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The Story of Ny

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by HappyBun, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. HappyBun

    HappyBun Youngster

    Dec 25, 2014
    So This is my first ever fanfiction, I don't have much to offer other than my own personal imagination and opinion on how the Pokémon world should be compared to that of the anime. If you have any opinions or suggestions, please leave a review. Thanks!

    Vermillion: The Arrival and Discovery
    "Hey1 what makes you think you can barge in like that? We're having a serious battle between top trainers and the Elite Four! We must draft a team of strong trainers; we have no need of disrespectful brats!" A white-haired man in shades and a formal gray suit scolds the young trainer that just walked in.
    "No I'm not being disrespectful, kind sir, just really confident. I think its fine to be confident, if you're strong." The teenager wore baggy jeans, a black T-shirt and a blue vest, along with what seemed to be a pilot cap and goggles. He really did seem to be confident in his abilities.
    Suddenly a loud yell of dismay and disappointment was heard near the far wall of the large rectangular stadium, signifying the defeat of another trainer.
    The victor and Elite Four member spoke without looking, "It's alright, Clyde, let him battle, if he is that cocky, he is either really strong or stupid. And to be honest, I'd prefer the former." Gray Oak was named after his grandfather and his name was even made fun of by his father. The unnaturally fit 50-year old stood on the platform nearest the front door in a gray, metal studded blazer and white shorts, having just easily defeated another strong trainer. He specialized in normal (gray) and steel (gray) type Pokémon to spite those who made fun of him.
    Once the teenager had arrived on the opposite platform near the far wall, he could see Gray's face, and quite honestly, it was gray. Clean, gray moustache, gray and thinning hair, even his eyes were graying. The Elite Four member spoke loudly, "Well, well, well, it's a fine day is it not? Say, what is your name?"
    The trainer replied, "Well according to my trainer card, I'm Niles Jackson," then with a smile, "But you can call me Ny."
    "Very Well Ny, let's begin! Come out! Pyroar!" A feline beast with a bright red and orange mane came roaring out of the Pokéball that Gray threw.
    "I'll match yours then, go Arcanine!" A majestic orange white and black canine appeared without a sound.
    Gray initiated, "I'm not holding back! Pyroar! Double Edge, full power!" The pyroar immediately took off at an incredible speed, kicking a huge dust cloud behind it.
    "Dodge! With Extremespeed!" Even before the challenger could finish, the Arcanine disappeared. The Pyroar halted and looked around unaware that the two Pokémon had just traded places.
    "Now, Arcanine! Extreme Charge!" Again, the canine disappeared only to appear with a yellow flash and crackle before Pyroar's now collapsed body. "I'm no brat anymore, hm, Clyde?"
    Thus was the start of Nile Jackson's, or should I say, Ny's inevitable participation in The Great Pokémon War.
    But first, Let me tell you how his journey first began.
    First Day Back in Kanto
    Ny hadn't thought as much as he should have about how and what he was going to do here. It was already dark, he was hungry, half his pack of pokefood had been depleted, and still he could not find his father's old place.
    I've lived and explored Vermillion so many times, how could it have changed so much over these past two years? Pondered Ny, still staring intently at the relatively uncomplicated map of small roads and few buildings that he had stolen from his father. Or maybe I'm just bad at direction. Laughing to himself, Ny stopped and remembered how he used to get lost in the wilds, or when he used to cry for his mom literally twenty feet into the woods outside his grandmother's garden.
    The young pre-teen was dressed in a pair of shorts, a t-shirt starring a Gengar and a track jacket. His messy uncut hair revealed his careless nature and his eyes were full of mischief.
    "Yeah, that's probably it." Said Ny to himself as he recognized a familiar landmark not yet consumed by modern renovations. It was a statue of a rhydon standing upright, as if guarding the abandoned and gloomy gym behind it. Ny used to climb up on top of those with his school friends right around sunset, leaving his Togepi on the ground and feeling like the king of the world. Then, above Togepi's squeaking he would overhear his schoolmate's parents shouting and scolding, look for his own but then remembering that his father had busy work at the nuclear power plant, and that the other half of the family was in Sinnoh.
    Looking away, Ny proceeded on his rediscovered route back home. It only took ten minutes on the dirt paths before he approached a large constriction site where he swore his old apartment should have been. Since there was a rectangular stone wall surrounding it Ny ran around to get a better look at the site and hope filled his heart as he ran for the entrance. Ny wondered whether his father knew about his home being demolished and whether it was the cause of his return to Sinnoh.
