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The Most Magical Place on Earth - Pendraflare's Black Personalocke

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Pendraflare, Mar 9, 2015.

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  1. Pendraflare

    Pendraflare Hex Maniac

    Oct 4, 2014
    Alright! If you know me from PokéCommunity or Marriland, then you will probably know i'm into Pokémon Challenges, and have done several on those two forums. Last year, I completed four grueling Wedlocke Challenges, which is Marriland's creation, and I have those listed on the latter forum if you want more in-detail about them. While i'm not doing that here, instead I have a Nuzlocke variant first imposed by a certain Marriland user, which he calls the Personalocke.

    It may not look much different from a normal Nuzlocke, but it does have certain restrictions that he declares are ones meant to change how you view your Pokémon. And I decided to do it on Black since BW is one of my favorite games, and while it's not B2W2 I still find it very enjoyable. So, let's have a look at the rules.

    First off, the basic rules just so you're aware.
    1. If your Pokémon faints, it is considered "dead"! There are no exceptions to this rule. If a Pokémon faints during a Nuzlocke, you must either permanently box it, or release it! I'll be boxing mine, because i'm always like that.
    2. You can only capture/obtain the first Pokémon you encounter in a route/town. Your first encounter for an area is your only chance! If you fail to catch it for whatever reason, you do not get to catch any other Pokémon in that area. Yep, got that too.
    • Bodies of water count as the route/town they reside in. So if you fish a Magikarp in some water on route 204, and it was your first encounter there, you don't get anything else in all of route 204, including the grass.
    • If you choose to allow gift Pokémon or in-game trades, they DO count toward this, so you must obtain it before encountering any other Pokémon in that area.
    • Keep in mind, this rule isn't normally enforced until after you obtain your first Poke Balls at the beginning of the game.

    3. Trading with other games is only allowed for the sole purpose of evolving. For example, if you catch a Machop during a Nuzlocke and it evolves into Machoke, you may trade it with another game, and trade it right back, in order to evolve it. But you may not trade over any Pokémon from another game to use. ​If I get Timburr or Roggenrola, then cool.
    4. You MUST nickname every Pokémon! Yup, this is an official Nuzlocke rule. It helps to increase the bond between you and the Pokémon you use. So, be sure to nickname every single Pokémon you catch, unless it's impossible (such as an in-game trade). We'll get to my nicknaming theme in a bit, but this one I also understand well.

    You may also choose to implement the following clauses, to make your challenge a bit more fun. These are completely optional, and NOT official rules for the Nuzlocke Challenge. It is highly encouraged you decide on whether or not you want to do these ahead of time, and don't just switch them on and off at will in the middle of the challenge!

    1. Dupes Clause: If your first encounter in a route/town is a Pokémon you already have (or in the same evolution family as a Pokémon you've already caught), you may choose to ignore it and count the next encounter instead (or until you run into something you haven't caught yet). You can also impose a limit - for example, if you put a limit of 5, then you run into 5 dupes in a row, you don't get anything for that route. This is to prevent you from just being able to run into Pokémon over and over again until you find a super rare encounter. But again, it's all up to you! ​I will be playing with a maximum of being able to run into five dupes before I cannot get anything in an area.
    2. Shiny Clause: If you get incredibly lucky and find a shiny Pokémon during your challenge, you are permitted to catch it and even use it on your team if you want, even if it was not your first encounter for the route. Or, some people choose to simply catch it, and then trade it to another game. Either way, don't feel obligated to waste a shiny Pokémon just because it wasn't your first encounter!

    WHAT TO DO IF YOUR GAME FREEZES/CRASHES: What happens if your game freezes during a Nuzlocke challenge, or you otherwise somehow lose your progress? Well, the truth is... there is no official solution to that. In situations like this it is up to you how to handle it. Say you take on a gym leader, and a Pokémon dies during the fight. Then right afterward, your game freezes before you get the chance to save. Does that death count? Here's different ways it can be handled:
    1. Turn your game back on and immediately release the Pokémon.
    2. Play through the game normally up until the point your Pokémon perished, and then switch it out and consider it dead, because that's where it died last time.
    3. Restart from your last save point and play through as if nothing happened. Those who go this route see the game freezing as a second chance for your Pokémon; others may see it as immoral or not fair. This is what i'm gonna go with.

