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The Pokemon Masters: Serena comes to Alola!

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Kaito, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Kaito

    Kaito Youngster

    Jun 26, 2017
    This chapter is mainly to get across my writing style and set up the setting of characters. With this series, I'm going for a pace that is similar to most anime. Not in quality, mind you, but in structure. I have already posted this and many other chapters on other sites, but I get the feeling that here, I'll be able to get some real, helpful feedback. Hope you like it!

    P.S, that title's much better with context :)


    Serena could hardly hold her excitement. The wind blew through her hair as she stood against the breeze. It felt so nice. It was gentle, yet cooling, it gave the girl an almost perfect feeling. It was only missing one thing, and that one thing was here on this island.

    She was finally going to see Ash again! After making an agreement with her manager, she could now take a vacation to wherever she pleased. And where better to vacate than in Hawai-erm, Alola!

    The young girl was in a daze, reminiscing on the last time she saw her crush. She remembered how it felt to finally share her feelings. She made a promise back then and intended to keep it. She was now more of a woman with her new status as a coordinator of contests and couldn't wait to show Ash her new skills!

    Oh, the pain of the slow-moving ferry taking them from the Hoenn region. The wait was almost unbearable. Serena looked out onto the horizon, waiting for the speck of land to turn into the beautiful island that Ash was on. What was it called again? Oh, yes! Alola! She was so caught up with her memories of Ash she had forgotten the name of the region momentarily.

    She looked out on the viewing deck. She decided to stand up on the railing. Yes, it was dangerous, but Ash had always inspired her to live dangerously. She remembered the time that Ash jumped from the Lumiose tower to save his Pikachu, and how brave he was back then. She stood on rail and reached her hand out to the island. Nothing but some blue ocean and sky in between her and Ash.

    There were footsteps behind her, likely of the security officers about to tell her to come down. But all Serena wanted was to stay here a little longer and stay in her daydream.

    She shouted out,

    “Here I come, As-”

    Serena was then pushed off the railing and into the sea accidentally by a teenage boy who was much more endearing.


    He kept screaming nonsense and making Jojo’s references for over 30 seconds before he realized he just shunted an average girl into the ocean.

    PROLOGUE #1:



    “Oh crap!” Brendan said as reached for his belt to take out a Pokéball.


    The Swampert dove into the ocean and chased after Serena. It swam around to the back of the boat with immense speed.

    Once it caught up to her, the large Pokémon held her up. Serena calmed down and was about to thank her savior until she heard a crazed yell.

    “HOLD HER STEADY, SWAMPY!” Brendan yelled with a fishing rod, about to cast, much to Serena's misfortune.


    The hook caught Serena's frilly shirt which she probably shouldn't be wearing in weather like this and hooked on tight.

    Brendan then yanked the fishing rod with almost warrior-like intensity, flinging Serena up into the air in an arc, causing her to hold her skirt down and scream as per usual, before the boy caught her in his arms and promptly putting her down before any shippers could notice.

    “Owwww.” Serena moaned. “Was that really necessary?”

    “Nah, but it was funner!” Brendan grinned with an almost charming obliviousness. “Sorry about that, I got so excited that I didn't see you!”

    Serena stared at this strange individual for a while. She stared until she realized she was staring for too long and quickly introduced herself.

    The two had a small conversation to pass the time before they got to the island. Serena learned of Brendan's motives for arriving to the Alola region.

    “I'm gonna take the island trial and beat it so fast, they won't have enough time to even take a piss break!”

    Serena was in awe of the older boy’s determination (which reminded her of Ash), as well as his colourful language (which reminded her less of Ash)

    “So,” the boy then asked, “Where are you from?”

    “Oh,” Serena told him her situation, “well, my home is in Kalos, but I'm taking this ferry from Hoenn because I'm a performer who works there.”

    “Wow, I'm from Hoenn, too! Thats insane! Everybody here is from Hoenn! It's almost like this ferry came from a dock in Hoenn!”

    Serena stared for a moment to make sure the boy wasn't being sarcastic.

    He wasn’t.

    Once they arrived on Melemele Island, they were greeted by hula dancers along with their cheering Oricorios. Serena was amazed by the different kinds of Pokémon here that she'd never seen before. People were admiring these new Pokémon and playing with them. The residents of Alola simply gave off a pure, happy vibe, and it rubbed off on all the visitors.

    Now I know why Ash would want to come here, she thought. Just from seeing the amazing scenery around her, she seemed to understand Ash better. And that only made her want to see him more.

    As the group of arrivees all started walking to the streets of Melemele, someone was heard screaming.


    Then, just as the voice exclaimed, a Tauros started rampaging across the street, with Serena and Brendan’s group seemingly as its target. It was much larger than normal Tauros, and its eyes were gleaming with rage.

    The crowd parted to make way for the rampaging Pokémon, but it was moving sporadically.

    Serena pulled out a Pokéball, ready to stop this beast before it could injure anyone, but suddenly, a figure dashed in front of her.

    “Is that Ash?” She thought to herself. But no, obviously, it wasn’t Ash.

    He was a man of burly stature, one who could topple the the greatest of foes, the fighting type user and Island Kahuna himself…

    “ITS HALA!”

    Yeah, him. Hala had been chasing this Tauros ever since it ran from his care. Serena stared at the old man that was protecting her.

    “Don’t worry young girl, this Tauros is just having a whiny day. However, it isn’t strong enough to get pa-”

    “I GOT THIS!”

    Brendan dashed in front of Hala himself, stealing the spotlight.

