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The Rule of Midas

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by eclipse35, Apr 16, 2015.


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  1. eclipse35

    Apr 16, 2015
    The Rule of Midas
    By eclipse35 and edited by Bacon
    Chapter 1
    Chapter I: The Beginning
    Ben was an average kid. He had dirty blonde hair, and was of average height. He wore average athletic shorts, normally black, and average t-shirts. But when he woke up on an unrecognizable island, things were different. In other words, not average. The island, as far as ben could see, was a sandy beach on the outside ring, surrounded by water, and in the inside part of the island, was a dense forest. He thought he was alone, but there were others, he just didn't know it. "Wha- Where am I? The last thing I remember is winning that raffle for the superpower thing, then being knocked out behind the curtains. Wait! Doesn't that mean- If I won, doesn't that mean I have my ability?!?!" he exclaimed. "Hang on, let me try!" he concentrated, then the world around him appeared to shift. The water around him seemed to morph into the bustling streets of New York. Except for it didn't. It was all illusions. His ability. "So I have mastery of illusions! Yes!" He made himself look like a fox, so he could explore without being noticed.
    Ben slowly walked around, careful to not make too much noise, or else he may be noticed. He noticed a kid playing with some animals. He had light blonde hair, and forest-green clothes. He approached him, still appearing to be a fox. The kid was another raffle winner, his chosen ability, however, was unknown to Ben. He soon found out when what appeared to be a stone golem appeared. It's rock body was rough as sandpaper, it's eyes black as coal. If you look closely, you could even see some jewels in his body. The monster picked up one of the kid's animals, a white cottontail rabbit, and swung it around in the air, as if to play with it.
    The kid looked at him hard and stern and said, "Put my friend down!" There was a sense of command in his voice, like he was a mother telling a child to follow the rules. All of a sudden, the animals around him stared beady eyed at the golem. They all started to growl, and pounced on the construct, ripping him back to a pile of inanimate stone and jewels.
    Ben, wanting to talk to someone, revealed himself in a cloud of smoke. "Woah! What was that?! You must have picked an awesome power!"
    The kid jumped in fear, then said, "Wow! You too! Can you shape-shift or something?" Ben laughed and replied.
    "Nah, I can make illusions. See watch!" The sun in the sky turned dark red, and then exploded. When Ben relaxed, the sun was revealed to be in it's original state.
    "Woah!" the kid exclaimed. "Oh, I don't believe I got your name." "My name is Dex, and I can control animals. What's your name?"
    "Ben," he replied. "So, you got any idea what to do next?"
    "No clue," Dex said. "We appear to not have any food though. Let's go into the forest to check out the food here. I'm sure there's some apples or animals."
    Meanwhile in Ruby Soul, the head location for all things evil, Midas was sitting, watching happily as his test subjects played their little game. Ruby Soul was as hot as 130 degrees Fahrenheit on the coldest days. Ruby Soul was a dark cave, with lava streaming in from all kinds of pores scattered around the cave. Midas was a creature made of mountains compressed together, and shaped to form his torso and arms. His legs were made out of flowing lava. His head was a gigantic cave with many jewels inside. The mouth of the cave also formed his own mouth, and eyes and horns were carved into it. He was massive, and one of his 'fingernails' was the size of a normal human.
    He summoned his minion, Demantrix. Demantrix is a Demon that has the skull of a normal human as a head, but from the neck down, his skeleton turns into that of an eagle with draconic wings and talons. His body is often oozing with purple ectoplasm.
    "What Masssster?" He said in a raspy voice.
    "Ready the hologram. I think it is time they know what will happen." Midas commanded in a booming voice that echoed itself.
    "Yesss Sssir," Demantrix replied. He flew off, and came back. "Tis ready Massster," Demantrix said.
    "Good. Now, they shall know their fates."
    Just as Dex and Ben were beginning to settle into their make-shift leaf bed, in the center of the island, a hologram of Midas appeared.
    "What is that?!" Both of them exclaimed at the same time.
    Ben quickly said, "On normal occasions, I would say jinx, but I don't think this is a 'jinx' situation."
    "Good evening champions!" Midas stated. "I am here to inform you on your challenge. You have been chosen to have superpowers, but now you are on this island. I suppose nothing ever is truly positive. On this island, there will be two clans: The Good, and the Evil. You must work with your clan to defeat the others. Some of you have been brainwashed to make you evil, but the others remain intact. On the island, there are rings for each of you. Only you can activate your ring so you will know when you find it. It will contain a weapon, and a costume. When you press the top button on it, it will run a fingerprint scan, and if the prints match, you will automatically be equipped with your weapon and costume."
    Dex and Ben looked at each other. "Let's go find those rings," Dex said.
    "Heck yeah." Ben replied. Then they fell asleep.

