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The Princess and the Peasant (Called Royalty and Servant on other sites)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by nduns, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    Note: The following story contains a lesbian romance. There's nothing that goes beyond a G-rating, but just thought I'd let you know in advance in case there are some here who don't like this kind of pairing.

    Our story begins in a kingdom known as Fiora. It was a lovely town full of spirits and filled with life. The people lived in peace since there were no wars or qualms with other kingdoms. The sun shone bright in the sky and lit up the streets as the citizens went about their merry way.

    However, these next two days were of much importance as Fiora's own princess, a slender woman who had just turned eighteen, was to be married in that time. This princess, Amia by name, was a true vision of beauty with her long brown hair and the cutest face one could ever gaze upon. Her eyes were like sapphires and her skin was like silk. Currently, she was wearing an elegant blue gown.

    Currently, the woman was seated and having her hair done by another, a woman only a year older than her named Emma. This particular woman had become Amia's maid last year as she was finally of age to do so. Her hair was black and half the length of Amia's. Her eyes were brown and her face was not as attractive, but she was still quite lovely. Currently she was dressed in the normal attire maids wore with the buttons on the front, a pocket and collar and an apron on the front.

    "Oh, you look absolutely breathtaking today!" Emma exclaimed after putting the finishing touches on Amia's hair.

    The brunette smiled and said, "Well, it's all thanks to you," as Emma giggled nervously before replying, "Oh, you're too kind."

    "No, I mean it," Amia replied with a warmer smile before turning to her servant, "Only you can make me look this good."

    The princess then bit her lip and added, "In fact, you've always helped me get through life, even when we were kids," Emma blinking and replying, "Please, you're giving me way too much credit."

    Amia chuckled and remarked, "Too much credit? Are you kidding? Have you forgotten the day we met?"

    There was actually more to Amia and Emma's relationship than just that of a servant and mistress. The two were childhood friends, both having known each-other for thirteen years. Normally, the kingdom's rules would forbid the princess from being friends with common folk, but their meeting just happened to be the right kind.

    The day the two met was when Amia was being shown around the kingdom by her butler simply to get an idea of what she would have on the day she became queen. During her time in town, though, she was threatened by a bandit who was running from the law and decided to use her as a hostage, thus making it difficult for even her butler to help her out.

    However, things took an unexpected turn when a young Emma arrived at the scene with her own parents. Without hesitation or warning, she immediately charged toward the bandit much to her parents' dismay and ended up snatching his weapon away from him before pointing it threateningly at the man. Of course she had no intention of actually using it, but the bandit took it seriously all the same and immediately dropped the princess, allowing the law enforcers to take him away.

    Needless to say, the king and queen were most grateful and as such, Emma was more than welcome to be friends with Amia. She had been permitted into the castle many times and even been taught proper etiquette and all that came with being in the royal walls. The whole reason she applied for the maid position was because not only did she feel she was most suited for the task but this also gave her a reason to always be there for Amia. Though sometimes Emma felt she had another reason but could not put her finger on it.

    Either way, her and Amia's conversation ended when a loud knocking came from the twin doors downstairs, the princess' eyes widening as she squeaked, "Edmond's here!" Emma nodding and saying, "Hold on," before straightening out Amia's dress and pulling out a pink rose, pinning it to the shoulder strap.

    "Thanks so much," Amia said with a smile as Emma grinned, replying, "What are friends for? Now go out there and knock him dead!" while the princess nodded and headed out the door, Emma's grin fading as she let out a sigh, rubbing her arm and uttering, "He's right for you anyway."

    Amia rushed down the steps when a middle-aged woman with short hair similar to Amia's in colour and wearing a black satin gown noticed her and said, "Whoa, slow down, honey."

    "Sorry, Mother," Amia replied with a light chuckle after coming to a stop. This woman before her was the queen of Fiora, Madison.

    After Amia had apologized, Madison simply smirked and said, "Oh, I'm just teasing. Hurry all you want. Your fiance is waiting," the woman winking at Amia as the princess giggled and said, "Right, we can't leave him in suspense," the woman dashing off for the entrance to the castle.

    With that, Amia headed toward the front door where a tall, slender man with an orange beard wearing royal garments stood. This was her father, Eric, and he had a big smile on his face while he said, "Look who's here, honey," the man pointing toward a much younger man, Edmond.

    He was the prince of the kingdom of Eron and what a handsome prince he was. He had rich golden hair and a smile to die for. Today, he was dressed in a fancy black suit studded with diamond buttons.

    Amia bit her lower lip and said, "Wow, you really went all-out today, didn't you?"

    "Eh, this is nothing," Edmond replied with a shrug, "You, on the other hand, have outdone yourself."

    Amia laughed and replied, "Oh, I can't take all the credit," Edmond nodding as he said, "Of course. Emma really is a miracle worker."

    The man then looked into Amia's eyes and added, "Still, I can't imagine this looking so good on anyone else."

    "I'll leave you two alone," Eric said before exiting the area, Amia nodding before suggesting, "Let's go to the courtyard. It's nice and peaceful there."

    Edmond nodded as he and the princess headed toward the area, the servants in the area looking at this with bright smiles on their faces. They just knew the binding of these two would be beautiful as both were madly in love with each-other.

    Emma was just about to head outside to hang up Amia's laundry when she noticed the two run right by her, Amia turning and flashing her a grin and a thumb up. Emma smiled back and gave a thumb up of her own. However, when Amia left the area, Emma simply let out a sigh and resumed her duties. A part of her felt happy that she and Edmond worked so well and yet something about their relationship bothered her, but what?

    This would have to wait as Amia and Edmond had spent the next ten minutes in the courtyard talking about wedding plans, Amia saying, "And Dad was thinking of dusting off the curtains he used for his wedding. Do you think that's going too far?"

    Edmond shook his head and replied, "Nothing is too good for this," the man then gazing upon her as Amia blushed brightly, the prince holding her hand with a big smile.

    Then, suddenly, the man's smile formed into a big grin as he, of all things, started to sing, "You know, it's really kind of funny when I look into your eyes," the man standing up as Amia got up with him, gasping as the man continued, "They tell me everything is perfect, that it's gonna be alright."

    The man then released one of her hands and stretched his arm out, explaining, "This wedding is the start of something that is beautiful and sweet! Oh, the only downside is we have to wait for two more nights!"

    Amia's blush brightened as the man started to lead her through a dance while singing, "You're the sun that lights my sky, the diamonds on my suit. You're my lovely evening star, like you are my sweetest fruit."

    The man then held her closer, his lips almost touching Amia's as he added, "It really is quite lovely, and it's very plain to see. You and I were simply meant to be," the man then backing away and signalling Amia to follow as the princess chuckled, saying, "Oh, Edmond, you're such a tease."

    With that, the woman proceeded to follow him and sang, "No matter when you come on by, it's never a bad time. Just being in your presence makes me want to sing in rhyme."

    Edmond laughed and replied, "Oh, stop it, surely you jest," Amia remarking, "It's true, you are the best," as she caught up to the man and wrapped her arms around the him while singing, "You're the stars that fill the night, you make everything alright."

    Edmond laughed as the princess tickled him briefly, planting a kiss on his cheek while his eyes went wide, the woman adding, "You know, it really is quite lovely, and it is plain to see. You and I were simply meant to be," the princess reaching around and rubbing her finger under Edmond's chin.

    The prince simply turned and placed his hands on her shoulders and sang, "You really are the fire that gives me strength and drive," Amia replying, "And you're the honey filling up the world's biggest hive," both then singing, "It really is quite lovely, and it is plain to see! You and I were simply meant to be!"

    With that, the two entered the hallway and started to circle while holding one-another, nearby servants watching this as the two belted, "It really is quite lovely, and it is plain to see! You and I were simply meant to be!"

    The two then held each-other in a tight embrace, their lips pressed up against one-another as those watching let out a unanimous 'Aw', the two laughing after their kiss ended. And with that, the two spent a solid five hours just talking and enjoying each-other's presence. They certainly seemed inseparable, a match made in heaven.

