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Gameplay Journal The True Island Challenge (Pokemon Sun Nuzlocke)

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by Captain Comet, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Captain Comet

    Captain Comet Fallen Star Baby

    Shiny Space
    (Palkia Egg)
    Level 27
    Sep 8, 2016
    Basic Gary Oak ★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Jaw Fossil ★★★Galladite ★★★★

    After barely managing to stumble past Steven in Hoenn, I have decided to retire my Pokémon from there. They are currently living a life of luxury, far off in the clouds (i.e., Pokémon Bank). But, I have grown bored of not getting destroyed every now and again, and so have set out to the other tropical paradise of the Alolan Islands!

    Here, I shall once again partake in a Nuzlocke challenge. Just a normal one though. I don't want to lose super early on and have to reset time and try again like last time (ignoring the fact that that was a normal Nuzlocke as well).

    So anyway, after transferring my soul into a new body and taking the role of some kid from Kanto with black-ish hair and dark eyes, I arrive in Alola with my mother who is apparently incapable of unpacking anything.

    After a brief chat with her, Professor Kukui rings the doorbell and then just decides to walk himself in anyway. And then proceeds to call my mom "mom". Like wtf dude that's weird and you never gave an explanation for it. But then he says I'm getting a new Pokémon and offers to guide me to Iki Town nearby so I guess it's cool.

    We make the trek, but the Kahuna I was supposed to get a Pokémon from is nowhere to be seen. And I have to go look for him. Sure, make the kid who just got here yesterday go find the guy who probably knows the island better than anyone else. And the only description I have of him is "He looks just like a kahuna".

    I find a girl with a really big hat talk to her bag and walk down a trail in the back. Naturally, as any male preteen (or teenager I have no idea) would, I follow the girl.

    I find her at an old bridge, when a tiny space cloud thing dashes out of her bag onto the bridge, then subsequently gets attacked by some Spearow. The girl requests me to help Nebby (who I guess is the space cloud), and so, being the hero I am, I run out and protect the space puff - as I shall now call it instead of Nebby. It freaks out and destroys the bridge, sending us both to our doom. Cool.

    But then we get saved by some thunder-rooster-tiki thing. A moment of astonishment ensues, then it leaves.

    The girl starts talking to the space puff about using it's power and completely ignoring me. After specifically asking me to help it in the first place because she was too scared and indirectly almost causing my death. Yeah I'm fine, thanks for asking.

    Space Puff finds a sparkling stone on the ground, and the girl gives it to me after refusing to tell me her name. :fuming: Then she askes me to walk her back to town. Again, :fuming:

    We get to town and meet up with Professor Surfer Dude, who ends up being the one to tell me anything about this girl. Apparently, she's his assistant, and her name is Lillie. Then he asks her to take good care of me. As if it hasn't been the other way around already. I mean, not that he would know that. But still.

    Then the kahuna FINALLY decides to arrive, and his only explanation for being gone is that he's the kahuna and if there's ever a problem, he has to go solve it. No explanation of what the problem was or why he didn't tell anyone where he was going.

    Lillie decides to tell them both about my heroic exploits earlier, but the only thing anyone cares about is the rooster-thing that saved me. But it convinces Hala to give me a Pokémon, acting like he wasn't already planning on it. So either he was and he's messing around, or Professor Shirtless lied to me and Hala had no knowledge of me prior.

    But none of this is important. Now I get to have a Pokémon. I go with the generic-looking cat because I know what it eventually evolves into and I've already raised the other two in past lives. I name him Tiger because I couldn't think of anything better.

    Everyone comments on me now having a Pokémon and officially being a Pokémon Trainer. Even Space Puff, who somehow escapes the confines of Lillie's bag without her knowing.

    Professor Beach Guy also gives me a Pokédex and sends me away to go introduce Tiger to my mom. He specifically says my mom this time. But on the way out I run into some happy-go-lucky kid who wants to battle me immediately. THe other three come down and Hala convinces him to tell me his name first. It's Hau. Then he continues asking me to battle and Hala reveals that Hau is his grandson.

    We battle. He has the leaf owl that I could've chosen instead of Tiger. But it's Fire > Forest so I assume you know how this went. Then he says it was great and that he'll go all-out tomorrow. He's already signed me on to battle him again tomorrow. Without my input.

    Hala notices the stone from the rooster-thing sparkling in my backpack (don't ask me how) and asks to see it. He is amazed by it and says that maybe it's destiny that I'm here in Alola. Yeah sure I totally didn't reincarnate myself into a Kantonian kid who was just about to move here I swear. :sweat:

    Then he takes it from me. I mean he says he'll give it back to me tomorrow evening, but he still takes it.

    Kukui offers to take me and Lillie home, and Space Puff once again shows that it's apparently an escape artist. I feel like this will be a recurring thing.

    I introduce Tiger to my mom and she falls in love with it. Hopefully Meowth won't be jealous that there's another, arguably cuter cat in the house now.

    Alright so I'm going to end this here. I forgot how much cutscene there was in the intro of this adventure. Also it's 1:38 AM for me as I write this. Have a good day/morning/night all!

