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Fanfiction The Prototype Trainer

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Barandofl, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Hi there, I've been writing this for a while, but during the time I've written this, I don't get much feedback.
    I'm posting this here, in hopes that YOU, the users of lake valor, can help me with this.

    Warning: This story is rated T, so there will be swears.
    Warning 2: What I'm about to post here, is a Copy/Pasted from the fan fiction website, so if their are any grammatical errors, those were when i first started writing. so expect some of those on the early chapters.

    If you ever have any tips, or criticism, please post it here on this thread, so that i may learn from my mistakes. One can only get better with some help.

    Hello everybody. I'm Barandofl, and this is my first ever story. The idea for this story suddenly popped in my head a long time ago. So I randomly decided to write this online.I hope this is enjoyable to read. Sorry if anything seems of about my writing, I don't have a computer, so I'm currently using my tablet, (with the fan fiction app) to write this story.

    I'm new to this writing thing, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. I understand if just want to chill out and read. But if you ever want to offer some feed back, you can post a review, or you can PM me. I greatly appreciate it if you send me good criticisms if I do something wrong, or just give me valuable tips on how to write. thank you for spending time finding this story that's probably going to be wreck.

    Oh and also, since I'm using the app on my tablet. I can't put words on the center on the screen, or name chapters directly like most people do. So if that bothers you. Please understand that I don't have a PC .

    (Edit: I'm changing something minor in this story. For now on, whenever a Pokémon speaks, the text will be in bold.)

    Chapter 1: The beginning

    "Hello my name is Josh, I'm a 21 year old man who graduated from college with 5 years worth of biology and I'm sing..."

    *Ring* *Ring* *Phone call*

    "God dammit, I never get the chance to make an update video for my profile." *sigh* "Forget it."

    *Picks up phone*

    "Hello, is this Josh." A female voice said through the phone. "It's me,Rose, don't you remember me? We were best friends in collage.

    "Oh, Rose, it's you, what's up. I thought were a scientist for Pokémon." I said.

    "Yeah I am, I work in the lab at viridian city near the gym." She said calmly. "Quick question can I ask of you a little favor."

    "Umm, yeah sure... what is it?" I asked a little confused.

    "Can... can you come to my lab, I... I need you to do something for me. I'll explain the details when you get here." She said, a little nervous.

    "Umm okay. At what time do you need me?" I asked, a little confused over what she wants.

    "Any time, please... just get here when you can." Rose explained.

    "Ok... I'll be right there, just give me a minute to get dressed" I said.

    I had no idea why out of all the people she knows, she needs me to help her. I shrug it off, thinking that she want me to do something stupid like deliver some documents for her work or something.

    "Well, that doesn't matter now. I need to get dressed. I said while sighing.

    Once I got dressed, I took the bus to get to the gym. The bus driver thought I was going to challenge the gym but he realized I wasn't, since I didn't have any Pokémon. Once I made it to the gym, it took me a while,but eventually I found the lab. I pushed the button on the door and waited for some sort of response. Eventually the doors opened and reviled a person I haven't seen in a long time. I was going to say something, but before I could speak I was interrupted by her.

    "Finally, you made it" Rose said, sounding relieved. "Please follow me to my office." She suddenly grabs my hands and pulls me in the building. After walking for what feels like 5 minutes we finally made it to her office.

    "So... why did you need me to come here." I ask, with a little worry in my voice. "I mean, it's not like I was doing anything. I'm just a little curious that's all."

    "I just made one of the most greatest discoveries in the world." She said with glee in her voice.

    "What do you mean?" I ask a little confused.

    "I found out what makes Pokémon so special, what give them their elemental abilities. You see, Josh, inside every Pokémon their are little orbs that give them their 'energy'.You see, humans also have there orbs inside them, but it's weak and colorless. Pokémon on the other hand, have orbs with the color of the type they represent. They have two of these orbs when humans only have one." She said sounding overly exited.

    I stared at her with my eyes wide open. Still very confused over what she just said.

    "Umm... that's very cool and all... but why did you call me here?" I ask a little nervous.

    "Oh yeah, about that... ok, just promise you won't freak out?

    Those words made me tense a little, Rose had a bad habit of saying those words before doing something dangerous, stupid, or both. But still most of the time they ended pretty well, so she picked my curiosity.

    "Ok... I promise I won't freak out." I said a little hesitant.

    "Ok before I tell you what it is, let me ask you a question. What starter do you want water, fire, or grass?" She said all casually.

    When she said those words, my eyes opens so wide, even Rose, noticed.

    "What? your giving me a Pokémon?" I shouted. "I'm sorry but I haven't wanted to go on an adventure since I was a kid. That dream of becoming a Pokémon master already became ruined when I was a child."

    After that I could hear her laughing.

    "Oh I'm not getting you a Pokémon. Should have seen he look on your face." She said, still laughing. "I just wanted to know your preference."

    "Oh, well in that case. I'll choose... ... grass?" I said a little unsure of myself. "Why do you want to know anyways?"

    When I said that she stopped laughing and looked at me all nervous like.

    "Well... you promised you wouldn't freak out. It's because... I... I want... to know. What if..." she started to look even more nervous. "If I were to... transplant a Pokémon's energy to a human body."

    I froze when she said those words.

    "You want me to what!?" I yelled in shock. "You wanted me to come all the way here, just so I can be a test dummy for your little experiment!"