    However, Edmond could not stay all day as he had to head home to prepare himself and get a good night's rest, the man waving and saying, "See you in two days, my dove," Amia nodding and blowing him a kiss before adding, "Have a safe trip home. I'll miss you."

    "I bet I'll miss you more," Edmond replied with a wink before taking his leave.

    Emma entered the area with a weak smile and asked, "So, how was it?" while Amia held her hand against her chest and sighed, "Wonderful."

    "Yeah, I bet it was," Emma replied with a sigh and added, "Anyway, as per your request, I convinced the staff to prepare a small meal tomorrow night. After all, we wouldn't want to spoil the wedding, right?"

    Amia nodded and replied, "You better believe it," before resting her hands on Emma's shoulders and adding, "I know I say this a lot, but really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. As much as I get along with Edmond, I don't think it would have worked nearly as well if not for you."

    "But I don't really do anything in regards to that," Emma replied as Amia sighed, "Don't do anything? You always make me look perfect for these visits and you always give me the confidence to prevent me from getting nervous. You do a lot more than you think."

    Emma nodded and asked, "What are friends for?" Amia giving Emma a quick hug before heading off to the dining hall for dinner while the maid took a deep breath and muttered, "If I'm so amazing, then why am I so unlucky?"

    When Amia was seated, Eric beamed at her and said, "You two spent a rather long time together. You must be so excited."

    Madison nodded and added, "I remember my wedding night. It was truly the happiest day of my life," Eric adding, "Mine too," the man holding his wife's hand and giving her a peck on the cheek.

    "Well, even if the reception isn't perfect, Saturday will still be the happiest day of mine," Amia stated as Emma listened in and took a deep breath.

    The woman then walked down the hall to Amia's room as another maid stared at her. Emma turned to the woman and stared back, asking, "Yes?"

    "What are you doing?" the other maid asked as Emma replied, "Just adding some finishing touches to Amia's room. Can't be too careful with cleanliness, right?" the other maid nodding and replying, "I guess that's true."

    With that, Emma climbed up the stairs and walked all the way to Amia's room, entering before closing the door behind her and sighing, "What is wrong with me?"

    With that, the woman looked up and sang, "Why is it that my heart starts pounding whenever she's around?" Emma then placing her hand against the wall and adding, "Why do I get butterflies fluttering around?"

    The woman then proceeded to pull out a duster while adding, "I guess the real question stands out like a pearl. Sometimes I wonder why I'm a girl."

    Emma then started to dust various parts of the room while singing, "Sometimes I wish I was Edmond, oh-so handsome and tall. I would dance with her while attending some fancy ball," the woman then looking in a mirror and imagining herself as a man while singing, "Why did she have to be so lovely, such a beautiful golden dove? Why did cupid have to strike me with his arrows of love?"

    The woman then proceeded to slump down on Amia's bed and added, "I guess the real question stands out like a pearl. Sometimes I wonder why I have to be a girl."

    Emma then took a deep breath and sang, "It just seems so right in the end. After all, we are the best of friends," the maid then groaning, "But then why can't I be open, oh, what is wrong with me?"

    The woman then blinked and added, "Oh, right, because it cannot be," Emma then looking out the window while she sang, "It's okay, though, she has her prince. She has her shining star. As for me, well, I should be happy because that's how close we are."

    Emma then took a deep breath and looked at a portrait of Amia hanging above her bed as she sighed, "If only she could see that she is meant for me," the woman groaning, "No, I'm being selfish as can be."

    Emma then got up and looked in the mirror, singing, "I guess the real question stands out like a pearl. Why did I have to be a girl?"

    Yes, deep down inside, Emma's feelings for Amia went beyond a simple friendship. But just as she had said, it could not be. Such a thing was unheard of for a princess and was frowned upon by the world. Besides, if Emma ever told Amia such a thing, she knew it would make things awkward between them.

    And Amia remained blissfully unaware of her maid's feelings as dinner was soon finished, the woman getting up when Eric added, "Dear, don't forget to wash up," Amia rolling her eyes and replying, "Don't worry, Dad, I wouldn't forget that."

    "I just want you to always look your best," Eric replied as Madison rested an arm on his shoulder and sighed, "Honey, it's going to be okay."

    With that, Amia headed out of the dining hall and rolled her eyes before looking around, one of the servants saying, "Princess, if you're looking for Emma, she's in your quarters tidying up."

    Amia blinked and smiled, saying, "Aw, she didn't have to do that. She really is the best."

    The princess headed to her room before noticing Emma just opening the door, the maid staring silently and blinking. At that moment, she quickly sported a smile and said, "Hey, Amia, old buddy. Finished dinner already?"

    "Yeah, but I gotta take a bath now," the princess replied with a shrug, "I was wondering-" Emma grinning and replying, "Like you really have to ask."

    With that, the two headed to the bathing room. Upon entering, Amia got undressed while Emma got the water ready, Amia entering and soaking in a tub of hot water and breathing in the steam, sighing, "You always manage to get the water to just the right temperature."

    Emma chuckled and replied, "Please, it's really not that hard," the woman holding up a sponge and removing her shoes and socks before entering the tub to wash the princess' back.

    "By the way, Emma," the princess stated, "I had a little talk with my parents and they agreed that you deserve a day off from all your hard work," Emma blinking and replying, "Please, I'd rather serve you than anyone else."

    Amia nodded and replied, "Anyway, since I got one more day before, well, the big day, Mom and Dad agreed that we should spend tomorrow together, you know, before I start devoting all my time to Edmond."

    Emma's eyes widened at the sound of this. On one hand, it was hard to refuse such a request, especially if it meant spending quality time with Amia. On the other hand, a part of her did not want to be alone with the princess before her wedding if ever again. Sure, she was happy for Amia, but being around her friend only reminded her of a future that would never happen.

    Even so, it would have been rude to object as Emma grinned, saying, "Okay. It'll be great, just the two of us," the maid taking a deep breath.

    She had to remind herself that Amia was still her best friend. With that in mind, there was no way the maid was going to ruin this, especially after Amia went to the trouble of arranging it.

    Even so, would she be able to hold herself together? Would she be able to contain her feelings? Whatever the case, she needed to be supportive and if Amia was happy with Edmond, Emma would be happy as well.
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  2. GiratinaMissingNo

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    Mar 8, 2017
    That's really cool! I think it's really interesting to have this sort of thing, keep going! :)
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  3. nduns

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    Jan 10, 2017
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    With Amia's bath over and done with, she and Emma were headed off to bed. Since Emma had become the princess' maid, she had been given her own quarters to live in and as such, she simply walked Amia to her room and nothing more.

    "Well, goodnight, your highness," Emma said with a smile as the princess chuckled, replying, "Please, you know you don't have to call me that," before she smirked and gave her friend a pinch on the cheek.

    Emma laughed briefly before sighing, "It's exciting, getting married to someone so wonderful."

    Amia blinked when she saw a slight hint of negativity in Emma's expression. Sure, it had taken quite some time, but the princess noticed something was wrong with her friend.

    "Look, Emma," Amia sighed, resting a hand on her shoulder as the woman's eyes widened, a light blush forming as the princess added, "just because you're a maid doesn't mean you can't get married someday."

    The maid stared awkwardly at the princess before uttering, "Oh, yeah, that's been bothering me lately. Thanks for letting me know," a fake smile on her face.

    Amia then smiled bright and gave Emma a hug, squealing, "Tomorrow's gonna be so much fun!" the princess then retreating to her room as Emma looked down and sighed, saying a quick, "Good night," before heading to her own quarters.

    The maid soon arrived in her room, which looked nicer than those of the other maids simply due to her being Amia's best friend. Once inside, she closed her door tightly and let down light tears, sniffing before wiping them from her eyes.

    She had to be happy right now. Amia was soon to be wedded to her true love. What right did Emma have to impose upon that? Just because she was among a minority did not mean Amia had to be a part of that minority as well.

    With that in mind, Emma yawned and smacked her lips, sighing, "We're going to have fun tomorrow, nothing more," the maid crawling under her covers and closing her eyes.

    She tried her best to get a good night's sleep. After all, she would not let fatigue ruin what Amia had gone to the trouble of setting up.

