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Fanfiction The Sun at Night

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by DemonicKraken, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. DemonicKraken

    Level 10
    Sep 23, 2017
    Legendary Triforce ★★Star Piece ★★★★
    I dont have much to say besides this is a Sun X Lillie Fanfic. One part a week. 7 parts. All are done already .v.

    Sun woke up and sat up in bed. He looked at his clock. As usual, it was 7:00 PM. Jet lag had sent the entire schedule off on their arrival, and over a year later they still woke up 7:00 PM at night. Funny thing was, a lot of other people seem to be up at this time, out and about.

    Wait a minute...over a year later? Sun rushed over to his calender. No, it wasn't the day quite yet. One more week. One more week until Lillie returned. Sun thought about what he'd do today. He eventually settled on going to the battle buffet again. That was always pretty fun.

    Sun got dressed, and walked down into the living room. Mom was still sleeping. Since Lillie left, Sun ended up getting up earlier then normal to check the calender, and he was usually up before mom. Sun left a note on the table to let Mom know where he was, and went off.

    Sun was wondering what would be there when Hau spotted him. "Hey, Sun!" Hau rushed over. "Heyo, Hau. Whats up?" "I just wanted to remind you that next week is the day!" Sun smiled at that, and Hau realized Sun already knew. "Oh, you already knew? Alright! So, where are you off too?" "I was just on my way to the Battle Buffet. Wanna come?" At this Hau smiled. "Of course I'm coming! I'm starving!" Sun laughed at that, and Hau laughed too. "Hau, you're ALWAYS hungry." This just set both of them laughing harder, until they reached the mall and entered the battle buffet.
    As usual, they got a special table since Sun was champion of Alola. Sun quickly rushed over for a Vanillite Parfait, one of his favorite dishes. There was an odd trainer in an oddly colored cloak also wanting the dish, so they battled. The cloaked trainer was one of the strongest people Sun has ever seen in the place. Sun used his Decidueye against the trainers Milotic. Despite Sun having the type advantage, it was actually a tough battle that Sun almost lost. But Sun pulled it through when he used his Z-Power, the arrow rain knocking the Milotic out.
    Hau, at the same time, had been fighting with another trainer after a Hoeen Ramen. Hau's Alolan Raichu beat the office workers Mawile. Sun had spotted a gold dish, a Chansey Omelette, and in a flash he was after it. Hau had his own eyes set on the dish, and it was a battle. Hau's Primarina was even stronger then their last battle, and it had been almost a duplicate of the battle against the cloaked trainer. Sun once again had to break out the arrow rain to win. Hau was ok with losing, especially when, since it had became time to eat by then, Sun ended up giving half the Omelette to Hau. "I think I won too many battles. I'm stuffed." Hau gladly ate up the remainder of the omelette. "I'm not! Haha!" Sun went out and the two went seperate ways. Sun himself was thinking of what to do when his phone buzzed. It was a notification that he had a challenger back at the E4. Sun called Charizard and flew over and in, stepping on the teleporter. The challenger was the cloaked trainer from the buffet. Sun was a little surprised that the trainer he had fought at the buffet had made it all the way this far, but Sun shrugged and got into position for battle.

    Sun started off with his Magnezone, while the cloaked trainer sent out a Salazzle. The Salazzle's corrosion let it poison the Magnezone, but the Salazzle was still defeated. The battle went on intensely until both were down to their last Pokémon. Sun had his Decidueye while the cloaked fellow had a Porygon-Z. It was a tough battle, especially since the arrow rain would have no effect, not to mention the Porygon-Z's Ice beam was super effective, but in the end Sun managed to win. The cloaked figure looked fine with losing, as if it had happened before, and exited the building quietly.
    yes, glitch is in this. and yes, squidy is gonna show up two. cameos are fun :L
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