    "I would never treat you that way" she yelled. Replying to my statement. "It's just that. Everybody I've called here, ran away from me cause they were to scared. It's just that, you have always helped me with my other experiments in collage. So I thought you would be the only one that understood my situation."

    She stood there all sad and depressed. I honestly felt bad for her. She probably asked so many people, who all rejected her and probably never going to speak to her again. I really want to help her. But I don't want to risk dying. The least I can do is to reassure her that I'll think about it.

    "Look, Rose. I'll think about it." I said trying to speak in a reassuring voice. "Just give me some time. This is a little to much to be dropping on someone all at once."

    "Oh sure take all the time you need." She said. I swear I could have seen some relief in her eyes. When I said those words.

    I left the lab and took the bus. I was getting a bit tired since it was already getting dark I got home I opened the door and walked in. When I walked by the living room I was my camera sitting on the table ne'er the couch. I was thinking about finishing making that update video for my profile online. "Nah I'll do that some other day." Went to the kitchen to eat dinner before going to bed. Once I was done eating I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I was laying
    there for what felt like about an hour. Unable to sleep, thanks to everything that happend today.

    "Should I actually go through with this. I mean their are obvious risk's involved with this, including dying." I was just laying there, thinking. "But like, I haven't done anything with my life, nobody took me in for a job. I'm a little broke, and I've done nothing about it. Maybe I should do something productive with my life. Yeah that sounds about right, I'll do it." I went to sleep to prepare myself for tomorrow.

    Once I woke up, I brushed my teeth, ate cereal, walked outside to the bus stop, and made it all the way to, Rose's lab. I rang the door bell and stood there, waiting for her to answer. Eventually somebody opens the door. It was Rose.

    "You... you actually came back?" She said, as she was surprised by my appearance.

    "Yeah, I though about it. And I thought, you know what, i'm going to do something with my life, instead of sit in my house and do nothing until time takes my life away." I said answering her question.

    I could see her eyes starting to water. She jumped on me, hugging me with all her might.

    "Thank you Josh, I promise I'll be careful while doing the transplant. Come follow me." She took my hand and started pulling me inside of her lab, walking through the hallways. Eventually we made it to a weird room with only a bed.

    "If you will, I want you to take off your shirt and lay on the bed, so I can give you the anesthetics. Once I'm done with that I'll replace your clear energy orb, with a bulbasaur's energy orb. Don't worry about me killing it, the poor thing is already dying and today happened to be the day I put it out of its misery." She said after giving me one last hug. "I promise, you'll be fine. You have nothing to worry about."

    So I did exactly what she wanted me to do. I took off my shirt and laid flat on the bed, and waited for her to give me the anesthetics. Once she did that. My body felt numb and I lost consciousness.

    Well here's my first chapter. I hope I didn't do to bad at this. Remember, if I continue doing something bad. Plz send me a review or just PM me. I appreciate it.

    In this chapter when they the orbs "energy" I was referring to the energy card in the Pokémon trading card game.(you know what I'm talking about, right? If you don't look up and image. Then you'll understand.) so that's pretty much what they look like. Anyways I am currently trying to figure out how to post this in the app. It keeps telling me to type in my security code. Witch I have no idea what that is since I don't recall them ever giving me one. Oh well I'll find a way. See you next chapter.

    P.S: I know this story is considered rared M, and nothing has happend yet. Don't worry, their will be blood and gore in the future. Please be patient we will have none of that this early on.
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  2. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Hello, here's the second chapter. Apperantly, I can change the name of the chapter, just not the first one, weird. I've decided I'm not going to name these, I managed to fix the security code thing, it was a bug with the app.

    I'm currently having strange issues while writing. When I posted the first chapter, the chapter itself got buggy as hell, some words just suddenly just cut out

    and creates a new line ( like what I just did on purpose ). And the second thing, is that some words just stick together like if I didn't even hit the space bar. (Likethisright here). So if you notice any of these things happening while you read please, realize that it isn't my bad writing abilities, it's a bug in the app.

    Anyways, I'll stop blabbering, enjoy he second chapter.

    I finally gained consciousness.

    "Ugh, my head." I groaned, thanks to a sudden headache. "Hey, Rose, was the surgery a succe-"

    I realized I wasn't in a lab, I was in a strange forest of some sort. I decided to stand up, while doing so, I noticed green dots around both my arms and legs. "Huh? What's this".I tried removing them, but all it did was cause me minor pain, I decided to stop trying. I felt something in my pocket, when I reached into it and pulled it out, it ended up being a Mobile phone. "Huh? I don't own a phone. What's this doing here?"When I turned on the phone I was shocked at what I saw.

    "Holy shit, it's February 2, 3017". I stared at the phone in disbelief. "No way I was out for a whole month. The phone setting must be changed, that's the only explanation for this."

    When I unlocked the phone the message app, had a little notification, telling me that I have a message ready for me to reply to. When I entered the app, I was shocked when I saw only one message. It was from, Rose.

    January 3, 3017:"Josh, if you are reading this, then it's safe to say that you are alive. I'm sorry if you woke up inside the Forrest. The organization, Team Rocket, raided my lab and stole all of my research. This was the only way I could prevent them from killing you. Don't worry about me, I should be fine. You should find a way back into the city.