    But before he could think any further, a loud "HEY" resounded throughout the block, echoing slightly. As Ny unfroze himself to look at the big-voiced man. "You're a trainer right, kid? I see you've got two pokeballs right there, on your belt. You gonna man up and battle?"
    Ny scared and unsure what to do, obediently moved his hand towards his Pokéball then suddenly stopped. "Yeah, huh? Oh, but I can only use one..."
    "That's fine! I'll just use one too! Here, this'll be the one; It's work time, Diggersby!" A red light flashed out of the airborne Pokéball and a scruffy looking Diggersby appeared. The ground-normal type rabbit Pokémon held his small arms close to his chest, preferring to showcase his comparatively giant ears. When Diggersby caught sight of Ny, it smiled openly, shifting the stick between his teeth from one side to the other.
    "Now's the time when you're supposed to send our your Pokémon, boy. " the worker said, scratching his well-grown beard and worrying about the mental stability of the young teenager before him.
    "Y-yes, yep, my turn now..." muttered Ny inaudibly as he pulled back his arm to throw his Pokéball. Ny felt a pit in his stomach as he involuntarily recalled the exact experience two years ago during practice battle his class would have in a school just a few blocks from there. Ny never won.
    "Growlithe!" Ny's voice cracked in his attempt to declare the traditional pre-battle shout. Out came a startled young Growlithe, clearly not as strong as the Diggersby in front of it. Seeing his Growlithe look back at him with worried eyes, Ny suddenly realized why he had battled so much although he lost all the time. Now filled with fighting spirit, Ny shocked the middle aged worker and shouted, "Alright! Let's go, Growlithe, ember, quick!"
    Stunned by the boy's new attitude and the ferocity shown by the seemingly weak Growlithe, the worker could but stutter uneducated syllables, Fortunately the experienced Diggersby threw its large ears in front of itself and blocked most of the embers,
    "Follow up with bite! Clamp on hard!" Blinded by its own ears, the Diggersby had them caught in the little Growlithe's jaws.
    "Now throw it to the ground!" The worker had finally recomposed and gave a clear smart command, taking advantage of the situation.
    "Without letting the other trainer finish, Ny interjected, "Release it, loosen up and do a roll!" Just as Diggersby began to swing his ears, Growlithe let go and rolled on the ground away from the rabbit, avoiding the full force of its ears and minimizing damage.
    "Not bad, kid! But let's see how your quick thinking fares against this! Diggersby, Quick Attack!" The bulky Pokémon took a step back before accelerating at a frightening speed and tackling Growlithe.
    "So you were one of the plant worker's kid, huh?" After the battle, the husky middle-aged worker invited Ny to sit next to him on a rock by some heavy construction equipment. Ny was treating his injured Growlithe after gratefully accepting the worker's offered medicine.
    "Um, yeah sir, and I just came back here searching for my dad's old apartment but I never knew it would be like this." Indicating the rubble worthy building in the distance.
    "If you don't mind my asking, could you mention a name?"
    "Oh ho! Jadesky was it? Not a bad man at all, no, worked extra hard, well many others did, but he, it seemed like he was working his soul dry, hard to imagine he was raising a kid at the same time. You didn't make too much trouble now did you?"
    Ny's face flushed red, exposing his naughty childhood.
    "Well, now, no need to be ashamed, all kids are like that at some point." Chuckled George, "Well your dad was a lucky one I gotta tell you, only one to survive the accident unharmed. There was an attack, some two years ago, darn team Rockets..." Ny could feel the somber sadness emanating from the worker, now with head bent and eyes closed. "Luckily they didn't get to the core of the plant, otherwise this whole city... Well anyway, because of that they had to shut it down, basically stripping us workers of our jobs, these apartments you see here that were provided to us for the job and basically left us with nothing. I was the head manager there y'know, had a bright future, a beautiful fiancée too..." The worker suddenly found himself turning to Ny as he felt the boy's arms around him.
    "I'm so sorry." Was all Ny could say but it was enough to cheer the worker up.
    "Ha ha ha! Well no use crying now," said the worker as he wiped his eyes and tried to recover. "I'm George by the way."
    "My name's Ny."
    "Alright, Ny. How about staying at my place? I'm sure you don't have a place to stay and there ain't no Pokecenter here in this rural place." At this, Ny's face lit up then suddenly darkened again as he looked towards the run-down apartment building. "Or perhaps you want to revisit your room? Leave anything in there you forgot?"
    "No, let's head to your place. Thanks George."
    "Haha! You've entertained me, that's more than enough payment, C'mon, I gotta tell you about everything that's change since, what, two years ago?"

