid, unaware that I am being watched from the shadows.

    I hear a rustling behind me, I still as fear takes hold of my senses. I sniff the air, but I don't smell anything or anyone. I go over to investigate, only nearly having a heart attack by a squealing earthly running from a thorn Bush. I let out a sigh of relief, I laugh at my own foolishness. Even though I am still very jumpy and nervous, I do back to the water's edge and continue drinking. Now with my thirst quenched, I decide to rest a while before finding food. I walk to an old acacia tree and drift into a dreamless sleep.

    I wake just as the bright circle let was starting to set on the horizon. The days heat has cooled, so it was easier to move around. Feeling refreshed by the water and sleep, I hear my stomach grumble and gurgle. Taking that as my cue, I set off to hunt down some dinner. After a whole night of failed hunts, I come back at the dawn of a new day with a decent sized antelope in my jaws.

    Shortly after starting my now breakfast, I thought to myself, "I don't know what everyone at home was scared off. There is no Moonlight Pride here." As I continued eating. Suddenly, mid chew, my fur on the back of my neck stand up on end, as from the shadows I hear several low growls come from the shadows. I spin around but i don't see anything.
    Feeling the same fear, I quickly swollen my mouthful. I know I have out stayed my welcome and I should get out off here quickly, as one the Moonlight Pride is in fact real and two and the part I hate the most is that they have found me, and are currently watching my every move plus they are furious. As quickly as possible, without choking myself, I finish my hard earned meal, burying the remains to cover my tracks. The rays of the bright circle has already started heating up the day. A soft breeze ruffles my fur, I pick up the scent of a lot of lions and lionesses. A twig snaps to my right, I know it is now or never. With out looking back, I run as fast as I can. I hear angry roars chasing after me.

    To be continued . . .
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