    That morning, Amia was the first to wake up as she sprinted toward Emma's room. Once she arrived there, the princess bit her lower lip with a big smile on her face, slowly opening the door to see Emma in the middle of getting dressed while wearing nothing but her underwear.

    The maid turned and gasped, holding her maid outfit in front of her chest before she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Oh, it's you."

    Amia laughed and said, "Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but that reaction was just priceless," Emma chuckling and replying, "Hey, you can laugh all you want."

    The princess took a deep breath and added, "By the way, you don't have to wear your maid outfit today."

    Emma blinked and asked, "Are you sure?" Amia nodding and replying, "Of course. This is your day off, remember? Heck, if it was up to me, you wouldn't have to wear that outfit at all."

    Emma blinked and looked through her wardrobe, biting her lower lip and uttering, "There's just one problem."

    Amia noticed very quickly that all of Emma's outfits were maid outfits. After all, she had donated all of her casual attire after being given the job as she figured she would never wear such clothes again.

    Amia tapped her chin and gasped, a big smile forming as she squealed, "Quickly, come to my room right now!"

    Emma blushed brightly as she retorted, "Are you crazy!? I'm practically naked!" the princess nodding and stating, "That's why we should hurry before everyone else wakes up."

    With that, the two headed into Amia's room where the princess immediately ran to her wardrobe and sorted through her clothes, saying, "This is perfect for you," holding out a beautiful black sleeveless dress as Emma blinked and sighed, "No, I can't."

    "Nonsense," Amia remarked, holding it in front of her friend's face while adding, "There's no law saying a servant can't dress royally on her day off."

    Emma took a deep breath and gave an awkward smile, replying, "Thanks."

    With that, the woman quickly put the dress on as Amia stared for a few seconds, Emma blushing nervously before the princess pursed her lips, her body trembling before she squealed, "You look so good in that!"

    Emma's blush brightening as she remarked, "No, I-" only for Amia to start tickling her, the maid laughing hysterically as the princess added, "You look even better in it than I do."

    The woman then let out a deep breath as Emma asked, "You really think so?"

    Amia nodded and replied, "Trust me, if you ever decide to get married, wear this dress. It's perfect."

    "But what if you want to use it?" Emma asked only for the princess to reply, "Don't worry about that. It's yours now," Emma's eyes widening.

    But before the maid could object, Amia headed out the door to get breakfast as Emma rolled her eyes and followed close behind. Amia was certainly in good spirits, so today would certainly be a good one.

    After the two enjoyed a quick breakfast of toast and fruit juice, Amia and Emma exited the castle as Eric, who had woken up around that time, stood by the door and called out, "Now, you girls be careful!" the two exclaiming, "We will!"

    The king bit his lower lip when Madison approached him and rested her hand against his shoulder, rolling here eyes and assuring him that things would be fine.

    Amia looked up at the sun shining, the birds chirping and the citizens all coming out for their everyday tasks, the princess singing, "Oh my, how lovely, what a truly gorgeous day! It's the kind that makes me feel just like singing!"

    Emma blinked as the princess added, "The birds in the sky chirp with all their might while the bells of wonderful feelings are ringing!"

    Emma shrugged and followed close behind as Amia walked through the streets, looking at everyone while adding, "The people look so cheerful and I honestly can't blame them. The weather is so perfect on this day!"

    The princess then held onto a lamp post and twirled around it while singing, "The sun is shining bright and the air feels so fresh! I know everything is gonna go our way!"

    Emma took a deep breath and sighed, "Not for all of us," Amia turning to face her as the maid quickly sported a big, forced smile.

    The princess took her hand and ran through the town as she sang, "Today's a day for fun while we bask in the sun, and I plan to live these minutes to their fullest! Sure, tomorrow's gonna be the best day of my life, but today can at least be second-best!"

    Emma nodded and knew she could not ruin things for Amia and as such, the woman rested a hand on her shoulder and sang, "I'll make sure that you have a lot of fun today, I'll make sure things will truly go your way. After all, you are the friend, the very best of friends, and we'll remain that way until the bitter end."

    Amia nodded and sang, "Even when I'm married to my dear sweet prince, I'll make sure to spend quality time with you," Emma smiling bright as the princess added, "We can still have fun like we always have, there is no telling just what we can do."

    With that the townsfolk all waved happily at Amia, the princess waving back while singing, "The librarian has just gotten a new shipment of books while the barber experiments with a slew of trendy looks."

    The town barber had just given a woman a beehive haircut, the woman screaming at the sight of it while Emma laughed and pointed at a street performer while adding, "And the people on the streets know how to seize the day, it seems that everything is gonna go our way!"

    With that, the two danced through the streets while singing, "Everything is going just right in the land while the two of us walk here hand-in-hand! Things cannot be better, yes, that much is true, there is no telling just we can do!"

    Amia beamed brightly while singing, "Until tomorrow comes, we'll make the most of this day and everything is gonna go our way!" Emma nodding as Amia ran ahead to look at the items in the local antique shop, the maid sighing, "Yes, everything is gonna go your way."

    However, while Emma wished things could be different, she knew she had to make the best out of her time with Amia. Even so, the closer her wedding to Edmond got, the more difficult it became.

    Speaking of Edmond, the prince was currently at home looking through his wardrobe. A woman with short brown hair wearing a fancy blue gown entered and asked, "Edmond, dear, what are you doing?" the man replying, "Just picking out a wedding suit, Mother."

    Edmond's mother, Gertrude, took a deep breath and said, "I told you, honey, you don't have to worry about that. Your father and I are taking care of everything," Edmond sighing, "I know, but I feel like I should be able to choose what to wear for my own wedding day."

    The woman chuckled and replied, "You remind me of me when I got married. I was just like this," the woman walking over and rubbing the man's shoulders, adding, "No need to be so stressed out over this, alright? Everything will be okay."

    Edmond nodded and replied, "Thanks. But you know, it's just that Amia is such an angel and I only want the best," Gertrude nodding and replying, "And she will get just that, mark my words."

    With that, the woman exited the room as Edmond took a deep breath and continued to look through his wardrobe. Sure, his parents were going to pick out his clothes for him, but he still wanted to at least formulate his own opinion before going along with theirs.

    During this time, Amia and Emma were currently doing many fun things together. Some of these activities included sitting by the local pond to feed the ducks, having work done on their nails, buying a quick lunch to enjoy and even doing a little bit of shopping just for the heck of it. And during it all, the two had tons of fun and Emma did her best not to let her feelings get in the way of this.

    However, while the two exited the shop with their bags in hand, Amia gasped when she noticed a man running toward her while being pursued by the law, one of the enforcers exclaiming, "HALT IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!!!!!"

    Upon spotting the two young women before him, the man wasted no time grabbing hold of Emma, the maid's eyes wide with shock and fear when he pulled her in front of him and whipped out a knife, holding it up just inches away from her neck while grunting, "Stay back! Come any closer and the broad gets it!"

    The law enforcers stopped in their tracks as Amia trembled, the man glaring at her as the princess bit her lip, falling to her knees. What could she possibly do? Her best friend was being used as a hostage and she had absolutely no idea how to fight.

    "Smart girl," the man said with a smirk as the chief law enforcer dropped a sword he had been carrying and uttered, "Okay, sir, let the lady go and we'll let you go, okay?"

    The man grinned and replying, "You guys are smarter than you look."

    Emma gritted her teeth and wished she could fight back. In her position, doing anything would have been fatal and she knew that if she allowed herself to die for any reason whatsoever, Amia would be too upset to go through with her wedding.

    However, she then realized something she could do. Sure, it would not be much, but if she could teach Amia even one fighting technique at this moment, it would be more than helpful.

    With that in mind, the maid directed her eyes toward the princess. While the law enforcers had the criminal distracted with their negotiations, Amia looked up at her with terror as Emma whispered, "Swing your foot in front of you."

    Amia's eyes widened at the sound of this, the woman having trouble believing what she had heard as the criminal was too distracted to notice, Emma hissing, "Just do it," the princess nodding before doing exactly what she was told, moving her foot in a sweeping motion.