    Just remember, however you choose to go about it, you must be consistent! If you decide you'll give dead Pokémon another chance if your game freezes, this is also true if, say, you encounter the Pokémon you wanted on a route and then your game freezes. You must treat all situations equally, good or bad. Hope that clears some things up. ~

    Alright, that takes care of the main meat. Now we get to the Personalocke rules:
    1. This is where things change. Pokémon have personalities. This is based off of their nature. You cannot have more than 2 Pokémon in your team with the same nature! I.E. Say you have a Brave Tepig, if the Purrloin you catch has a Brave nature, it cannot be part of the team, unless the Turtwig passes away. Pokémon that have the same nature would more than likely fight in reality, always trying to outdo one another.
    2. You cannot have Pokémon with the opposite nature in the team. With the Brave Tepig, if the Purrloin you catch has a Timid nature, these 2 cannot be in the team together. Their natures completely oppose one another, their decisions would be split and there would likely be no coordination in the team. More examples include: Jolly + Quiet. Does not work. (Basically, just look at a nature guide, natures benefit and hinder stats, one always opposes another).
    3. Some Pokémon have neutral natures. In the case, you still can't have the same nature Pokémon on the team (cannot have 2 x Serious nature). However, all neutral natures can mix together. You can have a team with all 4 neutral natures, so long as they are all different.
    a) This will help restrict things though. The neutral nature Pokémon must have different characteristics. You cannot have a Serious nature Pokémon that likes to thrash about in the same team as a Hardy nature Pokémon that also likes to thrash about. This is Optional and I will include it in this run through.

    Other extra rules for hardcore:
    1. The battle style must be on Set at all times, preventing me from switching out my Pokémon immediately after knocking out the opponent's Pokémon. In other words, if I want to switch in after killing something, then i'll have to take a hit.
    2. I am allowed no more than three healing items per battle. This includes wild Pokémon, regular trainers, rival battles, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion, and N and Ghetsis.
    3. To make this more interesting, only regular Poké Balls can be used to catch wild Pokémon. That's right, all I have with me are my bare basics. This is a rule i've wanted to include for some time, and now I get the chance to. I can also use Premier Balls and Heal Balls, but nothing with any greater than a 1x catch rate, unless I run into a shiny.
    4. At no point can my Pokémon's level exceed that of the next Gym Leader, or 50 before entering the Elite Four. That means the level steps are 14, 20, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, and 50. If ever they are, they cannot be used in any battle until I defeat that Gym Leader. This is mostly to keep me from grinding for like ten hours and then steamrolling through the whole game.

    For that matter, I don't know if i'll do the post-game and try to rematch the Elite Four and beat Alder or not. I might, it depends on how i'm feeling after I beat N and Ghetsis (if I even do, that is), but since this isn't a Wedlocke I might be willing to go for it. But we'll see.

    Getting back to the nicknaming, my theme will be characters from animated Disney films. It's a theme that i'm sure many have used before, but now I get to use it myself.

    That said, I have already started playing, and I don't know how much i'll spread out my updates, as to whether i'll update after every Gym or what not, but i'm excited to share this with you guys! Hope you all enjoy. :)
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  2. Pendraflare

    Pendraflare Hex Maniac

    Oct 4, 2014
    Reserved for anything I might want to keep note of while doing updates.
  3. Pendraflare

    Pendraflare Hex Maniac

    Oct 4, 2014
    Haha, I kinda forgot about this thread, and i'm FAR ahead of where I am now. But for now i'll post summaries of everything that happens with each badge:

    • Started the game. Chose the girl and named her Elsa.
    • Got Tepig as my starter.
    • Beat Cheren and Bianca.
    • Named Tepig Pumbaa, after from The Lion King.
    • Caught a Lillipup on Route 1 named Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.
    • Arrived in Accumula Town.
    • Beat N's Purrloin.
    • Caught a Patrat on Route 2 named Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective.
    • Beat the trainers on Route 2. They were decently high level, wonder why...
    • Beat Bianca in a fight that wasn't too tough.
    • Arrived in Striaton City.
    • Beat the trainers in the Dreamyard.
    • Got Pansage and named it Abu, after such from Aladdin.
    • Beat Cheren in the Trainer's School.
    • Trained my team to Level 11-13.
    • Beat the trainers in the Striaton Gym.
    • Beat Cress. Pumbaa took care of the Lillipup thanks to Defense Curl, and had over half his health when Panpour came out. For that, I went to Abu, and he used Work Up twice while my Vine Whip didn't even do 1/3. But his Water Gun still wasn't doing much at all, allowing me to 4HKO him with Vine Whip.
    • So I got the Trio Badge and TM83 for Work Up, and then was taken over to Fennel's house. I healed up and stopped there.
    [​IMG] (M) "Pumbaa", Level 13
    Nature: Quirky
    Characteristic: Hates to lose
    Obtained at: Nuvema Town
    Moves: Defense Curl, Ember, Tackle, Tail Whip

    [​IMG] (M) "Ratigan", Level 11
    Nature: Lonely
    Characteristic: Proud of its power
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Obtained at: Route 2
    Moves: Bite, Detect, Leer, Tackle

    [​IMG] (M) "Tramp", Level 9
    Nature: Brave

    Characteristic: Highly curious
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Obtained at: Route 1
    Moves: Bite, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Tackle

    [​IMG] (M) "Abu", Level 12
    Nature: Bashful
    Characteristic: Highly curious
    Obtained at: Dreamyard
    Moves: Leer, Lick, Scratch, Vine Whip

    Nothing yet!
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