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The sun and moon of alola chapter 1

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Skylandsonic, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Skylandsonic

    Skylandsonic Bug Catcher

    (Odd Egg)
    Level 1
    Jan 21, 2017
    A/N: Hello, this is skylandsonic from fanfiction.net bringing your this new and exciting fanfic. If you like, please comment below and review on fanfiction.net This is based off of Thechaosmaster's fanfic The Hero and The Dragon. However it is not meant to be the same story. This is a new "What if?" type of story where it's a wild twist of the original story. The changes are this: Ash's pikachu will already know catastropika in place of volt tackle. Ash will have two cosmogs. Ash will keep the poliwog he tried to get way back when he was younger. And a bunch of other goodies I have cooked up for this story. One other thing, if this turns into an Ash X Harem fanfic, do NOT expect an "Betrayed Ash" fic. I HATE those and will NEVER do them PERIOD now then unto the fanfiction
    It was a quiet evening in the wonderful world of Pokémon as young 10 year old Ash Ketchum was in his bedroom sparing with his Poliwhirl, whom he named Whirly, as in exactly one month he'd have his starter Pokémon, even though Whirly was his first Pokémon. The reason as to why he wanted a starter was because he didn't want to feel left out of the crowd that had cool starter Pokémon such as bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle. Right now, he was beat boxing with Whirly while his mom, Delia, was relaxing on a recliner. Then all of them heard a sudden ring of the doorbell. Delia got up "I'll get it Ash, don't worry about it!" She got up and opened the door, only to find two boxes as the label revealed it was shipped to Ash. The initials, however, didn't make sense, as it said someone by the name of "R.K.S" while she was contemplating what the initials in the name meant, she set the package down and yelled out "Oh Ash, there's a package here for you, don't hurt yourself...!" But it was a bit too late as she heard the familiar stair thuds. "... coming down the stairs" She said as Ash came down. With Whirly by his side, he approached the package and opened it slowly. Once he did, he opened the lid to find two pokeballs which had sun and moon symbols on them, and a note. Curious to what it said, he opened the note, and read it.
    Dear Ash Ketchum:
    If you are reading this note, then this package has been shipped to you in perfect care. In any case, lord Arceus has hand selected you for a special task, taking care of two cosmogs. Currently they are at level 5 and have the ability to evolve into Solgaleo and Lunala . The role of this task is of great importance, so don't start getting any cockamie ideas. Overall, Arceus is expect ing to accomplish great, so good luck young Ketchum
    He gave the letter to Delia to read, and as soon as she finished, she said "Well, let's se those Pokémon." Ash was glad they were alone. If anyone else were here, he probably couldn't trust them to see the two cosmogs. But since this was family, he threw the pokeballs and out came out two small nebula like Pokémon with a partial ring on them and wisp like arms. They immediately went to Delia and said "Mama!" Delia picked them up and hugged them "Aw, these are the legendary Pokémon you were tasked to raise?" he smiled and nods. The baby cosmogs then ran through the the house with Ash chasing them. Even though they didn't know what the future may hold, both Ash and Delia knew he had a great journey in Kanto.
    Now that produce is over, I thought I'd ask you guys some questions
    Do you think Ash can do with a few more legendaries?
    Should Whirly evolve into Poliwrath, Politoed, or a fakemon?
    Should Serena, Mallow, Lana, and or Lillie be in the fanfic?
    Which Pokémon girl should replace Brock as Ash's companion?
    I just referenced an incest shipping, but should I actually implement the shipping, I ask because I wanna do a normal fanfiction
    Should there be z-moves and trials in this? And if so, tell me what trials would the gym leaders have?
    Do any of you know the game Tattletail? And If so, should I dedicate an arc based on the game?
    Should I feature crossovers with franchises like sonic, digimon, ratchet and clank, etc
    And finally, team rocket's meowth. I have already determined he'd join ash, but the question I ask is, would he evolve into a regular persian, an alolan persian, or stay a meowth?
  2. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    I would love to read the fanfic! However...it's a bit impossible at the moment...as it's in black text on a dark gray background. Could you please change it to something more brighter & easier to read? Thank you!

    Anyways, I bet it's really awesome...since Alola is a great region! :)

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