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Fanfiction The Power from Outside

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by brtnvm, May 27, 2018.

  1. brtnvm

    brtnvm Youngster

    May 27, 2018
    Ok hi everybody i'm copying this story from fanfiction net to this site
    i hope that's allowed
    Chapter 1
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. All rights belong to Game Freak and Oriental Light and Magic Studios.


    Jirachella Magma Chronicles: The Awakening

    Chapter 1: The Prologue

    High above the earth a glowing meteorite with a rainbow tail was flying through the sky. Until it descended from the sky. It fell lower and lower, lower and lower and finally it crashed into the vast ocean with a gigantic splash...

    1045 years later...

    "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR", - the fog horn cried out in the winter night. Tonight the night sky was clear and all the stars and galaxies could be seen. The frost intensified the impression that the auroras burning high up in the sky created. This was truly a beautiful sight to see.

    When the famous cruise liner, S.S. Tidal finally moored at the Mossdeep Island Port berth at 11:43 PM of the 28th of February, the ship crew dropped the ladder onto the dock. Among the many other landing passengers was a simple girl of an indefinite age with black hair and red eyes running away from her past life. Not that anyone payed attention to her anyways. What was she dressed in - nobody who travelled on the same ship with her could probably answer that - she knew how not to attract attention and did a good job at blending in with the crowd.

    As an individual, any person stands out in one way or another, but in a crowd we are all the same gray mass. Let's just say that the girl was wearing casual winter clothes. Unnoticed by anyone, she made her way to the sandy part of the seashore past the port facilities, quiet and peaceful during the night. She wanted to have a good look at the stars and auroras in the wonderful frosty night sky. She sighed in awe at the magnificence. Finally she was going to turn around to head towards the city when she heard something scratching on the sand from the direction of the sea.

    Instinctively, she turned around and saw a big rugged stone the size of a truck wheel being dragged out onto the seashore by the tide. It was glowing with a faint blue colour. "A ... stone? How? Was it floating on the ocean surface? Shouldn't it have sunken in the sea? And most importantly, why is it glowing in such a weird colour?" - the girl thought.

    She wanted to turn away from the stone and mind her own business, but she couldn't. She was paralyzed. She couldn't shift her vision away from the captivating glow. She could swear that the stone was emitting some sort of sound ... or maybe that was just her imagination. She couldn't resist but try to touch the stone. One step closer, another step closer. She stretched out her left hand and touched the mysterious cold stone that came from the sea.

    When the distance between her fingers and the stone closed up, she felt a sense of anxiety boiling in her stomach. She proceeded until her full palm was in contact with the stone. The stone pulsated one time like a single heartbeat and for a second shined with a bright golden colour. It also started slightly shaking. It was as if the stone was awakening.

    "W-what the hell!" - The girl yelled in surprise in fear. She immediately wanted to pull away her hand but it was completely glued to the rough mineral surface. "A-Aaaaa!NO!" Another attempt to disconnect her hand with the stone was countered by a sensation of unbearable pain, it was like trying to rip off skin alive. So she unwillingly gave in to the established connection and pulsation that started pumping some sort of energy substance inside her body and it was awful.

    It felt like being exposed to ice cold water and boiling hot water at the same time and having that slowly pumping through her blood channels was impossible to endure. "A-A-AARRRRGHHHH-" Her voice yelled out in a muted moan, breaking out into tears at the effect of unavoidable helpless pain. She saw that her veins on her left hand up to her wrist were glowing with bright blue light in the blood circulation system pattern, and she felt under the sleeve of her winter coat how the energy slowly rised up to her elbow and beyond.

    The stone started pulsating more rapidly at an exponential acceleration and the rest of the girl's blood circulation system of her full body from head to toe was filled with the mysterious energy substance in less than 10 seconds. Then the energy started leaving the stone, leaving dull lifeless mineral substance behind, and the girl didn't even notice how her hand disconnected with the stone. Finally all of the stone's energy was transferred into the girl."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!AAAAAAAAAAA!" she was screaming.

    She was feeling pain in all her body but especially in her head, it was comparible to the pain of a criminal, executed with torture, except ten times more painful. All her veins were glowing bright blue, with the colour occasionally changing to bright yellow. The girl kept yelling with pain at the top of her lungs, but unfortunately nobody could hear her in the night. She felt how an alien entity was taking over her body and consciousness. But she didn't give up.

    Right now the girl couldn't think or percieve anything anymore. She was squeezing her head with her hands as hard as she could to cope with the pain, she bent down onto the sand, bent up, then down and then again, on and on. She was holding on pure instinct and reflexes but finally she gave into the hostile energy. She felt her mind being suppressed by a shining metallic light.

    She was merging with the entity. She felt divine pleasure when the tension in her head finally started to settle down and her mind started to synchronize with the blue energy but then the pain returned and started grinding her even harder from the inside. It was her becoming it and it becoming her. She forgot about everything, who she was, what she wanted, why she was here, what she was doing. She existed only there and then, at that moment as a being of life, a vessel of energy.

    At the bottom of the girl's neck, where the head connects with the body, the energy started to concentrate, followed by another excruciating experience of pain. On the sand around the girl standing on her knees and hands without realizing it, white energy circles of a one-meter radius appeared from the energy flowing out of her body, and in a second the circles were shooting up energy into the night sky. The girl felt by the decreasing pain that the process was ending and the pillar of blue light created by the circles was slowly fading.

    After that the energy, concentrated at the bottom of her neck started tearing her skin apart letting her blood leak out and opening the flesh of her neck in one specific place of her neck skin, right where the neck ends and the chest begins. She felt as if her head was about to detach from her body - the pressure from the concentration of energy in that place of her neck was like a tornado running through her blood.