    This caused her heel to run into the man's ankle, his eyes going wide as he fell backward while his knife flew from his hand and landed right in front of the chief enforcer's foot. The enforcer's eyes widened briefly until he realized he now had an opportunity, the criminal trying to get up while grunting, "Darn you, wench! You should have stayed out of this!"

    But just as the man threw his arms toward Amia's neck, Emma got up just in time to grab hold of his wrists from behind, pulling them back while planting her foot against his back. Amia breathed heavily, her fear still there as the enforcers applauded Emma's actions, the chief having her let go as he latched a set of handcuffs onto the criminal's wrists.

    "I have to admit, you ladies really helped us," the chief said with a grin as Emma smirked, saying, "We just did what was necessary."

    Amia still breathed heavily while the chief added, "Hopefully, the rest of your day will be fine, Princess."

    The criminal's eyes widened as he gulped, "You mean that was the princess who tripped me? Oh god, and I was about to choke her!" the chief saying, "Yeah, yeah, just come with us," the law enforcers leading him away from the area.

    Emma's smirk faded when she noticed Amia still in fear. With that, the maid knelt down and asked, "Are you okay?" Amia slowly nodding and exclaiming, "I should be asking you that!"

    The princess then hugged her friend with tears in her eyes, sniffing, "I thought I was going to lose you!"

    Emma blushed lightly before smiling lightly, patting her friend on the back and saying, "There, there, everything's fine."

    Amia nodded before breathing a sigh of relief and asking, "Say, Emma, could you teach me some more fighting moves? I'm not gonna lie, helping out actually felt pretty good."

    Emma chuckled and replied, "Sure, but we should go to the field for that."

    With that, the two headed off to a field just outside of town. After all, they had plenty of time left to enjoy the day, and Emma simply did not want all of it to end.

    When the two arrived, Emma immediately started demonstrating a series of simple fighting techniques, Amia doing her best to perform them herself. There was nothing too special, though. It was simple things like punches, kicks and jabs.

    After a while, Amia was able to practice on her own as Emma sat by the sidelines and watched, saying, "Looking good," Amia beaming with pride while squealing, "It's all thanks to you! You're the best friend a princess could have!"

    Emma took a deep breath, her smile weakening while she thought, 'Yes, a friend. I guess that's really all I am,' the woman watching Amia continue to practice while singing her mind, 'Don't you realize I want to be more, more than just your friend? I want to be your Edmond, hold you in my arms from now until the end.'

    Amia was using a tree as a practice dummy while Emma thought, 'Look at her face, look at her smile, look at her gorgeous hair. Look at it flying in the breeze, dancing in the air.'

    Amia smiled at Emma and asked, "How am I doing?" Emma giving her thumbs up before thinking, 'I know she doesn't mean to torment me, she's just far too nice. But why I look at her this way? I think I need advice.'

    Amia took a quick breath before deciding to take a break, Emma watching her walk over while thinking, 'Amia's the best. She's perfect, beautiful and fair. She's got shining eyes, personality and the world's most gorgeous hair,' Amia sitting and smiling at Emma, the maid continuing to think, 'Every time she's near, my heart starts pounding fast. But I know this feeling should not be, it simply shouldn't last.'

    The princess then let out a yawn and leaned sideways, resting her head against Emma's shoulder like a pillow, the maid tensing up while taking a deep breath, thinking, 'I love her, this is true, but she never will love me. It's something I know can simply never be.'
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    Amia was sound asleep while Emma felt more and more uncomfortable. Even so, Emma refused to do anything she would regret and as such, she simply sat there in wait.

    However, the silence was broken up when a skinny man with freckles and messy black hair sporting a tight blue long-sleeve shirt and pants of the same nature along with a pair of white gloves walked around the area, tripped on a stone and fell flat on his face, Amia's eyes wide open as she gasped.

    Both women turned to see the man behind them slowly push himself up slightly and rub his nose, saying, "That was a nice fall, wasn't it?" the man laughing briefly before sighing, "That was terrible."

    With that, the man eventually rose to his feet only for a banana peel to fall out of his pocket, his foot pressed up against it as his eyes widened while the man uttered, "Uh-oh," his foot flying backward as he fell on his chin, whining, "Why is my life one big pratfall!?"

    Amia and Emma got up, each taking a hold of one of the man's wrists and helping him up, the man smiling lightly and saying, "Oh, thank you, ladies. Maybe someone up there does like me."

    Emma blinked and asked, "Why was there a banana peel in your pocket?"

    "Oh, yeah, that," the man replied as he was finally upright.

    He reached under his sleeve and pulling out a set of handkerchiefs bound together while saying, "I got all sorts of comedic props on me," the man then pulling out a set of balls and juggling them only to end up losing control within seconds, the balls landing one-by-one on his head.

    The women stared in confusion as the man regained his composure, cleared his throat and added, "Nice to meet you! My name is Chuck!" the man then holding out his hand only for a string attached to his glove to jerk backward thus causing said clothing to expand in size, swelling up like a balloon so the fingers could no longer be seen.

    The women stared for a few more seconds as Chuck sighed, pulled out a needle and popped the glove thus causing it to fly off of his hand while releasing a flatulent sound. The man let out a sigh and groaned, "It's not easy holding onto these all the time," Amia clasping her hands over her mouth as she finally understood what was going on.

    "You must be a jester!" Amia squealed with a big smile, Emma snickering a bit as the Chuck laughed lightly, saying, "Well, I used to be," the women blinking as he added, "Oh yeah, I spent a good solid week working for the king of Ensal. He just loved the way I always hurt myself."

    Amia nodded and asked "Well, why don't you work for him anymore? Did the act get old or something?"

    "Oh no, it wasn't like that," Chuck replied as he suddenly remembered his final act in which he decided to add verbal humour to his material.

    The jester danced happily into the dining hall where a fat king was enjoying a big chicken leg, smiling at the sight of Chuck when the man quickly zipped over to him and exclaimed, "Hey there, tons of fun! How's that giant zit of yours doing today!?"

    The king's eyes widened as Chuck rested a hand against his shoulder, adding, "I gotta say, your highness, you're truly living large!"

    Back in present time, Chuck was laughing nervously while sighing, "It's better that I don't go into further details," before adding, "Anyway, I'm trying to find a new job, but as you can see, hurting myself is the only thing I'm good at."

    Amia blinked and replied, "Maybe if you didn't carry around those props, you wouldn't have so many accidents," Chuck shaking his head and replying, "Oh no, it's not that simple," the man crossing his ankles only to end up falling on his side.

    Emma winced while Chuck slowly pushed himself up and sighed, "As you can see, I'm a mess without the props. I guess it also doesn't help much that I just feel attached to them after using them for so long."

    Emma nodded and said, "Wow, I never knew clowns lived such tragic lives."

    Chuck laughed and replied, "Oh, you'd better believe it. You're two of the few people on this planet who actually take me seriously."

    "Well, you don't need to look any further for a job," Amia replied with a big smile, "You can be our jester," Chuck blinking and saying, "Thanks for the offer, but I don't want to impose."

    Amia shook her head and replied, "Oh, don't worry, my family can definitely afford it," Emma resting a hand on the princess' shoulder and adding, "Yep, you're looking at the princess of Fiora right now."

    Chuck's eyes widened, his jaw dropped as a fake jaw attached to his reel one hung down on a pair of strings, the jester quickly pushing it back up and falling to his knees, bending down only to slam his face against the pavement, grumbling, "Your majesty!"

    Amia snickered and said, "It's perfectly fine. We're about to head back to the castle anyway," Emma blinking and looking at the sun, saying, "Yeah, you're right. It's almost dinner time, isn't it?"

    "Shame it's over, but today really was great, wasn't it?" Amia asked with a big grin as Emma smiled weakly and replied, "Yeah, it was."

    Amia gave her friend a hug and squealed, "Thank you for teaching me to fight! I feel so much stronger now!"

    Stars formed in Chuck's eyes as he quickly pried the stars out and groaned, "Stupid contact lenses," stuffing them into his pocket before staring at the two women as he gasped, "Oh my god, this is truly a rare sight to behold! Beautiful, but rare!"

    The two released their hug as Amia asked, "Have you never seen friends hug before?" Chuck shaking his head and saying, "Oh no, there's something else there."

