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The Play's the Thing

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by WavePearl, Mar 1, 2015.

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  1. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Every year, you look forward to it--the community theater's annual fairy tale play for the spring festival, This year, they are doing an original fairy tale: "The Rescue of Princess Isabel"

    To join in, post here with the following:

    Your character's name:

    Your character's age--age 8 to 16

    Your character's appearance

    What role does your character want to try out for, or where on the crew does s/he want to serve?

    Once you have posted this, I will PM you the audition scene you will be reading with Brock (as the ogre puppet isn't built yet)

    The roles (so far):

    The Minstrel(aka the narrator and puppet voice actor)-Brock

    The King-open

    The Queen-open

    Prince Brian-Ash

    Princess Isabel-Dawn

    Prince Garet-open, this person doubles as the Growlithe's puppeteer

    Kiara the Black-open

    The Ogre--needs three puppeteers

    Lumina, Princess Isabel's guardian fairy-Serena

    Terra, the earth fairy--open

    Ember, the fire fairy--open

    Brisa, the wind fairy--open

    River, the water fairy--open

    Notte, the night fairy(ie. the good side of darkness)--open

    Kari, a young light fairy-open
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Thread Status:
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