    Current Team:

    Tiger the Litten
    Level 6
    Ability: Blaze
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  2. Captain Comet

    Captain Comet Fallen Star Baby

    Shiny Space
    (Palkia Egg)
    Level 27
    Sep 8, 2016
    Basic Gary Oak ★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Jaw Fossil ★★★Galladite ★★★★
    Day 2

    The next day, Kukui walks in again to take me to the festival. He does the good ole' catching tutorial for me that I've done plenty of times at this point and really don't need to learn again. But he doesn't know that so I'll give it a pass. Plus he gives me Poke Balls and Potions afterward. Now time to catch my Route 1 Pokémon!

    It's a Pikipek! I named him Beaks, and he has the ability Keen Eye.

    I make my way back up to Iki Town, fighting Trainers and other wild Pokémon on the way. Mainly Yungoos. Hala greets me by telling me about how the four Alolan Islands each have their own guardian Pokémon, and that the festival is held to express thanks to them.

    I meet up with Hau, and he says he's been waiting for me for ages. Professor Beach Bod and Lillie arrive, and it is decided once again that I will be battling Hau again.

    After Hala introduces us to the crowd, the battle begins!

    Hau sends out a Pichu first, up against Beaks who I obviously switch out to Tiger immediately. Can't have the type disadvantage hinder me. His Pichu keeps Charming Tiger, but the lowers Attack and Ember is Special so it doesn't really do anything. After Embering his Pichu a few times, it faints, and he sends out Rowlet and I send Beaks back out. A few Pecks make quick work of it due to the type advantage.

    After destroying Hau again, everyone (including Hau) comments on how great the battle was. Hala gives me back the Shining Stone, but now it's something called a Z-Ring. He explains it's used to draw out a Pokémon's Z-Power. Then he and Professor Pecs tell me a bit about the Island Challenge and that Hau and I will be going on it, apparently.

    After the festival, Lillie starts talking to me about Tapu Koko (the rooster-thing that is also the guardian of Melemele Island), saying she hopes she can meet it again one day and thank it for saving Space Puff, once again completely ignoring the fact that I almost died trying to save it and it was its fault the bridge broke in the first place. Actually, she does mention that it saved me as well, but as more of an afterthought because the helpless Space Puff is clearly more important than the total stranger who decided to try and save it.

    Then I go home and sleep.

    The next day Lillie comes over and says the Professor wants to see me. She guides me over to his lab. I battle a few more trainers and wild Pokémon as I follow.

    At the lab, we find Professor I-Cant-Keep-Coming-Up-With-Nicknames-For-Him-Forever taking hits from his Rockruff. He upgrades my Pokédex with a Rotom so now it can talk to me. Hau comes in, and then the Professor talks again about the Island Challenge that I don't have to go on but should feel completely obligated to go on because then this will have no storyline. He me an Island Challenge Amulet as a signifier that I am partaking in the Island Challenge. Then we all agree to head to the Trainer's School.

    At the school I am told by the professor to go find and battle four trainers. Not for any particular reason except for experience. So naturally, the first thing I did was ignore that and go find a new Pokémon.

    It's a Meowth! I named him Kip and he has the ability Technician. Well actually I named him Ki because the game misread my tapping P as me tapping Enter. I will correct this once I find the name rater.

    Okay now I decided to go fight the trainers. The first kid had a Metapod so you can assume how that went against Beaks. The next kid had a Pikipek which also lost to Beaks. Third kid had a Bonsly that also died to Beaks' recently learned Rock Smash. The fourth kid had a Grimer that actually put up a fight. Mainly because Poison Touch is really annoying. Ki(p) softened him up first with a few Growls, then Tiger finished him off. After beating him, the kid gave me TM01 for Work Up.

    Then I got called to the office for no reason. Seriously I was framed I swear.

    I get up there and the principle (or head teacher maybe?) just congratulates me for beating the four trainers and battles me herself. First she sends out a Magnemite with Tiger took down. Then she sent out a Meowth that had a catfight with Ki(p). After beating her she gives me some Great Balls.

    Then the Professor comes up the stairs with a guy named Ilima who's apparently a trial captain. There's a short conversation about me becoming champion, then Lillie and I leave. But soon we are stopped by a Tauros that's blocking the road. Hau and Hala are there too, and Hau stays with us as Hala takes Tauros home.

    Lillie and Hau jointly agree to show me around Hau'Oli City. Hau immediately runs to the beach, and Lillie just disappears I guess.

    I explore the city a bit, and Hau comes up and takes me into the tourist center. There, they upgrade our Rotom Dexes to be able to take pictures! How uselessly great!

    Then Lillie gave me a Lens Case, thus unlocking the full customization of my current body. I then proceed to by a black tank top and black-rimmed trilby hat, and then put in some hazel contacts. Then I go next door and have my hair dyed ash brown.

    Then it's time to catch another Pokémon!

    But I ended up killing the Rattata I found...

    I'll end it here for today. See you tomorrow!

    Tiger the male Litten
    Level 10
    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Ember, Lick, Scratch, Growl

    Beaks the male Pikipek
    Level: 10
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Moves: Echoed Voice, Growl, Peck, Rock Smash

    Ki(p) the male Meowth
    Level 9
    Ability: Technician
    Moves: Bite, Fake Out, Scratch, Growl
    Item: Silk Scarf

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