    Emma blinked and uttered, "Whatever do you mean?" a big blush forming as she had a feeling she knew where this was going.

    Chuck simply laughed and replied, "Oh, come on, I may be a clown, but I do also know things about people, and I see something more powerful than a simple friendship."

    "What?" Amia asked, a look of confusion in her eyes as Emma gulped, rubbed her arm and refused to say anything.

    Chuck rolled his eyes and sighed, "I know, I know, it's controversial, but it's clear as day," Amia remarking, "What are you talking about?"

    A suggestive grin formed on Chuck's face as he pulled out an accordion, one half slapping him across the face as he groaned, "Ow!" rubbing his cheek before striking a serious pose, holding onto both sides of the instrument and saying, "Now, pay attention because the wisdom I am about to share is one that will blow your mind."

    The women blinked as Amia shrugged and figured it would be rude not to hear him out as Emma really hoped he was not going where she thought he was, Chuck starting up the accordion before playing a peaceful melody, letting out a sigh as nearby birds took flight, the jester singing, "The birds, they sing as they all take wing, but there is something that's trying to hide."

    With that, Chuck had the women imagining themselves lying on a beach in bikinis while adding, "You lay on the beach, your tender arms in reach," the man then staring at their chests only for Emma to raise her foot, kicking him in the chin while he ignored the pain and sang, "while you deny the feelings hidden deep inside."

    With that, all three imagined themselves sitting at a dining table with Chuck as the waiter, stating, "You think it isn't natural, it simply can't be so. But deep inside you knew it was true the day you said hello," an imaginary waiter slipping on Chuck's peel as a plate of pasta landed on the jester's head.

    With that, the women imagined themselves floating down a stream in a gondola while Chuck rowed the boat while singing, "Imagine a boat with you two floating down the stream. As long as you're together, it feels like a dream."

    With that, both women were now in bubbles coming closer to each-other while Chuck's face was in the background singing, "But wait, how can this be? They're the same gender, don't you see? Well, who cares as long as the feeling's there?"

    Emma bit her lower lip as Amia started to see the implication, her eyes widening as she turned to her friend, Chuck adding, "If the world is against it, well then let them think what they want. Just remember one simple fact, life's never been fair," the jester shrugging.

    Amia was not sure if she wanted to hear more, Emma blushing even more brightly than ever before while Chuck continued to sing, "The moon is bright, the mood is ever-so-right, but there is something that still tries to hide," the jester then coming between the two with a big grin as he added, "But in the end, you know you're more than friends. You simply need to come to terms with the feelings deep inside!"

    With that, Emma and Amia were now imagining themselves on a ballroom floor dancing with one-another, nervous looks on their faces as Chuck played a piano and sang, "Why try to deny what is plain as day? Ignoring it won't make it go away!"

    Emma smiled while batting her eyelashes at Amia, the princess' heart pounding as she bit her lip, not even sure what was coming over her right now while the jester belted, "Just look toward the future, throw your questions out the door! Just let it all loose! What are you waiting for!?"

    With that, the images stopped coming as their minds were back to reality, Emma letting out a deep sigh while Amia still could not believe what was going on.

    Chuck tossed the accordion to the side and walked over to the two before pushing them closer together, singing, "The day is bright, everything feels right, and yet something is still attempting to hide. Just look in your hearts, and the answer will be clear and you'll know the feelings hidden deep inside."

    Rather than struggling or retorting, Amia simply took a deep breath and said, "I know what you're trying to say, but I just don't know," while Emma blinked and asked, "Wait, you mean you're unsure?"

    Chuck laughed and exclaimed, "Well, that's certainly not a rejection, eh?" nudging Emma as Amia blinked.

    Emma bit her lip, blushing brightly as Amia asked, "What do you mean?" her eyes widening as she gasped, the princess getting up and clasping her hands over her mouth, slowly backing up.

    Emma's blush brightened as she looked down, light tears rolling down her cheeks, the maid sniffing, "I'm so sorry, but it's true. I've been in love with you for years," Amia taking many deep breaths as the princess remarked, "But we're both..."

    Emma nodded and sighed, "That's why I never told you."

    The princess tried the best to get a hold of herself while Chuck blinked, asking, "Well, what's wrong with that? It's only natural."

    Amia was still trying her hardest to come to her senses while Emma whimpered, "I'm sorry!"

    The princess took a deep breath and sighed, "No, Emma, it's fine," a light smile forming as she turned and added, "If you feel that way about me, that's great. In fact, I'm flattered."

    "Really?" Emma asked, her eyes wide open as the princess added, "Even so, I just don't feel that way," Emma nodding and replying, "I thought as much."

    Amia took a deep breath and asked, "So, are you okay with that?"

    Emma nodded and replied, "Yeah, as long as we're still friends. I know you'll be happier with Edmond, anyway."

    Chuck blinked and asked, "Edmond?" the maid whispering, "Amia's fiance," the jester's eyes going wide as he uttered, "Oh, that's awkward."

    Amia noticed his expression and giggled, saying, "Don't worry, Chuck. I'm not going to hold this against you," the jester breathing a sigh of relief, saying, "For a minute there, I thought I'd already been fired."

    With that, Emma smiled bright and got up, approaching the princess while saying, "Well, I'm glad I finally got that off my chest."

    Amia nodded and replied, "Yeah, that must have been difficult, but it is best we keep that our little secret," the maid nodding and making a zipper motion in front of her lips.

    Chuck simply looked back-and-forth between the two and let out a sigh. He shrugging as the two women set off to return to the castle, the jester following close behind. After all, it was still nearing dinner so they would need to be home soon otherwise Madison and Eric would worry and no one wanted that.

    And while walking home, Emma and Amia acted as if the conversation earlier did not happen. They were not going to let such a big confession ruin their friendship, not after being so close for so long. However, while the princess did not show it, many thoughts were running through her mind.

    Perhaps Chuck was right about her. What if she did have feelings to Emma? What if all this time her connection to Edmond was nothing more than a really good friendship that would likely be ruined by marriage? After all, Amia had spent most of her life with Emma while she only saw Edmond once in a while.

    On the other hand, Amia had never felt attracted to other women in that way before. Or at least she never thought about it. She had always thought Emma was beautiful, but she had often thought about it in a supportive friend kind of way. Either way, she was confused and had no idea what to think.

    Even so, those thoughts would have to wait as the two returned home, the servants bowing their heads when they saw the two women walking by. No one questioned Chuck's presence seeing as he was with the princess, the jester gulping and trying his best not to make a fool out of himself, at least not until it was time to do so.

    And with all said and done, Amia offered Chuck a seat at the dinner table to discuss things with her parents. After seeing Chuck slap his hand against his plate thus sending his dinner flying into his face, they knew right away he would be perfect for the role of jester, Emma simply enjoying the fact that her having a day off meant she was allowed to join the others at the table.

    Though the best part of this was that Emma refused to let Amia's rejection get to her. If anything, she was just happy she finally let her inner thoughts out and that Amia had taken it well, or so it seemed. What Emma did not realize was that Amia was not as okay with this as she let on.

    Sure, she had a bright, perky smile on her face all throughout dinner, but at the same time, she was still thinking about whether or not it was right for her to turn down her best friend like that. Was marrying Edmond really the right choice?
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    Bedtime was close as Emma got ready to pack it in for the night. However, despite this being her day off, she still felt obligated to make Amia's bed for her and wish her goodnight. After all, she had spent a whole year keeping up the routine and the princess was her best friend.

    With that in mind, the maid approached Amia's door, knocking on it just in case the princess was inside when the woman in question said, "Come in."

    Emma entered and saw Amia in her pyjamas, her bed already made as the princess said, "Oh, hi Emma. I already made my bed, you know, since it's your day off and all."

    "Oh, okay," the maid replied with a nod, but just as she was about to exit the room, Amia held out her hand and uttered, "Wait."

    Emma stopped and turned toward her friend, Amia biting her lip, looking deep into the maid's eyes. Her heart raced as she felt all kinds of strange emotions take over. Right now, the princess was confused and needed closure before it was too late.

    "Is there something on my face?" Emma asked, tilting her head to the side as the princess shook her head and replied, "No, it's nothing."

