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The Ultimate Pokemon Coordinator

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Kiriyawave, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. Kiriyawave

    Kiriyawave Youngster

    Nov 22, 2013
    The characters from the Pokémon anime are given a chance to compete for the title of Ultimate Coordinator. Reviews are always welcome as I would love to hear your thoughts on the story. Warning: Contains ContestShipping, and IkariShipping


    The world of Pokémon! A world filled with majestic and powerful creatures. A world containing beautiful landscapes, created by these Pokémon no less.

    In this world, human beings were given the ability to form a bond with these creatures to help them with everyday life, become friends with these creatures, or even battle with them to see who the strongest Pokémon trainer in the world is.

    But there a distinct few who don't want to be the best trainer by merely battling their opponents and get 8 Gym badges. These people look at Pokémon like models. They will train them to make their moves look stunning, they will use poffins to improve their looks, and they will compete to win ribbons in a competition to bring out the best co-ordinator in the region.

    This form of competition has existed for a few decades ,with its origins coming from the Hoenn region, and has brought in hundreds of participants, guests, and patrons to watch the event from all over the world.

    However, what if there was a competition to see who the ultimate co-ordinator on the planet is?

    This event takes place every four years, as a sort of symbolism for the next generation of co-ordinators, and is held in Slateport City from the Hoenn region.

    The only rule is that the competitors must have either won a Grand Festival or made at least Semi-Finals in the competition.

    320 competitors have signed up for this event, and it will be a competition for the ages.

    Who will win?

    Who will lose?

    Find out next chapter!

    Other CHAPTERS(2-31)
  2. Kiriyawave

    Kiriyawave Youngster

    Nov 22, 2013
    Chapter 1

    *Slateport City*

    Today is the first day of the tournament, and people have arrived from all over the world to bear witness to this major event.

    At the port, the ferry that contains all the competitors, has just docked in Slateport City. This ferry is as wide as the Titanic, and is just as long.

    When the plank was lowered, one of the first competitors to get off the Ferry was a Brunette wearing a red bandana on her head, covering most of her hair. She wore a red/blue shirt with a white Pokéball symbol on the back, as well as blue skinny jeans. She appeared to be in her early 20's with blue eyes and white gloves.

    "I can't believe I am here. This is so amazing!"

    The person was squealing in excitement before calming down.

    Her name is May . Haruka, daughter of the Petalburg City gym leader Norman, and winner of the Hoenn Grand Festival years before.

    As she took a seat on one of the many benches provided, she heard someone walking towards her. When she turned her head, she was overcome with joy.

    "So it looks like you showed up after all."

    This person had green hair, a green jacket with a purple shirt under it, and was carrying a red rose. He looked to be the same age as May.

    "Of course I would, this is a big deal for Co-Ordinators like us." Said May

    Drew then handed May the rose, smiling.

    "I know. For some reason though, this brings back memories of when we first met. I don't know why."

    "Maybe it's because this is the city where we are competing for this huge title, and this is also where we first met." Said May

    "Oh yeah, this is where we first met each other." Said Drew chuckling

    They both then laughed for a little bit before they stopped.

    "Good times." Said May

    "Definitely. Let's give it our all okay?" said Drew holding out his hand.

    "Absolutely." Said May as she grabbed Drew's hand.

    They both blushed in embaressment before they let go.

    "This is awkward." Said May

    "Agreed... I'm just going to go now." Said Drew

    They both then slowly walked away from each other.

    Later that day, May walked over to one of the Slateport restaurants, looking like one of the Battle Restaurants she encountered in Sinnoh.

    "Hey May!" shouted Dawn

    Dawn had her blue hair curled into a ponytail, black gloves on her hands with pink Great Ball symbols on the front, a pink T-Shirt, and blue jeans, she was at least a year younger than May.

    "Oh my goodness, hey Dawn." Said May

    They both hugged for a few seconds.