    P.S: when you finish reading this, please, reply to this message.

    I stared at the message, still in disbelief that it actually has been a whole month.

    "Ok, I've been out for a whole month, Team Rocket attacked Rose's lab, and I woke up in the middle of a fucking forest. Can this get any worse!" I yell in anger.

    "Hey you're not my brother." A strange and unknown male voice spoke.

    I jumped at the sudden voice of an unknown person. I look around, to try to spot the person that spoke. Without much luck, I didn't find anyone.

    "Strange, I could have sworn that I heard someone." I said, still trying to find the man that spoke. I heard some rustling in the bushes behind me. I turn around, only to see an ivysaur come out of the bush. It stares right into my eyes.

    "Uhh, not another human, I'll never find him if i keep this up." It spoke, while looking at me in disgust.

    "WHAT THE!" I fell on my back, back pedaling away from the ivysaur, scared and confused. "You... you can talk?"

    "All Pokémon can talk, it's just that humans are to stupid to understand us." It spoke again. Still staring at me. "Wait a minute, did you just understood what I just said?"

    It this point I had believed I just lost my shit. "Now I lost it, first I've been out for a whole month, then,Team Rocket attacked Rose's lab, then,I woke up, lost,in the middle of a fucking forest, and now, I'm actually understanding an ivysaur that's talking to me. That's it, I'm leaving." I stood up, and started to walk into a random direction, hoping it would lead me to the city.

    "Wait! You said you were lost right?" The ivysaur questioned me.

    I stop to turn around and stare at it. Still confused to why I can understand what it's saying. Well I am lost, so might as well ask him for directions, not like I have anything to loose.

    "Yeah." I said, trying to acting natural.

    "I know where the nearest human facility is. Let's make a deal, if you help me find my little brother. I'll give you the directions you need. Deal?" He said, sounding a little sure of himself that I'll make a deal with him.

    "It's not like I have a choice in the matter, do I?" I said sounding a little defeated.

    "Good, let's split up, it will be easier that way, well meet up here in 20 minutes."

    "Wait a minute, how am I supposed to know who is your brother? And where do I even start looking?" I said a little worried that I am about to go on a wild goose chase.

    "Oh you don't need to worry about that, my family died a long time ago, him and I are the only saur's in this forest. And for your other question, I already looked over there." He pointed at a random direction. "You should look over there." He pointed at a different direction. "And I'll look over there." He pointed at the opposite direction. "Good luck."

    It's been 7 minutes, and I think I'm going crazy. No matter how fast I run, I can't escape the voices, their are too many bug Pokémon nearby.

    While I was running, I could have sworn I heard a voice, other than the bugs.

    "Help! Please help me!" It was an unknown child's voice.

    It was faint,but there was a second voice, coming from the same area.

    "Radicate, use hyperfang."

    "Uhh, don't tell me, this guys using Pokémon's to mug a child?" I say in a disgusted tone. Since that kind of behavior was uncommon from where I come from.

    I run towards the direction of the child, in hopes that I can do something, even tho I can't fight jack squat. When I got close enough I jumped trough he bushes, in hopes that I can get a surprise attack.

    But their wasn't a kid, only the man. He heard me coming from bushes, so he turned around to se who it was, he stared at me in the eyes, as if we were on some sort of stand still.

    "Where's the kid?!" I ask, in a panicked manner.

    "What kid, I don't have any kids. And even if I did why would I bring them into the forest." He said, staring at me as if I were delusional.

    "Don't play dumb with me, I heard a kid screaming for help." I said,while looking around to see if I can see the kid.

    "Look man, I've been in this forrest for about an hour. I didn't hear a kid scream. And if i did, I wouldn't even care, he's not my kid." He said, again staring at me as if I were delusional.

    He was right, their wasn't anybody nearby."But I could have sworn I heard a kids voice, maybe he's right, maybe I am delusional. I've hade a ruff day, I should leave."Before I could turn around a leave I heard the child's voice again.

    "Mister, please... help me." The child's voice spoke again.

    I turned around, only to find a Bulbasaur in the floor, bleeding, and trying to stand. And a Radicate close by with blood on its fangs.

    "Radicate, finish this bulbasaur off." The man yelled at the Radicate.

    Something snapped in my head, I had a sudden feeling to save the poor thing.

    "Stop! Get away from the Bulbasaur!" I yelled at the man. He stared at me, amused at what I was doing.

    "Or what? You can't do anything, you don't have any Pokémon to protect you. What can you possibly do."He said, with a little chuckle. "Radicate, dispose of this fool for me."

    As he said that, his Radicate turned its head, staring at me. It started to charge towards me, ready to attack me. I side stepped, then kicked it in the stomach. It flew to the nearest tree, hitting the base of it with a small thud.

    There was this feeling inside me, Rage, I don't know why tho. All I know is that I was angry. Very angry. I just want to strangle the fucker.

    I stare at him directly in the eyes.

    "Now that I'm done with your little pet, I'm going to choke you so hard, that every time you breath, you're going to remember me." I told him, I don't know why but that was the only thing in my mind.

    All of the sudden, vines came out of the green dots in my arms. They grabbed the man by the neck, and lifted him upwards. I paid no atención to them, the only thing I wanted to do, was strangle him.

    "Stop! Don't kill him!" The Bulbasaur shouted.