    Emma shrugged and turned to leave once again only for Amia to get up from her bed, exclaiming, "Hold it!"

    The maid once again turned to face her childhood friend, Amia taking many deep breaths before saying, "Emma, I want you to do something for me."

    "Okay, what is it?" the maid asked with a supportive smile, the princess looking down and uttering, "This is going to sound really strange."

    Emma simply rolled her eyes and remarked, "Come on, girl, out with it. You can ask me anything, remember?"

    Amia nodded before clearing her throat and putting on a serious expression, once again locked onto Emma's eyes.

    "Emma, I want you to kiss me," Amia stated outright, the maid taken aback as she gasped, her heart beating rapidly. On one hand, she had wanted to do this for a long time but on the other hand, she knew of Amia's feelings, or at least she thought she did.

    Amia could tell Emma was hesitant and as such, she sported a serious look, saying, "Alright, I've decided your time off is up. As such, I order you to kiss me."

    Emma stared in bewilderment and asked, "Why are you even...?" only for the princess to hold up her finger, remarking, "Just do it."

    Emma nodded and took a deep breath, slowly walking over to her friend until she was close enough. She proceeded to lean forward and pucker her lips, Amia wasting no time doing the same as both shared a small peck. However, after Emma pulled away, Amia immediately grabbed hold of the maid's shoulders and planted a big kiss, holding it for five seconds.

    After the princess pulled away, Emma stared wide-eyed and breathed heavily, a light smile crossing her face as Amia's cheeks were flushed pink, the princess biting her lip. It was at this very moment that she knew what she wanted in life.

    "I really should have know this sooner," Amia sang, Emma gasping while the princess continued, "It is plain to see."

    The princess proceeded to reach her hand out and place it against Emma's, adding, "All this time I thought that Edmond was the only one for me."

    The princess' smile widened as she sang, "But now I see a new path, the one where I belong. I now realize that all this time I have been wrong."

    Emma gasped before asking, "Are you sure? Are you certain? Is what you're saying true?" Amia nodding and replying, "It's been a long time coming, but now I know I'm right for you."

    Emma pursed her lip and sang, "This is sudden, this is weird, but it makes me feel happy," while Amia nodded and added, "Who would have ever thought that such a thing would ever truly be?"

    With that, the two held hands and started to dance together while singing, "It really is quite lovely, and it is plain to see! You and I were truly meant to be!"

    With that, Emma grinned wide and exclaimed, "You've always been my reason, you've always been my goal!" Amia nodding and replying, "Well now it seems we've both achieved a dream, we both now know our role!"

    "You have no idea how much this confession's made my day!" Emma exclaimed, Amia replying, "Oh, I think I have an idea, I'm sure I feel the same way."

    The two continued to dance, picking up the pace a bit while singing, "It's quite a strange phenomenon, the way that we both feel, but I can happily say that our fates have now been sealed! It really is quite lovely, yes, it is plain to see! You and I were truly meant to be!"

    "This is truly the greatest moment of my entire life!" Emma exclaimed, "It really is amazing that we can be wife and wife!"

    Amia nodded and sang, "I'll admit it feels slightly weird, but it feels right. I know the real 'prince' I'll marry come tomorrow night!"

    "You're the fire in my lantern," Emma sang, Amia adding, "You're the life within my soul!"

    Both then cupped their hands together while exclaiming, "Who knew that all this time you were my real goal!?"

    With that, both proceeded to dance around the room while singing, "It is really is quite lovely, and it is plain to see! You and I were truly meant to be!"

    With that, both proceeded to jump onto Amia's bed, now seated next to each other while each looked into the other's eyes, Emma singing, "It really is amazing," Amia joining in while both women sang, "It is plain to see. You and I were truly meant to be."

    With that, the two leaned in and planted one last kiss, holding it for a solid ten seconds. However, once it was over, their eyes widened as they suddenly remembered the biggest obstacle standing in their way.

    "Oh no, what if Mom and Dad find out?" Amia uttered, clutching onto her head while Emma sighed, "You're right. They seem to support a lot of your decisions, but I don't know if they'd approve of this."

    Amia sniffed, letting down light tears as Emma took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry. This is all my fault."

    The princess looked up and put on a more serious look, slapping the maid's cheek as she remarked, "Don't say that! If you hadn't spoken up, I probably wouldn't have learned the truth!"

    "But-" Emma uttered only for Amia to place her hands firmly against her shoulders before saying, "If I hadn't found out tonight, I would probably found out my true feelings long after my marriage and by then it would have been too late."

    "But what can we do?" Emma asked, "If you don't marry Edmond..."

    Amia simply shook her head and stated, "It's okay. I'll tell my parents before the wedding. I'm sure they'll understand."

    However, while Amia had a confident expression on her face when she said this, she was unsure of whether or not she truly believed these words. Sure, her parents were loving and caring, but would they really support their own daughter spending her whole life with another woman?

    The following morning, Amia sat down for breakfast with a nervous look on her face. She had barely touched her food while her parents happily ate theirs without a care in the world.

    "What an exciting day," Eric said with the biggest of smiles, "Oh, Amia, you're going to be a queen soon!" the man then letting down light tears and sniffing, "You've grown up so quickly."

    Madison patted the man on the shoulder and rolled her eyes, turning to the princess and saying, "Well, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with Edmond by your side."

    Amia, however, was trying desperately to tell them the truth, that she would not be marrying the prince. She wanted so badly to let them know that had fallen for another woman, but how could she? After this wedding had been built up for so long and with the law being the way it was, how could her parents possibly bless such a thing?

    "Is there something bothering you?" Eric asked with a look of confusion when he noticed the princess poking at the eggs on her plate.

    Madison simply chuckled and said, "She must be getting pre-marriage jitters. I remember that feeling."

    Amia remained quiet, her cheeks bright pink as her mother got up from her seat, singing, "Oh, darling, I know what you must feel. This is sudden, it hardly feels real."

    "But rest assured, you'll see, things will work out perfectly," Eric added, "This is the start of something special, just take it from me."

    Both parents then stood next to one-another while singing, "This wedding will be magic, this marriage will be great. After all, the binding of true love is purely fate!"

    With that, the two clapped their hands as many servants entered while Eric instructed, "Set up the decorations, now those must be just right."

    Madison nodded and added, "Be sure to find the perfect music for this wedding night."

    The servants all bowed and exited the room while the king and queen sang, "We promise, darling Amia, this wedding will be grand! We'll work together all day long, we'll do this hand-in-hand!"

    Amia simply formed a fake smile, not wanting to let her parents down. But deep down, she wished she could find the courage to object to all of this.

    The servants immediately got to work while singing, "This wedding will be marvellous, yes, we will see to that! It will be a real treat, a real tit for tat!"

    "Some lights upon a ceiling," a butler chimed in while a maid sang, "A cake that's most sublime."

    All of the servants danced together while singing, "We'll make sure the bride and groom-to-be will have a perfect time!"

    Emma noticed all of this going on as one of the maids handed her a mop, saying, "Get to work, the castle must be spotless."

    The maid blinked in confusion when Amia noticed her, the princess walking over and whispering, "I wasn't able to tell them."

    Emma's eyes went wide while the servants continued to sing, "This wedding will be magic! This marriage will be great! After all, the binding of true love is purely fate!"

    Emma was about to respond to all of this when two maids came up behind her and grabbed her by her shoulders. Both dragged her away from the area as Amia held her arm out, the maids singing, "We do not want to dawdle, so please don't stand around. After all, the prince and princess are going to be bound."

    "Oh no, this isn't happening," Emma groaned, Amia all the while sighing, "This is truly awful."

    Meanwhile the servants all sang joyously, "With our efforts all combined, this night will be wonderful!"

    All the while, Chuck was walking around when he stepped on a part of the floor that had just been waxed. His eyes widened as he fell hard on his back. While the jester groaned in pain, Amia walked over and helped him up, Chuck sighing, "Thanks."

    He then looked into the princess' eyes and asked, "Are you really sure you wanna go through with this?"

    Amia shook her head and signalling him to come closer, the jester nodding and bringing his ear close to her mouth, after which the princess whispered everything to him.