    Chapter 2
    Chapter II: The Rings
    Dex and Ben were exploring the island, mostly looking for food. When they finally found a large banana tree with many ripe fruits, they were so excited. "This must be the first food I've seen in daaayyyyssss!" Ben exclaimed.
    "Dude," Dex told him, whilst calling some woodland birds to knock the bananas down. "We were just dropped on the island yesterday."
    "Whatever... I'm still hungry..." Ben quickly snatched one of the bunches of bananas that fell, and tore one open as if he were a full-grown gorilla. "MMMMM!" he said as he sank his teeth in.
    Dex grabbed a banana, then took a bite as well. He immediately stopped chewing, and said "Quiet! Do you hear that?" Ben listened closely, to see if he could hear anything. All of a sudden, he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him.
    "I've got this..." Ben said. All of a sudden, a terrified shout was heard, and the kid stumbled out of the bushes. He was in a grey sweatshirt, and was wearing athletic shorts similar to Ben's. His hair was a shade of dark brown.
    "What did you do to him?" whispered Dex.
    "You'll see..." Ben whispered back.
    "H-Help! I saw Slenderman! He's coming! Help!"
    Dex looked at Ben, and rolled his eyes. "Sorry about that... My friend Ben here is a little reckless." Dex said in a nonchalant way.
    "How would you even know?! You've only seen me for a day!!!" Ben cried.
    " Anyway," Ben stated "back on topic... Why should we save you from good ol' Slendy?"
    "Ben! Don't you remember? That rock thing said that evil people were brainwashed, so they actually would act evil. We can trust him. Slenderman was all an illusion. I'm Dex. This is Ben. I control animals, Ben can make illusions, hence that Slenderman you saw. What's your name?"
    "Jake. Jake Bronson."
    "You have any sort of power?" Ben asked.
    "Well of course, why would I be on the island if I didn't. Here, watch. I found this when I first came to the island." Jake reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a Rubik's Cube. He moved it out in front of him with his hand, then the cube started to float. "So apparently the world's fastest Rubik's Cube time is 6.54 seconds. Watch this." Ben and Dex stared in awe as the cube started to solve itself. "I think I beat that time." Jake said as the Rubik's cube completed itself,
    "Woah! Is that psychic powers?" Dex exclaimed. "No, actually, I can control magnetic fields, and I believe technology, but I haven't run into anything to test that on. Hey, I was wondering, could I have a banana? I'm pretty hungry." Jake asked.
    "SEE!!! I'm not the only one who's hungry!!" exclaimed Ben. "Be quiet." Dex said, passing a few bananas to Jake.