    So that was the first chapter not bad huh? lol it was probably bad. Anyway, you are gonna have to wait a long time before I tell you anything about the Great Pokémon War, but the changes to Vermillion will come in the next chapter coming soon! See you next time!
  2. EverchangingArcadia

    Dec 24, 2014
    It's not bad. The structure might need a few rephrasing, but overall its good for a first story and chapter nonetheless. Some errors here and there, but its a start. You may need to also try messing around with the bold and italics setting too here on Lake Valor. I see where you're trying to go with the story and the structure, but as I said before, it still requires work.

    I'll be following this story to see how it comes out. Good luck with the rest! I see great potential in this and hope you progress with it nicely.
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  3. HappyBun

    HappyBun Youngster

    Dec 25, 2014
    Second chapter to my story! I've already got the third chapter written as well, just gotta copy it into my computer so you can expect it to come soon! Hope you enjoy!
    Vermillion: To the City
    The morning sunlight shone through the window, its brightness dampened only by the morning fog. Ny got out of the couch he was using as a bed and found himself in oversized pyjamas. Geroge, the husky construction worker had lent them to him after discovering Ny had none. Ny could still remember George's laughing, "You know those are one of a trainer's essentials right? Ha, ha, ha! It comes first even before potions!" Yep, Ny was definitely a newbie trainer.
    With one hand on his waist securing the size 45, blue and purple polka-dotted pants, Ny moved towards the small basic kitchen and the smell of food. George had already left for work, leaving the twelve-year old a plate of eggs, spam, and a bun. But as all good trainers do, Ny woke his togepi and growlithe up, carrying their drowsy bodes to the bowl on the floor and filling it with pokefood.
    "C'mon growlithe, don't fall back to sleep," Ny beckoned, nudging the striped black, white and orange canine, "look, Togepi is gonna finish it all." That appeared to catch growlthe's attention and it finally sat up to eat its meal.
    Deviating away from his Pokémon, Ny's attention was caught by a white envelope beside his food. Making sure to stuff his mouth with some egg first, Ny read its contents.
    So Ny, you want to be a Pokémon trainer huh? Well the first step is to get a Pokémon trainer card but those require recommendation and money so instead I can hook you up with a friend of mine who can not only forge an I.D. but can also hack into the PC system to get you registered. She's located at the Star Star Rock Center's underground; make sure you DO NOT tell anyone else. She'll take this paper for admission and to hide her existence. After you get your I.D. I'd advise you challenge the gym, it's by the west coast a little bit away from the first gym. Don't worry, you'll do fine. Good luck!
    After Breakfast, it was finally time to explore the city and see the changes George described for him. Having packed all his belongings, now including his oversized pyjamas, Ny headed out with his Pokémon by his side. Stepping outside the wall of the apartment building, he looked back and saw a statue he hadn't noticed the night before; a determined machop, staring ahead, and carrying what seemed to be a heavy brick. According to Geroge, the Mighty Machop Co. existed for a long time but only recently grew large, which is why Ny didn't recognize the name.
    Ny made a left onto the dirt path towards the city. Togepi had already needed carrying and growlithe, unlike his morning self, was running around sniffing everything. Ever since the nuclear power plant shut down and the electric powerplant restarted, many workers found themselves out of work. Consequently, Might Machop hired them all to expand the city through the northwestern forest and even obtained a government grant for their service to the people. It was the perfect place for the jobless workers to overcome the loss of their dear friends to the accident. In any case, life was good; the workers were happy and the company was not over-manipulating.
    That was when a problem arose. Although the workers did their jobs well, the forest and natural habitat of Pokémon was diminishing, causing activists to speak out and eventually, construction ceased. Presently, the workers could only do renovations which are quickly being needed less and less.
    Putting the first foot down on the modern concrete city road, Ny could already smell the sea breeze and to his surprise, he could see the distant water network that composed most of the city. The alternate solution to the work shortage problem was to expand construction to the sea. Yet this solution required a tighter budget and didn't allow as many workers to be hired — they had to be retrained. Nevertheless, the popular semi-submarine city became the product.
    And now, before Ny's eyes there was a beautiful glass dome that nearly touches the tip of a central building. The skyscraper was at least 30 stories high and probably even deeper. It was surrounded by lots of smaller building and then a large ring of "housing". The ring right in between the center and the housing ring had no visible building and served as transportation rivers. Basically, it looked like a three-ringed target with a huge bull's eye.
    "WOW!" Ny gasped and to his Pokémon, "let's go see inside!" The two Pokémon, excited by their trainer quickly gained pace and caught up with him.
    Inside, the view was even more spectacular. There were people bustling about through the commercial part of the dome, people getting ferried by laprases and floatzels, all the while kids played in the waters with their Pokémon friends. Even better, there was an awesome web of yellow, clearly the powersource of the city, throughout the buildings, dome and under the river that must've looked even better at night.