    Stars formed in Chuck's eyes as he pried them off, groaning, "I thought I took these out!" the man stuffing them into his pocket before exclaiming, "This is great news! And it seems your parents agreed."

    However, while the man admired the handiwork of the servants, Amia let out a sigh and uttered, "I haven't told them."

    Chuck's eyes went wide as he asked, "Why not?" the princess replying, "I just can't bring myself to do it."

    "Well, in that case..." the jester said, pulling out a large foghorn only for Amia to snatch it from him before remarking, "Please don't. I really should be the one to tell them."

    The jester shrugged and replied, "Well, you'd better say something soon. They're really going all-out here."

    The princess nodded and walked away from the area with a look of dread in her eyes. Chuck simply shook his head. He could tell that this was going to be even more difficult than the princess made it seem, and she already made it look hard enough.

    The servants spent a solid six hours cleaning non-stop until soon the entire castle was spotless and shiny. The chefs had prepared a wonderful Chiffon cake with raspberry icing and raspberries on top. This had always been Amia's favourite, so they knew she would want this above all else.

    And once all the preparations were complete, the servants proceeded to sing, "Thanks to all our efforts, this wedding will be grand! And soon the prince and princess will rule hand-in-hand! This wedding will be magic, this marriage will be great!"

    Eric then cleared his throat, held his hand to his heart and belted, "After all, the binding of true love is purely fate!"

    It was at this moment that Edmond and his parents had arrived by waggon, the door opening up as the prince exited wearing a fancy black suit and a dashing red cape. The man did not wish to wear that extra garment, but his parents insisted that it was necessary.

    However, he knew he had no reason to be upset, so he still had a big smile on his face while Gertrude patted him on the shoulder, Madison and Eric coming out to greet him. Of course, since it was considered bad luck for the bride and groom to see each-other before the wedding, Amia was still in her room getting ready.

    However, this was the most awkward of all wedding preparations. As if it was not bad enough that during those six hours, Amia had not brought herself to say anything, Emma was the one chosen to help perfect her look.

    The princess was endowed in a beautiful white dress while Emma had her hair perfect and straight. The maid tried her best not to look too upset as she did not wish to make Amia feel guilty, though not even her best efforts could prevent that.

    "I'm so sorry," Amia whimpered, Emma taking a deep breath and replying, "Look, this might be for the best."

    The maid then patted her on the shoulder and added, "Look on the bright side. At least Edmond's a good guy."

    Of course, Emma was fighting back tears all the while as Amia sniffed, trying her hardest not to cry as well. After all, if she did, it would ruin the look Emma had spent the last while perfecting.

    Deep down, the princess could tell Emma was only pretending to accept this for her sake. This only made her feel more guilty, and now it seemed too late as in a matter of minutes, she would be walking down the aisle to join Edmond on stage.

    Still, neither wanted to make this hard for the other to the deal with and as such, Emma gave Amia a light thumbs up and said, "May your future be filled with joy and happiness."

    The princess giggled and replied, "I'll never understand why both words are considered two different things," the women giving each-other a hug before Amia made her exit, heading toward the wedding hall where she would marry Edmond and seal her fate.
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    Everyone was already gathered in the wedding hall with the chairs lined up perfectly. However, while most of the people were well-rested and happy, Chuck was antsy, the jester knowing this was not right. A part of him wanted to object when the priest suggested it, but he remembered that Amia specifically wanted no one but her to reveal the truth and he knew there was a very good reason for this.

    The parents all sat together next to the jester as Gertrude let down tears, sniffing, "I've been waiting for this day for far too long," Chuck pulling a handkerchief out from under his sleeve and asking, "Hankie?"

    Eric, however, tried to look calm and dignified. He did not want his worrisome nature making things awkward for his daughter, Madison patting the man on the shoulder.

    Emma quickly entered the hall and took the empty seat on Chuck's right side, a disappointed sigh leaving her mouth as the clown patted her on the shoulder with a look of concern. He really hoped Amia would at least have the guts to say no when the opportunity came.

    With that, a priest walked onto the stage and cleared his throat, calling out, "Will Prince Edmond of Eron come up to the stand?" the guests all turning when the young man in question entered the room with a look of confidence on his face.

    The man walked down the aisle to the stage while his parents gave him thumbs up, Edmond soon standing before the priest who immediately called for Amia afterwards. And needless to say, everyone was absolutely dazzled by the princess' appearance when she entered, a fake smile on her face while she slowly walked down the aisle.

    Chuck's eyes filled with stars again as he propped them out, grumbling, "How do you keep doing that?"

    Gertrude promptly turned to Emma and whispered, "You, my dear, are a miracle worker."

    Emma blushed and whispered, "Thank you," the compliment lifting her spirits a little bit but not enough for her to ignore how wrong this was. Sure, she had said earlier that this was for the best, but deep down, she did not mean a word of that.

    Once Amia was on-stage next to her prince, Edmond smiled and said, "Wow, I didn't think you could be more beautiful, but there Emma goes and proves me wrong," Amia blushing a bit, wishing that things did not have to be so awkward.

    With that, the priest cleared his throat and said, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in holy matrimony..."

    While the man continued his speech, Chuck and Emma both gulped nervously, letting down unanimous tears. Of course, no one knew the actual reason for this as it was normal for people to cry during weddings.

    However, it was not long before the priest finally got to the big moment, the man clearing his throat and asking, "Now, do you, Prince Edmond, take Amia to be your lawfully wedded wife from now until death do you part?" Edmond nodding and replying, "I do."

    The priest nodded and turned to Amia, asking, "And do you, Amia, take Edmond to be your lawfully wedded husband from now until death do you part?"

    The princess bit her lip as Edmond looked with slight concern before Amia finally opened her mouth, uttering, "I..."

    Emma and Chuck winced only for their fear to be replaced by shock when Amia stated, "I can't," the guests all mortified while the entire hall was filled with audible gasps.

    "But I don't understand," Edmond said, his eyes wide with shock as Amia took a deep breath and sighed, "Look, the reason is because... because..."

    Everyone stared in confusion until the princess finally exclaimed, "I love someone else!"

    "What!?" Gertrude and her husband, Damien exclaimed, the other guests talking amongst one-another while tiny waterfalls came from Chuck's eyes, the jester's eyes lowering as he groaned, "Oh, come on, I forgot to take those out too!?"

    Emma all the while was not sure whether to be scared or thrilled while Eric stood up and held out his arms, exclaiming, "Silence!"

    The area went quiet as he faced his daughter and asked, "Why did you not say anything?"

    "I was worried what you might think," Amia replied, rubbing her arm as Edmond was unsure of how to respond to all of this.

    Eric chuckled and replied, "Oh, Amia, you have never once disappointed me, and if you're in love with someone else, that is perfectly fine by me. I will arrange that marriage instead."

    Madison nodded to her husband and said, "Yes, your happiness is all we want."

    Amia took a deep breath and smiled bright, saying, "I am so glad to hear that because my true love is sitting right there," the princess pointing at Emma's seat as everyone turned, Eric asking, "Wait, Chuck is your true love?"

    The jester simply let out a goofy laugh and replied, "Oh no, it's not me, but I am quite fetching, aren't I?" the man waving his hand through his hair and causing hit to spike upward before sighing, "That was weak."

    "Then who is it?" Eric asked as Amia took a deep breath.

    But just as she was about to respond, Emma to rose up and said, "It's me, okay?" everyone staring at her as she held onto her arm nervously.

    "Is this true?" Eric asked as Amia nodded her head, replying, "Yes, father. I know it might seem strange, but yes, I am in love with my maid and best friend, Emma."

    All went silent as no one knew how to take this, and Emma felt more uneasy than ever before. This was exactly what she feared would happen if the truth got out to this many people at once. She had a feeling things were going to go wrong fast.

    And unfortunately, it seemed her fears were true as for the first time in years, Eric was angry. A look of fury came over his face as he barked, "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!"

    Amia's eyes were wide open as the man added, "Amia, I love you dearly. You have never done anything to upset me, but this... this is a violation of the law!"

