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The Secret Side of Me

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Phantom of Music, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Phantom of Music

    Jan 17, 2015
    Okay, come on, the finish line is in sight. Just a little bit longer. The thought raced in both Zoroark's and Lucario's minds as they dashed through the forest. Dewott had challenged the two to a race, and Lucario bet he was much faster than Zoroark could ever be. As stubborn as she is, Zoroark accepted the challenge, but for the love of Arceus, did it have to be through the entire forest?!

    Zoroark didn't think she could run any farther. Her legs felt like they were on fire and her chest felt constricted, but she wasn't about to lose.

    "Come on, slowpoke!" Lucario taunted her. Zoroark gasped as she saw Lucario gain up speed and run right past her.

    Oh no no no no NO! I will NOT lose to you! she thought. She was determined not to. She had an idea, but it was risky.

    Zoroark remembered seeing a Rapidash earlier that week, and remembered how astonishingly fast it was. Zoroark grinned evilly as she focused on Rapidash's form. In a matter of seconds, a pale blue light surrounded her. Her silhouette became horse-like with a fiery mane and tail. The light disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Zoroark was gone, but a Rapidash was running in its place.

    Good Arceus! Rapidash are literally built for speed! Zoroark thought as she sped up, now leaving Lucario in the dust. "H-hey!" his startled cry was behind her as she sped towards the finish line, but then she heard something behind her.

    Oh no! she thought, realizing exactly what it was: Lucario's Aura Sphere. The sky blue energy sphere hit her square in the side, making her fall to the ground and assume her true Zoroark guise. Angry, she shot her own Dark Pulse at him, making him crash into a tree, then fall to the ground.

    "Stop it! Both of you!" Dewott yelped, trying to get in between the two fighters. Lucario and Zoroark both shot death glares at the otter Pokémon, but backed away from each other.

    "It was his fault for Aura-Sphering me!" Zoroark said without thinking.

    "What?! It was her fault for cheating!"

    "I didn't cheat! I simply used my resources to win!"

    "ENOUGH! Both of you stop it!" Dewott screamed over the two, making them immediately shut up.

    "Zoroark, the rules didn't say you could transform, so technically, you did cheat," Dewott said. Zoroark growled at Dewott, revealing rows of razor-sharp teeth.

    "You know what that means, Zoroark," Lucario grinned, crossing his arms. "That means you lose the race," he smiled. "And the rules said the winner decides the loser's fate."

    Zoroark growled, but accepted defeat. It was a stupid thing for her to do, and she had to accept it. After all, the punishment couldn't be too bad...right?

    "Your punishment is to transform into a human girl for 72 hours straight. No Zoroark, you can only be human," Lucario said.

    "What?!" she yelped. Why would he ever say that?! She hated humans, and he knew it! All they did was capture Pokémon, force them to battle, and worst of all, trade them. She'd never had any interaction with humans except once in her past, and it was a HUGE mistake on her part. Zoroark wanted nothing to do with humans, much less have to transform into one!

    "Come on, Zoroark. Rules are rules. Transform into any human girl you want, just has to be a human," Dewott said.

    Absolutely fantsstic! Good going! She yelled in her head. She knew there was no way out of it, she had to do it. Plus, it'll shut the two of them up for a while.

    Suddenly, a pale blue light surrounded Zoroark again. This time, she assumed the form of a human girl. She kept her tall and skinny frame along with her long, messy red hair and blue eyes. She had really pale, almost white skin, a black short sleeve shirt, black jeans, and black boots she'd seen a few girls wear.

    "I have to keep this up for how long?" Zoroark asked, testing her new voice. It was like her old voice, except it sounded more...human-like, and lost its echo-like sound.

    "I hate this already," she growled.

    Lucario smiled. "Oh wait a minute. You're a trainer now. And trainers challenge Pokémon gyms," Lucario smiled.

    Zoroark gasped. "No! No no no no I am NOT going into town looking like this!" she yelled.

    Dewott shrugged."Well, Lucario does get to decide your punishment...so...you have to, sorry," Dewott shrugged.

    "Wai...what?!" Zoroark facepalmed and growled. Okay...come on...just do what he says and plot your revenge later, Zoroark told herself. She looked at her two best friends.

    "Whatever. Sure, I guess. But if I'm about to kill someone, you better stop me, alright?" she growled. They nodded.

    "Alright then. Let's go."
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