    "How have you been?" asked Dawn

    "I've been doing good, and you?" asked May

    "I've been doing okay. I got invited to this tournament because I won the Sinnoh Grand Festival."

    "That's awesome to hear! I won the Hoenn Grand Festival."

    "That's fantastic!"

    May then had a smirk on her face.

    "So... Find anyone yet in your life."

    Dawn then began to blush crimson red.


    "Who is it?"

    May then began to tickle Dawn's stomach.

    "OKAY, OKAY, I'll tell you!" shouted Dawn in-between laughter.

    May stopped tickling Dawn and Dawn took a breath to calm down.

    "It's Paul."

    "I see. How'd that happen?"

    "Long story."

    May then patted Dawn on the back with a smile.

    "Well, glad to hear you found someone that cares for you."

    Dawn then had an annoyed look on her face.

    "So how's Drew?"

    May then stepped back and her face was turning red in embarrassment.

    "You didn't, did you!"

    May then lowered her head.


    "Congrats!" said Dawn

    "Now come on let's get something to eat."

    Once they found a seat, a waiter delivered the two co-ordinators Octillery Pasta.

    "This is delicious." Said May

    "Agreed." Said Dawn

    "Get lost!"

    Dawn then heard some yelling coming from a table a few meters away.

    "What's up with that noise over there?" asked Dawn

    May took a look at what Dawn was talking about and responded.

    "Looks like there's a couple being harassed over there."

    At the table, there was a young man with messy brown hair, a black T-shirt and was wearing black jeans. He was also carrying a scabbard on his back. The girl he was with had straightened black hair, a green tank top, and was wearing a pair of skinny jeans. They looked to be in their 20's and getting harassed by two huge men.

    "Your girlfriend insulted us, it's time to pay up!" shouted one of the men.

    "Yeah, it's time for a ketchup surprise."

    The girl was hiding behind the man in fear.

    May was about to get out of her seat, but Dawn stopped her.

    "Don't do it May, it's not worth it."

    The two men sent out two Houndooms and sent them to attack the couple.

    "This won't do... Trish step aside." Said the brown haired man.

    Trish then walked a couple steps back as the man pulled a sword out of his scabbard.

    "Zero. Slash their expectations."

    The Houndooms were sent flying into their owners, resulting in them getting thrown out of the building.

    "Who the heck is that man? And what did he just do?" asked Dawn

    May then took a closer look at the man and noticed that he had a Lucario in front of him.

    The man tossed a small bag of money to one of the waiters.

    "That should be enough to cover the damages and food we ordered."

    He then put the sword back in its Scabbard and Lucario returned.

    "Come on Trish, let's go."

    He held out his hand to Trish.

    She grabbed his hand and as they were about to walk out, May and Dawn stopped them.

    "You really are strong sir, who are you?" asked Dawn

    The man then let go of Trish's hand and smiled.

    "My name is David, and it's best you don't know that much more. There is someone entering this contest that is worse than me. His name is the Black Greninja."

    After David said that, everyone in the restaurant except for May and Dawn gasped.
    "He's here? Why is he here? He is so strong!"

    "Who is this Black Greninja?" asked Dawn

    "It's best you don't know... Umm..." said Trish


    "Nice to meet you Dawn, I am Trish."

    "I'm May."

    "Nice to meet you May."

    Trish then shook their hands, while David bowed to them as a sign of respect.

    As David and Trish walked out....

    "Hey David, watch where you're going!" shouted May

    David then slipped on a banana peel and fell on his behind.

    "My humblest apologies."

    Trish was looking at him with an annoyed look on her face.

    "Silly David."

    Trish helped him back to his feet and they walked away.

    "Whatever that guy may be, he sure is a klutz." Said Dawn chuckling

    "Maybe so. But there's something up with this guy." Said May

    "Yeah, like why would this Trish girl hook up with him?"

    "Who knows?"

    May then shrugged as they paid for their food and headed out to the Contest Hall.
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