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Original The Origin of Color

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by RadEmpoleon, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. RadEmpoleon

    RadEmpoleon certified EPIC Gamer™ (they/them)

    Level 15
    Jun 4, 2018
    Comet Shard ★★★★Poké Doll ★★
    This was for a school project, to create a 3 page folklore of an indigenous religion origin story. I wrote this all in an hour a few days before it was due. I didn't want to start the project initially, but when I had an idea, I went ham on the story.
    In the beginning, there was only a god and goddess. The god's name was Griseous, and the goddess's name was Prisma. They were husband and wife, and they created the universe. Using the Mystical Paintbrush, Griseous created the land, the sea, the sky, the animals, and everything in between. Anything you can think of was created by Griseous. As he created everything, one aspect of everything remained the same: everything was... "Sombre." Griseous felt drained after creating the universe and fell into a deep state of depression. As a result, everything he created shared the same gloom as him. However, he noticed that he could not tell anything apart. It all looked like a large, downcast blob reflective of his emotions. Reluctantly, he settled on creating various "depths" of Sombre, some a "shallower" Sombre and some a "deeper" Sombre. Some Sombres even went to the extremes of shallow and deep. The shallowest of Sombres he named Whinte, and the deepest of Sombres he named Bluxia. He called these 3 attributes "The Grisceous Scale." He painted various depths of Whintes and Bluxias on all of his creation, and when he finished, he rested.

    While Griseous was painting the universe, Prisma sat back and watched. She had no intentions of creating anything in the universe, and she saw no need to interrupt her husband. In addition, she was pregnant with triplets and didn't want to disturb them. However, she began to notice his depression set in fairly soon. She tried to think of some way to cure his depression. As he neared the completion of adding the Whintes and Bluxias, she finally had an idea. She took the Mystical Paintbrush in secret (as she wanted to surprise Griseous with her idea) and started to add 3 new attributes to his creations. These attributes were called "Prismatics," and they were Rejah, Yelsont, and Blizue. She was happy with her contribution, but she began to notice that the Prismatics began merging with each other. Infuriated, she added more Prismatics on top to try to hide the merging, but to no avail. Reluctantly, she settled on the 3 new Prismatics that began to form, the Second Prismatics. She decided that the mix between Rejah and Yelsont would be Orjasont, the mix between Yelsont and Blizue would be called Grelzue, and the mix between Blizue and Rejah would be called Purizah. Soon enough, all of Griseous's creation was covered in the Primary and Secondary Prismatics.

    Prisma awoke her sleeping husband to show her cure for his depression. "How is this, Griseous?" she inquired with a beaming smile on her face. Griseous looked at the Prismatics, shock and rage painted all over his face. "What have you done to my creation?" he demanded with a booming voice.

    Prisma was taken aback- she was certain he would like it. "I... I added some Prismatics. I was j--just trying to h...help—" She cowered as he angrily approached her, her voice fizzling out.

    "No. You ruined my perfect Grisceous Scale with your worthless 'Prismatics,'" he spat, extra emphasis on "Prismatics." He ripped the Mystical Paintbrush out of her hands and began to go over the Prismatics with the Grisceous Scale. She retaliated by tackling him and knocking it out of his hands. It fell to the floor and shattered into three pieces. Her anger quickly shifted to regret, then to fear as she witnessed her husband glare at her with such intimidating eyes that she nearly fainted. Just as he was about to beat her for breaking the Mystical Paintbrush, they both watched as their creation faded away.

    "Now look at what you've done! The perfect world I created is gone thanks to your careless, ignorant actions!" he shouted at her. She could sense his anger phase back into depression.

    "I...I'm s...sorry. There's b...bound to be s...some way to fix the Mystical Paintbrush and r...restore the world," she said through tears and a breaking voice.

    Just then, Prisma gave birth to her triplets, one daughter and two sons. She named her daughter Huliya and her sons Sorhardt and Lysanth. The triplets each picked up a piece of the Mystical Paintbrush, and it was restored. Griseous and Prisma looked at each other in disbelief.

    "It was that simple?" Griseous wondered aloud.

    "I guess the only way to restore the Mystical Paintbrush is to work together," Prisma gathered from what just occurred.

    From then on, Griseous and Prisma worked together to recreate the world. Each was accepting of the other's unique attributes. Their children started to take after their parents as well. Huliya took mostly after her mother, helping her decide which Prismatic to choose. Lysanth took mostly after his father, helping him decide where to place items on the Grisceous Scale. Sorhardt, the eldest of the triplets, observed both his mother and father. He was the ultimate factor between Prismatic or Grisceous. He also took on the role as the mediator between his parents if they ever quarreled. Together, the five of them, known as the Spectrum, created the universe as we know it. The final thing they created was a "miniature" version of themselves, a creature called a human. Because the humans were so similar to the god and goddess, they were the only creatures given the unique ability to see the attributes.

    Over time, these attributes became known as "colors," and their names shifted to what we know today as the Grayscale and the Color Spectrum. The Grayscale consists of gray, white, and black, and the Color Spectrum consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
    The story is inspired by color because I've been in an artsy mood lately. It was interesting to write because I didn't want to specifically state the word "color" until the very end. There's no true synonym for "color", so I settled on calling them "attributes" until the end of the story.

    -Griseous specializes in the grayscale, and the "Grisceous Scale" (spelled differently on purpose) is based on the grayscale.
    -Whinte is white, Sombre is gray, and Bluxia is black.
    -Prisma specializes in color, and the "Prismatics" are based on the color spectrum.
    -The First Prismatics are primary colors (Rejah as red, Yelsont as yellow, and Blizue as blue), and the Second Prismatics are secondary colors (Orjasont as orange, Grelzue as green, and Purizah as purple).
    -For the color names, I thought of random names that sounded cool, but started with the same letter as the actual color, so people could recognize that Rejah was red and so on. The secondary colors are a mix of the color names (Orjasont is Rejah mixed with Yelsont and starting with an O like orange).
    -The triplets Huliya, Sorhardt, and Lysanth are named after the HSL values of colors. H is for hue, which determines what the color will be. S is for saturation, which determines the vibrance of the color. L is for luminance, which determines how light or how dark the color will be. I also gave them cool sounding names too.
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  2. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachiod Machamp

    Late For A Date
    Level 16
    Jun 12, 2017
    This was an interesting story. I happen to be big into legends and mythology, and I found that this does sound quite a bit like a feasible creation story. Overall I found myself enjoying how you managed to create a flow for introducing the various "attributes" in a logical order while also filling out an interesting narrative. Griseous is a huge jerk, which happens to fit a lot of deities from various mythologies around the world, such as most of the gods in the Greek and Roman pantheons. Events in the story, such as the birth of the triplets, feel like they kind of just happen, but that also helps make it feel like an myth as well. Good job.
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