    I snapped out of my rage induced trance. The vines let go of the man, and retracted back into my arms. The man stood up, and ran away clearly panicking. I stood there scared and confused about what just happend."Did... did I do that?"I thought to myself.

    "Thank you for saving me, who are you anyways?" The Bulbasaur said. Trying to snap me out of my fear induced trance.

    I snapped it of it. I turned around, only to seethe Bulbasaur still laying on the floor.

    "I'm Josh, your brother sent me to come get you." I tell him, still a little scared.

    "Oh, my brother? Where is he?" He ask's, with a little concern in his voice.

    "We're supposed to meet him somewhere in the forest in 12 minutes. Cmon, we should get going, we don't want to be late." I said, while getting ready to move on.

    "Your right, let's get moving... AHH!" He screamed in pain.

    I turned around to see why he was screaming. His little bleeding body won't allow him to walk. I felt really bad for him.

    "Here, let me carry you." I picked him up from the ground, and started to move towards the direction I was meant to meet up with the Ivysaur.


    It's been a few minutes walking through the forest, it got a little boring, so I decided to have a conversation with the Bulbasaur.

    "So, mind explaining to me why you were in the woods all by yourself?" I ask him.

    "Well... me and my brother were running out of food. So I decided to go look for berries alone. My brother told me not to, because I was too week, guess he was right. I just want to get stronger. I mean, you took down that Radicate with just one attack." He said, disappointed in himself. "That reminds me, I never knew humans were grass types."

    "What to you mean by grass types?" I told him, confused by his statement. "Humans don't have an elemental affinity."

    "If you don't have an affinity to grass, then care to explain how you were able to use vine whip?" He asked, a little confused.

    "I... I don't know. It was all so sudden." I tell him. Starting to remember what I just did.

    "Well, if you're able to use it, then me and my brother can teach you how to use it." He said with a little joy in his voice.

    "I don't think that's possible. Let's just keep going, we aren't far from where we're supposed to meet your brother." I tell him, wanting to stop talking about this subject.

    A few minutes later, we finally made it to the area where I was supposed to meet up with the Ivysaur.

    "Here we are, now we wait." I said, panting a little from the running. I gently place the Bulbasaur in the floor while I wait.

    I hear rustling in the bushes behind me. I turn around, only to see a bunch of vines coming out of the bushes. Suddenly the vines grab me by the neck, lifting me up pretty high. Out of nowhere, I heard the Ivysaurs voice.

    "What did you do to my brother!? I knew I should have never trusted a human!" He yelled at me.

    I tried to reply, but I couldn't speak. The vines were holding me too tight, it was getting hard to breath. I was starting to feel dizzy. Before I fell unconscious, I heard Bulbasaur scream.

    "Drop him, right now!" He tackled his older brother.

    The tackle was strong enough for the Ivysaur to drop me. I would start screaming, but I was to busy gasping for air. I hit the floor, but for some reason, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. All I felt after that, was my consciousness drifting away. Five seconds later, I passed out.

    Hello. Hope you enjoyed the second chapter.(and I hope that the same bug that happened in chapter one doesn't happen again) I don't really have much to say here. If I made any mistakes please, send me a review, so I can learn from my mistakes. See ya next chapter.
  3. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Hey, what's up. I have nothing much to say, just some obvious things.

    Sorry if I don't post verry often, I'm just too busy with high school, and it gets verry annoying. But hey, how else are we going to be successful in life. We just need to power through. That's all. Enjoy he chapter.

    I woke up, felling... nothing. I stood up, for some reason it looked like I was ... nowhere, just a white void. It was so... endless."Strange?".I think to myself.

    "Hello! Is anyone here?" I shout. "Crap, what happened, and what is this place?"

    "Do not worry, you are only unconscious."A motherly voice spoke.

    I look around, trying to find the source of the soft yet welcoming voice.

    "Huh? Who said that?" I say, still trying to find her.

    "Umm, look down." The voice spoke.

    When I look down, I see another Bulbasaur, just standing there. What's up with me and finding bulbasaurs lately.

    "Umm, who are you? And why are you here?" I ask her, calmly.

    "I am the owner of the orb that's currently in your body, that's why I am in your subconscious mind. I am now a part of you." She said, in such a calmly manner.

    "I thought you were dying, that's what I've been told at least."

    "Oh, I was dying, but that doctor transported my energy into a new body. Thanks to her, I'll keep living, as long as you live."

    "Ok? That... kind of makes sense... in a way." I said, kind of confused. "Mind explaining to me, how am I able to use vine whip?"

    "Oh, I see you've noticed. Basically, when my orb went inside your body, the orb tried to make your body compatible for grass type moves and other important attributes that grass Pokémon get."She explains."That would explain why you went into a coma for a whole month, and those green dots around your body."

    "So, you're telling me, that I can use any grass type moves that I want. Awesome!" I exclaimed in joy.

    "Yes and no. You just realized you can use vine whip, you don't even know how to use it. You must learn how to do basic attacks. Eventually, you'll learn more complicated moves."She said, completely ruining my mood. "Quick question, do you remember the time you were rescuing that young bulbasaur. You got so angry, you nearly killed someone."

    "... Yeah, I have no idea what happened. I was so angry. I couldn't control myself." I said, still a little worried about that time. "What about it?"

    "I know what happened. It was..."she hesitated for a second. "It was my fault. Basically, my emotion overpowered yours."