    The man then glared at Emma and pointing at her while the woman trembled in fear, the king growling, "And you! You brainwashed her, didn't you!?"

    "No, she didn't!" Amia exclaimed, "I came to this realization on my own! If anyone deserves to be punished, it's me!"

    All went quiet for a few seconds until Madison uttered, "Now, Eric," the king remarking, "No, Madison, you know this isn't right! A kingdom cannot be run by two queens! It's unnatural!"

    "What's unnatural about it?" came the one voice no one would have expected to hear it from, that being the voice of Edmond.

    Eric simply stared at the young man with confusion while Edmond took a deep breath and said, "So what if they're the same gender? If what they have is true love, then clearly it's natural. What right do we have to object to this?"

    All of the married couples nodded in understanding while the man continued, "To all of you in this room who are married, how would you feel if you couldn't be together because the law dictated it? Would you be happy? Would you be able to accept it? I think not!"

    The man then pointed at Eric and added, "And I'm sure if you were in love with another man, you wouldn't like it if YOUR father tried to keep you from marrying him."

    "But I'm not..." Eric remarked only for Edmond to cut in, saying, "That was a hypothetical statement," the king nodding in understanding.

    Amia simply stared and asked, "Do you really mean all of this?"

    Edmond nodded and patted her on the shoulder before saying, "I love you, Amia. Your happiness means everything to me, and if a life with Emma will make you happy, then I would gladly remain single my whole life just as long as you can still smile."

    Emma had the biggest smile on her face, tears rolling down her cheeks while Amia had a similar expression. Chuck simply stared and exclaimed, "Wow, I like this guy! You know, I wasn't sure why Amia was about to marry him before, but now I see it!"

    The hall erupted with cheers and applause from the crowd, even the priest wiping a tear from his eye. Sure, this went heavily against his teachings, but even he had to admit that Edmond had a point.

    However, the only one not applauding right now was Eric, the rest of the area going silent as they stared at him. After a few seconds, the king took a deep breath and pointed toward the door saying, "As of today, you and Emma are to live as commoners."

    Amia stared in shock as the king added, "Unfortunately, I cannot just simply make it so the kingdom can be run by two queens. As such, you are to leave this castle forever and live with the commoners."

    "Dad?" Amia uttered with a light tear rolling down her cheek, the king smiling and letting out a chuckle before stating, "I'm your king, not your dad."

    Sure, this may have sounded bad, but Amia knew this was the best way for her and Emma to remain together and as such, the princess let down tears of joy and ran over to the man. However, now that she had stripped of her princess title, she knew she could not just hug him, so she bowed to the man, the king bowing back.

    Knowing what this meant as well, Emma got up from her seat and ran toward Amia, the two embracing one-another and holding a long kiss. Everyone in the area seemed rather content seeing this after all that had been said and done, Eric even feeling a great deal of happiness.

    Chuck once again let down waterworks from his eyes, only this time they were real. However, before the women could make their exit, Amia turned to the priest and said, "You know, you could count this as our official wedding if you wanted."

    Emma nodded and added, "Yeah, I'm fine with that," the priest nodding and saying, "Well, if that's what you want."

    With that, the man cleared his throat and announced, "And by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you wife and wife! You may kiss the bride."

    Amia and Emma stared at one-another with big smiles before pressing their lips together, sharing one last kiss for the day. And with all said and done, the two slowly exited the hall, Edmond waving and saying, "I'll come by and visit every now and then."

    Eric and Madison both had warm smiles while they watched their daughter exit. Once the two were finally gone, Eric took a deep breath and asked, "Do you think I should have changed the rule?"

    Madison shrugged and replied, "I think it might be a little too early right now, but who knows? Maybe some day we can."

    The king looked down as his wife added, "Look on the bright side. At least this is a step in the right direction," Eric nodding and saying, "Oh, I love you so much."

    And on that note, Amia and Emma bought themselves a nice little house to live in together. Luckily, Eric could legally give money to his subjects if he wished, so he decided to give Amia a little assistance to help her out. However, both women knew they could not live off of one generous offer and as such got new jobs working in the marketplace.

    Chuck continued to work at the castle as the jester while the king queen decided to search for a new heir to the throne. After all, with their only child no longer part of the royal family, it would be hard keeping the legacy going.

    Edmond, however, did not remain single as he one day discovered true love in the form of a young flower girl named Sevanne. Needless to say, they would both be wedded within the span of a year.

    But most of all, Amia and Emma were happy together with their new life. Sure, they no longer lived in a luxurious palace covered in riches, but none of that mattered. They were married and everyone in town accepted it and as such, they lived happily ever after.

    Note from the author: To all of you who read through this to the end, thank you very much. This one had been on my mind for months but I decided to write it because, yeah, it really took me that long to know what direction to take this in.

    The idea came to me when I realized we might never see an animated musical featuring a lesbian princess or even a gay couple as the leads for that matter. (Unless it's PG-13/R Rated) I was thinking of what could work for this sort of thing, and then a love song where a princess and a maid confess their love to each-other just came to me in a dream. And as soon as I woke up from that, I knew I had to use it in a story and that it had to contain an anti-prejudice message to it.

    The approach, if it's not obvious, was clearly meant to pay homage to the format of a typical Disney princess film. As such, one of my main focuses for the story was make it movie-length, meaning readers would spend just as much time reading the story as they would watching a feature film. But at the same time, I still had to have the story move at a believable pace while getting its message across.

    This led to three major challenges with this story. The first challenge was stretching it out to over an hour without adding a villain. I figured the whole prejudice that lesbians dealt with during the time was enough of a conflict that a villain would have been completely unnecessary. I actually managed to pull this off with quite possibly the smallest of changes. See, originally I had it so Edmond and Amia were set to be engaged the day after the story started up. But then I figured having it take place two days later would give me more time to develop a romance between Amia and Emma, and wouldn't you know it? Stretching it out to two days gave me even more to work with than I would have expected.

    The second challenge was making the romance believable. Lord knows it's not a good idea to force these things as that can more-or-less contradict the story's message in a way and give off the wrong impression. Well, the first thing to help out with this that I already had planned was having it so Emma and Amia had known each-other for years as opposed to just a few days. The second factor I'd already planned out was to have Edmond not be a jerk. If anything, making him a bad person would have come off as nothing more than a convenient excuse for Amia and Emma to fall for each-other. I figured by making Edmond a genuinely nice guy, it would make Amia's realization much more difficult to come to. The only real challenge was writing it in a believable way and not having it feel rushed, so when Amia finally did realize she had feelings for Emma, it would feel natural as opposed to out-of-the-blue. Considering the limited time I was giving myself, I think I did a relatively good job.

    The third challenge was, of course, making the ending believable. On one hand, I could have gone with the standard Disney ending in which the king would just change the law. But honestly, not only would that have been too happy, I felt it would have been too convenient/contrived. Ultimately, I decided to take a more realistic approach and give it an ending that's happy but still has a slight bitter undertone to it. I didn't want to make it depressing. Oh no, I still wanted the two leads to have a happy ending, but at the same time, I wanted to make it as realistic as possible while still keeping it happy.

    The songs weren't exactly easy to come up with, but they weren't super hard either. Luckily, I already had three of these numbers planned out while the other four I just kind of thought up on the spot. (In fact, that's how I come up with most song lyrics) However, probably what shocks me the most is the number of songs I had in this. See, I've written a lot of musical stories/scripts. Where I'm going with this is that usually when I write one of these, I get very carried away with the songs, often having more than 10 no matter how long/short the story is. Here, though, I kept it to a standard number that you'd normally get from an animated musical. In other words, I actually held back and only added as many as I felt was necessary. I guess if I were to say the one thing I'm not too happy with, it's that only one of these songs isn't a love song thus it lacks variety, but honestly, I can't think of too many other types of songs that could have worked without counting as filler.

    All-in-all, this story was a joy to write and honestly, I'm glad I finally got around to making it. This is one of many ideas that I never thought I'd ever bring to fruition, but ultimately, I did. It feels good. Anyway, I hope at least some of you enjoyed it and if you didn't, well, you can't please everyone. I've never really written something like this before, but I felt like sharing this information with you guys as this was one of my more personal stories.

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