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Fanfiction The Shifter Stones: Vol. II

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by TheIllusionFox, Jun 19, 2017 at 11:08 AM.

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    So, after what has seemed like months, I am back on the fanfiction scene! And what's more is that I'm coming back with (basically a sequel) of my first fanfic yeeeeee! If you haven't read it yet, then here's the link!


    And now, assuming that you have already read it, let's go to the prologue!
    (P.S. constructive criticism is appreciated XD)


    “You didn’t have to rescue me,” The Zorua muttered as the Lucario picked up a wet washcloth. “I would’ve been able to take care of myself on my own.”

    “No you wouldn’t,” The Lucario countered, putting the washcloth on the Tricky Fox Pokemon’s forehead. He dabbed the small wound on it’s head, and lifted it up for inspection. The washcloth was speckled with blood, but the cut was clearing up slightly.

    “Why’d you take me?” The Zorua asked bluntly. It appeared as though the little Dark Type wasn’t afraid of the Aura Pokemon, but it wasn’t because of the Lucario’s type advantage. “I was perfectly fine on my own.”

    “That Houndoom was right on your tail,” The Lucario mumbled as he went to get the washcloth damp again. “If I hadn’t used that Aura Sphere at that time, you would have been dead.”

    “It’s better than this hell I have to live in.”

    The Lucario didn’t say anything after that. He kept addressing the head wound on the Zorua, and tried to avoid any conversation. The Zorua, however, didn’t care about it too much.

    “Why did you take me away?” He asked, a small growl coming from his throat. “You better not try to-”

    “I wouldn’t do that to any Pokemon, much less a child.”

    “Don’t call me a child!”

    “You are,” The Lucario muttered as he felt the Zorua’s forehead. “Your fever’s went down a bit, but it might be a good idea to rest for a while.”

    “I don’t want to,” The Zorua growled once again. “I’ve got to get home now.”

    The Lucario paused, not sure of what to say. “Should I really tell him?” He wondered to himself. But before he could say anything, the Zorua spoke.

    “Wait… everything’s a bit fuzzy… but… I remember… a fire. Yeah, a fire… the burning forest… and… and…” The Zorua looked a bit concerned, and his eyes showed that he was thinking deeply. “... and…” He looked back at the Lucario, a singular tear falling down the side of his face. “They’re gone… aren’t they?”

    The Lucario nodded slowly.

    “And I have nowhere to go…” The Zorua looked into the Aura Pokemon’s eyes, and said, “Do you mind if I stay here with you?”

    The Lucario smiled, and said, “You’re welcome to stay here as long as you want.”

    “Well,” The Zorua muttered, returning to his seemingly normal attitude. “I’m probably not going to stay here long, just so then I don’t annoy you to death.”

    “You’re fine,” The Lucario mumbled as he applied the washcloth to the Tricky Fox Pokemon’s head again. “I don’t mind having you around. Besides, I haven’t had company in a long time.”

    And what he had said was true.

    “Huh,” The Zorua mumbled, hopping off of the table that he had been on. He trotted around the small cave that was the Lucario’s home, and laid down in a particularly comfortable spot. “I thought that maybe you’d have some friends or family, but okay…”

    The Lucario sighed, a flood of memories rushing through his mind. He used to have friends. And the same with family. But both were gone now. And he was left alone. That is, until this Zorua came along. It was then that the Aura Pokemon had that nostalgic feeling of happiness.

    He shook his head. There was no point in thinking about the past. He instead took a seat next to the Zorua, and started to make a little fire for warmth. The weather in Johto was still cold from the winter winds. He finally had the bravery to say, “If you wanted to know, my name is Leon. I don’t mind if you call me by that.”

    The little Zorua shook his tail once, and yawned. Before he went into a deep sleep, he replied, “I’m Z.”


    “How long ago was that?” The Zoroark thought to himself as he picked a ripe-looking Oran Berry from a tree. It had to have been at least seven years ago, if not more. He sunk his teeth into the berry’s skin, and he sighed in relief. He really needed that.

    “Hey Z! Come over here when you get done daydreaming!” Z groaned silently as he put a paw to his head. He knew whose voice it was; the somewhat annoying 13 year old, Alexo.

    “Coming,” Z muttered as he headed towards another Berry tree. He saw four different Pokemon; A Lucario, a Roserade, a Swablu, and a Meowstic. The Swablu and Meowstic were playing around with each other while the Lucario and Roserade were quietly eating some Berries. The Illusion Fox Pokemon leaned against the tree, grabbing the two Pokemon’s attention. “What’s up?” He asked, taking a bite into a Sitrus Berry.

    Leon and Rosa both looked at each other, and then back at Z. The Swablu and Meowstic stopped playing, and became enveloped in the conversation. But no one seemed to want to answer.

    “Um… an answer would be nice right now,” Z muttered.

    “We have a problem,” Leon said in a grave tone. “Ascent is back.”
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