    When the group finished their fruit, they all knew they wanted to go looking for the rings, but no one had brought up the subject. All of a sudden, Jake said, "So, anyone wanna go find these 'rings'?"
    Dex and Ben nodded their heads quickly, and said "Yeah!!"
    Then Jake said, "So anyway, when I was exploring, I saw this huge cave! I bet there are some rings in there!"
    "Alright, let's look." Ben replied.
    Jake, Ben, and Dex all wandered into the cave, not knowing where to go. "It's kind of dark in here..." Jake muttered.
    "Oh, I can fix this!" Dex exclaimed. The cave was filled with a faint glow, but it started to get brighter and brighter. Ben looked back, and saw a ton of fireflies coming to their aid.
    "BUGS?! WHY BUGS?!" Ben shrieked. Ben used his powers to make the fireflies look like floating ice cream cones.
    "Much better..." he muttered. When he realized that Jake and Dex were staring at him, he said "Oh, uh yeah... I hate bugs."
    "Anyway," Dex said, "let's go deeper into this cave. I'm sure if the rings are even here, they aren't at the mouth of the cave.
    "Yeah, you're right. Let's go." Jake said. As they followed the path to the deeper parts of the cave, they were interrupted by the ground intensely shaking. It rumbled, and the ceiling had a little bit of a cave in, with a few rocks falling. Jake even tripped and fell face-first.
    "Woah, what was that?!" Ben exclaimed.
    "Must've been an earthquake!" Dex exclaimed.
    "Umm I-I don't think that was an earthquake..." Jake said, as he sprang to his feet again. He pointed to a man who seemed to be floating down the 'halls' of the cave. Ben immediately looked to his finger, noticing he already had his ring.
    "Look! His finger! The ring! He'll overpower us!"
    "Hmm, yes I believe I will..." the man stated. He had jet black hair, a black suit, and a dark red tie, and a black masquerade mask with a white feather in it. "I thought I should tell you my name before I destroy you. I am Masquerade. LET'S DANCE FOOLS!" The earth shook again, with a medium-sized boulder flying out of the ground, and it hovered for a few moments, then flew toward Ben. He used his ability to make the boulder appear to blow into confetti, but in reality, the rock hit him hard in the chest, sending him back a few feet. Not knowing Ben's ability, Masquerade was furious. "What?! Some sort of magician?!" He picked up Jake, and slammed him head-first into the wall. He then pulled a small black dart gun out of his pocket, and aimed a dart at Dex. "Move and I shoot! It's a trenk, so you might be asleep for a bit!"
    Ben, still appearing to be in the same spot, had actually walked next to Dex and whispered in his ear, "He doesn't know my ability. Let's have fun." He told the same thing to Jake, then all of a sudden, a dragon appeared. Ben made it look like he teleported into the air, hovering. then said, "Drop the gun! Or Galdor will attack! I don't think you'll like to meet his toxic breath!" Masquerade, in fear was temporarily paralyzed, and the gun slipped out of his hand.
    "My turn!" shouted Jake. Now, he lifted the gun in the air and pointed it at Masquerade. "It's a good thing this is a tranquilizer. Otherwise things might have gotten ugly for you." Jake pulled the trigger, sending the dart into his chest. Masquerade blinked rapidly a few times, then passed out on the floor.
    "Nice finishing line!" Ben shouted, letting the illusion wear off, revealing that he was actually laying down in the corner.
    "I don't think this'll hold for too long!" Dex shouted. "We've got to keep moving!"
    The trio dashed down the cave, finally reaching the end. stood up against the wall, were three podiums. There were rings on each. "Those must be ours!" Dex exclaimed.
    "Let's take 'em!" Ben shouted.