    "Let me explain, when you saw the poor little bulbasaur, bleeding, and unable to stand. That first thing that came to my mind was anger. I was angry at the human attacking the bulbasaur. So angry, that it overpowered you own emotions to try to protect him. That's why you couldn't control yourself, and nearly killed him."

    "Oh... I see." I said, kind of worried about that situation happening again.

    "Wake up, please wake up." We both heard a child's voice speaking.

    "Looks like my time is up. You are starting to regain your consciousness, you are now leaving this place. Remember, I'll always be in your mind."

    "Wait, not yet, you haven't taught me how to use my new abilities." I tell her, not wanting to leave yet."

    "You'll learn one way or another."She said. With my consciousness coming back to me. "See you later."




    "Ahh." I woke up. Panicked, I look around. It seems like I'm in some sort of cave. I look down, only to see that I'm in a bed of some sort, made of leaves.

    "Oh thank Arceus, you finally woke up." I heard a familiar, childish voice. "You were sleeping for quite a while."

    I look at the direction where the voice came from, only to see a familiar bulbasaur, sitting down next to me.

    "Where am I?" I ask

    "You're in my home." He spoke. "Me and my brother brought you here, since he felt bad for attacking you. Right now, he's out looking for food for us." He stated to look worried. "He's been out for a while, he's never out for this long. I'm starting to worry. Can you please help me look for him?"

    "Whoa, wait a minute. What about your injuries?" I ask him.

    "I'm fine already, I recovered already thanks to the Oran berries I had."

    "Fine, let's go then." I said, as I stood up.

    It took a while, trying to not get lost in that cave, but I eventually made it. Once we got out of the cave I saw a man running into the forest.

    "Who was that?" I asked.

    "That's was a hunter. My brother told me to stay away from them, because they were dangerous and they could take me away." The bulbasaur said.

    "You should be fine as long as you stay next to me, they'll think you're my Pokémon." I told him.

    "Are you sure?" He thought of the idea for a moment. "Ok, I trust you."

    *bang* a sudden gun shot was heard coming from the forest.

    "What was that?" The bulbasaur asked, shaking a little cause of the sudden bang.

    "That was a gun shot, let's stay away from that area. We don't want to get shot." I said.

    I look down at him, only to see he's not there. I look around only to see him running towards the area where the gun shot came from.

    "Wait, stop. Don't go there!" It was to late, he's already in the forrest. "Dammit, now I need to find him... again."

    A few minutes of walking through the forrest, I start to hear sobbing."Huh, is someone crying?" I though to myself. I follow the direction of where the sobbing was coming from, only to see bulbasaur.

    "Hey, why are you-" when I said those words, I noticed blood on the floor. When I followed the blood trail with my eyes, what I saw next shocked me, nearly throwing up.

    I saw an Ivysaur dying in the floor, with a bullet hole in its stomach.

    I just stood there, in shock. I couldn't think of anything.

    "Please, help my brother. He's still breathing." The bulbasaur yelled.

    I continued standing there, thinking of things I could do. Suddenly, I had an idea.

    "We need to get him to a pokmon center. Bulbasaur, do you know where the nearest city is?"

    "Yes, I do. It's up north from here, if we hurry, we can make it to the city".

    I immediately picked up the Ivysaur, and started running up north. After 15 minutes worth of none stop running, we finally found a Pokémon center.

    I kicked the door open, making a loud bang. "I need a doctor immediately."

    "What the?" Nurse joy noticed my sudden outburst. "What are you panicking for, calm down."

    "I can't calm down, here take a look at this." I showed her the Ivysaur. Nurse joy's eyes were wide open, with her pupils dilated.

    "We need to do surgery, right away." She took the Ivysaur from my arms, and ran towards the operation room. She kindly told us to wait, she said the surgery could take hours.


    Me and the Bulbasaur were sitting in the waiting room. Their were no noises, other than other trainers talking. The Bulbasaur decided to break our silence.

    "Do you think my brother is going to be alright?"

    "We can only hope. It looked like the bullet hit multiple vital organs. If the doctors aren't fast enough... never mind, your brother should be fine, he's strong." I told him.


    After three hours of waiting, nurse joy came out of the room, and looked at me.

    "Can you come here real quick." She said sounding nervous. "I need to have a word with you."

    After telling Bulbasaur to wait and not go anywhere while I'm gone, I went and followed nurse joy. By the tone of her voice, this was most likely going to be bad news.

    "What do you have to tell me, nurse?" I asked her.

    "That Ivysaur you brought... lost too much blood. We couldn't do anything to save it. We tried everything we could, but it wasn't enough." She said, starting to cry. "I'm so sorry, I couldn't save him."

    For a moment, I was lost. Time felt slow. I felt like I should be crying, but I couldn't.

    "Thank you nurse, for at least trying." I told her in a reassuring tone. "Please don't cry, it's not your fault."

    She managed to stop crying, and wiped her tears.

    "I need to go now, please excuse me." She said, before running back into the room.

    I wanted to ask her some questions, but it seems she's just as upset about the situation as me. When I turn around to go back to my seat, I see the Bulbasaur standing right in hall way, crying.

    "I heard everything, my brother... my brother is dead."

    He turns around, and starts running away. He ran away, straight into the forrest.