    Walking along the river, growlithe and togepi curiously looked over the ledge into the water. "Hey, hey," Ny called out in a sing-song voice, "you're gonna get wet if you fall in you know?" Growlithe and Togepi were punished for not heeding Ny's warnings a moment later as a water Pokémon splashed them with water. While togepi squeaked in delight, growlithe was quick to learn his lesson and climbed up against Ny to dry his face. "Aww, Come on! Now you're gonna get me wet!" But by using his puppy-dog pouting and a cute growl Growlithe got away with just a brief scolding. "Alright, I think our fun time is over for now, let's get down to business. Growlithe, Togepi! Return!" A red beam flashed out of his two pokeballs and connected with the Pokémon. A moment later, they disappeared and the Pokéball shrank back down to ping-pong size. "Ok now, where do I have to go?"
    After an hour and half of exploring, Ny ended up walking a full lap of the circular city and ended up before a rock club he had passed on his way in. The sign read STAR STAR — COME FIND YOUR STAR IDENTITY! It was so blatantly obvious but clever enough to be misunderstood. Taking a deep breath, he stepped in.
    There was no one at the front desk of the unlit lobby, so Ny entered the door that seemed most obvious, the one with a star. Upon opening it, Ny was met with a crashing tide of metal music and electric tunes already overwhelming at a distance. Looking past the impeding wall further down the spiral staircase, Ny was shocked to see a huge stage and a giant room filled with upwards two thousand people. The floor was impossible to see but the walls were glass, and only on a second glance did Ny notice most of it was covered by earth. To think that such a place could exist in the underwater city, a place that is rooted in the earth. The darkness it provided augmented the bright lights in the room.
    Ny did not need to be careful in descending the stairs, no one would notice him or care for that matter, the stage and the huge side bars were their only concern. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs and getting hit my another wave, this time of the smell of sweat and alcohol, a hand seized a death grip on Ny and he was dragged to a small smoky back room. It was darker than outside, being only illuminated by a computer monitor, and was surprisingly quiet.
    "What do you think you're doing coming so late?" The slurred yet clearly enraged voice of a lady demanded Ny. "I was almost tempted to have a drink! Explain yourself!"
    Ny's eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and he could perceive the silhouette of a long-haired lady. "S-sorry, I kinda got lost in the city, it was hard to..."
    "Yeah, yeah." The lady, now visible to be wearing a gray lab coat over very revealing leather clothing, interrupted, was not in the mood to take excuses. She had purple hair and wore a generic mask of heavy makeup that seemed to cover up her most likely already attractive face underneath.
    A torkoal was sleeping by her desk, spewing smoke from its shell and a wheezing was unnaturally breathing comfortably behind her seat. Ny's field of vision was covered by another surprise as a ghastly appeared before him and licked his face before disappearing again.
    "Umm, why was that ghastly white instead of purple?" asked Ny curiously.
    "This torkoal here, gives off a healthy smoke, the wheezing absobs the bad chemicals in the air, so ghastly became healthy. Give me your hand." The lady took a blood sample and placed it into a machine for analysis. She took an all-encompassing look of Ny and then proceeded to type in all sorts of information into the computer. "Name? Last Name?"
    "Ny, Jadesky."
    "Niles Jackson." The lady hit enter and a beep could be heard as a trainer card befan to be printed out.
    "No, miss, I said Ny, Jadesky! Not Niles Jackson! You gotta change it!" Ny frantically tried to convince the nonchalant lady.
    Shoving the card in his hand, the lady forcefully escorted him out of the room. "The police can't trace you if its not your name dim-wit, be lucky that it sounds similar so you can at least use "Ny" as a nickname. No get out! Oh wait," She grabbed hold of the collar of his shirt, "Give me that slip of paper George gave you. Ok now you get out!"
    Ny was shoved out into a barrage of lights, sounds and smells. The young trainer slowly climbed up the staircase while staring at his new trainer card. Usually this would be a celebratory moment for young trainers starting their journey, with that special feeling you get knowing that you are finally officially a Pokémon trainer. When normally, trainers look at their card, their face, their name and say, that's me, Ny was devastated and conflicted. This wasn't him, he wasn't Niles Jackson, the picture didn't look like him and he wasn't even born in Vermillion City. How can he be a trainer now? All the gym badges he might possibly earn won't matter. His whole life would be a fraud!
    Ny exited the front lobby and kept walking along the road until he found a bench to sit on. Just as he was about to cry, suddenly a meaty hand clasped on his shoulder and Ny looked up, confused. "Ha ha ha! Now don't look at me like that!" It was George, the construction worker, which made Ny even more confused. "I'm just off on my lunch break and I figured I would come congratulate you on your first gym victory! Surprise hmm? Look, if she had used your real name and identity, there would've been a conflict in the system, besides with a new identity you're free to do whatever, Cheer up! Now let's go see about that first gym battle!"
    Ny, thinking it through, realized that it was probably for the better and there was no point crying now, not right before a gym battle.
    So what did you think? Leave a review and I'd love any advice!
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