    Chapter 3
    Chapter III: Slycon

    They started to take a few steps forward, when their 'floating ice cream cones' fled out of the cave. The cave grew too dark to see, but they could still hear. There was a hissing sound, as light returned to the room. When the three super-humans opened their eyes, the rings were caged in a ring of impenetrable ring of fire. As well as that, scattered around the room were torches, now lit. A creature appeared in the center of the room. The torso was that of a man's, however that's where the similarities ended. From the waist down, it had the structure of a large snake, with a pointed tip on the tail. Planted on the back of the beast were the wings of a mighty wyvern. It's arms began as a normal human's would, but the elbows attached to two large blades, that appeared to be able to cut through a diamond. It's head's base was a normal human skull, but the mouth had the structure of a snake's, and it had many horns, like some elder dragons might. It seemed like it was made of stone.
    "I am a Demon of Midas! I am Slycon!" it said in a hiss. It then disappeared, not leaving a trace of it's existence except the eerie wind passing through the cavern.
    "Where'd it go?" Ben exclaimed, starting to spin in circles, doing the best he could to defend himself from the beast.
    "It looked reptilian! It must have camouflage abilities!" Dex shouted to no one in particular.
    "Back to back!" Jake exclaimed. The group all walked in towards the center of the cave, and pressed against each other. Ben thought he heard a hiss from one corner of the room, and pointed out the location and called
    "There! Dex!" Dex nodded, and a fleet of bats appeared from the darkness of the cave. In mid flight, Ben made them appear to morph into one giant gryphon. The gryphon roared, sending a shockwave through the cave. It was really the combined bats using their echolocation to flag down Slycon. The bats broke up, swarming the invisible creature.
    "Gahh!" They heard a shout, then the flames flickered a bit in the room. He turned visible again, but this time his wings, horns and arm blades were set on fire. "This is what happens if you make me mad!" The bats flew, feeling the heat of the flame.
    "Distract him!" Jake shouted. He dashed to the flaming ring, looking around to see what he could find.
    "Not much good without tech! That's why I need some!" he shouted. Ben, catching on to what he was doing, made an illusion of Slycon's flames extinguishing. He made it appear that he collapsed onto the ground, limbs severed with dark green, warm blood pouring onto the rock floor.
    Even though Syclon did not feel this happening to himself, looks can be deceiving. "Nooo!! Why!!!" He shouted. The flames flickered for longer, but still not enough.
    "Almost!" Jake shouted. "A little bit more!"
    Ben made it seem that he grew much bigger than normal, and had two giant swords in his hands. "It's time for you to pay!!" Ben shouted.
    "N-no please spare me!" The flames stopped for just enough for the room to go dark for a few seconds, and it was just enough time for Jake to reach into the ring, grabbing it, and slipping it on his finger. He rested his finger on the surface of the ring.
    "Running fingerprint scan," the ring said in a robotic voice. "Fingerprint recognized 'Jake Bronson'. Activating superhero form."
    Jake's eyes glowed a complete white, and his blood flowing in his veins turned into pure liquid lead. It was easy to see the metal through his skin, giving it a look that would make you think that it is a pattern tattooed on him. His hair turned a lighter brown, and was quite messier. His casual clothes morphed into a red and metallic suit of armor, made with steel. His shoulder plates were marked with an emblem that looked similar to a checkerboard. He had a sash thrown on top of his chestpiece. It had all sorts of tech and weapons on it, such as grenades, tasers, a pistol, and some throwing knives. His eyes remained completely white.
    The two knives floated off his sash, along with the taser. The weapons bobbed up and down in the air. The taser fired, but in the middle of flight, Jake stopped the two electrified darts in midair, and connected one cord two each of the knives. The knives were sent flying at Slycon, electrocuting him, but not piercing his tough skin.
    He hissed, shouting "No! I won't go down alone!" He turned invisible, grabbing Jake, then flying away to his master, Midas. "Sir! I have captured one of them!"

    Tell me if you want to see more!
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  2. eclipse35

    Apr 16, 2015
    A new chapter has been posted!!
  3. Thunder

    Thunder The Alolan Archer

    Apr 19, 2015
    I love it! I never knew you were such a good writer! Keep it up! I hope to see more of this,I hope you enjoy writing as much as I do!
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  4. eclipse35

    Apr 16, 2015
    It's fun for sure! Your story is coming along nicely as well! I have quite a few more chapters in reserve, but I have pretty much stopped writing because of a lack of ideas. Hopefully people will post here and tell me it's good so I can keep writing it!
  5. Thunder

    Thunder The Alolan Archer

    Apr 19, 2015
    Thanks! I actually refrain from giving people ideas,I believe a story can only be great if the writer does it himself(in your case). If you can't think of ideas it doesn't matter,as long as you keep going and try your best!IT doesn't matter how long it takes,you just need dedication,inspiration and perspiration,you just have to do it!
    eclipse35 likes this.
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