    "Hey, wait up, don't run... crap, now I need to find him... again." I sighed.

    It took me a while, but I finally made it back into the forrest.

    "Now... where could he have gone to-" I was interrupted by a sudden sound of a gunshot. "Oh Arceus, not again."

    I ran towards the area of where the gunshot came from.

    "Stop running, you little bastard." An unknown grown mans voice spoke.

    "Go away, stop chasing me. Help!" The Bulbasaur's voice spoke.

    Oh Arceus, not again. He's being attacked... again.

    "Hey, let go of my leg!" Bulbasaur yelled.

    I jumped out of nowhere. Behind the hunter that's holding the Bulbasaur by its back legs.

    "Let go of that Bulbasaur, right now!" I demanded.

    "No way, I caught it first, fair and square. Do you have any idea how rare these little bastards are in these parts." The hunter said.

    I was starting to get angry. It felt exactly like the first time I was saving the Bulbasaur.

    The Bulbasaur noticed I was getting angry. "Josh, you need to clam down. Try to use your vines. All you need to do is calm down and focus."

    "Ok fine, I'll try." I told him.

    The hunter was generally confused to who I was talking to.

    "Umm, who are you talking to?" He asked me.

    "Oh, nobody. Just ignore me." I told him a little awkwardly.

    I try to clear my mind, and try to use the vines. I failed miserably.

    "Uhh, it doesn't work." I mumble to myself.

    "Umm what are you doing... you know what, I'm leaving. Don't bother me ok."

    "No wait, stop!" I yelled. Extending my arm forward, to grab his shoulder.

    Vines came out of my right arm and grabbed the hunter by his legs, making him fall and drop his gun.

    "What the?" The hunter said, angrily.

    He looks up, only to see that the vines are coming from my arm. His face changes from an expression of anger, to an expression filled with fear.

    "Wha... what are you? Some kind of freak! Don't come close, I'll... I'll shoot you!" He said. Starting to reach out for his gun.

    "Oh no, you're not." I said. Suddenly, vines came out of my other arm, grabbed the gun and retracted back into my arm, Giving me the gun. I was awe struck, suddenly getting an idea. "I'm going to let you go. Let go of the Bulbasaur, and run away, or else." I pointed the gun at the hunter.

    The vines let go of the hunter, and retracted back into my arm. The hunter let go of the Bulbasaur, stood up, and ran away, screaming for dear life.

    I kneled down, to get to about the bulbasaurs level of height. "Bulbasaur, are you okay?" I ask him, a little concern for his well being.

    "Yeah I'm fine." He said. Sounding a little depressed. "Let's go back to my house. I just want to forget all this."

    "That's fine. Let's go." I kindly told him.

    We both stood up, and started walking towards the bulbasaurs home.

    Well I kind of figured out how to fix the bug that I was having. I just needed to go into a computer and fix the document.

    I don't have really much to say here. Hope you enjoyed the chapter, bye.
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    Hello, I'm back, I just finished a couple of exams in my school, and I'm finally free at the moment, so I decided to write the fourth chapter.

    I noticed that I actually got my first ever fav. and follower on this story, which made me kind of happy. I thought my writing was very bad, I was only writing because I got bored and I wanted to write something. It's nice to know that someone is actually reading (and liking.) your work. Thank you, whoever you are, you made my day. Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

    Chapter 4

    After 5 minutes worth of walking and silence, we finally made it to the bulbasaur's home.

    "It's getting dark, you should stay over for the night." He told me. "The forrest tends to get wild in the middle of the night."

    "That would be nice. Thanks, I appreciate it." I told him.

    We both, entered the bulbasaurs, I tried to follow the Bulbasaur, but thanks to it being a cave, and being dark out. It made it nearly impossible to do so. Eventually, I made it.

    "I'm going to sleep." He told me, with little emotion. "You should get some too."

    "Ok, I will. Thanks."


    It's been nearly an hour since I laid down on the "bed". I could not sleep, it was like if something was keeping me up.

    *sigh*"I wonder how bulbasaur's doing."I think to myself. "I hope he's doing fine, since his brother died. He did seem pretty off."*sigh*"I'll just... try to sleep."


    "Ahh!... oh it was just a nightmare." I tell myself, with sweat dripping down my face, thanks to that nightmare.

    I see a Bulbasaur running into the room panicked.

    "What happened!?" He yelled "I heard screaming."

    "Oh it's nothing, I was just having a nightmare. Nothing to be worried about." I told him, reassuring him that I was alright.

    "Oh ok." He said, finally calming down. "what was it about anyway?"

    "It was about... Rose!" I yelled. "Arceus, I can't believe I forgot."

    "Rose? Who's that?" He looked at me with a confused gaze.

    "Oh, just one of my friends. That reminds me." I pulled out the phone that was in my pocket, turned it on, and sent Rose a message saying that I was alive and that she doesn't need to worry about me. When I was going to put the phone back into my pocket the phone made a catchy ring tone, telling me that I just received a message.

    "That was fast."I thought to myself. I turned the phone back on to read the message.

    February 3, 3017:Josh, I can't believe your alive! Please, come meet me at my house. You know where I live, I'll be there soon. Meet you there.

    "Huh, she's alright. I need to go see her soon."

    "Are you leaving?" The Bulbasaur asked.

    "Yeah, I need to go. Thank you for keeping me here for the night. I'm sorry that I have to go." I told him.