    “No boy! You’ll get hurt!” Hala said.

    “You just said this thing wasn’t strong enough, right?”

    “Well... yes, but-”

    “Then there's no problem!”

    Brendan prepared for the raging Tauros, ignoring Hala’s warnings like the Shonen protag he was. Serena, once again, stared at him with a mixture of awe and confusion. She was wondering what kind of Pokémon this boy had to deal with an angry Tauros. Would he be able to calm it down without injuring it, would he or his own Pokémon get injured, and, most importantly, ...

    Where was Ash?!

    But Brendan just stood there, waiting. He didn’t reach for his Swampurt or any other Pokémon. He just stood there.

    Did he get cold feet? Was he scared? Why wasn’t he moving, and, most importantly, WHERE WAS ASH!?

    But then the unthinkable happened. Brendan threw off his overcoat revealing his red undershirt along with his arms and their, rather impressive, muscles. He then widened his stance, held his arms up, and stepped forward as the Tauros rammed directly into him.

    “WHAT!” Hala yelled. The entire crowd was in agreement. What was this estranged boy thinking? The Tauros was almost twice his size?

    The Tauros kept pushing Brendan back towards the ocean from which he came, dragging his feet across the ground, but he remained standing. In fact, he was slowing it down! Brendan had grabbed the bull by the horns! The Tauros’s forward motion had stopped before the dock as it and Brendan were now face to face.

    “Hey there, you’re a tough little guy, aren’t you?”

    The Tauros’s eyes shifted from fierce to panicking as Brendan made his move.

    He shifted his arms and placed his hands below the Tauros’s horns and proceeded to flip it on its side!

    “Well too bad for you, I’M TOUGHER!” he screamed while doing so. He had taken the giant Pokémon down!

    After the Pokémon had calmed down, the crowd of people were that were dispersed were herded back together.

    Brendan and Hala walked towards the toppled Pokémon.

    “Sorry, little guy, hope I didn’t hurt you.” Brendan petted the massive Tauros, which it seemed to enjoy.

    Hala then asked the boy,

    “You’re quite strong for your age, aren’t you?”

    “Well, I’m sixteen, so... yeah. Plus, a farm kids gotta have somethin packin or else they get booted!”

    “Ah, so you're from a farm, eh?”

    Brendan grinned at the wise man’s praise, before he got knocked over the head by him.


    “Owwwww! Ok, I’m sorry!”

    Soon after, the kids from the Pokémon school arrived. Hala greeted them.

    “Ah, Professor Kukui! Good to see you!”

    “Good to see you, too, Hala!” the professor walked over to his old friend, leaving his class. “So, what happened here? It looks like someone made a Giga Impact on the dock.”

    “Just a little mishap with old Ares.”

    Brendan blurted in. “His name is Ares? Wow, thats badass!”

    “And who are you?” Kukui asked.

    “This boy is the one that stopped Ares.”

    “I’m the one who’s gonna be the champion of this joint! Name’s Brendan!”

    “Ohh, are you now?” Kukui asked, intrigued. This kid looks like he could have what it takes. He has quite a lot of determination, along with some supposed strength. Could he be the one?

    “Sorry to say, Brendan, but we don’t have a Pokémon League in Alola.” Kukui explained.

    “Whaaaaaat? Really? That sucks! I thought the one who beat the Island Trial things got to be Champion! ”

    Kukui and Hala smirked at each other. “Yeah, well, who knows? Maybe we will have something like that at some point. In fact I-

    “Professor Kukui! Hurry up!”

    “Oh, that's just Ash!” Kukui started walking back to his students. “Still, you should take on the Island Trial. You might learn a thing or two.”

    “Alright then, I guess.” Brendan replied to the professor. “Well, that guy was weird, huh?

    Hala turned back to Brendan. “He’s not the only oddball here.”

    “Hey, I’m not that weird, old guy!”

    “Well, you are, but I wasn’t referring to you.” Hala pointed to where Serena was now laying. “That girl over there. She passed out.”

    “From the shock of Ares?”

    “No, from the site of that Ash boy!”

    “Whazzat!?” Brendan turned to see Serena on the ground with love hearts floating around her.

    “Apparently her heart couldn’t take seeing him, I guess… wait, what!?”

    “Hey, awkward girl!” Brendan yelled to Serena as he ran over to her aid.

    “Serena?” Ash said, confused.

    Serena was dazed. Why was she swaying around? She got up from the cabin bed she was in and looked out the window. She was on the ferry again. Last thing she remembered was seeing...- wait!

    Was it all a dream? Did her meeting with that Brendan person never happen? It must be. She was just so excited to see Ash that she dreamed about seeing him earlier than planned. She looked out the window again. She saw the beautiful Island Alola in the distance again.

    And it was getting… smaller?

    “Wait, WHAT!?”

    “Oh, miss Serena! You're awake!” A sailor woman entered her room.

    “What's going on?”

    “That nice boy told me to give you this,” She handed Serena a letter, which she then opened to read.

    Hey, awkward girl! We tried waking you up before we sent you off, but every time that kid got in your line of site, you kept passing out again. So we decided to move you as far away from him as possible! We sent you on that ferry back to Hoenn. Don't worry, I payed for everything! With the money I found in your purse! Hope I'll see you again!




    So, now we’re back to Brendan.

    He was walking towards the grounds of Tapu Coco as Hala told him. He was ready to take on the challenge.

    “You ready, Swampurt?”


    “Alright, then. ALOLA! HERE! WE! COME!

    To be continued...

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