    The blue energy painstakingly reformed the breaking flesh at that particular place into something else. When the process was complete, at the bottom of her neck there was a blue eye with sclera of a heavenly golden colour. A third eye. It could see. She saw the world around her through the new eye in a light that she never saw before, as if she was blind before and only now could she truly see. But that didn't last long. Then the girl collapsed onto the cold sand face down.
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  2. brtnvm

    brtnvm Youngster

    May 27, 2018
    ok hi everybody this is chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    Chapter 2: The Awakening


    A Dratini, flying in outer space across the stars. Another Dratini, chasing it right behind the first's tail. No fear, no thoughts, - just the thrill of hunt. Finally the chasing Dratini caught up to the escaping one and devoured it from tail to head, but then the first Dratini diffused from within the second one in a fierce struggle, their bodies intertwined in a fierce collision, raising the friction higher and higher, higher and higher until they started spinning so fast that they combined their long, slender bodies into one.

    The colour of the new creature was a pale blue like the ocean on an overcast day. It was a Dragonair, a dragon superior to both of the Dratinis. The Dragonair was suddenly shrouded in a metallic violet light and then it jumped down, to the bottom of the universe, it could feel how with every second its speed was increasing, as if it were falling - but it was when it finally was about to crash against a giant galaxy in the form of an eye-


    Hufffff, hffffff, hffffff..."

    What the hell was that? I ... woke up. The sun was shining through the window. My forehead was in sweat. My body was hot. I was sitting in a bed with my legs covered by a white blanket. I looked at my surroundings... Where am I?

    ''Finally you've woken up! I was sitting here all night waiting for you to wake up! Don't you worry, I'll have you cured in no time!"

    "Huh? Who are you?"

    Right next to my white bed there was someone standing. She was big and round and pink. She was wearing a white hat with a red cross sign. She was carrying an egg ... on her stomach? i don't know why, but I thought that was weird.

    "My name's Belerina! But ... (she became sad for a moment) everybody just calls me the doctor Pokémon. I wish someone could understand me so I could tell them my name.

    "A poke-what? Well I can understand you ok. Is it supposed to be hard?"

    "Wait, you, you, ... understand me? (her face lit up with joy) Will you help me talk to the people? I havesomuchtosayandyuoknowI'vebennthinkingaboutthi-"

    "Uh, yeah, I guess, I mean I understand you, - wait, could you ask one question at a time I can't follow your line of thought-''

    "YAAAYYYY! Finally I can be heard!" She embraced me in a hug and became really happy.

    "What the hell is happening? I can't remember anything? Can you tell me, Belerina?" I asked, still sitting on my bed.

    "I d-don't know, to be honest, you'll have to ask Nurse Joy, oh wait, I have to call her since you're awake!" Belerina finally let go of me and ran out the room we were in.

    I took another look. I was in a room where all the walls were painted white. The room had a sink. A sink. Sinks have water inside. Why did I remember that? Ugh... My head hurts... It's ok now. A mirror. How do I know how all these things are called? And why can't I remember anything from yesterday... or before yesterday... or before before yesterday or..- stop. I need to know where I am. While Nurse Joy is coming, I'll look at myself in the m-i-r-r-o-r-

    Hmm. My face. It's pale. My hair..it's blonde, but three strands are deep blue- one at the center, and two at the sides of my forehead. It's shoulder-length. My eyes are green. Deep green.. Emerald green.. Huh? at the bottom of my neck there's some white bandage. I notice it only now. I touch it. Ouch! It hurts like crazy. I wonder what's under the bandage?

    Well, I look cute. I guess.

    The door opened, and another person entered. I'm sure even a minute hasn't passed yet. It's .. Nurse Joy(?), She has pink hair and blue eyes. I guess this is how she looks. I don't see Belerina though.



    "My name is Franchesca Cohan Joy. Nice to meet you, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I need to make sure you're ok. Let me do a medical examination."


    ...After checking my health, Nurse Joy sat on a chair asked me some questions.

    "So, what happened? What's your name? And who are you?"

    I gave her a blank stare. What?

    "Huh? I thought you would tell me. I don't remember anything past this morning."

    She looked straight into my eyes and that kinda creeped me out. It felt as if the connection between our eyes let her see my mind. For a moment, i felt how my conciousness was invaded by darkness-

    "It seems you're not lying."

    I shrugged off the creepy sensation.

    "I'm not, but how can you tell?" I asked her suspiciously.

    "Oh, we have our methods. Nothing you should think about."

    Well, that's rude. But then she started speaking.

    "Fine, I'll tell you what I know. You were found lying unconscious on the beach two days ago by a tourist couple, but you woke up only now. You had your neck slashed, and you lost a lot of blood. That's why you have that bandage...It appears that you're about 16 or 18 years old, but you didn't have documents on you so we couldn't confirm that. How did you get on Mossdeep Island without documents, anyway? Well, we've made an inquiry to the police, but they don't have anything on you either, no fingerprint results match... Most likely you're from a distant region like Unova. And your neck trauma gives us reasons to believe that you tried to commit suicide... But that doesn't explain your memory loss. So. What are we going to do with you, hmm?"

    She crossed her legs, put her left elbow on her knee, her chin on her hand and gave me a very questioning look.

    "Could you at least try to remember your name? It's a pain in the ass to do the paper work without some name to write in. Ugh, ok, just rest here for the next week and if everything goes ok, we'll discharge you from the hospital. You should be aware though that once you get your new documents registered, you'll have to pay a bill for medical treatment. Don't think about that now, though."


    "Oh, and since you don't remember anything, I should probably explain you , well ... everything."

    And so my week of learning about the world began.
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