    "... it's ok, I'll be fine." He told me, sounding a bit sad.

    After I finally made it out of that cave. I decided to look back at the Bulbasaur.

    "Bye" I tell him.

    As I walked away from his home, I felt kind of sorry for the poor thing, since he lost his brother and all.


    As I was just about to leave the forrest. I heard rustling in the bushes behind me. I turn around, only to see Bulbasaur standing there. Crying.

    "Can... can you please-" he let's out a loud sob. "Take me with you. I have nowhere else to go. Please, don't leave me here. I don't want to be alone."

    I felt really bad for him. The only person he really cared about just died, and now he's alone.

    I knelled down, and told him.

    "Don't worry, you don't need to be alone. You can come with me, I don't mind having a little company."

    When I said those words, all I could see was his eyes. They displayed a glimpse of hope. He started to cry even more.

    I hugged him, picked him up, and walked towards Rose's house.


    It's been a while since we walked out of the forrest. Bulbasaur Finally stopped crying, and was able to walk again. While walking, I couldn't help but notice some people giving me strange looks, it's probably cause of these green dots in my arms, and legs. Eventually, we finally made it to Rose's house.

    I knocked on the front door a couple of times before calling.

    "Rose, are you home?..."

    There was no answer.

    "Looks like she's not home. Maybe we should wait a couple of-" was all the Bulbasaur could say before he was interrupted by the sound of the door unlocking.

    The doors opened, with someone's head poking out. It was a woman, with her hair ruffled up, being a complete disaster. And her eyes weren't better, there were dark bags under them, telling us that this person barely had any sleep. Yet oddly enough, she looked familiar.

    "Josh! Oh my Arceus. You're alright!" She said, jumping on me, giving me a big hug.

    "Rose is that you?" I ask her. "What happened. You look like shit."

    "It's called stress. You should know, you were like this all the time back in collage." She said. Releasing me from her death grip. "Come in quick, we can talk inside."

    As the three of us walked inside her house, I notice that she looked worried.

    "Rose are you alright?" I ask her. "You look worried."

    "I'm not worried. It's just that..." she hugs me, again. "I thought you were dead. You have no idea how glad I am to know that you're alive."

    "When you told me you were attacked by Team Rocket, I was worried." I hug her back. "I thought you were dead as well."

    "Umm... are you two going to kiss, or what?" Bulbasaur suddenly asked.

    My face became as red as a tomato.

    "It's not like that." I yell at him, clearly embarrassed. "Rose and I are just friends, that's all."

    Rose looks at me, confused to who I was talking to. Soon she noticed I was talking to the Bulbasaur.

    "Wait, you can understand what the bulbasaur is saying?" She asked, a little puzzled. "Is it because of the orb?"

    "Yeah?" I tell her, still quite not sure. "It looks like the experiment had some interesting side effects."

    "Oh, would that explain the green bumps around your neck as well?" She asked. "I was kind off wondering what those were."

    "Wait what?" I asked. "I have them around my neck as well?"

    "Yeah you do." Rose said boldly, as if it were something obvious. "What are they, exactly?"

    "Well... they kind of allow me to use grass based attacks, like a Pokémon would." I tell her.

    "Oooooh, mind giving me a demonstration?" She asked.

    "Actually, I kind of... don't know how to use them. It just happens in its own."

    "So you're telling me, that you have no control over it?" She asked.

    "Well not yet... I need to learn how to use them first. Why are you asking anyways?" I asked her.

    "Well, since you're here. I wouldn't mind conducting a couple of experiments." She said, with a serious tone and a grin.

    "What!" I yelled. Panicked over the though of going through experiments again. Collage was bad enough, but now I'm in her house their is no way out. I keep thinking of ways to escape her house.

    Rose starts laughing like crazy.

    "Oh man, you should have seen the look on your face." She said. "Priceless!"

    "That's not funny." I tell her.

    "You right, it was hilarious." She told me, still laughing. Eventually she stops. "No, but seriously you've should have seen the look on your fa-" she was interrupted by a loud growl.

    "What was that?" Rose asked.

    "I think that was my stomach." I tell her.

    "How long has it been since you've eaten?" She asked me.

    "Well let's see, today's a Friday, so I would say about... a month." I tell her bluntly.

    "Your joking right?" She asked.

    "I wish I was." I tell her. "I was in coma for a whole month. I woke up yesterday. Don't ask how I survived, cause I don't know."

    "Huh, well if your hungry, treat your self to whatever you want in the fridge." She told me.

    "Thanks Rose, I appreciate it." I tell her.

    "Oh, it's no problem at all." She said.


    While Bulbasaur and I were eating, I was explaining everything that happened yesterday to Rose, who was sitting on a couch, listening to every single detail. When I finished telling her everything that happened, she starred at me a little confused. I wouldn't blame her, if somebody told me this story, I would thing they're crazy too.

    She leaned close to my ear, as if trying to whisper something to me.

    "So, his brother died?" She whispered, pointing towards the Bulbasaur, who was still eating. "Is he going to be alright?"

    "Yeah, he should be fine." I tell her. "After I take him to my house and live there for a couple months, he'll get used to it."

    Rose tensed up when I brought up my hose.

    "Umm, you might not want to go back there."

    "Huh? What do you mean? I asked.

    "Well... let's just say, you don't have a house anymore." She told me. "When Team Rocket noticed I sent you into the forrest to save you, they didn't take it too lightly. They went to your house and burned it down."

    "What!" I yelled. "Why would they do that? I'm nothing to them, why do they want me?"

    "The most logical answer would be, that they want to know the results of the experiment you went through." She told me, in a worried tone. "Do you have any idea what they would do if they had that kind of information. They would make super weapons, if they realized you were alive."

    I just stood there, shocked. The sudden realization hit me like a brick."They burned my house down, where am I supposed to go now"I thought to myself."Am I even safe? Are they still looking for me?"

    Rose, noticed the worried look on my face.

    "If you're worried that they'll come look for you, don't be." She told me. "They stopped looking for you, it's been about a week or two since."

    "That still doesn't help with the fact that they burned my house down!" I yell at her.

    "Well I'm sorry I couldn't do anything!" She yelled back at me. "You know damn well how much power Team Rocket has in these parts of the city! The police can't stop them, even if they tried."

    Bulbasaur, who was still eating, got sick of our yelling.

    "Why are you to yelling!?" He yelled back at us. "For the love of all that is holy, Both of you need to shut up and calm down!"

    Rose stared at the Bulbasaur, still confused since she couldn't understand what he said. I, in the other hand understood everything he said.

    "Look Bulbasaur." I tell him. "This has nothing to do wit-"

    "And stop calling me by my species name. I have a name you know. It's Cody, for your information."

    "Ok... Cody, as I was saying. Rose and I are talking about what happened while I was in the forrest." I told him. "Apparently, a lot has happened since."

    "Well can you two talk about it instead of yell. It's getting very annoying, and I'm trying to eat." He told me.

    I let out a loud sigh. " Fine, Rose and I will talk in another room, if that makes you feel better." I tell him

    "Thank you, I'll appreciate it." He said as he went back into his food.

    I motioned at Rose to follow me. We went to her bedroom and closed the doors. We both sat down in her bed.

    "Why are we in my room?" She asked me.

    "Cause, Cody doesn't like us yelling while he's eating."

    "Who the hell is Cody?" She asked

    "The only Bulbasaur that's in this house." I tell her in a sarcastic tone. As if it weren't obvious enough.

    "Oh ok, I see." She said.

    We just sat there, for what felt like an entire minute. We were both silent, it was actually starting to get a little awkward.

    "What am I going to do now?" I ask. Breaking the silence in the room.

    "What do you mean?" She asked back.

    "I mean my house, where am I suppose to go now?"

    "Well you can live here. That's for sure." She said. "Well their is one thing. You wouldn't like it tho."

    "What do you mean I won't like it?" I ask her. "At this point I'm willing to try anything."

    "Are you sure about that?" She asked. "I know you more than anyone else in this stupid city, I'm sure you won't like my plan one bit."

    "Try me, if it even gives me the slightest bit of shelter I'll be willing to do it." I tell her, in a sure tone.

    "Well if you insist." She said, a little hesitant. "I could always make you into a certified Pokémon trainer. I am a professor after all, and I wouldn't even need to go get you a starter, that Bulbasaur could go with you.

    When she said that, my eyes opened wide. I was nervous.

    "Is... is their another option." I tell her, sounding completely nervous.

    "Nope, not that I can think of any, this is the only option we have." She said, still a little hesitant. "It's rather that, or you starve to death with no shelter. It's up to you."

    I just sat there, in the bed thinking of another way to get out of this mess. After five minutes of thinking and waiting, I couldn't think of any other options.

    "So... this is it huh? After many years of avoiding it, I'm going to do the one thing I didn't want to do."I thought to myself.

    "It's not like have any other choice in the matter, Rose." I finally spoke. "Fine, I'll do it. How do we make me into a certified trainer?"

    "It's simple really. I just need to ask a couple of question, and sign some thing." She goes to her table and pulls out a pen and paper. "Shall we begin?"

    "Fine, let's make this quick. I'll need to ask Cody, about coming with me later."

    And that's it. I know you guys were probably expecting something else. But alas my mind is rolling some blacks.

    Most people have their stories in their heads ready, and have everything planned out. Not me tho. I don't have a single clue how this story is going to end. I'm surprised I've though of this much. When the adventure starts, that's when I'm going to get confused over what I should do, and what kind of conflicts I will be writing. Oh well we'll see how this train wreck will end. You and me, writer and reader. See you next chapter.
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    Hey! So, I read the first chapter and it feels very casual. This chapter is very expository, almost too expository, which is a bit funny because although you've explained where Pokémon's abilities come from, we actually don't know who our protagonist is, as you don't provide a description of him. There's a few grammar and spelling mistakes and the dialogue is very monotone with a lack of exclamation and question marks. Although, I suppose this can be forgiven since you're writing on a tablet, which is a never easy thing to do (so kudos!). Honestly, it is a weak beginning, but I'm sure you can and will improve over time! Good luck!
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    Thanks for the feed back, and now that you mention it, your right. I dont explain who the protagonist is.(Besides his name.) I remember, that back then, I was using the mind set, that the viewers can imagine what the protagonist looks like.
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    Yeah, it's very easy to forget that the reader's don't know what the author's thinking is, which is okay!
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    Ill post the rest another day. I need to pack up to go to a hotel soon.

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